Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 3-7.

Getting out.

Mel starts to have misgivings about trying to keep Nick in the clink. In desperation, she turns to Gabi for some words of wisdom. Gabi has a hard time handling the pressure and nearly confesses, but checks herself and just tells Mel to make sure Nick stays away. Meanwhile, Nick’s parole hearing begins. Jessica and Hope speak up for him and he makes a passionate plea to the board about how he has been reformed. Melanie suddenly runs in. She’s about to speak but has so many flashbacks she needs to leave the room. Everyone fusses until she returns and offers her testimony. Nick gets parole. Her family is shocked, but this is what Mel wanted. She hugs Maggie and explains she did this for her. Mel and Chad go home for sex while Brady fumes that Nick must be more dangerous than ever. Things get worse when Nick decides to stick around town instead of leaving with his mom. Hearing of this, Chad decides to threaten the newly released convict before going back home to ask Mel to marry him.

Brady gives Kate a promotion at Titan. With this good news perking her up, she decides to go off and taunt Sami. She vows to destroy her once again. Sami’s having a hard enough time running CW as it is. She’s just learned that Gabi and Chad quit. She begs Gabi to come back but Chad refuses to allow it. Gabi mopes all over town. Sami urges her son to comfort her. That idea makes Will uncomfortable. He mopes around town until he runs into Grandma Kate. He grumbles to her about his suspicion that Sonny is smitten with Brian. Meanwhile, Sonny longs to be with William. They almost go on a date but it falls through.

Elvis corners Sami. He wants to know where they stand, or at least when they’ll be lying down together. She has feelings for him but won’t make any promises. When she turns to Rafe and offers to listen to his worries about Gabi, things start to warm up between them. They cool fast when her lawyer interrupts to point out how much she needs Rafe’s sympathy to fight off the charges against her. Rafe feels like he’s being used and lectures her. Later, she’s mugged and Rafe comes to the rescue. The thief shoves them together. Having her land on top of him reminds Rafe of why he used to like her. He takes her to the hospital to be checked out. She confronts him about whether or not he’s really the father of Nicole’s baby. He covers. This really burns her grits. She vents to Marlena about it. Her mom tells her to focus on her kids instead. Sami has another run-in with Rafe. They bicker about Gabi and then things cool down. He tells her he could never hate her.

Lucas miffs EJ by warning him that he is just another shlub in Sami’s stable of men. Elvis starts to worry that she’ll leave him for whoever is playing hard to get. Lucas tells him that if he wants to keep her away from Rafe, he needs to make sure that Rafe remains the father of Nicole’s baby. That gives EJ an idea and Johnny helps him work out the logistics.

Salem gets its version of “The Odd Couple” when Nicole moves in with Jenn. Nic tells Felix, er, Jenn, that she and Daniel are very close. This twists Jenn’s nickers. Over at the hospital, bartender and occasional doctor, Kayla, is magically appointed to take over as chief of staff. That makes perfect sense to Daniel, but he starts to worry when she wants to bring Jenn back to work there. Before he can do anything to stop it, Kay offers her the job. Nic shows up with news that her baby is a dude and catches the doctor ranting to an orderly about how terrific Jenn is.

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  1. From ADMIN

    There has been a lot of bickering over characters from three or four certain posters that has gone too far on these Days Of Our Lives Spoiler threads.

    There will be NO baiting on this thread. We ask that you use the ‘agree to disagree’ policy and take a time-out if you feel you are going to start an argument or that someone is baiting you.

    If there is more bickering, we will close this thread.

    Let’s move on.


  2. From SusanW

    All I have to say is that I don’t like that Sami is bouncing from Rafe to Lucas to EJ to Rafe, all in the period of about 3 minutes. I love EJ and Sami together and the writers got my hopes up. :-(

  3. From Hellolisare


  4. From lc

    I am away from Days at Disneyland right now so thought I’d take a timeout from this HEAT here and check out Days site. Can’t wait to get back and caught up!!!! I hate to admit this but I am starting to see what other see in Sami and EJ together. As much as I adore Rafe!!!! Not sure where the writers are going to go with Nick but will be interesting. I’m sad that Bo is leaving…Days will definitely NOT be the same without him. Have fun everyone! Going into the pool now!! :)

  5. From Stacey

    I’m hoping that Sami & EJ work things out – I actually had a dream that the actor who portrayed EJ was in love with me. Yeah – pathetic right?

    Anyway – I’m sad to see that Nicole will be manipulating her way into a relationship again. Ugh – I thought perhaps she had learned her lesson.

    Does anyone know or think they know how Melanie is leaving? Maybe I’m living under a rock but I haven’t heard how she departs the show – is it out of fear from Nick and she just moves???

  6. From Lynne

    I used to want Sami with Rafe but I am loving Sami and EJ together now. I like the “new” EJ with Sami. Whatever the writers decide to do, please just stick with it and quit putting us through this. I’ve had enough of the Sami show!

  7. From Jkay

    Thank You !! ADMIN !!

  8. From Shani

    I have the same question as Stacey. How & why are they going to exit Melanie? I’ve looked all over for a clue but have not found one. So if anybody knows, please share!

  9. From Fifi

    I have been watching for 30 years but I forget a lot of details over time. Wasn’t Nick really smart, like with a PhD or something and was inventing technology or some patent that EJ wanted for his company?

  10. From Cindy

    I liked Sami with Lucas, then I liked her with EJ, then I liked her with Rafe, but still wanted her to be with Lucas. But when Lucas came back, they just did not have the chemistry they used to have. Now I just want the writers to pick ONE person, anyone, for her to be with and let is stick. I am getting whiplash.

  11. From patty

    Now, let me get this straight. EJ is going to go along with the charade that Rafe is Nicole’s baby’s father in his bid to keep Sami and Rafe apart? Denying the child he swore is his so he can win over Sami? Ok, the spoilers weren’t lying when they said he was getting desperate. It does look like there will be quite a few Safe moments, must be what gets EJ so worried. I guess the Sami show will go on.
    I’m kind of liking that Nick is coming back and can’t wait to see what he brings to the show. I’m glad they’re not playing on his nerdiness anymore, he is a fine actor.
    I also am anxious to see what makes Melanie leave but my guess is Nicks return and the fact that everybody is hovering over her seems to bug her too.

  12. From Maryl

    Are we to assume that EJ really knows for sure that Nicole’s baby is his? He has been told over and over by Rafe that he is the father not EJ. Then there was a paternity test done where EJ was told that he was not the father, but that Rafe was, so to me it’s a bit unrealistic to think that EJ is so sure that the baby is his after all the cover-up by Nicole, Rafe and Daniel. Why does EJ need to do anything about keeping Rafe as the father?? None of that makes any sense. Seems like all of that is already being done by Nicole, Rafe, and Daniel. Why would Lucas even bring that up to EJ—obviously he must think EJ is being deceived.

  13. From grandma to many

    so nice to see so many old faces maybe Grandma Judy , SandyGram and Richard will make a repeat performance too I have no idea about Melanie either especially with Chad about to propose . Will they leave together ? What about Bo or Billie ? I can see Billie returning to England to Chelsie but who else ? Chloe back with or without Phillip and their son ? It looks like there will be more of intrest than Dimeras

  14. From Gerri

    Have been reading posts,all along,and watching days,as I always have,was just so much conflict on this site,that I didn’t feel comfortable posting.
    but anyway,since you and I seem,to feel the same,about most of the SL/S,that I would attempt to post,I think I am ready for Sami and EJ,to be together,they so deserve each other.

    I’ve hoped for sometime now that Rafe would be paired,with that special person,that would be deserving of his love,I think this would make a good S/L.
    he messed up with Carrie,but the writers,saw this S/L wasn’t popular,with the fans and was a stupid S/L from the start,so they put the brakes on it.

    It Is quite amazing,that the tragedy,and injuries,and deaths,have been mostly forgotten,so soon,and life in Salem,has returned to normal.

    I hate to think of BO leaving,come on bosses,give him a good reason to stay,he is the mainstay of Days,and he and Hope,should be the next” Tom and Alice”we do need some stability on the show,esp for the younger viewers,to show that,love can last,and weather many storms.

    When Chloe returns,hope Phillip comes with her,and baby Parker,really belongs to him,and Kate will feel their wrath.”Kate ,Karma Is hell”
    and It Is way past time for
    hers,even tho she Is getting some now”with Stefano refusing to see her.
    well This Blog Is long,so will stop,”"hope It post.

  15. From patty

    Gerri, thank you so much for letting us know you’re still around, so good to hear from you. I hope you won’t be a stranger and stay awhile. lol!
    Good post, I agree with you as always. Now here’s hoping that other past bloggers will stop by to say hi too.

  16. From Leah

    IF and I suppose its a big IF at this stage… but if EJ is willing to go along with Rafe being Nicoles babies father to keep Safe apart it just proves my point. There is NO other woman for EJ than Sami. He has loved her from the first moment they met. He’s loved her all the way through their crazy past and history. And yes he’s more in love with her now than he has been ever before. Oh EJ, you are a one woman man. You have certainly always worn your heart on your sleeve when it comes to Sami. I find that endearing and nice in this day and age. Your a good father EJ so if this baby does turn out to be yours and not Bradys I know you will love him and look after him so he will be fine. BUT I hope EJ you get your girl “Samantha!”

  17. From Leah

    Kat I’m sorry you feel that way. Thats a shame your leaving. I enjoyed reading your posts. Sending love your way :)

  18. From Snickelfritz

    #10 Cindy-
    Love your post! It made me laugh out loud, so I had to let you know I feel the same way! Too funny!

  19. From missy

    still not understanding why they are making jen move on,,, her and jack were destiny.. they were getting along, never once saw them in a love scene since he came back… dan the man leave her alone… bring back jack…. 2) ej and sami are my all time favorite.. love the chemistry… why does rafe always have to interfere? i really liked him and nicole as a couple.., rafe that is 3) we are losing the brady storyline.. give him a script.. love him tooooo…

  20. From janecake

    I always thought one day Melanie would go to med school. Hope she ends up returning once in a while for a scene here or there.

    Love Ej and Sami, incredible chemistry. Lucas gets pretty whiney but his anger scenes are getting better and better. Love his new maturity. And normally you never date your wife’s sister, no matter what happened.

    Glad the Admin. gave us a warning, I seldom followed on here, couldn’t handle the vitriol myself. Guess they really are watching us!

    And Nick should be interesting back in the mix.

    Anyway, that’s my 2cents worth. :)

  21. From Shani

    Like Maryl, I think Lucas must think EJ is being duped about Nicole’s baby. But even so, I don’t get it why Lucas would give EJ advice about how to keep Sami away from Rafe. What horse does Lucas have in this race that he would do that? As for EJ, I think he is confident the baby is his but he will concentrate on getting Sami for now and deal with the baby issue later. A DaysCafe spoiler for next week says “EJ is obsessed with Sami. He has no intention of giving up.” As for Rafe, if he decides he wants Sami, he has backed himself into quite the corner by claiming to be the daddy to Nicole’s baby. But if Sami ever does find out the truth, will she admire Rafe for protecting Nicole, just as he protected Sami when she was pregnant with EJ’s child?! Or will the rivalry between her and Nicole prevail?!

    Great spoilers up above & I can’t wait to see them all play out.

  22. From Maryl

    Kat, please stay! This blog site will not be the same without you.

  23. From patty

    It looks like the only reason EJ is willing to go with that lie is because he knows Sami is jealous of Rafe and Nicole having a child together and it’s keeping Sami from acting on her feelngs for Rafe. He wouldn’t have to do this if Sami “loved” him back. It works for him to deny his child and he’s going to use it to keep Sami. Yup, that looks like desperation to me.

    Sami admits to her father that she’s most likely to get hurt again by him but she says she always has her family(that she defies at every turn) to protect her. Of course she has, and also Rafe and Lucas and the “muppets” at the Salem PD.

  24. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Too many Nic’s on this show.
    Nicholas Alamain, Nick Fallon, Nicole Walker. There was an old character named Nick that was involved with Eve Donovan. Repeating the name Andrew with the kidnapping story. Two “Brady’s” with Hope’s surname use to her husband. Steve, Stefanie, Stefano. Ari, Ali. John, Johnny. Vic/Viv. Sigh… there’s like a gazillion names out there. This show lacks the creativity of the past. We even have initials for names. “T” and “EJ” and “TEK”. Wonder what Nicole’s baby name will be… Sorry, I’m just bored with this show.

  25. From patty

    Shani, I don’t believe Lucas is doing this to help out EJ but more to plant that seed knowing full well EJ is going to use it. I think our Lucas might be playing the game and is out for payback . Or he may just drop that innocently and EJ takes it from there. Don’t see what role little Johnny has in it though. That’s my take on it anyway but we’ll have to wait and see. Like you said, great spoilers and can’t wait to see how they play out.
    Dying to be Blonde, wasn’t there a henchmen named Nico too?

  26. From Cougar

    Kat I hate to see you go but if you no longer feel that this is the place for you to be. I respect your choice, it is yours to make. Best wishes and good luck to you; I will miss you and your insight.

