Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 13-17.

As the smoke clears…

After the blast, Lucas, Roman and the cops are getting medical attention at the pub. A bloody Lucas goes in search of Sami but soon collapses. Back at the warehouse, Sami is dangling from the landing, where she and EJ argue about which of them should be left alive to look after the children. Before either of them can die, Will pops up to save them. He urges his boss to run for it. Before Elvis can go, Sami stops him in his tracks with a surprising statement. Later, when Will returns after finding his bloody father outside, he discovers his mother and EJ are long gone.

Ian corners Madison, proclaiming his love for her and explaining that his seduction of Kate was just a means to get access to the DiMera secrets. As he makes a passionate plea to her, Kate listens and it breaks her heart. Drunk, he finally turns to Kate and they have it out. He even admits that he’s the one who got rid of Stefano. She threatens to turn him in to the police. He threatens her back and leaves her shaken. Kate heads to the cops anyway. She runs into Lucas on the way. He informs his mom that he’s finished with Sami once again. Kate’s ecstatic that something good has come out of the disaster.

Nicole screams in pain as rubble falls on her. She calls out to Daniel for help. The doctor slowly makes his way through the dust but her crying stops before he can reach her. Bo joins him in the search but Nicole is nowhere to be found in the wreckage. Daniel panics. When he finally makes it outside, he finds Nicole in the square and in premature labor. As he manages to stop the baby from coming, she finally realizes that she’s fallen for him and wants to keep him in her life. At the same time, he realizes that she’s a complication he doesn’t want. What he really needs to do is concentrate on his daughter. When he runs into Maggie at the hospital, he tells her all of this. At that very moment, Nic runs into Father Matt and tells him that Daniel is the man for her and she’s determined to keep him. When the doctor shows up to dump her, she refuses to allow it.

Abby is trapped in the elevator and her parents attempt to reach her. Jack’s PTSD kicks in as he’s trapped in the elevator with his unconscious daughter. Rescuers manage to pry the door open and Jack shoves her out, only to have the doors shut upon him as another explosion hits.

Down in the tunnels, the collapse knocks Brady down. Mel does her best to revive him with her amazing nursing skills. As she holds him in her arms, Chad and Gabi arrive and spot them together. The four of them make their way out of the tunnel and reunite with their loved ones. Andrew is nowhere to be found. They head to the hospital to be checked over and give their statements to the cops. Gabi tries to confess everything to Chad, but he doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

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  1. From SandyGram

    A very confusing Summary. Sami is still swinging in the wind while Roman and Lucas are getting medical attention at the Pub. Somethings wrong with this picture. Then EJ and Sami are on the run…but yet the first part of the Summary says while Sami was swinging in the wind she and EJ were arguing who should be saved and take care of the kids. So who is going to take care of the kids if they are on the run?

    Now Daniel see’s the light and doesn’t want to connect with Nicole? The Doc doesn’t seem to be able to multi-task very well, he can’t look for his daughter and maintain a relationship with the woman he’s been getting his afternoon delight from?

    Oh Matthew a very confusing Summary!

  2. From kat

    I just found my picture on
    Dustin’s facebook.
    It’s only my pic, because I did not write a comment,
    in the July section,
    between a Sharon and a Tracy.
    I am wearing a “Steeler’s black Cowboy hat” LOL.
    Any of you could put your Pic there, by not writing a comment I cound out,
    it does not give your Name etc….. It would be nice, if we could do this on here, Just a Picture, no Identity, but our blog name.
    Lots and lots of pics and comments, going back years. Good one of Marlena as the “Devil”, Kristin/Susan and on and on….

    On Monday Aug. 13, watch out, Our Prez might have something to say, never know, it’s always the Best long awaited segments, that get
    interrupted, LOL…. hope not.

  3. From Kat

    P.S. My pic is on several times, always without a comment,
    and Cowboy hat (Steelers).

  4. From kat

    Me again, I just went back to Dustin’s Facebook,
    started in 2010, the pictures are so good, all of the actors, wow EJ, a must see, half dressed,
    John and Susan in Elvis Garb, getting married…. LOL
    pics from way back,
    and all the comments are just great. Check it out Ladies, you will like…
    A colorful/pic and comment story through the old days…

  5. From MAB

    On the contrary, EJ & Sami DO work! And WHEN the writers realize this, we are in for an amazing adventure that MANY of us have waited forever for! And if they writers do it right, this show will have created another great supercouple, who just oozes chemistry, love & passion…and w/ so many stories they can tell w/ these 2, this show would prosper greatly, while giving the fans a real treat!

    I doubt since Ian is leaving that he is EJ’s father. We still aren’t sure at this point who EJ’s father is, nor whether Stefano is in fact still his real father. I do think the only other logical choice tho is John.

    It does sound odd that Sami is still dangling while Roman & Lucas are already at the pub receiving medical attention. I think after the explosion tho that they were somehow separated from the area EJ & Sami were in and probably have no idea she is hanging on for dear-life. I’m not surprised EJ & Sami’s last thought would be of their children, nor that they would argue who should live to take care of them. It’s not the same situation as being dead and wonder who will take care of them as being alive and wonder who will take care of them. For one, we all know Caroline will be the one taking care of the kids. And two, there’s no indication EJ & Sami will be on the run for long together, especially since we already know that Ian somehow kidnaps EJ, and Sami gets arrested by Rafe.

    So it seems it’s Will who saves EJ & Sami, and not Rafe as some speculated. And the surprising statement Sami makes is to EJ (which I assume Will overhears) apparently isn’t that she is working for the cops…looks like whatever she says EJ must like because after Will returns, EJ & Sami are gone, together.

    I don’t know why Kate hearing Ian proclaim his love to Madison breaks her heart. I don’t know why she would have any feelings for him at all, especially when she still claims to love Stefano. So…Ian admits he’s the one who got rid of Stefano (again no surprise). Although, I was so hoping Kate knew what he was up to, but apparently not. I guess Ian really got one over on the DiMeras. Oh well, it won’t last long as he will be gone, and not soon enough IMO. Kate finds Lucas and he tells her he & Sami are finished (again). And leave it to Kate to find that as something good to come out of the disaster.

    I agree w/ whoever said that it’s tiresome that Nicole is always second best to all the men in her life. It’s just like Lucas always being second best to the women in his life. Please writers, put Nicole & Brady back together where they belong. He’s the only one who has ever really put her first…and in the process, find a true love for Lucas as well.

    I’m glad to see John is there for Brady after her finds out about Madison. I’m sure John will help him thru this…after all he knows what it’s like to loose the woman you love (Isabella), and I’m sure he could make Brady see how they can relate the 2 situations. I wish the writers would make John speak more of Isabella than he does, especially where Brady is concerned. She was a very important part of John’s life, and it needs to be acknowledged more often.

    And it looks like Jack is gonna go out a true hero, saving his daughter’s life. Poor Jack! And Abby, having to live w/ that? Well let’s just say her life is forever gonna be changed after this.

  6. From SandyGram

    #4 kat
    What’s Dustin’s last name? Or is he under another name of Facebook.

  7. From SandyGram

    #5 MAB
    It is interesting also, while Sami is swinging from the cat walk, she and EJ argue who should live and take care of the kids. But then after Will saves them both, they disappear together…doesn’t seem like there that interested in who has the kids. Granted they won’t be gone long but they didn’t know that when they took off!

  8. From kat

    SandyGram, … dustinsdaysthoughts
    Sandy, there is no last name,
    it’s Dustin’s face book,
    there are even pics of Dustin on and all his his posters comments.
    Very interesting, you have to keep on scrolling down, so many great pics, EJ bare chested, with and without chest hair, I like With…
    Young Bo in bathing suit, the list goes on and on.
    It’s like our blog, but between Fans and Dustin and with so many pictures,
    also it shows the bloggers pics. like mine

    Hope you find it, because I know that you would enjoy it a lot.

