Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For August 15.

Was Your Tongue Just In My Mouth?

When Daniel gets to the bottom of the rubbish heap, he discovers Nicole is not there. Bo notices there is a doorway there so they assume she used it. The doctor asks Hope if she’s heard anything about his daughter. Bo hears some coughing so they dig through another pile and find some random woman. Daniel checks her over for injuries. After the paramedics take her away, Daniel runs outside and finds Nicole drifting around the square. She starts going into shock. She’s verging on labor and he’s determined to stop it.

Brady and Mel are still trapped in a corner of the tunnels with some leaking gas. He starts having an ominous feeling. A rumbling hits and they’re knocked out. When she comes to, she tries reviving Brady by giving him mouth to mouth. He coughs. “Was your tongue just in my mouth?” he asks. She makes him stay put so she can start digging. They worry some more and try cracking jokes. He keeps her calm. Meanwhile, Gabi and Chad are running around the tunnels when they hit a dead end. They begin digging through the rubble. Gabi keeps repeating that this is a bad idea. She finally drags him out as the ceiling crumbles. They run around but don’t know where they are going. He hears voices and follows them. They soon find Brady and Mel, who have just come through the rubble and are hugging.

Up in the ballroom, Ian cradles dead Madison and tells her she’s the only woman he’s ever loved. Kate stands beside them and he admits to her that he only loved the other woman. John lurches in and offers to get help. Ian tells him it’s too late. He blames Brady for this and tells John he will make him pay. Ian rails about Brady and John blames Ian for Madison’s death. They yell at each other until the EMTs arrive. John goes off in search of his son and Ian begins to cry. He wanders out of the building and through the square. Kate follows him. He goes to Madison’s room to drink and smell her clothes. Kate walks in and tells him he’s an ‘evil son of a bitch’. Ian wants to be left alone. She makes a toast to ‘SOBs getting what they deserve’ and throws the drink in his face. He barks at her to get out but she wants to watch him grieve like he watched her grieve for Stefano. She can’t believe how stupid she has been but she’s determined to ruin the rest of his life. They drink and insult each other. He thinks she’s gone from being an honest w**** to a delusional woman. Ian admits he used her, just like every other man in her life has, including Stefano. She accuses him of knowing nothing about love and he trashes her relationship with Stefano. “You should be down on your knees! Thankful that I killed him!” he blurts out.

Back at the ballroom, Jack manages to shove his daughter out of the elevator before the doors slam shut. The cables break and he plummets. Everyone screams. Roman shows up and orders them all to stay there. He runs off. Abby and Jenn cry. Cam tells them there is always hope. Roman returns and informs them that Jack died instantly. “Sorry,” he adds. He takes Cam away to treat survivors while the woman cry. They recall all of the times Jack came back from the dead but Jenn is sure that this time was real. “I had the greatest dad in the whole world,” Abby sobs. When Cam returns, Jenn asks him if she can see Jack. Later, she finds Justin and Adrienne and tells them what happened.

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