Days Of Our Lives Poll: Too Few Villains.

It’s not just Horton Square that has a hole.

If you’ve been looking at the comings and goings, you’ll know that Ian is on his way out of Salem and Stefano is on his way back. But with Victor domesticated into harmlessness and EJ going ‘good’ again, can the show really afford to lose any more villains?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    yea, stefano is enough (as far as villians go).. sure am glad he is back and that ej is really his son.. ian has been planting all kind of evidence against stefano and ej.. (even had someone impersonate stefano when he was killed). and switched a blood test saying ej was not his son. sure will be glad when ian is gone..

  2. From bettyg

    Yes, we still need more villains! Don’t like the idea of EJ going “straight” at all. Are there any villains now beside Stephano? There always has to be somebody to stir stuff up. Right now only Kate could make any claim to badness.

  3. From jenn

    The show needs more villains! If there are no villains, to me the show is too vanilla. I agree bettyg, I do not like the idea of EJ going straight either. Villains equals lots of drama!

  4. From Lori

    Can’t stand Ejole or Lumi…Ejami all the way. There is no denying the Ejami chemisty and we have been waiting for years for them to finally admit their feelings. How awesome would it be for Sami to embrace her “bad” side. Put Kate back with Stephano then pit EJ/Sami & Stephano/Kate against John/Marlena & Rafe/Carrie (of course they should bring back Carrie…stupid move letting her go as she is obviously Rafe’s other half!).

    Nicole should be put back with Brady, the only man who really loved her, and leave Dan to Jennifer. Lucas can go away anytime as he has added nothing to the story since his return. Hate to see Mel go but please don’t put Chad with Gabi. Also, quit dragging out the Will/Sonny pairing as all of the waffling is started to get old.

  5. From kat

    4 Lori, ditto

  6. From daysgal

    I couldn’t disagree more with Lori and kat. I always have to fast forward when Sami and Ej are in a scene together. In my opinion, they have absolutely no chemistry and sick of the same recycled story with them. Over it. I hope Sammi doesn’t go to the “bad” side, she has four kids. Bascially if she did this, she is following in Kate’s footsteps. Mama and papa would be so proud. It will be hilarious though when Sammi finds out that Nicole’s baby is Ej’s.

  7. From Paki

    I don’t like watching Sami at all with anyone. They really need to give the other characters more air time. She is just not interesting! How many men can actually love her at one time when she is so unlikeable? I don’t get it.

  8. From jenn

    Paki, I don’t get it either. I wish they would give other actors more air time as well….

  9. From Chelsea

    I think the show needs more villains, it would add some suspense for the viewers if they didn’t know who done something. During Higley’s regime you always knew a Dimera was behind whatever bad thing was going on. I wouldn’t mind seeing Victor go back to being a bad guy like he was before Maggie. Bring Philip back so he could wrestle between being good and bad.

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