  27. From Cougar

    I know that some were luke warm to Nick Fallon coming back (yes they are right we just have one too many Nik names) but he really added a new dimension of character that they inject only once and a while. Usually they have a stunningly successful, powerful, rich and most times extremely good looking rival to the Kiriakas’ ro DiMiras. I guess I’m a bit of a nerd myself so when they bring on the nerds and egg heads every so often I root for them. We had Eugene & Caliope a while back and Dr. Rolf the evil nerd and probably more that I can’t think of. If any one remebers the Meg Ryan & Tim Robbins movie “IQ” there was quite a lot of charm and well written plots in that movie surrounding a buch of nerds. The character of Nick will now have to deal with the stigma of ex-con. I think that is something that can be incorporated rather than swept under the carpet. There are lots of people who commit crimes, white collar and worse, paid their debt to society and now struggle tha they are out. Not everone gets a free pass like Hope then resumes their job at the police depatment.

  28. From MAB

    Kat – I’m leaving as well. And I will say it’s not my choice, but rather I’m apparently being forced off. All my posts as of late have been deleted as well, and they were about the show. I’m not gonna waste my time just to have my posts deleted, while others are allowed. I see the favoritism on here, and that is something that I care not to be a part of. So, “if” they decide to post this, I just wanted to say so long to you, and several others, like Maryl, TerriK, Tee, Leah. I’ll miss you guys.

  29. From jolie

    #27 Cougar, nothing wrong with a little nerdiness. Helps make the world go around! I was not looking at Nick’s return with much energy but your post made me stop and think. He will be an ex-con and will have contacts on the inside. Who knows who will come to town because of Nick. Will he get into something illegal due to his incarceration? Maybe when he was attacked in the laundry, someone helped him and protected him and now he owes a debt to that person who comes to collect. Or maybe Nick knows of some crime that was being planned and he will thwart (can’t believe I just used that word but I kinda like it) some criminal enterprise and turn out a hero. So thanks for shedding a new perspective and getting me to think in the positive. That is what we need on this blog. Good ideas and positive banter. And Dr. Rolf was so kooky and funny. Will always miss him.

    So are Kate and Brady sort of teaming up a bit? She was in the end very kind to him about Madison’s last moments. Brady is going to need someone on his side now that Victor has Mags to keep him busy. So I can see Kate and Brady as business associates, until Stefano comes back and takes Kate back which I know that true love will win out here and he’ll put her thru pure h-e-double toothpicks but will take her back. So what has happened to Basic Black now? I guess John is still running things now that he is not constantly checking Marlena’s tonsils. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why Kate needs to bait Sami. Isn’t running a company and worrying yourself sick about where the love of your life enough to keep you entertained? I’d like to see a new side to Kate. She has been dealt a blow so let her learn from it. Show some compassion to her. Let her branch out a bit. She’ll never be a good 2 shoes but she could rehabilitate a little.

    Chad refuses to allow Gabs to model for CW??? OK, he isn’t going to tell on her and by now, he really can’t tell it, can he? Well not without having Melanie lose it all over the place. Maybe that is why she eventually leaves, she finds out about Gabs and finds out that Chad knew it. But if I were Gabs, I’d call his bluff. And she might but right now she does have a plate full.

    Sonny and Will…I am a bit tired of this before it gets off the ground. They are worse than 2 high school girls in figuring out what to do next. Be friends…that would be a good place to start. You don’t have to have a tongue down your throat to be friends.

    Rafe and Sami…seems like after we have watched Elvis and Sami pant all over each other for a few weeks we are now to be subjected to Rafe and Sami falling into each other. I’m all in so not really complaining but where is this going? Or is it just the next chapter? I think it will be sort of cool for Sami to have both Rafe and Elvis on the hook for a while and not commit to either. I don’t want another bidding war like we had in the Date-a-rama between Jack and Dr. Dan over Jennifer. That was just silly.

    Lucas still has some life in him after all. Hard to say at this time why he mentioned to Elvis about Nicole’s baby and Rafe. I guess it really is hard to believe but on DOL much stranger things have happened. I think Lucas will enjoy it if he can jab Elvis once in a while and send him over the edge about Sami. I can see were Sami would be concerned if Rafe was the father of Nicole’s baby but she needs to remember that she is the queen of hiding the baby from the babydaddy so nothing should be too surprising.

    Nicole, Nicole. Where is your brain these days of our lives? Moving in with Jenn. I wish this would be a funny thing like the Odd Couple. Can’t you just see it? Nicole driving Jenn nuts and Jenn driving Nicole nuts. This could be the start of a different friendship but we have to inject Dr Dan into the situation so it will end up good for no one. I wish the writers would do something very unique and allow the 2 women to start to really be friends to the confoundation (made that word up!) of everyone in town. Yes, they can be in contention for the same guy but in the end see that they have become good friends. Nicole needs some real friends to keep her on the straight and narrow and Jenn could use a friend who knows how to mix and knock back a few martinis to loosen up. I think it would be something novel from what we normally see. Make the characters move outside what we normally see from them. After all we do see that Kayla is giving up her bartending career to go back to doctoring. Who saw that one coming??

  30. From Shani

    patty 26 no, I don’t think Lucas is particularly trying to help EJ, either. I hope it’s not going to come off that EJ “uses” Johnny. We’ll have to see. . . .

    I’ve been one who wasn’t crazy about Nick coming back on the show. But I was favorabely impressed with the actor & the character so far.

  31. From Randi

    NO COMMENT! IF I were to share how i feel about the currentshow It would be deleted!

  32. From Cougar

    Jolie Im on board with you about Lucas still having some life left in his role. If the actors are resorting to input for their characters he should start piping up too. After all isn’t Lucas working with Sami on CW? OH yeah, he can tweek Elvis in the nose if he wants to with a little Sami sabbotage in the board room and in the office. Just please don’t make it too spiteful; more in the realm of impish. Just enough to show he’s not going to be a door mat for people to continually wipre their feet on. Man up.

    MAB I say good by to you too in the same manner as Kat.
    I will miss you and your perspective I enjoyed reading your posts. Good luchk where ever you are.

  33. From Hellolisare

    I’ll throw my few cents in. I realize that soaps have always revolved around love, but I think it would be interesting to so more relationships besides romantic love. Melanie is leaving soon that means Chad is just drifting. EJ lost Lexie. It would be cool to see the two of them bond. Plus throw in a Will who says he sees EJ as an older brother. With a hint of Lucas because he and Will are having a few problems, and it could be very interesting to see how these relationships turn out. No romance but it could be just as good.

  34. From Cougar

    Hellolisare excellent point. Soaps used to bring more to it than romance. Really they used to deal with all sorts of family drama and grudges. I will say I enjoyed seeing Rafe and EJ spare and puff out thier chests at each other like2 dogs fighting over the Sami bone.

  35. From Cindy

    Hellolisare: What a great idea! I would love to see them develop the many other platonic, but loving relationships. They have so many families and friends that hardly spend any time together. It would be great to see these people interact. I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my time out of bed. HA!

  36. From patty

    Hellolisare, I absolutely agree with you. It would be nice to see more friendships develop and less stabbing in the back to get what they want. I’m hoping that is a new direction the new writers will explore since we’re already seeing a little more interaction between characters. Today alone I was pleased to see that kind of interaction with Brady and Rafe, Jen and Billie, Will and Abbigail and yes even EJ with William who handled Will quitting his job better than I would have anticipated and told him he considers him a friend .
    I agree Cindy, most people spend their lives out of bed and it would be nice for Sami to explore the novel idea that putting men on hold and concentrating on her kids is actually a good thing.

  37. From Maryl

    Now is as good of a time as any to hang up on this blog site. I’m disappointed in it also. Just like Mab and Kat, I will say good-bye and spend my time doing something more constructive. I bequeath this site to all the Safe fans. Congratulations on everything—including the Days sls going your way! As of today, I am getting rid of my addiction to Days and will no longer be tunning in.

  38. From LadyLumps

    I haven’t been on in a few weeks and apparently missed some drama on the boards. Kat & MAB you should stick around if you can. I enjoy reading your viewpoints on the show. Sorry to see team Ejami members leaving :-(
    I like the direction they are heading with an Ejami pairing. It’s been interesting lately.
    DTBB don’t forget Abby & Gabby for similar names. And we have Billy Reed, Bill Horton and Will.

  39. From Shani

    James & Galen are so great together onscreen & I loved their scenes today. EJ, EJ, you must see the absolute fear in Nicole’s eyes so what makes you think further threats are going to warm her up to you being her baby’s daddy?! Sami is confused, – so willing & ready for EJ’s arms but yet so interested in what’s going on in Rafe’s life. Glad Marlena went to talk with Melanie.

    Count me in on 34 Hellolisare’s idea of the show developing relationships not necessarily romantic.

  40. From Adele

    Sorry to see all the EJAMI fans leaving this site. Mab and Kat I always enjoyed your posts.

    I see curiousity in Sami in regard to Rafe and maybe amusement also. She doesn’t seem invested to me at all. It was nice to hear her finally admit that there is and always was something between her and EJ.

    I really liked Nick when he first appeared on Days. I think it was a bit of the “nerd” factor as well as he was kind of edgy in his clothing and hair style. Always admire people that dare to be different. That being said..only on a soap do you spend 18 months in prison for killing someone. I am going to miss Melanie, I’ve always liked her even when she was a “bad” girl.

  41. From Leah

    I see Roman and Caroline ARE trying to use their influence again to keep Ejami apart. I don’t like it… Sami is a big girl she should be able to make up her own mind without worrying about her family, their condemnation, judgements or cricitism. I reckon it is Sami wanting her families approval that has made her choose other men in the past but look at what has happened. Divorce and split after split. Surely her family can see that despite everything in the 6 years EJ has been in Salem those 2 always come back to each other. As Kate so well put it “They are the sun in each others orbits.”

  42. From starla

    Good that Caroline said something to Sami about EJ. It’s good to listen to your family who knows you well. They will help her made a decision either way about the men in her life.

  43. From Andee

    Nice thread. SO calm. I like Nick back but Julie is being raelly mean. I don’t understand why she doesn’t see how this is hard for Melanie to go through. She’s old and should know better than to be so insensitive.

    Sami – couldn’t care less who she is with. Hot with any guy. lol

  44. From toni

    So glad not to be afraid to post lol. I can’t believe Jen and Nicole will live together. That’s going to be interesting. I guess we are in for another stupid love triangle. Once Chloe gets back won’t she be mad that Nicole’s dating her ex? Gross gross.

  45. From patty

    Leah, it looks like Roman and Caroline are not the only family members who don’t approve of Sami being with EJ again. Will thinks it is a bad idea and tells EJ so .

    I agree that Sami should be old enough to make her own descisions but apparently she is not because she keeps making bad ones and her family knows that because they’re the ones who are always there to pick up the pieces when she falls on her face.

  46. From Arlene

    Kat, MAB, and others. Please reconsider and don’t leave the blog. Many enjoy reading your posts.

  47. From Leah

    Maybe that is part of the problem (for Sami), she is continually babied. I’m all for family helping and picking up the pieces but there does come a stage where they do need to stand on their own two feet. Just think about Sami has alwyas been reliant on someone to help her or clean up her messes. Roman, Marlena, John, Lucas, Austin, EJ, Rafe, Carrie and Caroline have all had to do it. Sami’s in her thirties now time for her to grow up. Be independant and stand on her own to feet without anyone elses assistance. ONLY when she gets to that place will her head be in the right place to make right decisions.

  48. From gerri

    Sami and EJ,might have the”"chemistry”but unless writers’
    change,and stop the back and forth,games between them, each will just keep trying “flavors of the month”picking which ever they desire at the present time.

    Rafe and Lucas deserve some happiness,at some point,with someone.I don’t blame Nicole,for keeping child;s father secretly,EJ can be frightening,with his threats.but I think when she moves in with Jenn,will be a crazy S/L.
    haven’t saw his mayoral office yet,and when does he work?

  49. From patty

    Leah, you said it! I totally agree that Sami needs to grow up and stop being so dependant and stop acting impulsively without any thought to the consequences. She’s lucky she has a family that stands behind her at all after all the stunts she pulled. Hopefully she will get to that place you’re talking about. Tomorrow is a start when she puts her selfish needs aside and makes a descision to be alone so not to disrupt her children’s lives yet again.

  50. From Clear

    Sami actually focusing on her children and abstaining for a while in the bedroom? That will not last long, and she is always in a triangle! I love to see the sparks!

    However, what Cougar said was so true. Family conflicts were usually resolved with some kind of closure and not so much bouncing quickly between partners either. Change up for writers probably had a lot to do with this in the past. There are so many loose ends on the story lines we have had in the last couple years. Emily, Rafe’s background, and now the Alice African connection and the coin for a few.

    When Nick returns I still would like to see a scene with the Billie cougar that seduced him when he was seeing her daughter, Chelsea!
    Let Nick work for Titan, give him a makeover
    and a suit.

