Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 27-31.

Getting out.

Sami gets bailed out of jail, but she’s still furious with Rafe, especially when he and Nicole refuse to drop the charade about ‘their’ baby. After Nic and Rafe confirm for each other that they want nothing more than friendship, she hunts down Dr. Dan to tell him she wants a whole lot more out of him. He thinks she’s confused and turns her down. While she gets busy fantasizing about him, he already has a lot to deal more to deal with, like Melanie freaking out over Nick’s possible parole. Julie attempts to calm her fears and Maggie gets between the arguing women. Melanie goes home with Chad and tries to put all of this out of her mind. Hope shows up to officially tell her about the parole. Mel can’t hide this from Chad anymore and unloads her worries on him. He becomes manically over-protective. She actually has more mixed feelings about it though. Part of her thinks that Nick’s family could really use having him around after losing Jack.

Hope goes to visit Nick in prison. She’s impressed that he’s been making great progress, but warns him that Melanie’s life is still a disaster. He feels bad and decides not to seek parole. Julie and Maggie show up and try to talk him around. After he admits that he was nearly killed in custody, they suggest he talk to Marlena about his options. Hope returns and once again tries talking him into seeking parole. He’s still not sure so she brings his mom, Jessica, into the mix. He finally agrees to stick to his plan to petition for parole.

Chad bails his brother out after Elvis has enjoyed a vaguely civil visit from Kate. She bumps into John on her way out and they discuss where Stefano might be hiding. Meanwhile, Sami has already been bailed out and visits her kids… and Lucas. He is not happy to see her. Luckily for her, EJ will be happy to see her, but he runs into Nicole first. After he begins threatening her, Rafe rears his head to fend him off. As the two men lash out at each other, Rafe realizes he still has feelings for Sami. Nicole decides to use the latest threats as an excuse to pull Daniel in closer.

Elvis and Sami endure more sexual tension but she refuses to let them relieve it. She actually tries to put her kids first. They have a long talk about the children and Rafe. When she leaves to pick her kids up at Caroline’s, Will shows up and announces that he is resigning from EJ’s service. He also explains that EJ really is a DiMera after all.

Rafe runs into Brady, who is still wrought up with grief about his dead fiancee. The cop does his best to pay his condolences. Brady decides to throw himself back into work and asks Victor for his old job back. Brady takes a walk and bumps into Mel. She’s been having nightmares about Nick so he tries comforting her. Chad joins them and, with a little pressure, she admits that it will be a harder for her to heal with Nick around. She agrees to write a letter to the parole board requesting that he be kept inside. Meanwhile, Abby and Jenn continue to grieve. After they spread Jack’s ashes, Jenn has a slightly unsettling encounter with Billie before bumping into Daniel. He pays his sympathies before going to see his mom. He asks Maggie to let Nicole move into the mansion. She offers to convince Victor. However, it may be harder to convince Nicole to go along with the idea. Jennifer winds up walking in on Maggie and Victor screeching at each other and offers to let Nic come and live with her instead.

Will confesses to Marlena that he’s seriously boned his love life. Brian is busy trying to encourage Sonny to see it the same way, but Kiriakis turns down his sexy suggestions. Sonny runs into Tad and smashes his face in. Tad mopes around and runs into Gabi, who hears all about how upset he made Will. She quickly realizes that she and Will only had grief sex and gets upset. She meets up with William to try and get past it for the sake of their friendship. Meanwhile, with Will avoiding him, Sonny keeps hanging out with Brian. Adrienne and Victor think they’d make a cute couple but there’s only one man for Sonny. Frustrated, Brian talks him into giving Will a call. William refuses to answer.

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  1. From tracy

    Ok, so Nick gets strung out on pills and gets crazy. Gives Melany the formula to the project. Spends a long time locked up and Melany writes a letter asking to keep him locked up…. Hope gets strung out on pills nearly kills people, goes freaking psycho and she is reinstated on the police force and everyone has forgotten???? really? the pills made her nuts just as they did nick and Melany is against nick. Messed up writers

  2. From dc

    the polls are in and it appears that nick is not favored to return.. maybe with melanie leaving it won’t be too bad..

  3. From dc

    well, the polls are in and it appears that no one is looking forward to nick’s return.. maybe with melanie leaving it won’t be too bad..

  4. From Tee

    Wow Seems Nicole will be living with Jen bet she will take that to her advantage to keep Jen from Dan. It also could backfire o her making her see Dan wants Jen or Dan being around Jen more.

    So looks like Rafe and EJ arguement will have Rafe realizing he still has some feeling for Sami, Oh I guess cause her sister is gone now he needs someone.We are gonna have to deal with a triangle it seems or maybe more.

    Nick is gonna parole and seems many are involved in helping him make the decision Hope etc. I know Melanies leaving is tied into Nick coming back due to spoilers about it but I wonder how? I am gonna post a few more spoilers here later but here is a tidbit now


    The word is Salem is a revolving door of vets there are surprises around the corner.

    I wonder who else will come back could Emily come back or possibly someone else we have not heard of yet.

  5. From kim lallier

    i have a days fan since i was like 13 years old and im now 40.Is Kim & Shane & Eve coming back?

  6. From Cougar

    Bravo Marlene is baby sitting. For once an age appropriat action.

    Maggie pushing Dr. Dan towards Jen, really? Wasn’t Maggie the one who tok so long to get over Mickey?!? One thing about Jack’s death he has been resurrected about as many times, but not quite, as Stephano. If they ever bring him back how they gonna do that one. I could see it getting really ugly between Nik & Jen. nicole will stop at nothing to get Dan back and will return to her old scheming self, no more Ms. nice gal!
    Hannibal Lecter mask, really! The attempt at good theater just kind of looked silly and made me giggle.

    They righted the ship and brought Steph and made EJ as a DiMera again with some creative writing. A plausable undo by making Ian the instigator of a lot of unpopular sl. Well done.

  7. From Shani

    More good stuff between Sami & Rafe today. I don’t like Maggie pushing Dr. Dan to contact Jennifer. Geez, they haven’t even had Jack’s memorial yet! Afraid Nicole is going to be trouble for Jennifer.

    Guess I didn’t know what Sonny’s raving to Will was all about. Will didn’t need that right after the dressing down he got from T. Sonny’s kiss was out of the blue & no wonder Will was taken off guard with it.

    I could have gotten with it if Steffie had been revealed hanging from his chained wrists or something but that Hannibal Lector-type mask was pretty lame. EJ really looked terrified, though. Something he & Steffie have put a lot of people through! Ian has acting chops, I will say that.

    Marlena in the babysitting grandma role was brief but refreshing.

    A lot to wrap our heads around in the spoilers up above. I was looking for a clue how & why Melanie will leave the show but I didn’t see one.

  8. From patty

    I’m worried about SandyGram. She’s usually the first to post on new spoilers. Hope she’s ok.

    I don’t like that Nicole moves in with Jen. Nicole becomes a psycho when she’s after her man. Not that Dan is her man but he’s her latest obssession.

  9. From Shani

    I wonder about Sandygram, too. With G. Judy seemingly gone, hope Sg hasn’t also left. Both good on here. Sometimes they sorta worked as a team with their insights on the show.

    So hey you gals, let us know how you are doin’!

  10. From Adele

    Well the show today seemed so strange. Having a time getting used to these new writers. Let’s see. Rafe lecturing Sami, Stephano and EJ getting their just desserts. Humm I am starting to think that Patty is writing these latest shows. Ian really is a kooky villian. He plays it perfectly. When I first starting watching days I thought Stephano was sooo over the top in his theatrical way of speaking but I think Ian has him beat by a long shot.

  11. From patty

    Adele,love your name by the way ,and I could get used to the new writers. Loving the new shows, it’s like the old Days are back. Wait till you see the next episode, I couldn’t have written it any better myself when it comes to Rafe and! Lets just say the lecturing stops. Don’t miss it.

  12. From Leah

    What a shame Ian is leaving… I reckon his character could add something to the show. Lets face it Stefano isn’t that bad anymore. Seems like he has run out of tricks and motivation. Maybe its more to do with his age now. Look at Victor! Whereas Ian seems like he is just warming up and could be of some good value. Plots, twists and turns! Oh well.

  13. From Leah

    PS: Have to agree with you… Maggie pushing Dr Dan Jennifiers way after Jacks death is horrible. Mind you, Maggie was married to Mickey for decades and look how quickly she remarried. Only on Days I suppose.

  14. From Clear

    While they’re at it, I hope they decipher the coin and are done with it! Guess John and Hope can slip away and get that divorce now, or were they ever married?

  15. From Shani

    I agree about Ian staying & I wish he were. I didn’t feel that way weeks ago but I do now. But I am glad the actor is going out on a high note as far as showing the depth of his acting ability.

  16. From dc

    yea, i am wondering about sandygram too.. does anyone out there know her on a personal note? hope she is ok.. i always love to read her posts..

  17. From Mandi

    Totally agree with everyone for Ian wow what an amazing actor when he finally gets a part he deserves very well done. Love how they tied everything together with the coin and EJ being stephano’s son. I really hope Sami and Rafe don’t get back together I love Sami and EJ. With chloe returning maybe Rafe can be with her.

  18. From MAB

    Spoiler from

    Nadia Bjorlin(Chloe) returns to Days of Our Lives. The actress will report for work in late September but is not expected to hit the air until January 4, 2013. Yep, Days is shooting that far ahead these days.

  19. From Shani

    Mandi 17 I just read that on Salem Spectator this morning that Chloe is for sure coming back. Starts filming next month but not to air until January. She says she doesn’t know all the details yet of what’s in store but she will be her old self, confident & self assured, self esteem is back, & maybe there could be a little revenge. I have always liked Chloe so I’m happy. Her with Rafe?! Well, maybe. But for now I am enjoying him & Sami scenes.

  20. From jolie

    I thought Ian was particularly creepy in a very good way by making Stefano and Elvis face each other as he unloaded his life’s story on us. So Santos ruined another one, making him nuts. The actor was good in the scenes but I think he was just too creepy around the women. I like him better when he is squared off against the men. I think we have sidestepped many issues but glad that Stefano and Elvis are back in the family way.
    Rafe and Sami. Not done by a long shot. Yep, we have us a triangle forming that will loom as big and disastrous as the Bermuda Triangle.
    And the other triangle forming now ..Nic/Dr Feelgood/Jennifer. I really don’t see Nic and Jenn together for long. There was some really bad blood between them during the election. As a grown woman, I know us and most of us are not likely to be that pissed at someone then give them a home! Unless it was in the dungeon in the basement. This one is a stretch but I can see why we are going there. I agree with the others that it is too early for Jenn.
    Melanie is likely going to leave for Europe to live with Carly when Nick comes to town. Hope will get him out and he’ll probably live with her since Bo is leaving. This would give Mel a reason for leaving Chad and town. I just hate to see her go. I like the actress big time and her character has really evolved. I don’t understand why this character is leaving and Gabby is staying. They have ruined her character with this nutsy plot she had to get Chad and now she is getting off clean. Hard to reconcile for me.
    Chloe coming back. I hope they do the poor gal better than she has been done in the past. Chloe with Rafe was mentioned. That might be interesting. By the time she comes back, Sami will be in a relationship with Elvis and still be toying with Rafe so someone new in his life will blister up on Elvis and Sami for sure. Wonder what Chloe would think about Nicole planting her flag on Dr. Dan??

  21. From MAB

    Stefano looked pretty rough yesterday, but he’s still the man! No doubt how angry he is!! If Ian doesn’t die at the hands of the DiMeras, then he better disappear for good or Stefano’s will make sure he ends up 6 feet under. And now we have to believe this this Yvette woman is “another love of Santos’ life”? What about Colleen? She was supposedly the love of his life too. Stefano says Ian’s not Santo’s son, but them called him a bastard…hmm. And Ian says he don’t know who his real father is…and I guess we may never know at this point. As far as what Ian said about switching blood tests, and then referred the same to EJ, I didn’t take it at all that he was indicating EJ changed blood tests on Johnny. I think he was referring to how Sami tried to hide the fact that Grace/Sydney was his & how now Nicole is trying to hide the fact that her child is EJ’s (supposedly) as well.

    Spoilers say EJ will be turning good. I’m curious to see how this happens, depending on how the writers have in store for him, and if Sami & EJ become a couple or not.

    More boring scenes w/ Sami & Rafe. Rafe thinks he knows everything! I swear, I think this guy would argue w/ the Pope. He doesn’t know how to listen, and when he does, he only hears what he wants to hear. And then his rant about EJ wasn’t coming back. Well, isn’t that convenient that he said that, since EJ has been kidnapped. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafe knows that either. I find it funny how he was conveinetly not around during the current events that happened in Salem. And how come it’s never been explained where he really went? I don’t put anything past Rafe anymore. Maybe one day the fans will find out who he really is, and I’m betting it’s definitely not good.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I liked Sylvio. In one episode Sylvio was more interesting than Rafe has been since he’s been on the show…too bad Sylvio ends up being the one to get hurt and not Rafe. And Sylvio was only doing his job. I’m sure he would attack anyone who was trying to do something to EJ & Sami, and I assume he had no idea who Rafe was or what he was doing to Sami so he jumped.

    The scene where Jen told Maggie about Jack’s death fell way to short for me. The Maggie I know would’ve never left that house, rather stayed and comforted Jen & Abby. Instead, she quickly excuses herself and calls Daniel.

    I think Sonny went overboard w/ Will yesterday. He needs to realize that no matter what your sexual orientation, people are different, and the way they choose to handle their private life in their business. Just because Sonny wanted to kiss Will, doesn’t make it right, or wrong that Will wasn’t prepared for it. I agree w/ what Will said to Sonny…and I also liked what Marlena said to him as well.

    Nadia Bjorlin says “Chloe is supposedly coming back as her old self again, the Chloe with good self-esteem, a stronger and more confident Chloe who can really stand up for herself and not be bullied.” That sounds a lot like what Bryan Datillo said about Lucas’ return, and we see how that has panned out. I wonder who Chloe will end up with, as she’s slept with most of them. Will is be Daniel or Brady? Funny how her & Nicole seem to share the same men. And how is she gonna feel about her best friend Nicole’s pursuit of Daniel? And will it turn out that Daniel is the father of Parker after all? I wished they would bring Philip back.

  22. From MAB

    Leah – I agree, Lucas pretty much acts like Johnny & Sydney don’t exist, just because they’re EJ’s (even Rafe didn’t do that). I’m not saying he would be mean to them, but he rarely even brings up their names. But EJ has always been around for ALL of Sami’s kids, and included Allie as if she were his. And as I brought up earlier, I don’t see how EJ can’t be Johnny’s father. I would think after his surgeries that there would be no doubt who Johnny’s real father was. I’m sure blood had to be on hand for the little guy in case something happened to him under the knife, and I’m sure EJ & Sami provided that. If there was gonna be any question about paternity, it should’ve happened then.

