Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 20-24.

Love among the ruins.

Andrew is wheeled into the hospital. Mel freaks and runs. He keeps Gabi by his side and tears into her for betraying him. Conveniently, Chad just happens to eavesdrop on the whole thing. He confronts her and she confesses as she breaks into tears. He decides to keep this quiet for Mel’s sake but advises her to stay far away from him and his girlfriend. When she later runs into them at Jack’s memorial, Chad gives her the cold shoulder and then kicks her out of his apartment.

T. is back in town. Apparently he wasn’t away taking tolerance lessons because he’s outraged that Will has come out of the closet. After he lashes out at Will for being a phony, Will mopes away to Sonny. The two men embrace and Sonny is overcome with desire. He’s about to kiss Will, but Horton pulls away and insists that he doesn’t think of him that way. Sonny accuses him of acting like a closet case again so Will runs off to mope to Marlena. As he unloads, he realizes he actually does have more than friendly feelings for Sonny. Running out to find him, he discovers him with another man. Frustrated, Will takes off and has a run-in with T. before bumping into his father. Lucas makes things much worse by telling his son what a disappointment he is. Will mopes some more. This time he runs into Gabi and helps her move back into her old room over the pub. As William proves that he really is Sami’s son by having spontaneous grief sex with his ex, T. is busy beating Sonny to a pulp outside. Justin finds his bloody son, who refuses to go to the police. Meanwhile, Will realizes what he just did and is horrified. He runs away and straight into his father. They have another fight.

Nicole is desperate to tell Daniel that she has fallen for him, but Maggie runs in and interrupts to panic about Mel. Later, Nicole tries to get back on track and starts dropping hints to the doctor about how great they are together. Meanwhile, Maggie goes looking for Mel, dreading the fact that she has to break the news that Nick Fallon is up for parole. Before she can tell her granddaughter, she is called to help Victor deal with a grieving Brady. Unfortunately, Julie winds up being the one to tell Melanie what’s going on and she doesn’t do much to cushion the blow to the traumatized young lady. Oh, and Elvis is taken prisoner.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Chad covers for Gabi….not my favorite out come here. This could lead to a Chad/Gabi connection after Mel leaves town….YUK!!

    More grief sex….Will with Gabi there is only one place this could lead to and that’s a pregnancy!

    Gosh I wanted to be more positive about this Summary, but so predictable that ‘T’ would come down hard on Will and blame Sonny with a beating for making Will gay. There has been enough discussion on if someone is born gay or can be made to be gay. It sounds like Will isn’t as accepting of being gay as maybe we have been lead to believe. But then there’s Grandma Marlena to the rescue him once again….the writers could have skipped this little scenario also and let Will turn to his Grandpa Roman or Papa Lucas for guidance and to gain a better understanding themselves. I’m really not liking Sonny getting beat up, but that was predicted also sometime earlier.

    I’m a little confused why Mel is going to be so upset that Nick is getting out of prison, did she go before the judge in support of Nick to get him a lighter sentence? And, would he be let out of prison if he still had mental issues.

    So let’s see it’s almost time for Mel to leave Salem. Is she leaving because she finds out Chad kept Gabi Secret? Is she leaving because Nick came to town? Or some other equally silly reason?

    Gee are they going a whole week without EJ and Sami scene’s?

  2. From kaths

    seriously, like one week with incredible EJAMI scenes then the next week nothing… hope not but that is what it looks like. Hopefully they are heading in the right direction with them because i think they are spectacular together on screen.
    Jack passing is actually very heartbreaking. I wish they never let him go from Days. I think he is a great actor and the writers could have given him so much more. starting with ‘The Spectator’
    Him and Abi could have made a great team together with the magazine. Oh well, at least i still have Ejami to enjoy for however long that is going to last…

  3. From Samantha

    Camila Banus, I can’t describe how I ———–. You will get more airtime, instead of Kate Mansi, with this crap storyline.



    Hate speech removed as it is not allowed on Soapoperafan. ADMIN

  4. From sara

    awful spoilers .
    So Gaby will get away with everything just like that ? Whereas Chad is a Dimera ? Seriously ?!! And Will sleeping with boring awful Gaby seriously ? again seriously ? And no Ej and Sami scenes ?! Whatever i don’t watch this boring, awful junk, these new/old writers are really awful..what a surprise, it is not like that you will have better ratings Dool, no wonder Chandler Massey is not enthousiastic about this ‘new’ writing…ugh.

  5. From Lynda

    I thought Nick Fallon traumatized Chelsea not Melanie.

  6. From dc

    well folks, we are seeing how the “new writers” are operating..
    sure would hate to see chad/gabi being together.. is andrew going to die?
    hate jack dying but i think he did a heroic thing by saving his daughter..
    and i am not sure i like “t” coming back if he is going to act like he did before he left the last time. just as soon see him not on the show for the way he acted before. i don’t think he will have any friends..

  7. From dave

    can someone please tell me who “T” is? i missed that part have no clue who he is

  8. From Lola

    this is terrible spoilers! Will sleeping with Gabi is utter bullshit! i bet she gonna end up pregnant:(
    and even bigger bullsh*t that T gonna attack Sonny, Sonny is bigger and stronger and they gonna makes him looks like helpless crap? no Sami and EJ? god i hate these old/new writers!

  9. From ohsocassie

    I agree with one post. I bet Will is going to get Gabi pregnant. Why else would they have sex only once? Disgusting! Nobody practice safe sex and everyone is sleeping around like dogs in heat.

  10. From marti

    JMO….I think T is gay and in love with Will. That’s the real reason he will beat up Sonny. Just a thought!

  11. From Tee

    Melanie thought Trent was her father and Nick killed him he claimed it was in self defense. Nick was working on a fuel project and Melanie told Nick to finish it so they can sell it and become rich. I think once Nick developed feelings for her she turned him in he turned over the fuel project to Melanie and she attempted to sale it to EJ but he did not take her up on it. I am not sure why she would be upset he is getting out, she helped testify and get him a shorter sentence. It may be because he was obbsessed with her in a way.

  12. From Tee

    I agree with a few posters above I have a feeling Will is gonna end up a daddy! I dont see any other reason why they would put them together for one night.
    Since it seems Chad will be keeping her secret and Mel is gonna be leaving, Gabi will need new story. So she will be prego with the baby and I wonder if somehow she will get Chad to sleep with her (even if not voluntarily ie like drug him etc)and then we will have a whole thing where she will convince Chad he is daddy or something.

  13. From rachel

    Nick also tried to frame Mel for Trent’s murder..a little detail Melanie did not like..and he was quite violent when he locked her in a room..scary worse than Andrew..and i like Nick but he became batshit crazy when he left..

  14. From Shani

    I have always wondered if T is gay. I would not be surprised if Gabi gets pregnant. Maybe after Melanie leaves, Chad will be so heartbroken & have grief sex, (lol), with her & then she will say it is his baby.

    I thought Jen & Cameron dropped Jack like a hot potato yesterday after Abby was out of the elevator. I know it is how they were having Jack die but I would have felt better if Cameron would have been struggling with Jack to keep the door part way open so Jack could get out. If they failed, ok, but I would have felt better.

  15. From dc

    GROSS.. well, gabi getting pregnant would be her trying to get her claws into chad (after melanie leaves)..
    i just hope when melanie leaves it will be a good exit for her. i wish her well in all she does..

  16. From jolie

    #1 Sandygram, oh dear, pregnant and so young, so confused, just so stupid. I pity the poor child that would come into the world with Gabster and Wills for parents. Well, at this point in their lives. Let’s hope that tree doesn’t bear fruit but the compass seems to be pointing right in that direction.
    Poor Sonny! He tries to be a decent friend and citizen and gets the crap beaten out of himself. I would have hoped that T coming back would have meant he was turning over a more enlightened leaf. Or not.
    #8 marti, that was a theory that we passed back and forth a bit when Sonny first came on the scene and T was so vocally aggressive about Sonny’s sexual orientation. It seemed much ado about nothing except that it was hitting too close to home for T or so it seemed to some of us. I guess this is still on the table or maybe T is just a filler to push Will into deciding if he’s in or out in this thing.
    #10 Tee, oh dear, that Chad is keeping Gabster’s secret is foolish so Melanie will most certainly find out. And with the Gabster’s track record as such an upstanding cititzen, you are probably right on target on who will get the babydaddy blame. Haven’t we seen this storyline before…oh yes, yes we have.
    #12 Shani, doesn’t it make you worry, with all this grief sex going on? It sort of makes you afraid to let your dog out near the highway. What if he gets hit by a truck? What if I go nuts and have grief sex with the next guy who walks up? This whole thing of grief sex gives me a headache and makes me feel less than sexy! And you are right about Jack in the elevator. Ta-Ta! I thought they would leave it open for Jack to come back but then he has come back on much less promise than this storyline ending. If Jennifer moves on, he’ll be back. That we can count on.
    #13 dc, I hope they leave Melanie’s story open so she can one day return to Mags, Dr Dan, and Papa Vic. She is a great little actress and has grown into a character that we can care about. And I loved the scenes between Melanie and Brady during the underground extravaganza/explosions.
    I am throwing this out there…just my opinion and we all have one so not to step on anyone’s toes. I just couldn’t get behind the Sami over the side of the floor scenes. She screamed and cried and carried on. I guess I just see that gal as much stronger than that. After 4 kids, she should be just about over all that screaming but again this is our Sami who is just always over the top. She looked gorgeous even with her eyes and hair a mess so it all evens out in the end I guess. I just couldn’t help thinking that it was a bit much. I did love it when Elvis hugged Will once they got Sami safe. That was a great moment.

  17. From Shani

    14 Jolie great comments. I laughed out loud at your response to me about grief sex!! Such a way with words!!

  18. From Kari

    I hate that Sonny is going to get beat up by T the homophobic jerk but it does paint a real picture of the stigma that gay people has to deal with. And for the love of all things that is holy don’t let Gabi be pregnant but this being a soap you know she will be knocked up.

  19. From MAB

    TerriK – so sorry to hear about your wreck & split. Stay strong and I’m praying for you.

    Kat – sorry to hear about you having shingles. I’ve never had them myself, but my Mom did (on her face & head) and it was so horrific for her. Hope you get better soon.

    I’m really loving the show since the return, especially EJ & Sami, of course! Their scenes have been beyond awesome, and can’t wait to see the kiss! I’m still hoping the writers will see what a great opportunity they have right in front of their face w/ EJami. As for the rest of the show, everyone has done a great job thru this s/l. Like Nicole is so good when she’s crying & scared. And Jack, well that was the greatest acting job he’s EVER done when he was in the elevator w/ Abby. Such a sad way for him to go tho, but at least it will be a heroic death. Abby will no doubt blame herself for his death. As for Lucas, he has left much to be desired tho. I really thought Lucas was a changed man, but he is back to acting like he always did. And how he unloaded on Will…well he should’ve been smacked for how he talked to him about Sami. And later the spoilers are saying Lucas tells Will how much of a disappointment he is. How can he do that to his own son??? No wonder Will would rather be around EJ. Too bad EJ isn’t around for Will to talk to because it’s obvious he can’t talk to his father about anything anymore. If this is the Lucas we are gonna have to put up with, I’d rather he never returned.

    I agree that Cameron & Jen just left Jack behind after Abby got out of the elevator. Couldn’t they have at least showed them trying to get him out instead of taking Abby over to the side to check on her condition? They could’ve worried about doing that after they got them both out. And I don’t understand why there was no one else around to help them. Wasn’t Bo & Hope just in the next room helping Daniel? And come to think of it, it seems the elevators were just outside the room they were all in when the explosions happened. So if they elevators were down & not working, how did everyone get out of the building so quickly? I guess everyone else took the stairs, but again, no one was around to help them.

    I agree that Gabi will get pregnant by Will but somehow Chad will be claimed as the father.

  20. From Michael J

    So, it appears that Jack died the same way the show killed off “Dr. Drake Ramoray” by dying in an elevator shaft. :P

  21. From jolie

    Kat, I am behind and saw in MAB’s post about the shingles. I just said a prayer of healing for you. My brave grandmother had terribly painful and deadly cancer and shingles at the same time She told us the shingles were the absolute worse. Strange but I asked the doctor about the vaccination just yesterday. She says you take it when you are 60 so I am putting on my calendar for that birthday. It doesn’t completely make one invunerable but makes it more unlikely for an outbreak and can make an outbreak less severe. So not advocating it for anyone else but our poor Kat can likely attest to the pain. Get well soon friend. Bless your heart and your health.

  22. From jolie

    #18 Michael J, that was too danged funny that you remembered that one. Made my afternoon!

  23. From Kat

    To all of you ladies and your good wishes, Thank You….
    I had Shingles about 24 years ago, and it was not nice.
    I had the vaccination years ago…
    and I have been told, even though you still can get the shingles again, but not as severe.
    However, the pain is still more than I like. From the head to the ankles….
    Sress can bring on an outbreak…

    Cam, just letting the elevator door go,
    after Abby was out, Jenn had her…
    Jack could have gotten out, if Cam had not let go..
    I couldn’t believe it, when I saw that.
    Chad finding out that Gabby was actually Andrews “employer”, she did pay him,
    and she is “Co- guilty”of kidnapping Mel,
    he is going to keep this whole thing quiet.That is a slap in Melanie’s face for sure.
    Does it not matter, what Melanie went through all this weeks, because of Gabby.
    It’s like a slap in her face…
    Chad should never ever get near Gabby again,
    Rafe should know about it, because his sister is just as bad as Stefano, at least the world knows about Stefanie,
    but Gabby is going to walk away “free” maybe even a hero, LOL.
    MAB, I like every scene with Sami and EJ in it..
    Lucas, I can’t listen to his screaching any more,
    My ears hurt, …… like a little boy, having temper tantrums.
    Not another sl with who is the Daddy,….I am so tired of them. Will/Gabby/Chad, if that is what will happen..?????
    another Sami/Lucas/Austin repeat, please. Yikes

  24. From Richard

    I know this may sound a little dumb, but how did the elevator doors close?
    It would seem that there had to be power and if that was the case, how come the doors wouldn’t operate with emergency or the door button?
    Why didn’t they call for help with the elevator doors?

  25. From jolie

    #22 Richard, you are expecting too much reality here. It would appear that there would be no power on the elevator to close the door but then that didn’t fit with the writers’ plot, did it?
    #21 And Kat, it did appear they just left poor Jack to his own chances with those magical or maniacal doors. I am like you, I feel so sorry for the actor who plays Lucas. We had such hopes when he came back. He had a job, an engagement, a life. Now all he has is well, not much. I hate the way they write Lucas. Give him a chance writers. Don’t make him so whiny and rather silly. He is a grown man. And I don’t like the spoilers where he goes off on Will. That is not the level headed Lucas that came back to town recently. This is the nutsy teenaged Lucas who did his mama’s bidding and caused great havoc in the past, who ranted and raved and whined til we could all screech. And it is not the actor’s fault! I am finger pointing here but not at the fine actor. Quite a rant I got on there for a bit. I’ll retract my finger from pointing and calm right down.

  26. From Kat

    I know, the SL… wanted Jack to die,
    but good writers could have done a better job.
    They could have shown Cameron trying to hold the doors open with all his might, not just walk

    away from them. Then they could have had his hands slip, not matter how hard he tried.
    But to just let go, and walk away,
    not the best writing. I will always think
    that Jack maybe could have been saved, the way they showed the scene….

  27. From Celestefan

    PLease bring back the old writers to DAYS!!! You can really tell the difference! Plus who ever let go the old writers must be feeling dumb when they won the daytime emmy for DAys! Just shows how good the story lines were getting. Especially now that Kristen is coming back…I’m weary about the story line they are going to give her… PLUS!!! I really not liking the fact that Will is going to have “grief sex” with Gabi… I think I would have “grief sex” with Sonny instead! Writers remember he is GAy! Less then likely to happen that a gay guy would do that..even considering the history they shared..(not likeing this)….

  28. From Leah

    #23 Jolie…. I’m with you. I hate how they write Lucas too. I’m actually a Lucas fan WHEN he is being straight up and not taking anyones garbage. Especially when hes dishing it out to Sami! Lumi’s best days are behind them and they are so much better as platonic friends. I hope the writers give Lucas a story of his own for us to sink our teeth into. Introducing us to Autumn maybe a start!

  29. From ic

    All these people really need to stop running into eachother, lol! But high drama ahead with Will!

  30. From BamaDan

    I don’t know who “T” is supposed to be. Jack and Madison are dead now? I don’t get why the writers can’t write someone off the show without killing them all the time. It would make more sense to have someone leave the country for a few years than to just kill them and then years later reveal they never really died when the actor comes back. They pretty much summed it up when Rolf was supposed to have died and explained it by saying “It didn’t take”. Tony and Andre have died over and over as Stefano has. Why couldn’t Madison just go back to where she came from? Why couldn’t Jack just leave the country on another adventure to cover some big story? Will Bo have to die now since Peter Reckell is leaving? Recast or find a way to write them off the show.

  31. From jolie

    #30 BamaDan, T is a high school friend of Will, Chad, Gabby. He was really rough on Will for befriending Sonny who was known gay. He was so vocal that many of us thought he might be gay as well since he was so uptight around Sonny and so very much against it. You know that old saying, guilty dog barks loudest? But then it was Will know turned out as gay. T just fell by the wayside with no resolution, if you can imagine that with all the writer changes we’ve seen. T hung out with that gal Kensie who left with Chloe for Chicago.
    We hear that the writers are supposed to write Bo off in a manner in which he can come back. Many here on this site do not what Bo recast but if he waits too long, I think that is what they’ll have to do. Bo and Hope have just gotten things back in order only to have them be split up again?? Not sure how it will take place but Hope has been in a bad place for a while lately since Zack died. Don’t want to see that again. I did like Hope with Dr Dick so perhaps he can come back and she can work with him on some kind of Horton Foundation project involving children. Dr Dick had his problems but he was very funny and with Hope was hilarious in a sort of terrible situation. He really liked her and was sort of her protector. We know he has a good side and a funny side. Something the show could use.

  32. From MAB

    Pretty good show yesterday, except for the absence of EJ & Sami. I think Abby did a great job yesterday crying over her father’s death. Looking forward to today’s show!

    For those who don’t know who T is, he was Will’s best friend, and was a pretty cool guy. He was on the show for a while and hung out w/ the younger crowd until Sonny came on. Then the writers did a 180 and changed his character to be the one who disliked gay people. And even tho he had every right to his opinion of that lifestyle, they turned him into a villain over it, everyone turned against him, and he disappeared. Now he’s coming back I guess just long enough to cause another uproar, as he finds out Will has admitted he’s gay, blames Sonny for it, and beats him up. I think it’s sad what they did to the T character. He was a likeable character in the beginning, even more likeable than Will, until the gay s/l came into play…and even in the beginning of that, I didn’t mind that he had his own opinion on the subject, because that was his right, but instead of just allowing him to be the person who disagreed w/ the lifestyle, they turned him into an ugly person and he became the outcast of the younger crowd. And now he’s gonna become an even more ugly character by beating up Sonny. It’s one thing to have your opinion, but it’s another to harm someone over it.

    Not everyone who leaves the show gets killed off. Lexie left and the actress requested that her character die. Stefano may be gone for now, but he’s not dead. Melanie is soon leaving, she’s not being killed off. Bo is leaving (his choice) and the show is keeping the door open for him to return if he chooses to. I don’t think Ian is being killed off, just disappearing. And only 2 died during the explosions. I know for some it was a shock killing off Jack, but I’m not surprised that happened as many times as he’s been in & out of the show over the years. As far as Madison, I’m glad she was killed off and hope she never returns. That one they got right!

  33. From KatL

    I am sick of them bringing back and killing off those who are good together. Stephano has risen from the ashes eighteen thousands times. about to be nineteen because we know he really didnt die. The Phoenix always rises. Please get Sammy and rafe back togeter or put with E.J. and keep her with one man.Let her grow up be a mother to her children. If your going to put it with Lucas than put her back with Lucas and them be happy. As for as Madison is concerned why couldnt she just be unconcious how many times are we going to have to watch pour grieving brady and Jennifer for that matter. That is the worse possible way you can kill Jack off. He died a hero when he could have saved his daughter and be the man to his family he always wanted to be. Your losing bo one of our favorite characters. Some writers better start learning how to write or their going to lose viewers to the show. Let Gabby face the consequences for her actions. Real life you do something wrong you deal with it. It doesnt get swept under the carpet. Bad enough you killed off Lexi. Roman we havent seen with a woman in years. Could you please put him back with kate or someone else so their is a little action their. this is getting predictable and bring the old writers off they would have never killed madison off. She was a great character who put kate in her place and gave Sammi a little compentetion. Prove E.J. innoncent once and for all and go on with the story line. you have enough to keep it going but your losing momentum if bo was leaving the show why not have bo rescue Jack and him die in the process as a hero. This is really getting old. Come on writers get back to being writers or hire someone who can. Quit letting go of the good characters. Your killing the show.

  34. From Samantha

    OK, ADMIN, I won’t do this anymore. I was really mad that day. Sorry.

  35. From TerriK

    You gals are just too sweet. It will get better I know it will. Thank you for all your kind encouraging words.
    Kat- you are too kind. Yes we were very happy at one time. He was the man of my dreams, now it just feels like a terrible nightmare that I can’t wake up from. First the baby, then the accident & now this. It has to get easier..

    On to the show- Really Chad? Really Will? I don’t think Will’s character as a gay man is getting much of a response..I think maybe the writers mucked up here & would prefer him in a straight role. After all he is trying to be the next EJ..
    Loving EJ & Sami…how intense. They sure do compliment one another.
    I give up on Chad..Melanie..Rafe..the police should all know what that poor acting vixen has been up to. Ummm single white female? I think so.
    Jack is gone. How sad. Is Jennifer leaving the show or is she gonna be hot on Daniels tail again? Let’s hope not. “Hope not” Hope. Is that next? Dr. Dan & Hope. Maybe. Gosh only knows.
    Adios Madison. Thank you 8 pound 7ounce baby Jesus. And Ian is just sick. He killed Stefano? I some how doubt that amateur did anything of the sort. Too easy.
    Kayla & Abe? I think its gonna happen as weird as it is. Those 2 just dont turn it on like the rest of the couples in Salem.
    And there’s my energy for the day. Look forward to reading all your blogs. Puts a smile on my face. Take care all :)

  36. From adrienne

    what if bo had been brainwashed by stefano and is pawn number two who helped stefano fake the death that ian thought he dished out, they could make bo’s exit be some mission stefano sends him on. then if bo wants to come back they dont have to try to explain the ‘death’ like usual. OR if they have to recast we can have some more stefano face changing happening?

  37. From MAB

    TerriK – oh I feel for you so! I’m hoping everything works out for you. My niece is going thru some bad times right now and I’m trying so hard to make her see that he’s not worth ruining her life over. She needs to think about herself and her daughter…that’s all that matters. Aside from that, I have to tell you that you had me rolling on the floor laughing when you said “Thank you 8 pound 7ounce baby Jesus.” I know you got that from Talladega Nights, one of my favorite movies (and comedic actors Will Farrell). Too funny!

    IMO, there are some actors who just can’t be replaced, and Bo is one of them. I’m hoping they will come up w/ a good reason for him leaving, because I’d rather he just be gone than to have a recast.

  38. From TerriK

    MAB- hahaha. Mine too. Step Brothers and Anchorman are my faves of his. And all his SNL skits. Hilarious. Thank you for puttin a smile on my face. Tell your niece to hang in there. If there’s anything I’ve ever learned about life it’s that it goes on.
    I agree- Bo cannot be replaced. That’s like replacing Stefano with some other actor. AS IF

  39. From patty

    Well I don’t know about anybody else but I’m liking the show since the explosion. I like that everybody seems to get more equal time and that new storylines seem to be developping. We’re back at the hospital and we finally get to see Maxine, Maggie and Mel reunite and for EJami fans a lot of smooching(blech!) Lucas is done, good for him! Brady is devastated, John is there for him. Kate out for revenge on Ian. Good stuff!
    Oh did I mention that it looks like that little black dress at EJ’s and Sami’s hideout was meant for Rafe’s eyes. Hmmm! Super hero to the rescue? lol!

  40. From Clear

    Sorru to hear,Kat, about shingles. I hear if you get the antiviral meds within 48 hrs of an outbreak it helps. A friend said her husband gets them if both grandchildren visit! So they visit with one at a time!

    Now, they have gone bad to worse and made Will bisexual? I wish they had left him to fight for a normal life and family without getting involved with the Dimeras too. Do all the characters have to sleep around and make such bad decisions that they are forever scarred? There are many trials in life, and any shown these days on our soap are fatal to the characters one way or another.

    There is no justice. I know it’s a soap, but it used to be better than this. I particularly don’t like characters killed off.

  41. From patty

    Terrik, nice to see you up and about. You are right about that, life does go on and you have so much to live for. Sending you prayers and blessings and lots of positive vibes. :)

  42. From julia

    oh Patty Rafe is not a superhero, he rescues NO ONE he will just sneak his nose where it doesn’t belong and arrest Sami whereas he should be with HIS SISTER..what a hero really more a zero in reality..and the black dress was more for Ej (ask Ali Sweeney she told it in an interview) but of course Ej has to be kidnapped and Rafe has to be here…these writers SUCK HARD ! Plus Jack’s death, Gaby being a saint Hernandez even after all her nasty schemes..disgusting ah and Will who sleep with her..DISGUSTING !

  43. From patty

    Ah but Julia, it is Rafe’s business, he’s a cop and is just doing his job. Sami is now a fugitive from the law aiding and abetting a criminal. She just happened to have slipped on the dress before because she spilled coffee on herself.
    I agree that Jack’s death is very sad and Will sleeping with Gabi is confusing since he is gay, but stranger things have happened before on Days. Not that she should but if Gabi gets away with what she did, that also won’t be a first. Some have gotten away with much, much more.
    But I’m still liking the new shows. :)

  44. From Shani

    Julie said she & Doug came to help. She sure was dressed to pitch right in & help! Not! Molly Burnett is such a great little actress & Melanie’s reunion with Daniel was terrific & emotional. I’m sorry Madison & Jack were killed off. I don’t like to see characters killed off. Especially those played by 2 of the best actors on the show. & I loved Madison with Brady. I can’t stand Ian but I think the actor is doing his best scenes these last days he is on the show. I’m looking forward to Rafe arresting Sami. Her last scene with EJ today. . . .what was it the kids used to say “gag me with a spoon”!