    Bickering? I do the visual fast forward, so couldn’t tell you. I usually skip over rude comments and look for interesting insights and tidbits about our soap.

    Writers, could we please have a masked ball for Halloween?

  51. From Cougar

    Maryl I will miss you too. I always enjoyed your posts and view points. Good bye to you and nothing but the best.

  52. From tinab

    So, so, sorry that Maryl, Mab and Kat are leaving. I usually just read and don’t post much but you 3 guys are fabulous. I wanted to respond last week to Maryl who was right on in her assessments of Ejami but I wasn’t even allowed to access the comment box. If these new writers team Sami back up with Rafe I will be done.

  53. From Cougar

    Gotta say really loved the end of he show today with that great big EJami kiss! I’m surprised that they didn’t use it for a weekend clifff hanger.

  54. From NeeNee

    I agree with others who stated that the atmosphere here was getting toxic. For that reason, I stayed away and didn’t post (although I witnessed the subtle baiting that stirred everybody up on a weekly basis). IMO, this site was designed to give viewers a chance to share opinions and spoilers. Or to just give their opinions on a current character or storyline.

    Agree with others who said that the whole Horton Square tragedy resolution was far too quick. Jack and Jennifer, especially, were not handled particularly well, IMO. It would only make sense for Dr. Dan and Jen to drift back together. . . key word being DRIFT. Not launched before Jack has barely cooled off! Until Stefano returns again, I think we’re just marking time, setting up potential storylines. Like it or not, the DiMeras have been a force in Salem for the past 25 years and aren’t going away anytime soon because they drive storylines.

    Actors must play the parts they’re given, but the portrayal of Julie and Maggie as interfering gossips was something that only came about the past 10 years. Before that they were not the resident meddlers! Of course, they cared about their families but didn’t live to spread gossip as they are now portrayed.

  55. From cassie

    Can I get a little deep in here to say, why would anyone want their child, sister, friend, or anyone with a man that raped her twice? He is abusive to Sami. So why is this the great love story? Because EJ is goodlooking does not give him a pass to treat Sami like trash. But, it’s ok for Sami to love this man. He laughed at her having sex with Fake Rafe. Do you really think EJ is in love with Sami? Who does that and is in love. He told her that her child DIED, that is not love!!

  56. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Ah, yes, I forgot about Abi/Gabi. #57 Cassie, you’ll get no argument from me. It’s a very sick relationship, IMO. But they have their fans, so the writers are going to write it. Other than that, the show remains kind of boring to me. At least, I’m not missing any of the actors who left.

  57. From Leah

    # 57 Cassie
    Sami and EJ are BOTH guilty of having forced sex. He wanted it from Sami just as Sami wanted it from Austin years ago. So yes they deserve each other. They simply are two of a kind.
    Raped her twice? What are you talking about? Please give me the details, storyline and scenes you are talking about. I don’t EVER remember there being 2 occasions. The writers copped enough heat for writing it the first time I certainly don’t think they would have been game going there a second.

  58. From patty

    That’s right Cassie, all that among other things begs to question this deep true love that we are now suppose to buy. I agree that this abstinence from men is not going to last but it’s a start. EJ and Sami say they have always put their children first, which I strongly believe was the new writers idea of a joke. Really? Since when?

  59. From LadyLumps

    Didn’t Jack rape Kayla in the 80′s? I guess that’s only ok for some characters to be forgiven for.
    Lucas almost killed Sami twice, he nearly sent her off a cliff after gaslighting her.. And he let her go to death row for something he knew she didn’t do.
    Every character on the show has screwed up multiple times, some worse than others… And they can all be redeemed depending on how the writers want to spin it.
    Ejami sizzles on screen and the ratings prove it, Ejami is HOT!

  60. From LadyLumps

    Didn’t Jack rape Kayla in the 80′s? I guess that’s only ok for some characters to be forgiven for.
    Lucas almost killed Sami twice, he nearly sent her off a cliff after gaslighting her.. And he let her go to death row for something he knew she didn’t do.
    Every character on the show has screwed up multiple times, some worse
    than others… And they can all be redeemed depending on how the
    writers want to spin it.
    Ejami sizzles on screen and the ratings prove it, Ejami is HOT!

  61. From Just Moi

    LadyLumps, in my book its not ok and that’s why I was never able to warm up to Jack and rooted for Jen/Dan instead. I have mentioned it before. But some characters redeam themselves by changing their ways and becomming better people. EJ only professes that he wants to become a better person but it never happens, as soon as someone makes him mad, it’s payback time.

    But I am now a new Ejami fan, I want them together, I want them to fight, lie, torcher, scheme against each other. Then I want them both to have their own special guns and when they want payback they can pull the trigger together and hopefully both will be gone. Together forever, thats EJAMI!!!

    Sami will never be able to stay away from any man for any amount of time, it’s sickening. What happen to the days when women were stronger and more independant? I also want to see friendships form and not always bed jumping from one to another.

    Sami is lucky that her family is there to pick up the pieces of her crummy life. I would of washed my hands of that girl a long time ago. So if Sami expects them to be there for her they have every right to try to guide her into NOT making another mistake, after all they are the ones who will have to put up with a screaming, crying, fitful Sami when EJ crushes her once again…oh well you lie with the monster, you deserve it Sami.

  62. From JiBi

    Yes Mad I’m with you EJAMI FOREVER :)

    A little story of Nick when he first arrived in Salem.
    He was a slightly nerdy young man with an interest in the sciences and a job at Salem University Hospital.
    He quickly developed a crush on Chelsea and with cousin Abigail’s assistance, attempted to hip up his appearance and his behavior. He did try.
    He was too shy to tell Chelsea how he felt, so he developed an online personality – Lonely Splicer – to communicate with her. She fell for his online persona and, eventually, him.
    When Chelsea learned Nick slept with her mother Billie, she was crushed. To win back her trust, he stole evidence against her from a fire that had been set in Bo and Hope’s house.
    The evidence was a hair brush that belonged to An ex-prostitute named Willow. She ended up dead – accidentally – the truth came out but Chelsea was cleared.
    Nick also used his position in the hospital lab to do some off-the-clock paternity testing. When he learned the truth and raced to tell Sami, a bomb went off and knocked him out.
    Together, Nick and Chelsea helped Shawn and Belle when they were trying to get out of the country with baby Claire.
    Nick had a concussion, but nonetheless followed Chelsea to Las Vegas. She wanted nothing to do with him, so he went off with a shady woman named China Lee – and married her!
    China Lee ended up in jail and left Nick with her two sons. He didn’t want to send them to child services, so he took care of them himself.
    Chelsea and Nick eventually made up and he was willing to stand by her through thick and thin, but she couldn’t resist the charms of Dr. Daniel Jonas. They broke up.
    Nick followed Max to France, where he had gone to look for his sister Melanie. Nick was instantly smitten with her. While in France, Nick was shot, and became addicted to painkillers.
    Those painkillers made Nick act VERY strangely. He killed Trent, Melanie’s supposed father, stalked her and convinced her she had committed the crime. And then, he ended up in prison.

  63. From Adele

    EVERYONE has a ridiculous history on Days. Assigning blame to Sami for being flakey is silly. Every single one of the characters on Days is flakey…case in point Nick. Try looking up the history of all the other will come up with long sordid pasts with them all.

  64. From Hellolisare

    I’m an admitted Ejami fan. However it’s time the writers break the cycle. It’s getting very boring. Put the two of them together and give them something else to do. Here’s a few ideas 1.) Roman could develope a heart condition and need medical care (Don’t worry I don’t want him dead) 2.)Caroline is getting older needs help with the pub etc. 3.)Sami is running CW. 4.) she has 4 kids to look after (Will still needs help)5.) put her and Ej in a committed relationship

    What you get is fireworks. Sami have to make decisions for her dad. Family drama over what should happen with the pub (this would include all Bradys on the screen) Stressed out about how to succeed in business. Trying to be super mom,and a partner who is super jealous and selfish.
    Storyline possibilities are endless . I’d tune in every day to see that.

  65. From JiBi

    On the other post, Shannon wrote that she read “once Bo leave Rafe and Hope are getting together” !!!
    Can some one tell me if it’s true because I like that idea… I’m with her, I really don’t care what they do with Rafe as long as he stays away from Sami lol :)

  66. From Mandi

    42 Leah totally agree her family should be happy for her that she finally found someone that she can truely call a partner that has had no history with her family ( Carrie). I don’t know how they could honestly try to push her to Rafe especially Roman makes me sick … But I guess Sami was always their scapegoat and the black sheep of her family just really sad they can’t look past themselves and see she is happy

  67. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    When things get crazy on here I try to stay away last time I left for years because of it. I am sure that everyone would love to come here and share opinions and talk Days. I am one who trys to even say we may not agree and that is fine. I am saddened that Kat, Mab, and Maryl and anyone else has left or has taken a break. I would be saddened by a Rafe fan or a EJ fan it sucks because we all post here and I look forward to rading great posts by everyone even if we dont agree.
    I hope that with the admin stepping in things change.
    I know it is hard when you see people bash characters and your opinions and tell you your wrong. That is something I try not to do, I give the respect I would want from others. This has always been my favorite blog and I always enjoyed that the same people posted here regularly and as some say you miss when someone stops posting.
    I will miss You guys and hope that someday you return as I did this last time, in the meantime perhaps I will see you guys on other sites such as rogue ejami or elsewhere I am wiling to join other blogs in order to still post with you guys because I really enjoy your posts. If you guys choose to join another blog please let me know, I will remain posting here as long as I can deal with it and hope for change.
    I appreciate the admins stepping in and hope they continue to do so even when it is EJAMI fans being bashed or baited.

    My internet was out a few days sorry I just got it back last night due to a storm. I do hope other EJami fans or EJ or Sami fans or any character fans stick around. I hope to see less where people bash opinions and characters. This is a soap opera and crazy things happen that is why I love it.

    With all that being said I mean no ofense to anyone on here I hope everyone knows I try to respect everyones opinions, and It seems alot of EJAMI fans are leaving, and as a EJAMI fan its sad and I hope in future other pairing fans can learn to respect them in future. We are all passionate about our faves and I guess maybe we defend them alot but we should not have to defend a opinion or have it tore apart and told why it is not valid, It makes it hard to post here. SO I understand why you guys are leaving but I am gonna miss you guys.

    To everyone else happy posting

    On to the show

    I think these are great spoilers and I seen elsewhere that EJ may not go through with whatever his plans may be. It also said that his plans would even shock Stefano! I think it is not gonna be the paternity thing but what could it be I wonder and what and how will Johnny help him do it?

    Sami needs to take some time away and see what she wants, I also wonder what Lucas is thinking in telling EJ that.

    I can remember when it was the days of Marlena lol so it seems it is the days of Sami now I am fine With it I love Sami, though I enjoy many other story lines on the show.

    Bo leaving sucks but I understand he wants more money and biger part and this show as always has o hand down the reins to someone else as Bo took the reins back in his younger days (not to say hes old lol). It is just how it works, Marlena and John may end up being the only older couple left in 10 years from now with All the spliitings and deaths like Jack dying and Kayla getting a divorce. I am glad Bo will have a open door and will miss him but it was his choice and I respect that.

    I cannot wait till Kristen returns, Interested to see what she brings she was always a great asset to the show in my opinion

  68. From Tee

    Kat Mab and maryl~ I had a long goodbye to you but it did not post probably captcha lol

    I will miss you guys and if you are joining another blog let me know I will be happy to post there with you guys also.
    It sucks to see EJAMI fans go or any fans go we all get used to each other on here and I look forward to your posts and others and chatting with fellow fans.

    I understand why you left and from someone who took a few years off due to EJAMI fans feeling unwelcome in past I understand. I now try to take time off from here when I see the character and opinion bashing as to not argue with anyone and be respectful.

    I hope in future the Admins are able to keep it fair on here.

    I will miss you guys (hug)

    On to show

    I like these spoilers and read elsewhere EJ will think about doing something that will even shock Stefano, it says but will he go through it and I wonder what Johnny has to do with it?

    I still say EJAMI is end game

    I will miss Bo but realize he wishes to move on and as he said the reins were passed to him he has passed the reins on it is how it works a younger generation takes over. I wonder how he will leave and am glad he will have a open door should he want to ever return.

    I cant wait till Kristen comes back.

  69. From Tee

    Mandy and Leah I agree that Samis family has not ben supportve in past when she said that I was like huh. The dont accept her being with A Dimera though her mother is married to a Dimera, and they are pushing the man who loves her sister on her what crap IMO. EJ may be what he is but he loves her and her children and they have come a long way recently in working past the past and things they both did to each other. Sami has always been the black sheep in her family.

  70. From Paula

    I quit posting on here a long time ago because of all the friction, even though i wasn’t a part of it. I just found it very upsetting to come on this site to discuss the soaps and see people actually fighting over them…my god…it’s just show! But anyway, now that administration has intervened, maybe we can get back to what this site is all about. It’s ok to disagree with someone, but don’t kill’em for it! Simply agree to disagree.