  9. From kat

    Wow on Dustin’s face book, Peter Reckell in his early days, is one hairy so on a….. from top/hair, to the bottom, check it out ladies…
    Give me a vote,
    EJ with Chest Hair, or without,, I am all the way ‘WITH’… NO DOUBT ABOUT IT…dUSTINS’S FACE BOOK ACTUALLY helped over the boredom in between….

  10. From SandyGram

    #2 kat
    Well I must be blind I can’t find a ‘Steeler’s black Cowboy Hat in the July section,
    between a Sharon and a Tracy.
    Any other hints you can give me!

  11. From kat

    look for the pic without a comment, there are several on the site, it is Me, I have long blonde hair, and a black Hat on…

    it’s on the right and left side of the blog…..

    did you use the site, as I posted in my blog # 8,
    Dustin’s Days(of our Lives
    Thoughts/Facebook …..
    The site starts out with Marlena, possessed as the Devil, etc.

  12. From Anne

    What if Kristin DiMara is behind the whole thing?

    Kristin might be out for revenge from a lot of people….including her father Stefano.

    Maybe she’s somehow involved with the secret that Alice was keeping about EJ without Alice’s knowledge. Her character must have interacted with Alice at some point.
    She may also have hired Ian to do her dirty work and she may also have a connection to Andrew.

    Plus it would be the perfect setup for Kristin’s return to the show.

  13. From Randi

    I just read in the rumors that ABS and brady may get together—-please say such is not so there is a huge age and maturity differene between the 2 and no chemistry whatsoever!

  14. From kat

    Somebody hit me, I am an Idiot….
    of course in order to see my pic, I would have to write a comment in the empty box next to my pic, and submit it, then it could be seen. Don’t know where my head was…. LOL
    Randy, are you talking about Abby and Brady,????, please NO, and I hope Chad and Gabby don’t end up together.
    Not after all the Chaos she created.
    You could call it Ripple Effect,
    all the way from hiring Andrew,
    allowing him to keep Melanie hostage, to him Flicking his Bic in the
    underground tunnels, causing the First Explosion, etc.
    Gaby could have stopped all this soooooooo many times, But She chose not to…and now so many dead and wounded.
    Let’s not forget, just how many Salem people also died in this disaster…..
    Thought I throw this out about Gaby, because, EJ/Stefano got blamed on here, for the Fallout of the RoboRafe disaster, and the John/Black disaster at the pub…

    Looks like the “Gaby” Disaster is so much more Deadly than any, ……

  15. From SandyGram

    #11 & 14 kat
    I found Dustin’s (Days of Our Lives) Thoughts on Facebook, and proceeded to click on every little box or finger that said ‘Like’, but I still couldn’t find a lovely blonde with a Steelers Black Cowboy Hat. I have to be awfully blind or as dumb as a stump when it comes to Facebook. Although you said in #14 you have to post a comment for your picture to show up, I did see pictures with no comment. Well your still a mystery for now, but it would be so neat if this site did provide us a few features like: Where members are from and dates they joined the board and maybe birthdays.

    Now here’s an interesting Comings and Goings from Soap Opera Digest:

    “According to Soap Opera Digest, another veteran character could be on the outs. The character was supposed to be killed off but the story was allegedly scrapped. However, their future still remains uncertain. No name has been released.” This veteran may be in addition to Jack so I don’t think it’s him. I will be anxiously awaiting who this could be!

  16. From Kat

    15 SandyGram, sorry, like I said, I am the dumb dumb….LOL
    In order for my pic to show, I would have to give up privacy, give my name etc. and I am not willing to do that, none of us on here would, to much “Bad Feelings” shown here through the ages…..LOL

    Did you like the site however with all the pictures of current and past characters.
    Did you see, John with the caption saying, Every Time I raise my Eyebrows, I smell a Farth….. so funny.
    And young Bo and EJ, with chest hair and without…
    Could be Jennifer, the other veteran… Wonder what they will do with her anyway,
    Dr. Dan has been to”used up” IMO, Jenn deserves something a bit more fresh, but then again at her Age and in Salem
    there is hardly anything “Slightly used” available. Why not bring in somebody New.

  17. From MAB

    SandyGram – we all know Caroline watches the kids for Sami 90% of the time. EJ & Sami know they are safe in her care, so for them to disappear and not be worried about them is reasonable, but it’s a whole different situation being faced w/ possibly one of them dying, so again, for them to argue over who should live to take care of the kids is also reasonable.

    About the rumor of Abby & Brady getting together, I agree it’s not a good idea, but I also feel the same about Melanie & Brady. Abby & Mel are too young for him, just girls, not women…and that is what Brady needs, a woman!

  18. From julie

    Great spoilers except for the Nicole and Daniel part : i want them together and although i often bitch about Nicole she deserves a guy who put her first Eric did it as well as Brady before his lame romance with Madison and now Daniel was here and support her and what ? He will dump her and she will be pathetic about it like she was with no no Nicole can be a great character, she just needs to be with the right men for her, a triangle between her, Brady and Daniel (or even Rafe although he is a bore but since he is here..) and maybe a come back from her real first true love Eric Brady would be perfect ! Enough is enough, let her a real romance and family with Brady Black for pete’s sake ! With some Daniel and Eric for conflicts sake..If they write Daniel with Jen again..just no Daniel is fun with Nicole, with Jen although i quite like her he is boring !

  19. From Cougar

    Just popped in and to my pleasant surprise new spoiler! I too have ound that Dr. Dan & nicole have grown on me after getting past the pregnancy ick factor they have a great repetoir together. The only other man for her is Brady but it is too soon afer losing the new love of his life, I hate to say it, Madison. I’m liking where they are goin with Sami & EJ on the lam together, sounds good to me! I enjoy the oympics but after a week & a half of Days withdrawl Im ready for my next EJ fix!

  20. From SandyGram

    SPOILer….there is a Days Cafe spoiler that says ‘Lucas and Sami are over’ but it also says ‘that’s from his lips’. Could it be it’s not as over as it would lead us to believe. Although Lucas also tells Kate it’s over and she’s thrilled of course.

    One other spoiler caught my eye:
    “Madman Ian has diabolical plans for EJ and gets him exactly where he wants him!” Ummmm….diabolical plan, could it be he’s been after EJ from the beginning…but for what purpose? Love the intrigue, dislike that Ian is the one to bring it to us.

  21. From Lissa

    I seen on a spoilers site a reference implying that EJ could be Kristen’s child with John. It said that she duped him into believing she was pregnant before and that Elvis may be that child.

    Don’t know if it’s true guess we’ll just have to wait and see how they spin it

  22. From SandyGram

    #21 Lissa
    The spoiler said:
    - Kristen is back and acting ever so sweet but not everyone in Salem buys it, especially John Black, whom she once duped about being pregnant (with Elvis!)

    Although anything is possible I’m not sure the spoiler implies that EJ could be Kristen’s child with John. I’m thinking the ‘duping’ that’s mentioned is the fact that Kristen hid from John the fact she lost her baby causing Stefano to get her a child she could give John making him think it was their child. And that child was Susan’s baby Elvis. But then the new writers could turn the past into something totally new once Kristen comes to town.

  23. From Shani

    At the time Sami & EJ decide to disappear they don’t know how long they will be gone or if they will be safe & ever return. So I think Sami should stay behind for the sake of their kids & let EJ be on the run.

    I read, too, that the Lucas & Sami are over is just his words. Now I don’t take it seriously because Lucas cannot resist Sami.

