The Young And The Restless Poll: Genoa City Storylines.

Are they holding your attention?

Killings, affairs, undying loves, engagements, and secrets… It’s all part of Daytime. The question is… Are you enjoying the current storylines in Genoa City? Or do you feel they’re lacking something?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

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  1. From tori

    I want to see alot more of GenV and Tucker. It’s nice their past is unraveling slowly but the fact Genie isn’t given more then a minute or two every week or more is ridiculous. Her character is going to be forgotten.Some actors such as Phyllis have way to much airtime that alot of the other actors get hardly anything. Disgusted!

  2. From Kay

    I would like to see Adam and Chelsea stay together and play the “good guys”. It would drive Sharon crazy! It would also keep a lot of the others on their toes because they would always think Adam/Chelsea would be up to something.

  3. From monika

    I found the stories on Y&R are so boring.What did you do to Adam.Mixing him up with Anita,Jeffrey,Chloe,Chelsey.Were is his drive,you demoted him.No good.This coupling is sooo boring.Bring back old Adam.

  4. From Jim

    If Ricky really is dead I cannot believe they let one of the most interesting characters and story line possibilities slip away…..there are so many really boring characters that the excitement he brought will really be missed.

  5. From Sharon

    please don’t tell me that Phyllis will just walk away from this hit & run got to be kidding! Shows like yours just proves there’s no justice in this world. She deserves ‘EVERYTHING’ she’s got coming and if you just play this off with a pat on the hand I’m gonna just quit watching the show all together..this is BS and you need to hire new writers!! you killed Daisey off for less than half the trash this freak has been been pullings FOR YEARS..just been waiting for her to get hers and your gonna do this? NOT..I think I’d rather watch local weather than waist any more time on this trash!

  6. From Kim

    Let Sharon fight to get Adam back, get rid of Chelesrella-

  7. From Ruth

    I agree, I am so sick of Phyllis getting all of the air time. I am thinking of giving up the show my self. I have watched saince 1960 and if you don’t get new writers you will be going off the air just like the Guiding Light. It had got to the point that there was nothing interesting and they wore all of the characters out hopping in bed and out with each other, the same thing is happening here. My God give us a break and some new faces.

  8. From Golenglow

    I love Adam and Chelsea together and hope they have a classy wedding. Make them the next power couple since Ashley and Tucker failed.

  9. From Goldenglow

    I’m hoping Adam and Chelsea stay together and rise above it all.

    Love seeing Sharon so jealous. What would be great if Victor breaks into Jack and Nikki’s wedding and stops her from marrying him and profess his undying love for her.

    Please throw Phyllis in jail for once for all her deceit. Would love to see Daisy come visit her in jail. Better yet, make Daisy the surprising star witness in Phyllis’ trial.

    Hope to see more Carmine and Abby togther romantically.

  10. From Donna

    I feel that the show has slipped quite a bit the last sevral years. Getting back to crimes Phyllis got away with years ago is a step toward getting back to the Y&R I used to love. However, for every step forward another slips back, such as firing the actress who plays Ashley. Why keep cutting out
    Jack’s family? They are important to the show.

  11. From Patti

    Let Adam married Chelsi, Sharon is so boring and cry baby she sleeps with everyone that will hand out to her and what about her precious kids you never see her with Faith and Noah is gone and don’t care either. Why would you get rid of Ashley the best thing to the people that watch is the characters stay the same one all the yrs.Put Victor and Nikki back together once and for all!!!!

  12. From Chrissy


  13. From Chrissy


  14. From Mary

    leave Adam and Chelsea alone. they make a great couple. sendng Sharon packing. she is very boring
    would like to see Jack and Ashley working side by side at the companies and keep Ashley on the show. such a dumb story line getting rid of her.
    Victor is such an ass would like to see him be ruined

  15. From Penni

    #1 – Chelsea and Adam are due their good life but should not have Anita and Jeff in the mix; it doesn’t work,it seems too corny. Gloria is corny too.
    #2 – It would be nice to see Victor lose for once. How much fun is it when there seems to be no competition? What is the point of the Abbott/Newman feud if one family always wins??