  71. From NeeNee

    I think every soap has its resident “bad girl.” As well as villain. Over the years, we’ve seen reformations—as in Julie and Victor. At this point, Sami is giving lip service to changing, but we can all make book on it that she won’t be giving up her wily ways anytime soon. Yes, she loves her kids; but she also shleps them off whenever she can. I’m sure all of us know someone in real life who has never grown up; even though they’re 35 they still make dunderhead decisions and drop the kiddies off at grandma’s six days a week. As immature as Sami is, she is drop dead gorgeous. No matter how her hair is styled, it usually makes her look gorgeous.

    So . . .I’ve been gone for quite awhile and am not up to speed on some things. Is Eric Brady set to return as a priest? Saw a publicity pic of him with Hope and he was indeed wearing a clerical collar. I’m sure Kristin is coming back to rock the John & Marlena boat. Since Abby is yoked with Cameron and Chad tentatively hooked with Gabbi, who does that leave for Nick? Melanie is set to leave. Unless they bring Stephanie back. Oh, and do you think TPTB will put Abe & Kayla together? If the Chloe character returns next year, I would imagine it will be to reunite with Dr. Dan—unless he’s with Jennifer again. But read somewhere other than this site that Brady is to be with Jen. Hope and Rafe??? I can’t quite picture that, other than the law enforcement background they have in common. As someone else here pointed out, we’ve thrown the Couples Dice umpteen times already, and so many pairings have been done.

    Not enough couples to go around on this Noah’s Ark that is DOOL. Especially when you have single women like Kristin & Chloe returning. Eric would even up the numbers but not if he’s a real priest! Guess they could pull Roman out of romantic mothballs and try him with Kristin. Philip Kiriakis should return, too, if Chloe’s coming back.

  72. From gerri

    #62 Just Moi
    loved your post.My Thoughts exactly.

    Today,I realized that Daniel has suffered the same loss as Jenn,and they will make a good couple down the road,just please don’t rush it,she needs time to grieve..

    I wonder If Brady and Chloe might re-connect,when she returns,
    there are too many guys,unattached,need to bring in some love interests,for them.

    If Sami rushes into any more relationships,she totally will deserve,what’s around the next curve,hopefully she will invest some quality(with quanity)time with her children…….

  73. From NeeNee

    Rewinding an antique VCR tape, I rewatched the scene where Lexi dies in Abe’s arms. And her touching scene as a ghost with Theo, who had been playing with Ciara. It occurred to me that these two could be part of the show’s extended future. Theo appears to have inherited some of Grandma Celeste’s psychic powers. If Ciara and he are SORAS’ed, it would be cool to have a character with ESP. Unlike when Bo had temporary psychic powers after falling off the Christmas tree ladder! And it would be interesting to see a romance between Ciara & Theo someday.

    EJ and Nicole definitely have unfinished business with the parentage of her baby. I know she & Eric Brady had great chemistry when he left the show. But I find myself hoping that we’ll be shown a flashback of Nicole & Brady turning to each other in a moment that was offscreen. Those two have always seemed to find their way back to each other. Brady deserves some happiness after having two fiancees die (Arianna & Madison). I could also live with a pairing between him & Chloe when she returns.

    I like Sami with Rafe, but it seems like she’s destined to be with EJ. Especially if Nic’s baby is not a DiMera. Gads, I miss SandyGram . . . she always had the best spoilers! I’m wondering if she is lurking or had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. She always had great thoughts.

  74. From grandma to many

    Sami , Sami , Sami what next for Sami I think I liked Sami best with Brandon but her and Nicole as sisters in law would have been really strange I absolutely hated the Sami as Stan s/l even harder to believe than the devil in Doc s/l ! Whatever happens with Sami some will be happy and some will not but with Kate and Lucas out for revengeit definitely will not be good for Sami . And when Nicole dresses her son in little pink dress shirts eyebrows will be raised . Chloe and Nicole may not be as close when they spar over Dr. Dan and Brady . Only the future knows and maybe Celeste where ever she is ?

  75. From Lacey

    Bye MAB!!! I will be staying myself.

  76. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Some spoilerish stuff below
    Rafe and EJ will battle it out for Sami’s heart. EJ will play dirty to make sure he has the upper hand.

    Stefano will enlist Kristen to help reunite the DiMera clan. Look for Kristen’s return to Salem to test John and Marlena’s love. Brady will be involved in the mix as he tries to protect his family

    Nicole will move into the Horton house with Abigail and Jennifer and quickly realize that Jennifer poses a threat to her relationship with Daniel. When Nicole’s worst nightmare comes true, she’ll be hellbent on revenge.

    Will and Sonny’s blossoming romance will face obstacles from within their own families. Plus, Will and Gabi will share an unexpected secret.

    Bo will make a major life change and head out of Salem.

    So Rafe and EJ fight for Sami we know that one was coming should be interesting to see.

    Wonder What will have Nicole set on revenge will it have to do with the baby or Dan?

    Looks like Gabi and Will are gonna be parents as we thought.

    Kristen helping to unite Stefano with his 2 wayward sons EJ and Chad, that must be what the spending alot of time with Chad spoilers were for so wonder what she meant by her and Sami filming alot together? I hope Sami will be a Dimera by then, I know wishful thinking but it could happen that fast.

    We finally get a small clue on Bos departure.

    So Kiriakis and Brady family will have issues wonder over what.

  77. From LadyLumps

    I don’t even know what happened to cause this banishment, but I see kat & mabs posts then later they disappear. How is that fair?
    Admins comments make no sense in #66, there were no “personal issues” mentioned in mabs post. Especially since she is trying to post about days but admin is not even letting those posts go through.
    Admin, please clear this up. Have mab & kat been banned? If so, is it permanent or temporary? They have friends here who don’t know what is going on. I personally would like some answers and I would also like to know why you suggested they say goodbye once and then end it. Admin… That doesn’t sound very neutral. It sounds like a personal vendetta.

    There were no bannings but we do not discuss such matters with those not involved. Move on from this please. ADMIN

  78. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #26 Patty, I loved Nico the henchman. He worked for Victor.

  79. From Dmitri

    I think that EJole will be endgame. I still believe that EJami has only been about lust. Sami’s true love is and always has been (since 2008) Rafe.

  80. From Just Moi

    Hi Gerri, nice to see you back and posting. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    I hope when Chloe comes back that they don’t write her as the bimbo that they did last time. I liked her and Dan together and I hated that Dan could not get over the fact that she cheated and kicked her to the curb so fast. He knew of Viv’s involvement and I think he should of given her a second chance…oh well what do I know lol.

    They certainly need some more women on the show, they guys are certainly outnumbering the women. We have Chloe comming back but we have Eric and Nick comming back also. We’re loosing one male, Bo but we are also loosing Melanie…so that leaves us still with one extra male. They really need to even the odds a bit or poor Sami won’t know where to look next lol.

  81. From NeeNee

    Hey, T! Good spoilers.

    So if Will and Gabby are parents-to-be, how does this affect the gay storyline? I’m sure much of the audience wants him to remain gay, but doesn’t this “slip-up” with Gabby mean he’s actually bi-sexual?

    The Kristin/Sami spoiler can mean a lot of different things. Could be they will both be living under the DiMera roof. But is her divorce from Rafe final yet? Stefano must give a complete explanation of his “death” and family history with Ian/Yvette. And EJ is actually his blood son, no? I’m really looking forward to the Kate & Stefano reunion. Other than Roman, I can’t see her with anyone else.

    As for Bo leaving . . . could it be that he’s going to take over part of the Kiriakis empire for Victor? He is Vic’s biological son. And that would certainly raise cain with the Bradys. Big sticking point with this is his marriage to Hope. After all they’ve been through together, I can’t picture him just walking away from Fancy Face. I suppose he could be supposedly killed off once away from Salem. And that scenario would free Hope to be yoked with a new man. I just think the “he’s dead, no he’s alive” thing has been done to death (pun intended!)

  82. From JiBi

    Ho!!! I just read that Julie Pinson is DAYS’ new Billie Reed…

  83. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I loved seeing Luis and Ethan having a convo. I definitely liked them both on Passions. These may be better roles for them. I didn’t like Passions all that much. It was pretty weird.

  84. From ST

    JiBi – just wanted to tell you, I love your summary of Nick! I’d forgotten about all the “stuff” he went through. I’m excited to see his character evolve and am looking forward to him coming back. I even liked the “nerd” in Nick. lol

    I’d also like to add… Come on, Website design folks! The word we must type in before posting should be somewhat visible – at least to the one posting. My letters looked like two rattle snakes tangled up in a sleeping bag! Not words! lol

  85. From Clear

    I said before to give Nick to Billie Reed. Remember she did seduce him before when he was seeing Chelsea.

    Nicole staying at Jennifer’s? Ridiculous idea. It sets up the Jenn, Nicole, and Dan triangle. I do not want to see him with either of them at this point. Goody two shoes had her chance with Dan and picked the flaky Jack over him. Nicole belongs back with Brady. I wish they would find out that her baby is somehow his.

    I still think there are too many loose ends like the Emily question and Rafe’s background, the Alice African connection, the faux marriage certificate for John and Hope, plus now the coin.

  86. From Cougar

    NeeNee I posted a wile back too about Will being Bi. I think that since he has hetero twice now with the same girl, it to me screams that he is still confused even though that is not the way the writers had him ltting Gabbi down about what happened between them the last time.

    Hey Clear! Nicole moving in with Jenn: Dr. Dan wants Jen, Nik wants Dr. Dan, two competing women for the same man under one roof . . . what could possably go wrong?! I agree ridiculous.

    Lets hope that every thing is back to normal or about normal as it gets in soapland that they finally get the divorces settled for Hope & John.

    I wonder if they are going to put Bo on ice with some sort of coma or long recuperatve period in an institution; they did it to Lucas several years back. Makes a lot clearner comeback rather than to kill them off. After all Jack has come back about as many times as Steph. When Jen informed someone(I can’t recall who) she said “we lost Jack” what she really should have said was “we lost Jack, again.” If she is bouncing back from widowhood quickly, its because she has wrote him off so many times already. Which by the way is the wrong way to go about it. As with loss of a partner there should just be a certain appropriate period of grief. Jack was the love of her life and would think she just not get over him so quickly.

    In keeping with earlier comments as with real life there are lots of trials and tribulations with the loss of a partner for the surviver to cope with. How do you go on from here, how do you manage a household, Jen needs a job to survive, are there any secrets that may rise to the surface. And lets hope they are less hoky secrets than a key hidden in a concrete plaque that accidentally gets broken.

  87. From Shani

    I finally watched Thurs. & yesterday’s shows. First of all, Judy Evans looked fantastic Thurs.! One would think after Sami’s near-death experience she would review her life & see that it has been unstable for her children, with men revolving in & out of their lives. But she is daydreaming of Lucas, EJ, & Rafe so I doubt that will happen for long. Noticed Thurs. that she played it down when EJ commented about Carrie having a “relationship” with Rafe. Sami told him “it wasn’t exactly a relationship”. & when Brady told Rafe that he (Brady) was not the only one sitting at the table who had lost someone, Rafe automatically assumed Brady was talking about Sami, not Carrie. I’m glad Will quit working for EJ & that EJ took it well & talked about them being friends. I agree with Will & I don’t think EJ & Sami will work. Good of Will to tell EJ he not only doesn’t want his mom to get hurt but not EJ hurt, either. I wouldn’t mind if Dr. Dan & Jennifer get back together but I’d like them to ease into it after Jack’s death. & they will probably be forced to take their time because Nicole is obviously going to cause problems. Especially moving in with Jennifer. I got a kick out of Maggie & Victor “discussing” Nicole moving in with them before Jennifer came in.

    Nicole’s tearful apology to Abe yesterday was probably somewhat sincere but she is also scheming, because she said she hoped Dr. Dan would find out about it.

  88. From NeeNee

    Yeah, Cougar. This placing Nicole in Jennifer’s household is really unbelievable. Especially with the relatively fresh storyline of Nicole/EJ being political rivals of Jen/Abe and all the bad blood that went down with the Salem mayoral election.

    I’m wondering if they will introduce JJ Devereux. And if Kayla is staying in Salem, heck we could even see the elusive, never-seen Joey Johnson!

    Bo’s departure will most likely be open-ended, I’m thinking. He’s just off a plotline where he spent time in a medical coma while John & Hope toured Alamaina. So methinks that won’t be used–unless it’s a plane crash or something accidental. Could we ever believe that Hope and Bo would split up and he just leaves? For Hope to be with Rafe (a la some spoilers), I think Bo would have to be out of the picture permanently; or so she would be led to believe.

    Much as I love this soap (and have since 1967), sometimes I find myself wishing NBC would just cancel it and take it out of our hands. The revolving door of writers makes it frustrating for fans to keep investing in characters who are given ludicrous storylines.