  24. From jolie

    Poor Nicole! But what a breakthrough for Dr Dan. He has a patient (he saved her from pre-mature labor it appears) and he is able to walk away and not have/continue a disastrous affair with her! So that leaves Nicole with Rafe/Elvis baby and no one to look after her?? Yep, I could see Brady walking right back into that one. Also, we all know Nic is at her best or worse depending on who is on the receiving end of her wrath when she is rejected, threatened, left alone…look out everyone. So if Elvis turns out to be John’s son, that means that Nic’s baby would show some shared DNA(John/Stefano or Elvis/Brady) and at Salem Hospital, where DNA is swapped, changed, revamped, revived, returned and retrieved by anyone with a computer or who has ever come into that one hospital room they have, the baby could actually be Brady’s….or not. I just confused myself. No wonder poor Sami is still hanging on for her life while arguing with Elvis and making announcements that we can only speculate about.
    Ian, Mr Creepy…the spoiler about him declaring undying love for Madison, well, that was just about as creepy as anything else he has done. So he was responsible for Stefano’s demise or for Stefano’s supposed demise? Did Stefano see this one coming? And is he safe and sound and letting Ian hang himself? I am one of those who believe that when the dust (or DNA) settles Elvis will indeed be a Dimera and from Stefano’s branch for sure. I am not opposed to having to buy Elvis as John’s son for a while but when Stefano gets back, surely he is going to straighten all of this out.
    I am trying to turn back and remember but what does Ian have on Kate that he threatens her with when she threatens him with going to the cops due to his admitting to icing Stefano? Or is he just going to make her look guilty by association? I can’t remember him actually having anything criminal (lately anyway) on her. I wish Kate would take some revenge on Ian…bake him up a pan of brownies or something.
    I too was so in hopes that Kate was working with Stefano against Ian but guess that is not the way. Wonder if Kate will eventually make it to SPD and Roman once he and Lucas quit bleeding all over the pub to make a statement. This will get Elvis off the hook(no evidence but then there was really no more real evidence against Elvis as the shooter than there was against Abe, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Will etc except that Ian will have Elvis in his creepy clutches by then. So what is Ian’s beef with Elvis or is it just with Stefano and is Ian behind the Alice letter as well? Lots of loose ends to clean up before Ian leaves the show if he has any involvement in all or some of this. I really wish that if he kidnaps Elvis the SPD really does their job and rescues their beloved Mayor or Stefano comes back to save Elvis and crushes Ian. Ta-ta Mr Creepy anyway it comes.
    Jack’s leaving the show…could he go into some kind of rehab? Maybe he goes into the PTS so deep that he has to leave to some facility to get help. That should get him away from town for a while then leave it open for him to come back. Jennifer will not really be available for Dr Dan as a free woman…unless she needs her heart of some other organ shoved back into her body.
    Kristen coming back…she and John really were good together at one point then things started coming apart. John is going to have an abundance of wives, ex-wives, present wives, old flames..Marlena, Hope, Kate, Kristen. He better watch his step or things will start to collide for him.
    Abby and Brady..she is too young but we know she likes her men older. Or liked Jack older. Gabster..not sure how this will turn out for her but it will probably all be swept under the run like Abby going after Austin. Gabster is a criminal in my book and she needs a good swift talking to if nothing e

  25. From Maryl

    I see a resemblance between our Will and Galen Rupp (silver medal winner for 10,000 meter race in the Olympics–especially when he is smiling). Or maybe I just miss DAYS so much that I’m beginning to imagine things?? Ha!

  26. From kat

    24, jolie,
    great post, I enjoyed reading it.
    Gaby is for Sure a criminal, she is a partner In the kidnapping of Melanie,
    she could have stopped it many times, but she chose to stay quiet and therefore condoned all that Andrew did, and I think Andrew caused the first explosion for sure, when he used his lighter.
    Gabby, set the whole thing in motion, and Now, look at that disaster.
    Sure, the city could have blown one of these days anyway,
    but for now it happened because of Andrew and Gaby, ripple effect,

    just trying to be fair to Gabby and give her some credit,
    Elvis got plenty of credit in the ripple effect, when Faye got killed,
    when the explosion happened at the pub, etc.
    Gaby prob. will get away with it,
    but a whole lot of people are dead and injured…. a lot of Salem people dead and injured…???

    Even Stefano and EJ have not caused that big a disaster, as a matter of fact, as the spoilers once stated, Stefano saved thousands of lives, by going under cover with the Arms deal…..
    Funny, how all will react to what poor misguided Gabby set in motion… hiring and paying Andrew…..

    As far as EJ and Sami going on the Run, I don’t know, none of us have really seen yet what is going to happen.
    Caroline is toooo old, over 80, to be counted on as a Baby Sitter for to long. Anything can happen to her at any time..
    What about GrandMa Marlena, maybe she could step up and become a real GrandMa…LOL, however little kids around, might cramp her style, could interrupt the Strawberry/Cream festival…
    Lucas should find a real life of his own, or he might end up like poor Roman, need I say more…
    Kristin was 5 months prego, when she lost her/John’s baby in Paris….
    When Susan came to town, she was about the same pregnant,
    and Kristin started wearing a baby bump…
    Stefano had arranged all of that…..
    On order for EJ being Kristin’s/John’s child, Kristin’s baby lost in Paris had to be “Saved” somehow…..
    Susan’s/ Kristin’s Baby born in Salem with John right there,… So, is there One Baby – or Two.????

    If Kristin’s/John’s baby lived and is our current EJ….

    then where is Susan’s/Stefan’s little boy…..or is He the current EJ after all…..

  27. From jolie

    25 Maryl, that was so darned funny! But have no fear, you might be both missing Days and imagining things! Just kidding.
    #26 Kat, yes, it is a shame that we will have many casualties and some of them might be favorite characters. And nope, can’t blame this one on the Dimeras, unless someone sues the township of Salem and that would put poor His Honor Elvis right in the middle of it! Now wouldn’t that be just the luck? And as for Stefano saving a pregnancy and the baby showing up elsewhere, how far along was Billie when she lost Georgia/Chelsea? Stefano right smack in the middle of that one.

  28. From Cindy

    I do love the Olympics, but I am on overload. I miss Days. :-(

    I am really enjoying the new Dallas! Is anyone else watching? Every episode has me declaring “Wow! I did not see that coming!” Such good writing and acting and so many twists and turns!!

  29. From Leah

    Looking forward to Days returning… hope they don’t ruin it all by reverting to the old. Rafe and Lucas need to move on. EJ was a major player all through their marriages to Sami and in fact Ejami sleeping together is what ended their marriages. Time for them to man up and move on to brighter pastures!
    As for Nicole… I’ve always thought Brady was her perfect match. Decades of history shouldn’t go to waste there. Brady has always been there for her and even confessed to her “You are the ONE and I think you always have been.” I agree with a poster above about time Nicole was with a man who puts her first. I reckon a possible Rafe/Nicole/Brady or better still Brady/Nicole/Eric triangle would be fun to watch. Hope her baby is Bradys. She did hint that they didn’t always use protection so there is a slither of hope.
    Rafe I’d love to see Emily and their child appear and shake his world. Rafe has never really gotten over her. Has never even been able to tell Sami all about her.
    Hope Lucas gets some good storylines outside of Sami. Time he was given a storyline of his own that we can sink our teeth into.
    Gabby (she needs to go) and I agree I hope her and Chad (with Melanie leaving) don’t get paired together. She needs to grow up and go and live with big brother for a while.
    Hope needs a revamp as do Abe, Roman and Karla if they are to stay on the show.
    In my opinion hoping Ejami are endgame. Lets hope the writers do right by their fans this time. Looking forward to more lovin, fightin, make ups, romance, seductions, adventures and family time. Nobody comes close to them.

  30. From Maryl

    Jolie, isn’t imagining things that aren’t there a sign of having too much to drink or going looney tunes?? God, I hope it’s the drunk thing and not the looney thing. My son-in-law would definitely say it’s the looney thing where I’m concerned! HA! Oh, well, I’m from Texas where everything is bigger and crazier!

  31. From Maryl

    Leah, I agree–Brady and Nicole belong together and I also hope that somehow one of the twist in the SL will be that Brady winds up being the father of her baby. EJ doesn’t need any more complications, but Brady could use some. Would be very interesting to see Brady as a father!