    And why was Lucas not taking care of the kids, and it was left to Marlena & Will? What is he doing that’s so important that he can’t watch the kids? And Rafe yesterday saying Sami dumped her kids. What malarkey! He sure didn’t mind her dumping the kids when they were married so they could jump in the sack. And Will is capable of taking care of the kids. Yes, the boy has his share of problems, but that don’t make him inept. And it’s been Sami, EJ, and sometimes Lucas who has been there for Will during the last few months, not Rafe. He wasn’t there for any of the kids, even tho he promised he would be. He was too busy chasing after Carrie, and playing father to Nicole’s child.

  23. From MAB

    I don’t care whether anything bad ever comes out of Rafe’s past…that sure won’t be a reason for me to dislike him…I already dislike him and have from day one. Even if something bad does come out from his past, it won’t change my dislike for him. The ONLY way Rafe will be likeable is if he left the show, but since that probably won’t happen, he will have to get a good s/l of his own, quite playing in EJ & Sami’s playground, and finds another woman to sniff around other than Sami. Although, even if all that was to happen, I still wouldn’t be his fan, but at least his character would be more interesting that way. I still agree w/ most that there has to be some kind of past eventually to come out, because we still know zilch about him.

    For the record, the penguin was from his mother, Sami, not Rafe. He only bought it. And Johnny has spent more time w/ Sami & EJ than anyone in his entire young life. And if he didn’t see his real father enough, that was due to Sami & Rafe’s schemes.

    EJ is capable of a lot, but he doesn’t have to falsely produce children. He gets that done in the bedroom. He doesn’t have to play daddy to kids that aren’t his, unlike Rafe.

    kat – I have to admit it would be more plausible for EJ & Rafe to fight over Sami, than EJ & Lucas. Sorry, but Lucas just don’t have the fire power to stand up against EJ. He looks ridiculous doing it. I agree w/ you about Maggie pushing Daniel towards Jen. Jack isn’t even cold yet. And she didn’t like it when people were encouraging her to go after Victor in the beginning, and Mickey had been gone for a while. Maybe Jen will tell Maggie this and she will stop interfering. She is a busybody at times, just like John used to call her.

    Maryl – oh I think Rafe was there for the cookies! LOL And boy, that would blow his sainthood if he did get a nun pregnant. I doubt it tho, since he’s never gotten anyone else pregnant, especially Sami, who is as fertile as the Napa Valley. Funny how Rafe has a mother, but was raised by nuns…makes no sense, just more mystery surrounding his past.

    Nope, the danger Allie was in was due to Stefano, and EJ is the one who saved her from it. She would’ve never been in Hong Kong w/ Lucas if he hadn’t convinced Kate to have Lucas send for her.

    I guess some are satisfied if the new writers bring back the old Days. Well not me. I want to see a new & improved Days that takes chances, writes NEW s/l’s. I don’t want to see recycled old paternity s/l’s, and put people back together who don’t belong together. If they pair EJ & Sami, that will be a start, and a refreshing one at that. And for pete’s sake, if you’re gonna keep Rafe & Lucas, give these 2 something to do, other than being annoying!

    jolie – Jen going against Nicole is like Lucas going against EJ. It’s just not plausible! Apparently, the actress who plays Melanie wants to leave, just like Bo, and Lexie.

  24. From Shani

    Having someone else care for your kids while you & your husband “jump in the sack” (which is a pretty normal function of happily married young couples) is quite different than yes, DUMPING your kids in an explosion crisis that has shaken the whole town to run off with any man. Let alone one who has done to Sami what EJ has. & believe me, if things were different & Sami had ran off with Rafe or Lucas & left her kids, I would feel the same way.

  25. From Michael

    “Boned his love life?” Maybe its just my mind in the gutter, but perhaps there could have been some better wording used there. How about “messed up his love life?” :)

  26. From patty

    Going up to say goodnight at bedtime while someone else takes care of your kids is not exactly what I call a good father either. Mary raised the kids and then Nicole while EJ was busy destroying peoples lives , especially Sami’s, the mother of his kids and the woman who is suppose to be the love of his life.
    Whatever are the EJ fans going to do if he turns good. He was written to be bad, isn’t that going to make him wishy washy and boring? I would absolutely love to see that, until he turns bad again.

    Yay Sylvio! He put on quite a 2 second Emmy material performance as EJ’s goon. He did bring a lot to the show, trying to stab Rafe and failing and getting shot by a girl. Really.

  27. From Randi

    Steph is nt the only one who got a NOTE from ALICE—Hope did too. Wonder how they will deal with such.
    I too agree Mags went too far, Jack is not even in the ground yet!
    DEN, no—doesn’t work with a guy who gets excited everytime he sees a pretty woman!
    Jen deserves BETTER!

  28. From patty

    Wow what a guy! Now EJ’s upset because Sami shot Sylvio to protect Rafe. He’s turning good when?
    Aha! Jen and Abbigail flying off to be with JJ (he wants to be called Jack now).
    Welcome back Billy!

  29. From Kat

    How was Sylvio to know who that Trespasser Rafe is,
    Sami was yelling, Sylvio came to the Rescue, Rafe was in this place without invitation..
    Sylvio would hardly think that Rafe was a Friend, they way he treated Sami…..
    Only us viewers knew who Rafe is…….
    What was Sylvio to do, well He did His Job, trying to protect Sami….LOL

  30. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    According to some spoilers EJ wants Sami and Sami wnats him too but decides for a while she is gonna just be a mother.
    EJ has never been all bad IMO he has a good side and bad I mean how many times have we seen him turn on his own father to help good, and when he was elected Mayor he wanted to do it so his kids can see him as good and he wanted to be a good mayor. He wanted to make his children proud to be a Dimera and turn the Dimera name around. This is not a over night thing with EJ he has always been gray IMO.
    I think him being all good now may have to do with what he went through with Stefano and his love for Sami and his kids.

    I think Maggie needs to mind her own beeswax and is stepping over the line with Jen, Jack is not even buried yet and she is trying to play matchmaker. She acted like she supported Dan when he wanted Nicole and Dan told her he wanted to concentrate on his daughter not on looking for someone to feel a void or love so what does Maggie do she trys to find another void filler, and Can she really believe Jen can just forget Jack that quick? I know if she does it will be unbelievable considering their love story, Jack and Jens. They need to leave Jen alone and let her grieve and support Abby right now.

    Spoilers below
    So Jen will be allowing Nicole to move in with her

    Ej gets closer to Sami but she decides for the sake of her children she is off men for now Tick Tick

    Mel shows up at Nicks parole hearing to give a statement and he is sorry about her kidnapping.

    Sonny will Deck T
    Will feels he lost Sonny
    Will quits working with EJ and tells his mother EJ is a Dimera after all.

    Stefano will remain in hiding

    Brady will be comforting a stressed Mel.

    Will regrets his tryst with Gabi

    Spoilers that happen week after ones above
    Sami is torn but should she feel threatned by a old rival?

    So it seems Sami will get close to EJ but decide to put her kids first atleast for a few weeks according to spoilers.Who will be the old rival since Nicole will be wrapped up in Dan? Carrie is gone unless she somehow comes back. I know it once was in talks to have her back but I heard they dropped it. So any ideas on who the rival will be?

    I am assuming it will have to do with either EJ Rafe or maybe even Lucas.

    Mel will be leaving and Nick coming back will probably be the reason since it has suggested it in past spoilers, so looks like things will get interesting.

    Not long ago there were spoilers Brady would get close to someone and some speculate Abby though that never fit maybe it will be Mel as others have thought since he will be comforting her. Maybe Brady is able to understand cause he was in Salem when Nick was here last. I get the feeling the Hortons all want Nick out and Mel is gonna be scared and she leaves because of that, will a man on the show follow her??

    So Will quits working for EJ and Stefano is probably why since EJ is a Dimera and hence Will someday forgive his fatha Will wants no part in that, IDK I am guessing on this one.Either way Will has enough going on in his life right now what with sleeping with Gabi who technically could be his aunt by marriage I guess if we looked at it that way, no blood relation though. but I smell like mosthere a baby in the oven for Will and Gabi and how will sonny feel will he think Will is just like T said not really gay? Though I disagree I think Will is gay I am just wondering how it will play out in the whole Will and Sonny thing.

    Stefano decides since his son hates him for jumping to conclusions and so quickly disinheriting him after all EJ has done for him and lost along the way he hides out in his wallows, not to mention kate he is hiding form her also.

    We know they will work it out Stefano and EJ will but I am sure some big changes are in store for them and we will also learn some more Dimera secrets along the way and more of Stefanos story. Mascolo said there is a story they want to tell of Stefano and they are gonna tell it but what is it?
    Will Stefano change his spots and become more gray like Victor?

    W hat will happen to Ian? I did not like his character till the kidnapping scene and I think he could have made a great storyline seeing if he is indeed a Dimera.

    If we remember Santos told a young Stefano he must find the coin his families name is at stake. So he was aware Yvette had it but why? It also would seem either Ian was not his real son or he did not want Ian to have anything because he sent Stefano to insure the coin was recovered.
    The coin is the key to all the Dimera fortune and secrets around the world I wonder what other secrets there is.
    What was the real thing Alice had on Stefano? What was in that other letter? He laughed at it whatever it was.
    Could it be Kristen is really his daughter. I mean since she is coming back and all or could it have anything to do with Kristen?
    Inquiring minds wanna know lol

    Patty #26 Vey true EJ had a nanny and Nicole around but it seems most characters on this show dont raise their kids I mean who has been raising Ciara and look at Lil Jack. Atleast we see EJ with his kids I guess. We always see Bo and Hope and no Ciara and they rarely even speak of her, Most parents on this show did not raise their kids.
    I also recall EJ reading bedtime stories to his kids where he may not have been the prefect father he was around his kids and over last 6 months we have seen him come over and spend many of times with his kids like when Lexie died he came to say goodnight to them and hold them. I think he has changed alot lately and has became a better father then before.
    Mab # 21 22 23 I agree with all great posts

    Shani#24 Where is Bo and Hopes daughter? Have they even mentioned her at all? The thing is I understand what everyone is saying but noone says ait about the other parents on the show Sami ran off yep she did she also knew her kids were safe Will said he would watch them and she checked on her mother and kids. Have other parents on show checked on their kids? Pople make it so wrong when Sami does something, I remember when she left to the safe house noone said anything then. We see Sami interact with her kids more then any parent on this show but yet people say she does it less then all. Saint Marlna did not even care where her child was she is too busy helping everyone else and Being up Johns butt. She is always quick to take her step kids sides and does not realize half of Samis problem is Marlena and how she treats her. i mean it must be tougfh your own mother is not in your corner and this has happened since Sami was young that is why she has issues with Marlena she said she chose John over her children over and over. I just wish people would worry about other kids in Salem and not just Samis.

    Patty EJ may be upset but it must not last long since he gets close to Sami next week. I mean look what he went through and then he comes back Sylvio has ben shot and Rafe is there and the only thing on his mind was getting back to Sami.

  31. From Tee

    Randi Stefano recieved 2 letters in envelope one he just laughed off which would be the real letter I am assuming and the other was the one Ian placed there. Or Ian removed th eother letter completely. Either way Ian was the one who wrote and placed the letter in there I am gonna guess it was the other letter Stefano read and laughed, we have always talked about it on here and wondered what it said

  32. From Blaze.

    Hmmmmm… For Jack being the Love of Her Life, I have yet to see Jennifer shed a real tear!! Even when she broke the news to Maggie!! :\

  33. From patty

    That is not the point Kat. What is amazing is that EJ is surprised that Sami would even try to save Rafe’s life. Was she suppose to let Rafe get stabbed to death because she and EJ made out?

    Another great show today! Loving the new Days and how they’re adressing so many unfinished issues. It’s like they picked up where they left off a year ago.

    Can you tell I’m getting hooked on Days again!

  34. From patty

    Tee, I’m very very sorry but I don’t feel a thing about what Elvis went through. That was a walk in the park compared to what others have suffered at their hands.
    What I feel is delighted to see the worried look on EJ’s face when he realizes that Carrie is no longer in the picture and he witnesses more tender moments between Sami.
    Of course Sami is going to have more hot stuff with EJ and more sweet moments and jealousy over Rafe and a lot of yelling from Lucas. But from what I understand she wants to be alone and focus on her kids, which is a good thing. What will happen later on is anybody’s guess.

  35. From patty

    Meant to say Sami and Rafe but of course you knew that. lol!

  36. From MAB

    Sami didn’t dump her kids…she left Will in charge which he is very capable of doing.

    No, jumping in the sack w/ your current husband, while your kids are upset that they were ripped from their father & home isn’t normal. She was more concerned w/ his needs than her kids. But I guess for some it’s ok to put your husband’s sexual needs ahead of your child’s welfare. Not me! And for some the jumping in the sack rule is ok as long as it’s Rafe Sami is doing it with. If the tables were turned and it was EJ, those same people would sing a different tune…believe me!

    Wow, some people must live on the Days set if they know for a fact that Mary raised those kids. EJ has been a father to ALL of those kids, and spent just as much time w/ them as any other man in their lives. It was a different lifestyle at the DiMera mansion because there were servants…that’s the only difference. In fact, having Caroline on speed dial to watch the kids while Sami was married to Rafe is pretty much the same thing.

    I for one don’t care if EJ is good or bad. He is still better than Rafe could ever be. EJ is a multi-layered character who delivers stellar performances everyday he’s on the screen. Which is why he’s one of the top paid on the show, and one of the most popular characters in the show’s history.

    Sylvio worked for Stefano, and is his goon, not EJ’s. But he was there to protect EJ & Sami, and Rafe being the natural bully he is got attacked because of his treatment of Sami. Sylvio was doing his job, unlike Rafe, and got the short end of the stick for it. And he certainly was more interesting in his short performance on the show than Rafe has been since he came on the show. Too bad interesting characters aren’t given a chance to develop, but it’s probably to make room for the boring ones.

  37. From ,Kat

    Patty, did anybody say that Sami should not have helped Rafe, good thing he let one of her hands be un-cuffed…..
    Sylvio did what he thought was right under the circumstances, so why can’t we just say, it’s a draw. Have not seen EJ’s reaction yet…. tomorrow.
    I am ready to let the Long, rocky Road courtship of EJ and Sami begin.
    There will be moments for everybody, as our Sami will sort out her Life and her Feelings.

    But we know from the Actors, this time, in the end it will be EJ and Sami…

    Let’s just agree, that the parents on here love their kids, incl. EJ.
    EJ as We have always known, has Good and Bad in him….. Really,
    so what, if at this point in time, His Good Side becomes more strong, and takes over.