  89. From BB

    I have watched Days off and on since I was a teen.Soaps,like life,
    come with the good,the bad,and the ugly.I savor the good and endure the bad/ugly.I love Days although I don’t like all storylines.I will watch as long as it is on which I hope will be many years.
    I have no idea where the writers are going with Sami/EJ/Lucas/Rafe or Daniel/Jennifer/Nicole but I look forward to seeing what happens next.I saw many posts mentioning Eric and Nicole but after Daniel and Nicole I certainly do not want to see Nicole with a priest.What is the purpose of bringing an goodlooking young guy to Salem as a priest? I just do not get it.
    This is my first post on this site although I have been reading the comments here for approximately a year. I look forward to reading the posts and posting in the future.

  90. From NeeNee

    Gee, Kat . . I don’t think 90 or so posts constitute a “Ghost Town.” You are the one who keeps coming back here after you basically shook the dust off your feet and flounced off to another site.

    And apparently you equate disagreement with success:
    “nobody really left here, to disagree with you, where has fun of it all gone.” The absence of controversy here tells me that the root cause is no longer present. People who spend their days posting inflammatory language, tossing out bait until they get responses need to take it to a different site.

    I enjoy Days of Our Lives as a whole. It’s FICTION, Kat. The characters are not real. EJ and Sami don’t need you to jump in front of a train for them when people comment that they prefer Rafe with Sami. Arguments for each couple have been made. But it’s ultimately in the hands of the writing staff. Once in awhile fan uproar prevails, most of the time it doesn’t.

    And obviously, the “Cry Babies” here were upheld by the administration. Your jumping back & forth from your new fan site to this one tells me that you need conflict to feel whole. That kind of mindset belongs back in Junior High!

    “Just My Opinion,” “No Harm,” as you always say!!

  91. From NeeNee

    JiBi, where did you see the Julie Pinson as Billie return? I’ve seen it on other sites too, but only as a comment. Then again, I’m sure there are spoiler sites I don’t visit. Anyhoo . . . she was a much more low-key Billie than Lisa Rinna. It will be interesting to watch the interraction between her and Nick when they see each other for the first time. Major couch flashback!!

    Saw elsewhere a spoiler that said Bo has to take a paycut on the Salem PD and resigns in protest. Maybe that will set the stage for him to rejoin the ISA; since Shane was just here, maybe the two of them discussed a job offer for Bo (offscreen, of course!)

    Also, the prospective romantic matchups discussed here made me wonder: exactly which characters fall into which age group?? Over the years, many have been aged prematurely. Or left and came back a different age!

    My Scorecard:
    * Johnny & Ali: 5 or 6
    * Sydney: 4
    * Theo & Ciara: same age, 8+
    * Chad, Will, Gabby, Tee: 20
    * Chloe, Philip, Belle, ShawnD
    Sonny, Abby: 25
    * Cameron: 30
    * Sami, EJ, Nicole, Brady,
    Lucas, Rafe: 35
    * Hope, Bo, Jennifer, Billie: 45
    * Abe, Kayla, Adrienne, Justin: 50
    * Marlena, John, Roman:
    mid-50s/late 50′s
    * Julie, Maggie: 65
    * Caroline, Doug, Victor: late 70s

    I’m using a minimum of 18 when women had children (15 in Sami & Lucas’ case). Lots of “slippage” here, but it does give an idea of who could perhaps be yoked with whom. Ha! I’m sure I’ve omitted somebody so feel free to add or disagree.

  92. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I always thought this site was pretty much even on the pro/con/neutral splits on the controversies between EJ and Rafe. And I’m not sure why it is “sad” because the controversy ended. It’s refreshing. I never really understood it.

  93. From NeeNee

    Duh! Forgot the most important: Stefano DiMera! He has to be late 70′s because Tony DiMera would fall into the late 50′s age group were he still alive.

    Also Melanie and Dr. Dan.
    Melanie, to me, is like 22-24. Which would make her dad Dr. Dan at least late 40′s/early 50′s if Mel was conceived when he and Carly were at a medical conference (and through medical school).

    Oh, and Kate has to be at least 60, judging by Billie’s age of 45. Which Billie has to be that old because of Chelsea’s age (about 25, no?).

    Arggggh! This boggles the brain cells. . .

  94. From Leah

    Enjoyed the Ejami scenes from Thursday and Friday. What great chemistry they have together.
    What I loved…. EJ looking happy and relaxed at the door when Sami opened it. EJ hiding the flowers behing his back. Sami’s eyes lighting up and going a bit coy when she saw it was EJ at her doorstep. The fact that EJ not only bought her flowers but wanted to bring something that would mean something… daffodils signify “new beginnings” and picking yellow ones because that is her favourite colour. The Ejami family time and fun, the Ejami eye connection sitting on the couch, the energy increasing in the room when Caroline left, EJ wanting to know where he stands, EJ in one thing on his mind and wanting to show the woman he loves how grateful he was, the Ejami touching, kissing and honesty. THEN when EJ went to leave teasing Sami with a kiss before kissing her on the neck. EJ leaving with a smile on his face and Sami smiling too. Love it, love it, love it!

  95. From Shani

    I think we have an excellent # of posters on here, especially considering it’s been leading up to & now is a holiday weekend.

    I looked up Julie Pinson online & saw nothing about her coming to Days. Several websites about when she was on before but nothing current. That’s not to say they won’t bring her on next time they want Billie in the storylines. Maybe we can get a clue from how Lisa Rinna leaves if Billie will be off for a while or the actress replaced soon.

    97 Leah I am not an EJ with Sami fan, & actually I’m not sure who I’m a fan of with Sami these days, but I did see what you saw between her & EJ the past few days. Sami was just beaming! I still think a storyline with no man in her life right now would be appropriate but can’t imagine it would last long. Glad to see how excited she was Fri., or was it Thurs.?, about just her & her kids going on an outing together.

  96. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of September 10th; *updated 9/1*National Enquirer Spoilers
    -Rafe begins to realize what EJ’s plan is all about.
    -Quite by accident, Abigail unintentionally spills the beans to Jennifer.
    -EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once again.
    -Nicole confides in Rafe about her feelings for Daniel.
    -Gabi and Chad face off.
    -Jennifer seeks out Daniel to apologize.

  97. From Shani

    There you go 99 patty, did I say in 98 I couldn’t imagine a story of Sami with no man could last very long?! But I did think at least through most of Sept.!! LOL

  98. From Tee

    I told Kat of the EJAMI site I and several other posters here post there and I also post here. I see no problem with being active on more then one site especially considering one is a fan site this is a overall days site. Its nice to have aplace to go watch videos of your fave couple and talk with other fans of them. Just like I enjoy posting and talking with people here about all things Days.

    Kat has decided on her own to leave her and I hope all here can move past that now.

    Patty~ Thanks for posting those spoilers. I might have a few more to add I cant remember if I posted them already I will look up in my other spoiler posts and see first.

    Leah #94 Agree with all your post

    As far as Stefanos age I believe he was 9 when John was conceived I know John is about 50 I would guess, I put Stefano in his 60s. hE WAS THE 7TH I am guessing that dont include John. So he was the youngest.

    Stefano DiMera (son; with Mrs. DiMera)
    John Black (son; with Colleen Brady)
    Story lines have portrayed Stefano as the “seventh son of seven sons”, so it is believed that Santo had more children than Stefano and John. But, those children have not been mentioned by name.

    Ok so narrowing it down more I found Marlenas age which should clue us in on Johns also.

    Marlena Evans

    Played by: Deidre Hall

    Dr. Marlena Evans (born October 7, 1956) is a character on Days of Our Lives. Deidre Hall, the only actress to play Marlena, has done so from 1976-1987 and 1991-present

    So she is about 55/56 Iam guessing John may be same Iam looking now.

    Billie Holliday Reed (born August 29, 1972) was a character on Days of Our Lives.

    So Billie is 40 according to this.
    No age listed for Kate But I recall she had Billie young cause she talked about marrying young. I remember Billies dad died, So with this putting Billie at 40 I would put Kate between 58-60ish.

    Chelsea Brady (formerly Chelsea Benson, and born Georgia Brady on May 22, 1987, in Louisiana) is a character on Days of Our Lives.

    Samantha Gene Roberts (ne� Brady, formerly Reed and Walker, born October 16, 1977) is a character on Days of Our Lives

    Chad’s mother Madeline is introduced including him being neglected by his father, Charles. Due to the meddling of Lauren Koslow’s Kate Roberts, it is revealed that Chad was born on March 3, 1990, making him a whole year older than he was initially believed to be[8] and the biological son of her husband, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo).

    I am guessing Melanie is about same age as Chad.

    Dr Dan is probably in 40s I would say mid 40s.

    Stefano was young when Coleen got pregnant with John, I could not get any age info but If we know John is most likely close to Marlenas age on show and when John was conceieved Stefano was a yung kid then we can guess.

    According to Stefano, Colleen dies horribly by leaping to her death from a cliff overlooking the ocean (foreshadowing similar future scenes involving members of her family) and Santo blames the Bradys, but it is a simple truth that drove Colleen to her death. Santo’s wife never died and Colleen, who had been intimate with Santo, was about to marry him when she learns the truth through her younger brother Shawn Brady, who was inadvertently tipped off by a young Stefano while they were playing together. Santo vows revenge against the Bradys for losing whom he now considers the love of his life, and a vendetta begins. Though occurring off-screen, through occasional commentary from other Brady family members, we[who?] learn that the feud is particularly painful and vicious, and occasionally violent. In later years Shawn goes to great lengths—including having his own son Bo roughed up and briefly held captive in Ireland—to keep the feud’s origins a secret.
    I will put Stefano around mid 60s at most late 60s.

  99. From Tee

    These are the spoilers Patty posted update on Hope it posts been having problems posting

    Monday (“The Moment”)
    EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe’s important conversation; Melanie talks to Abigail about Chad’s marriage proposal.

    Tuesday (“Going Forward”)
    Nick is pleasantly surprised when Caroline offers him a job at the pub; Nicole gives Jennifer a stern warning.


    Rafe acts on his emotions and surprises Sami. EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once more. Will cautions his mother to be careful with her heart when she tells him of her plans to reunite with EJ.

    Credit Daytime Royalty

  100. From LadyLumps

    Ejami is so hot right now! I am totally enjoying the show.
    I hope Wilson will get their act together soon. Maybe they can be co-dads to Gabi’s babby.
    Kats posts seems to have mysteriously disappeared again, yet admin says she is not banned. How peculiar.
    Also, baiting is NOT allowed. Admin said so. Yet I see blatant baiting from Neenee in post #90. I am concerned that admin has not addressed it yet. This seems quite biased on admins part. Maybe s/he has not noticed it yet. I will be reporting this infraction to admin immediately.

  101. From Ladybug In TN.

    This is my first post. I have read all previous ones up to writing this.
    I have watched DOOL since its beginnings as well as many of you. I hate that there is not at least one if not two couples who are the matriarch and patriarch of the town. Tom and Alice / Shawn and Caroline were always available as a stable family with wisdom for their children and family gatherings. Even the other characters aligned themselves with either one or both of these families. There were no feuding families at that point. Of course when Shawn found out about Caroline and Stephanio having had a fling, he was furious and I belief he began drinking badly but recovered. They wound up as in love as ever. Calliope and her husband were the comics that kept us laughing. Remember when Maggie was paralysis and a homely farm girl when Mickey came with amnesia to the farm? He lived there as a farm hand and it was he who got the red shoes for her to dance when she first began walking. I miss the good stories like that. The show migrated into sex, deceptions, cheating, lies, and left the confines of the hospital and Bradley’s Pub to go into the mob with the Victor/Stephanio feuds. Personally, I would like to see more story lines with substance and less sex. We did not have to see all of that on screen back in the day. Oh, there was hanky panky dysfunctionally going on but it was left to our imaginations and not the clothes ripping, deep throating as we have to endue today.
    Let’s see some unity in families. These are so dysfunctional now that the children as they grow up should be all messed up as they have not be raised but have grown up. They will all wind up institutionalized, alcoholics, or addicts from the life styles their parents are leading from emotional trauma.

    I was all for Rafe and Sami as he did stabilize her. But if, and I do emphasize IF, EJ has in any manner changed and really loves Sami, I would not mind if they were together and became a good family for their children. Could they really become a stable couple for the children and their friends to come to for advice (after all their past have given them a lot to draw from as what not to do)? Maybe their home could become a gathering place for the teens as was the Brady’s and Horton’s.

    I guess I am the only one who does not like john Black. Actually it is the actor’s facial expressions I don’t like. I would just LOVE for Roman and Doc to get back together. I don’t see Marlena and John as a couple for younger ones to come to as John is not the nurturing type to me. I have always liked Roman and NOT with Kate!!! Kate belongs with Stephanio for sure.

    I like Maggie with Victor. Maggie is the stabilizer Victor needs and basically, he is a kind soul who has a lot of love to share.