    EJ and Sami–perfect material for a great love story! Lots of ground to cover–from forgiving one another to the realization that they are cut from the same cloth and that only they, united together, can redeem themselves. There is no way they can dismiss the fact that they always wind up being drawn to each other like a gaint magnet. Put the hurting of each other in the past and away forever and work on becoming worthy of those precious children. Create a loving family unit–it’s way overdue for those poor little ones.

  32. From Tee

    Hey all~ I sen some spoilers that Rafe arests Sami and wont release her and it says she refuses to give up. Those are for the week of Aug 20th. So looks like Sami will be arrested for helping EJ run coincidentally that is when Ian will have EJ and same week he leaves also. I am assuming that Friday August 17th will end with Ian holding EJ captive in that chair when he reveals what is probably Stefano. Sami will want free to help EJ. It also says the cops are on to Ian. SO LOOKS LIKE THE Ian story will end very soon.
    We know he will leave and never be seen again, I am gonna say he is gonna be killed, maybe by Stefanos henchman that is in spoilers.
    Julie #18 I agree about Nicole, I DONT like her for EJ but she does deserve someone to make her number 1. On that note I think Eric is coming back also. I just remembered that. I was hoping like you a Brady hookup and that Brady would be the daddy but we will see.
    Kat #26 Agree with all your post. I believe also that with Kristen returning it is a good chance EJ will turn out to be hers, We know they need to fix issue of EJS paternity and I always wondered how come Susan has had no contact with EJ at all, not even by phone.
    Kristen could have thought she lost baby in 5th month but it is possible Stefano had taken it or even someone else or a switchout was done at some time.I believe Stefano always knew John was his brother, and so he would do anything to get to John and that included taking his baby with Kristen. I know he was helping Kristen to keep Jon but I dont hold anything past him. If I am not mistaken back then he had no male heirs.
    So EJ is either gonna be Stefanos son (Joe Mascolo was unhappy with the paternity change), or John and Kristens son.

    Still no news on who this mysterious Santos will be could he be the real son of Santos and Coleen? Making John once again suffer a identity crisis? Could he be the lost child of either Kristen and John or Stefano and Susan?
    Could it be the real Santos even though he would be like in his 70,s or maybe older?
    Could he be another long lost DIMERA?

    I cannot wait till Monday!!

  33. From Kat

    32 Tee, great thoughts….
    I have mentioned before about maybe Santos DiMera still being alive.
    Let’s do the Math…
    About 4 yrs. ago the Ireland Story was done, and it was mentioned that Colleen and Santos happened 50 yrs ago.
    That would John about 54 by now….
    Little Stefano was about 10 or sooo, born 1958….
    that would make Stefano Now, about 64 +, born around 1948….
    Today Santos could be around 90.
    Would make Santos about 36 when John was conceived.
    Look how many people today are 90 ++++ all over the planet.
    I would love to see a SL involving Santos DeMera, Stefano’s and John’s FATHA, EJ’s Look Alike GrandFatha.

    Of course EJ would play his GrandFatha…LOL
    Writers get with it, IMO that could be a great little SL, and maybe explain all the Hate that has been passed on to Stefano by His Father Santos…..
    Spill all the Beans….

    Tee, maybe one of the Babies….. Kristin’s/Susan’s ….. was raised by the Old Santos DiMera, and one belongs to Stefano and the other to John DiMera….. Now that would be a kick in the pants, two DiMera grandson’s, EJ and Santos (????) or whoever he might be….

    It’s getting boring, no daily plots to talk about, so my imagination is wandering….

    Bring on Santos DiMera…..
    and also bring back Dr. Dick Baker, just for Me…
    Glad Stefano will be back soon, not the same without him.

    Gaby is an accomplice to Kidnapping big time,
    she is as bad or worse than the DeMera’s….LOL
    If EJ is guilty for Faye’s death,
    than Gaby is guilty for Madison/Jack’s etc. the rest of the peoples death, IMO. Let’s face the facts, The Girl knew exactly what She was doing, over and over again. She had so many chances to make things right, but NO, she
    kept Melanie “Kidnapped” and later in the Tunnels, total
    Malice involved here, no little Girls stuff, I didn’t know what I was doing.blah,blah,blah….

  34. From SandyGram

    Spoiler….the Best Spoiler from Days Cafe says there is ‘the tiniest hero’ no other than our sweet Theo. I like that the writers are giving Theo more of a vocal role within the story lines and not just a boy within himself only due to his Autism.

    And unfortunately the spoilers also say that Andrew escapes….but it doesn’t say if he will turn up later to get revenge on Gabi.

  35. From julia

    Do you know ? It is official the beautiful Greg Vaughan is already taping on Days as Eric Brady..i am really looking forward to watch his scenes with his twin sister Sami (Eric is the most close person to Sami), his mother Marlena and other major players like his Brady family, John or even the Dimera Kristen and Ej..can’t wait and certainly he will be involved with Nicole..he is too good and pretty for Nicole but well a traingle between her and his half-brother Brady Black coule make some good storyline and with that a little affair with Kristen..Marlena would be ballistic and it would made great stories..Welcome back Eric !!!

  36. From jolie

    #29 Leah, I agree. Put Lucas in a storyline that does not involve Sami. Let the actor have a shot at showing what he can do besides shout at Sami and posture about. Give him an adventure. Let him shine rather than be a doormat. It would be novel. Also, Ejami might be in the cards right now but it will only break your heart when they split…like my heart when Nic and Elvis split. I am getting over it and hold no grudges…well almost. And I can watch Brady and Nicole together but then we know that will not last as well. Good idea about revamping Hope, Abe, Roman, Kayla. Like Lucas, these characters needs some revitalizing!
    #33 Kat, I too am a Dr Dick fan. I just loved his comedic relief to the scenes with Hope. Surely he has done is time and can now come back. Maybe he can have a new career as a chemist and work for Kate at whichever cosmetic company she ends up with. They would be a hoot together. He would be a great minion for her. Or put him to work for Stefano on his next Frankenlabproject. He would be much sloppier and much less controllable than Dr. Rolf. It could be hilarious. I also agree about the Gabster, will the guilty party please stand up!
    #35 Julia, wouldn’t Brady and Eric be step brothers rather than half? I am trying to go back and figure all the storylines so you threw me a curve on that one. And an affair with Kristen! Marlena would have a meltdown for sure. She’d probably ask Kate for that brownie recipe!
    #34 Sandygram, you are so right about young Theo. He has the sweetest face and voice. And yes, let the little guy be a hero. Salem needs a hero right about now.

  37. From Tee

    Kat~ I know for the last month or so there is a spoiler that says that a man name Santo comes to Salam and shakes a certain salamite to his core. It does not say when just a down the road spoiler. I have not seen anything else but that on it. I am just curious to see who this Santos will be since the name is not a coincidence. I am not sure if this Santos was from old writers or new. But It was also in spoilers of Alices secrets.

    Not sure if this is for same Santo but I found this when the put out call in February.
    Days of our Lives is looking to cast the role on Santo, a character described as a 30something “gorgeous Italian male, who is a strong man rooted in protecting his family at any cost.”

    Of note is that actors trying out for the role most be 6’0″ or taller, and be able to speak with an “authentic Italian accent.”

    The role is a principal role, but will only appear on-screen for two episodes. There is, however, the possibility of more shows in the future.
    I know they started looking at end of February for this actor and they tape ahead so when do we think he will appear?SPOILER ALERT BELOW

    Here is Spoilers on July 30th 2012 for it. They say down the orad at top.