    I am sure in time, if things go wrong for him again, his bad side might surface again.
    I like both sides, and plays them so well, such a versatile actor/character.

    I get a kick out of all the visitors to Jenn, praising Jack,….
    When he came back, I don’t remember anybody ever having anything good to say about him,and not just because he was gone for a year,
    they mocked Him royally period….LOL

    If Gaby gets prego, that will be a way, to make Will a Father and have the Horton Line continue. The only way, he will have a Bio Child, and LOL, Marlena will become a “GG”. That alone is worth it. And if Will finds love with Sonny,
    he will have it all, A Bio Child and Love…….
    But I have a feeling, Gaby will lie about it first, and it will take time, before it comes out that Will is the Daddy, this is Salem Kids…

    Sounds like the SL’s upcoming, might have a little bit for all fans, instead being just cut and ?????help, is it dry…

    If I remember correctly, Stefano had the letter from Alice, we say her name on the envelope, long before he opened up the
    brown envelope with another letter from Alice in it, telling him
    He was not the Fatha of EJ.
    Those two incidents were weeks apart on the screen, so what was in the letter he had first, and he was laughing about. We never saw or heard ……At that time the baby pic of ELvis was still in the background…

  38. From jolie

    #21 MAB All good points but I took it that Ian was referring to the DNA testing that the Salem PoPo did when they came back and said that Elvis was indeed not the son of Stefano. Test no doubt done at the hospital so it sure wasn’t a stretch for Ian to change it to suit his purposes…or Alice’s fake letter. Oh my head is swimming. But I didn’t think he was referring to Sami or Giovanni.
    I sort of took Mags’ meddling in Dr Dan’s life by sending him over to Jennifer as that he was a friend and maybe not so much that he was an old flame. Maybe I need to reset my clock on that one and get on board with most of you all.
    Tee, I find the spoilers too funny. Sami will swear off men now that she and Elvis are panting over one another like pups. Sort of reminiscent of Elvis and Taylor panting over one another and twisting that darn scarf. Sami needs a scarf. Not to worry, fall is just around the corner. Cooler weather and scarves will prevail. Also Will is giving up his job with Elvis, like his mom has been telling him too, now that his mom is panting around Elvis. Confusion!
    Nicole is Sami’s main nemesis in love but maybe Eric comes back and she is jealous if he looks up Nicole since they are rivals, over husbands and babydaddys. She would probably like to keep Eric out of that stew.
    Will and Sonny…this is a situation that in real life just needs some time. Of course we don’t have that luxury in Salem as the sidewalks may buckle and fall in at any moment from a gas leak. ‘T’ is a catalyst to move the Sonny/Will story along no doubt. Can’t really see any other purpose. And why doesn’t everyone stay out of young Will’s business? Why can’t he be gay on his own terms? If Will were a gal, would it be imperative that he have a boyfriend to kiss in public? I think not. So what’s the rush that he pair off? Yes, back to my earlier point, DOL, Salem sidewalks buckling. Got it.
    Another thing about Stefano being alive. I must have missed it but who all is supposed to know? Elvis knows but Stefano remains in hiding??? Not getting this at all but I might need to buckle down and watch closer and not buckle up like the streets of Salem. If he is supposed to be hiding from Elvis and Kate, no, can’t buy into that one.

  39. From Shani

    Tee 30 if there was a current storyline about Hope & Bo running off without Ciara at this crucial time in Salem after the explosions, not knowing if they would be safe or how long they would be gone, I would feel the same justification for someone telling them they DUMPED their child as I do Rafe telling Sami she DUMPED her kids. But the storyline is about Sami, Rafe’s comment was to Sami, so that’s what I commented on.

  40. From Kat

    What life and death situation will Rafe find himself in, on Friday…

  41. From Shani

    I see we have people on here now who not only can read the minds of the Days characters but can also read the minds of other posters on here who they have never even met. That’s good. I mean REALLY good!

    Yes, Sami DUMPED her kids. She DUMPED them on someone else, big brother or not. After those explosions, I would have to be there with them & see for myself they were OK. But that’s just me.

  42. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    The Salem Keystones compared blood types, not DNA. Totally different testing methods. One’s conclusive, the other is speculation based on several known components.

  43. From jolie

    There is alot of back and forth about kids and who is a good daddy and who dumps and who takes care and who reads stories. It seems that we are assigning motive to characters when there is no evidence of why they do as they do, dumping kids, etc. The reason we don’t see too much of the kids is that it is costly to show too much of them on the set. There are laws that apply to them that don’t apply to others. Saying that one character is more of a parent than another… ludicrous. The characters’ actions come off a script and depending on who wrote it, any character can do anything at any time. I just don’t see arguing about who is the better parent when they don’t have any control of their actions.

  44. From patty

    Kat, maybe Sylvio decides to come back for more punishement. I wonder if Sami saves Rafe again.
    As for the other kids in Salem,if I remember correctly, all the kids were mentioned to be safe after the explosion. Today Bo says to Hope after work ,let’s go gather up our little princess , Jen and Abbigail are off to London to be with Jack Junior , we’ve already seen Johnny and his penguin , pictures of Sami’s kids and there is talk of her staying off men to be with her kids. Maybe the new writers have finally decided that kids are not an afterthought meant to be stuck in the attic at Grandma’s.

  45. From patty

    Never knew that young married couple having sex endangers their children’s lives. Or that sending children at Grandma’s for the night to have a romantic evening with your husband is considered choosing a man over your children.
    Dang! Sue me for being an unfit mother!

  46. From Tee

    Jolie #42 I agree completely and have tried to explain that on here many of times. I just dont get why people put Sami down when on screen she inquired of her kids and Mother and father etc.
    Other then Theo no other child was present with their parent after the explosion perhaps it was done off set. But what people need to understand is it is inconvenient to have kids on set.

    I did not see anyone menton where was Hope when she ran off with John to get a divorce and ended up doing Stefanos bidding as Prncess Gina again.
    I know Jen went to see her son but she will be back so fast my head will spin, she comes back Friday so she left her child alone after losing his father and comes back to Salem. She could have stayed a while longer with him it seems she is gonna literally go spread ashes and return.
    I can think of many of times characters have not been with their kids when they should have its a soap I guess but I just wish people would stop saying Oh wow look at Sami she left her kids. I thought the explosion only hit Horton square and her kids were not in Horton square.
    I hope that covers the all postings above of Sami leaving her child.
    Who is Rafe to say anything has he even checked on Samis kids nope just once since they have been seperated. He is just jealous, either way Sami will take it to heart for a few weeks and concentrate on her kids till she gets up in a triangle again so that should make some happy.
    Shani I was not calling you out on it I said people as in more then one and it has been a thing on here for a while now when Sami does something they start throwing the how dare she leave her kids card, but lets be understanding this is a soap and they had her leave with EJ to set up for the Rafe scenes so dont that jsut make some Rafe fans happy? I mean whi did Hope not take her husband and child along to go get that Divorce, and how many times did her and Bo go sailing kidless on Fancyface? Marlena was a good one for leaving poor Sami behind for John when she ran around trying to find out his current identity crisis. It is a soap. That is how I see it It dont bother me that the kids are not on there day in and out, we see Sami with her kids more then any parent on this soap.
    Mab good point about Dimera lifestyle I mean most rich people have nanys and some even send their kids to boarding schools good thing EJ did not do that huh. He is a good father imo, in the past he did some awful things but I think hehas devoloped alot as of lately.

  47. From Tee

    Patty#44 I think the psoter was reffering to when Sami lost her kids and went that night and had sex with Rafe
    Jolie #37 Stefano stays in hiding from Kate and Salem as in he dont want to be bothered what after EJ told him he dont want anything to do with him and Kate on the prowl he is hiding out by himself a bit not that he is in hiding it wont be from Ian that I can see cause he was laying on the floor I am guessing he is gonna die but not sure yet. I think it is reffering to Kate who goes looking for him and cannot find him but I am not sure

  48. From Kat

    I could accept Rafe saying today,to bad WE Both threw it all away, not just Sami.
    After all him falling in love with Carrie did not help, and was in my Book, throwing it away.
    Rafe, take some of the blame, and let’s be
    done with it.
    Whoopy, bring out the halo for Jenn,
    it took Jack, the father dying, to finally go see your little boy.
    Sami knew her kids were save, same as Bo and Hope knew, when they stayed on to help out.
    It’ about time that Grandma Marlena takes care of her Grandchildren,
    just let’s pretend Sami is having some Adult time, like she had with Rafe many times, and guess what … she is with Rafe, he is holding her at safehouse, LOL
    Question, were the kids stuck in Caroline’s attic,,ever?
    And yes, where is Lucas, he is a parent, just as much as Sami, nobody ever dumps on him for being a father far out of reach for most of their lives….Give me a break.
    Will and Gaby, if she gets prego, it will be one way for Will to have a bio child of his own. More Horton’s to continue.
    Who knows how long it will be, before it will come out that Will is the father of the baby.
    That could turn into a long ongoing saga.
    Have a bad feeling that Chad might get thrown into the mix, one way or the other, and Gaby will claim he is the Father. Chad might regret the day, He let Gaby walk away from her criminal deeds. She is still after him, no matter what.

    Grandma Marlena, bad enough, how about GG Marlena, priceless. I could enjoy that.

    All the people now praising poor Jack,
    when He returned I remember very well, none of them had anything good to say about him, they all enjoyed Mocking Jack, all they could, not just because he was gone for a year,
    but because He was Jack… And now, to me all the phony out pouring, to hypocritical in my books.
    Lost my orig. blog, Error 503, hope it does not show up tomorrow….. stuff happens here….
    patty, 44, so what is the big deal, that Grandma Marlena is with the kids, and Sami is not…
    They are taken care, and Sami knows that between all of her family, it’s ok. She is not unfit,
    just pretend she is with Rafe, and she is, LOL
    Actually, ever since Rafe and Sami split up, Sami has spent so much more time with her children, than ever. Lucky children…and EJ, across the hall, has been with his children every chance he got.

  49. From Leah

    You really have to chuckle at soap land! Foundations get laid over months… the wind is strongly blowing in one direction and then all of a sudden poff and its blowing in the other direction. Only on a soap can they disregard everything they’ve written and do an about face. Gotta love it.
    Some interesting spoiler posts from above. Have to say I got excited to hear Chloe is coming back. There is going to be some good old fireworks when she finds out about her best friend Nicole and Dr Dan (is he still her husband or ex husband). Looking forward to that. I have to say I hated the fact that Nicole and Dr Dan were having so much sex while she was pregnant with another mans child. It was all a little gross for me but I did end up liking them together. The actress who plays Nicole seems to have chemistry with any male actor she plays opposite though.
    #30 Tee… Sami and an old rival. I’m picking its gonna be Nicole. And it will either be Nicoles relationship with Rafe or it will be Nicole with EJ. Either way Sami has always hated Nicole (with good reason). Should be interesting when Mr Eric Brady returns to town. The last person on earth I could imagine Sami wanting her brother with is Nicole. Just think of the family Christmas’s and functions. If the writers write it well it should be fun to watch.
    EJ and Sami get close but Sami decides to put the kids first. Well, well, well, there is a first time for everything! That spoiler statement did make me laugh. They really do write Sami as a split personality sometimes. I mean come on… When her and Rafe started tying it on Will, Allie, Johnnie and Sydney didn’t know him well. Safe’s relationship started in the WPP not in Salem. The kids didn’t get to see any of that yet he was welcomed into her home regardless of the kids. Then there was the jumping into bed and shacking up with Lucas recently. Lucas hasn’t had much to do with his own kids let alone there being no bond or interaction with Johnnie or Sydney. Yet again here is Sami opening up her home etc etc to a man the kids hardly know. She didn’t even think about the kids again. But NOW all of a sudden… she and EJ wanna do the deed and can’t keep their eyes or hands off each other and I meant to believe Sami’s gonna do an about face? EJ who has known Will since a teen and grown to be close to lately. Allie who EJ thinks of as a daughter and has known from day 1 and the of course he is Johnnie and Sydneys father… and Sami wants to think about the kids. That is hilarious and ludicious! Just as well I have a sense of humor so I can see the funny side of it. From a soap land persceptive I suppose I understand it. Lets face it MOST supercouples seem to take forever to give into their love. Go Ejami and Ejami family!

  50. From MAB

    Shani & Patty – if you’re gonna comment on MY opinions, learn how to read them and stop misinterpreting my comments to compare w/ your twisted thoughts.

    MY opinion was in regards to when Sami yanked Johnny & Sydney out of their home & away from their father, then she goes home, puts them to bed, and jumps in the sack w/ Rafe. Johnny was highly upset that night, but instead of taking care of her son, she took care of her husband’s needs. I call that being an unfit. No where did I relate this to a real life situation, again I know how to separate reality from fition, but if if the shoe fits…

    jolie – you could be right about what Ian was referring to. Not sure. Also you are right about the kids, some just want to find anyway to blame EJ for a good father…that is what they think that is.

  51. From MAB

    Oops, meant to say:

    some just want to find anyway to blame EJ for not being a good father…that is what they think that is.

  52. From Tee

    Hope this dont double post I posted this a minute ago but it is not showing up Sorry if it does.

    Patty~ Jen does go to see lil Jack but she is back very quick I think 1 or 2 days soap time. I get it though instead of having her leave a while even a few weeks to spend time with her son they need to bring her back to move Nicole in and get the Dan triangle thing going I guess.
    I also think in the poster who commented on Sami having sex with Rafe was referring to when she lost her kids that same day. I may not be right but that is what I took from it unless we are thinking of different posts.

    Patty 43 Sami will be all about her kids for about a week and a half on the soaps then it has in spoilers she is torn so I am sure it had to do with Rafes comments and also Lucas tearing into her also about leaving the kids. The only kids we heard if they were ok were Samis and Theo cause he was with Abe.
    I just wish we could all get off this whole whos a bad mom for not talking about or leaving their kids thing because it is a soap.
    I do wish there were a few play dates here and there and we get little snippets of thekids sometimes on the show but unless it has anything to do with the story I dont really see them bringing them on and I get that

  53. From patty

    Tee, Jolie is right and what we don’t see when it comes to the kids doesn’t mean it is not happening. Like today, Brady brought a book back that Syndney left under the kitchen table at his house. Who knew Brady had time with Sami’s kids?
    I always thought Sami was a good mother and felt very bad for her when she lost her kids and EJ kept them away from her. What I find bad parenting is when they use their kids to justify their bad choices and actions, like Sami saying she’s running with EJ for her kids but taking a risk at leaving them motherless, or that EJ wanted to become mayor to make his children proud and at the same time is doing underhanded things that would make them just the opposite. Or using the children for payback against one another, or badmouthing one another in front of the kids, yelling at the top of their lungs with the kids asleep in the next room. That is something you don’t see from the other parents on the show and makes Sami and EJ look like they don’t put their children first with their actions. Not making whoopie while the kids are asleep.
    Of course putting a crazy imposter in your kids house would definitely be at the top of the list for a bad parent. I’ve often wondered, did EJami lovers still like him when he did that?

