Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Khan Game.

Spencer and Aria go to the Kahn brothers’ party where they get into an intense game of truth, and Hanna receives another text regarding Caleb from ‘A’.

At the cafe, Aria shows Spencer a photo of Maya from the website. Spencer says she can’t keep doing this – she forgot to apply for college! Aria reassures her, but Spencer says she’s cutting back on the crime-solving. Cece appears and notices the college application. She invites Spencer to come and meet someone named Stephen at a party that night  – he may be able to help her.

The police visit Ashley at home saying they have a court order to get a blood sample. She says Hanna’s not home. After the police leave, Hanna calls out. Ashley calls Veronica Hastings.

At school, Caleb watches Hanna come up the hall. He asks if she’s seen Spencer and when she says ‘no’, gives her a new login for Maya’s website to pass on.  They make small talk until the bell rings. As Caleb walks away, Hanna gets another cryptic text saying to go to the AppleRose Grill that night or Caleb will pay. She finds Spencer and shows her. Spencer makes Hanna promise not to go to to the grill – it’s not safe and she’s still worried about Toby. Paige and Emily walk up and say hello, but it’s awkward. Later, Emily catches Hanna and asks about Maya’s website. Hanna says Caleb got into it. Emily is stunned they kept it from her. Hanna gives her the login.

Aria arrives at Ezra’s room where he is arguing with a guy named Wes. After, Ezra tells her it was his brother. Inside, Aria asks what ‘offer’ they were discussing. She tells him his mother offered to pay her to break up with him. Ezra explains that he and Wes were arguing about an inherited Jag he sold. His mother wants it back so he has to borrow money from her to get it.

Ashley leaves Hastings’ office and exchanges pleasantries with Ted, but turns him down for coffee.

Aria vents about Ezra’s family to Spencer, who is trying to choose a party outfit, in her bedroom.  They discuss CeCe. Spencer tells Aria she and Ezra will be fine despite his family.

CeCe, Aria, and Spencer arrive at the party. Aria says it’s the Khan’s cabin. Spencer tells CeCe that Noel, Aria’s ex, lives there. They get stamped as they enter – it’s the same stamp Lucas had last week! Inside, CeCe takes them to the games room where people are in various stages of undress. CeCe talks to Eric, one of the hosts. He says they have to play to stay. CeCe plays Truth or Dare with Eric. Aria and Spencer are about to leave the room when Noel enters with Jenna and asks Aria to play next. Aria grills him about Maya, while he asks her about sleeping with her teacher. Aria storms out. Spencer follows. She wants to stay and find out what they know – or did – that night. Aria calls Ezra for a ride, but gets Wes, who agrees to pick her up.  Spencer returns to confront Jenna and Noel. While playing Truth or Dare, Spencer catches them lying – they found Emily in a diner that night, not at the side of the road. Jenna wants to know where ‘the video’ is at. Spencer wants to know where Ali’s body is at! Outside, Aria leaves with Wes. Inside, CeCe tells Spencer she gave Stephen her college application.

At home, Emily watches the videos on Maya’s website and cries. Paige enters. They end up talking and laughing. Paige holds Emily.

Hanna looks at her text about Caleb and is heading out of the house when Ashley stops her. She says the police were there this morning about the blood test, but she’s got Spencer’s mom on it. Hanna leaves. Ashley calls Ted to come over. Later in the backyard during dinner with Ted, Ashley takes a call from Detective Wilden and warns she is tired of him targeting her daughter. She calls Veronica again and then finds Ted doing her dishes. She apologizes and explains that a deranged cop has it in for Hanna. Ted says it was wonderful seeing her and they kiss.

Outside the grill, Caleb tells Hanna to get in the car – he says he’s ‘A’! Hanna confronts him. He says now they can be together. Hanna protests that ‘A’ ran Caleb’s mother off the road -  she wanted to tell him what was going on but she couldn’t. She never would have left him otherwise. Caleb thinks they need to figure out who killed Ali. She is frustrated with him. He tells her he will help her stop ‘A’ and kisses her passionately.

In the car with Wes, Aria accuses him of not giving Ezra her message. She tells him what she thinks of his family. Wes says, “So he told you about Meggie.” He talks about Ezra’s ex who was pregnant – his mom took care of things by opening her purse strings. Aria didn’t know. When she gets to Ezra’s apartment, she tells him Wes told her about Meggie and she wants the truth right now. He admits he got her pregnant the summer after high school. He went to his mother for help and she paid Meggie to go away and never talk to him again.

At home, Spencer calls Toby and leaves a message saying she’s worried and really misses him. She gets an email about her college application and is thrilled.

‘A’ rents an apartment from a lady who loves cats.

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Teasers for ‘What Lies Beneath’ :

Hanna and Emily seek clues about Maya at the Kahns’ cabin in the woods.

Spencer investigates Noel.

Aria tries to process the details she’s learned about Ezra’s background.

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  1. From rose

    I am so happy that Caleb and Hannah are getting back together. They are so cute and should be together. This episode was full of surprises that I couldn’t stop watching for a minute. Luckily, since I watched it on Dish Online this morning while heading to work at Dish, I had minimal commercial breaks. I love watching on Dish Online when I can’t at home because it is free and I can catch up on previous episodes if I need to on there. I was so curious after the revelation of Ezra’s ex and now I want to know if he has a baby running around somewhere. The finale is going to be so good this season!

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