    I like Stephanio and he does need to feel remorse and have some sort of conscience in the blowing up of Salem. He needs to give the money to those whose businesses and homes were destroyed to rebuild. I don’t understand if Horton Square was “blown in” why it is back so quickly and the buildings around it are standing. The explosion has been forgotten and not played out too soon.
    I hate to see Bo leave but please writers don’t let him divorce or just up and leave Hope. They were to be one of the stable homes and couples in the show. Poor Ciara has gone through so much.
    Kayla and Abe would be a good couple if they don’t bring in a new love interest of the same race for Abe. He deserves someone kind and loving. I liked Patch and Kayla together but that is not to be.
    Jennifer and Dan need to be a happy couple together. Rafe needs to be happy and stable. I don’t want him with Nicole at all. She is a not to be trusted person.

    MY dream couples are:
    Jen and Daniel
    Maggie and Victor
    Sami and EJ (I cannot believe I am writing that!)
    Gabi does not ever need to get with Chad as she is so cruel. I want Rafe to find out just what she did!!!! I would like to see her leave town. I like Mel and hate to see her leave.
    Bo leaving is breaking my heart. It is like the show is not going to be real any longer.
    Brady should find happiness forever as well.

    I hope I have not lost you all but that is my opinion. I have to hit the hay. Blessings

  102. From NeeNee

    Ladylumps . . . in post 90 I was reacting to a long, inflammatory post by Kat. WHICH.HAS.BEEN.REMOVED.

    Although it’s not against the law to post at two sites, it’s interesting that those who defiantly left here are slowly coming back—after they left in a huff. Fine. Differing opinions are what makes the world go round. This past week is the very first time I ever spoke out on non-show issues, in comparison to those who have been spatting for years.

    It’s hard to maintain a site and I applaud the admins for having to take on the job of overseeing adults. This site had finally become conflict-free.

    As I said before, I have been a Days watcher since 1967 (as have some of you). It’s a huge job being a writer and having to come up with ratings-garnering storylines. Several times I’ve bemoaned those scribes who obviously haven’t done much research on the characters and their history. For the most part, that has become the norm and it’s a real disservice to veteran fans. However, the name of the game is RATINGS. And that seems to be what drives the plots. Although once in awhile, we viewers are thrown a small history “bone.” I was so pleased to see Nick’s mom/Alice’s granddaughter/Marie’s daughter, Jessica come to testify at her son, Nick’s, parole hearing. Even sweeter was seeing the original actress, Jean Bruce, who portrayed her! Example of a great nod to show history.

    I’m sure Allison Sweeney, James Scott and Galen Gering are aware of the blistering fan controversy about EJAMI vs. SAFE. At this point, it’s what is driving acceptable ratings. I can’t imagine being in their shoes and acting this stuff out for 12 hour days in front of the camera. And then having to go to fan events where they have to stand up there amid simultaneous cheers & boos. As I’ve stated before . . it’s FICTION, people. Get a grip. I think Sami is a complex character with an unbelievable past. Both Rafe and EJ are gorgeous guys, with checkered pasts—Rafe being “cleaner” than EJ, obviously. This is not to whitewash Rafe, as he’s certainly made many mis-steps. Sami is headstrong and self-centered, but those who know the details of her childhood understand why she’s turned out this way. Ditto for EJ. If those two ultimately end up with each other the planet will not cease to go around the sun! Who knows? Maybe the writers will introduce still another “stud” guy to the show that Sami will be attracted to! Maybe she will dump Lucas, Rafe AND EJ!!!

  103. From patty

    Interesting spoilers Tee! I’m anxious to see how that plays out and what incident rocks Salem again. Don’t want to see Bo leave .
    I’m curious as to why EJ has to play dirty since it seems he and Sami will reunite. Why can’t he just win his girl with his charms and daffodils?
    Not liking that Nicole will be acting desperate to keep Daniel either. Especially by using Jen who is just a grieving widow at this point. Poor Jen won’t know what hit her by the time Nicole’s done with her.
    OT Became a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl this weekend. Her name is Heidi and she’s absolutely precious!

  104. From NeeNee

    Congrats, Patty! Is this your first time in the Grandma Club?

    I know that Jack & Jennifer were one of the supercouples of Days. But I must say, IMO she had the patience of a saint when it involved taking Jack back. Would really like to see her meet a soulmate that would treat her like the lady she is—on a consistent basis. With all of Daniel’s baggage, I don’t know if he’s The One. Especially with Chloe returning.

    Question for the Admins or anyone who knows policy: I thought we weren’t supposed to copy spoilers from other sites. But then I thought we couldn’t post exact links either. ??? Can we have this explained again, or clarified?

  105. From LadyLumps

    Neenee, read post #1
    “There will be NO baiting on this thread. We ask that you use the ‘agree to disagree’ policy and take a time-out if you feel you are going to start an argument or that someone is baiting you.”
    You clearly took the bait and did not agree to disagree, just saying.
    And I, for one, never said I was leaving this site.
    Patty, congrats on your new little grandchick. Heidi is a sweet name you don’t hear too much anymore.
    Tee, Thanks for posting all of those spoilers. I really am enjoying where this show is heading.
    Now poor Brady needs a decent storyline. Bring back Bricole writers!

  106. From NeeNee

    LADYLUMPS SAID: “You clearly took the bait and did not agree to disagree, just saying.
    And I, for one, never said I was leaving this site.”

    First of all, whose “bait” did I take? Someone had to be the “baiter” if I am the “baitee”. I explained in a logical, cogent way how the original purpose of this site was being compromised.

    Oh, and although you may not have stated here that you were leaving SOF, you did state on another blog “that place is so boring anymore now that most of the Ejami fans are gone. I think I will just stick to this site.”

    For the love of all that is good in Salem USA, can we please end this?? Maybe controversy on soaps spikes ratings, but it makes many current & would-be commenters here tiptoe away . . .

  107. From LadyLumps

    You already explained whose bait you took in your 102 post Neenee, so why are you asking? You did not take an ‘agree to disagree’ approach in your response as admin asked, and that’s the truth…. clearly printed in black & white by your own little fingers. Personally I don’t see a problem with it. We are all adults and should be able to debate freely without whining about it, but admin has stated otherwise now, so be it.

    Please, how does what I say on another blog have any relevance to this blog? I never said I was leaving this blog, on this blog. And so what if I did? People have been know to change their minds sometimes ya know. ;-) And it’s true, I do think this site has become boring – I hope it changes for the better. And I will be popping in here from time to time just as I have always done, unless my posts start disappearing which seems to be happening to certain people lately. I have never been much of a regular anyway and I can go weeks without posting. Anyway, I hope that clears things up for you.

  108. From NeeNee

    One thing I did want to comment on: I see Kayla has or is going to be made Chief of Staff at University Hospital. Dr. Daniel Jonas still practices there, just not in the capacity as a surgeon. I think he and Kayla would make a nice couple. They’re very similar in age, career and life experiences. Both have daughters about the same age. Kayla is still very attractive and shouldn’t have trouble finding a beau.

    Enjoyed the chemistry that Daniel had with Jennifer. As others pointed out, renewing that now is just too soon after Jack’s death. I know the pairing is intended to cause sparks between Jen & Nicole, who also wants Dr. Dan. Just think that Kayla would be good for him, too. Awhile back there was scuttlebutt that she and Abe would be put together as a couple. Eh . . . not so much IMO.

    But all of this is pure speculation because that’s only what fans can do!

  109. From Shani

    I might be able to get with the idea of Kayla with Dr. Dan. I’d like to have the writers explore that.

    Probably the reason someone’s posts were deleted was because she came on once to say good-bye but then kept reappearing, not to comment on the show, but to explain over & over again why she was leaving & to criticize administration & this site. Maybe we should take the advice administration posted in #77 that we move away from this subject.

  110. From gerri

    Congrats Patty!!!
    Enjoy the little one.(Love her name)
    I have 2 granddaughters,(sisters)
    which is wonderful,both grown and In College now,seems like yesterday,they were babies…

    Days didn’t air today,thanks to Golf Game…..hate when that happens,Days Is moving along pretty good,at this time….

    loved your comment about the daffodils and Charm…but we know EJ never plays fair….

  111. From NeeNee

    Hey, Shani

    Steve divorcing Kayla has to do with him rejoining the ISA, no?
    Coincidental that Bo leaves the Salem PD because of a pay cut? Still say Shane was in Salem during the Safe House bomb debacle, and could have felt out how Bo would react to an offer from the ISA. Or could there be some kind of old, cold case that both of them worked on years ago that needs all the existing veteran agents back at the ISA?

    Glad that some of the returning veteran characters will be getting a storyline. Now if only Adrienne & Justin would get one! Much as everybody enjoys Sami/EJ/Rafe, a lot of the other storylines get short shrift (IMO). I really have no preference for whomever draws the short Sami Straw—as I’ve commented, she is a gorgeous, photogenic woman and does well with whomever she’s written. Only one of her former husbands that hasn’t returned is Brandon. Really hoped to see him during Lexie’s final days & memorial. Back in the day, he & Sami were smokin’!

  112. From patty

    Thanks LadyLumps, NeeNee and gerri! This is my third grandchild but the excitement doesn’t wear off. I say keep them coming, lol! Love them to death.
    NeeNee, I would love to see the Brandon character come back. He certainly was smokin’ hot!
    I also don’t really care anymore who Sami picks from the litter, she should really stay alone. I just wish Rafe wasn’t involved again since EJ will soon be up to his old tricks and most likely end up hurting Rafe again. At least it looks like he’s on to him this time and I hope he removes himself from this race because Sami is so not worth it.

  113. From patty

    Thanks Kat and no I did not know your name is Heide. I also didn’t know it was a German name, I see it is spelled a little different. I like it a lot even though I didn’t pick it,lol! Oh and guess what her middle name is, Patricia, which is my name. :)

  114. From Debbie

    Adding in my congratulations to Patty too on your newest grandbaby! Heidi is a very pretty name. It’s nice seeing so many familiar faces here again as well as some new ones. My computer was in the repair shop for over a week and I wasn’t following this site for several weeks before that so I am catching up.

    I’m hesitant to say that I’m enjoying the new writing staff because each new team promises so much yet has delivered so little. I’m really disappointed in how they’ve written off Jack’s departure. So much was made of his return and I really wanted to see Jack and Jennifer make it stick this time. Matt Ashford then gets an Emmy nod and then what happens? He’s let go again! And I know I’m being picky here but I’m surprised that Melissa Reeves couldn’t work up any real tears during Jack’s exit and memorial scenes. They’ve worked together for so many years that you’d think it would be easy for her to bring some real emotion to her performances knowing that Matt was leaving the show for real. She’s such a good actress otherwise as Jennifer but maybe turning on the tears on command is a hard thing to do for most actors but some others can do it so easily.

    And Ladybug, you are not alone in your dislike of John. I don’t actually “dislike” the character but agree with you that his facial expressions and Clint Eastwood wannabe vocalizations are too much of a distraction for me to enjoy him more. He seems to not have much of a storyline anymore altough I’m hoping his DiMera heritage comes into play.

    Although I’m not a fan of the couples on the show, I did enjoy the daffodil scenes between Sami and EJ last week. Very sweet and flirtatious. This is the side of their characters that I like seeing so long as it’s genuine and not used to manipulate each other. Like I’ve said all along, I really don’t care who’s paired up with who so long as there’s genuine caring between them that’s not being used to hurt the other person. I have no problem with Sami being paired up with EJ or anyone else. I just hate the triangles but like Carrie said to Rafe, “Sami gets under people’s skin”. I think that’s the writers’ way of telling us that there will never be just one man in Sami’s life since she likes to keep them close to her and they seem to like hovering around her too. Especially if she continues to rock that striking blue dress that she’s been wearing! So hot on her with her brilliant blue eyes too.

  115. From NeeNee

    Greetings, Debbie and Ladybug!

    I can tell we’re birds of a feather here—long time, generational viewers.

    Maybe it’s today’s prevailing opinion that love stories must involve seeing lots of skin/panting, etc. I so miss the true romance of Days in the 1970s. Many of those memorable stories were told against the backdrop of music. From Doug Williams, Trish Banning, and Liz Chandler all the way up to Chloe & first-Brady Kyle Lowder, they sang their hearts out to the object of their affections.

    Remember Doug & Julie’s song, “The Look of Love”? And Liz singing Kim & Shane’s theme song, “Friends and Lovers”? Those truly were The Days of Our Lives.

    Awhile back, someone mentioned hoping there will be a masked ball for Halloween. That’s been done before, but is always good. More so than that, I wish we’d see a good old TALENT SHOW like the hospital benefits of the past. Showcased then were the musical talents of cast members. Maggie is a former Rockette and can probably still dance up a storm. Isn’t Galen Gering in a band? I think Jay Kenneth Johnson is a musician (if he were to return with Chloe). Doug and Julie can still warble with a fine duet of show tunes. If you read biographies of the actors, quite a few started out with music. Joe Mascolo played clarinet, I’m thinking, with a symphony.

    Good to have you gals with us!

  116. From SandyGram

    It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and it will take a while for me to catch up on all the shows and postings I’ve missed. But from what I’ve seen so far I’m still liking what I’ve seen from the new writers. And from all the spoilers I’m anxious to see what’s in store for all the characters. Especially interested in how Nick’s return is going to affect the dynamics of not just the Horton family, but those that feel Nick should not get parole like Brady, Daniel and Chad who are only trying to protect Melanie. But their protectiveness could be what drives her away! It also sounds like Chad is going to spread his wings and try flying as a DiMera, hope it’s not to little to late. Then after Melanie leaves the show, where will that leave him?

