Nadia Bjorlin Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

Welcome back.

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) is heading back to town. According to TV Guide, the actress will begin shooting new scenes in September. Audiences won’t be seeing her until next year though. Her return is rumored to be centered around her son, Parker. Bjorlin was last seen in Salem on September 28, 2011.

Look for Chloe to be back on January 4, 2013. No word yet on how long the character will be back for, but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of details as they become available.

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  1. From jenn

    Love it! I wish you were returning sooner than January but beggars cannot be choosers. Welcome back, Chloe! :)

  2. From dc


  3. From Sue

    I like her, but don’t want her messing with Daniel. Although, I’m sad about Jack’s passing, I want Daniel and Jennifer back together!

  4. From Trish

    Put Chloe with Rafe.

  5. From Trish

    Please don’t put Jennifer back with Daniel.

  6. From chad

    But is there an available male she hasn’t already…. bedded…

  7. From MM

    Why couldn’t she just stay gone? :(
    I have never been able to stand her.

  8. From Snarf

    Thank goodness I have fast forward on the DVR. I can’t stand her anymore.

  9. From Doris JJ

    I love Chloe and very happy she is coming back. I wanted her to get back with Phililp but guess that didn’t happen. I have a feeling that they will get Sami and Rafe back together. But since she can’t take responsibility for cheating on Rafe, don’t want them together.

  10. From dc

    yea, i would love it if they brought philip back the same time they bring back chloe.. but i am still wondering who they are going to have brady go with..

  11. From CJ

    Dan and Jennifer need to be together! I loved them together. Will be interesting though that best friends Nicole and Chloe are both attached to Daniel. Make some good scenes.

  12. From Pat

    Glad to see Chloe coming back. I do want to see Jennifer and Daniel back together as well as Sami and EJ. Rafe is not the one for Sami. I never liked him for that part. Sami & EJ are alike. Maybe Niclole & Brady! Who knows. Hopefully we will not loose EJ too!

  13. From CM

    The most gorgeous girl ever to be on Days. I guess she could be paired with Eric Brady, if the character really returns. As for Daniel with Jennifer…no way! Daniel has slept with everyone on the show this side of Abe. The guy is a male sl#t. I still refuse to believe Jack is really, truly dead…heck, they had Stefano’s “body” and look who just popped up.

  14. From Miselemeas

    #4 you do not just put anyone with Rafe.Did you watch yesterday’s show? Now I abhor the way Sami treated Rafe last year, but my goodness I got goosebumps watching Rafe rubbing the ointment up and down Sami’s arm.If that is not chemistry and I’m afraid in Rafe’s case at least, love, I do not know what is.Bring it Rafe you are divine;;Slainte

  15. From Miselemeas

    #4 You do not just put Rafe with anybody.Did you see last night’s show?Imay despise what Sami did last year but those two are a masterful fit and have oodles of chemistry.Oh ,just watching Rafe rubbing the ointment up and down Sami’s arm was almost too much. Bring it Rafe, as only you can do.Slainte

  16. From Nailsin

    It’ll be interesting to see Chloe’s reaction to Nicole’s and Daniel’s romance. Provided that lasts until next year.

  17. From bbie Zimnock

    Welcome back, Chloe! I cannot wait to see you back with your son!

  18. From Arlene

    I want to see Daniel get back with Jennifer! Nicole is a fruit cake who needs to stay away from Dan. They should have never paired those two together. If Chloe comes back she could be paired with Eric Brady even though he is supposed to be a priest we know that won’t last in Salem!

  19. From Daysd

    I’ll be ok with her returning if she can cut back on the makeup but add more to the upper-half of her clothing. sheesh. It says her coming back ties around her and Philip’s son Parker. wouldn’t it be interesting if Parker really was Daniel’s son after all (not that we need yet another who’s-the daddy story line). the stress between Nicole, Jennifer, Chloe and Daniel could be entertaining.

  20. From Miselemeas

    I spend a lot of time this morning writing a blog and twice it was not accepted. I wish you people would get rid of those ‘waste of space’ letters at the bottom. I am not going to repeat that one, and you might have learned something from it. Slainte

  21. From Tasha

    So happy to be seeing her coming back :)

  22. From Sue

    YEA!!!! Hope you stay! and they can pair her and Lucas together, what do you think?

  23. From Mary

    Yayyyy! I love Chloe! She and Dan had chemistry! Dan and Jennifer are BORING!!

  24. From Gen

    Love chloe!! She’s better with Dan or Philip. Jen and Dan are so dull!

  25. From Daysf

    Love Chloe! Loved her w/ Daniel. Talk about chemistry. Days writers need to listen to the viewers, as they have no clue when it comes to “on air chemistry” ex. Jen and Daniel. Finally, a great storyline for John & Marlena w/ Kristen. Love it!

  26. From Leah

    I like Chloe…. but IF there is any romances involving her I hope its with Philip. After going back over there long history I reckon they belong together. With their history having Parker was just icing on the cake. I hope the writers don’t muck it all up. And yes what is Chloe going to think about Dr Dan and Nicoles relationship. Not much I reckon. Her ex husband and her best friend. Chloe doesn’t need people like that in her life… move her on and upwards I say!

  27. From Sands of Time

    I’ve been watching Days from the
    beginning. The Horton’s offspring
    grew up with my offspring. I want
    to chat in a safe environment.

  28. From Betty

    I wish they had never brought Kristen back. She is so fake and I never could stand her. She makes me want to quit watching the show and I am a viewer from the first day it showed. She is too old for Brady or have the writers think we have forgotten she was all about John and as old as he is.

  29. From Tracey

    I would like Philip and Chloe together. I wish they would bring Philip back. If he does not come back I would like to see Chloe with Brady. Jen and Dan belong together they have great chemistry and they are funny together! LOVE THEM!!!

  30. From Pamela

    I would like too see Chloe and Daniel together and I would like too see Brady and Jennifer.

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