Days’ Fan Fiction: EJ Pledges His Love.

All the stops.

While Sami continues to go back and forth between Lucas and EJ on screen, serious EJami fans are pulling for their favorite couple to make it official. During the last DOOL fan fiction piece, EJ swept Sami off into a car after his dinner-at-home plans went up in smoke. Here, we pick up where they left off and find out how their date ends.

Some backup plan! When EJ said he was taking her to the best hotel, he was not messing around. Even in her wildest dreams Sami couldn’t imagine it would take a boat ride to get there. She had no idea they had islands this close to Salem, but that is part of what has always made EJ so intriguing to her. He has lived a life she never even dreamed of. He has connections and secrets and was a total mystery. “Well EJ, as always you are full of surprises,” she says to him. He pours her a glass of wine left chilled by the staff and leads her out to a private courtyard off the kitchen. “Only you would have access to an island nowhere near the ocean.”

He laughs as he guides her to a bench completely swathed in moonlight. “This is nothing compared to what I am willing to give you,” he says. “Honestly EJ, what else could you offer me? This is so over the top as it is.” She takes a sip of wine and looks him directly in the eyes. He stares back at her and the atmosphere changes. He takes her glass and sets it on the ground, never breaking eye contact. He knows he has to show Samantha how sorry he is for his past mistakes, but also that he is willing to forgive her too.  He knows what he wants with the rest of his life, and it is her. “Sami, what I want to offer you is so much more than material.” He takes her hands and goes on. “I want all of this nonsense with Lucas to stop. We are meant for each other and we deserve to see how great it can be if we just commit to each other.”

Sami looks down at their hands for a moment before looking back at him. She could sense how serious he was. They may have had false starts in the past, but she was almost ready to leave all that behind and commit to him now. She just wasn’t going to let him know that. “Do you really think a fancy getaway or flowery words is all it is going to take to erase all of the bad things we have done to each other?” she asks. “Where is all of this coming from anyway EJ? And why now?” He knew she was trying to make it work with Lucas and she was suspicious his only intention was to get her away from him before ending it with her again. It would be just like him to ruin any happiness she might have just because he could.

EJ could see Sami was wary of his words. Maybe bringing her here wasn’t the best idea, but he only wanted to impress her. Luckily he still had one trick up his sleeve and he knew she would be shocked to see it. “Samantha, maybe I can’t change the way things have gone between us in the past. All I know is I would never change them even if I could because no matter what it has brought us together, here and now. I can’t prove to you that I have changed unless you let me show you.” EJ

stands up from the bench, puts his hand in the jacket pocket and pulls out a small box. Then, he gets down on his knee in front of her.

“I want you to forget about everyone else,” he says. “Don’t worry about what anyone is going to think. You and I know we belong together, and there is no one else I care to make happy than you. I don’t want to worry about anyone else ever again. I just want to be with you. Samantha, will you marry me?” He opens the box and inside is the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen.

Now Sami is really in shock. Is it possible that EJ just asked her to marry him? Before she has a chance to answer both of their heads snap up when they hear the back door open. “What is going on out here?” It is Lucas, and he does not look happy.

Do you like Sami and EJ together best? Let us know in the comments. You can read more Sami fan fiction with Rafe, EJ or Lucas on our Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction page.

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  15 responses so far...

  1. From Bunny

    I love sami and EJ! only these two bring so much fire and passion to the screen! they are the main reason I keep watching the show!

  2. From Caroljean

    I love EJ and Sami together. No one has the level of romantic chemistry that these two actors have. Without Ejami, I wouldn’t still be watching DOOL.

  3. From Ann

    No, have never liked Sami with Ej. I love Sami with her true love, Rafe. I will be waiting for more SAFE fanfic.


  4. From dc

    well, i too like sami and rafe together. but here we go again with lucas being brought back and him and sami trying to get back together and something always gets between them..
    sami and ej will always have their times together (secretly) which i like better than them really being together.. it brings some excitement to their storylines..

  5. From DM

    I love Sami and EJ together! They have the absolute best chemistry!!! I only watch mainly when they are going to be on together! Please make their relationship one that lasts forever!

  6. From marybeth

    The third time is the charm. I hope sami and ej spend this christmas together as a couple.

  7. From Red

    I absolutely love EJ and Sami together it is the only reason I watch Days and for them not to be together this Christmas would be a grave misjustice to all of the Ejami fans in soapland

  8. From Lea

    I just love Ej and Sami, best potential duo, pairing, couple on this soap by far to me..continue the fanfic Hollie since this show still tease with them but never really write for them although it is time ! But please don’t include Lucas in their moments come on and a marriage proposal is too soon..but still great story.

  9. From Sue

    Nicole was always just a close second to Sami with Ej. Rafe was..ugghh and Lucas is her past. Time for EJ and Sami to be the new super couple..for better, or worse. ;-)

  10. From clem

    If only this soap could write for them FOR REAL !

  11. From emma

    Ej and Sami for REAL please !!!

  12. From nickie

    Love ejami if it wasn’t fot them I won’t watch days

  13. From Helen

    It is simple : if these writers once again destroy their potential i will stop watching, do you hear me Days, Corday, NBC, Sony ??! And i am not alone !!

  14. From Bettie

    They have 100 kids. Come on they need to be together. They should run a company together and take Salem by storm (and the rest of the world).The timing is right for them to start a company. Kate get Countess W and Sami and EJ take Mad World.

  15. From Stacie

    Ej and Sami! I want those two together already! Th chemistry is unreal!

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