  54. From Leah

    I’m gonna apologise in advance incase my post #48 appears on here several times also. I tried to post it 3 times (I think) and every time it said it failed as Kats did and now I get on here to find it did go through. Eek! Seems to be a few problems with this site lately. I wonder if we are overloading it with all our words of wisdom? Ha, ha.
    # 51 MAB…. I know what the scene you are referring to in regards to Safe dropping the kids off at Grandmas. I HATED those scenes! It was Ejami’s wedding day. All the kids were excited about being in the wedding party and at mom/dad/stepdad getting married (exception would have been Will but he was happy to go along with it for his mom and siblings sake). Then Rafe turns up spills the beans and Sami takes off with the kids. I remember Sami telling the kids to say goodbye to their father and Johnnie saying “No, I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay here.” The kids were upset and in shock but instead of staying and comforting the kids Safe dropped them off with Grandma (for over 24 hours) so they could go and jump in the sack. Loving and concerned adults were they? No…. 2 bunnies wanting to mate and to hell with the inconvenience of kids needing love and attention. I hated it. And then the thing that upset MOST viewers is how Sami could shoot EJ in the head and then go back and have sex with Rafe again. It was horrible and in poor taste. There was nothing remotely caring, loving or romantic about it. So yes I fully understand where you are coming from MAB.

  55. From kat

    Can we put the “Kids to sleep” and let them sleep…
    this is getting boring.
    None of this will be solved,
    our opinions are set….
    Move on, there is more to discuss…But if You like,
    you can talk about the kids and Sami all you want,
    it’s your right, I guess I don’t have to read it…..Later.

  56. From patty

    #53 Tee
    Like I said, a lot of behind the scenes we don’t see. We hardly saw Jack and Jen in the few months before the explosion. They could have been visiting JJ regularly and he even could have been home all summer for all we know.
    As for Stephano in hiding, he was in a hospital room( we don’t see him) and leaves strict orders to Bo and Hope that he doesn’t want to see Kate. When Kate sneaks in, he’s gone.
    Ian is still alive and in police custody. Not that I’ll miss him or anything but hopefully they’ll bring him back at some point .

  57. From kat

    Ladies, don’t you know by now, that our Rafe can Do no Wrong Ever,
    at least we can see when EJ is bad, and we say so, I know I have.
    But Rafe, the Spin Meisters are out working overtime, to defend no matter what he does.

    It is laughable any more, at least to me, I don’t even want to
    argue about it any more.

    Again this blog came back, did not take….
    I will try again….

    Again back, and it is not Incorrect type.
    Here we go again….

  58. From kat

    Ladies, don’t you know by now, that our Rafe can Do no Wrong Ever,
    at least we can see when EJ is bad, and we say so, I know I have.
    But Rafe, the Spin Meisters are out working overtime, to defend no matter what he does.

    It is laughable any more, at least to me, I don’t even want to
    argue about it any more.

    Again this blog came back, did not take….
    I will try again….

    Again back, and it is not Incorrect type.
    Here we go again….

    Again back, well I’ll keep on trying, seems to stuck at blog # 56…

  59. From patty

    Well Leah, that’s our Sami, she is kind of macabre like that. Same with the grief sex, you find out your child is dead and you want to have sex? Who does that?

  60. From patty

    Sorry if this posts twice.
    Well Leah, that is our Sami, she is kind of macabre like that. Look at the grief sex, she finds out her child is dead and wants to have sex. Who does that?

  61. From patty

    There’s an echo in here,lol!
    You said it Kat,over and over, our Rafe can do no! Well, little things maybe, but not a lot. :)

  62. From Shannon C

    I am really hoping that Sami and EJ finally have the chance at having a real relationship. With the show on shaky ground it seems that writers would try to entice the large fanbase that EJami has. Personally, I only have time to watch one soap regularly and it has been GH until I started seeing Sami/EJ were getting together. If that does not happen not sure I will continue to tune in. I know at one time American Idol was monitored by Direct TV to determine which singers performances were ff through by viewers the most and based on that DTV always accurately predicted who would be voted off. I think this would be a great tool in determining which couples should be together to add viewership. I know I always did and always will ff through Sami/Lucas and Sami/Rafe.

  63. From NeeNee

    Can’t remember where (think it was SheKnowsSoaps), but I read that when Eric Brady returns it will be as a PRIEST! Wouldn’t that add new dimension to the storylines?? He and stepfather/ex-Father John Black could compare notes.

  64. From NeeNee

    Can’t remember where (think it was SheKnowsSoaps), but I read that when Eric Brady returns it will be as a PRIEST! Wouldn’t that add new dimension to the storylines?? He and stepfather/ex-Father John Black could compare notes.

    Yup, posts aren’t taking well tonight . . .

  65. From Leah

    It’s official James Scott is the 2012 Adonis winner. This is the 5th time he has won the award… 2007 to 2010 and then again this year. Congratulations James, you are obviously doing something right!

  66. From Leah

    Regardless of what characters I like I wanna make the following comment. It probably is the one thing that annoys me about soap land and that is…. peoples self respect. What woman or man is going to put up with their partners loving, wanting or having sex with someone else? What woman or male is happy to deceive, trick, manipulate or make their partner feel guilty so they can hold onto them? Its a false sense of love and security. And it will always end in unhappiness, unpleasantness and disaster for both of them let alone if they have children. I want some of these Days characters be stronger, more assertive, more independant and not willing to put up with someone elses rubbish! Much rather watch stronger characters than wimpy, weak, insecure ones!

  67. From SK

    EJ kidnapped his own daughter and let everyone think she was dead…..EJ Kidnapped Rafe, put him in a Jail cell and sent a fake Rafe to go live with his kids and Sami! Please MAB…lets not paint EJ out to be some saint! He let his kids be around a drunk violent lunatic that gave Johnny instructions on how to beat up other children!! THe real Rafe loved Sami and he loved ALL her children like they were his own! Thats why Will went off the rails when Sami wrecked the family that they had by sleeping with EJ!
    By the way…Sami went on the run with EJ after a major catastrophe, having No idea when she would be back…that is called dumping the children!!

  68. From BS

    Seriously?! For years now, they have made Sami into this wishy-washy little girl trying to stay connected to weak or abnoxiously self-rightous guys like Lucas and Rafe. EJ has always been the one that tried to fight for them. Sami should know why she can’t stay away from EJ by now, just admit it to herself, and commit to him already!

    This sudden thing with Rafe is an insult to viewers! Just because the new writers like Sami with Rafe and EJ with Nicole doesn’t mean they should let their own opinions make them write storylines that are ridiculous and characters who are completely unrecognizable from week to week.

    I am so sick of this same old junk!!!!! Why put all that effort into rebuilding Sami and EJ if they are just going to get new writers who come in and destroy it all, and start to put Rafe and Sami together?! Rafe, who fell in love with Sami’s sister BEFORE he found out about her and EJ. Rafe, who is still helping the woman who hurt sami, who he hated for so long, to do exacty what Sami did before (nice storyline recycling they’re doing too) Rafe, who only wanted Carrie, until she decided to move.

    Oh ,and all of a sudden he’s back to having feelings for Sami, and Will doesn’t want to work for EJ, and Sami is going to be around Gabi! The new writers didn’t waste their time moving things around to put Sami and Rafe together and make EJ seem like the oddman out! They are making it seem like Rafe is the one Sami really loves and EJ is the distraction, completely disrespecting all they have shared both just recently with each other, and what they have shared over the 6 years since EJ came to the show. Reminder writers: RAFE was orginally a rebound relationship from Sami’s non-relationship with EJ. I hope EJ remains confidant that HE is the one she really loves, despite all these nonsensical Rafe moments.

    If tiresome Rafe with Sami happens again, not only am I not watching Days at all ever, I will seriously encourage a bigger boycott. Enough is enough!!!!

    OK, sorry, done rambling…

  69. From patty

    # 72 Leah,
    I totally agree with everything you said. When I voiced something to that effect I was told morals have no place on soaps. Maybe not, but self respect should , especially with women who have become desperate and dependant on men like it’s their only option in life for their hapiness and well being. Love , romance and success kind of loses it’s appeal when it’s only achieved through manipulations and trickery. Yes it’s only a soap and yes we still watch it anyway but I would also want to see much stronger and independant characters. Thanks for that great post!

  70. From patty

    #67 or 68,lol!
    Kat, I was never one to believe that sex just happens, no matter the situation. At one point or another a person has to make a conscious decision to participate or not. That is why I never bought into the “grief” sex thing, whether Sami went there with it in mind or not.
    Yes Rafe could have said why did we throw away our marriage but he wanted to know why she did. He took his responsibility for his part when he admitted that yes he had feelings for Carrie and it was wrong and he was ashamed of it. He and Carrie however made a conscious decision to not act on it, not because they wanted to or because she was Carrie’s sister but because they put other people’s feelings and Carrie’s marriage first. It doesn’t matter what would have happened if Sami hadn’t caught them kissing or if Carrie hadn’t been pregnant, it didn’t happen and they are over. He loved Sami and she always said he was the best thing that ever happened to her so yeah, why did she throw it away?
    I don’t even know that I want him back with Sami, she’s so fickle and with EJ in the picture it just spells more hurt for Rafe but I sure as hell am enjoying watching it all unfold.

  71. From patty

    I would even say that Sami was pretty rattled to hear that her sister took the high road and left town to save her marriage. It is more than what Sami did and it proves that all those horrible things she said about her sister are not true.

  72. From Shani

    51 MAB excuse me but my thoughts are not “twisted” nor are anyone else’s on here. I don’t know why you have to be so nasty in some of your posts. I never referred to which Rafe & Sami sex incident you were talking about. Didn’t matter to me since you pretty much always criticize ANY scenes with the 2 of them. All I said was that it was pretty normal for a young married couple to have someone else care for their kids while they are intimate together. Sami & EJ had grief sex & for many it was perfectly understandable. Maybe Sami & Rafe were having celebration sex!! LOL Who says Sami was only taking care of Rafe’s needs anyway?! Sami is like a sex machine in her own right!

    45 Tee no problem, I did not take it that you were calling me out. I responded to your general comment to explain why I had said what I did.

    72, 73 Leah & patty great posts. Goes along with what I have said about Sami & that I would want her to have more self respect.

  73. From Christine Fix

    Hi everyone,

    I have noticed a lot of duplicate comments in this thread from one or two. In order to avoid this in the future, after you post a comment, please *wait* four minutes before posting again if you do not immediately see your post.

    This will cut back on the spammy emails coming to us and will cut back on your apparent frustration! :)

    I will not be back to see replies but please don’t think that means I am ignoring anyone. Just very busy with the two sites! :)


  74. From patty

    Thanks Christine!

    National Enquirer Spoilers

    - Abigail learns that she has a roommate

    - EJ desperately wants to win Sami back

    - Daniel comes into dramatic conflict with Nick’s family

    - Sonny tries his hardest to make amends with T

    - Meanwhile, Sami offers a helping hand to Gabi.

    - And Brady informs Kate that he’s giving her a promotion

  75. From MAB

    Leah – thanks for getting my point about how Sami was putting Rafe before her kids (and she did it more than once). I know a lot of others agree w/ me too, except for those who feel the need to put words in my mouth, as usual. Also, I heard about James Scott being the 2012 Adonis winner. Of course he did…no one else on Days could win it. I think Maryl said this was the third year in a row??

    Great scenes w/ Stefano & EJ (& Ian) yesterday!!! I was so glad to see where EJ’s priorities were, w/ Sami, even after finding out Stefano was alive. All he wanted to do was go to her. I felt sorry for him walking in on that despicable sight that was Rafe trying to comfort Sami, which I didn’t buy. I think EJ is gonna be a different man this time around, especially after all he’s been thru. Maybe that is the start of him turning good, as the spoilers indicate.

    Rafe tells Sami not to get nostalgic on him, when it was he who started it. And he’s as bad as a woman for changing their mind. He’s all nasty to her, then says you know I loved you, why did you have to ruin it? Really Rafe? She ruined it? Why don’t you admit your part in what happened, and stop being a broken record blaming Sami for everything. I didn’t buy any of his guff! He thanked her for saving him…ok fine…but she wasn’t gonna allow someone to kill him. But that doesn’t mean their automatically back to what they were, and I don’t think they ever will be. Not if EJ has anything to do with it. I hope EJ fights for her, and she realizes they should’ve been together all along.

    kat – you’re right, Sami didn’t go there that night to have sex w/ EJ. She went to the one person who knew how she was feeling, EJ, the father of her son. They shared the same grief that no one else could relate to, especially not Rafe. Which is why he’ll never get EJ & Sami’s bond…and it’s a bond I think no one will ever break. I do think the main reason EJ & Sami had sex that night was because of their grief, but it’s obvious there was more to it. They’re attraction for each other supersedes all that is around them, to the point that they can’t deny what’s between them anymore. And they’ll never move on w/ anyone else as long as they are in each other’s orbit. Their reunion is imminent IMO.

    Wow, Lucas was really mean to Will yesterday. I get some of what he was saying, but to tell Will what a disappointment he was to him was pathetic…real nice to say to your son there Lucas! I don’t blame Will for what he said after that. Lucas needs to get a grip and stop blaming his son for his own insecurities about Sami.

    Shani – I’m nasty? Now who is calling the kettle black? This is not the first time you & your little friend have sparred w/ me. Every time I post MY opinions, you feel the need to comment on them, which is fine, but when you take pot shots at MY opinions and/or twist what I said, then that’s a different story. I say Sami didn’t dump the kids, you say she did…I say it’s wasn’t normal she put Rafe’s sexual needs above her kids, you say it was normal. Why couldn’t you just leave it at that instead of trying to call me out & start an argument? No, you continued to drive the point home insinuating you are right & I am wrong. These are opinions, nothing more, nothing less. I make comments, and you constantly jump all over them. If you’d learn how to allow others to have their opinions that differ from yours, then I wouldn’t have said a word. But you can’t & don’t do that. So learn to take it if you’re gonna dish it out.

