The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For July 23 – 27.

Nick punched Billy, Ashley warned Jack, and more strange happenings surrounded Cane…

Billy fired Phyllis and used her situation in his reality pilot. After Nick confronted Billy, who asked if Phyllis would run him down for firing her, he punched Billy. Billy realized their confrontation had been taped and used it as his reality promo – with Vikki’s approval. When Avery saw the video, she had a block put on it, due to Phyllis’ case.

Christine questioned Tim’s landlady, who’d seen Phyllis pounding on his door, ready to claw someone’s eyes out. Heather warned Paul to fire Christine and claimed she’d sabotage his case in order to nail Phyllis to the wall. Paul still believed that Ricky was responsible for Tim’s disappearance. When Phyllis was questioned, she admitted to paying Tim to go away. Later, Tim’s landlady reported to him that Phyllis was being questioned.

Adam surprised Chelsea with their new estate. Adam, Chloe and Kevin loved Chelsea’s idea to name their website ‘Tag and Grab’. Meanwhile, Jeff told Anita he’d convinced Gloria she’d been lying about their marriage and continued to deny being married to Anita. As Anita produced their marriage certificate, papers arrived proving Jeff had Anita declared legally dead years ago. Jeff and Anita visited Adam and Chelsea, clearly interested in the Newman money, and were immediately sent packing. Later, while Victor and Adam surprisingly wished each other happiness, Sharon stole Chelsea’s new lipstick.

Cane didn’t believe Colin had sent him the strange gifts and convinced Kevin to break through the firewalls on Genevieve’s accounts to find out who stole her money. The firewalls were gone and in their place was a reference to Cane and Samantha’s pretend childhood names. After Tucker and Genevieve argued, she admitted to Lily that they weren’t lovers, but Tucker had every right to be upset with her. Later, Cane found Genevieve in her trashed room. Things from the past had been left behind. Cane told Lily he believed Genevieve was responsible for the strange goings on. All the while, a woman’s hands were shown holding a pack of matches – the same ones found in Genevieve’s room.

Plus, Jack refused to resign from Jabot, which infuriated Ashley. After more outdoor sex with Carmine, Abby and Kyle threw a pool party at the ranch, and Neil refused to let Sofia take Moses to New York, where she’d been offered a new job.

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