Days Fan Fiction: Not Without A Fight.

Worth it all.

We may not know what the fate of Sami and Lucas will be after the explosion, but that won’t stop us from imagining what could be. Here, we continue Lucas and Sami’s hideaway date in our latest Lumi fan fiction.

As Lucas leads Sami around the dance floor, he is totally in the moment. Sami is in his arms and everything feels just right. He leans in close and nuzzles into her neck before slowly kissing his way back up to her mouth. “Wow Lucas, I have to say this is one of the most surprising dates we have ever been on,” she says. “I am impressed.” He can barely hear her over the music, but there’s no mistaking that look in her eye. He can tell she feels just as in love as he does. This is their moment and nothing could possibly ruin it.

This is when Lucas saw him. Standing by the bar and nursing a rocks glass is EJ, and he’s staring right at them. Lucas can barely believe that jerk dared to show up here, but he should have known better. And really, it is better that he spotted him now instead of being caught off guard after EJ smuggles Sami out of the ladies room or something. Lucas knows there is no avoiding this situation and decides to face it head on. “Sami, I need to tell you something,” Lucas confesses. “EJ is here and over at the bar. I think we need to go over and tell him where we all stand, right now.” Lucas feels Sami tense briefly, then relax a bit as she agrees. “You’re right. I need to let him know things are completely over between us and I am moving on with you.”

Lucas and Sami walk up to EJ together, his hand on the small of her back. EJ smiles at them and steers Sami his way once they are close enough. “Well Samantha, I hope you have had your fun, but now it is time to go.” EJ sets his drink on the bar and Lucas is floored by his arrogance. “Excuse me EJ, but the only person Sami is leaving here with tonight is me. We are together and nothing you can say or do will change that. Sami doesn’t want you EJ. And she never will.”

As expected, EJ just smirks and pulls Sami closer to him. “Oh really?” he asks. “I think Sami is old enough to make her own decisions.” Sami wrenches her arm out of EJ’s grasp and pushes him back a bit. “EJ, I think it is time for you to leave,” she says as she moves closer to Lucas. “I mean it. We are through.” To prove her point further, she leans in close to Lucas and gives him a slow kiss that draws the attention of a few of the patrons at the bar. “Understand?” she asks. Lucas smiles back at EJ and watches as his smirk slowly fades to a look of pure anger.

“I think it is time we take this outside,” EJ says and marches through the front door of the hideaway out into the gravel parking lot. “Are we really supposed to follow him?” Sami asks. ” I thought we were doing just fine on our own.” She kisses him again and put her arms around his neck. “How about one more dance?”

Lucas pulls Sami into the nearest dark corner and pushes her against the wall. He put his hands on the wall around her, completely blocking her in. “Oh, I think I am done dancing for tonight,” he says. “But I am certainly not ready for this night to end.” He leans in and kisses her again, letting it linger for a few minutes before pulling back. “Are you ready to go home?” he asks. “What about EJ,” she replies?

Maybe sneaking out the bathroom window isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Do you like Sami and Lucas together? Leave your thoughts about the fan fiction below, as well as other pairings you would like to see together. You can also read about Sami with Rafe or Lucas on our Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction page.

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  1. From Sara

    Euh Ej is not the type to force Sami to leave and certainly not the type to make macho man moves like let’s go outside..sorry Hollie but this characterization of this character on this story is a miss..

  2. From Rumy

    I liked it. Lucas is a hot head and so is Ej so I could see it. I watch the show every day so I have seen these men treat Sami like this a lot.

  3. From Sara

    Disagree Ej can be nasty that’s for sure but he NEVER belittle Sami NEVER, her other suitors on the other hand…Ej treats her like a woman, like an equal not like a weak little child..

  4. From Summer

    I think Sami and Ej should be together for sure….Lucas can be gone!

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