  76. From Maryl

    Kat, I thought the same thing as you when Rafe told Sami that she threw away their marriage. I was so appalled by his attitude! He should have said WE! But that’s Rafe, always the righteous one. He was guilty also–for one thing he didn’t even want to try to work out their problem. The true reason for that was that his pride was hurt and he was so in lust with Carrie by then. It was an opportunity for him to leave Sami without being blamed for the split. Sami, please don’t let this guy who didn’t have it in him to forgive you and accept you for who you are, weasel himself into your life again. He had no room in his heart to even try to understand what happened the night Sami turned to EJ. He will never understand Sami and be able to accept her for who she really is. He tried that and failed miserably. He needs another woman that he can play “hero” and “saint” with. Sami said she always ruins her life and took responsiblity for that. If she can find the right man who truly understands her, maybe she won’t ruin everything the minute she does something wrong. That man would need to think and be like her in order to understand her. I nominate EJ DiMera!

  77. From Tee

    Well looks like I was not the only one having posting issues yesterday. Hope today is better.

    So since I love to post spoilers I will do that first (smile)

    Spoilers below
    Dan is not happy with Nicks release

    Kate feels the power!

    Nicole will ruffle some feathers

    Sonny reaches out to someone unexpectantly.

    Ej is obsessed with Sami.

    I already posted this but I will post again below
    Sami is torn and should she feel threatened by a old rival?

    Also another spoiler says Sami will be way to gullible where Gabi is concerned.

    So we will have a obssesed Nicole and EJ but with different people, and I wonder what it means about Sami and Gabi? Will Gabi try to be with Will again will she go to Sami for a place to live even what do you guys think?

  78. From patty

    I find it interesting how the spoilers have been phrased.
    -Rafe realizes he still has feelings for Sami
    - EJ desperatly wants to win Sami back.
    One who’s feeling come from a caring heart and the other out of desperation. We all know what desperate means from EJ, obssession, posession and a sense of entitlement. Anybody want to bet that Rafe ends up down the Demira dungeon again or worse? Spoilers have hinted that Rafe will be in grave danger. Sami is so not worth it.

  79. From Tee

    Patty #74 What Carrie and Rafe did was cheating they lusted, loved and kissed lied in bed together etc its all cheating. Carrie was gonna leave Austin for Rafe until she found out she was pregnant. She did not respect her marriage until then IMO. Rafe could have cared less about Sami when Carrie was around, and now cause she is gone he has some feelings, I just think Sami, or any woman deserves to be number 1 just like Any man does too including Rafe and he is not. I think Sami should address that with him. I feel sorry for EJ today he will see Sami walk off with Rafe under arrest of course but he has always made ehr number one, yes he went about things in a crazy way in the past but he put a honest effort this time and thought he was gonna be happy and get his girl finally, and he will it will just take time.
    I just dont like that people think Carrie has morals or is a better person when she had no business feeling what she did for Rafe in the first place she came back and her and Sami finally go close. If she had morals she would have said you are my sisters husband and this is not right, but no she was ready to leave Austin and was kissing and loving on Rafe giving him the eyes all the time. I dont care if Rafe later found out Sami cheated it gives Carrie no right she said it all when she left and said Sami still loves you, if She felt Sami did she was even more wrong. She is far from morals with that. Yes Sami did fall for Austin when she was a teenager but her and Carrie for the first time moved past it. She did it with Mike too she dont know what faithful is last few times they brought her back she had a affair on her husband. She is still cheating emotinally on Austin too she has feelings for another man as does Rafe her. IMO I dont want Sami with a man who emotionally wants someone else and decides he has feelings now that her sister is gone.
    Ej did ask Nicole back in the beginning but that was months ago I think last time was back in April or May since he has started realizing he wants Sami he has not asked Nicole back only threatned her over baby.
    We may not all agree on who we like or who we think is best and all of them have a past so lets levae that there and talk about what is going on now in the characters lives in the past few months. EJ has been there for Sami and her kids and Rafe has been off chasing her sister till she left. Lucas well I do feel bad for him but he is the father when Sami left he should have had the kids he is the parent of some of them and being with Sami would mean being around EJS kids also what he cant take care of them for that reason? We cant say he has been doing it off set cause as we all have learned they have bene with Will, Marlena and Brady.

    I know so many fans love Rafe he is a good guy who her family approves of but He does not truelly understand Sami imo, Sami has always been the strong willed get what she wnats kinda person. Rafe is just the one her family approves of EJ is forbidden in that aspect but he gets her and she odnt have to change or pretend for him. Sami is not the lounge around house drink coffee and hang out at pub kinda girl she gets things done, just like EJ. We may not agree but that is my take on it. She had to change too much to be with Rafe IMO.

  80. From jolie

    #51 MAB, I am also talking about the other fathers of Sami’s kids and not just Elvis but Lucas and Rafe. Yes, Rafe was a father to them all. Lucas has been a father to them all. Elvis has been a father to them all. The writers have done some kooky things involving the kids and we have all cried foul. Like Elvis sending that horrible fake Rafe into their lives. Like taking Lucas off to Hong Kong where it appeared he was having nothing to do with the kids but how could we know as this is an hour show and if we don’t see it or hear it then it ain’t so and is pure conjecture from any of us. Like Rafe just moving out on the kids when he and Sami split. And all the other kids as well, Theo, Ciara, young Jack. All we know is what we see and hear about them in an hour show and to put motivation to a character and say this one or that one is particularly good while this one or that one is not, sort of pointless to me. But it appears to be fun because lots of space and attention and disagreement given here to just this subject…who is the best babydaddy??
    #55 Patty, that one puzzles me as well…why Sami had to run with Elvis to save him and potentially leave the kids without a parent at all. But again, it goes back to us trying to put motivation to a character when the writers have the reins and they are trying to tie up storylines and get characters into a certain place at a certain time. So they make Sami do a really boneheaded thing like go on the run. I am still puzzling over what she could have been thinking. But it got her to the safe house with Elvis and all the heaving bosom breathing and the black dress. It got Elvis all hot and bothered over her again. It got Rafe to the safe house and some alone time with Sami. It appears this is the first time that Rafe has even thought about his marriage and mourned what they had rather than just be pissed at Sami’s sins. And before some of you jump me…yes, Rafe was a cad where Carrie is concerned. But here we are. Lucas is hurt, Rafe is remembering and rethinking, Elvis in the middle of an epiphany that he loves Samanther. So I’ll accept what has happened and enjoy the story. It will not please many as many are a fan of this character or pairing or that one but for sure it will prove new territory if Sami takes it slow and doesn’t jump in head first!! Has our little girl finally grown a real brain to go with her gorgeous looks??

  81. From Tee

    Patty~ I wondered too like for example Kate will feel the power what does that mean lol.

    There are spoilers that say EJ will turn good also not sure on working another poster posted them, I seen a grave danger one for Rafe but it was right before he was fighting with Sylvio so I assumed they were referring to that butif not wonder what will happen. I thought Kat said this Friday for them but I know as far as spoilers I have seen EJ is not gonna do anything to him but we never know. I hope they fight it out like men this time.
    I think RAFE should look for his happiness elsewhere because I may not like him for Sami but he deserves to be with someone who wants only him, I was hoping when DR.Dan finally gets done with Nicole Rafe would comfort her who knows.
    I feel EJ is deserving of love and it is not out of desperation, and certainly when he left to meet Ian he was lead to believe him and Sami would be together, and from my understanding she does not deny that just says she needs to get her house in order first, but I think her unresolved issues with Rafe will play into it also. Bread crumbs for us all I guess.
    I did read also EJ and Rafe have it out in front of Nicole about Sami and Rafe admits his feelings then. Poor Nicole she wanted EJ then Rafe then Dan and EJ and Rafe are hung up on Sami, and as Nicole says Rafe is hung up on a few other women meaning Sami and Carrie, and Dan is being pushed to comfort his ex who has not even buried her husband. Might I add I rarely feel sorry for Nicole but I have lately

  82. From jolie

    #72 Leah! You just hit on the plot for Soap 101. If the characters didn’t do just as you described, the show would be called Divorce Court or Snapped or something of that nature.
    #74 Patty, grief sex might explain why we have a high pregnancy rate in high school…I failed a test so I need to have sex to feel better. Or if grief sex were a valid phenomena, the undertaker would be getting more grief sex than anyone else in town!
    #81 Tee, Elvis obsessed with Sami. Oh dear. With Sami deciding to take it slow and if she starts to have a dialog (for a better word) with Rafe over their past and marriage, I can see Elvis becoming obsessed and using his old tricks to get into her good graces or pjs. He has manipulated things before to get there. I know there was a spoiler that said he was turning over a new leaf to be the good Elvis and we have been there before when he was turning over a new leaf to be a better man for his kids…I think that was when he and Stefano created Fake Rafe. Then he turned good to run for mayor and has been in trouble ever since. The poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. I am not picking on him. I just thought it was funny.
    I do feel for poor Will. He is still not settled on who he is and what he wants and everyone is still telling him who and what he should be doing. Gabster will be his undoing. And Sami is too smart to fall for Gab’s crap for long. I for one would like to see Gabby have to confess and pay up. But we all see the writing on the wall…a bun in the oven to be used at her pleasure against any and all who have come in contact with her and likely some who haven’t.

  83. From Shani

    MAB I responded to your 22 post when you did not yet specify anything about which time Rafe & Sami had sex & pushed off the kids that irked you, – “And Rafe yesterday saying Sami dumped her kids. What malarkey! He sure didn’t mind her dumping the kids when they were married so they could jump in the sack.”

    My post 24 was in response to that, – “Having someone else care for your kids while you & your husband “jump in the sack” (which is a pretty normal function of happily married young couples) is quite different than yes, DUMPING your kids in an explosion crisis that has shaken the whole town to run off with any man. Let alone one who has done to Sami what EJ has.”

    Then you got in a huff & said your comment had been misinterpreted & called my thoughts, along with someone else’s, “twisted”. It is pretty cut & dried, I didn’t put words in your mouth – they are there in print, your post was 22 & mine was 24 & I do not see how I misinterpreted you. & I say calling my thoughts “twisted” is a nasty remark.

  84. From jolie

    Before I do get jumped for earlier posts, Nicole is one of my favorite characters because while she is a heifer at times and worse, she has redeemed herself over the last few years. Yes, she will do some nutso stuff again. It is coming because she is just this close to getting what she wants only to see Dr Dan walk off. We all know she won’t take that lightly or without incident. I just hope they don’t send her so far over the top that we who love her can’t still find a warm spot for her.

  85. From Shani

    84 good post Jolie. Very well thought out.

  86. From kat

    73 patty, you are a great spin meister….
    you were told Moral’s have no place on a soap….. meaning by me,
    you know exactly what I meant, that you can look long and hard to Morals on a Soap, which is a fact.
    Quit putting your high and mighty attitude on me, making it out as if I have no Morals, and you are the goodie one with the Right upbringing, as you pointed out.
    I had it with the grief sex thing, it happened, it was part of a SL.
    For you to indicate, that You are a better moral person than me or some others, is very annoying. You could learn to phrase some of your judgement comments a little bit better, loose the edge…
    79, 80 and 83, MAB, Maryl and Tee,
    very good and well thought out comments.
    Not spin, but realistic.
    I enjoy.

  87. From Kat

    85 Tee,
    On upcoming dates on here, it says
    Friday 22… life and death for Rafe, look it up,
    but of course they printed it wrong, should have said Wed. 22,
    and we saw that….

  88. From patty

    Kat, time for a chill pill. You’re comment directed at me are uncalled for. I never indicated you had no morals and I think you’re the one who should rethink your posts before you get all bent out of shape for misunderstanding or misinterpreting a post.
    And you did call me the morality police so I guess that’s why you would think those comments were directed at you. They’re not, my opinions are not about you.

  89. From Delores

    Would be the funniest and most amazing thing now to see GAG-i (GABI) end up PREGANATED by WILL the THRILL!!!!! LOL!!!

  90. From kat

    93 patty, you could have fooled me…
    I know what I read, and it was not the first time, nothing to rethink, and I am not bent out of shape, an I do Not need a chill pill my dear,I am just stating a few facts, so quit twisting things around, and live with what you said, more than one post.

  91. From Shani

    I just watched yesterday’s show. Of course I liked Sami & Rafe. Sometimes if a couple can get past the anger, they can soften toward each other & even have a new beginning. I see the softness happening between them. Sami & EJ’s feelings toward each other have also softened so that same old triangle could be developing. I didn’t think Lucas should have taken off on Will like he did but Will misunderstood the part about Lucas caring if he’s Gay. I take it Sonny thinks T is Gay, like some of us have thought. At least the grief sex between Will & Gabi was tender & not clawing and panting!

  92. From patty

    Spoiler Sami out of jail early because Daddy pulled some strings, Sami coming home to Will babysitting the kids, Sami daydreaming about EJ and Rafe, Sami mistakenly saying Rafe’s name instead of Lucas, Sami with the kids in sweat, Sami folding clothes with Grandma, Sami turning over a new leaf, ooops Sami bumping into Rafe in town square looking all pretty in her blue dress…and those are the Days of Sami’s life.

  93. From patty

    Kat, will do and live with what you said. Let’s not get in that you said, I said game,sorry I don’t want to play. There are very few left here as it is.

  94. From Cougar

    Just saw the “grief sex” with Will & Gabbi. I think its time to dump the grief sex thing and make Will Bi instread of gay. He has sex with her twice now and seemed capable of consumating the act. That really puts him back to still sexually confused.

  95. From kat

    102 patty, I totally agree, as I was done anyway, but I had to set the record straight.
    Moving on…..

  96. From MAB

    kat – just like I said earlier, they twist things we say to their liking. There is no use in trying to explain yourself because they will continue their tirade, because that’s all they seem to know how to do. I for one am not gonna give anyone that satisfaction anymore, of arguing over MY opinion, nor will I explain myself anymore. They can put whatever spin they won’t to on what I say. They’re just wasting time. I make myself clear in everyone of my posts, so their responses to anything I say anymore are irrelevant.

    The spoiler I read said EJ is desperate to get Sami back, not the he’s obsessed w/ her. I think some spoilers that are posted after the fact (from the original) are changed by biased fans. Either way, spoilers are not always right, or what they seem. We learned that very recently w/ some of the recent spoilers during the explosion. Some were misleading, and some were just plain wrong.

    This time around, Sami isn’t gonna be keeping EJ away like she did before. I believe this time around is gonna be different. She has a newfound relationship w/ EJ, and this time Rafe will have competition. I just hope she chooses EJ in the end so we can have a great, interesting couple to watch, instead of watching reruns of her boring life w/ the controlling, bullying Rafe.

