General Hospital Spoilers For August 28 – 30.

The citizens of Port Charles prepare for the worst, but hope is not lost.

Now that Jerry’s plan is out, Dante wants to negotiate with the terrorist, which McBain advises against. Next, Jax tries to reason with his brother and Jason suggests using his special set of skills against his old foe. Nothing seems to really work though. This is Jerry we’re talking about and as to be expected, he issues a warning and then makes a few demands.

Todd confesses to Carly his role in Jerry’s TV announcement. Once that detail is out of the way, the two share in their relief about Starr and Michael being safely out of town. As they muse on the possibility they may be dying, the two comfort each other. Will something more happen between the friends?

Lulu heads to the station to be with Dante in what could be their last hours on Earth. They decide to pay Patrick a visit and learn about Ewen’s involvement in Jerry’s dastardly plan. What they may or may not know is, Ewen has taken Elizabeth away in his car.

After assuring Kate they’ll survive Jerry’s latest attack on Port Charles, Sonny runs into Joe Jr. True to character, Sonny pulls a gun on him, but Joe has something up his sleeve as well.

Starr and Michael track down Trey and Kristina in a wedding chapel. No word on whether or not the latter actually get married, but Michael asks Kristina if she knows the truth about Trey’s father.

Fearing the end is near, Shawn decides to tell Alexis how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Molly and TJ muse on all the things they’ll miss out on if they die…including having sex.

In other news, Patrick works on a drug to counteract Jerry’s toxin, Luke and Anna have sex and Jax feels guilty.

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