General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 6 – 10.

A restraining order, a divorce and a boxing ring.

John returned to confront Todd about sending Natalie the photo of him kissing Sam. After John decked him, Todd had McBain arrested. Sam asked Alexis to represent him, but Starr convinced Todd to drop the charges. As John and Sam were in the middle of saying goodbye again, John was served with a restraining order from Natalie. He was livid she would do such a thing, but Alexis convinced him to stay put until she could figure out a custody arrangement for Liam. As Sam consoled John, Jason walked in to see them hugging. Once John left, Jason and Sam decided they weren’t able to get over their issues and discussed divorce.

Jerry instructed Ewen to kidnap Josslyn, while he lured Alexis to Wyndemere. As Alexis processed the fact that Jerry was alive, he chloroformed her.

Olivia woke up, but even though the drugs Heather injected her with wore off, she started seeing things. First, she saw Heather’s reflection in the mirror. Then, she thought Lulu was nine months pregnant. While that wasn’t the case, Lulu did throw up, making Maxie think she could in fact be with child. Lulu denied it could be true, but Maxie convinced her to take a pregnancy test.

Joe Jr. asked Johnny to visit him in jail. He asked the reformed mobster to team up with him against Sonny. Johnny told Carly he turned him down because he was done with that life and moving forward with her. After Sonny challenged Trey to a boxing match, Trey stopped by to see his father. Joe instructed Trey to step up his marriage plans to Kristina. Trey hesitated, reminding his father they just started dating. Besides, he didn’t want to hurt Kristina any further after learning about Kiefer.

Sonny met with his daughter after the boxing match. At Kelly’s, he shared with Kristina his plans to pop the question to Kate. Kristina was genuinely happy for her father and told him she loved him.

In other news, Carly tried to help Todd find a lady, Patrick prepared to leave the hospital and Heather was transferred to Ferncliff.

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