    I see we have a new Grandma among us….Congratulations patty and welcome to your new granddaughter Heidi.

    I must of been away to long, the CAPTCHA’s are terrible. Sorry if this goes through twice.

  117. From patty

    Hello SandyGram and thank you! I can tell you that a lot of posters here, including myself, are very happy to hear from you again. We missed your posts and we worried that something was wrong so it’s a relief to see you post again. Welcome back!
    Thank you Debbie and welcome to you and Ladybug! Nice to see new and former posters joining us.

  118. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Patty Congratz on grandbaby!!

    I seen spoilers on EJS so called playing dirty, he is just gonna say the baby could be Rafes. Even though he has the feeling it is his he will go ahead with nicole and and say maybe the baby is RAFES, Which willbuy her some time and also keepher from stressing while she is pregnant, well it will relief some of her stress I should say. THE Spoiers also say Rafe figures it out. So EJ is gonna pretend he believes Rafe could be daddy which is fine by me because its not like he can get another blood test with her high risk pregnancy and all, and since he only has his gut feeling anyway we know when baby is born another test will need to be done. Rafe will notice EJS little change and figure it is not what he really believes.

    I see it like this Rafe is in the wrong for trying to pretend to be the father, its one thing if he thought he was the father and I guess they could make him the father, they could do one of those off screen things where him and Nicole slept together but I doubt that will happen. Wen Rafe is found out to be a liar I am sure Mayor EJ will have his job, as well as Dr. DAN. I cannot blame him after what he has been through with women hiding or stealing his children from him. Sami had no reason to hide Sydney from him other then she was jealous of him and Nicole. I remember it well. She went to Safe house when she left they were on good terms, he even slipped pictures of the kids in her bag for her. He decided he was done waiting on her and Nicole was pregnant so her he was moving on. As he told her she was rubbing her belly. She tried telling him but found out Nicole was pregnant and got mad. EJ may be many things also but he would never allow his father to use or hurt his children so she cant use the scared of Stefano thing either.
    Nicole stole his child and tried to pass it off as his and hers. Then she runs around claiming she is scared, ummm, ya Nicole you should be. But I believe in the long run he would allow her to be in her childs life just as he allowed her in Sydneys after what she did. So there is no sense in hiding this baby from EJ. i dont care if he is a Dimera or a powerful Mayor.Nicole has set herslef up to lose the child now to EJ. He will be angry and deny her rights for a bit then let her around the baby again. She has no job, no house (Jens dont count) since she will probably not be there for long.She has no source of income and needs to start thinking of that. I was glad when Rafe and Sami split that she worried about a job and stuff because that is what she should do as a parent especially a single parent. I think Nicole dserves love but her scheming has to end sometime. I would love to see her get a man without scheming, I dislike Dan more for how he seems all gushy over Jen again. Her husband just died, he claims to know how it feels but yet he seems to not.

    I know we are heading for him and Jen pairing but I feel sorry for Nicole. I just want her to find a man who will love her. She never had to scheme like this with Brady.
    She schemed with EJ, Dan, I am sure there is more. We can add Victor to her list. She liked the rich guys, I am guessing Dan makes a good amount as doctor also. I think Eric will end up brekaing some vows for her, or perhaps he has not taken his final vows yet.
    Maybe Brady will take her back he is single now, though currently mourning.
    Those who say she belongs with EJ How?? Why should she be with someone who does not and never has chose her 1st, and who she had to lie steal and scheme to get? I am not a bg Nicole supporter but I wish any character happiness on this show and try to see good things for all of them.

    Sami, she is my fave female character on show but she drives me nuts. I hate how she can never make a decision. I know she is supposed to chose EJ but we all know how she is.Every man she has got involved in has hurt her in some way and she has hurt them. For someone who mentioned Brandon above I always wondered how Faye was married to that Paul Mendez who is hispanic, Brandon looked hispanic but ended up being Abes son. I am guessing a big rewrite there so they can make Lexie commit a big sin by sleeping with her husbands son, and her own stepson. I have to wonder if Lexie really did switch those test resluts back, I mean it would benefit her more to have Abe as the father because he was her husband. Maybe she said she switched them back but realy did not. That could be a way for Brandon to come back I guess. The writers seem to do what they want these days. I doubt Theo is his but with soaps you never know. Had it not been Lexie herself who switched the results back maybe I would believe it more. Either way last time I think he was in town was when he woke up next to Sami when Kate drugged them and he left town.
    Sami I feel never was in love with Brandon though he did seem to love her. He sorta took the role of Lucas, he was following her like a puppy dog and even at times helping her with her schemes though at times her schemes were too much for him. He was the best friend first. Just like Lucas.
    Lucas was the enabler to her schems and the best friend. Though I use to feel they had a great relationship years back it was mostly because he accepted her for how she was and still loved her.He also knew her better then anyone. Lucas though has hurt Sami too.
    I seem to remember his role in Francos death along with Kates and him almost allowing Sami to die for it. He also broke up her marriage to Austin which ended in Sami going through a glass window when she confronted him at he D Mansion. She was in critical care After they reunited again and broke up Lucas went after Carrie her sister. On and on they went round and round. Lucas goes to Jail for shooting EJ tells Sami to move on and refuses her visits so she did and then he gets out and gets mad to find her in bed with EJ. Then on this return he claims Sami always manages to go back to EJ but yet he got into a relationship with her and got hurt. I think Lucas has been moved back into the friend zone and should stay there. Sami needs friends, she has none really.

    Franco~ I actually liked his character but another relationship that started off as scheming and one of the only ones that Sami was not the master schemer in, he was helping her scheme and schemed her as well Till Lucas shot him, though Roberto was revealed as killer. idk.

    Austin Reed
    Sami was obssesed with him and young. She was just raped by Alan who turned physcho on her because of Carrie not returning his felings and he raped Sami. (perhaps this was the real start to Samis hatred towards Carrie maybe she blamed her in some way, though it is not Carries fault at all). Austin wanted Carrie and Sami was his number 2.

    EJ Dimera ~ Ej One of the only ones who did not start off as scheming, In the beginning she was with Austin he encouraged her to tell the truth and was there for her when everyone found out and dis owned her. He told her she deserves to be with somebody who loves you completely and absolutely for who you are, not who they want you to be or who they wish that you were. SO True. She feared if she told the truth her family would dis won her and they did. The blackmailer oredered her not to marry Austin and told her to give up custoday of Will and EJ was there for her then too. Then the blackmailer sends her another not about Lexie and Lucas found out once again her family dis owned her but not EJ. Sometime later she learns he is connected to her families enemy Stefano and of course she cant be involved and be shunned again by her own family so she then finds out he is Stefanos son and involvedin the black hand which ws against some of her own family.
    Then she helps set him up, he later tells her he needs to plant the Dimera seed and would be willing to help Lucas in exchange for her giving into him. She agrees. Which is where the rape issue people have come into play. It was very wrong in so many ways what he did and that is all I will say on that note as not to argue here. Sami now pregnant gets a fake paper from hosptal fills it in and shows it to EJ saying Lucas is father. He is sad but still loves her and claims he returned to be with her She said her feelings changed because he is a Dimera. He agrees to leave her alone telling her to remember the man she tangoed with on the pier and that she was the only woman in the world who could have made him the man she thought he was. EJ planned Celeste convincing Sami to murder him, EJ later says what he has done to Sami is vile and inhuman and even mentions the “rape” He begins to try to earn back her trust. Lucs stops EJ from seeing the twins be born by cuffing him at pub but he shows up anyway at end. EJ is given court orer after finding out Johnny is his saying he may see his son. Sami tries denying him again saying Johnny needs to be with his twin. He said he only wishes to be see him and understands. Once Lucas leaves she allows him to hold Johnny. Lucas did not want him to it seems They are then married because of the vendetta and EJ is shot.

    EJ then turns on Stefano telling the SPD John is being held captive by Stefano forcing him and Sami nto hiding. EJ tries to turn over a new leaf and gets a honst job with Mickey Hortons law firm. The later hash out the night he saved Lucas. EJ wants to know if she can put it behind her as she says, she replies she can and the slate is clean. Nicole had hired EJ before this and of course Sami gets jealous of her. They make love though and Lucas comes home from prison Sami tells Lucas it meant nothing as EJ overhears her. Lucas tells Sami he always thought she had feelings for EJ and leaves. Ej begs Sami to be honest about her feelings for him but none the less their marriage is over though she admits to having feelings for him.

  119. From Nancy

    I have been watching Days for a very long time and i remember Nick when he was on before but can’t remember anything about his family. How is he related to the Hope’s family??

  120. From Shani

    In the DaysCafe spoiler for this week, it says “EJ is obsessed with Sami. He has no intention of giving up & his obsession makes him plot something that would shock even Stefano. He distances himself from his own baby by claiming Rafe could be the father”!

    But then in DaysCafe’s spoiler for next week it turns around & says “T’would seem we haven’t seen the last of a certain someone’s schemes. . . . EJ is out to get full custody of Nicole’s baby & win over Sami at the same time”. It also says about Rafe realizing what EJ is up to. Oh, boy, here we go again!!

    & Abigail confesses to Cameron she is a virgin!! Who woulda thunk it, – she & Ciera, the only virgins on the show!! LOL

    About EJ starting off scheming, – wasn’t he sent to Salem by Steffie for the purpose of impregnating one of the Brady women & it turned out to be Sami?!

    Congrats patty on your new grandbaby. Good to see SandyGram back, along with several others. Maybe Grandma Judy will come back too. Looks like we have a good site going on right now. Having said that, I won’t be posting regularly for a while. I am a political junkie at heart and have taken a job at the RNC headquarters in my area and will be working long hours toward the presidential election. I will keep track of the show via DVR when I can. Sure sounds like we have some terrific storylines coming up. Except for Bo & Melanie leaving that is.

  121. From NeeNee

    Hey, SandyGram! Good to see ya again. I’ve really missed your well-researched spoilers. The Melanie-Nick-Chad plot seems contrived to me. But I guess TPTB had to deal with Molly Burnett wanting to spread her acting wings; that necessitated a storyline that leaves the door open for a return. She would be a tough one to re-cast. Just hope that Nick fits in to the goings on in Salem and that he doesn’t become another veteran casualty. As I stated in an earlier post, when the writing staff totally changes it must be difficult walking a thin line of resolving previous stories, or extending them to fit into a new storyline. Let’s just hope it doesn’t result in still another loose thread!

    P.S. Yes, the captchas are mostly ridiculous. Probably has something to do with ridiculous words vs. predictable words and security issues.

  122. From patty

    Rumor has it that one searing kiss between Rafe and Sami has Sami cancelling a date with EJ, the number one love of her life. Sami doesn’t love anyone but herself imo. Can we say fickle???
    Looks like Lucas is considering getting full custody of Allie.

  123. From NeeNee

    Shani . . . you go, girl!!!
    Kudos to you for stepping up to the political plate. In a presidential election year, it seems like we get maybe a 50-60% registered voter turnout. But offyears, it slips waaay down. Which is sad. Legal immigrants coming to the US can tell stories of how voting was 100% fixed in their countries, or a dictator assumed power-for-life. America has a precious heritage, established by those Founding Fathers who were willing to sacrifice “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.”

    In the same vein, Tom and Alice Horton made sure the Horton name always stood for honesty and ethics. That’s why I was hoping Bo and Hope (or Jennifer & Jack) would officially be designated as the torchbearers of the Horton legacy. Actually, Doug and Julie are the “elder statesmen” on Days, but either they don’t want to work on a regular basis, or TPTB only want them on special occasions . . .

  124. From Tee

    NeeNee #123 Yes the torch needs to pass on but the ones you mentioned when they got older began to appearon the show less and less. Even now We rarely see them. Bo took over the torch as he said and it now time to hand it over. Bo wanted to tke time off for his family and explore other things. He is not the front burner on the show anymore just as Marlena and John are not. They appear and even at times appear alot and get storylines like the one John/Marlena will have when Kristen comes. The actor who played Bo Peter was unable to agree on money and contracts which soaps are very limited on. He has a open door to return whenever he wants though. I wish he was staying and it is sad he is going and I do wonder who will be the next Horton couple, but Bo is not a Horton and since men keep the last name it should be a Horton male to carry it on. But who

  125. From NeeNee

    Days has kind of painted itself into a corner where male Hortons are concerned. Even though he was brought of the woodwork as a Horton, Lucas is NOT a candidate (IMO). We’ve already had Mike Horton, who could return I guess. His son, Jeremy, has already been brought back with that disastrous airline pilot/party airline storyline. As I recall, Jeremy was a jerk.

    Speaking of that, wasn’t Abby hooked up—literally—with him? Thought she was sleeping with him on a regular basis; could be remembering incorrectly, just was my impression. So this virginity reveal for Abby is suspect. Nick is a great-grandson of Alice & Tom but it was his grandma, Marie, who was Alice & Tom’s daughter.