  97. From Shani

    MAB your jabs are so obvious & by “they”, & your earlier tirade toward me in 51 I know you are including me in your rant to Kat 105, even though I have had no recent interaction with Kat. I explained myself to you but I’m not surprised you cannot accept it. How you love to make waves & then turn it around! I actually agree with you about the night Sami took the kids from EJ & then went home & had sex instead of attending to her kids. Especially Johnny, who was upset over leaving EJ. However, you brought up & discussed that specific incident in your comments AFTER I responded to your original post 22 which was only on the subject of Sami & Rafe’s marital sex life in general. But you apparently got ticked off at someone’s comments further down the line & included my name in your inflammatory remarks in 51.

  98. From Jade

    Re-opening this thread today in the hopes that those involved in the altercations have had time to cool off.

    If anyone is caught baiting or bullying you will be banned. Please contact us at contact – at – for feedback on anyone bullying and or baiting.

    Send us the name, post number and a copy of the post so that we may look into it.


  99. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Yep, shut down due to sniping. It’s back up with a request from admin. to stop or report.

    I saw the old episode of M*A*S*H yesterday where Hawkeye and Margaret get caught alone in a hut while being shelled by the NK’s. It’s a tender, tasteful representation of what draws people together in crises, even sexually. That was always what was missing in the ‘grief sex’. It was so tasteless and animalistic that it defied any representation of anything remotely romantic. I so wish they had filmed this differently to give it some meaning. As it stands, it’s meaningless in as far as a romantic encounter. Such a shame.

  100. From patty

    Thank you Jade! This is a great place when things are running smoothly. My apologies if I had a part in the disruption.

  101. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    The Days Adonis is Eric Marsolf, hands down, today, everyday, twice on Sundays. That’s one gorgeous, ripped dude. There’s a lot of good Adonis’s on this show, but he’s beef cake. And I suspect he knows it :o)

  102. From patty

    I agree Dying to be Blond. Distasful and meaningless. That is how I see that whole relationship since that is what it is based on.
    I like that the new shows are gearing up towards some new storylines that don’t revolve around Sami and the Demiras and that they’re intergrading some new and old characters into the storylines. I think the future of Days is looking up imo. :)

  103. From jolie

    Patty and Dying to be Blond, I am with you on Eric Marsolf. He is a total package. Has that beautiful smile as well.

  104. From MAB

    There wouldn’t be any sniping going on if everyone would leave well enough alone on here…post your opinions and leave everyone else’s alone. Problem solved!

  105. From missy

    GOOOO EJ and SAMI…. love them together…

  106. From MAB

    Lisa Rinna (Billie) leaving Days.

  107. From Randi

    Lucas had and has every right to be mean—HIS family betrayed him to jerk—. Good job by the actor—the anger came off as real.

    curious no mention of ALice’s letter to Hope??????

    The show as a whole is becoming confused—whose with who this week?

    And again DEN—no please!

  108. From Randi

    Another curiosity—where did Billie suddenly pop up from?

    And why??

  109. From MAB

    I just read some of the spoilers, and I can’t believe there is this much hoopla about Nick’s return. Who cares? I sure don’t. I think this is a big waste of time, when that could be spending that valuable time on more important characters, like Bo, who will be leaving soon, Brady who needs a bigger s/l, and of course my fave couple, EJ & Sami! I’m looking forward to more great moments happening between them next week, although Sami stops it and apparently is going to ward off all the men in her life for her children’s sake. Well, let’s see how long that lasts. One spoiler says Caroline ensures Rafe that EJ & Sami aren’t spending the night together. I have a bad feeling about this…either Rafe is gonna use her family to worm his way back into Sami’s life, or Caroline is gonna scheme to get them back together. If this is the case, then that will be just more of a reason why I don’t like Caroline anymore. Why can’t that woman mind her own business? I was hoping Caroline would become the next Alice, but they ruined that (and her character) when she switched paternity tests on Parker. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed in hopes that Sami will make her own decisions about her future, and choose EJ.

  110. From patty

    OMG jolie, there’s a scarf! Sami’s of course and guess who picks it up? Rafe of course. Hope urges him to bring it back and he says no I won’t. He will but Sami’s a little pissed right now because he told her and Nicole to back off each other and huh, grow up.
    Love Sami and Nicole sparring again but with Nicole getting all the best line this time. Seems like everybody in Salem agrees that Sami ditched her kids. Even grandma thinks she neglected her laundry to run with a criminal.
    Love how Lucas unceremoniously dumps Sami but not before letting her have it and telling like it is. That she used him, she wants what she can’t have, chewed him up and spit him out which is exactly what I’ve said.
    I’m loving all the new one liners thrown around by random people on the show like the cop at EJ’s hideout who told him if he wanted an itinerary call a travel agent. That was good coming from a “muppet”!

  111. From Shani

    Glad this site is re-opened. I apologize for my part in some of the back & forth that went on. It would help if no deragatory words were used toward other’s thoughts.

    Another great show today. I love Days since it’s back from the Olympic break.

    Will & Gabi were so cute today. She really is a beautiful gal. Wish I wasn’t so mad at her for what she did!! Nice scenes with her & Rafe. I think Rafe should have been friendlier to Will. Will thinks so much of him. Cute short clip early in the show of Sami playing with the kids. Then she looked amazing when she showed up later face to face with Rafe! Poor Brady! Melanie showed real fear when Julie told her about Nick. I guess I’ll have to see how it works out having Nick back but right now I feel like I could do without him.

  112. From patty

    Shani, I agree with Will and Gabi being kind of endearing. She is one stunningly beautiful girl, especially when she laughs and smiles. I’m hoping she will redeem herself and have a bright new storyline. I mean we all know how far some of these characters will go to get their man or woman and they are still there moving right along.

  113. From Snickelfritz

    I love to read the spoilers and see how other Days fans feel about the show. I have never posted before, but have been reading for a long time. I want everyone to know how cumbersome and unpleasant it is to try to weed through the personal jabs to find the real content. The personal stuff needs to be kept off the page. I don’t think anyone is attacking anyone else’s opinion, I think those with very strong opinions sometimes feel hurt when not everyone agrees and take it to a personal level. Just saying it would be nice if it wasn’t that way and I didn’t have to sift through garbage to get to the gems. SandyGram, please come back! I really enjoyed your posts.

  114. From jolie

    #117 Randi, go ahead and send me out a big DUH but what is DEN? And I know I am going to feel stupid for asking!
    #119 MAB I think I posted about Nick’s return earlier but will go again. I think Nick is a way to ease Melanie out. Also leaves a way to bring back the character if not the actress without more bloodshed. Melanie could have been killed off in the tunnels but was not. So reckon we’ll see any ramifications later on to the time the characters spent in the tunnels…like poor Lexie? I sure hope not. And think about the decisions Sami has made in the past, do you really see her making better ones in the future? I know you only see Elvis as a partner for her but Sami will be Sami, and we love her and get mad at her but she’ll continue to do some wild things as it is just her. That is one character who as acted pretty consistent because she is consistently out on a limb, whomever the writers!
    #120 Patty, you know I have a big soft spot in my heart for Nicole (til she opens her bag of dirty tricks again and I’ll still like her but don’t have to approve it). Nicole can really deliver the lines when it comes to sparring. She really shines (the actress) when the character shows some quick wit. THAT is what I love about Nicole. She can be funny while being everything else. But a scarf…can’t wait to see that. Why would they bring a scarf into it? That is too funny. Maybe that is the new favorite prop on DOL. The DOL Many Ways to Tie a Scarf Book will be coming out soon. And really, is everyone thinking Sami shouldn’t have gone on the run with Elvis..gee, wonder why?? I agree about poor Lucas. Why do they continually dump on him. Bet he doesn’t stay long but if he does, reckon how long it will take Sami to run thru Elvis, Rafe again, and back to Lucas to load her guns for the next go round? This whole thing about Lucas and Sami getting back together was a waste of our time if not theirs!
    #121 Shani, well said. I like that you say you wish you were not mad at the character! I feel the same way about some of them. At least you can see both sides which in a soap is really important because the ones on top today will topple tomorrow for sure. If you think your favorite is riding high today, all you can be sure of is that someone has him in his sights to take down in the next storyline!
    Just a comment on the recent brouhaha. It amazes me that some are saying apologies for any part in it while others are still sort of throwing barbs about it. Try to have a good weekend and come back on Monday with a kinder attitude towards all and more tolerance for others. Now, that should really solve the problem.

  115. From Shani

    patty 122 agreed about Salem women getting their man no matter what. Wonder how Kate will get Steffie back?! & I think she will! Brady is going through such pain. Wish I could comfort him!!

    An SOD blurb from Salem Spectator,
    What is the interaction like between Rafe (Galen Gering) & Sami? Alison Sweeney says: “All of those feelings come closer to the surface than maybe they have in the past few months. Which is not to say that they weren’t there before but they had both successfully buried them.”

  116. From jolie

    Does anyone remember the last time Sandygram was on here? Was she planning a trip or anything of that sort? I miss her as well. She was always so good about looking up the spoilers and sharing. Always good posts as well. Sandygram, I am missing you as well. Come back soon.

  117. From MAB

    jolie, Sami will not always make the right decisions, much like everyone on this show, no one’s perfect. What I meant was that I hope she makes the right decisions regarding her love life. I don’t want her to choose Rafe because of her family’s influence. I want her to choose who SHE wants, and I think that’s EJ, and always will be.

    Nick, I just think his return is a waste of time. I never liked him. I just think the show’s time could be better spent on the characters they have. Although, I’m glad Kristen & Eric are returning.

    Some just won’t let it go. Apologizes make no difference if you continue to throw around the barbs, while acting innocent when they made plenty of derogatory comments of their own…proofs in the writing. Things on here will never change, which is why I choose to ignore the childishness.

    Where is everyone? Kat, Tee, Maryl, SandyGram, TerriK, hello??

  118. From Kat

    P.S., I am sure that by now Sami knows that either Rafe or EJ, might be the Father of Nicole’s Baby….
    No more big deal, none of the Babies, or should I say, almost None, are being raised by their
    Mothers/Father’s together,
    so what is one more.
    Nicole’s baby can visit, just like Sami’s kids have done for years now, and Lucas’ kid had to.

    Like I have said many times before,
    Morals, Family Values, Fidelity, etc.,
    don’t look for them on a Soap Opera, get used to it, otherwise you will forever be disappointed.
    The writers write the Story’s the way they want to, they know what they are doing, and the responses they are looking for, and the
    characters/actors act them out as written, and that is why we watch.
    And agreeing and disagreeing about all that stuff, makes this site interesting, otherwise,
    I would have checked out of here a long time ago.

    Later, also Snickelfritz, like your name, knew a few in my time back in Germany.

  119. From missy

    i really hope nicole is carrying bradys baby… they are so good together… i bet when chole returns it will be because parker is daniels baby… it said her story line revolves around parker.. but how will she feel about nicole then. i think chole and rafe would make a cute couple as someone once said. leave sami and ej alone for a bit. ej is the only reason i look forward to watching days.. of course rafe and brady dont hurt my eyes either. if it was me i would take any of them…. just sayen…

  120. From Kat

    Kind of a boring show today, IMO.
    Wondering why Ally was not at home with her brother and sister, since Lucas was all over town today. How come Lucas did not stay at the apartment with all the Kids, the way EJ did, when Lucas served time in Jail.
    I mean he has spent many nights there, so that would not have been the problem,
    or could it be that he is pouting,
    but what about Ally, where did he stash her for the day.
    If Rafe only knew what a real criminal his little sister is, so many people got hurt,because all the things she set in motion, yes she did. Even the explosions happened because Andrew used his lighter in the Gas filled tunnel, yes he did, and why was Andrew
    in the tunnels with Melanie in the first place, because of Gaby…., and people died.
    Big lawman all of a sudden, where was he after Sami shot EJ, no big deal then, because the victim was EJ.
    Where is the big lawman, knowing there is fraud going on with the DNA tests done in the hospital, and he is part of it.
    Hope all three of them, Nicole, Dr. Dan and Rafe all will be found out, and Dr. Dan will have to answer to the Hospital board.
    But they won’t, because the story has to go on,just like with DiMera’s, no matter what the story has to go on.

    139 missy, I also wish that the Baby could belong to Brady, but how will they pull this one off, without the Hospital Lab looking completely incompetent. They had two DNA samples, Rafe and EJ, and one was the Father, so how will they slip in Brady’s DNA out of nowhere….
    I could see, if it had shown, that neither EJ or Rafe could be the father, but they picked one.

  121. From Kat

    On Christine’s blog for Aug.24, is a video with Jack and Jenn,
    talking about the significance of the Jade Plant… like the one Jenn received, and she said, Oh Jack…

  122. From Maryl

    It seems that those of us who love EJ and Sami as a couple only get a few crumbs thrown our way before the writers start tearing them apart. They will place Rafe as an obstacle between Sami and EJ (afterall Rafe “realizes” he still “loves” her?) and he will have the help and support of all her famiy–pushing them together. They will probably reunite before the water gets cold. Talk of EJ being desperate and obsessed in winning Sami back is already a hint that he will do something stupid again. And now that he is a DiMera afterall, Sami will push him away again. I doubt seriously the writers will ever make EJ and Sami’s story any different–that is not what they want. These writers were not my favorite when they were the writing team before and I felt all along that they will go backward with everything the last ones tried to do with the sls and the characters. I can see the writing on the wall. It’s already starting. They are committed to writing sls to please the Safe fans. I’m just wondering when will be the right time to quit watching and let the Safe fans have the soap for their own privileged viewing also this blog site. Every spoiler put out there has me frustrated with the hints of what is to happen–all of them are leaning to Rafe and Sami. Ejami fans have waited for years to see a love story between EJ and Sami and all we have ever gotten is disappointment. I know it was noted by Ali and James that their love story would evolve slowly which I was so excited about, but I am really having doubts now–I believe these writers have decided to do a u-turn in the middle of the road and play it safe by repeating the past–putting everything back like it was. Nothing different or new.

    I only watch the soap because of my two favorite characters, EJ and Sami, so if they will be destroyed again, there is no way I will give up an hour of my time each day to watch Sami with Rafe. Their relationship was so pathetic before. I’m sure it would be even more pathetic now.

  123. From Jeremy Johnson

    It would be nice to see more of the younger adult generation and more of sonny and will need to focus on getting those two together in a relationship on the show they are both cute and sonny cares alot about will. No more of Gabi and will and needs to be Sonny and Will.

  124. From James

    I actually am enjoying the gay storyline now because for so long the storyline was painfully slow. Also, it is so refreshing to see Sonny get a lot of screentime. I like it that Sonny is spending time with Brian. But I think Sonny is being foolish for waiting for Will he’s a closet case. Will is selfish self absorbed trainwreck he’s never really cared for Sonny. Even this week’s spoiler is disappointing that Sonny again reaches out to Will. So when is Will EVER going to reach out to Sonny and stop thinking about himself for once?