    Alice’s secrets from the grave continue to unfold

    A man named Santo shakes a certain Salemite to his core

    Melanie leaves Salem in September

    A wayward son returns to Salem

    The Phoenix rises again

    Nick Fallon is released from prison and returns to town

    Bo Brady’s time in Salem comes to an end

    Kristen Blake returns to Salem

    I uncluded all the spoilers for it. kat we may see a 90 year old Santo but from what I found he is gonna be around 30, so maybe you are on target with the whole Kristen baby thing, or maybe he will be the real son of Santo and Coleen, giving John a identity crisis again.

    I cannot wait to see the days ahead spoilers today they should be up in a few hours.

    Sandygram~ I too am glad they are giving Theo some screen time
    Something that always bothered me is how people will be quick to say where is Samis kids? Well we never really see anyones kids look at Boa nd Hopes Ciara how often do we see her? Way less then we see Samis kids.
    The reality is it is harder with kids on set more takes and such, especially in younger ages. So kids are usually brought in only briefly here and there.
    With them pushing Theos autism around I am glad to see him be made a little hero. I would love to see a few more play dates goign on with kids in town even now and then. It would show people the characters do spend time with their kids and show kids growing up together cause if this show goes on and on 20 years from now they will be the ones we are watching anyway. I do agree and understand how it is impossible to have them present all the time though. Kids are impatient and should not be on set hours upon hours filming scenes either. I am aware the scenes are filmed fast but they do scenes non stop all day to get ahead of schedule and thats to much on kids. They should be playing outside not sitting on a set all day.

  38. From Tee

    Ok just had to come over and say this. I forgot all about this but found it in speculation on other sites.
    Does anyone remember Eugene Bradford? He dissapeared with a time machine? I think he left in 1986. he was a patient of Marlenas I believe. The speculation odd as it is is Santos comes back in said time machine. I thought that was funny but I guess anything is possible on this show. I found it atleast interesting. I think he was arrested for some murders that Stefano orchestastrated in order to frame Roman at one time even.
    I think he used the time machine a few times to travel to future befor ehe dissapeared. maybe someone here will remember mor eon this guy. Anyhow it is some peoples spuculation right now I guess, so thought I would post it. This is not a spoiler only others speculation I found on who Santos will be and how Santos Dimera Stefanos father could return as his younger self. Wanted to make sure everyone knew it is not my speculation or even a spoiler only others speculation.
    Sometimes people think speculations are spoilers accidentally.

  39. From Kat

    Hi Tee, good stuff,
    The young 30 something, at least 6′, could be the other baby,
    either Kristin’s/John’s
    or Susan’s/Stefano.
    He sounds like another “EJ”,
    however raised in Italy…..
    maybe by old Santos, we never know when it comes to a soap…
    The new Santos is to young to be the child Colleen and Santos had,
    according to Soap years, our John is now about 54 yrs.
    Here is a funny one, in Ireland young Shaw Brady was about the same age as young Stefano, close enough,
    that would put Stefano and Shawn in their late 60′s now. LOL and Roman/Shawn’s son, is his late 60′s.
    Only on a soap, to make stories work.

    So in my mind, should the young Santos still show up,
    he most likely is Santos DiMera’s Grandson,

    But who are his parents……
    and Who are EJ’s parents….
    or is young Santos the Son of Ian, should Ian turn out to be a DiMera Son…….?

    Or maybe the new writers scrapped this SL all together….

  40. From kat

    39 Tee, just “hung up” here,
    when I saw your new blog…
    The 30 something Santos, I hear you, could be a “YOUNG Santos” in flashbacks,
    but why would they not use EJ as they did before….
    because of the accent, and EJ certainly is not Italien…LOL

    Eugene and the Time machine, I certainly hope not…..
    and Eugene never looked like a 39 yr. old Italien….
    and I for one, do not like when the writers go that much of the Reservation with way out kooky stuff like Time machines..
    To me, that is just over kill, but then again, some out there might like it….

    Tee, you are so right, speculations can really mess with your mind….
    but again, to each their own….
    All I can do, is give MY opinions…Later

  41. From jolie

    #37 Tee, way to call us out on Sami’s kids and the other kids as well. You are correct. We don’t really see much of anyone’s children. I guess Sami’s kids get more mention because they are constantly in the storyline as being dragged from here to there to Caroline’s. But you are correct in what you write.
    #39 Kat! Bite your tongue. Please let’s don’t make Mr Creepy Ian a Dimera. Let’s let him leave while we can. I do think they had started to make him a Dimera but seems like he didn’t take off as a villain or character. A villain needs fans to stay alive on a show day in and day out. Like Victor and Stefano and Elvis and some of the others at times. We hate what they do but we love the aplomb with which they do it because none of us could even try it.
    And I don’t mind the speculation if you make it clear it is that and not something seen or heard elsewhere. We don’t want to be confused. Or at least I don’t want to be any more confused than I am! Have a wonderful weekend. Next week we can all say “It is good to be back.”

  42. From Tee

    Kat I agree I hope that they dont use no time machine I thought it was funny when I read it. I do know crazy things happen in soaps, but I believe if it still happens that Santo will appear which the new writers took over the week of July 23rd we got to see their writing. I rememeber because it was posted at top of page for that week it was work of new writers. I believe he will be the Grandson also of Santo Dimera perhaps even Stefanos son with Susan or even Kristen/Johns. Ian I believe will turn out to be A Dimera no doubt in my mind. If he is not then I will be surprised. I think he was shunned by Papa Santo. I am just wondering where they are gonna go from here with the EJS paternity thing. I have heard Je Mascolo was not happy with the change in paternity so maybe it will turn out he is still Stefanos. I do think this Santo if he will be brought in still by new writers will have something to do with it somehow. When I watched the video of Ian where he has EJ and opens the curtain I thought he had Stefano but this Santo will be here for 2 episodes maybe more so maybe it will be him. I am leaning towards it being Stefano but I guess it is a possibility. Whatever happens with Ian it will be over quick cause he will be gone in less then 2 weeks. I am gonna assume EJ will be taken on Friday it will be the cliffhanger.
    Ian leaves on 23rd I believe so not many days till whatever his plan is is revealed. I know he will never return which hints he will be sleeping with the fishes probably via Stefanos henchmen, but it says his secrets will be shocking.
    Some speculate he will be EJS papa but I dont think so,I thinkk he is exacting revengen his family that disinherited him for whatever reason.
    Does anyone remember Santos message to Stefano about securing the Dimera name and its connection with that egg Hope and John went after?
    I wonder what he meant by its the only way to secure it, I am gonna look back into that and posy more thoughts on it later.

    Jolie #41 Thank you Fr your post I just remember in past where people will be like where are her kids noone even questions who is watching Ciara. Atleast we hear who is watching Samis kids I guess.

    Kat on time machine Eugene built it and he had a connection with Stefano sorta in that he was used to frame Roman. He has brought people back in time in it before. I think the time machine was a far fetched speculation though this is a soap, but Eugene dissapeared in it and has not been heard of since, so they speculate he will bring back Santo. He was pretty upset with Stefano I guess. Though I forget alot of details it has been a while. I believe if new writers decide to stick to this Santo showing up as spoilers have been saying he will not be Santo Dimera Stefanos father. I am leaning towards being connected to EJ somehow

  43. From Tee

    Sorry for miss spelled words my keyboard is sticking. Time to get a new one

  44. From mike

    This is Stupid!! Days producers and writers lost any respect I had for them, killing off jack again!! is just stupid!! Looks like with Bo leaving and Jack dying again. I will no longer watch it, Looks like GH has won my loyalty, 30 years and yes, im done, i give the show maybe 2 years unless they do something huge.

  45. From Kat

    44 mike,
    I understand that Peter/Bo wanted to leave to spend time with his very young daughter and his wife…
    and also that he welcome to come back at any time.
    Killing off Jack, I do night like,

    In an interview with “Jack” I learned, that it were scenes with Jack, submitted by DOOL’ that won the writers their First Award in 34 years…..The scene with Marlena and Jack in the pub….,
    and of course, LOL, that actor that helps win you an award, is the actor that you write off the show,,, Help me out here…..
    but we keep other boring characters/actors… Just MY OPINION…

  46. From Kat

    correc…. I do not like……

  47. From SandyGram

    SPOILERS….If you absolutely can’t wait for Monday’s show…go to Network 54 Day Ahead Spoilers. It’s a great article.

