Pretty Little Liars Recap: Single Fright Female.

Spencer uncovers Paige’s violent past with Alison and warns Emily, who is reluctant to take her advice, and Aria attempts to help Ezra put his past behind him, but it proves to be more difficult than she anticipated.

At home, Hanna tries to cover her bandaged leg as Spencer looks on. Wren calls, and Hanna ignores it. Spencer asks what’s going on, but Hanna insists she’s not falling for him. Downstairs, Ashley lets Ted in. The girls listen as he tells her he found a video of Hanna and her friends – he doesn’t think they knew they were being filmed. The girls panic. Ashley takes the flashdrive from Ted, and agrees to have dinner later. He goes. Ashley catches Hanna trying to swipe the flashdrive off the table and confronts her. Hanna admits they are Mona’s videos and they fight over whether to turn them into the police. Ashley takes the flashdrive and says she’ll decide what to do after she watches them.

Aria wakes up Ezra at his apartment and wishes him a happy birthday. He tells her he wrote an email to Maggie, but didn’t send it. She tells him to call her and see how she’s doing. Ezra is concerned about crashing into her life.

Outside the cafe, Emily and Paige chat. Emily admits she kissed Nate the other night and is confused by it. Paige thinks they both miss Maya and the lines are blurry.

At school, Spencer tells Aria about the videos and says Hanna is freaking out. Aria is more concerned with what to do about Ezra’s birthday considering he’s preoccupied with Maggie. She muses about getting in touch with her. Spencer warns it’s a bad idea. They spot CeCe and wonder what she’s doing at the high school. Spencer goes over. CeCe reminds her of the fashion show. Spencer apologizes for forgetting and promises to help. Emily and Paige go by. CeCe can’t believe they’re together. She tells Spencer that Alison and Paige (Pigskin) had it out for each other. Spencer flashes to Alison having a big bruise on her back and saying Pigskin kicked her in practice.

In the computer lab, Hanna instant messages with Caleb, who tells her he’d like to come over and kiss her. Jenna kicks her off the computer and sits down.

Nate meets Emily at her request downtown. He starts making plans for them, but she stops him – they need to keep things on a friendship level. He says she’s reckless like Maya – he remembers her giving the same speech to about 20 guys. Emily goes to school and finds Spencer, who tries to warn her about Paige based on what CeCe said. Emily doesn’t want to hear it.

Later, outside, Hanna tells Jenna about the videos that may go to the police and says she and her friends aren’t to blame. Nate arrives and catches up with Hanna. He asks about Emily. Hanna says she’s gay and doesn’t play games – unlike some people. They look at Jenna. Hanna implies that she may have been pretending to have been blind.

Aria enters a classroom and speaks to a female teacher – it’s Maggie. As they chat, a little boy comes up and speaks to Maggie. After, she tells Aria it’s her son; she was a teen mom.

After school, Spencer meets CeCe, who realizes Emily ditched them to hang out with Pigskin. CeCe recalls Alison intercepting a letter from Paige to Emily and telling her she owns her now. While Spencer is changing clothes, someone locks the door. A black snake appears and strikes at her. She screams to get out! CeCe finally opens the door and kills the snake with a mannequin leg.

At home, Emily broaches the subject of Alison with Paige, who tells her she should question her friends more – they were all drinking that night and she was the only one who was drugged. Emily defends them. Paige says maybe she just needs to spend more time with them.

Spencer goes to Hanna’s and tells her she suspects Paige of putting the snake in the change room. Emily calls and tells Hanna that Maya’s bag is missing from her room. Hanna tells Spencer that ‘A’ must have snuck into Emily’s house and stole it. Spencer points out that Paige was invited in. They go back to the fashion show and tell CeCe that Emily is going to come and help out too. Caleb grabs Hanna while she’s changing and tells her he convinced her mother not to turn in the videos to the police. They kiss. She tells him Jenna’s not the one they need to be afraid of anymore. Emily arrives with Paige. CeCe gives Emily a dress to wear and Spencer chats with Paige, who tells her she knows they have reservations about her, but she’d like to make a fresh start. After, Spencer tells Hanna that Paige may be trying to kill them with kindness before she actually kills them. Hanna asks Paige to take something to Emily and they search her bag. Emily and Paige catch them. Emily furiously says they’re leaving. Spencer, holding something in her hand, tells Hanna that Emily will get over this – they needed proof and they got it.

Aria returns to Ezra’s apartment and finds his brother, Wes, there. She asks why he told her the story about Maggie, and admits she saw her. Aria tells him about the boy. Aria cries. Wes reassures her it won’t change things, but she says he doesn’t know that. Ezra arrives and tells them he called Maggie – she’s doing great. It’s obvious she didn’t tell him about her son. Ezra blows out his birthday candles and Wes catches up with Aria in the kitchen. He tells her his mom might be paying Maggie to keep quiet.

Paige and Emily sit on the porch and Paige comes clean about knowing Alison. She says Alison tortured her and she pushed back, but she had no idea what she was up against – she was relentless. Paige cries that she had no one to turn to, and contemplated doing something to herself, but she couldn’t disappear forever and let Alison win. Later, when Paige is inside, Jenna comes by, warns Emily to be careful who she spends time with, and then gets in a taxi with her bags. Paige watches, deletes a text from Spencer, and smiles. She and Emily go inside.

At home, Hanna watches as Ashley puts the flashdrive down the garbage compactor. Ashley says she just wants to forget all of the past. Ted arrives. When he asks about the flashdrive, Hanna says she destroyed it. Ashley and Ted leave.

Aria catches up with Spencer at the fashion show. Spencer shows her Alison’s earring – she found it in Paige’s bag. Spencer wonders how they’ll tell Emily she’s the ‘A’.

‘A’ plays a jukebox. Someone with black gloves gives ‘A’ a key.

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Maya’s murder trial gets underway and Emily can’t withstand the media attention surrounding it.

‘A’ extends an olive branch to the girls, who are skeptical about the sincerity of the offer.

Someone close to the girls betrays them.

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