    I really do hope Sonny finally gives Brian a chance and they become a couple.

  125. From Shani

    Melanie might not freak over Nick’s return if she had not just gone through what she did with Andrew. I’m not excited about him coming back.

    I like Rafe but I am so devoted to Days that I would never stop watching just because I didn’t like his storyline or who they happened to pair him with. Anything on the show is only temporary anyway.

  126. From Maryl

    Thanks Kat–I needed another pep talk from you!! Ha! I know I get frustrated too easily–I guess I have been a bookkeeper for too long! Ha! Everything has to “balance” for me. I hope you are right–that is my wish. I have watched this soap too long to go through another disappointment. It would be a senseless thing for the writers to toy with Ejami fans again. Why bother disappointing such a large part of their viewing spectrum over and over. If they can’t see EJ and Sami together, then don’t try to go there in the first place. If they do this just to pull in more viewers, than I feel like they are using us and I do not appreciate being used. I will give them the benefit of a doubt for the time being and hang on for one more ride—Kat, I guess all of us Ejami fans will have to ride this out together braced for another disappointing “slap in the face” or maybe a wonderful love story for EJ and Sami in the end. Let’s hope that our “ship” comes in this time around and we won’t be let down again,

  127. From Maryl

    Kat, thanks for the U tube prompt! My favorite was EJ/Sami “Beauty and the Beast”!! The writers need to replay all these videos to see what needs to happen with EJ and Sami!! Together forever! If they can’t see the poignancy, chemistry and undeniable love between these two characters, then surely they must be blind.

    Shani, I wish I could be like you and accept watching a Sl that I don’t like or that loses my interest, but I’m afraid that I am not. Boredom is a spoiler for me and I don’t have the patience nor will I waste my time with that. As far as things being only temporary, you are so right. With the way some of the Sls and pairing of characters is written, thank goodness that it is temporary!

  128. From Shani

    Maryl I undertand how you feel. But it’s like some prime time shows I watch like Castle, where each season they keep teasing us about Castle & Beckett getting together. Almost but not quite & it’s maddening. & Rookie Blue I am so mad they broke up my favorites Sam & Andy for right now, after spending all last season getting them together. But there are so many other aspects of the shows I love that I wouldn’t stop watching. Same for me for my long time soap Days. & I am into Y & R now, too, since getting hooked when Days was off for the Olympics.

  129. From Shani

    Didn’t Ali look amazing in Sami’s last scene yesterday?

  130. From Shani

    Sounds like it is Lisa Rinna’s choice to leave Days. I read she is involved in so much – her Belle Gray line of clothing on QVC, she is writing a fitness book, developing vitamin supplement & lingerie lines, & looking at a potential talk show. Busy lady. Maybe reasons why she hasn’t been on Days much. I liked her when she was Billie before but the character didn’t seem to fit in this time.

  131. From Arlene

    Funny how the explosion just happened and already the Horton Town Square is back to normal? Only on a soap opera! I wish Nick wasn’t coming back, it doesn’t add anything to the story. I’d rather see Shawn & Belle come back. I still wish Bo wasn’t leaving, why can’t Corday give the guy a raise. This is like taking Tom Horton away from Alice, just isn’t right. Bo & Hope have been one of the most favorite couples ever.

  132. From Cougar

    It would be nice if thye could untangle Nicole from EJ bymaking hte baby daddy Brady but i honestly don’t think they can come up with a plausable SL. Well . . . we have grief sex why not amnesia sex. They slep together but are insuch denial that they blocked out of their minds. Either that or they both fell out of bed and knocked their noggins. Haven’t had a good amnesia sl in a while. And I don’t mean the manipulated by Stephano kind but an honest to God car crash, fell off a cliff or somebody pushed you down the stairs kind. I know I’m

  133. From grandma to many

    #142 Cougar they did re invent the s/l of Shawn D being the father of Belle’s baby when the fans didn’t really like her with Phillip the dates didn’t work but it all came out to be Shawn D’s child anyway I am missing posts from SandyGram , Grandma Judy and Richard we need to be more balanced on this sight or it will just become the EJami sight and that doesn’t work for everybody please come back !!!

  134. From Cougar

    grandma to many #143 I remember that one now. Wasn’t it kind of a gas induced amnesia. They were in a fire somewhere that was related to a gas leak or carbon monixide? I know my facts are garbled but I remember what that was about more from flaskback converstions. That was a time when I wasn’t able to watch days all the time.

  135. From patty

    Cougar, or maybe Brady and Nicole could have conceived on one of their drinking binges and don’t remember. Not likely, the timing would still be off and that certainly wouldn’t make a very romantic story. My bet is the baby’s EJ’s. I think EJ has plans for that baby and it’s not good. He warned Nicole they weren’t over.
    Grandma to many, I totally agree! We need some of our great bloggers back. SandyGram, Grandma Judy, gerri, Just Moi…we want to hear from you. Please!
    Terrik, hope things are getting better for you .

  136. From Shani

    Taking just a moment to give a shout out to Neil Armstrong who passed away yesterday at age 82. Like I’m sure many of you, all of my family sat around the TV in our living room back when he took that historic first step onto the moon’s surface. His family said in a statement “Honor his example of service, accomplishment & modesty, & the next time you walk outside on a clear night & see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong & give him a wink.”

    I sure will!! Rest in peace, Neil!!

  137. From Clear

    i love the tension and steamy chemistry with EJAMI, but Sami is probably much more stable with RAFE. Interestingly enough, he is one of the few she hasn’t had a child with yet. Let’s hope he doesn’t shoot blanks and it is found out. That would make Nicole’s claim he is a father a moot point with EJ. Probably EJ and Sami will start planning a future and get closer, and then EJ will find out because Sami sleuths it out that he is Nicole’s baby’s father!

  138. From grandma to many

    Yep Cougar that was it they were in a barn that caught fire from a knocked over lantern or something they were committed to chastity till married and just fell asleep in each others arms but the story changed later to they were found wandering down the road naked and low and behold Clare was there child from a night neither remembered well that’s the soaps for ya !

  139. From Maryl

    patty–I thought the same thing about Nicole and Brady making out while they were drinking.
    I noticed in the episode where she is consoling him, he brought up something about them drinking vodka and she said she was off the wagon with a baby on board–or something like that. So I’m wondering if that could be a hint since we know the two of them like their drinking and sex. Maybe something went down between Nicole and him when he was having problems with Madison (the divorce bit,etc.) and Nicole had found out about EJ’s and Sami’s sex night. Maybe they were “consoling” each other just like EJ and Sami. Ha! There was a hint sometime back about them not always using precautions. The writers can bend time and SLs anyway they see fit–that has been done many times before. Brady and Nicole could have been zonked enough not to remember too much about what they did somewhere along the way. If this would turn out to be the case, I’m all for it. At least that would change the repetitious Sl of “hide the baby from EJ” and EJ doing bad stuff to ensure his rights to his child. So tired of that! Give Brady some complications.
    I’m sure the writers could figure out a way to handle a botched DNA testing–we know Rafe’s DNA would not match but EJ’s could have been compromised in some way making it appear to be a match. After all, this is fiction. Although, sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of that fact! Ha!

  140. From missy

    kat…i believe that neither one was the father and instead of getting nicole in trouble with ej standing there, dan said it was rafes.. i think that only dan knows neither one was the father… they can bleep it, remember belle slept with shawn and we didnt even know that until the flashbacks… we were all clueless.

  141. From carol

    i just like to say i really didn’t like nick the first time he brings nothing to the show, but thats just me,i hope they don.t let gabbie to have a kid can’t stand her eighter, between her and kate they get away with everything they do bad that stinks,i hated when kate gave a gift to kerri and she open to a knife lord she is n’t a saint that was awful, i do like rafe but sami and ej are really good together two alike , i really love them together,well its getting closer to bo leaving i hate that to i hope they make it so he can come back
    if he wants to. all the good ones are leaving , didn’t want jack to die that was a shocker, i liked jact he was really good through the years,great actor, well hope the writers do better and not repeat any more it gets tiring after awhile, like to see good story lines new ones and you have great actors so they can good stoeies if you put them out there,
    god bless

  142. From Leah

    Just wanted to say….
    A BIG congratulations to James Scott for winning the 2012 Adonis award. This is his 5th win since 2007. You must be doing something right James :)
    Congratulations to Ejami for continuing to be up in the top loved or wanted couple pairing. Regardless of bad writing/storylines people obviously love your chemistry and vibe you two have together.
    Congratulations to Days… week ended 13 – 17th of August ratings up to an 8 month high. Last time they were this high? November 2011… what do November 2011 and August 2012 have in common? Yep you guessed it Ejami interaction, love and romance.
    All of these facts simply speak for themselves.

  143. From Leah

    Have to say after all the Ejami action over the last few months I am missing them. Its been a bit of a let down the last week or so.If by writing Safe/Ejole scenes are to tie up loose ends (as some have suggested) I hope they do it but do it fast! I’d much rather a quick death and a long drawn out one. It really does make me shudder to even think of even having to watch scenes with them again. Fingers crossed!

  144. From patty

    Leah, I think Rafe and Sami have been getting more airtime than EJami so I don’t think the ratings have anything to do with either pairing because as I always believed, ratings have nothing to do with one favorite couple in my opinion. The cliff hanger, the explosion, Jack’s death, Stephano coming back from the dead, the new directions the writers are going could have had a lot to do with this temporary spike in ratings. Hoping the ratings stay but a few disgruntled viewers that give up on the show because it doesn’t look good for their favorite is not going to change that. I think the old Days have returned and so have the viewers.
    #150 Kat, being called the morality police sounds like a term of endearment compared to some of the things I’ve been called here and I’m not going there. Thanks!

    You need to ignore Kat completely since you two cannot get along. ADMIN

  145. From patty

    I’ve been reading on other discussion boards and lo and behold the main subjects are not always of Sami and her men. You have a lot of people voicing their displeasure about Jack’s death and wondering about the significance of the Jade plant. The possibility of a Sonny and Will pairing, Will and Gabi’s sexy little romp, Ian’s great acting and even Johnny’s pinguin generated almost as much talk as EJami/Safe. The fans seem to be evenly devided with those two pairings with almost all looking forward to Lucas kicking Sami to the curb. Some of EJ’s fans are tired of him groveling to get his women back and think it makes him look wimpy since he’s suppose to be a bad a$$. Some are sick of Sami and her drama and some are referring to her as “the Beast”. Some think that Rafe is to blame for everything under the sun and some think like me that he’s the nicest thing since sliced bread. So no I don’t believe everybody watches Days for the same reasons or that the ratings have gone up because of EJami or because James Scott got an award for his Soap Opera good looks.

  146. From jolie

    Did anyone else think that Friday’s show was the best all around show in a long time? Billie looked beautiful and I liked that she and Lucas sat down and talked like grown ups with Kate. Kate, going to Chad, was great. She is hurting and that is a little scary. She is like Nicole, don’t back her into a corner and when she is hurting, she is as dangerous as a grizzly. Will and Gabby were so totally believable and sweet and funny. I sort of thought that if anyone could help redeem Gabby’s character, interacting with Will can sure help. Justin with Sonny was so sweet. If it had been Adrienne, she’d have taken the roof off but Justin was just being very supportive. Victor was positively wonderful with Brady. How caring of Vic. I know Mags has softened the edges some and not alot at the same time…he still offered to take Mr Creepy out for Brady. Maxine…well, what needs to be said. Weren’t she and Melanie wonderful together. I am going to miss Melanie. Wish she were staying. Daniel, you are walking a fine line with Nicole and you don’t even know it. Nic is getting that single-minded thing going on and she’ll cut a wide slash when things do not go her way. She was so sweet to Brady. I think they’ll end up together for another round but probably not soon. Brady and Melanie, now I enjoyed their scenes the most I think. How sweet were they together as friends? That brings us to Nick coming back. First, I know Julie has been a busybody in the past. I just forgot how much of one she can appear to be. Well, she sure let it fly with this Nick parole thing. Not sure how his getting out of jail will induce the Horton family to greatness but Julie thinks so. Mags sort of had the right idea, find Mel and tell it. She just moves too slowly. So will Nick come back with a new invention that will help someone, a new discovery that will cure Dr Dan so he can do surgery again, some new treatment that will save Mags the next time she has a relapse? There has to be something great planned for him to do since they are brining him back. Hope it isn’t another plan that gets stolen and passed around the Dimeras and Kiriakas families again. Maybe Nick will come back and be fully functional and very helpful in harnessing the gas under Salem.

  147. From Shani

    I have always felt Days has a well rounded audience & different characters prevail as favorites in different groups of people.

    Cheers to Molly Burnett for another great performance today! Melanie & Maggie are so good together. I am on Maggie’s side in her dispute with Julie over Nick. Nicole & Rafe were entertaining together, as usual. & how relieved was he that she wasn’t talking about him in that romantic way?! How will Dr. Dan handle it that he is the one she wants?! Sami is smashing in that outfit & hairdo but I agreed with how Lucas let her have it. What will become of Sami’s scarf?!

  148. From bobby

    Finally figured out why they are bringing Nick back. It is yet another man Sami and Nichole can argue over. Maybe Nick will claim to be Gabi’s baby’s father. Really going to miss Melanie. Looks like Chloe is coming back. Poor Dr. Dan. So many women, so little time.

  149. From mf

    I’m am over the DiMerras always getting away with everything because it’s a soap and that’s the way it should be. The Phoenix rises again? Please make it stop, move on with story lines before Days is the next soap to be gone.

  150. From betsybee

    Now this has become a board I can read and enjoy !!! Let’s keep it this way !!!

    EJ and Chad will run the Dimera Enterprises from now on, at least until Stefano decides he has had enough rest to return.

    These two guys will clean up the Dimera name. First of all clean up the Police Force. Rafe could do without a job for a while and see how well he can provide for a baby. It would be one way for Nicole to go to EJ for help !!!

    They are going to have to hire some more females on this soap to accommodate the number of men on the show. !! Partners are getting scarce.

    Sami and Kate are doomed to get into trouble with each other down the road. Kate will end up working for the Kiriakis family and might make a move on Brady. She has to sick of the older men in her life. !!!!!

    Rafe’s past has to come into focus soon. His mother, Emily, another sibling etc. What did he really work at before coming to Salem ???
    Does anybody know !!!

    I am enjoying this Soap these days and let’s hope the writers keep the interesting parts going. !!!