  48. From Richard

    I certainly wonder if Santo and Colleen may have had other children, who had children of their own.
    Maybe Stefano paired John(pawn) with other women that produced blood descendants of Santo Dimera.

  49. From Tee

    Sandygram~Thanks tha tis a very detailed recap!

    Richard~ #48 I guess anything is possible in Salem and with Stefano. I know I miss Stefano and cant wait for his return.

  50. From Kat

    48 Richard,
    didn’t Colleen “fall of the cliff” and was presumed dead by everybody…
    When we saw Colleen in Ireland, she never mentioned that after she was “not dead”, her and Santo’s ever got back together,
    her story was totally different.

    Now I could see, John having other Kids out there, he knows nothing about.He could have a whole dozen out there, after all he has no real memory of much of his life.
    Stefano might know where all the “kids” if there any … are…. most likely in Europe…

    Was John born in Ireland, did Colleen say,
    we know He was raised in Alamainia as – Forrest Alamain,by the Alamain Family with Lawrence as his brother..

  51. From Olivia

    I read the James Scott chat on NBC the Ejole (or Lumi most of them are the same) fans are nasty, they bash Alison Sweeney the is intolerable in my opinion, they almost did harass James with all the same boring questions about ‘dear’ Nicole and her baby..and ha he did not even answer to them..good for him; at least the Ejami fans did not talk about Nicole or other characters involved in Ej-Sami love stories, they did not bash anyone and above all any actors or their acting abilities (like some crazy Ejole-Lumi does with Ali Sweeney), this bashing behaviour is intolerable and make soap fans look bad and nutty.
    Just for that i respect so much more the fans of Ej and Sami who enjoy each of these characters and actors individually and don’t feel the need to trash others. I had to say it, this chat disgusted by these pathetic posts, to see fans express some agenda like that to an actor who tries to be neutral and doesn’t write the stories and directly bash his costar to him..puke.

  52. From Richard

    #50 Kat
    If I remember correctly, Colleen’s clothes were found, neatly folded, on the cliff’s ledge and everyone came to the conclusion that she had jumped.
    I believe that this may have become one of the main SL’s that led into a Brady/Dimera feud.
    She evidently didn’t jump, so where did she go? Did she escape with Santo, and did they continue their relationship, during this time?
    Somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, Stefano got his hands on Ryan(John).
    Stefano usually has a reason for doing such deeds.
    The fact remains, for whatever reason, after the transformation in Alamania, Stefano did not want Hope and John to resurface in Salem. He wanted them to remain in Limbo as Princess Gina and the pawn.
    If my suspicions are correct, that Stefano is not a blood Dimera, it would make perfect sense, to me, that he would not want to turn the Dimera fortune, that he controls, over to John or EJ, true Dimeras.

  53. From Richard

    Stefano is all about blood and family, so why would he send his half brother, John, to Ireland to kill his father’s lover and destroy a true Dimera?
    I am officially naming Stefano, EJ senior, because I really believe that is what he is. In my book he, like Elvis Jr. is not a blood Dimera, but someone who used his Dimera connections, to make himself, Stefano Dimera.
    I think that it is the phoenix ring that makes him what he is, and nothing else.

  54. From Kat

    52 Richard…
    ……that he controls, over to John or EJ, True DiMeras…

    53 Richard,
    ……In my book, he like Elvis Jr. is not a blood DiMera…..
    Richard, am I reading this wrong….you prob. meant to say that differently…????
    Colleen, in Ireland, told Her Story after She “jumped”, to John, Bo, whoever was there…
    She talked about how she gave up Ryan to the Alamains,
    and I believe she went to South America,
    did she make up this Story, for whatever reason, she might have had….
    Is this Stefano now, the little Stefano we saw in Ireland… in the story of course.
    Why all this hate and feud by Santos, if him and Colleen ended up living together and had more children.
    Just tossing back and forth with you Richard, no harm intended….
    Nothing else to talk about right now….

  55. From Richard

    #52 ……that he controls, over to John or EJ, True DiMeras…
    means that Stefano is controlling Dimera enterprises, but may not be a Dimera, as John and EJ are presumed to be.
    #53 ……In my book, he like Elvis Jr. is not a blood DiMera…..
    Elvis Jr. believes that he is not a blood Dimera, when it appears that he will be.
    Comparing Stefano, as EJ senior to EJ is merely stating my belief that Stefano was on the same path as EJ, not a blood relative to Santo but, more or less adopted, much like Tony and Kristen.
    Maybe Stefano grew up thinking as EJ did, that Santo was his blood father. Maybe finding out, as EJ did, that he was not.
    It’s just a possibility that things may have been similar for Stefano, as they are now for EJ.
    I know that we all believe that EJ will be a Dimera, no matter what. If that is the case, and Stefano is not EJ’s father, then Stefano, himself may not be a blood Dimera.
    I seem to remember that Colleen hurt herself in a sewing accident and left Ryan at the orphanage at the church and he had disappeared when she returned for him.
    Maybe that’s how Ryan became father John Black. As Forrest Alamain, he supposedly drown in the swimming pool. Maybe, soon after he returned to Ireland and became Father John.
    I don’t believe and I’ve seen nothing to convince me that there was ever a feud between Santo and the Bradys, only between Stefano and Shawn Brady.
    Colleen did say that if John killed her, he’d be killing his own mother, but she never said that he was an only child.(IMO)

  56. From Kat

    55 Richard, thanks for the clarifications….
    I guess, in the soap world, ANYTHING is possible anymore….

  57. From Tee

    #55 Richard According to a flashback Stefano had Santos told him the Bradys were in Salem and to seek revenge on them for losing Coleen ie her death. That is what brought Stefano to Salem and started the feud with Bradys. Santos may not have got along with Shawn Brady but he did order the Brady feud on his deathbed.
    I also thought Coleen said she found out Santos was still married so she left and went into hiding from him cause he lied. So I dont think she had more children with santos though it is possible she re married at some point or even had another child.

  58. From Richard

    Yea, right, I would never believe visions that Stefano has.
    He is such an honest man and always spoke the truth, no matter what.
    I still believe that the vendetta is all his and has nothing to do with Santo.
    It is he that says that the vendetta will never end.

  59. From kat

    58 Richard, I would think that when someone has flashbacks, the are the truth/facts….
    He is not saying those words, Santos said to him
    He is truly remembering those words.
    I am with Tee, as we know right now, from Santos’ lips,
    he feud started with him, and he made Stefano promise
    on his death bed (if he really died), to punish the Brady’s.
    Colleen did tell us before she died, that she had gone into hiding, after she gave Ryan to
    the Alamains, …..
    We will find out, one of these days….

  60. From Tee

    Flashbacks are someones memories, since he flashed back to it then it must be his memory. Shawn Brady is well aware of why there is a vendetta If you guys remember he had Bo kidnapped and taken to Ireland and beaten in order to keep the vendetta origins a secret. Bo may not be a real Brady cause he is Shawns legal son only but that was just as wrong I think. I know that is not exactly what we are talking about but so many people hate Stefano for carrying out his dying fathers wishes but the Bradys have done some awful things too. Granted Stefano may have done worse but 2 wrongs dont make a right. One is not more right or wrong in this.

  61. From Clem

    Yes, now that I am retired, I really enjoy watching what really happens in life. If the writers would consider how Nicole and EJ would be perfect together with Sammi always interferring and using their children to interrupt Nicole, EJ and their baby’s plans. This is what many blended families are experiencing today. The home wrecker is always plotting and planning trying to get the man’s attention and make him want them. This could go on and on as I know it does in many blended family’s lives.

