Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 30 & 31.


Sami manages to resist her throbbing desires for Elvis. She really ruins the mood by turning the topic to Carrie and then to the paternity of Nicole’s baby. Things remain awkward in this Rafe obsessed conversation. Will finally calls his boss away for a meeting. To Elvis’ surprise, young William resigns, claiming that he needs to sort out his life. EJ assures him they can always be friends at least. Will wanders off and runs into Abby. They yap about his sex life, or lack of one, and then she bustles off on a date with Cameron. Will longs for Sonny but won’t pick up his phone when he calls.

Sami continues trying to think with her brain rather than other organs. She goes to the pub to pick up her kids and Caroline notices she’s acting more discombobulated than usual. When Rafe walks by, the pub owner loudly points out that Sami isn’t spending her time with EJ that night.

Rafe offers Brady a shoulder to cry on about Madison. They discuss being losers in love and decide the best thing to do is throw themselves into work rather than mope about it. Brady goes to see his grandfather and asks for his old job back at Titan. After hearing about the Nick situation, he runs off to see Mel. She’s just woken up from a nightmare and admits to him that she’d like to see Fallon stay away. Meanwhile, Chad tries to get Abby’s support in the campaign to keep Nick behind bars. She bites his head off instead.

Nick has more visitors. This time, Hope brings his mom to come and see him so they can convince him not to give up his shot at parole. He caves under pressure.

Daniel goes to see Jenn to pay his condolences in person. After that strained conversation, he pays his mom a visit with a big favor to ask. He wants Nicole to move into the mansion. Maggie realizes that’s pretty loopy considering that it’s Victor’s house. He talks her around and she offers to smooth over the ruffled mustache. Meanwhile, Nic is trying to make some amends by apologizing to Abe for what happened during the campaign. She’s sure to do it so Jenn can hear. Daniel pops up and pulls Nicole over to the mansion to reveal that she’ll be living there. He’s spoken too fast though. Even Maggie can’t talk Victor into thinking this is a good idea. Jenn walks into the brouhaha and offers to solve their problem by letting the pregnant lady move in with her.

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  12 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    well, the nick scenes are kind of slow but when he is released hopefully things will get better..
    melanie is gonna be gone soon so hopefully he won’t do anything that will hurt her.. i am thinking melanie will go and live with her mom..
    and i wish nicole would get over daniel.. i would love to see daniel back with jennifer. also sami back with rafe. ej needs someone new..

  2. From Leah

    Aaahh look at Sami. She REALLY does have the hots for EJ. All I can say is Ejami must be the true supercouple of Days. Why? Because supercouples always have so many misunderstandings and obstacles in their way and seem to take forever to get together. Another clue is the way Ejami are written. IF they stayed true to character Sami would have no problem jumping into bed with EJ. She had no problem doing it with Rafe on her Ejami wedding day or with Lucas just recently. Sami also has no problem being able to quickly commit to either for them but with EJ there has been all the denials. Her body language was saying one thing while her mouth was saying another. Now she has FINALLY admitted to there “being something there” she all of a sudden wants to go slow and think of her kids? Yep, its laughable. Bad writing and out of character for her. Yep Ejami must be that supercouple. I love the line EJ said recently “There’s always a next time between you and me Samantha.” :)

  3. From CeeCee

    Ahh if misunderstandings are shooting someone in the head… or raping someone twice I’d rather pick a different “couple” to root for.

  4. From Shannon

    I like your positive spin on it Leah! I sure hope that you are right! Spoilers lately have been very disappointing.I did read that once Bo leave Rafe and Hope are getting together so that is a good sign. I really don’t care what they do with Rafe as long as he stays away from Sami!

  5. From dsoky

    ejami story is silly. it makes no sense after what has gone on between them. the story line makes the sami character look like an idiot and surely not someone you can cheer for or want to be like. i started watching days in 1986. the women were strong and as a teenage girl i could day dream about being hope, jennifer, kayla. who are these women role models now? who are the young women on the show that people can cheer for and dream about? i think stephanie was a potential one but now she is leaving. the writers have made everyone else flakes and weak. will’s storyline seems more like a psa than a real story.

  6. From realitycheck

    oh please Sami is not a ‘role model’ first she was a villain and deep down she is anti-heroine and will never ever be an heroine, enjoy Marlena, Belle or Carrie for that ! And Stephanie whatever just before she left she schemes in order to stay with Nathan, not a so called role model material, wake up !

  7. From JiBi

    Hi Shannon, were do you read that once Bo leave Rafe and Hope are getting together ??? Thanks

  8. From dsoky

    I meant melanie. and I’m not necesarily talking about sami being a role model just someone/ anyone. it would be nice. and before you critize my melaine idea because she was originally a bad girl i blieve the show has properly redeemed her. so reread my post for what it meant. Days needs some strong female characters. Marlena can’t carry that role forever. carrie is a weanie and not on show anymore as well as belle is not on the show last time i watched. abigail could of been a strong character and then they had her be a flake about austin. whatever. oh please yourself.

  9. From Shani

    We can hope after Sami’s near-death experience she will take a new look at her life & how unstable it’s been for her kids, with men popping in and out of their lives. But I won’t bet on it since she is daydreaming of Lucas, EJ, & Rafe.

  10. From Lisa

    This lame rehash of Sami and Rafe angst and full time pairing is awful : one second ago he professed his undying love for Carrie and bashed Sami at every chances and the worst of all : they have NO CHEMISTRY, i fall sleeping or disgusted watching their scenes and make me want to stop watching this soap, stop the DESASTER please !

  11. From Shani

    I know, Lisa. Its like EJ professing his undying love for Nicole & telling her she was his only love & now he is after Sami again. It becomes so old hat & is maddening.

  12. From patty

    Shani, what is even more old and maddening is that EJ will again resort to trickery and deny his child to attain that goal. Talk about fighting fair, what other man on the show does that to win his girl, unless it’s a pshycho like Andrew.

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