  151. From Leah

    Patty I’m not going to agrue with you. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. We have also been warned by this sites powers to be… to be nice and stop all this arguing. I’m gonna take that advice :)
    One of the things I like about Ejami fans is we are not blind. We are not blind to their faults. We get angry at them, disappointed in them, frustrated with them but yet we still love them. We love their chemistry, attraction, passion, love and romance. Nobody does it quite like Ejami. They are the grey couple in Days if you like. Capable of being good but also capable of being naughty! I like that. Days has enough goody too shoes couples/pairings… Jarlena, Bope, Abe/Lexie, Doug/Julie, Jennifier/Jack, Bo/Carly, Victor/Maggie, Chad/Melanie, Dr Dan/Jennifier, Lumi, Safe etc etc. We need some spicey grey couples or we may as well call Days “Happy Days 2.”
    Change of subject… Now that Chloe is coming back for a bit I would love Philip to also make an appearance. I miss him. And rather than bring Nick back for Melanies exist I would have perferred they bought back Nathan. Maybe they could pair Nick with Gabi. They are both a bit nuts – ha, ha.

  152. From Leah

    Oh just thought I would share a revelation that hit me yesterday… After all the saga and drama that went down over keeping “Grace” from her father EJ hasn’t Rafe learnt a dam thing? Looks to me he learnt nothing and feels no remorse or regret over what he did BECAUSE here he is doing it all over again. I wonder if he will illegally adopt this child as he did Grace? I am wondering if there is some kind of connection between EJ and Rafe because Rafe really disliked, despiced and hated EJ way before he even met him or came to Salem. Go back and watch… Rafes smug, one up attitude towards EJ started way before EJ even knew Rafe existed. Surely it can’t be all from Sami’s say so in the witness protection programme. Mind you I can understand Rafe starting to be jealous and dislike EJ in one way as he saw Sami upset at EJs engagement and at him moving on with Nicole. Rafe knew Sami was in love with EJ at that time. But its still no excuse. Something to ponder on anyway…. are EJ and Rafe connected somehow?

  153. From Leah

    Safe…. interesting point for you Safe fans. Apparently Galen was not happy how Safes demise was written. He didn’t like the fact that the writers wrote it that it was over and that Safe moved on with no issues being resolved between them. I just wonder how much influence the actors have over what we see on our screens. Here we have reports of Galen saying this and then we hear other reports of James and Alison both requesting if Ejami is to happen they want it to move slowly because of what has happened between the pair and their history. Some food for thought here and may explain why we are seeing what we are seeing on our screens now. I have to say I don’t mind the actors giving input. They have to play these characters. As long as the actors are only inputting that is fine but if they were trying to dictate storylines etc then I would have a problem with that. Let the writers write and the actors act.

  154. From patty

    Leah, , I absolutely agree with you about having a different opinion without arguing and I know it can be done.
    I seem to remember however that Rafe was not the one who made the discision to keep Grace from EJ, Sami did. The same with Nicole going to great lengths to keep her baby from EJ. Why do you think that is? Because they know that they can’t trust the Demiras is my guess.
    As for Rafe disliking EJ, who wouldn`t after being a guess in the Demira torture chamber and
    put in an intitution with his memory wiped out. Never mind the horrific situation EJ put Sami and her kids in with Faux Rafe. Yeah, I believe Rafe has all kinds of reasons to want to see EJ suffer and he could make his life a whole lot worse. It looks like Sami is the one who didnt learn a damn thing from all the horors she went through so if Sami is blind to all he did, at least Nicole and the rest of Salem are not.
    I am loving the way the new writers are tying up the loose ends and staying true to the past characters and I doubt the actors have a whole lot to say about it.

  155. From Friday ~

    A Days cast member in the middle of a story line showed up on GH today.

  156. From Maryl

    When Hope put Sami’s scarf around her neck with Rafe standing there wearing his usual snarly grin, I thought, you know, there may be something to that rumor about Rafe and Hope becoming a couple after Bo leaves. I don’t think Hope looks too old for Rafe because I have always thought Rafe looks too old for Sami. Isn’t G.Gering in his mid forties? I thought K. Alfonso was in her late or mid forties also. Actually, I like them together.

    I’m sure all Safe fans are loving these old/new writers because of their hope of a reuniting of Sami and Rafe–that is the main push for staying true to the past characters. Although, IMO Rafe doesn’t fit too well as a character of the past–except for being an obstacle between Sami and EJ, he doesn’t have much of a past or history to speak of. I think the past needs to change and change a lot with a lot of the characters, so that we won’t have to keep going through the same boredom that we have already had to experience.

    As far as tying up loose ends, I think they have done a terrible job of that. I don’t have the time or energy right now to list all the stuff that’s been left hanging or has not been explained in any kind of a convincing or satisfactory way. My question is will the writers ever complete any SL with all questions answered and mysteries solved?

    The writers before these new/old ones came in, won an Emmy and so Corday fires them, because I’m sure he didn’t like the new and daring direction the Sls and characters were going in. So much for change and creative writing.
    I wonder what they believe needs to be done to raise the ratings—if the past SLs didn’t succeed in keeping or getting us on the top of the score board, what in the world do they think going back to the past will do this time around? If it didn’t work then why would it now. The ratings seem to spike only when a sl wraps itself around favorite characters who draw interest, or when there is some sort of calamity being advertised such as the explosion. When things revert back to the ususal hum-drum, ratings fall again.

  157. From Tee

    Hey all! Glad to see we can post again since it was taken down for a bit.
    Galen I hear is a fave of Tomlin, not sure why it is just addressed and discussed on all soap boards, and yes he did not like what as happening as far as Rafe acting like he did not care etc so I think we are gonna see them toy with that a bit and hopefully move on from there, as in Ejami. I know we dont all agree but its fine.

    I do have something to show everyone when the poll is done It will shed light on which pairing the fans like and this is a mass poll. Lets just say The question about Reuniting EJAMI gained 75% approval my last check and 25% disapproval and this poll polled thousands perhaps millions of viewers. The other poll is on Safe and so far results are only 25% favoring the pairing.

    Should Rafe act on his conflicted feelings for Sami?

    Definitely, those two were a solid couple!
    25 %
    No way, Sami’s nothing but trouble!
    Those are Safe results, I am looking for last weeks results on EJAMI which is archived now I am sure but I will find it I missed its end date before it ended to post it.

    I am not liking Nick return and I AM unhappy with Hortons expecting Mel to help him after all he has done to her and all she has been through I lost some respect for Julie after that and a few others.

    Patty #169 I thought Rafe actually said he was father and I remember Nicoles surprised face as he said it. I will have to watch again to make sure but I think he just blurted it out, Nicole may be going to great lengths but he is a big boy and has let his hate guide him. I believe he hated EJ before the fake Rafe incidence as well. Way I remember is when Sami went into hiding EJ was the one to slip her a picture of the kids they were fine she had no fear of him at the time, then he called and said he was gonna move on with Nicole with Daddy Roman listening in to make sure he said it and Sami decided to keep the baby hidden then, also when she found out Nicole was prego her jealousy kept her from telling him then also. She was upset when EJ said he cant wait for her any more and her games and was moving on. I dont think EJ deserved to have his child hidden from him over jealousy, sure Sami later said it was to protect them from EJ and Stefano but I believe EJ helped and went against his own father right before she went into hiding it was just a Sami excuse IMO. I think Rafe is just super quick to claim someone elses kids all the time.
    I will say when he was with Sami he played a good father figure to them and loved them all it seemed, which brings me to Lucas

    I used to really like Lucas then I hear him over and over saying all he cares about is Sami will and Ally, what about Samis other children? I have heard him say that many times in last month and it irks me. If he wanted to be with Sami he should care about all her kids not just his own. I lost some respect for lucas then I guess, but I still think he should be the BFF.

    I recall when EJ had Johnny he realized Johnny needed Ally so he came and spoke to Sami and Lucas and told them that Johnny needed his other siblings.
    EJ being there for Will lately has also been great I think.

    Patty #169 Though we dont know how much influence actors do have from what I have read they do have some and even lately Galens interview as leah said says he did speak with them about what old writers did and it is now being addressed, as well as Ali and James saying how they wanted their love story to play out and saying that is direction they are heading in a slow reuniting because of their crazy past. Mascolo also stated in his first interview after this last death he was unhappy with EJ not being his son and his death and that he did not agree on direction old writers were heading with some things and that is being fixed as well as we see. I would say they dont write their own characters but i also would think they have some input on the characters from what they tell us.

    Billie is leaving and I am sure she will just dissapear again hope she gets to say goodbye this time around atleast.

    I wonder how Bos character will leave the show I am sure they will be setting that up soon, and we know he will not die so wonder what will happen. I wonder if it will have anything to do with the whole John/Hope so called marriage thing. I remember he seemed bothered by that in his counceling sessions.

    I cannot wait for Kristen to come back.

    Leah #167 Good point and it is something to ponder I hope we learn of Rafes past one day. We dont know much and he is a main character now.

    Last but not least I am not liking how they are pushing this Jen/Dan thing Jack and Jen were a super couple that many fans loved and Jack had just died and Maggie was pushing, and Jen was all wishy washy when Dan sent the message. Why cant they leave Jen to grieve a bit?

    I have not watched todays epi yet I have had a busy day but I missed this blog and everybody so wanted to post some thoughts I will post more later after watching the show

  158. From Lisa

    I only look at these comments now because it’s like a Soap of it’s own. I mean the drama between MAB and Kat. You two are nut’s! Your the two that are ALWAYS arguing with people and causing trouble. Get a ****** life and quit acting like DOOL is real and you know the actors personally. And pleeeeease, give us all a break Kat and go take that pill….—–

    Please leave the moderating up to the
    moderators and please do not bait or call names. That being said, you are not the only person to have complained recently and we are cleaning things up. ADMIN

  159. From patty

    Tee, if you’ve watched the show by now you’ve seen that not only Nicole and Rafe are determined to keep the baby safe from EJ but also Daniel. I wonder why that is? You think that is Rafe’s fault or does Daniel too have some kind of sordid past that makes him want to protect women and children? Or do you think all these people just know what EJ is capable of?
    I know some actors have voiced their disapproval of the old writers story lines for their characters and with good reasons. I believe the new writers intentions are to adress those mistakes and please not ony the viewers but the actors who have to play these out.
    As I’ve said before, I never did put much stock in surveys and polls. Personnally of all the people I know who watch Days, 100% percent of them can’t stand EJ and think Rafe is the man!!!! Some even stopped watching after the grief sex but they’re back so the new writers must be doing something right.

  160. From MAB

    Daniel is stupid for going along w/ Nicole & Rafe, and I hope he looses his job over it when they find out. Funny how, even the characters who don’t like EJ, most praise him for being a good father. So for Nicole to capture 2 idiots in her web and get her to do what she wants them to do is not uncommon. Rafe did it just to stick it to EJ, and Daniel did it because he had the hots for Nicole, plain & simple!

    Hmm…funny how you can only take stock in the people you know who watch Days that only like Rafe, and not EJ. I’m glad I don’t know one-sided people like that. All the people I know who watch Days…some favor EJ, some favor Rafe, but all in all they like BOTH characters. I guess it’s all in the type of people you know. I agree w/ Tee, the polls & surverys are pretty accurate most of the time, and they are done to get everyone’s opinion, not just people who like Rafe.

  161. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #126 Jolie, the last post I could find from SandyGram was August 14. Then she dropped off completely. Very confusing. Hope she is just on a few weeks’ vacation.

  162. From jolie

    #163 Shani, Patty and I wondered where the scarf would take us as well! And you are right, Molly has done a fine job. I am going to miss her so much. She is great. And Nicole and Rafe were terrific together. And they are so funny together. Nicole (or the actress) can really do comedy well. Sami did look so good in that outfit. The color is hers for sure.
    Poor Lucas. Some here give him pure heck but he is only playing the hand he was dealt. I hope we see some good stuff coming up for Lucas. What if he is still around when Chloe comes back to town in Jan? Could those 2 have another chance at it? What if he ends up teamed with Nicole again? Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Whomever it is, I would just love to see the actor used in a good way rather than abused in Sami’s latest fiasco. Yes, he walked right over and stepped right in it but that doesn’t mean he can’t clean his shoes and walk on if you get my drift. So please, some good stuff for Lucas. And I disagree with those of you who say Lucas only has feelings for Alli and Will and not Sami’s other children. This is a soap, that is called script. Again, we are putting motivation on a character by what is written in lines. Lucas is a decent guy, he is just brow-beaten by every woman he knows!
    I am loving that Rafe is having thoughts (finally) about he and Sami and that she is too. Theirs was a great romance and they were fun together. It all ended to quickly and the steam was forced out of it all before they really had a chance to be done with it. Yes, he kissed Carrie, yes, she slept with Elvis. They were both wrong! I like that Sami is seeing that she has these 3 (I am including Lucas because we know that ain’t done so don’t stick the fork in it yet) men in her life and they all mean something to her. I am not going to say she is better with this one or that one because if the show lasts long enough, I’ll get to see her with all of them again and if she needs another operation, she might get a chance at Dr. Dan before it is over.
    My poor Nicole. I see the handwriting on the wall. Dr. Dan is going to break her heart and that is not pretty as we well know. She’ll do massive and stupid stuff to get what she wants. I just don’t want Nicole to lose some of that humanity that she has gained over the last couple of years. In times past, the poor gal didn’t have much to recommend her but she has grown as a person. I hope she remembers that when the disappointment hits. I can see her like a Mama Bear who’ll take no prisoners when it comes to seeing after her baby.
    #173 Tee, if Rafe hated Elvis before the fake Rafe scenario it had to be because of Sami, because he loved Sami and was convinced that Elvis(and Stefano) was as evil as Sami portrayed him. Which at the time, Elvis was pretty bad and Sami was pretty scared. So yes, I think that Rafe probably did hate Elvis before the fake Rafe deal but then Elvis hated Rafe as well so a matched pair.
    #177 From Dyeing to be Blond, thanks for that info on Sandygram but it sort of widens the mystery. I do hope she is fine and taking a break. If her computer service is like mine, not too good on a sunny day!
    I am also missing Richard. I hope you are well also friend. Come back when you can. Hopefully we can all play nicely.

  163. From Shani

    Alright Sonny! Good one right to T’s kisser! It’s encouraging about Nick today that he is willing to give up parole for Melanie’s sake. Nice scenes with EJ & Chad. I felt sorry for Nicole there for a minute but she came up with new resolve pretty quick. Nothin’ wrong with Dr. Dan shirtless in her daydream!!

  164. From patty

    I agree Shani, that punch felt good. Especially delivered with the line “When somebody asks where you got the fat lip, tell em a fairy did it”. I understand Sonny helps T later, I wonder if it’s to help him come out too?
    jolie, good post! I’m still waiting for the scarf to show up too. No mention of it yet but Sami is still wearing that killer blue dress.
    Looks like the spoilers forgot to mention that Rafe gets a promotion too. From what I understood, it looks like the “muppets” at the Salem PD are not done with the Demiras yet.

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