The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For July 9 – 13.

Gloria was stunned, Phyllis’ past came back to haunt her, and Cane received another gift…

Anita and Jeff hovered over Chelsea before Anita revealed to Gloria that they were both married to Jeff. Victoria continued to be irritated at the thought of having Chelsea in her family and around Johnny.

Christine decided to defend Paul. While looking over evidence, Michael found Phyllis’ credit card receipt from 1994. Receiving a box of Ricky’s things, Heather and Christine found a file on Phyllis and the rental car receipt. Christine put two and two together and confronted Phyllis about being the driver of the car! Phyllis denied it, but Christine warned that life as Phyllis knew it would soon be over. When Daniel heard Phyllis had lied to Michael and Christine, he warned her away from Lucy. Due to statute of limitations, Michael announced that Christine couldn’t prosecute Phyllis, who denied any involvement to Michael. Nick overheard and asked Phyllis for the truth. Again, she denied hitting Christine and Paul. Later, Christine informed everyone that since she’d been working for the FBI when Phyllis hit her, Phyllis would face charges. Avery argued with Phyllis and realized she was guilty. She shared her theory with Nick, who was torn over what to believe. Michael confirmed the truth for Nick as well.

Paul was released to attend Ricky’s funeral where a rosary was found lying on the ground. He struggled with the guilt of not being there for Ricky when he needed him and begged Christine to let the hit and run go. After the funeral, everyone got word that Paul would be charged with Ricky’s murder.

While Harmony and Neil decided to give a relationship a shot, Ashley couldn’t give her marriage another go and convinced Tucker to sign divorce papers. When Genevieve asked Tucker for a job, Cane found out about their past and worried Tucker would halt her attempt at becoming a better person. Later, Cane received another strange gift – a wad of Swiss francs.

Sharon couldn’t take the stress surrounding her relationship with Victor, his fighting with Nikki, and Adam and Chelsea’s upcoming wedding. So much so that she stole a necklace from a jewelry store then appeared in a trancelike state! Meanwhile, Jack moved his leg.

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