  62. From Richard

    I’m pretty sure in my mind, at least, that Santo could not have foreseen EJ, a splitting image of him and Sami, a splitting image of Colleen, as a way to end the Brady/Dimera feud.
    He would have been able to see well into the future, IMO, to see that.
    I also remember flashbacks where John Black really believed that he did embezzle funds.
    Stefano was in a bad condition when he had those flashbacks and just could have believed that it really did happen that way. Even Rolf thought that he was losing it.
    Why would Santo ever want Stefano to send his son, John to Ireland to kill the love of his life, Colleen? I just don’t see it.

  63. From Kat

    61 Richard,
    the flashback Stefano had, was just a few months ago, there was No Rolf around.
    Santos on his “Death Bed” …. Stefano was a very young man,
    Santos had No idea that Colleen was still alive and that she had His Son.
    As far as we know, Santos had no idea he had a son named Ryan/John.
    He would have moved heaven and earth to find Colleen and his son.
    We don’t know, if John/Forrest ever went to Ireland to become a Priest.
    Santos was supposed to be Long Dead, when John went to Ireland, to Kill Colleen.
    None of us know, did Stefano know at the time that John was Colleen
    son, but I believe that he knew who Colleen was.
    So many different theories to have….
    keep them coming…

  64. From kat

    One thing We do Know,
    when Sami and Lucas found all the old Love Letters in a brick wall at Maison Blanche, I believe,
    the photographs of Santos and Colleen, looked just like EJ and Sami, and everybody, Marlena, Hope, etc. that read all those love letters over several days,
    saw those pictures….
    They could have just showed pictures,
    of Colleen and Santos, looking a little bit like them, but not just about spitting images…

  65. From Richard

  66. From Richard

  67. From LadyLumps

    Hey All – I just got back from vacation last night.
    Unfortunately I saw on twitter that our friend and fellow blogger terriK was in a very bad car accident. Her car went off an 100ft embankment and into a tree.
    She is pretty roughed up and very lucky to be alive.
    I am hoping to hear back from here soon.

  68. From SandyGram

    #66 LadyLumps
    Thanks for letting us know about TerriK….send her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  69. From kat

    66 LadyLumps, thank you so much for the info. Was wondering why we had not heard from her.
    If you can get a message to her,
    please tell her, that her friends are praying for her, the children and whole family.
    What drama she went through, and that after loosing her unborn baby, etc… I feel for her, I truly like TerryK..

    Some bloggers, that have gone “missing” on here,
    Like GrandMa Judy or Kass, I have posted many times, please let us at least know, that you are alright, just tired of posting……
    GrandMa Judy, should you read this, please let us know….
    LadyLumps, if you hear any more, on her status….I am sure you will let us know. Thank you…

  70. From Leah

    Have been reading spoilers that suggest there is going to be a Safe reunion soon? Has anyone here heard that same buzz? Also read that Rafe arrests Sami and refuses to let her go. Whats this all about?
    As my fellow posters would know I’m an Ejami fan so if the previous writers efforts at clearing and making a way for Ejami to make a go at it have been simply disgarded for another round of Safe and Ejole…. sad to say I’m done. Lumi and Safe have both been given there times and Ejami never has. They have been pushed from pillar to pillar and after 6 years of waiting I’ll be done. Can’t bear to go through all of that again. Wasn’t asking for much…. just a few months or year at them making a go of it. In love and 100% committed to each other would have been nice if it does indeed flow that way.

  71. From Leah

    Best wishes to Terryk also.

  72. From Richard

    Whether it’s Ejami, Ejole, Safe or Lumi, I don’t really care, cause I am going to watch the show,anyway that it works out.
    I believe that someone who would turn their backs on a show, just because they don’t get the relationship that they want, is not much of a fan of Days, IMO.

  73. From kat

    I can see, quitting the show,
    if you are not that excited about SL’s anymore, sort of borderline,
    and then the one thing that kept you hoping and going,
    is Not going to happen……Done
    Has nothing to do with being a fan or not,
    sometimes you just get tired of something, and you’re done.

    I have done this many times over all the years,
    you just have to go with your feelings.
    Why watch something, that has lost all it’s appeal for you.
    Nobody should sit in judgement, what a viewer decides to do, only they know
    what they want for entertainment.

  74. From Carly

    Is there any chance that EL will drop Sami?? I am so sick of her…she just turns my stomach…and please…let’s stop using..”Ejami” “Safe” “Ejole” it’s stupid and annoying..we’re not in second grade anymore!

  75. From TerriK

    Hey Everyone- first thank you for keeping me in your thoughts & prayers. It has been an extremely rough time as of late. I’m very lucky to be here to even write this. Guess things happen in 3′s because as of Friday night my hubby & I have split up. So it’s been a rough ride.
    Very happy the show is back on, gives me a little distraction from reality.
    Kat- I tried finding u on Dustins facebook page. I commented on the pic he has of EJ with his tattoo showing. Maybe you’ll figure out which one is me :)
    Lady Lumps- I enjoy our conversations and I really appreciate you taking time from your day to let the gals in here know whats going on :)
    As for the show- really? Killing Jack? Gees..either the writers are trying to get a fresh start with new storylines or they’ve just completely gone mad.
    I wish they’d blow Gabi from here to China. Melanie leaving the show just wont do for me. I know there’s an age gap with Mel & Brady, but they are still kinda cute together. Especially when she cared so much about getting him and Ari together. But since she’s leaving, that obviously wont happen.
    I hope all this Dimera stuff finally starts to reveal itself. We’ve been kept in the dark for too long.
    Well that’s all I can blurt out for now. Lately I just don’t have the words for anything..or the energy. I know it will work itself out, but it’s gonna take some time.
    Chat at ya’s soon. xo

  76. From SandyGram

    Hey TerriK…great to here your ok, but sorry to here things aren’t going well for you. Be strong and know your friends wish you all the best!

  77. From Richard

    #73 Kat
    That’s just my opinion, nothing more.
    I like to watch everyone on the show. I don’t just tune in to find out what EJ is doing.

  78. From jolie

    TerriK, bless your heart. I do wish you some peace and good health. You must be a strong woman to even be able to lay it out there so keep that head up high, the heart will heal, and you’ll still be sane as it all gets better. You are in my prayers. Take care.

  79. From Cougar

    I have only one word to say about todays return to Days – Excellent!

    TerryK so sorry to hear about your troubles, hang in there were are all keeping you in our prayers.

  80. From Richard

    To me, Jack is so good when he has something to work with.

  81. From lucinda

    Hey Clem did you watch this show and/or know these characters : Nicole is the ultimate home-wrecker not sami ! It is Nicole who keeps interfering between Ej and Sami when she came back in 2008 hereas they were a family with THEIR children living at the Dimera mansion or in 2010 when he lived with Sami again and their children and she keeps threatening and blackmailing him !!!!

  82. From lucinda

    hey Clem did you watch this show or/and know these characters ? Nicole is the ultimate home-wrecker not Sami ! Nicole is the one who keep interfering between Ej and Sami when she came back in 2008 whereas they were a family living at the Dimera mansion with THEIR children or in 2010 when Ej lived once again with Sami and their children whereas she keeps threatening and blackmailing him !

  83. From SandyGram

    Episode August 13th:
    All that was anticipated. Great special effects, Nikki seems to be under more rubble than everyone else and I’m anxious to see how she eventually gets out. Although I haven’t enjoyed the Ian character since the beginning, I did like his groveling today and the perfect last words from Madison to Ian..”Brady, I Love You!” All happening while Kate looked on.

    The kids are upstairs with Caroline and did I here Hope say Maggie was up there also, but did any one here any mention of Victor? How hard it must of been for Matthew Ashford playing the scene where his PTSD kicked in and the rescue of Abby knowing it was his last scene on the show. Great job Matthew!

