The Young And The Restless Poll: Phyllis’ Fate.

What should happen to her?

Phyllis’ past is quickly coming back to haunt her, as many begin to put the pieces together regarding her involvement in the 1994 hit and run. She’s changed over the years, but does that mean that anyone in the law – or in Phyllis’ personal life – should cut her any slack?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

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  9 responses so far...

  1. From Missy

    bring her all the way down this wk not even bail ? PLEAZE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. From Telisa

    Everybody past has caught up with them except Phyllis,and for a long time the fans have not liked her, but ya’ll keep putting her in our face like we love her. We love her on the show but she is a Witch (w/B)even Adams repented. Love Adams now!Bring Dru BACK! Dru up the fan based.

  3. From Chrissy

    Send Phyllis to jail for a long time I have been watching for 34 straight years but really got hooked because of Sharon! I hate Chelsea and poor sweet Sharon needs a hot man! Get rid of Chelsea now and Phyllis to jail!!!!! Im sick of this shit

  4. From arlene

    Phyllis has not change she called Christine a bitch when she saw her with Danny. Oh yea Dr. Reid is where because of Phyllis. She tore Adam, Nikki, Sharon and others apart in her Restless Style articles, now it is her turn.

  5. From Red

    Sharon adds nothing of value to Y&R anymore, she just sleeps with everyone and whines. I love Nick and Phyllis and hope that Nick and Sharon never get back together period although I’m sure the powers that be will come up with some stupid way to get them back together. If they do, I’m done watching as I myself have been watching over 34 years as well.

  6. From richdomnic

    her twin sister did it that one knew about except Phillis. The twin was put away right after birth as she was med ill. The twin escape and found Phillis who was upset about sick Christine and decided to go after Christine. Phyliss took the plaim to protect her. Do away with Sharon who sleeps with every man on the show.

  7. From Ann

    I HATE Phyllis – she is such a (B)itch and I’m so sick of her getting away with EVERYTHING! She needs to be slapped down and kept down for awhile!

  8. From D.H.

    As much crap as she has caused, I still enjoy watching Phyllis. Though she needs to be rid of Nick. He is a big whore like Sharon. Ronan would be a sexy fit for Phyllis.

  9. From missy

    love her to die in the hospital bed, that would help what she’s done. PLEAZE THIS WK thanks

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