Days’ Fan Fiction: Nicole And EJ Come Clean.

Bad romance.

Is there anyone more like EJ than Nicole? From small manipulations to big schemes, these two have done it all and are compatible in so many ways. So what would happen if Nicole came clean to him now about her biggest secret?

At the pub, Nicole runs her fingers along the condensation of the long, cool glass of lemonade, then immediately brings them to the nape of her neck. Between the heat wave and her pregnancy, she is a walking inferno. Suddenly, she senses it – he is here. She can always feel EJ before she actually sees him, and this time is no different. She glances up into the mirror behind the bar and sure enough, there he is. The father of her baby and the man she most despises in the world. Or so she thought. But all of this time apart from him has made her realize he is perfect for her. And she wants more than anything to know he feels the same way.

“Nicole, what do you think you are doing?”

She isn’t so sure herself. She came here because she thought there might be a chance to see EJ, but now that he is here in front of her she is uncharacteristically tongue tied. It has been months since they really talked and there is so much she wanted to tell him. But first, it is time to tell him the truth about the baby. The longer she waits, the worse it will be for her when he finds out. And there is no doubt in her mind that he will find out, and by then there will be no chance for them to ever find happiness with each other. Maybe now, when they were at their most vulnerable, would she be able to tell him everything and get his forgiveness.

She looks right into his eyes without blinking. “Will you please join me?” she asks and motions to the chair next to her. EJ stares back at her, then slowly pulls out the chair and sits down. “Should I be ordering a drink to prepare for what is about to happen?” has asks as he motions for the bartender. “Yes, I think you should,” she says. She looks down at her lap and imagines all of the lies and manipulations, heartbreak and backstabbing they have caused each other. But when she looks up into his intense stare, she sees something else, something that gives her the courage she needs. Still, she waits for his drink to arrive and takes his first sip before she continues. “Well, get on with it,” he prods her.

“EJ, what I am about to tell you is going to change everything for us and I have to let you know I only had the best intentions when this all started,” she says. She glances around the room which is quickly filling up, “Can we go sit somewhere more private?” He agrees and leads her to a corner booth in the back. Once they are seated she grabs his hand across the table and looks deeply at him again. “Do you still feel for me?” she asks. “Is there still something there for you when it comes to me?” She says it so cautiously that EJ can’t help but soften to her vulnerability.

“Oh Nicole, I only want to have you back,” he tells her. “I have been very open with you about that, but you are the one who has kept me away. You are the one who put the breaks on our marriage and you are the one who claims you are pregnant with Rafe’s baby. I can’t tell you how much this has hurt me, to see you walking around Salem, glowing and laughing, and the whole time you tell me I am not the one who was able to give you that happiness. Instead, you tell me it is someone else. I can’t understand why you are doing this when we were so happy. I know I made a mistake, but we both have.”

He is right about that one. He slept with Sami and out of hurt she did the desperate act of denying him his child. But no more. She grabs both of his hands and fights back the tears. This is about to change her whole life and she is so unsure of how he will react. “EJ, when you slept with Sami, it was like a knife to my heart. It wasn’t the sex. It was her. Your relationship with her scares me and it still does. But it was that fear that made me lie to you.” She drops his hands and pulls them back in her lap. She takes a breath to regroup and suddenly EJ puts his hands on both of her cheeks. “Nicole, I still love you. Please tell me what it is.”

She takes his hands and puts them on her stomach. “EJ, this baby is yours. It couldn’t belong to anyone else because I never slept with Rafe.” She dares to look at him and he is still looking down, gripping the fabric of her shirt into his fists. He is quiet for a long time and he couldn’t be more sick waiting for him to explode.

But he never does. Instead, he puts his head into her lap and holds her close for a moment. He pulls himself up and grabs her shoulders. “Oh Nicole, I have been waiting so long for you to tell me that. You have made me so happy I could burst.” She was a little suspicious at his lack of anger, but she could see he was being genuine. “EJ, I am not sure what to say. At first I didn’t tell you because I was hurt and angry, but the longer I have been without you the bigger the loss felt. I need you and thought you didn’t need me anymore.”

He pulls back so he could look her in the face. “Nicole, I have never stopped wanting you or loving you. The only reason I have been so desperate to hold onto the idea this baby was mine is because I was so desperate to get back to you. And now, my prayers have been answered.” He drops his head so their foreheads are touching and he runs his hands down her arms before holding them tight. “All I have ever wanted is a proper family, and here it is right in front of me. How can I be anything but ecstatic?” He lowers his lips to her and they kiss for the first time in months, but it may as well have been their first kiss ever. It starts off slow, but it isn’t long before things get much hotter than is a appropriate for a bar in the middle of the day.

Reluctantly, EJ pulls back and grabs her hand to direct her out of the booth. Once standing, he pulls her against his body and leans down to whisper in her ear. “Are you ready to come back home, to our bed?” He gives her a little bite just for good measure. “We have a lot of making up to do.”

Do you like Nicole and EJ together, or is it Sami you prefer him with? And if so, should Nicole go back to Brady? Let us know in the comments which “DOOL” couple deserve more fan fiction. You can also read about other “DOOL” pairings on our Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction page.

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  1. From Alex

    I think that Ej should try to work it out with Nicole. Sami has enough men to choose from. Nicole is the only one who ever put him first. He needs to go all out to win her back!

  2. From Linda

    I definitely think Nicole and EJ should be together. I agree, Sami has had enough men. Let Nicole and EJ be happy finally!

  3. From JamesAndAriFan

    Yes more Nicole and Ej please! They are perfect together. Nicole is the only woman Ej can be himself with! GO EJOLE

  4. From Dmitri

    EJole FTW!!!!!! Sami belongs with Rafe, and if not him, then Lucas.

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