  45. From Richard

    Sami and EJ just can’t get together, without wanting to sleep with each other.
    Someone has to do something, before they have more kids running around in Salem.

  46. From Kat

    Well Richard,
    that is what we have been saying for a long time….
    When Sami and EJ get together, there is sizzle in the air. Real deep down sizzle, glad you can see that. I guess if they have a few more kids, fine by me. What is someone to do….should they sterilize both of them.
    You did say,….. someone has to do some thing, before they have more kids running around in Salem…
    Would some have the same problem, if Rafe got Sami pregnant…
    Shani, fair enough, what makes you gag, to me was finally watching a real
    love, romance, lust etc. moment, abut also scared to death (Sami)of what is about to happen. Nobody IMO does it Better than EJ and Sami….
    and don’t worry, they will take their time, to let all of this build……..
    until it is time…
    It won’t be like Prego Nicole and Doc Dan
    romping on the desk….

    This time, it will not be grieve sex.
    This time it will out of genuine Love and need for each other.

    Finally, I hope after all this waiting us EJ/Sami fans will get a true love story,
    two people, that have finally sort of grown up, and are ready to accept each other for what they are.

    Oh, Sami, don’t forget to spill coffee on yourself, so you have to slip into the little black dress, because after all, YOU Know that soon Rafe will be knocking
    on the door, Really.

    My pain is all but gone, the rash is still there, but also will fade in time. Don’t wish it on anybody, but such is life….
    TerriK, every time you get low, look at your children and know better day are ahead of you, have faith and don’t let your little heart be to troubled…..time will take care of everything…

  47. From alice

    well anyway for anybody who eyes and know what attration and chemistry and sensuality is..i mean.

  48. From Telly

    hi everyone! I have been reading this site for years and I think I look forward to reading all your comments more than the recaps/spoilers lol.
    Just wanted too post a couple comments and ask a question!
    first, I’ve always been a lucas/sami fan but imo their chemistry is gone. EJ and Sami are so good together! There is so much fire between them!
    I’m Loving the show lately! Although I don’t enjoy it all (gabbi and ian? Lol) I feel like we don’t have to wait months to get on with a simple s/l.
    Question! I was not watching the show when kristen/susan were on…can someone give me a quick rundown?

  49. From Tee

    So I just read that next week Stefano is back and alive and EJ is really his son. I Know many of us have thought he would be the father despite the letter from Alice, myself included, but how do we think they will find out. I am thinking maybe Stefano will need blood and they will test EJ just to be sure and a match, or EJ will need blood and Stefano will donate or since we know Ian will shock many with his secrets will it be revealed he dupped up the letter? Though I seem to remember Lucas saying it was Alices writing but he could have duplicated her writing somehow I guess, or perhaps he will provide proff some other way since we know a letter even if it is from Alice is not real proof.

    Rafe as we know will arrest Sami and she gets mad and tries to get away she does have to save him from the Dimera henchman though.
    Nicole becomes quite obsessed with Dr. Dan


    I have to say in response for people being upset 2 characters died in explosion, would it be believable if noone died? What we must understand is sometimes characters wish to move on and not ever be brought back, or the show feels it is time for them. Budget cuts are a pretty big thing these days. I am liking the new writing so far, but we must also understand is the new writers also have to go in and fix some story lines that got messed up also.

    Ian will most likely be dead because it says he will never return hinting that he will die,

    I dont think they are making Will bi sexual, in actuality slot of people that come out of closet or struggle with their sexuality sometimes do sleep with opposite sex, sometimes to deal with the feelings of it, or to be sure or whatever reason it is. Wills reason will be a little of all and his emotions over catching Sonny with someone else.Though Gabi is a female she also will be dealing with Chad telling her to stay out of his life and Will helps her move both hitting lows in their life turn to each other. I think Will may end up more confused when this is done with. I think they are doing a good job with portraying struggles of the gay community.

    Tomorrws show will have some EJAMI steamy scenes and some more Lucas crying scenes. He says some pretty harsh things IMO.

  50. From kat

    Hi Tee,
    great news, but many of us always have said, that Stefano is EJ’s father,
    only the SL dictated for a while to make us believe otherwise.
    Lord, he looks just like Santos,
    a bit of a stretch that Stefano could not see, the EJ one way or another has to be a DiMera. In real life, DNA would have been done immed., just like he did with Chad, even more reason to have done it with EJ, a son he loved all his life. But we needed a story, need I say more….
    Poor Nicole, she has become a bit of a pathetic character,
    wait till she finds out, that EJ is truly innocent, and she was more than ueber eager to help the police nail him. And boy, when she sees EJ with Sami,
    she might just interested in the Father of her baby,,,,. again..LOL
    It will be sooooooooooo grrrrrrrrrrrreat to have the Spark Plug of the show bac…
    Let’s listen for his now famous saying, like… it’s good to be back… I think????
    Wonder how the story would have gone…. with the old writers…..guess we’ll never know.
    Wonder how long it will take Super Mom Jennifer to jump on the plane, with our without Abby, to go over seas to comfort her little boy JJ, after all she has Not seen him for years, ever since she came back to Salem. Some say, Sami is abandoning her children…..LOL
    but what about Jennifer, JJ is just about 1 yr. older than Ciara…..the writers could do a better job, and talk about Jenn being in London, when ever she is not on the air, or something LOL

  51. From Tee

    Kat I has ave always thought EJ is Stefanos I know many thought John but I know the actor was unhappy with the story line the old writers gave him. The old writers intended for Stefano to be dead for real, they also intended for EJ not to belong to Stefano. I read Mascolo interview about being very un happy with these choices, and perhaps it may have or may not have something to do with new writers coming in.

    I wast surprised Stefano took the letter as its worth.
    I know another thing that made Gering (Rafe) mad with old writers is how they just made his character act like he had no feelings for Sami or even mourn their divorce. It may be something we have to watch since he wanted to approach that and show more emotions on what happened. I think that it is too late for that because he done went where he cannot come back from with sami IMO. I do feel they will try to bring his emotions to the surface and I hope she shuts him down and keeps pursueing EJ.

    I also hope they fix Nicoles baby daddy as not being EJ but who knows they may like to keep that option there as to play with in future to cause trouble in the Ejami world.

    I actually think Dan and nicole could have made a go for it. I do not like Nicole with EJ but maybe with Dan or even Rafe. She is probably gonna feell neglected knowing Dan is gonna go running to comfort Jen again and who knows who she will run to then hopefully not EJ

    I have read that a vet wants to leave due to lack of airtime am story line I wonder who it is?
    My guesses are maybe Jen, Rafe or even Kayla or Abe. Though I thought they were going for a Abe Kayla pairing if true that leaves Rafe or Jen. Jen may wish to go back to London as Kat said above.

  52. From Bebee Young

    Seems James Scott was auditioning for the Fifty Shades lead today in his scenes with Sami. I’m not complaining. Just sayin. . .

  53. From grandma to many

    Shani Julie was dressed up for the Autistic fund raiser as most people were also Brady’s wedding I don’t think she just dressed up to rescue people :) but it was the best way to get her there to hear the news of Jack’s death. Jack a hero you bet Theo a hero ditto Dr. Dan sure the mayor running off to save his own butt not so much did Sami think well I guess that’s all the explosions my kids will be safe with poor old Grandma Brady ? did EJ and Sami even know what caused the explosions ? it seemed to me there were quite a few rumblings while Melanie and company were still underground and definitely while Abby was in the elevator so why was Bo and Dr. Dan the only ones digging and helping seemed pretty strange to me

  54. From kat

    Hi grandma to many,
    don’t know if I read you correctly,
    EJ certainly did not want to run off, he wanted to be the Mayor and help and lead the rescue efforts.
    It was Sami that convinced him that this would not happen, because he would be in Jail, He was willing to risk his butt. And Sami
    knew from Will, that the Kids were safe and sound and he would take care of them with help from other family members…
    Julie and all the others were dressed up because after all, they were at a dress up function.
    Well Tee, let’s hope that this set writers will stay a while, and the story line will flow more evenly,

    so many Cooks/writers have ruined this Stew, can’t tell anymore is it stew or hash or some other crap.

    I have always said, that Rafe should get better SL’s, Galen is so right about that,
    and so is Stefano…. LOL, to break up the best team, Stefano and his son EJ, what were they thinking…

    I always thought that Roman might be leaving,
    wish Jenn would go to London and be with JJ.
    Right now, there is no way she should be on the market for anybody.
    Dr. Dan would always be 2nd best.

    They both need some body brand new, I am so sick of all the recycling. It’ like there are 10 beans on the table, and you move them around, always a new pair of beans. Throw in a few peas and kick things up a notch.
    There have to be more men and women living in Salem, than just the inner circle.
    Nicole, I think needs some therapy for sure,
    that woman is messed up and Ueber Needy, all of course in my humble opinion, and remember everything is in good fun….

  55. From thecoldhardtruth

    Can they kill off Rafe and his sis please !!!??? So useless boring characters played by dull actors who trash every potentially interesting stories, enough is enough, most of us don’t like them writers, they are not popular get it ????!!!

  56. From grandma to many

    no Kat you read me right I just thought even with Sami’s urging EJ knows Sami is seldom right in her actions it was Sami’s idea to run in the first place and take off the ankle bracelet and even with Will’s offering to help with the kids as a mother I would rush to the pub to make sure because there were no guarentees that there would be no more explosions so again Sami is choosing a man over her children something that many complained about on here when it was Rafe but it seems to be okay when its EJ ?

  57. From DaysFan

    So far I hate where the new writers seem to be heading. I think I’ll be tuning out soon.

  58. From sam

    wrong grandma to many : first she check on facebook to see if her children are alright and secondly she is with Ej and help him above all for her CHILDREN, in order for them to grown up with him in their life so totally TOTALLY different situation than with Rafe that she worshipped for no freaking good reason. Sami is likeable with Ej not so much with Rafe, deal with it.

  59. From Kat

    Hi grandma,
    I hear you, but maybe this time Sami is doing it for her children, and herself, to help EJ clear his name. She believes in him, and she will find out, that she had the right instincts about all this, and it was worth it.
    All the characters are evolving,
    and she does know, their kids are ok. EJ knows the only way to clear things up, is doing it himself… Roman and the Salem PD will shoot first, and ask questions, that we know,
    Roman said that he is under orders to use Force….and we know the PD would like nothing better than to take out EJ for good.
    You are so right, some complained when she was with Rafe, and now some will complain
    because she is with EJ…. Not everybody will always be happy, but right now I LIKE where to SL is going with Sami and EJ.
    Good night ladies…

  60. From JenniferPresents

    Why is Gabi still alive? They had the perfect chance to adios her. Is there a more boring character? It’s a shame they couldn’t manage to heap her on top of Madison, to kill two birds with one stone, if you will…

  61. From patty

    Wow, Sami checks facebook to make sure her kids are ok when the whole town is rocked by an explosion! Yeah, that’s our Sami, priorities first!

  62. From Richard

    As Mayor, EJ sucks. He could care less about the people of Salem.
    All he wants to do is chase the skirts.
    He acts as if nothing has happened at all and is thinking of no one but himself.
    More of the same old crappy SL’s coming up.
    Stefano lives again, while some of us lose our favorites.
    Why give all the SL’s to the Dimeras. That really sucks big time.

  63. From kat

    patty and Richard,
    I am getting the Strange Feeling, that you guys don’t like Sami and EJ…!some of your remarks, sound like sour grapes, but that is ok….
    They could develop a complex,
    but they know, that the big majority out there just think they are the greatest thing since Ketchup,
    and their new relationship will be like the song …. “Anticipation”…..
    and it will be a while before he gets Sami’s skirt so I for one will enjoy the chase….
    Your time will come again,
    we all have to live with SL’s that are Crappy to us sooner or later.
    P.S. let’s Not forget, right now EJ is also fighting for his Life, and I do believe he cares very much what happened in his town,
    but he has to be FREE, in order to do good and be of help.
    In jail or dead will help nobody…

  64. From Tee

    Sami actually said she wanted to check her facebook to check on her mother. She said Will told her the kids and Roman and Lucas are all fine but she has heard nothing of her mother. She then says they are not friends on facebook but she was gonna look through Wills to see cause Will was. Also Sami is now on run also she is a aiding a supposed criminal. Though they may go light on her if she was to return, who knows. I mean her dad is in charge but even he said The orders are now by force which means Sami could get hurt in this meaning by the police.

    EJ after the help of Wills first thoughts and words was he is Mayor and he did not care he wanted to help everyone in the town Sami and Will both told him bad idea since they were still going to arrest him anyway.
    Lets not forget EJ has nobody now but his kids Sami and Will, the whole town is against him pretty much.

    Stefano may be hated and loved by many but he adds alot to the show and I am glad he is coming back.I mean who would be the evl villian then?Ej may be somewhat but he is more in the middle he can go either way.
    WHO WILL THE Bradys hate then?
    The Dimera/Brady feud is a big focus of the show over the years though not the complete focus.

    Once again I never understand why people get upset with Sami over her kids, she atleast interacts with them more then any character does with theirs on the show. I mean where is Ciara?? Have Bo and Hope checked on her, as Kat mentioned Jen and JJ. Lets see Jens son JJ is in London, Ciara well IDK she has ben mia for so long. Last time she was talked about was when Hope returned and Bo was in hospital I think. Marlena did not seem to concerned for Sami, it was John who wondered where she was and Kate who said she will not stand around and hope she is gonna go look for her son and Ian. The reality is kids are hard to keep on a daily basis on a soap because they shoot fast, and kids generally require more then one take for longer scenes, and they should be playing not on a set all day.
    I just wish people would wonder about everyone elses kids not just Samis atleast she talks about and checks on hers.

  65. From Lynne

    Didn’t anyone else notice that, when Daniel found Nicole… said she was in shock,and they must elevate her feet…. that never happened. She was sitting upright on the bench the majority of the time

  66. From Leah

    I for one REALLY think EJ needs to get rid of his phone! Wink, wink. Every time him and Sami get close he seems to get a phone call. Its been a recurring event since 2006. Whether it be work, his father, Arianna or this “so called” mystery helper etc etc. EJ be a smart boy next time you and Sami starting getting intimate…. TURN YOUR PHONE OFF FOR PETE’S SAKE. We are all tired of you not quite reaching or getting interrupted at first base. We want the home run! :)

  67. From Richard

    The case is, EJ is not trying to prove himself innocent. He wants everyone else to prove him innocent. He doesn’t care, one way or the other, who gets hurt, as long as it is not him.
    There’s more to the show than EJ, Stefano and Sami(pretending to be all things to all men). All 3 pretend that they are above the law, because of who they are or who they know.
    All of them have broken the law and should have to pay for their crimes, regardless, and that includes Will.
    I hope that there is more to the future of Days, than Stefano, EJ and Sami. If that is all that is offered, then Days will be mighty boring. I don’t like watching the same old crap between EJ and Sami(been there, seen that).

  68. From thetruth

    Ejami are HOT HOT HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and you know what HOT, if these writers mess with this gold mine again bye bye Days..

  69. From patty

    Rumor has it that Sami will shoot Sylvio to save Rafe. Cool! Who needs those inefficient goons anyway?
    It’s looking a lot like Sami will have three men dangling for a while yet with Rafe back in the picture and upcoming scenes with Lucas. I don’t believe Rafe would be stupid enough to fall back into her trap though. The new old writers are trying to satisfy all fan bases is my guest and hopefully have Sami make a choice once and for all, if that is ever possible for her. We all know Sami can’t function without men.
    Whatever happened to her high profile job while she’s on the run or is this part of her job for Stephano? Could that be her surprise spoilers are talking about?

  70. From Shani

    grandma to many, my bad, I understood Julie to say she & Doug “stopped by” to see if they could help. Guess I forgot they were at the fund raiser & going to attend the wedding. She sure didn’t have a mark on her, not even a smuge of dirt. But then again, that’s about all Marlena had on herself. I agree completely with your assessment of Sami running off & leaving her kids. No one, I mean NO ONE, could look afer my kids like my very own self in a situation like Salem is facing right now. I would have to be right there with them no matter who told me they were ok. I would have to see for myself. & when she left, she had no idea how long she would be gone or if she would be safe.

    Richard I am on the same page with you, been there & done that, with Sami & EJ. Please not again!

    The story is turning out like many of us thought, with Steffie still being alive & being EJ’s father after all. Kinda boring outcome.

  71. From patty

    You’re right Shani and Richard. Sami went as far as shooting this guy in the head and Will covering it up to protect the kids from him and his father. Now we are to believe that they would put themselves at risk and leave the kids behind to save EJ’s butt. Now this is either bad writing or something stinks and all is not as it seems. Either way it is not believable…and the make out session adds to the ick factor.
    SandyGram, Grandma Judy, gerri, Just Moi, Daisy, Mopy…where are you all? Feel free to pipe in anytime, we need to hear from you!!!

  72. From Onna

    Regarding Bo: Hopefully he’ll still be around in name only. Kind of like Mickey was. Hope can mention him, etc. This way he can make random appearances.

  73. From kaths

    come on guys, you had your days with lumi and safe. Now its our turn with EJAMI!
    Everyone knows what an electrifying couple these two make. What i like even more is that they bring out the best in each other not the worst.
    Not only are they a fantastic couple, also they are a family lets not forget that. They have two children together that need their Mother and Father. When they are a family and raising them they are incredible. You see the love and emotion that they have for both their children and each other.
    I, for one can not wait for this SL to unfold!

  74. From Shani

    Considering Sami and EJ’s history together, – they bring out the BEST in each other???!!! HUH??!!

  75. From Richard

    Sami has 4 children.
    What about Allie? All we here about is EJ’s kids.
    Sami – “He’s the father of two of my kids”
    Right, and Lucas is the father of two of her kids. One, Will, EJ is using to get whatever he wants from Sami and he has and is destroying Will in the process.
    No one will trust Will in the future, even his father.

  76. From jolie

    #64, Tee, doesn’t the Facebook thing seem so out of hand to you? Whomever Sami is checking on, when did anyone have time to update Facebook? Especially Marlena who has been giving medical attention to survivors of the explosions. Yes, some of this is sort of out of view but she and Kayla and Abe have been working at triage so Marlena takes time off to update Facebook? This is just crazy.
    So all you Ejami fans, I really don’t enjoy them together as Sami has been sort of a worse mess than normal lately and she just seems like a jughead around him. But I’ll watch right on because we all know that this certainly isn’t for a long growing season on DOL. I do agree with Richard, just the same old thing with them. Elvis and Sami do the dance around each other, then have sex, then have children, then send them to Caroline’s for chowder. And I am not letting Ciara’s or Jack Jr’s parents off the hook. Their kids are nowhere to be seen either. Point is, enjoy while you can. This will not last but it is just boneheaded that Sami thinks she has to go with Elvis to clear him. Doesn’t make the least bit of sense but that’s just how our girl rolls!

  77. From patty

    Spoiler!Yes,yes, yes!!! Loving me the new Days! EJ at the mercy of Ian McAllister and Sami at the mercy of Rafe, even though she seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. If I didn’t know any better, I would think she’s working that skimpy little dress to her advantage. She made sure to remind Rafe she’s still a Hernendez. I don’t get the 20 questions about Carrie but it sounded like jealousy to me. Can’t believe Sami didn’t know her sister and her husband have left town and that she doesn’t have her own mother on facebook. Family sure means a lot to her, I wonder if she would abandon her children and go on the run for any of them.

  78. From patty

    jolie, even more out of hand is the fact that Sami’s kids are suppose to be with John and Marlena, the mother she doesn’t even “friend” on facebook.
    Jughead is a good way to describe Sami, but not just around EJ , around men in general. Ha!

  79. From MAB

    EJ & Sami = wow! Very hot! Love it!

    EJ was NOT trying to run off to save his own butt. He wanted to stay & help, as he stated, but I guess for some, anything he says falls on deaf ears. Sami convinced him to go, because as Roman instructed the cops, to use force if they found him, and that included shooting him too, even tho he knew his own daughter could also get hurt in the process. Sami’s urging EJ to go was right, otherwise how could he ever prove his innocence behind bars? And all of this started for no good reason when EJ wasn’t leaving Salem in the first place, as Roman was told by the mystery caller. So EJ really had no choice, and Sami aiding him was a big part because of THEIR children. I don’t blame her for wanting to help him, especially when he’s definitely innocent. She’s not choosing EJ over the kids, she’s ensuring that they still have their father in the end. Bottom line, Ian is responsible for all this, and still the police are so hard up to put EJ behind bars to even notice that someone else has been pulling the strings all along. Again, the village idiots don’t have a clue!

    No surprise that Sami wants EJ, and vice versa. Their feelings for one another is something they’ll never escape. I sure don’t blame her for wanting to be with him, and if she wants to sleep with him, then so be it. She doesn’t have to get pregnant by him or anyone else tho, as there is such a thing as protection, but that’s something apparently she nor many of the women on Days know how to use.

    Can’t wait for Stefano’s return, as the rest of us are getting back our favorites! I hope the spoiler is correct about Stefano’s really being EJ’s father after all. And although it’s evident that The DiMeras aren’t given all the s/l’s, a lot of them do revolve around them, and why? It’s simple…because those are the interesting s/l’s that most of us enjoy watching.

    Not surprising Sami hasn’t heard from Marlena…she just continues to show how much she cares for her daughter. I mean couldn’t she at least text Sami to let her know she was ok, and ask about her own daughter’s safety??? Even John seemed more concerned about Sami than Marlena. And I agree about some always ranting about Sami’s kids, when there are others kids on the show that are barely mentioned. And it’s not only Sami’s kids that are being watched during this situation, all the kids are at the pub according to Kayla, including Ciara & Theo.

    Last I saw, Bo pulled up another bench for Nicole to elevate her feet.

    No, the case is not that EJ is not trying to prove his innocence. For one, he hasn’t had the chance to do anything because the cops won’t leave him alone long enough. Unfortunately all they have, or had, was EJ throwing away the gloves and someone taking them, which is not proof, but a start. And that was thanks to Sami for being smarter than the cops. Too bad they didn’t think to check the videos like she did. Their priority is to put an innocent man behind bars just because his last name is DiMera. If the village idiots knew how to do their job, they would’ve figured out by now that Ian is the responsible for all that is happening EJ is innocent. Then maybe he could’ve done his job as mayor and helped the citizens of Salem thru this nightmare.

    What’s not believable is Sami turning her back on EJ, the father of her children…certainly not bad writing IMO. I just hope the writers have come to their senses and decided to write the EJami story for real this time!

    I see the comments are getting snotty again. YES, a lot of us think Sami & EJ do bring out the best in each other. That is OUR opinions and if you don’t agree, fine, but don’t dump all over another’s opinion. EJ & Sami are themselves w/ each other, and not fake. And if you want to talk history, we can go there, just look at her history w/ Lucas & Rafe. No difference than her past w/ EJ.

    Who asked Will to help EJ? Who asked Will to support EJ? Who asked Will to willingly work for EJ? NO ONE! Will wants to be around EJ. EJ cannot use someone if they’re doing all these things of their own free will. Seems to me the one hurting Will here is his own father Lucas. He is turning on him just because he’s jealous of Sami & EJ being together. And that is sad & pathetic…especially when you tell your own son how much of a disappointment he is.

  80. From Randi

    Gotta share that I am rather glad that Ejami will not be all over each other next week as thier scenes and story passion have grown old and boring. EJWAMI is just as old—Lucas did not rasie his son to be that stupid or loyal to EJ!
    And Will going for Gabs—poor writing at best and stupid storyline. Gabs has no true role and Chad not sharing her devious deed is just wrong for all.
    Get it together new writers for so far ya haven’t gotten creative enough.
    Also I saw on another site that Hope and Rafe may get together—huh? no magic whatsoever plus a huge age difference per the stories of long ago—hope should be in her 50′s at this in time or close to it for her son is now deep within his 20′a—whereas Rafe is more toward his late 30′s as is Samantha Jean and Eric!

    Please create entertainment—for right now EJWAMI is just boring adn non-entertaining.

    And what’s this crap that EJ may be Steph’s son—Mrs. Alice Horton would NOT lie about such. and if true why bring Kristen back??????.

  81. From MAB

    Well, EJ won’t be at the mercy of Ian for long, because Ian’s last day is coming next week. And I highly doubt Sami will be at the mercy of Rafe long either. She is obviously trying to work things to her advantage, but it’s because she wants to try to escape Rafe to find EJ (spoilers say).

  82. From MAB

    Note – Lucas did not raise his son. You can thank Austin, Carrie, and Sami for raising him.

  83. From julie

    Randi : Rafe is older than Sami, he is at least in his 40′s whereas Sami is in her 30′s. So Hope and Rafe fit, if she wants some law enforcement cop hero she will have it although it is a major letdown compare to Bo but least Sami would be rid of this bore.

  84. From patty

    Sami tries to run because she doesn’t want to get arrested, she said nothing about finding EJ.
    She makes a lame attempt to get to the door but she doesn’t even open it when Rafe catches her. She pants when he grabs her, now I don’t know if it’s because her dress is too tight or it’s just out of habit.
    How could the cops have suspected Ian for shooting Stephano? Kate and now EJ are shocked to hear he did it and they didn’t suspect him either so how was the police to guess that he did it? They can’t just go pick someone off the street and arrest them for murder with no evidence whatsoever.
    If Sami wanted to clear her children’s father’s name, she could have done it without abandoning her children at a time of need. They could have done that even if he would have been behind bars if they were so sure he was being framed. Putting both parents lives in danger by running was not doing their kids any favors and it sounds lame when she says she’s doing this for her kids.

  85. From kat

    79 MAB, I like your post and everything you said…
    I also have noticed that things are getting a bit snotty, but that usually happens, when you don’t get your way…
    OK by me, but now my turn, picture this…. Little Kat in the Sandbox, dancing around, singing ladi, ladi, ladi, Can you see me…. can you hear me…
    Am I having fun,….. yes big fun.
    Go EJami, give us the romance of the year, and Stefano, my favorite
    Bad Guy, hurry back, this show needs you, you are it’s spark plug….

  86. From kat

    As always, I forget something,

    where was Rafe the Lawman,
    when him and Will covered up for Sami in the shooting of EJ.
    Could it be, he did it out feelings for Sami….. and kids….
    How come he did not Arrest Himself and Will,
    but now he is hot and heavy after Sami, for helping EJ clear himself.
    What is it Rafe, you go by the book, only if it suits you, LOL
    And IMO, Sami is not a Jughead around EJ, she is a very likeable woman around him, herself, I love how they inter act so well, they get along, they make each other laugh, and yes Sami is a bit scared, because she knows that she can not keep her feelings bottled up for ever. And when that Genie comes out of the bottle, watch out, can’t wait.

