The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For June 25 – 29.

Adam proposed, Daniel was arrested, and Paul shot Ricky…

Chelsea found out Adam was going to propose to her at the gala, which had been cancelled, and accused him of wanting an audience. After Adam convinced Chelsea he was madly in love with her, she accepted his proposal.

Daisy never met Michael, who wondered if something had happened to her. Daniel blew off an injury to his hand, as others appeared nervous. While Paul forced Lauren to give him her gun, Ricky privately noted that Daisy wouldn’t be talking anymore. Michael found Daniel’s blood on a scarf left behind by Daisy. Heather overheard Kevin and Eden talking about Daniel and forced Kevin to admit Daniel wanted Daisy out of his life. When an email was found from Daisy, implicating Daniel should anything happen to her, Michael brought Daniel into the station. Eden played Ricky, began snooping around his room then texted Kevin to meet her. Ricky caught Eden, who’d found Daisy’s things, and vowed to kill her. Trying to escape, Eden fell and was knocked out. When Eden didn’t show up, Kevin alerted Paul, who went to Ricky’s. Ricky claimed Eden had left. Paul hugged his son, wanting to make things right. It wasn’t until later when Paul realized he’d seen Eden’s backpack on Ricky’s floor. He returned, saw Ricky holding a knife to Eden and pulled out his gun. Ricky refused to drop the knife and admitted to killing his ex, Craig and getting rid of Daisy. He blamed Paul for what he’d become. When Ricky lifted the knife, Paul shot him, and Ricky fell backward out the window.

Carmine was furious Abby had replaced herself with Chloe as a way to take the attention off the soon-to-be disastrous gala and that she’d tweeted the Naked Heiress’ kidnapping to the world. He begged Abby to call her parents, since he was being branded as a kidnapper, and admitted he was only going to keep Chloe long enough to hurt Kevin for treating Angie like dirt. At her persistence, Carmine agreed to give Abby one more day away from Genoa City. Victor summoned Ronan and ordered him to find Abby’s kidnapper. Abby felt guilty for making her mom worry and called Ashley.

Ana returned for the twins’ birthday and convinced Devon to give Harmony another chance. Cane was upset when a gift appeared, presumably from Colin.

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