General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 20 – 24.

A return, an announcement and a surprising hookup.

Jason enlisted Spinelli to snoop around for dirt on Ewen. The Jackal discovered that the not-so-good doctor was raised in Australia, but ended up in Alaska. Just like Jax.

After Joe learned of Jerry’s plan to infect the entire town, presumably through the water supply, he begged him to immunize Trey. Jerry turned him down. Joe went to Trey and ordered him to marry Kristina out of town that night. Trey complied and convinced Kristina to leave with him. After Starr told Michael Trey’s dad had a history with Sonny, they discovered Trey bought plane tickets to Vegas.

Jax came home to see Josslyn. He and Carly made peace and tried to figure out who would want to hurt their daughter and Alexis. Jax realized the only connection between them was him. Carly invited Jax to stay at the hotel with her and Joss. As he made himself comfortable, Johnny stopped by and the men learned of the other’s presence in Carly’s life. Later, as Jax, Carly, Joss and the rest of Port Charles watched TV, they witnessed Jerry’s broadcast. The dastardly Jacks brother told viewers he was ready to share a secret with them.

Tracy literally ran into Joe at the Metro Court hotel. Tracy became uncomfortable as the sparks flew. She later discovered Luke, who got a strange call from Anna, in her hotel room. Tracy allowed Luke the use of her plane to track down Anna. Tracy then went to Joe’s hotel room to apologize for the run in and they ended up in bed. Meanwhile, Luke found Anna in a Swiss clinic, pretending to be a patient. He created a diversion so Anna could snoop around for traces of Robin. She entered a room and saw a woman with long brown hair.

Shawn visited an on the mend Alexis in the hospital. He gave her flowers and asked her out on a date. Flustered, she tried to declined, but eventually accepted his invitation.

Dante and Lulu went to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy. The doctor told them Lulu was not pregnant. Disappointed, Lulu and Dante decide to try and start a family right away.

In other news, Todd tried to get Kate to realize Connie didn’t shoot out Anthony’s tires, John told Sam their kiss meant something to him and Olivia hallucinated that the water was toxic and that Ewen was the devil.

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