  87. From patty

    Well I’m having a lot of fun too and I’m loving the new Days. Things are looking up, EJ tied to a chair and being held prisoner by maniac Ian and Sami at the safehouse being held by her husband. Hope he does have to tie her up too. Ha! Maybe that’s what they meant by 50 Shades of Sami. lol!

  88. From Richard

    With Nick Fallon returning, I hope the new writers remember that Nick was the first and most qualified person, who ran paternity tests on the twins and found that Lucas and Sami were the parents of both twins.
    Celeste used her voodoo to determine that EJ was the father of Johnny.

  89. From jolie

    #79 MAB, if Sami uses protection…well, a first I guess and hope that the henchman thought to supply it with the other safe house stuff he provided because you are so right. These gals are all definitely on the non-user side of protection. As far as the Salem Po-Po knowing that Ian was involved…no evidence that I have seen. Yes, there was a guy who came along to the dumpster after Elvis threw away the gloves but who could have picked him out as Mr Creepy if you weren’t looking for him? He is not that well known in town. He has now confessed to Kate and she’ll likely spill his beans as it were. Or I hope she does and maybe crowns him with something and wow, I am getting out of control here. I am as pissed off at Mr Creepy as Kate should be. She thinks he killed Stefano and we would too if we didn’t know better. I am so wanting to smack Mr. Creepy.
    #80 Randi I agree with most of your writings. I do think that while Miss Alice would not lie, she could have been mislead to the point of truly being fooled with almost unimpeachable evidence or Mr. Creepy is somehow involved. We all sort of thought there were 2 letters in the box from Alice. One made Stefano smirk and giggle while the other made him cry. Or I could be wrong and this one has been cleared up without me.
    #84 patty too funny but my vote is that Samanther is panting out of habit. She is in good shape so her dress is perfect! And I agree, both parents on the lam is just too foolish. What if one or both are shot? What if one is shot and the other goes to prison? Which is what would happen if this were real life. The kids would be forever in limbo at Caroline’s having to dig the clams for the chowder.
    #85 kat, I don’t find MAB’s comments snotty at all. She just has her opinion and others have theirs. It is all good.

  90. From jolie

    Richard, I hope Nick Fallon is the smart guy when he comes back and is all over that burp in his past that made him nuts. I liked Nick and yes, he did identify Lucas as the baby daddy times 2. If this is true, and it will come out, we need to test everyone in Salem as there is some very murky lines and branches in most of those family trees.

  91. From Leah

    Richard I’ve always hoped Allie would turn out to be EJs. If you look back over this show you will find EJ is the most consistant male in her life! He’s been there for her since day 1, always loved and treated Allie as his own, sat up with her all night by himself when she was sick etc etc. And Allie has always loved EJ. Allie was just as excited as Johnnie when Ejami last announced they were getting married.

  92. From Shani

    Sami was not running off with EJ for her kids’ sake. Some may believe that, I don’t!

    Chuckled at your comment patty if Sami was panting when Rafe grabbed her because of the tight dress or if it was out of habit. But I gotta say I would sure be panting if Rafe grabbed me!! I was glad to see him back today, even for just that moment at the end of the show. I agree there was no reason anyone should have suspected Ian. We only did because we know things the characters on the show do not. The only one they had evidence on was EJ.

    Sami today in EJ’s arms being soooo helpless to resist, & with that vacant look in her eyes just doesn’t fly with me. Maybe when he first came to town but no more.

    I was very glad Kate told Brady that Madison’s last words were that she loved him. Nicole is in for such a let down with Dr. Dan. Poor innocent Malanie sticking up for her “friend” Gabi when we all know the truth!

  93. From Leah

    As for all this Ejami action being boring….. are you nuts? You certainly must not be watching the same show as me! Days hasn’t had a couple with this much chemistry, spark, love and connection for a LONG TIME. And its been way overdue. Last supercouple of Days were Bope and Jarlena BUT that was decades ago. And has finally worn out. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy they are still together but the excitement for those pairings is gone. Whereas Ejami cause an excitement and stir the audience. Viewers wanna talk about them whether they love them or not – ha, ha.
    We all know couples don’t get written too much hotter on a soap than what we are getting with Ejami right now. If you want more I don’t think its daytime TV or a soap you should be tuning into.
    Go Ejami and Ejami family… loving every minute of it!

  94. From Annette

    Trust me, I’ve watched this show for 50 years now…and I’m going to quite if they mess up Sami & EJ again!! ////////////////She’s no child anymore and what a better way to bring social interaction to the screen with real life actions of say FORGIVENESS, LEARNING TO COEXIST, hmm… too hard to think of that?? NO MORE RAFE>>>>BORING Can we maybe get a REAL Horton back on the screen? Like Mike?? I think Kristen is going to be great; but which one is the mother of EJ, Kristen, her twin sister, or the imposter Kristen? I’m going to have to get my brain switched to look at her and think K not Ashley!! They’re getting out there For those who didn’t see things back then, Kristen was another love of John’s & Stefano’s; she was engaged to John for a while, then the usual drama and a twin showed up/ended up dead, the the imposter Susan (who made herself look like Kristen) left town in a hurry. It was assumed that she was the mother of EJ at the time anyway. Just as we assumed Marlena and the clips they showed of the baby she had with the madd Dr. who was the original Roman was real…NOT that was SAMANTHA…sometimes they do get on my nerves….like I didn’t see it happen??? STOP THAT
    And what happened to Bo & Hope’s son?? Gone forever?

  95. From Kat

    89 jolie, where in my post did I call MAB’s comments “snotty”
    please read it again,
    I said, that I agreed with Her,
    that things were getting a bit snotty on here. Let me know, if you read it Again.. thanks….
    MAB – I hope that you read this right, but Thanks for looking out for MAB.
    93 Leah, you go girl, to bad some don’t see hot when it is burning up the screen.
    Lucas/Sami – Rafe/Sami, luke warm, but EJ and Sami – boiling hot and more.
    I always hoped that both twins belong to EJ, because he was there for them from the beginning, same with Sidney.
    But some forget, just how much love and care EJ gave those kids,
    more than Lucas ever did in his dreams,
    “little pouty (??) run away boy.
    Time to run again Lucas, because you are loosing it again.
    Leah, you really get it, what a soap is all about….
    Off to see my Grandson at Camp closing ceremony, down by the Lake.

  96. From MAB

    I know what I read, and the spoilers do say Sami tries to escape because of EJ.

    I never said the cops should’ve suspected Ian of shooting Stefano. But IF the cops were doing their jobs AFTER the shooting, and looking at ALL the evidence, and not just trying to blame EJ for it, they might have figured out what Sami did. After all that is THEIR job, not Kate & EJ’s.

    Sami running off w/ EJ is just another crutch some use to blame EJ for everything, and Sami for abandoning her kids. If this were Rafe she ran off to help, those same people would be singing another tune.

    What I believe is NOT lame, and I’m sick of the insinuations. I thought things were better on here, but I see again the SAME people are poking again at other’s opinions. Truly sad you have to steep to call someone else’s opinions lame.

    kat – you are too funny! About Rafe, he proves everyday that he doesn’t have what it takes to follow the rules of being a police officer. That will never change! And you completely right, as others are, about how Sami is around EJ. She is herself, always has been, always will be. That is why she is likeable when she is w/ him. She acts like an adult.

    OMG, can we stop talking about going back and changing kid’s paternity??? You talk about been there, done that.

    jolie – I didn’t mean that they should automatically know Ian was responsible, but if they would’ve done their job and not been so hard up to arrest EJ, then maybe the evidence would’ve steered them in the right direction to realize EJ was innocent.

    Leah – ditto on EJ & Sami!

  97. From MAB

    kat – I know what you meant.

  98. From patty

    Mab #95, I fail to see where anyone called your opinion lame but if you are referring to my comment, what I said is Sami saying she’s doing this for her kids sounds lame. Not you or your opinion.

  99. From Kat

    Hopefully everyone remembers that the new writers are having to finish up the old story lines and write everyone off that is leaving.

    Once that is done then we should have the new story lines that we have been so patiently waiting for.

    Hopefully we will have resolution to stories about Alice; Stefano’s dad with the coin; why Ian has done all that he has done; Bo & Hope & John & Marlena married or not; etc.

  100. From lucy

    Some posters really LOVE rewrite history so i will tell the freaking truth, how the SHOW WRITE AND SHOW IT ON-SCREEN : Celeste did her voodoo and AFTER that Marlena herself did the tests once again after all the shenanigans between Nick and Kate and guess what it was SURE by Marlena’s lips and papers and tests that EJ IS JOHNNY’S FATHER ! And by the way at this time Nick was the nice guy who did some misleaded mistakes sometimes big mistakes who was quite a lovely geek otherwise who was crazy about Chelsea and works in labo at the hospital.

  101. From lucy

    Therefore he was not some scientist genius at all ! He was smart compare to the other youngsters in Salem that’s all.

  102. From fiona

    Can i kill off this Hernandez family please, pretty please, so useless, so obnoxious, so boring go away LOSERS ! And why Sami is not divorced yet, enough is enough they always put her character under a bus in order to prop these awful Hernandez, we don’t want for the majority on our screen Gary Untalented Tomlin ! Sony, Nbc, Corday you really want to cancel this soap by rehiring this loser, it is not even funny…puke.

  103. From Richard

    #89 Lucy
    But which Marlena was it? There were actually several of them.
    Marlena is a shrink, not a lab tech.
    Kate demanded that Nick change the results to point to EJ as the father of both twins.
    Isn’t it amazing out of the two twins, the male would be EJ’s?
    Can anyone say Heir?

  104. From patty

    I am loving the new old writers and the show these days. I’m actually looking forward to watching now. I think the Hernendez bring just as much to the show as the Demiras , the Kiriakis or the Carvers and I hate to see anyone killed off. Stephanos death didn’t make or break the show . Rafe is a fan favorite and needs no propping, whether you like him or not he is still Sami’s husband . You also have the option to tune out if you no longer like the show. I know I’m staying.

  105. From fiona

    We can agree to disagree but i know for a fact that Rafe is not a fan favorite and for MANY MANY MANY is not needed on the canvas. And don’t worry if the Bornandez again hold up this soap i will stop watching like MANY other viewers (and i am in the demos..)

  106. From lucy

    Richard Marlena has as much credit if no more to do these tests than Nick.
    Moreover which Nick was it ? Maybe there are actually several of them of your so ‘smart’ theories no ? ha ah an ‘heir’? A girl can be a ‘heir’ too, Kristen was powerful for a time in the Dimera family..try try again..Johnny is Ej’s son: deal with it..

  107. From Kat

    I can see the lines being drawn in the Sand,
    EJ and Sami do get fans going, don’t they.
    Richard, “Which Marlena”, I have a feeling even some of the writers don’t know what you are talking about. I like a lot of your theories, but sometimes to go just a bit to far out there, am I the only one that Honestly thinks so, Or is it just MY Opinion.
    The Hernandez bring as much to the show as the DiMera’s, or Kirikas’
    patty, you surely are joking.
    MAB, thanks for reading my post correctly, I thought it was pretty clear.
    But it was so cute, somebody trying to protect You -my friend, from little old Me.
    I can do without Nick, such a geek….
    It is about Time, big Time, that they give Chad a Storyline, make Him a Person in his Own Right, Make him Stefano’s Son/EJ’s brother, have him move into the Mansion, and
    with Kristin’s return, Let the Games begin.

    To sad, that Lexie is not here, to hear that Stefano is Alive, and EJ is indeed her brother… Good for Theo, to have his Nono and “Uncle” back. However I hope, with Stefano being back, he does not expect the same miracle for his Mommy, poor little man.
    Mostly I am curious to find out, just how Stefano’s death was pulled off. There was a body, blood, bullet wound,the bullet, the coroner, the police, EJ identified the Body…… if Ian is the Killer, how did he pull all this off… there more to the plot than we are even aware of. Surprise me… Who was in with Ian… what about Agent Spencer, the CIA,
    this inquiring Mind wants to know, and please don’t let me down, by a stupid explanation, we’ve had to many let downs before.

    As always, so much fun to read all these comments,
    EJ and Sami really bring them out of the wood works,
    remember the No. 526,
    wasn’t Not caused by any Hernandez …etc.

  108. From latrise

    SPOILERS ALERT : Hey I read on days cafe that EJ IS A Dimera and Step is his father. As well as he is alive and should appear next week.

  109. From Maryl

    EJ and Sami–WOW! Loving all the interaction between the two of them. Of course, the romance and kisses are at the top of the list! These two characters’ compelling magnetism toward each other can no longer be suppressed or denied. If their love story is ruined because of poor writing once again, then let the ratings fall and let the show continue with SLs that are tailored to please only the Hernandez family fans, because I have a feeling they would be the only ones left who would watch and support it.

    I am enjoying all the good blogs from fans showing their support of EJ and Sami. Just hope this sinks into the heads of the writers and Corday.

    I have always thought Rafe looks too old for Sami. Please give this guy another woman to suffocate with his “heroics” and stickiness. Sami doesn’t need him–she’s self-sufficient, so get him away from her and give him someone needy. Same thing with Nicole–get her away from EJ and put her back with Brady where she belongs. Also, let the baby be Brady’s. Poor Brady could use something good happening to him–the love of a
    child, his child.

    There has been speculation that Ian may be another evil DiMera, but what if he is an evil Brady seeking revenge against the DiMeras?? This is a soap and we know all things are possible! Ha!

    Kat, hope your are feeling better and recovering from the dastardly shingles! So sorry you have to be going through that.

    TerriK, sorry to hear of your accident and your marital problems. Hang in there, sweetie, it will all work out for the best–may there be a silver linning behind all the clouds you see right now for you and your babies.

  110. From patty

    I don’t know what you mean with “i am in the demos” but I’m sure it doesn’t change the fact that people are loving Safe again. Check out the blogs.
    Haha! Samantha Brady( I mean Hernendez) and EJ don’t stand a chance ! Super Rafe is back! My guess is Rafe won’t be kissing her a$$ this time around, he’ll show her who’s boss and she’ll love it. Sami doesn’t have a moral ground to stand on, three men in three days. Married to one, committed to another and making out with Elvis. Enough to make Father Matt’s hair stand on end.

  111. From Kat

    patty and fiona,
    it would be nice if I could make some sense out of all that babble I am reading.
    Please clarify to this dense person, for I don’t have a clue,
    unless you are talking in a code.
    107 Maryl, nice to read your post,
    I understood what you were talking about and I agree so much.
    If you have experienced the utmost magic in a relationship than you know what is within EJ and Sami, it only happens with this one and only
    there might be others, but it is never the same real thing.
    To me watching, I see that, and always have seen that with Sami and EJ.
    He is the One Man IMO, that full fills our Samantha completely, like it or not,
    and EJ being with Sami, makes his life complete.
    Dr. Dan please, you have gone through women long before you got shakes in your hands,
    you are cad, by the way, was our fair Jennifer just a Filler in your empty life, LOL,… You really laid out the pity party to your Mom, poor little Dr. Dan. Maybe you need to go to Rehab for your problem…To funny, where do come up with that stuff, that only a Mother could buy.

    Lucas, really you are upset because Sami abandoned the Kids, what did you do, when you left for Honkong and YOU left the kids, and Sami was there with them.
    Well maybe now is your turn, to step up and take care of those kids while Sami is gone….

    You knew exactly what you were getting into with Sami,
    and now you are acting again like this wounded little boy, and given half a chance, you would be right back in her lap again… LOL Grow up little boy.
    It’s just going to kill Lucas and Rafe when they find out, that EJ did not kill his Fatha, and Yes I mean His Fatha….

  112. From Richard

    105 Kat
    Don’t you know about all the clones of Marlena that Stefano made?
    Of course, the shooting of Stefano was pulled off just like the shooting of EJ, by Sami. It was all staged to make it believable.

  113. From Richard

    You keep your opinions and I’ll keep mine, now you deal with that.
    I’m certainly not asking anyone to agree with me.

  114. From Richard

    A crime committed by Nick Fallon:
    Doctored paperwork to prove that E.J. fathered Sami Brady’s baby (2007)
    Who’s who,

  115. From Clear

    So I am reading not much EJami next week? Are they just going to leave Sami and EJ to cohabit in the Dimera Safehouse? Leave the camera on!

    Give Gabi to Nick! He should be up to that. Remember when Billie the Cougar seduced him? Where is Billie now? Gone finding Stephano at a CIA Safehouse maybe?

    I wish Melanie was staying on the show. Who will comfort Chad? Also, Brady?

  116. From Richard

    Nick tells Chelsea that Lucas is the father of Sami’s twins. He had someone else run the real tests.

  117. From Richard

    Nick Fallon had to fake a test to say that EJ was the father of one of the twins.
    Did Marlena get her hands on the fake test?

  118. From Richard
    These results cannot be challenged – Dr Rolf

  119. From Richard
    From the mouth of Stefano comes words of truth.
    You could care less about being a father, all you care about is Samantha.

  120. From Leah

    Oh Richard…. what are you continually going on about? Give up, its not even on the cards as a current storyline. I’d rather debate relevant issues.
    #108 Patty are you serious about Safe? If so please tell me all these relevant sites and surveys where Safe are “supposedly” number 1. I’ll say to check it out for myself as I don’t believe. People going excited about super duper Rafe. Excited about Rafe and Safe for what? Being in a scene together for longer than 2 minutes and actually speaking more than 2 words to each other? Rafe and Safe fans are easily appeased if thats the case.
    On the other hand Ejami have been given plenty to sink their teeth into and discuss. A poster on the Days site said Ejami have been in the top 5 couples on all soap sites for the last 11 weeks. That I would believe because they’ve been acting together which gives fans something to get excited about.
    And it is a fact whenever fans are asked Ejami always comes in on top, Lumi second and Safe way down the track.

  121. From jo

    Rafe and Safe are the most popular ever only in Patty’s own mind (and maybe Gary Tomlin’s mind even more sad, it will cancel his own ‘job’)..sad.

  122. From justwanttohelp

    Patty : just for infos demos = viewers who matter for networks (18-34 ans)

  123. From bobby

    Everyone can cheer all they want for Sami and EJ, but remember, Nichole is having EJ’s baby. And we all know how Sammi will react to that news. And Stepheno coming back will shake everything up. Then we have poor Kate who is going to busy getting even with Ian, then Sammi, and finding a new job. Please do not make Gabi pregnant with Will’s baby. Grandma Brady doesn’t have room to take of anymore kids. Poor woman.

  124. From Shani

    I know it’s hard for some to believe but FOR SOME OF US the Hernandez bring just as much to the show as the DiMeras, Kiriakis, Bradys, or anyone else on the show. & FOR SOME OF US, actually quite a lot of us, Sami & EJ are over. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. & no Leah 93, we are not “nuts”!

  125. From Shani

    Richard good job digging out those’s. I have always hoped EJ was not the father & I hope the writers revisit that storyline one of these days.

  126. From patty

    Shani, if not falling for EJ’s pile of BS makes me nuts, then so be it. His tall looks and accent do zero for me, underneath he’s a heartless user of people,Sami included. She’s the one who’s nuts throwing her life away to try and save his sorry a$$.
    Leah #118
    You wait for Monday’s show and tell me the spark is gone for Safe. I never said Rafe was #1, but he is my #1 and a lot of other people’s. :)
    Last I checked this place is for anybody who wants to discuss the show so Richard doesn’t have to “give up” anything.

  127. From Leah

    Your right Patty everyone is entitled to their opinion… that also includes me. And as for Safe… I don’t reckon they’ve EVER had a spark. To me when I watch them they have more of a sister/brother relationship (platonic). Whether its because Alisons husband and Galen are friends…. I’m not sure. But it sure comes across on scene. They few times he’s been with Nicole though Galen is different. There is that chemistry and spark. Yes in my opinion Rafe has more spark with Nicole than he ever did with Sami. Actually my perfect fit for Rafe would be Emily. Its a story just waiting to be told as far as I’m concerned. Rafe has never been willing to open up about the love of his life. Not even to Sami! I suspect Emily was also carrying his child at the time of her “supposed” death. Ari kinda hinted at it once. Emily would add so much more value to Rafes character and also open up his mysterious past. I wanna know more about him. How he’s wired and why. His family background…. single mum or dad and mum? Poor or rich? Etc etc. I reckon Rafes character could be so much more on this show if only the writers would go there. You maybe able to help me… but I do not remember one storyline that Rafe has had on this show that hasn’t involved or revolved around Ejami. And thats not good!

  128. From patty

    Leah, the reason that Sami’s and Rafe’s relationship always involved EJ was because it was always about protecting and keeping Sami and the children safe from the Demiras, which in the beginning was what he was hired to do. Their struggles throughout their marriage was always brought on by EJ and his devious schemes to keep them apart. Their deep love ( and yes there was a definite spark) for each other always pulled them through all the hardships , until of course Sami being Sami ended up having sex with the very same man who had made their lives hell.
    I would love to see Rafe in other storylines that don’t involve EJami, but they are still married and the connection is still there.

  129. From Richard

    What would Nick Fallon be returning to the show for?
    There’s no Chelsea.
    Melanie is leaving.
    I believe that it could be to set the record straight about the twins, in my opinion.

  130. From realitycheck

    Dream on Richard…
    Blake Berris is coming back as Nick Fallon-Horton because the show needs other characters tied to the canva (he is a Horton) who happens to be quite popular with the audience in order to tell new stories, that’s all..but you can always write one of your theories on amessage boards if you like it so much..

  131. From kate

    Rafe (and the actor who portrays him) has chemistry with NOBODY if not Patty,lol.

  132. From Richard

    #126 realitycheck
    Just who the hell are you to tell people what to do with their opinions.
    I hate people that come on here and cut down other peoples opinions, yet never give any of their own.
    God help anyone who has opposing views on EJ, because someone always comes back and cuts down the entire cast and tries to explain how much worse they are than Stefano and EJ Dimera.
    I think that a lot of people on here just want to express their opinions and read opinions of others, without them telling others how their opinions are way out there and unbelievable.
    I don’t put opinions on here to have them dissected and torn apart.
    I believe that no one on here is in a position to tell me what is and will happen. No one knows for sure.
    Why can’t we all just post our opinion in a form that doesn’t cut down the opinions of others.
    Instead of your post:
    “Dream on Richard…
    Blake Berris is coming back as Nick Fallon-Horton because the show needs other characters tied to the canva (he is a Horton) who happens to be quite popular with the audience in order to tell new stories, that’s all..but you can always write one of your theories on amessage boards if you like it so much.”
    It would have been better written as:
    “Blake Berris is coming back as Nick Fallon-Horton because the show needs other characters tied to the canva (he is a Horton) who happens to be quite popular with the audience in order to tell new stories, that’s all.”
    I would find no issues with that, because you are expressing your own opinion on the subject and not cutting me down, or anyone else for our opinion.

  133. From Richard

    #118 Leah
    I’m not attempting to debate anyone on any opinion that I make.
    It’s just my opinion and I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone else.
    I noticed that in your entire post, you never gave any opinions of your own, you just came back on others for their opinions.

  134. From Shani

    kate 127 count me in on having chemistry with Rafe (& Galen). At least I wish I could get close enough to him to have that chemistry!! I have thought he is so HOT ever since his very first scene on Days!!

  135. From KAT

    110 Richard,
    No, I do not know about all the Marlenas…..

    However what was staged about Sami’s shooting of EJ,
    she shot him, she knows it, she talked about it, Rafe knows it,
    so who staged it…
    Did they let Sami know, she didn’t do anything, it would be nice if somebody did, that it was all a game. EJ really was not hurt, was not in hospital, it was a pretend bullet wound. What else…..

    Now With Stefano, I am waiting as I said before in a blog, how was his shooting etc. pulled of.

    Richard, you might not like some of the comments about your theories,
    but to come back….”just who in the hell are you….telling people what to do with their opinions….
    is Not the Way either….
    Is nothing wrong, with somebody opining that in their Opinion, some of your stuff is just reaching under rocks and way out there.
    Not All of it, as I have said, but some of it…is..
    And people have the right to say that… As I have said Many times, “Once you put It Out There, it is open season and you better be prepared for all the responses.
    Nobody, that I know, has called “you” out there, Only your Theories, and this totally ok.
    I like honesty much better, than Political Correctness, or better said not being a Phony…..
    Again Richard, if you put stuff out there, be prepared that it will be dissected and torn apart, that the game here.
    Lord knows everything about EJ, Stefano and Sami gets
    torn apart and dissected as some see fit.

    If some don’t agree with you, just come back and explain just why you think that.
    In your theories, Marlena, Roman, they are not Marlena and Roman, nothing that we see is what we see,
    there is a conspiracy under every Rock…
    and I still wonder, Do all the writers know about all that Stuff and will it be addressed sooner or later.

    So Richard, keep on blogging, let stuff roll of your back, being critiqued is part of the game in this world.
    You put it out there, be prepared to live with the critics… That’s all…

    who are all the Hernandes’…. Rafe and Gaby……..and……wow.
    Important like the DiMera’s and Kiriakis’, wow, what did I miss.

    And big Yes, who is Rafe, where does he come from, why will he Not talk about his past and Emily, after all NO MAN IS AN ISLAND..

    Updated to remove your email address in the ‘name’ field and change to KAT. Please be careful not to post email in the ‘name’ field or it will show up live. Posting your e-mail address in the ‘e-mail field’ does not post it live. ADMIN

  136. From kat

    130 Shani, if you (and patti) have such chemistry with Rafe,
    than you guys should be the first to understand, that some have the chemistry for EJ, and we should expect each others chemistry….
    LOL, I don’t have chemistry for EJ/Scott, I see the chemistry between EJ and Sami,
    and I know what that feels like, as I said, been there, done that.
    You can have feelings for others, but there is just that One, that puts you over the top,
    and IMO that is EJ for Sami, and Sami for EJ….
    Some of think otherwise, let’s see what happens….
    However Allyson S. said in an interview,
    that EJ is the one for Sami, would she lie……
    and James Scott revealed only one thing,
    there will be a wedding….but who will he marry…Hope not Nicole, that ship has sailed, she showed her cards and she does not love him anymore….
    Surprise us Writers, it’s your Story…..