    I’m still curious how both Roman and Lucas were found outside the warehouse when we saw them as the explosion went off inside the warehouse. And Allison Sweeney can squirmed and wiggled with the best. One other curiosity, where was Will when the explosion went off, he had no marks, dust or rumpled clothes when we first saw him in the Pub? Great show all around!

  84. From Shani

    I thought today’s show was terrific! I did find Ian’s scene with dying Madison rather sickening after what an emotionally abusive & coniving husband he’s been to her. Glad her last words to him were of her love for Brady!!

    Hang in there TerriK. The sun will come out for you again.

  85. From Kat

    77 Richard, No problem, all just opinions….back and forth…
    Terri, I found you, and what a Cutie you are….actually, you are beautiful. Hair color is much like mine…
    Sounds like your boys were not in the Car with you….
    Stay strong, every thing sooner or later will turn out ok.
    I/We are for you, if you need to vent.
    Guess what, went to the Doctor today,
    and I have Shingles, Rash from the right front to the back.
    My whole body hurts, from Head, neck,back, legs from hip down to the ankles, it like a terrible muscle ache.
    Don’t wish it on anybody.

    No comment on today’s show yet, have not seen it yet, but I know that Will helps EJ pull Sami up…Later

  86. From kat

    Terri, just looked at all 400 some pics.
    What a beautiful family you have.Love you cat and dog.
    Cat looks a lot like my Gretchen used to look, or earlier my MeMe.
    The babies, just adorable.
    You are a knockout for sure,
    you and your husband looked so happy……….

  87. From Tee

    Terri I am glad you are ok and hang in there, if you ever need to vent we are all here for you. Take your time.
    Kat I hope you get to feeling better also.

    I too wondered why EJ was hanging on to Sami for dear life and Roman and Lucas left them there like that. They were ther ewith them when explosion happened you would think of they came to they would be there and help Sami and EJ. Maybe they want us to assume the explosion blew them somewhere else outside of the warehouse. though not believeable but it seems that is what they are going for.

    I liked Kate saying she was not gonna sit around and worry she was gonna go look for them. Marlena was just like well Bo and Hope are looking for survivors, she shows over and over how she is not being a good mother IMO. Why would she not say Kate you are right lets go look for them.

    I enjoyed seeing Sami and Will embracing and him treating her like a mother lately and vice versa. I think Will has came to se what his mother seen in EJ. Maybe if they do get together then he will support it this time.

    Looks like I am right about Rafe arresting Sami and her trying to get loose to find EJ. Since EJ does not return to safe house.

    Poor Brady and I hope Kate will tell him Madison died saying his name so he can atleast have that. I guess Kate is the one to tell him Madisons fate.

    I am so glad the show is back and we can get back to discussing some of the episodes and juicy spoilers

  88. From lucinda

    You are joking right Clem ? Nicole is the ultimate home-wrecker not Sami ! Case in point : Nicole is the one who went interfering between Ej and Sami when she came back on the show in 2008 whereas they were living together with THEIR children in the Dimera mansion or in 2010 once again when she keeps threatening and blackmailing him whereas he was living again with Sami and their children as a family..Nicole is home-wrecker by definition.

  89. From Cougar

    As good as the show was yesterday I wish aside from saving Sami’s life that EJ would come to Salem’s aid in crisis mode. Yes I know that they pretty much dissed that by Saying Roman wanted him arrested but I dearly would have loved to see Mayor EJ Say for example talked Bo in to letting him set up central crisis command with the full authority and resources of the office of mayor. Let EJ be a hero before the haul him off to jail there is still time for him to slip through the incompetent Salem PD. I think that of anyone Bope are the ones he could have talked this into; after all Bo and Fancy Face have gone rogue many times previously.

  90. From patty

    Back from vacation just in time to start watching Days. Good aftermath to the explosion. It feels like the old Days are back where storyline didn’t end overnight, love it! Will be sad to see Jack go. I agree with Richard, give that guy something to work with and he will deliver.
    I can’t wait to see how Kate is going to strike back at Ian.
    Sami running with EJ, lame. I don’t believe they get very far.
    Terrik, I wish you a speedy recovery both in body and mind. You were spared in that awful car crash for a reason, God has bigger plans for you. Your children are blessed to still have you as you are to have them.
    Kat, I hear shingles can be very painful, take good care of yourself.

  91. From zoe

    my bad news : for those who did complain about Will’s story these last months with Ej well it will get much much worse with this new direction for Will: he will once again sleep with Gaby..puke while Tad is attacking Sonny..ridiculous Gaby will get away with all her pathetic schemes..whatever, Chad should go all Dimera on her ass for pete’s sake ! And we will have an afterschool special story about gay bullying for Sonny..don’t get me wrong i love that Sonny get more story but it is lame, it has been done and done in other shows with far better writing..these new/old writers suck like i was afraid ( remember fake rafe, chloe the prostitute or Taylor-Nicole- Ej boring and pathetic triangle it was them ! shudder..)

  92. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Worst reboot ever. More Olympics, please.. This show has become a waste of time. Oh, what am I saying? It’s always been a waste. I hate phoney disaster scenes and passionate phoniness in a crisis. Maybe because I’ve been living crises in living color all week, but this was not interesting. Ugh, Sami/EJ. The two biggest phonies on the show. They do deserve each other. Why should anyone else have to put up with them? Sami- “I hate you, EJ. You’re scum. I’m going with you” EJ – “I will take our kids away from you, Samantha. You’re a terrible mother. You need to stay here with the children”. These two are schizoid. They make my head spin.

  93. From lisa

    ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS Dyeing to be blonde and with these soap characters who tell their dying love to a different character every five months actions speak really really louder than words : therefore Ej and Sami belong together !

  94. From Ruth Abaga

    Since every one in Salem owns about 5 mobile phones, I am surprise no one has dial 911 to get firemen to open the elevator and save both of Jack and Abby; none of them should die.

    that goes to saving Nicole as well

    Ruth Abaga

  95. From Ruth Abaga

    Since every one in Salem owns about 5 mobile phones, I am surprise no one has dialed 911 to get firemen to open the elevator and save both Jack and Abby; none of them should die.

    that goes for saving Nicole as well

    Ruth Abaga

  96. From Shani

    92 I agree with you. I liked Sami & EJ together at one time but no more. Too much horrible crap between them. If they get together now it will be fake to me.

    I give EJ credit for wanting to do the right thing & help with the rescues, etc. as mayor but then Sami & Will talked him out of it. EJ was also right to tell Sami not to come with him but when it got down to it he did not protest too much!

  97. From patty

    I totally agree Shani and Dying to be Blonde. EJ and Sami crying one minute about not leaving the children behind and the next minute doing just that. If there is ever a time the children would need their mother and the town its mayor it is right about now but leave it to them both to not do the right thing. Looks like the show might be changing directions a bit so maybe we won’t see as much of these two.

  98. From Lisa

    Okay, a few things:

    I am not buying Daniel as the concerned father for Melanie. I used to like him but he is a man whore and his scenes have become cheesy and I feel like I am watching a trashy porn film.

    He has no business with Nicole, it is just sickening.

    Sami is a pig! She leaves her children, again, to run off with EJ, again, after everything he has done to her and to her family. Lucas needs to wake up and leave her once and for all. She will never change and someone needs to step in and put her poor kids into foster care or with relatives who will take care of them. What a lousy mother and human being! I FF any scene that Sami is in!

    Did Madison die in the explosion?

    I cannot stand these young drama queen girls like Abby and Gabby who think that everything is their fault. The explosions, kidnappings, deaths…they are weak and pathetic!

    Speaking of the explosions, did you notice that not one stranger in the background offered to help anyone remove debris from the helpless victims?!?

    I’m glad Kate overheard Ian talking to Madison. He is evil!

    Why on earth anyone would want to live in Salem is beyond me! The place is cursed! :)

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