    When Days finally shows its last episode, I wish there was a way to start back in 1965 and run the series all the way from the beginning. Soapnet did that, but from a much later starting point, no? I understand that the early shows either weren’t saved or the video quality is very poor.

  126. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    SandyGram, glad you are back with our new and improved comments section. Be it ever so humble…

    I’m still not trippin’ on these new stories. Nothing here must-see-TV. Where are the mysteries, the payoffs, the cliffhangers? I expect more than love triangles in the storytelling. The romance stories are boring the heck out of me.

  127. From Tee

    Just wanted to let everyone know Days ratings have been climbing in last few months and Since right before the olympics and return of Days after up till week ending August 24th the ratings for the target age group 18-49 was 2.0. That does not give total viewers but I amigine they were about 2.7 mill considering week before olympics that is what they were. So so far writers are getting god ratings last weeks ratings have not been posted yet but when they are if anyone interested I will post them

  128. From Tee

    I thought Jeremy was with Stephanie and or chelsea if memory serves me correctly. But they dont really have much Horton men left to carry it on unless they are planning on Pairing up Lucas in end with Sami or someone else.

    I hope this posts I have tried to post several posts in response to people and they are not showing up and I got no captha warnings

  129. From Tee

    Patty ~ Thanks for spoilers I am gonna guess that since Sami has asked and will ask Rafe several times if he is the father of Nicoles baby when it comes out he was lying Sami will not be happy perhaps they are going that route a sorta reunite then break up for that IDK. Though I am gonna assume that Sami will still mind game back and forth a bit. I think it is like Lucas said she wants what she cannot get, plus she needs Rafe to get her charges dropped, which Is what Rafe suspects she s doing using him. Who knows she may be she may not.

    Why are they saying EJ must give up his Mayor position he was not guilty even though he ran it just seems a little much IMO.

    I also hear ERIC as I suspected will not be a full fledged Priest or not be happy as a Priest, so seems he may be available to perhaps Nicole.

  130. From patty

    Wouldn’t Jeremy and Abbigail be related since Mike and Jennifer are brother and sister? I don’t remember Abbigail sleeping with this guy or any guy for that matter.
    I am still perplexed at how much Sami is jealous of the possibility of Nicole having a baby with Rafe but doesn’t seem to mind the possibility of it being EJ’s ( the love of her life). Like Nicole told Rafe:”Sami, she’s down to two men now, that’s you and EJ and one of you got me pregnant and I’m sure she’s highly motivated to find out which one”.
    Lucas to EJ; “Do you really think you’re the right man for Sami when you and I both know there’s only one man she’s made happy for more than two seconds and he’s not even in this room”. So here’s the reason EJ’s plan is to pretend he’s not the daddy.

  131. From NeeNee

    Of course you’re right, Patty and Tee. Now that you’ve jogged the memory, it must have been Chelsea and Stephanie. If Mike Horton were to return, I wonder which actor would play him. That was another case of several actors trying to make the role their own. I will say the most ridiculous storyline was Mike & Carrie and the magical flying bed. Well, maybe Rex and Princess Greta battling dinosaurs beats that!

  132. From gerri

    Shani and Nee-Nee
    I am on the same political page as both of you…And I love America,and sad to see what has happened,and cringe at thinking what lies ahead,unless we all step up to the plate,and vote…

    Who robbed SAMI today?an extra hopefully,and not another crooked newcomer…
    I don’t think Sami will be happy,for any length of time,because she loves all the challenges,with all these different males,she needs rehab,badly..

  133. From SandyGram

    Episode dated September 4th Part 1:
    Good all around show. I understand Nicole’s fear of EJ. I understand Daniel wanting to find her a place to live to protect her from EJ. I understand Victor’s position on not having Nicole living at the Kiriakis Mansion. What is got me scratching my head is..The Horton house is just that a house, no security, no guards. Just Jenn and Abby who I’m sure wouldn’t try to strong arm EJ if he came there to harass Nicole. The same would be true for Nicole living at Daniel’s apartment or Rafe’s loft. The writers have dug this hole so deep, Nicole has left EJ no alternative but to go after the child when it’s born. Although it took a long time, EJ is not going to be as nice toward Nicole for concealing the paternity as he now is with Sami. Not to mention if, EJ and Sami hook up, what will she think of being a step mother to Nicole’s baby. Especially if EJ accomplishes the worst case getting full custody of the baby. Or for that matter, could the light bulb come on and Sami remember what it was like when she too kept the secret of Grace’s paternity from EJ? The torment he put her through, could she really set back and let EJ do this to another woman even if she is her sworn enemy?

    Gotta say the cat and mouse game between EJ and Sami today was charming, but then so was the bantering between Sami and Rafe! I do enjoy EJ and Sami more when their interaction is playful and light….like Sami said stay away from the handsy stuff and no throwing each other up against the wall or performing the horizontal mombo. And wasn’t Sami’s lawyer pretty, maybe the writers could make her into a character we see often.

    So Nick’s story will continue as he gets out of prison. I loved the family interaction here, being able to have a difference of opinion while remaining a family unit. Now it seems like Chad and Daniel could cause a catch in their getty-up and for sure Chad is taking on the DiMera persona more and more! It’s going to be very interesting once Stefano and Kristen return how much influence they will have over Chad. For me, he’s still an unknown commodity at pulling off being a bad boy. He definitely knows how to throw around the DiMera name, but that’s just talk, will he be able to walk the walk?

    PS: All most forgot…what’s with Nicole with one suit case and an over night bag. With the clothes she has I would expect to see a steamer trunk or two.

    Thanks for all the welcome backs…

  134. From SandyGram

    Episode dated September 4th Part 1:
    Good all around show. I understand Nicole’s fear of EJ. I understand Daniel wanting to find her a place to live to protect her from EJ. I understand Victor’s position on not having Nicole living at the Kiriakis Mansion. What is got me scratching my head is..The Horton house is just that a house, no security, no guards. Just Jenn and Abby who I’m sure wouldn’t try to strong arm EJ if he came there to harass Nicole. The same would be true for Nicole living at Daniel’s apartment or Rafe’s loft. The writers have dug this hole so deep, Nicole has left EJ no alternative but to go after the child when it’s born. Although it took a long time, EJ is not going to be as nice toward Nicole for concealing the paternity as he now is with Sami. Not to mention if EJ and Sami hook up, what will she think of being a step mother to Nicole’s baby. Especially if EJ accomplishes the worst case scenario, getting full custody of the baby. Or for that matter, could the light bulb come on and Sami remember what it was like when she too kept the secret of Grace’s paternity from EJ? The torment he put her through, could she really set back and let EJ do this to another woman even if she is her sworn enemy?

    Gotta say the cat and mouse game between EJ and Sami today was charming, but then so was the bantering between Sami and Rafe! I do enjoy EJ and Sami more when their interaction is playful and light….like Sami said stay away from the handsy stuff and no throwing each other up against the wall or performing the horizontal mombo. And wasn’t Sami’s lawyer pretty, maybe the writers could make her into a character we see often.

    So Nick’s story will continue as he gets out of prison. I loved the family interaction here, being able to have a difference of opinion while remaining a family unit. Now it seems like Chad and Daniel could cause a catch in their getty-up and for sure Chad is taking on the DiMera persona more and more! It’s going to be very interesting once Stefano and Kristen return how much influence they will have over Chad. For me, he’s still an unknown commodity at pulling off being a bad boy. He definitely knows how to throw around the DiMera name, but that’s just talk, will he be able to walk the walk?

    PS: All most forgot…what’s with Nicole with one suit case and an over night bag. With the clothes she has I would expect to see a steamer trunk or two. And how creepy was Sami’s attacker….

    Thanks for all the welcome backs…
    2nd Posting Try..sorry if it comes across twice!

  135. From SandyGram

    Episode dated September 4th Part 1:
    Good all around show. I understand Nicole’s fear of EJ. I understand Daniel wanting to find her a place to live to protect her from EJ. I understand Victor’s position on not having Nicole living at the Kiriakis Mansion. What is got me scratching my head is..The Horton house is just that a house, no security, no guards. Just Jenn and Abby who I’m sure wouldn’t try to strong arm EJ if he came there to harass Nicole. The same would be true for Nicole living at Daniel’s apartment or Rafe’s loft. The writers have dug this hole so deep, Nicole has left EJ no alternative but to go after the child when it’s born. Although it took a long time, EJ is not going to be as nice toward Nicole for concealing the paternity as he now is with Sami. Not to mention if EJ and Sami hook up, what will she think of being a step mother to Nicole’s baby. Especially if EJ accomplishes the worst case scenario, getting full custody of the baby. Or for that matter, could the light bulb come on and Sami remember what it was like when she too kept the secret of Grace’s paternity from EJ? The torment he put her through, could she really set back and let EJ do this to another woman even if she is her sworn enemy?

    Gotta say the cat and mouse game between EJ and Sami today was charming, but then so was the bantering between Sami and Rafe! I do enjoy EJ and Sami more when their interaction is playful and light….like Sami said stay away from the handsy stuff and no throwing each other up against the wall or performing the horizontal mombo. And wasn’t Sami’s lawyer pretty, maybe the writers could make her into a character we see often.

    So Nick’s story will continue as he gets out of prison. I loved the family interaction here, being able to have a difference of opinion while remaining a family unit. Now it seems like Chad and Daniel could cause a catch in their getty-up and for sure Chad is taking on the DiMera persona more and more! It’s going to be very interesting once Stefano and Kristen return how much influence they will have over Chad. For me, he’s still an unknown commodity at pulling off being a bad boy. He definitely knows how to throw around the DiMera name, but that’s just talk, will he be able to walk the walk?

    PS: All most forgot…what’s with Nicole with one suit case and an over night bag. With the clothes she has I would expect to see a steamer trunk or two. And how creepy was Sami’s attacker….

    Thanks for all the welcome backs…

  136. From SandyGram

    Testing Captcha

  137. From patty

    Good post SandyGram! As you’ve noticed by now I’m sure, there’s a delay before posts appear. Admin suggested we wait before duplicating our posts and it will show up eventually. I don’t believe it has to do with the captcha, just some technical glitch. Hope this helps.
    Funny about Nicole’s suitcase. That girl could be living out of a box and she would still be dressed to kill and look like a million bucks. Wasn’t too thrilled about her moving in with Jen but I’m sure we’ll get some pretty interesting and funny moments as only Nicole can pull off. Love AZ, she’s the best! I don’t think there is much hope for her and Dan and there are speculations that she might even marry Rafe to protect her baby from EJ. I said speculations, not a spoiler, but this I would love to see. I like Rafe and Nicole baby daddy pretend.
    I am loving the new shows and I am happy with the directions it’s going where the focus is not all on Sami and her merry men. That storyline is getting kind of ridiculous but love that Lucas is playing them all against each other.
    I’m anxious to see how Nick’s story plays out and see what makes Melanie leave without Chad. I’m thinking he might be getting a little bit too controlling. Must be the Demira trait in him.
    Will be very sad to see Bo leave no matter how it is played out.

  138. From SandyGram

    #137 patty
    I received a message from Admin this AM apparently there is nothing the Tech Group can do about the posting delay and they didn’t think the problem had anything to do with the CAPTCHA. So back to being patient!

    Now EJ and Nicole getting married to keep baby away from EJ is something to consider. That would certainly make Sami available to EJ which for me is the only way he has ever been with her in the past. He has never gotten her on his own, another man always had to step out of the picture first. The writers under any circumstances has to know concealing the baby’s parentage is never going to work, especially if the baby gets sick and for medical purposes the real fathers identify is needed. And we also know Stefano has enough stuff on Nicole he will squeeze the truth out of her. This is not going to work out well for Nikki. But then wait until Stefano finds out EJ is sniffy Sami again. I wouldn’t want to be around that Thanksgiving table Stefano is as bad to Sami as Victor is to Nicole, or actually most women Brady hooks up with.

    I with you about Bo leaving…I just can’t imagine how he will be leaving the show, not leave Hope in a limbo mode and not break Ciara’s heart.

    In yesterdays show, although I liked the banter between EJ and Lucas, I didn’t like once again having little Ally as a pawn in their dislike for one another. I sure hope Lucas doesn’t try to take Ally from Sami. I’m sure Kate will be right there to help him if he does and it’s important his dislike for EJ stays between the two of them and neither men talk the other one down to the kids. Playing ‘Tug of War’ is OK, but ‘Tug A Kid’ is not.

  139. From Shani

    NeeNee & geri, I highly recommend the 2016 movie.

  140. From NeeNee

    Yes, Shani I have heard it’s great. Dinesh is a favorite author of mine. He is the poster boy for Legal.Immigration.

    I saved the 2016 theater bookings site to my favorites and check it daily. So far all of the theaters are in bigger Iowa cities not close to me (I’m western Iowa). Sooner or later, our movie house will get it I’m sure. We have a Senior Bank group that gets free movies weekly on Friday mornings. That sounds like something they will order up.

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