  137. From kat

    One more for you Richard,
    when Kristin comes back,
    could it be it’s really Susan, posing as Kristin……
    to find out what’s really going on in Salem…..
    “Only the Shadow knows”… Trying to be funny, not mean, but it is possible, right…?

  138. From Richard

    132 kat
    Since you ask me.
    Yes it could definitely turn out that way.
    I would listen to the shadow and Uncle Remus on the radio in the hallway many years ago.
    I figure that her return will have to do with John and Stefano. Maybe she is interested in her part of the Dimera fortunes, since she may have heard of Stefano’s death.
    The same could be applied to the possibility of Susan, pretending to be Kristen, to get her hands on some of it.
    They probably heard about the deaths of Lexie and Stefano and consider themselves in line for the “Dimera Lottery”(LOL)

  139. From Richard

    132 Kat
    One other possibility is that Kristen would pretend to be Susan, or really be Susan and proclaim that Elvis is Stefano’s son, to get that “money, money, money” from the “mean, mean, mean” Stefano.(LOL)
    At this point, anything is possible.
    Sami could be money hungry too and that could be the reason that she is helping EJ, just another opinion.

  140. From Kat PA

    133, 134, Richard,
    so right, in a soap anything goes.
    I like that you and I have come a long way, and that you seem to realize, that I never meant you harm in any way, shape or form.
    All I ever wanted is to bat back and forth, and feel free to say, Hey Richard, this is far out, or Richard, this sound like it could be. Being able to be honest in our exchange, like I said before, not
    always saying, Oh Richard how wonderful, when I don’t mean it, and of course saying, Richard, wow, this could be, haven’t thought
    of this angle.
    Like, I didn’t know about all the Marlena’s out there… Thank you…. Always willing to learn…
    Same here, telling me maybe, hey Kat, boy are you reaching now….

    I just plain have always been a straight forward person, I call it, as I see it,
    and Never, ever mean to get personal/hurt anybody, but in the same token, I believe in being honest, phony, Never suits me.
    So Richard, to a New Beginning, trust me, I am not, or have ever been a mean person,
    but if somebody attacks me personally, clear the
    Let’s see what Susan/Kristin ???? bring to the table,
    the DiMera Mansion will be buzzing again.
    Shingles still pretty much keep me home bound.

    P.S. Richard …. what State do you live in, don’t have to answer,
    but wouldn’t it be nice, if all bloggers would put on their name, Like “Kat PA”.

  141. From Kat

    Richard, anything is possible anymore…
    Let’s not forget however,
    when we give opinions, it’s about what we have seen/heard on the show, and we opine, everybody in a different way….
    Theories are another matter,
    it’s ok to say, I think you and your Theory are way out there…
    Or, Yes, that could be a possibility, I think it is ok to dissect theories, you might even find a better one in the process.
    I think Richard, that you are beginning to realize that I am not…mean, mean, mean, just call it as I see it…..

  142. From Shani

    131 kat I’m not sure why you felt the need to get the point across, but I “respect” you having chemistry with anyone or any couple you want to. I don’t “understand” what you see in EJ or Ejami, & it’s not important that I do, but I “respect” that you see something you like.

    I am a new Y & R viewer and I miss Eileen Davidson on there but I am looking forward to her being on Days.

  143. From Richard

    135 Kat
    I do base my opinions and theories on probability and possibility based on things that have occurred in the past on days.
    There is no difference in opinions and theories, in my mind.
    Opinions can very well be based on things that have not yet occurred.
    It is really not OK, in my opinion, to say something like a theory being way out there, or anything related to that.
    To me, that’s like saying someone is crazy or stupid to think such a thing, as if someone on here actually knows what will happen.
    I don’t dissect anyone’s theory, I just state my own theories on certain subjects.
    I usually don’t call out someone by name, unless they are asking a question or telling me to go dig a hole and crawl in it(or anything liking to that).
    I’ve never called anyone on this board stupid or mean and have no reason to.

  144. From kat

    130, 136 Shani,
    same back at you,
    I don’t see how you can have chemistry for Rafe….
    so to each whatever…..and I respect your “Chemistry” for Rafe.
    So what was your point…

  145. From patty

    Nothing in Salem is what it seems. Cool promo!

  146. From Clear

    Salem needs a paternity clinic so each character can take their family tree and go get a new test!

    I don’t like the children’s paternity messed with again. Sami was horizontal with both Lucas and EJ that night opening the possibility of fraternal twins. I won a bet when it came out they had different fathers. It seems a bit late and a real bust for Nick to say the twins are Lucas, since the tests were messed with then so much just like Parker’s tests. Eventually we expect to find out he is Doc Dan’s when Chloe comes back, of course, after Doc is happy and marrying someone else.

    Meanwhile, EJami was so hot on the last show I saw that they melted my DVR! For real they did for a few seconds. LOL! I enjoy them, but I enjoyed SAFE too. Put Sami with one of them and let her be happy for a while before Kate comes after her again! I am glad Nicole and baby aare good. Can’t we resolve the SLine with some happiness before the trials start again.

  147. From Shani

    kat my 130 point was a follow up to 127 & my 136 point was a response to your 131. My point in writing this post is in response to your question in 138.

    It is a cool promo patty!

  148. From patty

    Spoilers for the Week of August 27th; *updated 8/17
    Sami is livid when Nicole interrupts her conversation with Rafe; Melanie opens up to Chad about Nick.

  149. From patty

    Clear, this may be a stupid question but I wasn’t watching when the twins were born. Is that a real possibility to have twins with different fathers or is it just a soap opera thing? Never heard of any such thing in real life but maybe it does happen.

  150. From Kat

    You see it your way, I see it my way, let’s be done.
    Shani, you confuse me,
    who’s first, who’s on second,
    what’s the number,
    no it was this number…..LOL
    I give up.

    As I said, I do not have chemistry for EJ/Scott,
    enjoy the chemistry between EJ and Sami…
    and you and some others like Rafe…
    Whoopy do da…..
    Let’s put this one to bed, I am starting to feel stupid, just talking about it.

  151. From thelittleimp

    143 Patty–It’s possible and it’s called heteropaternal superfecundation (based on an internet search).
    I assume Nick’s return is mainly to pave the way for Melanie to exit the series, although it’s obviously possible for him to be involved in more than one storyline, including the paternity of the twins.

  152. From patty

    Thanks littleimp ! I’m not going to try to remember that! Of course, this is Sami we’re talking about, anything is possible with her. She’ll probably conceive triplets next, one from each of her men. :)

  153. From Kat

    146, that’s a Good one patty,
    little EJ, little Lucas and little Rafe.
    The next Generation…
    Hope the writers don’t read that….LOL

  154. From patty

    Yeah Kat, she can call them Tom, Dick and Harry huh… Hernendez. Ha!
    Poor Grandma Caroline! More little clam diggers for the chowder.:D

  155. From Richard

    That’s easy.
    Don’t comment on my posts and I will return your kindness, by not commenting on any of yours.
    I get tired of explaining my posts to you, any way.

  156. From kat

    149 Richard,
    Trust me, I will never make the same mistakes again,
    trying to converse with you, is like walking on eggs….
    You just can not take anything at all, never know what to expect from you, you are to ueber sensitive for my taste.. I tried over and over again,
    but I don’t like getting burnt.
    Best to you and all of your opinions and theories, may nobody ever dis-agree with you, only praise you, whether they mean it or not…..

    I tied to be honest and friendly with you, but nothing makes you happy.
    Nice again for You to show your true colors, I should have remembered from long ago, when you accused me of Badgering you, in your dreams.
    As I said before, once you put it out here,
    it’s is fair game for anybody to like/agree or dislike/disagree with anything you say…..If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen….

  157. From Tee

    Hello all so much good stuff to comment on today.

    Melanie leaving has something to do with Nick according to spoilers.

    On paternity of Johnny I found this
    On May 22, 2007, according to one of Celeste’s voodo rituals, it was supposed that EJ is the father of Sami’s baby. Reported on June 18, 2007 Sami is pregnant with twins. Thanks to Kate’s blackmailing of Nick to create a false paternity report, EJ was believed to be the father of her twins for a number of weeks. In the episodes airing July 30 and 31, it was revealed that Lucas is in fact the father of both children, not EJ. However, in another twist one more DNA test was performed months later and on November 2, 2007 Lucas found out that EJ DiMera was the father of his believed son, Johnny.
    Also this
    When E.J. returned to town and learned that Sami was pregnant, he believed that the baby was his. Sami attempted to fend him off with a fake ultrasound result, but he soon learned the truth. He became determined to get to the bottom of it, and remained convinced that the baby belonged to him. A final paternity test ordered by Marlena and Sami in the hospital confirmed that Johnny was E.J.’s son

    Nick took a job at the Salem University Hospital working with DNA testing. While there, he was blackmailed by Kate Roberts to send back false paternity reports making it appear that EJ was the father of both of Sami’s twins. Nick eventually felt so guilty that he ran the real test. When the hospital found out that he had purposely corrupted the first test, he lost his job at the hospital.

    Sami and Rafe have unsolved issues. According to Galen he was unhappy that his character never expressed a care that Sami and his marriage was over something the old writers did. So they will be addressed. As per Alison and James they have asked the new writers to reunite them slowly since they had such a crazy past they felt it was best for the long durance of EJAMI and fans.

    So IMO they will have Rafe an dSami have a final few hashings of their fellings or lack of or lies, then the plan is to unite EJAMI.

    Now how long will they be together this time? I dont know but with the actors asking for a slow uniting it seems a while atleast.

  158. From patty
    If this works , you’re going to see real sparks. If it doesn’t , check it out at Daytime Royalty.

  159. From patty

    Coming up on Monday! Sami in her little black dress getting under Rafe’s skin !!!

  160. From Tee

    Stefano is alive, but bound and gagged

    Stefano is also revealed to be E.J.’s real father after all

    Ian’s reign of terror comes to an end

    Bo and Hope investigate Ian’s secrets

    After escaping Ian, E.J. is desperate to get to Sami

    Sami is desperate to get away from Rafe

    Rafe appears upset by Sami’s relationship with E.J.

    Rafe refuses to let Sami leave, but she tries anyway

    Sami tries to save Rafe from a bad guy
    There was some Will Melanie/Gabi/Chad ones but those are at top of this page

    Spoilers for Next Week

    There’s an explosive confrontation between Sami and Lucas

    Will reflects on the choices he’s made and has regrets

    Nicole comes clean to Daniel about her feelings

    Melanie and Chad discuss her history with Nick

    Nick returns to Salem, and so does his mother, Jessica

    Some spoilers for down road are
    Old flames reunite in the midst of tragedy

    Alice’s secrets from the grave continue to unfold

    So It looks like Sami will use her little black dress and her beig Mrs. Hernandez to try to escape though I know she also cant resisit the urge to gloat about Carrie leaving. I am sure she is still mad about what went down between her very own sister and her sister who would not be? I mean falling and loving and lusting after your wives sister is very very wrong. I would never want a man back who did that but that is me.

    My guess is Ian somehow switched th e letter out and it will be revealed to Stefano and or EJ. I am also gonna guess that Ian is a Dimera he does have other half of Dimera coin.
    So I wonder who Yvette is and what Ians half of coin will say?

  161. From patty

    ” I mean falling and loving and lusting after your wives sister is very very wrong. I would never want a man back who did that but that is me”.

    Hummm Tee, didn’t EJ do the exact same thing not that very long ago? I’m sure you still think he’s the cat’s meow!

  162. From kat

    155 patty,

    EJ fell in love with a Total stranger, not his wife’s sister.
    At his wedding he learned that the woman he had fallen for…
    was Nicole’s sister. To late,
    and let’s not forget, EJ and Nicole’s wedding was supposed to be a Business arrangement,
    I would say there is a Big Difference
    between ….. EJ’s falling, and Rafe’s falling in love.
    Rafe knew exactly who Carrie was, His Wife’s MARRIED SISTER.,
    And at the time, Rafe had no clue about what had happened between EJ and Sami.

    Apples and Oranges IMO.

    I am so going to enjoy a long, long, long, courtship between EJ and Sami.
    Really get to know each other, iron out all the bad stuff from the past, and yes they can, it’s a soap.

  163. From Richard

    I said nothing in my post #137 that would warrant the response that I got from you in your response in #144.
    “Let’s be done”
    Every time I try to clarify things with you, it works out this way.
    You want it to be done. I’m trying to make it easy for you.
    Like you always say “Go back and read the posts again”, then you can tell me why you got your feathers ruffled.

  164. From patty

    Kat, EJ fell in love and had a sexual affair and swore his undying love to his wife’s sister, then swore the same thing to his wife and mother of his unborn child Nicole and then now all of a sudden, not that he swore to it or anything but we are to believe that Sami is his one and only forever kind of love???? Excuse me if I don’t buy it.

  165. From Maryl

    Sorry, patty–I just watched the photobucket link (had no sound) you listed and I saw no sparks whatsoever. Instead I saw Rafe looking his usual intimidating smug self. He was in her face with that arrogant look he is so good at showing. If she was panting, I can understand why–he was putting her in a situation she didn’t want to be in. I haven’t seen the episode yet, like you, but if that scene is supposed to have a significant meaning of something special happening between Rafe and Sami, than I think it fell short.

  166. From patty

    Oh yeah, he’s putting her in her place Maryl, and she’s loving it, it’s written all over her face. She’s going to try and resist it but you and I both know that Sami can’t resist any of her three men, they all get her nostrils flaring. That’s just our Sami. Don’t you think it’s about time she grew up and made up her mind? She can’t go on like this into her eighties. Ha!

  167. From Maryl

    patty, I don’t buy Rafe’s great love for Sami. He turned to her sister, knowing full well that she was her sister, but he lusted after her and wanted her anyway!
    Sami is and always will be EJ’s only true love. And when she is honest with herself, she knows he is her true secret love. Why do you suppose they run to each other in time of tragedy or crisis? When a true crisis occurs (not caused by themselves when at war), they are drawn together like a magnet. Their biggest problem has always been other people becoming obstacles in their way and Sami’s lack of courage to stop denying the truth–she is deeply in love with a DiMera who also happens to be the father of two of her children. Yes, Richard, Lucas is also a father to two of her other children but the problem is that Sami no longer loves Lucas in a way that she should. She loves him, but is not in love with him. So that makes a big difference in them being able to form a family.

  168. From patty

    I think Sami and EJ are in lust with each other, not in love. Sami has too many men on the go to be in love with just one, or at least make it believable that she is. She’s a mess and this femme fatal role does not become her. She needs join the convent or something.

  169. From Richard

    #161 Maryl
    “Richard, Lucas is also a father to two of her other children but the problem is that Sami no longer loves Lucas in a way that she should. She loves him, but is not in love with him. So that makes a big difference in them being able to form a family.”
    You see, I don’t have the knowledge of such facts, as you apparently do.
    I’m just not blessed with the gift to determine what’s truly in the heart of anyone.
    It’s somethimg that I just have to live with.
    I have to depend on someone else to give me the facts.

  170. From Richard

    You have to overlook the things that Sami sometime does, she’s been raped twice. One time by Alan Harris and then by EJ Dimera.

  171. From Tee

    I got some good spoilers for fans of all kinds to post so here we go. There was a lot on it I am just gonna post highlights. A lot of it came from very recent Interviews with the actors who portray Kate, Stefano and Abby, others are just other spoilers

    Tuesday, August 21

    At the DiMera hideaway, Rafe cuffs Sami to a chair to get her to turn on EJ.

    Wednesday, August 22

    Sami shoots Silvio to prevent him from attacking Rafe, leading to an electric moment between the two. ‘There are still unresolved feelings with both men and I think there’s a valid tension between all three of them,” notes Alison Sweeney (Sami). “It’s so confusing for Sami, but it’s really good story.”

    Friday, August 24

    Julie tells a stunned Melanie (both r.) that she is working to have Nick Fallon released from prison.

    Jen and Abigail’s friends gather at Alice’s house to memorialize Jack.Nicole stops by to express her condolences
    — and to try to make sure that Daniel doesn’t reunite with Jennifer. “Nicole is somewhat notorious for causing trouble,” sighs Mansi. “Even though Abigail doesn’t have a personal relationship with Nicole, she knows her reputation. Abigail feels that seeing this unexpected visitor in her home is another indication that she’s losing control.”During Nicole’s visit, a protective Abigail hovers over Jennifer
    Cameron will be supportive of Abigail, but she will be remote with him.She keeps pushing him away

    EJ — who was knocked unconscious last week — wakes up to find himself being held captive by Ian. Ian then drops a few bombshells, including the reveal that Stefano is alive and that EJ and Stefano are, indeed, bio father and son. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) previews, “It’s going to take time for Stefano and EJ to work through everything that has happened in the last few months
    EJ manages to overpower his captor and get free. He isn’t interested in reconnecting with his estranged father, choosing instead to go directly to Sami
    Bo and Hope arrive at the hideaway, where they find Stefano alive and rush him to the hospital. Word quickly spreads that the Phoenix has risen, again.
    Kate finds out and tries to see Stefano but he does not wish to see her, and upon her arrival to hospital he is gone.
    Roman gives Kate a letter to deliver to Chad, she wants to read it but does not. Chad reluctantly shares whats in it and Stefano has forsaken Kate.
    Billie will back to help convince Kate that She is better without Stefano with the help of Lucas who agrees.

    Chad tells Gabi to get out and that her modeling days are done he also forbids her from hanging out with any of his friends or Melanie. He becomes very protective of Melanie.
    He with holds the info from Melanie because he feels she has already been through so much and almost died, she does not need to know he rso called bff was involved and responsible for it.

    The Phoenix rises again: Joseph Mascolo returns to Salem on August 22. The actor, whose alter ego was killed off in early June,

    I know lots of stuff I hope everyone likes it there is something there for everyone well most.

  172. From Tee

    pATTY~142 Spoilers for the Week of August 27th; *updated 8/17
    Sami is livid when Nicole interrupts her conversation with Rafe; Melanie opens up to Chad about Nick.
    I tried to find this spoiler also I had seen it on this site on the forum somewhere earlier today, but I could not find what site it came from.The rreason why i looked is because it says “bail” at top, which looks like Sami will be posting bail, but we know Stefano will be found alive Wednesday of this week the 22nd so I was confused what they menat by bail since EJ is not really a criminal they could not technically charge her I thought. It just conflicted a bit with spoilers I found on several other sites for next 2 weeks. i like to check all spoilers before posting anything. I am more curious what the bail meant in spoiler I guess, if you know where it was other then on this forum by a fellow poster please let me know Thanks

    Kat #156 Thanks and I agree with you

    Patty #158 Nicole was blackmailing EJ to stay married to her if I remember correctly, most of their relationship was spent that way, her blackmailing or him using her.
    I also think things that happened to Sami via EJ in past are awful also but they like EJ said have been putting that behnd them and both have matured past that.

    I agree also Sami needs to let Lucas go he is like a BFF, and Rafe failed big time with his feelings for Sami. In regards to above EJ has never done that to Sami, he may have to Nicole but Nicole was always 2nd best. She deserves better.So in relation to Sami Rafe does not deserve a second chance from her for his feelings and kisses shared with Carrie her sister. Meanwhile Nicole deserves better than EJ, he is not for her.

  173. From Tee

    Should say Rafe failed big time with his feelings for Carrie sorry

  174. From Tee

    Richard#163 While I cannot say what Sami feels for Lucas Alison did say in recent interview that When she decides to run with EJ she is well aware of what that means for her and Lucas. She says Lucas has given her a ultimatum and she has made her choice and will deal with the consequences later. She also says when she spilled coffee on her and had to put on the black dress she had no problems with what it could mean will happen between her and EJ on his return (sami does not).
    “She knows that when she made the choice to go with EJ that was a deal breaker for Lucas,” points out Sweeney. “He made that abundantly clear. She’s moving forward with what she thinks is best and she’s going to deal with the consequences later.”
    . “The truth is, she is attracted to EJ. She always has been,” declares the actress. “There has always been this pull between them. So standing there and feeling like the only people in the world, there’s that tension and chemistry, and then he makes a m ove toward her. She knows none of this is okay with Lucas, so in her mind, she is free and clear to do what she wants and once those barriers are out of her way, it is impossible to resist.
    She’s not uncomfortable with what will probably happen with EJ as a result of her wearing that sexy dress,” says Sweeney.
    And on a Rafe note
    Suddenly there’s a knock at the door: it’s Rafe. “The second Rafe walks in, there is alot of baggage and emotion and shared history that comes crashing back down on both of them, especially in these elevated circumstances,” teases Sweeney

    I just posted a few of the highlights of it.
    I dont remember who you were responding to me and it does not say she dont love him and i think she does, but it says she made her choice and will deal with it

  175. From Richard

    So now we come to the point where we are to believe that indeed Stefano is EJ’s father and Alice’s letter and Susan’s letters are just a bunch of phoneys.
    Do we still believe that there are no secret bank accounts, there is nothing to the Lawyer’s word, the banker’s account and that Hope and John are really married?
    Are we supposed to just ignore all of this and take whatever the Dimeras say as gospel?
    Just another case of Stefano and EJ getting away with everyting.

  176. From Richard

    Last I heard, the characters are not the one that writes the SL’s and the writers have been known to take the story in an entirely different direction.
    I am evidently one of the few that thinks that the writers are ruining the character of Sami Brady.

  177. From Clear

    Patty, yes fraternal as opposed to identical twins do exist. If a boy and girl are twins you can figure that mother ovulated more than once. Sami is a fraternal twin I think with her brother, Eric? Runs in families I am told.

  178. From Clear

    Patty, yes fraternal as opposed to identical twins do exist. If a boy and girl are twins you can figure that mother ovulated more than once. Sami is a fraternal twin I think with her brother, Eric? Runs in families I am told.

    And what did Doug and Julie find when they went out of the country? Loose ends! Tie up some SLines before moving on. We should not have to wait years to find things out–like what happened to Santos, Emily, Anna, etc.

  179. From Clear

    Don’t worry about Sami, because no matter how low a character sinks on Days they may find redemption. Look at Nicole, child kidnapper, former porn star, handler of political dirty tricks, and do not forget she planted evidence on poor Arianna with Doc Baker. Now, she is looking for the American dream of family, children, and possible white picket fence?

  180. From Leah

    #154 Tee…. wholeheartedly agree with your comments about “falling and loving and lusting after your wives sister is very very wrong. I would never want a man back who did that but that is me!
    Did you realise the “so called” love of Sami’s lives all have that in common? That’s right! Austin/Lucas and Rafe have all been in love and intimate with Carrie, Sami’s sister. Know wonder Sami has had big hang ups about Carrie. I’d be like you Tee and kick them all to the curb. Good riddance! EJ on the other hand has never even looked twice at Carrie. EJ has only had eyes for Sami. In EJs own words “Samantha you are the most beautiful of all the Brady woman.” EJ has really only ever been a one woman man. In EJs own words “When you walk into a room Samantha every other woman just fades into the background.” And another EJ quote “Do you think I’d be having dinner with Nicole or anyone else for that matter if you would show me your a bit interested in me?” EJ has worn his heart on his sleeve with Sami and I love him for it. True love!
    When EJ fell for Taylor (yuk!) I agree with #156 Kats comments. EJ didn’t know she was Nicoles sister (unlike Rafe with Carrie. He went in with his eyes wide open). The other major difference EJ wasn’t in love with Nicole either. He was wedding her out of convenience. Just watched that episode the other day actually. When Stefano was quizzing him about his marriage to Nicole EJs response was “Love is overrated. I’ve decided I’m not going to go there again. Its safer that way.” It was more matter of fact like a business transaction. Of course we could all read between the lines… EJ had just been hurt by his Samantha again.
    So I agree you cannot even compare the two. They are two totally different situations and circumstances.

  181. From Shani

    When EJ found out Taylor was Nicole’s sister, they didn’t have a relationship & he was only infatuated with Taylor but he didn’t back off. He still pursued & lusted after her (oh, did he ever!) until having a full sexual affair with her.

    I think if Rafe falling for Sami’s sister Carrie, (after being pushed away by Sami, & although not having sex with Carrie), is very wrong & someone would not want a man back who did that, why would anyone want a man back who did all the things to Sami that EJ has?! Sami needs to get a grip & I would want her to think more of herself than she appears to if she gets involved with EJ again. Some time ago someone posted that Sami needs to be without any man for a while. I agree!

    Richard 163 that is a good post! No one has a crystal ball & all we can do is state opinions until we see what the writers come up with. A few people on here state things so definitely that one would think they are part of the writing crew.

    When it is discovered EJ really is Steffie’s son, wonder if EJ will have issues with the fact that Steffie disowned him when he thought he wasn’t his son?

  182. From Shani

    patty, the photobucket, I just watched & I thought I saw big time sexual tension between Sami & Rafe, looking into each other’s eyes. So I watched it again!!!! That “valid tension” Ali talks about in Tee’s spoiler in 165.

  183. From Richard

    173 Shani
    So many people now know about the EJ/Stefano connection, that I bet many people will be seeking a resolution to this.
    The SPD has already verified that EJ is not Stefano’s son.
    This will be a major rewrite of recent history.

  184. From Chicky

    Does anyone think it odd that NOBODY ever mentioned or cared about their children after the big blast?? Very strange!

  185. From patty

    In the NBC promo they talk about an innocent man. He may be innocent of this crime but EJ is guilty of more crimes than one can imagine so “innocent” doesn’t belong in the same sentence with either EJ or Stephano. I am savouring every moment of their capture by Ian (who’s doing a fine acting job by the way) and enjoying to see them squirm because that is what they have been doing to real innocent people for years. Bring it on, I almost wish Ian didn’t have to go.
    #170 Richard, I’m with you thinking Sami’s character is being ruined by making her this fickle, shallow and selfish woman who needs a harem of men in her life and acting impulsively without a second thought for her children and family. She’s not 17 anymore, can they just make her mature just a tiny bit at least? She’s coming off so trashy and any man she would chose to be with right now would not be believable. She’s been around the block too many times.

