General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 30 – August 3.

Returns, risks and revealing conversations.

While visiting his father in jail, Trey was instructed to marry Kristina in order to bring down Sonny. Trey went to Kristina and told her he was pulling the plug on “Mafia Princess.” She was confused, but he explained he cared about her and didn’t want to pit her against her father. He also told her they were free to date now. He kissed her, but she stopped him when he wanted to take it to the bedroom. She told him about Kiefer. He was obviously affected and told his dad they had to call off their plan. Joe convinced him to stick with it. Sonny paid Joe a visit to find out how he knew about Kate’s baby. Joe explained Kate’s priest told him, but when he went to the boarding house, he learned the baby had died.

After Alexis started micromanaging Molly and TJ’s date, Shawn took her for a drink at The Floating Rib. In order to prove she wasn’t uptight, Alexis challenged him to a game of strip pool, which led to both of their clothes coming off. Neither could forget about their flirtatious evening, but after Mac convinced Alexis to ask Shawn out for a real date, she witnessed him kissing another woman.

Jason found Sam trying to break into Todd’s safe in his office. He learned she was investigating Manning’s connection to her baby. He helped cover when Todd showed up, but Todd realized his safe had been tampered with. He deduced it was Sam, who he knew was investigating him, and fired her. Right after, a furious McBain burst in to confront Todd about sending Natalie the picture of him kissing Sam. He was especially riled up since Natalie left him.

Dante confronted Lulu with the letter Heather forged from Luke. In it, “Luke” told Lulu she was like him, not good at forever. Dante asked if she thought that was true, which led to an honest conversation about their marriage and Lulu’s need for independence and adventure. Dante promised to support whatever choices she made, even working with Johnny Zacchara, if she was willing to work on their relationship. Later, Dante visited Johnny to apologize for being a jealous husband, but warned he wasn’t off the hook for Anthony’s murder.

As Ewen oversaw Patrick’s detox, he and Elizabeth rekindled their interest in each other. He also met with the man he answered to regarding Robin. That man turned out to be none other than Jerry Jacks.

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