General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 13 – 17.

The mystery deepens.

After Jerry injected Alexis with something at Wyndemere, Ewen bought Josslyn to him. Jerry injected her as well and sent her back home. The next day, Carly discovered a mark on her daughter’s arm and took her to the hospital. At the same time, as Alexis consoled Sam over her impending divorce to Jason, she passed out. Once at the hospital, the same mark Joss had, showed up on Alexis’ arm as well. The two spiked fevers and were thought to be close to death. Fortunately, they both rebounded. Jerry later revealed to Joe Jr, who he bailed out of prison so he could supply him with men, that he injected his ex and his niece with an immunization that would protect them from what he was about to unleash on Port Charles.

Trey rushed to the hospital to support Kristina regarding Alexis. They talked about “Mob Princess” and he explained that he had to go through with the show or else his father would lose all his money. He added that the producers wanted them to get married on camera. And that his father was in jail.

Lulu told a stunned Dante that she was pregnant. After processing the news, they celebrated their impending parenthood. The two then went to visit Luke, who told them about Heather’s accomplice from when he was tied up in the shack.

Todd visited Heather at Ferncliff, where she demanded he get her released. Or else she would tell Sam about Tea’s baby. He couldn’t do that, but when he realized she covered for Steve regarding the death in Memphis, he agreed to help keep things quiet regarding her son, if she agreed to keep quiet with Sam.

Epiphany talked with Patrick before he left the hospital. She knew he stole drugs from GH, but she promised not to tell Monica. However, she warned she would be watching him. She then brought Emma to see him. Patrick left the hospital resolved to find a way to live without Robin.

In other news, John and Jason became suspicious of Ewen, a guilt-ridden Johnny comforted Starr over her daughter’s death and Shawn learned Alexis might be interested in him.

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