  186. From Richard

    Guess who??
    Blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii.
    Drugged and raped Austin.
    Fled the police with ex-husband Austin.
    Blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that any children she had with Austin would have genetic defects.
    Committed adultry- slept with E.J. while married to Rafe.
    Came back to town to interrupt her sister’s wedding to Austin and announced she was pregnant with Austin’s child.
    Will was kidnapped and sold on the black market in France.
    Will was found but Austin and Sami were forced to get married in order to get him back.
    Austin made it clear from the beginning that the marriage would be annulled once they got back to Salem. However Sami dodged the summons for the annulment and did her best to keep Austin as her husband. She stole Austin’s car so he could not go on a romantic weekend with Carrie and the car went out of control.
    Carrie tried to warn Austin who wouldn’t listen.
    Austin ran Sami over with the car. Sami spent many weeks in ICU and last rites were performed.
    Sami pulled through but is paralyzed and has amnesia.
    To keep her from relapsing Austin is pretending to be a loving husband in hopes that his wife will soon remember and they can proceed with the annulment.
    Sami manipulated Austin to marry her again in a church, until Carrie, Eric and Mike found out her secret… that Lucas was actually her child’s father. Carrie married Austin that day.
    Sami, desperate to keep Carrie and Lucas apart, blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she and Austin shared a genetic defect that would affect any children that they had.
    IMO, Carrie let Sami off easy.

  187. From patty

    That’s right Richard and now Sami is standing on her moral highgrounds because Carrie and Rafe had feelings that they were level headed enough not to act on , unlike her who’s revolving door has been swinging continually with her flavor of the day, still technically cheating on her husband and now on Lucas.
    Sorry Tee, just now saw your question. I saw that spoiler at Daytime Royalty. I don’t have a clue what “bail” means but I’m curious as to what Sami has to be livid about. I know she thinks Rafe is Nicole’s baby daddy but it didn’t seem to bother her before. Ya think maybe she’s a tad jealous or is it that Sami decided she doesn’t want to share anymore.

  188. From Shani

    I was just reading The Salem Spectator & ran across their section “Sami’s Mate For Life?” The votes were. . . .
    Sami & Lucas 27.1 %
    Sami & EJ 27.1 %
    Sami & Rafe 30.0 %
    Sami & someone new 2.8 %
    Sami & no one 15.0 %

    Pretty evenly divided except for the last two.

  189. From Maryl

    Every sin committed by Sami that has been stated in the preceding blogs is definitely a fact. It was a fact when she married Rafe–but for some of the fans, that was overlooked and it was ok for a sinner like Sami to marry Saint Rafael. Excuses were made for all of Sami’s transgressions, most of them blamed on her childhood or EJ.

    This situation now is so hypocritical for these same fans to dredge up all of Sami’s sins just because she and Rafe have split and she is turning to EJ. Oh well, cheer up, if these writers are going backward with the sls, they will reunite Sami with Rafe and then Sami will be redeemed again and all of a sudden, she will once again be a victim not a perpetrator. When Sami chose Rafe, most of us who are EJ/Sami supporters always knew she was a walking time bomb and would eventually revert to her old ways–we have always known she was a bad girl—just like EJ is a bad boy! But you know something–they are the only reason a lot of us bother to watch this soap–without them, we would be bored to tears. Because they are so alike, they belong together–only they can redeem one another. Hope this finally happens for the sake of the children.(Both Lucas’s and EJ’s)

    What I don’t understand is that if Sami is such a stupid person and so terrible, why in the world are some of the Rafe fans wanting them to reunite. And please don’t try to deny that. It’s so obvious because just a spoiler hint of Sami and Rafe having a “moment” would not get some so excited and optimistic. Would it not be better for Rafe to find a new love and life–giving him a SL of his own instead of leeching off Sami and EJ?

    Richard, No, I’m not an expert in love, but you don’t have to be an expert to see the writing on the wall where Sami and Lucas are concerned. If she truly loved him, would she be so attracted to EJ and act on her feeling toward him? If I were to define knowing when you are in love, it would be being sure of your feeling, faithfuless and commitment–certainly wavering and uncertainty should not play a part in loving someone–and that’s what is happening between Lucas and Sami right now—-tomorrow it might be the same situation happening between EJ and Sami–just hope not! But it is, afterall, in the writers hands.Ha!

  190. From kat

    I guess reading all this negative stuff about Sami, her history, etc.
    all of the Rafe fans should be very happy, that their Golden Boy Rafe is rid of Sami.
    They should all cheer that she will be with EJ, the other bad apple.

    Wonderful, I am going to enjoy to the new, long, romantic, up and down courtship.

    Hope Lucas and Rafe mean what they say, are done with Sami and stay out of the way.

    Glad that EJ and Stefano are Father and son.
    We all knew that the Salem PD blood tests were bogus.
    IMO, of course EJ will have issues with his Fatha, the way Stefano just dropped him like a hot potato, what child would not….
    All this, should make EJ a more mature/independent Man in his own rights.
    And if he finally can have His Samantha,
    and Samantha finally standing with him out in the open, we could see a whole new world open up for them.

    Of course their happiness will not be forever, it’s a soap, and new SL’s will have to develop.

    About Rafe, we All know,
    that if Carrie was not pregnant,
    those two would be together, because their love was sooooo great. So why would Sami want him back and be 2nd best….
    With EJ, and Sami knows that, she is No. 1 and always has been.

    It was always Sami that left/walked out/with reasons/yes, on EJ, he never left her, and that is why she is always the one he really wants and always will.

    And that’s the way I see it.

    I never like Sami since the beginning of her being on DOOL, I only always have liked her when she was/is with EJ. She is different with him, more relaxed, sweet, laughing, teasing, and EJ is much the same. They compliment each other, they seem to be
    so compatible together, just enjoying each other…

  191. From kat

    189 Maryl, just read your comments, and I sooooooo agree with you, as you can in my post.
    Had the same thoughts,
    Rafe fans, be happy, he is rid of “Bad Sami” and that “Bad EJ” will get her. LOL

  192. From Shani

    The question has been asked many times before, why would Rafe fans ever want him with bad Sami. I have always said I thought Rafe was too good for Sami, & I have mixed feelings about them getting back together, but I thought he was good for her & she was a better person with him, & that they had sexual chemistry. It seems to me Sami has been off the rails ever since she ruined her marriage to Rafe. Rafe with someone else would work for me depending on who it was. Rafe & Nicole grew on me. Sami with EJ is a turn-off for me this late in their game!

    I don’t really care what Rafe & Carrie might have done if she hadn’t gotten pregnant by Austin. Their storyline ended & we don’t know. What is important to me is they did the right thing not having sex together & also the right thing going their separate ways once she was pregnant so she & Austin could have a family with their child.

  193. From Tee

    Shani~ #181 EJ did not want anything to do with Nicole, she was blackmailing him. If you will remember she tried to pull his and Samis baby off as her and EJS. He allowed her to come back to make Sami ma it was a arrangement, then she began blackmailing him. Never did he claim to want to be with Nicole at that time.
    wHAT ej Did with Nicole and Taylor has no effect on what he and Sami have right now. The point was that he has never fell for her sister as all Samis men have.
    Sami has done things to EJ also if you watched the show and read the actors interviews that is why they are taking thigs slow. She tried to kill him, his his child from her, I can go on. Both have hurt each other in past and as EJ said they are finally moving past that thigs are now different with them.
    Also according to actors As I poste d above he is not intereste in Stefano he escapes and wants to get back to Sami immediately.
    Mascolo said it will be along road for them to get back to where they were because of him denying EJ as his son.

    Richard #183 I am sure you are familiar with a boy double and the dna taken to compare to EJS was of the body double that was burie as Stefano. It is not a rewrite. Stefanos dna was not tested the dead bodies was.
    How many times have doubles been made on this show an Stefano said it was his alter ego. Lets see fake Rafe, umm need I say more. The boy was not realy Stefano. If you remember Susan thought EJS father is Elvis, she may have tol Alice Stefano was not father or as many suspect Ian switched out the letter. The only document Stefano had saying he was not father was a letter from Alice. That is not dna it is someones assumptions
    Richard #176 The characters dont write the stories, but the actors who are oing the interviews are well aware where their characters are heading untill it is decided otherwise. The actors are the ones that are telling us in their interviews what their character was feeling. The characters are here to give us stories and make it believeable.

    Chicky #184 I was wondering the same thing the only kids we heard about was Samis an Theo.Noone else worried about their kids.

    Richard #186 Yep Sami did all that I rememnber her catchinghermother getting in on with John, cheating on Roman, being Raped by Alan. And she was a teenager when all this went own also. It is no excuse but I think she needed some help some counseling. Noone was saying Sami has not done anything to Carrie in past what we said was All Samis exs got with Carrie, except EJ. I would not want anything to dow ith a man who got with my sister or fell in love with my sister. EJ may have fell for Taylor but she is not Samis sister she is Nicoles. I also said Nicole eserved better then EJ. Ej may not have wanted to be with Nicole and it may have been a business arrangement, and then blackmaill marriage but she deserves love and to be #1 in her mans life and it is not EJ. Sami is his #1.
    Sami has always been the black sheep mother Marelna was also bed hopping aroun back in the day,seems she taught her daughter well. She also was dangling a few men by strings a few times. She made no clal to check on her daughter after explosion she has always taken Carries side. When Carrie came back ths last time her and Sami decided to become sisters and put past behind them, then Carrie started evolping feelings for Rafe oh so that is Samis fault now? What happened to Carrie an Sami during the whole Austin thing was years ago and they were very young then Sami just a teen, Marlena knows that Samimade a honest effort to be close with Carrie again as did Carrie at first. But when Carrie state she loved Rafe Marlena supported that. Samis feelings for EJ was just another reason for her family to make her feel even less as a family. She did think of her mother and checked on her did Marlena think of her?
    Sami has not had a easy life she probably needs some counceling as does Marlena. Two wrongs dont make a right either.

    Also they are still planning to move forward with Alices secrets so we will be learning more of them.

    Shani#188 I seen that also but it was only about 150 people who voted ont hat particular poll which was nowhere near all the vieers.
    29 vote(s) 27.1%
    30 vote(s) 28.0%
    SAMI & EJ
    29 vote(s) 27.1%
    3 vote(s) 2.8%
    SAMI and no one
    16 vote(s) 15.0%
    The ones who voted seemed to be about even on it but not many voted on it. Though there as I stated before are huge followings of Sami with all 3 guys as there are huge followings with EJ and SAMI AND ej an Nicole.

    Patty number 187 Thanks I am curious to see also but if indeed she is arrested I am sure she will be mad about that as well. I am also sure Nicole will have something snarky to say to her.

  194. From Tee

    * above says boy many times it shoul say body. My d is not working right on keyboard it seems sorry guys.

  195. From Shani

    Tee yes I have watched the show since 1985 & I follow it closely in all the spoilers on several websites, actors’ interviews, & SOD. I simply have a different view than you do on some things.

  196. From Tee

    From what we know of Sami she has always been a survivor she does what she has to to get what she wants, she has been munipulative an evious. So thinking of Samis ture personality I dont think Rafe fits with that. Rafe is the Safe guy the one the parents will approve of even though he has done srcupulous things, Sami became a differnt person sometimes with him, she has only been her self with Lucas and EJ. I think Lucas is like the BFF now. Other then Lucas EJ is the only other man in her life she can be her self with IMO.

    People think she should be with rafe because he mae her a better person and more acceptable to her family, but she had to change for him or rather she did change for him and if her Mother cannot accept her for who she is and have her back she is a crappy mother IMO. I loved when Kate told Marlena she would not stand around and hope she would look for her son and IAN.Marlena is running around trying to help save people and support people but she did not even call her daughter?

  197. From Shani

    I still thought the poll was interesting considering all the hoopla on here about who has more fans & some saying Rafe has practically none. I do think even if more fans voted it would be about evenly split between Rafe, EJ, & Lucas. IMO

  198. From T

    Shani I love that we all have diffrent opinions it gives us all something to talk about and I respect every ones opinion and enjoy hearing it.We might not always agree but I think it gives us great convo when we can debate friendly a little and even share like opinions or not like opinions.

  199. From Tee

    Shani I love to hear and respect all opinions. I think it gives us good convo when we can debate friendly and agree or even disagree.

    I also think that Rafe has a big following I have said it many of times before IMO it is Sami and EJ with big followings rather together or seperate or with different lovers. I was trying to find the one on Sony they did it had EJ in lead Lucas very very close by him then Rafe a little below them. The closest it has come was between EJ and Lucas. But Rafe does have a big following just as EJAMI and EJOLE are pretty close also. James said he did a poll himself once way back and was surprised how many EJOLE fans there was. The polls have EJAMI a little higher but EJOLE is close. Sami and EJ bring so much to show rather togetehr or apart and have some of fans favorite pairings. I am a Sami fan I am a EJ fan and a EJAMI fan. I enjoy scenes of the characters seperate or together. I just dont get why peopl diss Sami as a character when they then turn and say they prefer her with so and so. Likem e for example I dont care for Carrie or who she is with. To me her character does nothing much for me though I was unhappy with what they did to her charatcer this last time around. Sami has always been the way she is and we can either like her or not like her I guess. Me I love her. I dont. I always tend to look at characters past and if I see someone act out of character then I may say wow why is she or he doing that but Sami is not acting out of character she has always been that way IMO. She has ben through alot and without alot of family support either.
    For example we seen Stefano on the good side when he was helping the cia, I thought that was out of character and I did not like it uless they have a really good reason for it which this far I have seen none. I do believe people can change. I also believe EJ is sorta in between good and bad, he has stood up to his father and made good decisions. We have seen him sorta grow and try to make a good name of Dimera as of late, and had he always been strictly bad that would be out of character, but he has shown he has a good side and a bad. He is puled both ways IMO. I cant count how many times he is just like his father then how he stands up to him.

  200. From Kat

    Carrie might be gone,
    but I would think that she is Still in Rafe’s heart, and He in Hers…
    The love they claim they have for each other, does not go away that quick.
    So it would be very wrong and stupid for Rafe to get back with Sami…. Why, for what reason, not to be alone,
    or to keep her from EJ, not because of this great love he has for her all of a sudden again, but out of spite.

    I say, that finally, if Sami and EJ can have each other,
    nobody else sooner or later will matter.
    Sami and EJ have done terrible things,
    so has Victor, he killed people, should we go down his history,
    and now he his married to the Town Saint.

    Stefano and EJ are no worse than Victor, but there is always this selective memory on here.
    All those impossible things can only happen in a soap, and that is why we are watching.
    One tiny little poll,
    nothing compared to all the big polls and stuff out there, and EJ is truly the winner…

  201. From Tee

    I also think it is why we never really see Sami settle down for very long before she is in a triangle again because they are trying to please all the fan bases. Though it is true ratings have ben at highest during EJAMI scenes many times I still think like you said the other pairings are close behind.

  202. From Tee

    Kat #199 very true and well said. EJAMI has shown time and time again they bring in the big ratings and have hihest rank in polls. Even if Lumi is close behind her and Lucas are more like bffs now and alot of the old Lumi fans have begun to see that, not all But there have ben some on here that have came and said they think LUMI are like friends and EJ is where it is at.

    Who on this soap has not done something terrible? Most have and good point about Maggie and Victor.

    If I was Sami I would send Rafe on his way he was in lOve with Carrie and now that she is gone he suddenly has feelings whatever. The writers screwed that one up on their own. The old writers and both are stll pinning away for one another Sami deserves to be number 1 and she is with EJ just like Nicole does and she is not for EJ. I never understood why EJOLE fans wanted her to be number 2.

  203. From Tee

    Rafe cares so much for Sami that he did not care when she spent night after night with Lucas?
    He never once acted like he was jealous or Anything Sami did.
    Now Carrie is gone and they are trying to go back to that it seems too unatural to me. i know Galen wants to address his issues with Sami he said in a interview he was unhappy how he was made to not care but fact is he was made that way and Sami should not want anything to do with him. As a Sami fan Idont want that for her.

  204. From Richard

    I have seen nothing on this show that insinuates bogus blood tests or body doubles.
    The SPD said that the blood tests were taken from blood samples that were on file from years back.
    If there is any justice at all, blood tests will be taken.

  205. From patty

    Shani, even though I don’t put much stock in surveys I think what this one shows is that unlike what some might believe, not everybody tunes in to Days to watch EJami swapping spit or to hear Stephanos maniacal laughter.
    I think it’s way pass time to stop making excuses for Sami’s behavior or blame it on her upbringing or her mother or Carrie pushing her off the swing. She’s the black sheep because she wants to be, making no attempt to get close to her family, she doesn’t even have her own mother on facebook for heaven sake. She sleeps with the enemy then enrolls her family and her man of the day to protect her from him then turns around and goes against everything they did to keep her safe by trying to save the enemy’s a$$. No wonder nobody checks in on her.
    I still say the only hope their was for Sami was when she was with Rafe , when she seemed happy being a wife and mother and would have done anything to protect her family from EJ , not endanger them to go on the run for him.

  206. From Kat

    Surprise, this would be the first blood test that is right, not…
    I am sure that Ian had everything covered in his big scheme….
    I don’t know who was in the chair when Stefano was shot and how this went down. I am waiting for all these explanations.
    If Stefano is indeed EJ’s blood fatha, then I guess the blood tests were wrong after all and therefore bogus.
    We’ll have to wait and see.
    With all the tampered DNA/Blood tests in this town, I would bet the farm on this police blood test being
    correct, LOL
    Tee, so right, Rafe shows no feelings
    one way or the other about Sami and Lucas,
    like I said, it’s EJ and it is not because of love, it’s out of spite. IMO.
    I have no doubt, that the writers are playing it all the way, Sami and three guys, musical chairs,
    but they had Sami with Rafe for years,
    boring years for me, so now the least they can do, is give EJ and Sami some equal time.

  207. From Kat

    Of course I meant to say,

    I would NOT bet the farm…..

  208. From patty

    Well Tee, it’s kind of like Sami getting furious about Nicole interrupting her conversation with Rafe. What’s it to her if Rafe got Nicole pregnant, she didn’t seem to care all these months and all of a sudden she’s getting jealous?
    I do think however that all those issues should be adressed since it didn’t make sense the way everything was swept under the rug like nothing happened. Rafe and Sami are still married to each other after all.
    I also think if she’s going to go there with EJ, all the horrible things they did to each other should be adressed also and they should be held accountable for their crimes ( shooting, Faux Rafe, kidnapping Sydney, framing John…) Wishful thinking here! As if.

  209. From Leah

    #201 Tee…. we certainly are of the same mind! I agree Nicole deserves to be someones first. She HAS NEVER been EJs. Second time around was EJ wanted a mother to his children. No more or no less. Samantha had hurt him again and in his own words “Love is overrated. Not going there again.” There you have it plain as day!!! Nicole has only ever bit an after thought, a convenience and I cannot feel sorry for her because she has known this from day 1. EJ loves Sami. Nicole put herself there so I have no sympathy for her. The two men however who have put her first are Eric and Brady. There are decades of history there that shouldn’t go to waste. So looking forward to Eric arriving in town to rock Nicoles world. Fingers crossed it a Bricole baby and the new and more interesting love triangle can unfold… Brady/Nicole/Eric!

  210. From Leah

    You KNOW you have a winner and a supercouple when fans have been given very little yet are so fired up and excited STILL about them. Ejami unlike Safe and Lumi don’t have to jump into bed to have us glued. Ejami making out is so sexy and leaves the other pairings efforts in the dust. Loved this line on Fridays show… Sami “Let’s just sit here and stare at the walls.” And EJs response “Well we could certainly do that but I’D MUCH RATHER STARE AT YOU!” Aaaahhhh EJ!(sigh). Ejami romance…. nothing compares! No wonder Sami was melting into his arms. I would da been “Oh gee, you had me at hello!”

  211. From kat

    About the Baby being Brady’s.
    Wouldn’t the DNA have shown, that neither Rafe or EJ are the father of the Baby, and Dr. Dan should have know that at least.
    It showed Rafe as the Daddy because his Name got put on the sample From EJ…..
    So one of the two is the Daddy, so where will all of a sudden Brady slip in… I would like it, but how will they explain that one….

    I am wondering where SandyGram is, ..
    I don’t remember her saying anything about going on Vacation…..and she was always the most consistent commenter on all sites here..
    “Amber” Alert for SandyGram…
    TerriK, hope you are getting better in mind and body. Miss your insight….

  212. From Leah

    PS: Congratulations James Scott…. winner of the 2012 Adonis award. Yep, fourth year in a row! You certainly must be doing something right and have the girls swooning. Go EJ, go James, go Ejami.

  213. From patty

    Talking about wishful thinking, Brady is not Nicole baby’s daddy, EJ is. Some seem also to forget that a very short while ago, EJ was declaring his undying love to #2 Nicole and begging and groveling for forgiveness and another chance and promising they would never, ever be over even after she refused him. If it’s hard to believe Rafe is over Carrie, it’s even harder to believe that EJ has forgotten this great love #2 and his unborn baby that he knows for sure is his.
    I imagine Sami’s reaction when she finds out it’s EJ’s baby will be priceless to see, if she even cares.

  214. From Shani

    208 patty I agree about Sami & Rafe. NEITHER of them has seemed to give a thought to their break-up & now all of a sudden they care? IMO it points to unresolved feelings ( for the actors, Galen anyway, as well as the characters ) & maybe the writers will address them as they should.

    I say again if Rafe having feelings for Sami’s sister was bad enough for some to believe she should not go back to Rafe, then the awful things EJ has done to her & her family should certainly also be bad enough reasons why she shouldn’t go back to EJ. Guess it depends on which man you like best as a viewer.

    Around & around we go again trying to make our case for Rafe, EJ, or Lucas. & it doesn’t matter a bit since we aren’t going to change each other’s minds & what’s going to happen will happen on the show. Tee may be right the writers want to please every fan base at one time or another.

  215. From kat

    I agree, that EJ is the Baby’s Daddy, but some on here keep thinking it could be Brady’s. Like I said, I would “like” to see that one explained….LOL
    Yes, it will be interesting, once Sami finds out that EJ is the Father and Not Rafe. Like patty said… priceless.
    But they might be able to over come that one together in this slow moving courtship.
    Not all Mom’s and Dad’s are married to each other, not on this show.
    And Nicole certainly does NOT WANT EJ anymore. Sami can be a step Mom to the baby, just like Nicole was a Step Mom
    to Sami’s kids….Then Nicole might find out first hand, how Sami used to feel when Her kids were with Nicole…

    Isn’t it lovely , how things are so simple on a soap. One big Commune Family, everybody gets to be with everybody sooner or later.
    We could have Trivia questions…
    Who steals the covers during the night….and all the men could shout out…. Nicole…(men:Victor,Lucas, Brady, EJ, Dr. Dan, Eric ??
    Which of the men lets his tow nails grow to long, and Nicole, Carrie and Sami could yell…. Lucas
    and who is the greates lover of them all,
    and of course Kate, Taylor,Nicole and Sami all would scream…. EJ

  216. From Shani

    Several on here were even upset to see EJ acting in that way, groveling at Nicole’s feet begging her to take him back, declaring she was the only one he ever loved. Her baby, (EJ’s baby) will be an issue again for sure.

  217. From Kat

    however bad things EJ and Sami have done to each other,
    Sami knows that Carrie is still in Rafe’s Heart,
    and she knows deep down, that she is and always will be in EJ’s heart as NO. 1.
    I agree, the writers try to please to much, but is time now for them
    to Finally please the EJami fans….Long overdue.
    Bravo EJ/James for again winning the Adonis award…. you deserve it.
    Rafe/Galen is a good looking man, but he just rubs “ME” the wrong way, I did not like him to much when he was Galen on Dirty Soap. So there we go.
    I like James just as much off the show, just talking to somebody.
    Rafe/Galen comes across to snarky/smirky something, but that is just Me…

  218. From Leah

    A Bricole baby…. ladies anything is possible. Its a soap and if the powers to be want to they can change anything. And I for one wouldn’t think it impossible as A)Nicole can certainly handle (and has) two men on the go at once and B) I thought it was interesting when Brady found out she was pregnant and asked “How did this happen?” Nicoles response was “Please, it happens. Lets face it you and I didn’t use protection all the time.”
    I for one think Brady needs the depth to his character. Would love to see Brady as a dad. I reckon he would be wonderful. Anyway we can all wish… who knows could end up being a Will/Austin/Lucas scenerio all over again. Austin and we all thought Will was his only years later to find out he was in fact Lucas’s. Would sure spice things up! I love the unexpected.

  219. From patty

    Kat, if Sami knows Carrie is still in Rafe’s heart, how does she know Nicole is not still in EJ’s. Rafe and Carrie have mutually agreed to end it and go their seperate ways. EJ was still groveling at Nicole’s feet only a few weeks ago.
    James Scott is a good looking man and so is GG. As far as Rafe and EJ, Rafe’s goodness and tender side shines through and makes him sexy as hell while EJ’s evil side takes away from his good looks. EJ’s pompous airs is not my cup of tea but that’s just me.

  220. From kat

    patty, yes, so many different teas….isn’t it wonderful to have choices….
    to me EJ is sexy and I love his tender caring side, takes away nothing from his good looks.
    In my Opinion, yes Rafe is good looking, but the half smirk takes away from his looks IMO.
    Isn’t it funny, how we can see things so different, I think it is great… us so much to talk about…

  221. From K


    EJ sexy? how? Did he not tell Rafe when Rafe was a prisoner at Dimera mansion, he likes doing what he does to Sami, because he enjoys manipulating her? He even called her neurotic. You call that sexy? i call that sick.

  222. From Kat

    K, I hear you, but Sami also at one time “enjoyed” shooting EJ and then pulling the plug.
    Strange I know, but it makes for strange Drama…. and you can get that only on a Soap…
    And it seems, so many of us are watching every day. Must be something to all those strange, ueber the top stories in Salem….
    Good or Bad, EJ oozes Sex appeal, it’s just there, and I enjoy him on the screen.
    It’s just a story, entertainment, not real,
    and EJ is great eye candy. Maybe not for you, but that’s ok, I understand.

  223. From grandma to many

    Will it cause any problem when it is determined Stephano is really EJ’s father ? It seems to me like Sami is willing to get back with EJ because that stigma is not there any more or will she change her mind when the “truth ” is told ?

  224. From patty

    Exactly K #221! Why would any woman in her right mind want to be with a man that has admittedly used and abused and manipulated her to the point of her shooting him in the head to get him away from her and her children. All looks and steaminess aside , that is crazy scary and disturbed relationship. Why would any woman with any self respect want to put herself through all that misery again ? Why be with a man like that when she could be with one that would love her and protect her and treat her right? I guess you could call that being a glutton for punishment. I don’t see the sexiness in it either.