    #3 – The Paul/Ricky storyline is all wrong. Paul shouldn’t be prosecuted. Eden needs to get her memory back to help Paul. Somebody with some expression needs to play her role, she is horrible.

    #4 – Losing track of the number of marriages between the seniors in the Abbott and Newman families OMG enough already!!!
    #5 – I like the Abby/Carmine love story evolving but Abby needs to grow up a little. She is so immature!
    #6 – I love that Michael is following the law to the letter and not letting his friendship with Phyllis get in the way of finding the truth and prosecuting her if need be. Cricket is not professional at all. It’s way over the top and she should not be allowed as much leeway with the Phyllis case as she has (while ignoring Paul’s case) I get that she is consumed with making Phyllis pay but at the expense of another client?
    #7 – I think that Michael should follow through with the gun his wife owns as well. What happened with that???

    #8 – I like this side of Sharon, but I don’t like the stealing. It makes the store clerks (that are supposed to be so expensive and high class) look stupid for not seeing her stealing. Where are you going with that part of the storyline?? We get that she’s stressed and jealous.

    #9 – We need to see who is torturing Ethan and Genevieve already. Sometimes these things get dragged out too long.

    #10 – Kevin needs to smarten up and quit being so judgmental and remember who he once was. He should quit being a grumpy old man too!

    #11 – Daisy should come back and turn herself around and tell all about Ricky; but not before being able to gloat over Phyllis being prosecuted, since Phyllis had no room to be judgmental. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

    #12 – Is Ricky really dead or was that his doppelganger??(wink wink nudge nudge) He was a really good character. We need a little bit of evil like Daisy or Ricky in the story.

  16. From Deborah

    I like Phyllis and think her lifestyle change should make the difference inher case. I have never like Christine. She always get her way and her goody two shoes attitude makes me sick. Look at the history of the show, she did things and said things to push Phyllis over the edge. That should be taken into consideration. If the writers play her vengeance role then make her admit that she did have feelings for Danny at the time that he was married to Phyllis, my girl might get off.

    Love Adam and Chealsea together.

    Sharon is a NUTCASE and deserves whatever treatment shw going to get from Victor. How the writers let her sleep with the grandfathers of her kids. Yuck!

  17. From Leslie Bair

    Make Adam the head of Newman Enterprises along with Nick. This would make for a great feud and long time storyline. I like Chelsea, but she is boring. Bring in some new faces. The older generation have all slept with each other and it’s getting too close to incestuous. Have Sharon pursue Adam. Bring in a new love for Nick. Prosecute Phyllis, but let her still stay as she is a great villain

  18. From Bwilliams

    I agree with Penni. But also Nikki should get hers for dipping into Victor & Sharon’s business while she is married to Jack. Nikki & Victor should both get what’s coming to them for using people to make each other jealous. Write Sharon off the show and give that aire time to some other character.

    Has anyone noticed the age difference between Eden and Kyle. Eden was an adult and has been envolved with Noah and Daniel and Kyle was a small child when Jack sent him away. Now all of a sudden Kyle returns just as old as they are. I think the writers are really insulting our intelligence when they keep having the kids leave then return in a few months as adults. If the writers want that time lapse to be believable Nick, Sharon, Neil and the others in that age group should be in a nursing home by now.

  19. From l.canuel

    their stories are too long it’s goes on and on .. or when it’s a trial it’s goes on for weeks on end…

  20. From ronni5

    Phyllis has a right to life and mistakes. The Bug better keep her lips off other peoples husbands. Everyone in town has a room full of skeletons how r we judging just Phyllis, it do not disgust anyone that Sharon is doin Big Pappa Victor. Their is your beakon of morality how are family gathering going at ranch. Everyone got a good taste of sharing Sharon, how can Nikki even look at Victor, talking about desperate! Victoria is sleeping with Buster Billy, mister I will do anything behind your back as long I don’t get busted! Nick at Night can’t keep his pants up if he don’t want Phyllis move on to her sister, I How Us Newman Do! Or Sharon she’s all available for roll in the hay. Summer was having a conversation with her Aunt Abby and call Ashley aunt Ashley all in same sentence. Everyone is related because the writers think Sodom and Gomarrah is a much more interesting storyline. I think they have crossed a serious line with just about all these storylines

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