General Hospital’s Frank Valentini Talks The Big Reveal.

Did you see it coming?

“General Hospital” executive producer Frank Valentini talked with TV Guide Magazine about the big reveal on Monday’s show. If you’ve yet to watch and don’t want to be spoiled, look away. If you already watched, or just want to know, then by all means, proceed.

The secretive twist that Valentini promised turned out to be none other than Duke Lavery. At the end of Monday’s show, it was revealed he was working with the doctor at the Swiss clinic Anna (Finola Hughes) was searching for Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Apparently Duke has Anna’s daughter as well. How is that possible you ask, considering Duke was killed back in the 90s? Valentini explained it all.

If you’ll recall, Ian Buchanan, who originated the role, left “General Hospital’ in 1989. They recast Lavery with Greg Beecroft. The show explained the switch by saying Duke had undergone cosmetic surgery and even lost his Scottish accent. That version of Duke was shot and died in his wife Anna’s (Finola Hughes) arms.

Now that he’s back, Valentini told TV Guide Magazine, “We will eventually find out that the Duke Lavery we saw die all those many years ago was an imposter. This is the real Duke.”

Don’t expect much more explanation on air any time soon, as Valentini further said that Ian Buchanan, who just wrapped up his arc as Ian McAllister on “Days of our Lives,” won’t be seen again for about five weeks. In the meantime, Anna and Luke (Anthony Geary) will grow closer, creating more conflict when Anna eventually sees her presumed dead husband in front of her. And with his old face.

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  1. From I HATE GH

    This is such crap! I hate that Robin is alive and her husband and her mother and especially her daughter are all going to live their little lives believing she’s dead. This is ROBIN SCORPIO! KIMBERLY McCULLOUGH is a legend in daytime!! And now DUKE has her. What? Cancel this stupid soap already!

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