  225. From Kat

    well maybe Sami wants to be with EJ, because after everything is said and done, He is the only that
    rings her bells, and the rest of them are just in between fillers. LOL, why settle if you don’t have to…. Only She knows how she feels, none of us have a clue, do we now…….
    The oldest story in the world, you can not tell anybody h ow to feel or not to feel……..
    Her and His choice, finally…..

  226. From patty

    Yes Kat, and we all know how Sami’s choices and actions have always came back to bite her in the butt, don’t we. Then she goes crying to her family and needs protection and help from other men.
    Sami hasn`t made a choice to be with EJ and so far it looks like EJ just wants to get in her pants so maybe she`ll have a rare moment of clarity and run for the hills as far away from that man as possible.
    And yes Kat I know this is a soap but even on soaps women shouldn`t be portrayed as weak minded creatures that would go crawling back to an unhealthy relationship just for some hot sex and eye candy.

  227. From patty

    Especially with four children with one already scared for life by witnessing their kind of sex and being blackmailed and tutored to learn the Demira ways.

  228. From kat

    yes patty, and it all makes great entertainment, and I enjoy watching all the ups and downs,
    mistakes, the sex, the blackmail, the unhealthy relationships,
    all of Sami’s choices,
    Nicole’s jumping from bed to bed,
    all the bad things all the characters have done, the musical chairs, I could go on and on.

    Soaps women have been treated in all kinds of ways, and Soap men have been
    betrayed and treated badly by the soap women and worse.
    What do you want from a soap, it’s not Sunday school, nobody has to watch it, it is, what it is, there are no Morals on a soap, they went out the window a long time ago. LOL

  229. From Leah

    Exactly Kat…. if we wanna watch a show with morals I don’t think a soap opera is the place to be searching for it. Soap Opera’s are a bit of fun, a little drama and definitely some afternoon lovin and romance for those of us who wanna put our feet up and unwind for a hour or so. Soap Opera’s are fantasy not reality. They and their characters are not to be taken so seriously. Its daytime TV and called light entertainment.

  230. From patty

    Funny how for some, EJ being an evil jerk and manipulating people is not just entertaining but justified and sexy but let anybody else slip up and they want them killed off .
    Well can’t wait for today’s show and be entertained by watching EJ and Stephano get some of what they dish out just for the fun of it. I do wish they would keep Ian on because finally they’ve got someone as evil and sick as they are to give them a run for their money.
    Of course can’t wait to watch Rafe and Sami get under each other’s skin again but even more so if Sami tied up to a chair. Maybe he could gag her too . Come on Rafe please, you can do this!! Now that would be fun and entertaining beyond words.
    Oh and lets not forget the Wi lson kiss. Now there’s a nice romance in the making.
    Nicole getting cut off from having sex, funny as hell.
    Stephano in a Hannibal Lecter mask? Maybe the plan is to eat EJ for diner with some Chianti since he’s so yummy.Ha!
    I’m definetly going to put my feet up and enjoy. Did I tell you I’m loving the new show!

  231. From patty

    **UPDATED 8/17**
    Spoilers for the Week of August 27th;

    Monday (“Bail”)
    Sami is livid when Nicole interrupts her conversation with Rafe; Melanie opens up to Chad about Nick.

    Tuesday (“Feelings”)
    Nicole reveals her true feelings to Daniel; Chad posts EJ’s bail; Sonny punches T.

    Wednesday (“Searching For Sami”)
    Rafe realizes he has lingering feelings for Sami; Nick makes a decision about his future

    Hmmm! Searching for Sami , maybe she does run for the hills.

  232. From Maryl

    patty–I agree with Kat–a soap opera isn’t about morals. What would a soap opera be like if all the guys acted like Rafe? Morals and such are one of the main things messed with in soap SLs. We have the inspiration channels if moral values is what one wants to see. Soaps place their characters in situations that in real life most of us would abhor and not want to be in but because it’s fiction, we can dare to have empathy for even the most wretched characters if we are able to see through their complicated and complex personalities. Because we do get to see both sides of these people and see why they do what they do, makes it possible for some of us to have empathy for them and not judge them as we would real people. I understand that not everyone can separate themselves from the real world to a fictional one so it turns out to be what it is–two types of viewers who will never see eye to eye about the stories and the characters.

    On a soap anything can change, so I believe the writers could change the paternity of Nicole’s baby with just simply going back and slipping in a “quick one” between Brady and her when both of them were on the down and out. The clock can always be turned backward or forward. If they can raise a man (Stefano) from the dead, then a paternity change should be a snap to fix. I hope the writers do just that–Brady needs to be the father!

    If Eric comes back as a priest, and if the writers put him and Nicole in a “situation”, I’m wondering how long it will take her to get him to remove his collar and totally defrock him. Ha!
    You can bet some female will do just that–not sure who, but it’s been a while since we had a priest/female parishioner scandalous romance going on.Ha! Now talk about those morals if that happens!

  233. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #170 Richard – you left out the intangible rape of Sami by the doppleganger Rafe. It’s the most disturbing aspect of the EJ persona, IMO. He’s really quite a viciously written character. Once again the ick factor creeps in to Days. It’s quite intolerable. I am bemused and dumbfounded how women are bowled over on this site by such a dispicable character. I think people like Sami with Rafe because it makes her seem less skanky and more humanized. But then again, it is a soap and somebody’s got to act the dumbass.

  234. From Maryl

    Oh dear!! According to patty’s spoiler post Rafe realizes he has “lingering feelings” for Sami! Surely, that must be an indication that the writers will reunite Safe?
    But is Sami an “acceptable” mate for Saint Rafe now that she has shown her true colors–I think Rafe fans would protest that pairing–an immoral person such as Sami just wouldn’t be good enough for Rafe? Right?

    Wonder if Rafe has lingering feelings for Carrie also and if so, what did he do with them?

  235. From Shani

    233 Dyeing to be Blonde, yes that has always been very disturbing to me, not only that Sami should be absolutely outraged at what EJ & Stefano did to her putting fake Rafe in her bed but what they did to her husband real Rafe in the process. There are some evil and vicious things that I find not believable to be forgiven, even on a soap.

    Probably it’s time to stop the digs toward Rafe fans about bad Sami being put with Saint Rafe. I think most of us who like Rafe have explained our feelings very well, SEVERAL times. Nobody thinks Rafe is a Saint & nobody thinks Sami is the good person he deserves. But we do think she was a better person with him.

  236. From Maryl

    Yes, Dyeing to be Blonde–you said it–EJ is written to be a vicious character at times, but he is also written as being soft at times. The writers have messed with EJ’s character over and over. No other character, besides Sami has gone through this kind of seesaw. Don’t feel dumbfounded and bemused by some of us who see his and Sami’s characters differently–it is fiction and that’s where the difference starts. As I stated in a previous blog, we see both sides of a character in this fiction and we are shown why they do the things they do. EJ didn’t create robo Rafe–Stefano did. But EJ did take advantage of the creation because he was at war with Sami at the time. One of the most stupid Sls in my opinion. Very hard to swallow. However, Galen G. stated that it was his favorite SL to play. I can believe that because he was able to use his acting skills a bit in that.

  237. From Richard

    #233 Dyeing to be Blonde
    Yeah, I did forget about the fake Rafe that could have scared Sami and the children for life, by the way he treated them.
    I still believe that the real Rafe may have had some of the fake Rafe’s memories left in his head.
    There must be a strong presence of Sami, that needs to be stimulated from time to time.
    As some may recall, the fake Rafe always became infatuated by other women, the main one being Nicole. He never met Carrie, but if he had, he would never resist her advances.
    IMO, Stefano would have put the memories of the fake Rafe into Rafe’s head to make Rafe a wanted man and destroy his image.

  238. From Richard

    EJ is such a sensitive character that he once told Stefano that his life with Sami would be fine, if he didn’t have Lucas to deal with.
    Stefano said, “That’s easy, just get rid of him!”
    EJ: “you mean kill Lucas?”
    Stefano: “There are other ways to eliminate him”
    Ej was so sensitive that he agreed that it was OK to destroy Lucas, but not kill him.
    He wanted Sami again, later on, but Rafe was in the way. Oh, but you know the rest of the story.
    Every time Sami gets over EJ and finds someone new, EJ gets jealous and wants to eliminate them.
    He says, “she is the mother of my kids”, but I think that it’s a situation of “If I can’t have her, no one can” and as EJ once said “I want to destroy Sami Brady”

  239. From Richard

    EJ was sent to Salem to impregnate Sami Brady, kill John Black and set up the assasination of other Brady family members and he attempted to do just that. He’s such a nice guy.
    He is driven and educated by Stefano. He is not his own man.

  240. From Richard

    Again, Roman did just the reverse of what I expected him to do.
    I expected him to show some concern about his daughter and Grandson.
    I expected him to search for EJ, but he was asking questions of survivors instead.
    I still question if he is the real Roman or not.

  241. From jolie

    #95 Kat, my apologies. I just didn’t want us to have another cat fight when we have all this good stuff going on. My apologies to all.
    And I also stand by Richard’s right to make all the theories he wants. Not right to stand in judgment of them. Disregard them if you wish but it is really not our place to declare what is valid or not.
    #99 Kat, the coin, the coin, where the heck is the coin?? Writers seem to have forgotten it but Stefano may have some recon on it when he gets back. It will be so good to have him back.
    I thought Kate was spectacular with Ian on Friday’s episode. She had to face what she had done to her marriage and that Ian was using her. It hit her hard because she has always used her beauty and her wiles to get by and the rug was jerked out from under her. The actress was great. Ian was creepily creepy. I loved it when she told him that he didn’t measure up in the boardroom or the bedroom compared to her real man. I want Stefano to come back and forgive her. I thought it was played well when Kate wanted to send Brady after Ian and John stopped her. She did a decent thing and told Brady that Madison said she loved Brady. Kate, you got points for that one.
    #107 Kat, Stefano had to have been on to Ian in some way to pull off letting him ‘kill’ him. And maybe agent Spencer is more a Stefano stealth fighter than an agent for whatever that agency they all work for at some point or another.
    #109 Maryl, an Evil Brady…that is a novel idea. That would be a hoot in finding him to be related to the Brady side. He is just to creepy for that but could you just see he and Roman stirring the family pot of chowder at Christmas Eve??
    I see we are still having the same arguments this week on Elvis/Sami vs Lucas/Sami vs Rafe/Sami vs someone else/Sami. One thing for sure…we are headed for Elvis/Sami. It will not last but is inevitable. Rafe will still be there and will still be a thorn in the Elvis/Sami relationship. Nicole will still be there and will still be a thorn in the Elvis/Sami relationship. Nicole’s child may end up as Brady’s as some have proposed but right now we are supposed to think it is Elvis’ and sometimes when we are fooling Elvis we think it is Rafe’s. Elvis and Sami will not last. Someone, somehow, sometime, somewhere, by design or by chance (or scarf) will come between them. So none of these pairings is the right one. None is actually better than the other. Sami is beautiful and should be played a bit smarter in my opinion as she is a grown, business-running, mom and not the heavy breathing teenie booper the writers make her out to be but that is just my opinion and we know about those, don’t week. This pairing of Elvis and Sami while entertaining…ain’t gonna last so enjoy while you can but don’t book too far in advance as there is no refund.
    #201 Tee, I think you hit on the whole truth. Sami is a pivotal character. She is written to be right in the middle and muddle and she’ll, by the nature of how her character is written, never settle down while she is one of the most pivotal characters. So hang on. If she and Elvis hang their Christmas stockings on the same fireplace, I’d be very surprised their new fling lasts that long.
    My poor NicNic. Dr Dan, I want to smack you so hard! Yes, Nicole has been and has done some very harsh and horrible things and she will likely do them again when push comes to shove but right now, she just wants a little happiness, safety for her babe, a family. I really want it for her. I still wait for the day when Sami and Nicole have to team up together. Look out Salem. If they ever double team Elvis, he will not stand a chance.

  242. From Kat

    241, jolie,
    We are good, you just read it wrong, but like I said, sweet to stand up for MAB.
    I have never said, that Richard or anybody can Not have all the Theories/opinion they want, yikes, I am the freedom of speech fighter on her from way back,
    but I also reserve the freedom to
    opine about them, like all of us opine about each others blogs all the time. Like I said, if you can’t take honest responses to your comments/theories, don’t put them on here and then complain, when you do not get a glorious response…
    230 patti, you must be tied to a chair,
    sitting and having to watch all these terrible things on this soap, why watch all this, if it is so dis-tasteful, I would not put myself through this punishment.

    I enjoy it, because it is almost like an Adult Fairy Tale Book, the witches, the evil King, the charming prince.
    If you really look at the old fairy tales, there is a lot of Evil in them…..

    Maryl, I so agree with you, enjoy reading your posts, but then again I do enjoy reading all the posts, even when I don’t agree, I find them stimulating, and I try to see their side.

  243. From patty

    Hi Maryl! While I agree that morals are out the window on soaps I totally disgree that they shouldn’t be incorporated in storylines. This whole show was basically based on family values and good overcoming evil and that was successful for many ,many years. Now the complete opposite is true, it’s now hot and sexy to destroy families and each other and some people are entertained by that. The evil ones are cheered on and the good ones ridiculed , the guilty get away with murder and the innocent ones get punished or get framed. I don’t care how many sides you see in EJ but his evil streak is his most prevalent one and this soft facade you see once in a while is just that, a facade . He is usually lying and scheming even whan he is being his most charming self and like DtbB, I don’t get how women don’t see that or can be attracted to it.

  244. From patty

    No Kat, don’t have to tie me down to a chair to watch this. Sami in cuffs, getting hot and bothered with visions of a shirtless Rafe back in the days at the safehouse. Hot, hot, hot!
    Poor little Johnny getting out of bed and asking Marlena where his mommy is.

  245. From Katt

    I am glad patty, of course I was joking, and you know that.
    Can’t relate to what you are saying, because as you know, I have not seen it yet.
    Unfortunately, things have changed in this world,
    and SL’s are getting more and more daring. Beaver and Father knows best, are long gone history.
    I think it’s about time, that we will see, as you mention, Marlena taking care of the kids.

    Mommies are gone sometimes at night,
    and I am sure big Mother Marlena will handle the situation just right. At least Caroline gets a break finally.
    EJ and Stefano are now and have been getting some punishment for their evil deeds,
    that is what you guys wanted, of course they will not go jail,
    none of them (except Nicole,Lucas, Dr. Bill Horton)
    ever go to jail, because the SL’s have to continue. It is an ongoing saga after all.

    In closing, I am sorry, that watching this show for the biggest part makes you so uncomfortable,
    so I am glad, when Rafe today shirtless made you happy, because it was so hot.

    Don’t look down your nose on the ones, that are entertained BY That…..
    we know what it is, we know it is fiction,
    and yet All of us, incl. you are watching it, and talking, and talking, and talking about it.
    Something must be fascinating about it, to keep us involved…
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s show, like you said, hot,hot, hot.

  246. From Katt

    I am glad patty, of course I was joking, and you know that.
    Can’t relate to what you are saying, because as you know, I have not seen it yet.
    Unfortunately, things have changed in this world,
    and SL’s are getting more and more daring. Beaver and Father knows best, are long gone history.
    I think it’s about time, that we will see, as you mention, Marlena taking care of the kids.

    Mommies are gone sometimes at night,
    and I am sure big Mother Marlena will handle the situation just right. At least Caroline gets a break finally.
    EJ and Stefano are now and have been getting some punishment for their evil deeds,
    that is what you guys wanted, of course they will not go jail,
    none of them (except Nicole,Lucas, Dr. Bill Horton)
    ever go to jail, because the SL’s have to continue. It is an ongoing saga after all.

    In closing, I am sorry, that watching this show for the biggest part makes you so uncomfortable,
    so I am glad, when Rafe, for you, today shirtless made you happy, because it was so hot.

    Don’t look down your nose on the ones, that are entertained BY That…..”I don ‘t get how women don’t see that or can be attracted to that…”
    we know what it is, we know it is fiction,
    and yet All of us, incl. you are watching it, and talking, and talking, and talking about it.
    Something must be fascinating about it, to keep us involved…
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s show, like you said, hot,hot, hot.

  247. From MAB

    Stefano’s death didn’t break the show because everyone knew before he left he’d be back…and along w/ that and implementing the explosion s/l before the Olympics is what kept everyone watching.

    OMG EJ & Sami’s scenes were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I barely remember what else happened because their scenes were so powerful on Thursday & Friday’s shows. It took me a long time to get thru both episodes. Sami sure didn’t say “I’ll be waiting” for nothing! I haven’t seen her enjoy herself that much w/ a man for years! All realistic, true emotions, everything, they got it! But I’m sure there will be something to come between what her & EJ were accomplishing w/ one another before he got called away and one of the village idiots (Rafe) showed up. Certainly no spark when he showed up…the spark left the room when EJ left.

    Some may like Rafe, and so be it, but that family has brought nothing to the show whatsoever! If they did, the other characters would still be around, but there are only 2 left. I’m hoping they will be gone eventually too! In NO WAY can the Hernandez family (or any other family) be compared to the likes of the long standing families on this show which consist of Horton/Brady & DiMera/Kirakis.

    It is evident that the show sure didn’t miss a beat while Rafe was gone, so what is his contribution again??

    Kat – good point, what happened to Agent Spencer??

    Well, if they stick boring Rafe back w/ Sami, there is no doubt he sure will show her who’s boss…in that he will just control her again like he always did.

    Leah – I completely agree, the more relevant, current issues should be discussed. Why go back years and start messing w/ the paternity of the kids?

    Some should take their own advice when talking about other’s opinions. If you can disagree w/ other’s opinions, then they can disagree w/ your theories. EJ’s shooting – it’s fact Sami shot him, she admitted to it, EJ knows it, it’s done – nothing staged about it. And it’s fact, until proven otherwise (which I highly doubt). Theories are fine, I even have some myself sometimes (although I call them speculation), but don’t down people for their opinion like they’re not valid. It works both ways on here.

    Hmm, seems Joe Mascalo’s disappointment in Stefano not being EJ’s real father influenced the writers to make a change. I’m hoping that James & Ali’s request regarding EJ & Sami’s new relationship also has the writers working on a new s/l for the EJami resurrection.

    Not surprising Rafe will have to cuff Sami to a chair to get her to turn on EJ, or that Rafe would sink to that level. Nice cop technique – NOT! Also, regardless of who Sami is in love with, I don’t find it unrealistic for her to protect Rafe, or anyone else, including EJ or Lucas. I think that is just gut instinct on her part.

    Apparently Kate finds out thru Chad that Stefano still wants nothing to do w/ her. I think they will reunite eventually tho, but of course there will be many obstacles for them to overcome.

    Sami has certainly not been off the rails since her split w/ Rafe. She got a job & supported her kids. While she was w/ Rafe, she was running around like a maniac, shooting EJ, among many other crimes & such. All Sami had w/ Rafe was sex. What else was there, unless they were running around hiding the crimes they committed, while blaming EJ for everything, or Rafe was trying to control her and be her new daddy. Sami was fake w/ Rafe, and their relationship was horrific. She is the real Sami when she’s w/ EJ. They are compatible in everyway, and they exude chemistry. I think they’re gonna happen for real this time. It might take some time, but that’s ok by me. I’ll wait.

    There is no proof any of the letters that supposedly where written by Alice are for real. They could be fakes. And none of those documents was valid proof of anything. I’m sure Ian had a hand in some of this, but of course, that’s just a ‘theory’ of mine.

    Sami is the black sheep because her family made her one. If you’ve watched this show as long as I have, Carrie was always favored over Sami, and Marlena still makes that clear today…she even favors Will over Sami. I don’t make excuses for Sami’s behavior, that is who she is, right or wrong. But she has the right to live her life w/ who she wants w/o her family turning against her just because she wants to be w/ a DiMera.

    Why is it’s Sami fault for not having her mother on Facbook, what about Marlena? Why doesn’t she have Sami on her Facebook?

    Some ‘spoilers’ say one thing when they mean another, just like Sami making a statement to EJ & Will. So many thought she was working for the cops, among other things, when it only turned out to be that she was going w/ EJ. So Sami getting furious at Nicole for interrupting her & Rafe doesn’t mean there’s a hidden agenda here. Sami would get furious at Nicole for anything. They don’t like each other, and never will.

    If Sami & EJ should be held accountable for their crimes, then so should Rafe, Nicole, and most of the rest of Salem.

    No one can say for sure that EJ is Nicole’s baby’s father. It’s always possible someone is, and that includes Brady. If anyone remembers the shock of finding out that Bo turned out to be Zack’s father (and not John), then anything is possible. Again, this is a soap. Either way, it’s the writer’s decision. But if EJ really is the father, big deal, they can share custody of the baby & be friends, just like Sami & Lucas were, and should be.

    If the kids are scared for life by witnessing sex, it sure is Sami & Rafe’s because that is all they did, while the kids were forgotten, or carted off the Grandma Caroline’s. The kids never witnessed EJ & Sami sexually (only Will & only once).

    No one cares why some don’t get why MANY of us like EJ. It’s a preference of liking A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I guess that still escapes those who still apparently can’t separate real life from a soap opera.

  248. From Maryl

    patty–I didn’t mean to imply that morals have no place or shouldn’t be incorporated in the Sls–I meant they are what the writers mess with the most and tear apart because that’s the way they can make the stories interesting. Gone are the “good ole days” of the soap world? I have a history book of Days old SL’s and believe me the characters were not innocent back then either. They didn’t always get pay back either. Esteemed Bill Horton raped Laura and never paid for the crime–as a matter of fact, he wound up marrying her. Likewise with Jack and Kayla. And the stories go on and on. Victor was alive and well in Salem back than doing terrible things to people and guess what–now he is married to Saintly Maggie. Murder, rape, adultery, lies, manipulations, divorce, illegitimate pregnancies, and deceitfulness was just as present back then as it is now. We just didn’t have blog sites back then to air our frustrations and differences on how we see and feel about things that are going on with certain characters.

    It’s Hot and sexy to destroy marriages?–I don’t think many would see it that way. The writers use this ploy to separate couples so characters’ sls can be changed.

  249. From Kat

    245,246, MAB and Maryl,
    what great posts, couldn’t have said it better.
    I so enjoyed every word.
    Times have changed, not only on soaps, but all around, TV, Movies, etc…
    The envelopes are being pushed,
    but it seems the audience is there for it…
    EJ, he looks good today, even tied up and messy, he is gorgeous,
    Ian, great acting job, they should have unleashed him sooner, to show us what he can do, instead that stiff Tin soldier.
    Rafe, bouncing around today, like he owned the world, nothing sexy about that. Boy does his jealousy over EJ ever show. He could care less about Lucas, but EJ is another story.
    I guess, now that Carrie is gone,
    Sami starts looking good to him again,
    prob. since he has been on dry dock for a while, and his “horns” are stirring..
    Sami did look fantastic in that dress. She could turn on a Rock LOL. Poor Rafe.
    Of course, Sami will have memories of times past, when her and Rafe were Sex crazy together, after all, that’s all they really had.

    I am glad that Sami/EJ’s courtship will take some time, it is the “until they get there”, that is the best part of the story…..

  250. From MAB

    No one can say EJ & Sami won’t last no more than you can say anything else for sure about this show. If the writers make it happen, then it will. We are just fans, and like it or not, we can’t declare what will or will not happen. There will always be something to pose a threat to EJami, but that don’t mean they can’t make it work.

    If you’re gonna call Sami’s heavy breathing teenie-bopper, then what would you call Marlena’s?

    Kat – you’re right, don’t reprimand someone for talking about another’s opinions/theories when they do the exact same thing. The difference is, is those who belittle others for doing it OR are nasty about it. And we all know the ones that do that.

    Some say they can’t stand all the bad things the DiMeras do, but it’s funny how it’s excused when someone else does the same thing, like Ian.

    If morals should always be incorporated in the s/l’s, then the rules have to apply to ALL characters. And if this happened, then nearly every Salemite would be incarcerated, which means there are no good ones to be ridiculed because there would be no good ones left (w/ the exception of very few). That includes most of the Salem PD (aka village idiots), and that definitely includes Rafe. He has broken more laws than the rest of the cops put together. Some tend to forget how long the DiMeras have been a staple on this show. The show skyrocketed w/ the inception of Stefano DiMera, the greatest villain ever to grace daytime TV. Again, the show would’ve probably never lasted as long as it has if it weren’t for the DiMeras wreaking havoc. That is the formula for soaps, always has, and always will be.

  251. From Richard

    I can understand how some people can come on here and talk about how hot and sexy EJ is. That’s perfectly fine with me.
    Most of them, though, have to take it a step further and infuriate Rafe fans and state how boring and unsexy he is.
    That’s the thing that gets to me the most cause it seems to me, they know that they are creating a firestorm.

  252. From MAB

    Kat – yep now that Carrie is gone, Rafe’s gonna start sniffing around Sami again. Typical Rafe, always wanting women who are involved w/ another man…so boring. I wish Sami would tell him where to get off! Rafe & Carrie admitted that if she hadn’t got pregnant by Austin, that they were gonna be together no matter what (or who they hurt), and if she’d stayed in Salem, it would’ve happened, pregnant or not. That is why she was so insistent on leaving Salem. I mean even Austin didn’t know until the last minute whether she would go w/ him or stay behind w/ Rafe. The writers need to get a clue and write Rafe his own s/l, otherwise what is his purpose on the show??? Oh yes, EJ looks good…everyday!

  253. From patty

    Yes Richard, and also to assume people who don’t like EJ can’t deferentiate between soap and reality but bash all other “fictional” characters to the point of wishing them dead or gone. To blame everyone else for Sami shortcomings and EJ’s evilness. I don’t like EJ because on the show he’s an a$$hole, in my life he doesn’t exist, but he’d still be an a$$hole if he did.

  254. From MAB

    If it’s ANYONE who starts the firestorms, it’s the Rafe fans. They trash EJ on a daily basis, and have even went so far to trash the actor himself. Now if that isn’t infuriating to EJ fans, then I don’t what is.

    I could care less about Rafe one way or another, looks or anything else. I don’t trash his looks, he’s just not my type. I don’t like the character, and voice my opinion about it, but that is only because of how his character is portrayed by unimaginitive writers who insist on involving him w/ EJ & Sami, and not give him his own real s/l.

  255. From patty

    You are right Richard. And also to assume that anyone who doesn’t like EJ can’t differenciate soap from reality. And also to bash and blame every other characters on the show for Sami’s stupidity and EJ’s evil streak. And to compare everybody’s past mistakes to the Demiras reign of terror. Like anyone else’s crime could even come close to anything they did!
    I don’t like EJ on the show because he’s a heartless *hole, in my life he doesn’t exist but he’d still be one if he did.

