The Young And The Restless Poll: Paul’s Actions Against Ricky.

What choice did Paul have?

Paul found Ricky threatening to kill Eden and was made aware of just how troubled his son really was. However, was Paul right to take aim at Ricky?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

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  1. From Lady53

    Paul didn’t shoot to kill Ricky, he shot him in the right arm to get him to see that what he was doing was wrong and to drop the knife. It was the shock that Paul did it that made Ricky stumble and fall backwards out the window. Paul didn’t want to kill Ricky or for Ricky to die at all, but he was right in shooting him.

  2. From Trish

    ITA, all Paul was trying to do was stop Ricky from hurting/killing Eden. As for Ricky, he was getting a kick out of seeing Paul with a gun and not believing that he would even fire the gun. That scared him and he fell through the window.

    For all intents and purposes, the window on the upper floors should not be that easily broken. But that’s soap life??

  3. From Jill

    Richy’s knife is missing??? And the police haven’t checked Eden’s backpack (containing Daisy’s wallet) … or the video on Ricky’s laptop (showing him drowning a lover in a bathtub). Dumb is an understatement … stretches belief to the limit.

  4. From Asia

    Jill, I’m pretty sure Ricky ditched both the cellphone and the wallet in the cleaning lady’s garbage. He slipped them in between a newspaper. And yeah…where’s the knife??!!! It couldn’t have gone far…Genoa City’s finest at their best.

  5. From Bobbie

    It’s kind of sad that Daisy found the file where Ricky was murdering his girlfriend, but the DA didn’t even bother to check his laptop
    Pretty pretty pretty stupid, huh?
    Gotta love this show:))

  6. From Ann

    I am stumped about the knife! Where did it go? I watched the scene of him falling out the window and it appears it was in his hand when he went through the glass…what are the chances of that? Holding onto that knife after being shot and falling backwards into glass? Wow! I dont’ see that happening…really?

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