  256. From Cougar

    Lets face it if in the universe there is search for intelligent life and the extra-terrestials used soaps to base their opinions on us earthlings we’re doomed.

    Plots, career choices, personas and paternity pretty much change on a dime. Morals & fidelity ferge-da-boud-it. If you want that watch re-runs of the Waltons.

    Sami and EJ well they keep circling back. As Juli always said the heart wants what the heart wants. Where there is smoke there usually is fire. Lts hope we are in for a long slow smoldering burn.

    Dr. Dan you said it best when you referred to your behavior as a jack-ass and know you are going to contribute even more by dumping Nicole after bedding and pursuing her!?!? Shame on you. A lot of us viewers, me included had the ick factor thing with you romancing a pregnant Nicole. But guess what, we were won over and started to like seeing the two of you two together.

    Right yu are MAB about comparing Sami’s heavy breathing to Marlene’s forever young diva anctics. I’ll take Sami and EJ’s romantic scenes faster than you can dip strawberry in whip cream and sigh “Oh Doc.”

  257. From MAB

    Oh, I bash all characters, then you turn around and bash EJ. Contradictory?? Yep! Get this straight, I could care less if you like EJ or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t phase me in the least. You are the ones spewing about the reality of how the show should be, everyone should have morals, good vs evil, yada yada. I see it for what it is, a soap. Get your facts straight. Wishing Madison & Ian to be gone is not bashing them. They were wasted characters…and that wasted time could’ve been spent on existing character’s s/l’s, or something new all together.

  258. From Cougar

    With regards to Rafe I think that the writing and sl they have given him sucks. I wish that they would deal more constructively with him. Think he is to blue collar to what EJ is to white. He reallyshould be set up with a more interesting love life. For the options of someone new for Sami as a life long mate, please, please by all means do that with him. Then throw in a little mayhem with perchance the resurrection of the dearly departed fiancee. Emily . . . what’s the real story there. Intorduce that neglegant mother of his. You know, the one that fobbed him off on nuns for what every reason. Yes, yes the always absent mother that you never see or hear from when her children are in crisis. There is a lot there to work with if only they would chose to.

  259. From kat

    MAB, and whoever…..
    All I read on hear anymore by the Rafe Fans, Is sour Grapes, LOL.
    They are running in circles,
    complaining, but yet watching and writing about it,
    well to me Rafe is boring and un sexy, my opinion,
    just read patty, my God, she couldn’t make it any clearer just how she despises EJ, you would thing he was real.
    And Richard, I am getting tired, him always trying to tell us, what we can say about his, opinions/theories,
    keep them to yourself if you can’t stand
    critique, LOL.

    Like patty’s comment # 243, “I don’t get how women don’t see that, or can be attracted to that…”
    To me it sounds like she is sitting judgment of Us EJ fans.
    I have never blamed anybody for Sami’s short comings, she just was a bad seed,
    I don’t make excuses for what or who EJ is, I just enjoy the whole picture, the SL,
    and all the different characters it takes to give us a good show.

    The Morals police is wasting it’s time on here. The writers will write, what the people out there want….and if that is not you, or you,
    then very simple, don’t watch, or return when the SL is again one that suits you.
    It’s an Adult show, not for children, and if you let kids watch, it’s your decision.

  260. From patty

    Sorry for the double post.
    Oh and Richard some people come on here all worked up and then accuse people of not being able to separate the show from reality. But it’s always poor Rafe’s fault. Good thing he’s got those gorgeous wide shoulders, he can take it. :)
    I think he got stabbed today (sniff)so I’m thinking maybe he’ll have to take his shirt off :) so Sami can stitch him up again. Maybe the “moment” we’ve heard about. I can hear Sami panting already.

  261. From MAB

    #254 Cougar – me too. I’d much rather watch a realistic love scene between EJ & Sami than how Marlena acts when John touches her. Not that I don’t like John, I do, Marlena just overdoes it.

    And I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t seen kissing like EJ & Sami did for quite some time. She certainly don’t kiss Lucas that way, nor Rafe. They were exploring some real territory there!

    #257 kat – ditto!

  262. From voiceofreason

    LOL. Same story, different day. It’s a soap opera. Made up characters designed to get a response from the viewing audience. It’s working. Some like EJ, some like Rafe. There is no reason whatsoever for either side to be bashing the other, and frankly, there shouldn’t be any reason to badmouth the actor unless you think his acting his bad. If it’s how his character is written, it’s the writers’ fault, not his. EJ is written to be a scumbag. Rafe is written to be holier-than-thou. It is what it is. Some people like the bad boys. So be it. Just don’t try to shove your opinion down the throats of those who don’t. And for gosh sakes, everyone stop trying to force your opinion on others. Thanks

  263. From voiceofreason

    Sorry for the last sentence repeat.

  264. From voiceofreason

    MAB, completely agree on the John/Marlena thing. I want to barf everytime I see them make out. Bo and Hope are much more realistic as a married couple.

  265. From patty

    Sour grapes? Not at all, don’t you know, I’m loving the new shows and the direction it’s going. I’m not going anywhere . And no I don’t want to watch the Waltons, I want to watch Days and I want to see people be held accountable for their atrocities. I don’t mean for bending a few rules or switching tests results, I mean for little things like robbing a whole town of their pension funds or for creating a monster and putting it in your ex wife’s bed, blackmail, extortion, kidnapping… just little immoral things like that.

  266. From Kat

    260 voiceofreason,
    LOL, seems to me, you just “shoved” a whole lot of your opinions down our “throats”…. funny, and cute.
    Nobody is forcing opinions on anybody, we are giving our opinions, haven’t we done that now for a very long time.
    I think, that is why I am on here, to give my opinions about the show, the characters, the SL’s etc.
    Who is bad mouthing the actors, not me,
    I am commenting on the character, and Yes I always will, so there we go.
    The only ones that I see getting worked up on here, are the ones that just plain despise the character of EJ, and now Sami being with him.

    As I always say, I am having so much fun, watching all the goings on in Salem,
    would be a waste of time to get worked up, I save that for my personal special Moments, LOL.

    260, vor, if you want opinions to stop,
    you have ask the Admin. to close down this whole operation,
    or demand that everybody Must have the Same opinion. LOL again….

  267. From kat

    263 patty, so glad to hear that….
    Got worried about you, because your hate factor for EJ got so overwhelming. So all is good with you, you enjoy your moments with Rafe, and let’s agree, I can enjoy the EJ scenes, with you wondering how any women can tolerate such entertainment. I assure you I am just fine. It will not affect my life one bit.
    OK again patty, glad you are still enjoying the show, and as far as I am concerned you can do all the B……g about EJ, Sami or whoever, it’s your right, and We do the same about characters that we don’t care about. Fair enough.
    However, I will still give my Opinions, like it or not….

  268. From Delores

    Something here just does NOT make a bit of sense to me at all. Ian tells EJ that he set him up being framed for a murder. He admits to Kate that he killed STAPH-ano. And in tomorrows episode, he pulls the curtain to reveal what looks to be STAPH-ano!!! So—long story short. WHO THE HECK was that person sitting in the chair that looked like STAPH-ano and better yet,WHO THE HECK was in the casket??? Makes no sense, makes absolutely no sense to me.

  269. From Leah

    I cannot stand Rafes character. He really gets me angry! Why? Because he is a HYPOCRITE! Rafe so easily points the finger but remember dear Rafe for every finger you point there are three that point back at you. The thing that upsets me most is that Rafes character is “supposed” to be the good guy. He is meant to know right from wrong. He’s a cop, his job is to uphold the law and do the right thing. Yet how many times have we seen him do illegal acts? If we wanna stand on morals he would be labelled an underhanded dirty cop for his crimes and would lose his job. With his self righteous, smug attitude Rafe really does think he is above the law and not accountable and I don’t like it. It rubs me up on wrong way.
    I obviously don’t mind grey characters. EJ and Sami are my two favourite on the show. But that is because the boundaries are clear with them. Yes they can both be despicable and naughty but they can also be good and lovin. We know what to expect from them and thats what we get. Moments where they can use self control and be good and moments where they lack good judgement and make huge mistakes. Rafes character on the other hand is like a Jeckyll and Hyde. Bit of a scit. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Don’t like it.
    Maybe that is the writers fault though. To pair Mr Upright with Sami (and all her wicked deeds), Rafes character has had to be COMPROMISED. I don’t think it worked as there are so many who don’t like his character. Now if the writers made his boundaries more clearer and bought in a woman to suit his character then that might change things. I’ve always longed to see Emily, the love of Rafes life who he has never opened up about. I wanna see this woman who captured his heart. I wanna see what her influence had on his life. I wanna hear all about their love story. What did she do for a living? Was she pregnant with his child? I do feel I could warm to Rafe but the writers are gonna have to do a better job with him than they have thus far.

  270. From voiceofreason

    #264: Kat, because I say that people need to stop fighting with each other over characters on a show, I’m forcing my opinion down your throat? Really? lol

    And when did I ever say everyone had to have the same opinion (please find me the post)? I insinuated that people need to be respectful of others and remember that their opinions are just that, opinions. I’m not going to let you turn this into an argument. I said what I had to say and I’ll leave it at that.

    By the way, if you want an opinion, here’s one. Allison Sweeney is a good actress, but her acting when she and EJ were on the ledge was cringe-worthy.

  271. From Shani

    249 Richard it’s called baiting. Repeat something over & over until they get a reaction. The EJ fans do it all the time. Then when that “firestorm” you mentioned breaks out they turn it around on the Rafe fans.

    To say the Hernandez haven’t brought anything to the show is an opinion not a fact. Some of us feel differently.

    patty didn’t sit in judgement of anybody so don’t even start with that. I remember when patty & a very nice other lady were called haters by one of you on here and then another of you agreed with it. How’s that for sitting in judgement & getting personal?!

    Don’t know what there would be to have sour grapes about. I saw passion smoldering beneath the surface between Sami & Rafe today & I loved it. They were great together & I also chuckled at the one-liners they threw at each other. All played very well by Ali & Galen. Such a great team onscreen!

    I wish Chad wouldn’t cover for Gabi but I understand he doesn’t want to hurt Melanie right now by telling her. I agree with some who have complimented Ian’s acting. Sometimes seems like an actor’s best scenes are right before they leave the show. Not sure where the writers want to take Will’s gay storyline from here?

  272. From Kat

    wow, so Ian is the son of Yvette,
    a lady that worked for Santos DiMera,…
    and Ian claimes that Santo’s wanted Yvette to have half of his empire, and now he, Ian, is the sole heir for Yvette,,,,
    it is starting to unfold.
    However, he does not know, if or not Santos is his Father…..

    And something I forget to mention,
    Rafe is not Goodie Guy, he is a corrupt cop, that has not much respect for the law. He bends and breaks it, every chance he gets. I wish Sami would remind him, how he covered up for her, and involved her Son in all this mess.
    They all, still could get arrested.

  273. From Katt

    oh and the body of Stefano was in fact a body double… about that… forgot his name….
    268, 269, vor, Shani, well whatever, twist and turn it all you want….
    I know what I read….

    Done, moving on…. it’s getting boring all the back and forth.

  274. From Leah

    PS: One of the other MOST disappointing aspects of Rafes character has been his lack of concern or interest in his own family members. He has had little time for all three of them. And how quickly he bullied, threatened and turned his back on his sister Arianna when she investigated and found out that it was Sami who shot EJ. I hated watching a brother bully and threaten his sister like that. And now heres Gabby… she’s young, needs guidance, parenting etc and whats Rafe doing? Nothing. In fact you could go as far as to say he simply doesn’t care and is more worried about this lower area than his family. Chasing Sami, then Carrie, helping Nicole now back to lingering feelings for Sami. Yuk, yuk, yuk! There is nothing endearing about that. Its obvious to all of us Gabby needs her brother and his influence to sort out her thinking and mess. Again I feel this is the writers fault but it is another example of the writers needing to get Rafes character right.
    # 266 Delores…. great point. You could be onto something there. As in a spoiler I read “all is not as it seems.”

  275. From Shani

    Richard’s comments I mentioned are now 251.

  276. From patty

    Kat, I have no problem with your opinion, none whatsoever. You like the bad guys and I like the good guys.That is me, that’s the way I was brought up, stay clear from trouble and it won’t find you. That is why I hate to see our Sami heading back down that road again at the expense of her children. That is why she needs a good man, be it Lucas or Rafe, to protect her from herself and at least keep her children safe.
    I am no prude or morality police, but I like to see the bad guys get what is coming to them in the end but of course on soaps there is no end and character have a tendency to bounce back or redeem themselves before that happens. I haven’t seen that happen with EJ, he’s still a dangerous man imo and he will soon have another victim, most likely Nicole and her baby. I would bet the farm on it.

    I don’t bash actors or their looks or acting. I am fine with most of the characters on Days, even Ian, Gabi and even Stephano coming back.

  277. From kat

    Leah, and others,
    let’s think about this characater stuff a bit,
    maybe the writers know exactly what their are doing/writing,
    maybe they want Rafe to come across as He, does,
    they want Sami the way she is,
    and they want EJ, Stefano, Kate,
    Nicole, they way they are writing them.
    So maybe it is not the writers “fault”
    the writers know what they are doing….
    and after all, it is their story to tell, they make people likable or not….
    EJ and Stefano are Fatha and son after all. Ian switched the Blood test, surprise, surprise….
    Oh, the name of Stefano’s body double is Paulo

  278. From Shani

    Keep the criticism of Rafe comin’ cause I haven’t heard anything yet that compares to the evil EJ & Steffie.

  279. From kat

    276 patty, I don’t like the bad guys, LOL, give me a break, I like good people,
    but I enjoy “EJ and Stefano” the way they potray the Bad guys on the show…that’s all,
    that hardly qualifies me for liking Bad people. I don’t like Ian, or Gaby right now…..
    and I also do not enjoy watching them, however like I said, Ian is doing pretty good right now, but I still don’t like him.

    Things are different with EJ and Stefano, they are so complex, I LIKE Their characters, not the bad deeds they are doing LOL, and I have always said so, like when RoboRafe was put into Sami’s bad. Disgusting, and I voiced my Opinion.
    For me, the show would not be the same without those two bad boys…..
    Can any of you out there see the difference,
    Lord … I don’t like bad people,…. it’s a show.

  280. From patty

    Leah, all those sins of Rafe compare to EJ’s transgressions how?
    Most of the rules he broke were to protect Sami’s a$$ from EJ’s manipulations and schemes. And he’s still doing it and still worries about her children . He’s still putting his life on the line as he’s getting stabbed and she has to save his life. Nobody says he’s a saint but at least he doesn’t set out to deliberatly destroy the women he proclaims to love and then try to pull her back in his web like EJ is doing .
    Like you said , there is more to this story than meets the eye and I would not be surprised one bit that EJ had a hand in this grand scheme. It wouldn’t be the first time he and Stephano pull off something like this.

  281. From Leah

    Patty I wasn’t comparing Rafe to EJ. I thought I made my point loud and clear. I expect grey from EJ and Sami as that is how their characters have been written and portrayed. HOWEVER that is not how Rafes character has been written or portrayed. He’s suppose to be good. So if he’s meant to be good and wholesome THEN write him as that! I’m sorry Patty if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t know how to make it any clearer.
    If you reread my two posts its not a Rafe vs EJ debate. Its more about writers being more real with their characters. As stated I don’t mind good, bad or grey characters. I even said I could warm to Rafe IF the writers did a better job. So why you feel the need to bring my comments back to a Rafe/EJ debate is beyond me. I think you missed the point I was trying to make. My opinion is I feel the writers could authentically do more with Rafe. Its nothing more to it or nothing less.

  282. From Leah

    # 277 Kat…. good point. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Maybe the writers do know what they are doing and want Rafe to come across as wishy washy. I know he certainly rubs alot of people up the wrong way. And maybe thats why he rubs me up the wrong way. I can handle good, bad and grey characters but wishy washiness I can’t handle. I like the more upfront type character that calls a spade a spade.
    So thanks again Kat… you’ve given me something to think about! :)

  283. From Cougar

    Leah I amin agreement with your asse 269ssment of Rafe I posted similar opinions of not only Emily but his Mother. I’m not a Rafe hater I just wish they would develope his background and make it a little more richer. I think Rafe has a lot of potential, just not been tapped into or developed enough.

  284. From patty

    Leah, if you don’t like the way the writers Rafe is written, that is not Rafe’s fault. Like your grey area EJ, I’m sure Rafe wasn’t written to be perfect or as a saint as some like to call him. And I don’t think he’s suppose to come off like that. I don’t believe he thinks he’s better than her so him being exasperated by Sami’s antics, like everyone else who cares about her, and calling her out on it doesn’t make him a hypocrite. He’s still angry and has every right to be. Here’s the woman he’s spent the best part of their marriage covering up for and protecting from a man that she’s now in cahoots with and he finds her wining and dining in a skimpy black dress while her children are left behind. Yeah, a man would have to be a saint not to be pissed.
    As for his lack of concern for his family, we don’t see everything and he could very well be in close contact with them and we don’t see it. Just like we hardly see Sami’s children but supposedly she’s a hands on Mom.
    I must agree that he was written somewhat out of character for a while there leaving Sami and never looking back but I understand even the actor didn’t approve. I believe the old Rafe is back and we’re going to see the sparks ignite again. He’s done a great job for the last couple of days sparring with Sami. Love it!

  285. From Kat

    284, patty, No doubt the writers want Rafe to be as they write him.
    New writers might put a bit of a new flair to him.
    Also no doubt,
    that Sami will have some waffeling back and forth between Rafe and EJ. That is only normal.
    She spent many years with Rafe, and they had their ups and downs,
    She like Lucas of course,
    but hopefully in the end, she will be with EJ.
    I am glad it will take some time, before that happens,
    but it will make it much more interesting, instead of just falling into bed with EJ.
    Besides we know, that once Sami and EJ get back together, sooner or later, they break up again, Soap opera protocol, sorry to say.
    I will sit back and enjoy the chase,
    the problems, the doubts, the road blocks, two steps forward, one step back, a long drawn out saga between Sami and all her Men, till she finally knows what she really wants.
    kind a like Jenn and Jack/Dr.Dan…..
    I think Maggie should stay of it, pushing her son on the widow Jenn.
    Jack is not even buried yet, LOL. She has enough family to help her,
    and he still has one foot in Nicole’s bed,
    sex or no sex at the moment.

    Again, Rafe and the rest, are written exactly the way the writers want them to be, it creates lots of controversy, just read all the fiery blog.

  286. From patty

    I say there are worst things to be than wishy washy but I don’t believe that’s a reason to dispise a character. Me thinks he’s being hated on right now because he’s a threat to the oh so wonderful EJami pairing and we have to come up with something sordid about him. I also don’t believe he rubs so many people the wrong way. I would love for the writers to explore what makes him tic but I don’t really see why it is relevant at this point.
    I think most of his wishy washiness came from being married to Sami and having to break rules to protect her. I hear he hauls her butt to jail this time so I guess he’s playing by the book now.

  287. From Kat

    tried to blog yesterday, but kept getting the error 503…thing.
    Now today I noticed my blog, twice and know why it would not go through yesterday.
    I had spelled my name wrong…Katt, LOL
    now a day later it came through….

  288. From patty

    I’m having trouble too Kat, I’ve written posts that have gone poof and some got on twice. I hope they don’t all show up tomorrow.
    I agree with you about Daniel and Jennifer. I don’t understand Maggie pushing him to go see her. Of course Nicole had to hear that and I imagine she’s going to go psycho and give Jenn a hard time. Let the poor woman grieve.
    What is up? You’re doing spoilers now? lol! You seem to be up to date with tomorrow’s episode. How’d you do that, read the day ahead?

  289. From patty

    Little spoiler here. The penguin is back. Johnny gets up and has it tucked under his arm. How appropriate since Mommy is with Rafe right now. I wonder if it has any significance.

  290. From Kat

    288 patty, see we do think alike a bit, so all is not lost.
    I guess about the spoilers, I guess since I can’t escape them, why not throw out some myself, when I happen to come across them.
    I think in order to make this story really interesting for all,
    Sami will get air time with Rafe,
    Lucas will be around, it all makes for intriguing, complicated and enjoyable twisting around SL,
    we don’t want boring, cut and dried, Sami and EJ, no way,
    there should be curve balls,
    right and left, and just when you think something is, it is not….

    Poor Nicole, wonder when she realizes that her ship has sailed with Dr. Dan,
    and Rafe sniffing around Sami again,
    will she decide out of nowhere, that maybe a Free EJ looks good again. There is always another old ex husband, named Lucas,
    Brady I doubt will be ready for another round with Nicole, to soon after Madison.
    Then there is Eric, he is what, a Priest, how come his Mama doesn’t know that ….
    he could be a new challenge for Nicole.

    I don’t think anybody “hates Rafe” on here, I don’t, stupid waste of emotions on a fictional character. To me to have REAL emotions like Love/Hate over a Soap character is a little over the top.
    I would have real worries about my sanity..LOL

    Sit back, watch it, come on here and banter around a little bit, give my opinions honestly,
    and hope all the adults on here that dish it out, can also take it.
    See patty, is is nice when we don’t take each other and our opinions to serious, Fun is the word,even if things get a little spicy sometimes.
    Spice is good…..
    I am sure, we all had good upbringings and know right from wrong, and good from evil…
    So my Mama trust’s me to watch, read, see, all kinds of stuff and she wouldn’t worry, she has done her job.
    Welcome back Stefano, Super Villain, and of course his dark prince EJ…
    I am stuck on my book, so I am doing a lot of writing on here, sorry about that dear blog friends….

  291. From Shani

    I see a DaysCafe spoiler for next week says “Chad asks Mel to marry him”. Has anyone read anything about how Mel will exit the show?

  292. From patty

    Interesting spoiler Shani!
    For those of us who are enjoying the Ian and EJ scenes, today will certainly be interesting. Stephano has finally met his worthy opponent if he singlehandedly pulled off this scheme. He seems to also be very well informed and he alluded to some interesting things. One being about switching tests results and that EJ should know all about that. Now I don’t know if he was talking about Nicole switching the paternity results or that some posters could be right and that it has to do with Johnny’s paternity and one of the reasons Nick could be coming back. I thought that was quite a coincidence.
    Another quirky line from Ian is when he’s got a knife to EJ’s throat he says something like “for all those
    women who claim to love you for what is on the inside , let’s see just what is inside there.”
    You think maybe Ian is reading these blogs. lol!

  293. From thelittleimp

    I would assume the test results refer to the ones indicating EJ is not Steff’s son.

  294. From Randall

    I love reading the comments! Thanks!
    One thing that kills me is how Sami & Will bent over backwards to make sure EJ saw HIS two children before he went on the run, but no one seemed to care about Allie at all! But that’s okay, she’ll be 18 years old in two weeks and take her place as the Salem jughead. This will also give Lucas something to do… y’all don’t even seem to give him love on this site – its all about Rafe vs. EJ!!

  295. From MAB

    voiceofreason – yep Marlena just takes it overboard. Bo & Hope are no doubt the most realistic couple on the show. And EJ & Sami are a close second, IMO, that is.

    I guess Rafe covering up attempted murder & keeping children from their real father (and that’s the short list) are not reasons for Rafe to be held accountable for his actions??? Right…

    Kat – “The only ones that I see getting worked up on here, are the ones that just plain despise the character of EJ, and now Sami being with him.” BINGO!

    I’m enjoying EJ’s scenes w/ Ian, but any scene w/ EJ in it is enjoyable. Ian is still pathetic, but at least now we get to watch his evilness truly unveil. EJ’s face was priceless when Ian pulled back the curtain (knowing he saw Stefano). I’m looking forward to the conclusion of EJ’s kidnapping, especially since Ian will be gone, and EJ will be free, and he chooses to go find Sami. And I’m looking forward to Stefano lighting up the screen once again…the Phoenix is back! It will be interesting how the s/l will develop once Stefano is back in the fold. So much can & probably will happen…just another reason why the DiMeras add so much to Days…they make the show better all the time.

    I felt a bit sorry for Will yesterday when T told him he didn’t want to have anything to do w/ him. I’m sorry tho, why is Sonny so acting so bold w/ Will all of a sudden? He knows Will is still not completely comfortable w/ being gay, and after what happened w/ T, maybe Sonny should’ve found out what was going on w/ Will before just planting one on him in public. Did he ever think Will may have a problem w/ that?

    Wow, what boring scenes w/ Sami & Rafe yesterday. No sparks, no nothing, just typical Rafe talking to hear himself talk, while saying nothing. The best part was Sami telling him she was no longer taking the blame for what happened, and she is SO right. He is just as responsible for what happened. But I’m sure not complaining about their breakup because they don’t belong together, and never will. Bo is leaving, which ruins the best couple (Bo & Hope) on the show, and if Sami goes back to Rafe and don’t get w/ EJ, then that’s it. There will be NO interesting couples left on the show worth watching.

    Leah, I agree completely about Rafe, supposedly the good guy, when he’s anything but that. All your comments about Rafe are right on target! I also agree about EJ & Sami. They are multi-layered characters who are who they are and I love it.

    Hmm…I’m so glad we’ve all now been schooled on what baiting is. And how repeating something over & over is just to get a reaction…no it’s called giving an opinion, as there is no repeating going on because there is so much territory to cover w/ EJ, since his s/l’s are front & center & intertwined w/ many of the cast members. If anything gets repeated it’s from those handful of Rafe fans who have only so much to say about him since there’s only so much that can be said about him…not much going on there as long as you’re a second rate character who doesn’t have a s/l w/o EJ & Sami. Read down the posts, it’s in black & white who starts the firestorms on here because of their pure hatred for EJ…those who can’t stand anyone having anything positive to say about his character, so they poke & prod at other’s opinions. And THAT is what’s done on here to get a reaction.

    Yes, ME saying the Hernandez family haven’t brought anything to the show is MY opinion. Why does that need repeating???????????? If that family added anything to the show, the characters would be increase, not decrease.

    OMG, some are so fickle. One minute it’s “Sami isn’t good enough for Rafe or Lucas” and the next it’s “Sami needs a good man be it Rafe or Lucas.” So which is it? No wait, I’ll tell you, it’s EJ. We EJami fans never flip flop.

    I for one have never said Rafe’s crimes compare to EJ, because they don’t. Obviously EJ has done worse, he’s a DiMera. But that will never excuse what Rafe has done, when he’s supposed to be a cop who upholds the law, and be an upstanding citizen, but not, because he’ll never meet that criteria.

    Cougar – yep that is the difference between most of us on here. We’re not Rafe haters, just rather wish he had a real s/l that doesn’t involve him playing off EJ & Sami. Others just see it one way…they hate EJ no matter what.

    If Rafe wasn’t written to be a saint, then why did the writers make it a point to have Carrie & Nicole praise him all the time of what a ‘good guy’ he is? Just another thing that is an insult to the fans who see him for who he really is. Just like him walking in there yesterday and assuming he knew what was going on. Sami tried to explain, about the dress, etc., but he wouldn’t listen to reason, because he’s too busy thinking he’s right all the time. So what I said will end up happening, Rafe and the rest of the village idiots will be standing there w/ egg on their face when they realize that Ian was responsible for all this, and they were wrong (as usual) and will have to clear EJ of all charges…won’t that chap their @SSeS! Geez, don’t they ever get tired of not solving cases?

    Nope, my dislike of Rafe hasn’t changed from the beginning to now. It has nothing to do whether Sami is w/ EJ or not. She was w/ Lucas, and I still disliked Rafe. And I will dislike him until the do something valid w/ his character.

    If Roman was so close to the case in the beginning to put Rafe on it, then how is it that Rafe gets to arrest Sami? I call that being very close to the case as well, so why isn’t another cop handling it? It’s simple, he wants to get back at her. More great police work there Rafe, not!

  296. From MAB

    Where’s SandyGram?

  297. From patty

    # 293thelittle imp, Ian had just admited to fixing the ones indicating EJ was not Stephano’s son so when he said to him you should know all about that, he most likely meant because he knew EJ did it too. It’s possible that EJ could have done that on several occasions that we don’t know about too.
    Randall, you are right, poor Lucas seems to have been forgotten about here on this site just like on the show. I happpen to absolutely adore Lucas and was very happy to have him back on the show. I always did feel sorry for how he is treated on the show, especially by Sami. He was totally heartbroken by her running with EJ. Now by Will who is acting like a jerk toward his father. I certainly hope they have an exciting storyline for him coming up, maybe like him being Johnny’s daddy, and I can’t wait to see him rip Sami a new one. Who knows, there might still be a Lumi after all the dust settles.

  298. From thelittleimp

    297 Patty–Thanks for the clarification (I need to read more carefully).

  299. From patty

    No Mab, I stand by what I said. Sami doesn’t deserve Lucas or Rafe but she does deserve better than EJ.
    Lucas and Rafe also deserve better than her, but this show is about Sami and her men or haven’t you noticed ? You know, 50 Shades of Sami. It does get kind of nauseating after a while but we love watching her screw up.

  300. From patty

    Three men and Sami. Two willing to put their lives on the line for her and one who would sooner put hers, all so they can dip in her well. I still say she should join a convent. Ha!

  301. From Randi

    AHHH, you didn’t like my comment so you deleted it.

    Sorry but get over pushing the Gay Agenda. I have Gay friends, but they prefer to keep their agenda behind closed doors as to not offend anyone. Will needs a life and going with gabs is not good or good writing—instead it is grasping for straws!

    EJ —great acting this week—
    Jen/Dan—give the lady time to grieve please and she deserves better than DAN. Good Dr. but a hounddog toward women!

  302. From MAB

    #276 “That is why she needs a good man, be it Lucas or Rafe, to protect her from herself and at least keep her children safe.”

    #299 “I stand by what I said. Sami doesn’t deserve Lucas or Rafe but she does deserve better than EJ.”

    All your words not mine, that’s why I aks which is it…for you, that is? I stand by what I’ve always said for Sami…EJ!

  303. From Gwen

    I dont understand the fascination with Sami. I have always thought that she could not act and still feel the same. All she does is whine and cry and now they make her out to be this sexy person.. YUCK I was hoping she was going to leave the show so I could watch in peace and not have to mute half the show because she is on my TV

  304. From MAB

    If EJ has messed w/ any type of tests, it’s never been shown, so it can only be speculation or theory at this point. Besides, messing w/ tests is Sami’s forte.

    Lucas is being forgotten on this site because he has been rewritten as the same annoying character as he was when he left before. I like Lucas IF he was given a good s/l, and as I’ve always said, give him a real love interest. If I were big fans of Lucas (& Rafe), I would be upset at what the writers are doing to these characters.

    I didn’t see where Lucas was all broken up because Sami ran off w/ EJ. He was mad & jealous. And he was the one being a jerk…to Will. He was mean to Will just because of what Sami did, and that is no reason to rattle his son like he did…and will be doing according to the spoilers. Again, no wonder Will would rather be around EJ instead of his own father.

  305. From patty

    Semantics Mab. Sami does need a good man, she just doesn’t deserve one because she chews them up and spits them out.

    Thank God Rafe isn’t hurt. Heartwarming scenes today with tender moments between him and Sami that brought tears to Sami’s eyes( and mine) and that EJ walks in on. The moment will be broken so I imagine now it’s off to jail, both of them.
    T is a little douche bag hurting our Sonny. Really T, who still uses the word “fairy” you little dweeb?
    Will and Gabi I thought were kind of sweet together. If he wasn’t gay , they would make a cute couple.
    Poor Lucas still trying to get through to his son. That kid has major issues but of course who can blame him. I’m glad Lucas is there for Jennifer.
    I don’t think Ian is dead. Maybe leaving it an option for him to return again to wreak havoc.
    Ej turns his back on fatha. About time for you to be your own man Elvis.

  306. From patty

    Lucas is being betrayed and hurt by both the woman he loves and his son and still he wants them both to be happy. That is what a great man is all about and he doesn’t have to be 7 feet tall to do that.
    Will and EJ’s bromance is about over since he quits working for him. See spoilers.

  307. From Tee

    Kat~I tried posting yesterday and kept getting error also. So I missed a lot of good convo.

    Patty #280 I guess we know see EJ had nothing to do nor did Stefano with what Ian Is doing. They are innocent of that.

    Mab If the Dimeras were not on the show we would have missed some great stories and what would everyone fear then.It would be more like tea partys all the time and that wouldnot get good ratings IMO.

    Patty #292 Assuming EJ is guilty again when he is not but here is what he meant by paternity and some spoilers on Ian/EJ thing. You may have seen by now since you are a day ahead I dont remember when it will air. It may be today our time I just started watching the show so gonna make as spoiler just in case


    The letter from Alice concerning EJ paternity was not authentic, and the blood tests were switced via Ian who lets EJ and Stefano know. Ians mother is Yvette and he has other half of coin and believes he is Santos Dimera rightful heir as he has other half of coin.He claims to be Santos and Yvettes son and Stefano denies it.The coin unlocks all the Dimera secret wealth around world and their secrets and Ian wants it.He planned to share with mdison but will take it for himself , and has tortured Stefano who refuses to give him code he thinks EJ may have it, but he dont.
    The body of Stefano was really a doule someone Ian found to play as Stefano for the so called Murdered Stefano.

    Ok So I love when I am right about something on this show.It sometimes keeps us guessing. I have said all along it was a body double but my question is now was this man made to look like Stefano or did he just look identical as Ian suggested, EJ even tells him he seen the body himself and it was Stefano so could it be he has a twin. Rumor./Spoilers are saying that we will learn oa little of Stefano/Santos secrets perhaps there is a twin who knows anything is possible.

    They have posted a new page so I may put these spoilers there as well as others I found

  308. From Maryl

    Looks as if it’s “Oh Happy Day” for EJ haters–Johnny may not be his because EJ rigged the paternity test???? This hope rests on info/comments coming from Ian? Well, Rafe lovers, you may finally get your wish, who knows what these writers will do. If the writers mess with Johnny’s paternity, then I think that will be the dumbest move they could make. EJ has always been sure Johnny was his child–never once was it indicated that he himself would have tampered with tests or that he knows Johnny is not his. Even Celeste doing her vood-doo knew that one of Sami’s twins belonged to EJ. If the writers force this kind of twist down our throats, then I hope they force one on the Rafe fans too–such as revealing a very distrubing past that Rafe keeps hidden from everyone. Let us see him for who he might really be–not a saint. At least he would have a sl of his own for once and not take up time chasing after EJ’s exes. Otherwise, his character might as well not even be part of the SL because he contributes nothing except for his snarkiness and arrogant attitude. He always comes across as a know-it-all smart **s. Even now, he comes down on Sami for all her wrong doing, yet his little sister rightfully would be under arrest were it not for a DiMera, Chad–giving her a break. And Rafe knows nothing about any of what she is guilty of–he’s not interested in her. He’s too busy wanting to satisfy his need for revenge against Sami and EJ, by putting them behind bars. All in the name of his job, he says–yeah right! He should not even be involved in this case since Sami is still his wife! I’m sure he took it upon himself to track EJ and Sami down like the self-serving bloodhound he is.

  309. From Tee

    Upon reading through again I see Kat has already posted what I did above so sorry Kat but yes more twists to the story for sure.

    Patty I think I may have commented above on wrong post when I used your #280, so I am sorry I put wrong number in and I cant find who was saying Ej had probably schemed this up with Stefano that is why I had made comment back though.

    Kat I agree I dont like bad guys myself, of course I like a good guy but I enjoy a variety of characters on the show good and bad and Stefano and EJ are just 2 of those and some of my faves also.

    I also think EJ is more in middle he can be good or bad, he does both well. Vey talented actor IMO.

    Spoilers below sorta

    Chad will ask Mel to marry him

    show is revolving door for vets and suprises in store

    So will Mel say yes? She is leaving show butis Chad not that I have heard of, and I wonder what vets will be coming and possibly going except ones already spoilered Like Eric, Kristen etc.

  310. From patty

    Yes Maryl, bad news for the Lucas and Rafe haters all around. And for the anyone or anything that could potentially come between EJami haters. Johnny’s paternity are just speculations but yes if true that would definitly drive a huge wedge but then again so could anything in EJ’s recent past.
    Oh and trust me, Sami is not hating on Rafe as what EJ just seen.

  311. From TEE

    I am thinking he means more that EJ knows more then anyone how tests can be switched it is probably because he knows what Nicole did and Sami in past by doing exactly that

  312. From MAB

    Yeah, crybaby Lucas is so hurt by Sami & Will, like he’s never hurt them before.

    If I like a character, it doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad, because they are just fictional. The only problem I have is the self-righteous characters, like Rafe, who act like they’re never wrong in anything they do or say, and who are perceived as saints, when there is no such thing. Good or bad characters, doesn’t really matter anymore. That stuff went out the soap window years ago.

    Spoilers say specifically that Sami is still furious w/ Rafe when she gets bailed out of jail, so whatever moment they supposedly share must not last long. Also, spoilers say she & EJ have a long talk about everything coming up soon. I’m hoping this still means the writers are moving forward w/ them as a couple down the road.

    To go back and mess w/ any child’s paternity at this point is a complete waste of time. I will never believe Johnny is not EJ’s, especially after all the medical stuff Johnny went thru, to me somehow the doctors would’ve detected if Johnny wasn’t EJ’s. But even if he isn’t, they still share another child, Sydney. So I don’t see how that would change anything between EJ & Sami.

  313. From patty

    #310 Tee, you could be right. It just seemed coincidential that blogs were talking about it might be one of the reasons for Nicks return. Ian seemed have done his homework well. I hope he comes back actually, except for giving Brady drugs, I think he is crazier and an even better crook than Stephano.
    I was also curious about the Santo and Yvette thing. Wasn’t Colleen suppose to have been the love of his life. I guess old man Santo’s been around.
    #307 Maryl,
    Just out of curiosity, I’m wondering what kind of deep dark secret you would like to see dug up on Rafe. Are we talking about murder, kidnapping, blackmailing and all that sort of stuff? And why would that affect Sami? She seems to be just fine with EJ having done all those things and more. Maybe they could uncover how Rafe stole cookies from the nuns at the convent.Ha!

  314. From Shani

    Maryl 308 that is quite a post. Such passion against a fictional character. & you want tit for tat, bad stuff on EJ so the show had better put out bad stuff on Rafe. A disturbing past, WOW!!

  315. From Randall

    297. What’s up Patti! Nice to meet you. I don’t like the “is he is or is he ain’t” regarding EJ’s paternity. I was cool with the reveal that EJ was not a DiMera and theorized (like Richard) about who the daddy might be (Ian? John Black?) Those scenes were well-acted too. But now it seems that Alice really didn’t have Jack (no pun intended) on Stephano after all, which is disappointing.
    303. Gwen you are hilarious. You know the show is all about Sami until Allie becomes a teenager next week.
    Can I share my opinion about Kate? Anybody else notice how Kate HISSES everytime she talks, or is that just me? And I can see why her company is called Countess Wilhemina – she dresses like a vampire and that blue streak doesn’t help. THAT may be why the Phoenix won’t let her come back home…

  316. From Tee

    Randall#315 I am wondering if perhaps the other letter Stefano got in the envelope the one he laughed off maybe the real letter from Alice or if it just is stil undiscovered or Ian destoyed it even who knows.

    Patty I find myself always laughing at Ians eyebrows, but he did a good job last few days in scenes and his irish accent is starting to show more IMO. I am assuming it is supposed to be irish it does sound it though.With him being a Dimera I think they could have played his storyline out a bit more and maybe gave Stefano some competition.I dont know who would be older Stefano or Ian but I know John is younger so if Santos is daddy it most likely was before Coleen. Hopefully we get a little more information on it. I know o and Hope are gonna do some digging maybe they will find something or perhaps Ian may be tied into Alices secrets more. How else did he know all he did he sure knew alot.
    I think Rafe is Rafe as EJ is EJ. I think some people mean what does anyone in Salem really know of Rafe, his life is a mystery and Sami did not even find out about Emily until it slipped up when that old friend was in town.Like Where does Gabi get her crazy stalker ideas from lol

  317. From Leah

    There are definitely things in Rafe past that he doesn’t want revealed. His and Ari’s conversations allured to things that they didn’t want to discuss or come out in the open. Usually when someone is NOT welling to open up and be honest about their past means they are hiding something. We’ve seen Rafes character compromised many times on this show so far so for me it’s not so far fetched to believe there is something dark hidden back there.
    Did I miss something? Everyone is going on about little Johnnies paternity… I thought Ian was discussing the paternity test pertaining to EJ as Stefano’s son. How does Johnnie come into this situation? What did I miss?
    If anyone paternity is in doubt I would have thought it would be Allies. Because EJ has been the dominant male in Allies life I have always hoped she was his. EJ has always loved and treated Allie as his own. Sat up with her all night so Sami could get some sleep when she was sick etc etc. I remember clearly Sami seeing the love EJ had for Allie and feeling the need to remind EJ… EJ Allie is not yours she is Lucas’s daughter. If there is gonna be a twist thats the one I’d like to see and it would make much more sense than the Johnnie one. Lucas and Johnnie have never had scenes together or any kind of connection. They are complete strangers. Johnnies little character doesn’t need that. He’s had eye cancer etc to deal with. To see the connection and love he has for his father EJ destroyed would be heartbreaking to watch. It was bad enough watching the demise of EJ/Stefano’s relationship and they are adults. If the writers go there I would say WRONG! BAD CHOICE AND DECISION! HORRIBLE!

  318. From patty

    Shani, I see it like this. Finding something bad about Rafe’s past would be a better reason to dislike him than just being boring , smug and wishy washy. The thing is with EJ we don’t have to go digging anywhere for something disturbing, we’ve witnessed it enough.
    I know you will see the gentle caring Rafe on the next episode, the Rafe Sami loved and who loved her so much. The look on EJ’s face when he finds them tells me he won’t dismiss this as a diversion as he did Lucas.
    Hi Randall, nice to meet you too . It seems that being a Demira no longer matters to EJ since he wants nothing to do with his father. Of course that probably won’t last but if I ever liked EJ it was today when he finally grew a pair and after saving his father from Ian told Stephano where to go.
    Tee, there was great acting by all in that room with Ian. My hat’s off to him for getting the best of the Demiras. Well almost. I also thought the Hannibal Lecter mask was a bit much.

  319. From Maryl

    Patty and Shani–Yeah, why not–Rafe as a Jekyll-Hyde character would suit him real well–or perhaps he could be a werewolf. Ha! At least he would definitely shed some of the boredom he brings to the SLs. My passionate outburst was not for the sake of EJ and Sami getting together, it was for the sake of Johnny having his paternity changed as so many Rafe fans wish to see happen. I think that would be a sad thing for that little boy who loves and believes EJ is his father. Fictional characters though they may be, it still stirs me the wrong way and we certainly don’t need any more Sls of this nature.

    As for Rafe, I would challenge the writers to put a few obstacles in his path to sainthood and let them air out some of his dirty laundry. While stealing cookies from the nuns is something cute and trivial, perhaps getting a num pregnant might not be. Just think, maybe Emily was a nun??? Needless to say, we don’t really know anything about this guy so anything is possible. My question to Rafe fans is do you think Rafe is up for such a challenge?

  320. From patty

    Maryl, I think that would be a great challenge for Rafe, getting a nun pregnant. How wicked!
    As for the paternity of Johnny, that is just pure speculations and I certainly never said I want it to happen. Those children have been messed with enough already. I love little Johnny and I certainly wouldn’t want him to go through anymore pain and confusion than he already has. The poor little tyke already tugs at my heart every time I see him with his little penguin from Rafe, looking for his mommy and hardly ever seeing his father.
    The fact is however that it is quite a plausible thing for EJ to have done, we know he’s capable of it and Ian was alluding to something when he said he had experience in switching test results.

  321. From kat

    Maryl and other EJami fans,
    not to worry,
    we know from James Scott, that the new writers are going in the direction to bring EJ and Sami together.
    They are taking it very slow, but it is the End result that counts.
    I would enjoy a battle over Sami by Rafe and EJ, maybe even Lucas…..
    as long as we know it will be Sami and EJ this time around.
    EJami fans will have the last laugh this time around….and why not,
    Rafe and Sami had their time together, to boring to go back to that again.
    So enjoy all your little moments with Rafe and Sami,
    it’s the end result…..

    Feel bad for Nicole, and maybe Not,
    the girl should make her Baby her priority, and Not Men.
    Maggie, quit pushing your son towards Jenn. Show some respect for the widow…
    How would you have liked it if somebody had pushed a man in your direction, before Mickey was even buried. LOL
    Stop being such a busy body.
    I would not want Lucas to be Johnny’s Father, he is never around, besides Johnny doesn’t even know him.
    I do not for one moment thing that EJ “knows” that Johnny is not his child, give me a break.
    He loves that boy with every fiber of his heart, no way is Johnny not his child.
    Some dislike EJ so much, they would wish this tragedy on little Johnny, loosing his Dad, just to satisfy their dislike of EJ, and Yes before the ones I am talking about protest, it is a fact
    that is what you wish would happen, Johnny being the child of Lucas…..
    Sonny today did irritate me just a bit,
    where does he get off making Will feel bad, just because he did Not want to be kissed like that….
    Just because Will is gay, does not mean, that
    another gay man should just kiss him,
    Maybe Will sees Sonny as a Friend, not a potential Boyfriend….Sonny might not turn him on..So I think Sonny was way out of line today….period.
    Now however, it looks like the writers are maybe planning to put Will and Sonny together,
    but let Will find out for himself, if he is developing feeling of Love/romance for Sonny, no need to push like Sonny did, and then act totally indignant when he was turned away…

    Let Will find his own way, without all that pushing, and making him feel bad/guilty that he is Not Doing the Gay Dance all over Salem…
    Just because he is Gay, does not mean, he has to be in a relationship right away. When Love finds him, he will know it on his own…

  322. From Maryl

    Hi, Kat! Great post. I agree with everything you said.

    Patty, I know you were only speculating about Johnny’s paternity being changed, but it really rubs me the wrong way when some make it so obvious that they want that to happen. Fiction though it is, it’s still not something I want to see. Yes, Rafe getting a nun pregnant would be rather wicked! Ha! Maybe he had a reason for hanging around that convent back then–and it wasn’t for the cookies!

  323. From Shani

    Maryl I would love to see that kind of challenge for Rafe. I think he & Galen could handle it masterfully & I would be sooo into it. A nun defrocked by Rafe?! OMG the height of seduction!!

  324. From Maryl

    Yeah Shani–and that pregnant nun could have been Emily! Ha! Just hope he didn’t deliberately cause the “accident” he and Emily were supposed to be involved in. Ha!

    I would be willing to bet that Galen Gering would like a challenge for his character. I read an interview in Soap Opera Digest not too long ago in which he said his favorite sl was that of playing the dual role of Rafe/Robo Rafe. That seems to be true with most of the actors–they like to sink their teeth into playing a bad guy/bad girl because that challenges their acting abilities.

  325. From patty

    Again, unlike some might want to assume, I have no desire to see little Johnny’s life turned upside down again. Now if there was a possibility that Rafe was the father , then I would be all for it. We know how much little Johnny loves Rafe like a father and Rafe loves him. What is still just a speculation here was just being discussed because we all know that EJ is and was capable of doing such a thing , especially after having to try to conceive that child at gunpoint .
    Lucas has been as good of a father to his children as EJ was to his. Even if we didn’t always see it, he had shared custody of his children at all times and Allie was with him in Honk Kong for what seemed like forever .(because of the danger EJ put her in) One thing he didn’t do is use his children as pawns to get back at Sami or try to take them from her. But still, Rafe was more of a hands on father to all of Sami’s kids.
    Shani, I agree, that storyline that Maryl suggested sounds better and better all the time. Gee, if I was a nun, I’d want him to… steal my cookies too. Ha!

  326. From jolie

    #319 Maryl, I think the question is if the writers are up to the challenge rather than if the actor or character is up to it. The actors all have a good range and most can show it if given the right lines and story. To point, Ian really bloomed this week up against Madison’s death, his betrayal and fight with Kate, then his bombshell scenes with Stefano and Elvis. He was so much better with the men than he has been with the women. He really got to show his stuff. Rafe’s character (and the actor) just need the chance to go for it. I truly believe that about Lucas as well. They just can’t seem to find that sweet spot for Lucas. We know where it ain’t! It isn’t with Sami(being her house boy) and it isn’t with Kate(being her house boy son). If he had a real story, he could do it.

  327. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #317 Leah, is that the same Allie that EJ threatened to harm if Rafe was uncooperative when being held in the DiMera dungeon? That one? Yeah, he loves her a lot.

    #65 Lynne – Bo propped up Nicole’s feet in the town square. Just watched it yesterday. Sorry for the late post.

    Defiling a nun? Santos and Colleen storyline, wasn’t it? (Novice nun).

    Um, is Lauren Koslow getting carried away with the lip plumping? She’s as bad as the missing Billie’s. Does Lisa still have a job on this show??

  328. From Maryl

    jolie–you’re right, the challenge should go to the writers on taking a chance on change, but the actors also have to deliver with good acting skills when this happens. I did think Galen G. deilvered very well when he played Robo Rafe but I have seen actors who cannot make the switch from one personality to another in a convincing way.

    Dyeing to be Blonde–Colleen was a novice during her affair with Santos–she had not taken her vows yet–which would have included celibacy. Her love for Santos and the resulting pregnancy, of course, changed all of that.

  329. From Tee

    I just seen a good spoiler that could affect Lucas though I am guessing more Dr.dan.

    Chloe will be coming for a visit after Christmas.
    Will Philip come back also and what about Chloes baby? I am sure the baby will come too.

    Dying to be blonde Billie will have some upcoming scenes with Kate and Lucas I guess.
    Kate and Billies lips like mother like dauhter I guess or in this case Like daughter like mother lol.

    As far as who has been a great father to Samis kids well Rafe was there for them when he and Sami were married and kind of hard not to be they lived together.
    Since the split he has came one time to visit them and they have been split up a while now.
    Lucas was in Hong Kong and though Allie spent some time there with him, he is now trying to be a father it seems. I did appreciate his comment about wanting Sami and kids to be happy, but he has alot of making up to do.

    EJ has really grown and became a great father and I am sure if him and Sami lived together he would be a even better father IMO.

    Kat #321 great post as always

  330. From kat

    326 Dying to be blonde…
    EJ Did Not threaten Allie, Stefano did,
    EJ is the one that mad sure Allie got out of town to be with Lucas, because EJ loves that little girl, he helped raise….
    324 patty, I said….. Some on here, dislike EJ that much…
    you know, if you never mentioned anything like that, I did Not Mean You, LOL,
    So I did NOT assume….. that you were one of them.
    Why make that comment to me, “Unlike some might want to assume…….
    The ones that would love it, if Johnny belonged to Lucas, know who they are,
    and of course it is their right to want that, I just would not like it for the reasons I stated. That’s all folks

  331. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Maryl – being raised a Catholic I know the church frowns upon premarital sex, and surely for a novice nun. I was just saying that to me, a Rafe/nun story at this point is a story redux, which Days so famously recycles ad nauseum.

    Kat – are you 100% sure that EJ wasn’t waving a photo of Allie in Rafe’s face? I’m too lazy to look at youtube videos, plus I can’t get them (YT’s)at work. I could have sworn he did. Perhaps my memory is faulty.

    Wasn’t Maggs just welcoming Nicole into Daniel’s life just two weeks before the Olympic break? And now she questions whether he’s ‘over’ Jen since Jack’s kaput? Wow, Nic needs to find somebody to pull that knife outta her back! You’d think they’d write her as encouraging him to STAY off Jen, not this two-faced stuff.

  332. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011 Archive
    EJ threatens Rafe that he will make Allie disappear if Rafe is not honest about Allie’s favorite cookies for Robo Rafe to use to bribe the little girl. (Paraphrasing).

  333. From patty

    Dying to Be Blonde, we all remember that and the ones that don’t just have selective memory. It was one of his most atrocious deeds made even worst by the fact that he was suppose to have cared for that little girl, and the fact that he had a perverted maniac around all his children.

  334. From Tee

    Dying to be blonde, EJ actually tells Rafe Sami could lose her daughter he never mentions a name or what he means by it, Rafe is seen looking at Allys picture. He then calls fake Rafe and tells him chocolate chip and if it dont pan out he knows what to do in order to make Rafe think he was gonna do something but he had no real plans to do anything. or to hurt Ally.
    heres 2/15/2011

    EJ had no plan to really cause harm to Ally he just said that to make Rafe tell the truth next time

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