Pretty Little Liars Recap: What Lies Beneath.

Hanna and Emily seek clues about Maya at the Kahns’ cabin in the woods, Spencer investigates Noel, and Aria tries to process the details she’s learned about Ezra’s background.

Hanna and Ashley move a plant around the patio. Ashley goes to answer a call and Hanna finds a note from Maya to Emily. Later, Hanna meets with the girls  and reads it to them. It says her phone was stolen.  It’s dated the day she died!

At Ezra’s place, Aria asks about the girlfriend his mom paid to go away. He says he accepted that she didn’t want to be found. They bicker about him not ever telling her about it. He says she took her time telling him about ‘A’. She thinks that was different.

At the cafe, Hanna comments on how much is on Maya’s website. Emily says she’s looked at it all. Wren comes over to Hanna. She says what happened between them can’t happen again because she’s friends with Melissa. She’s sorry. He says it’s okay.

In the park, Emily talks to Spencer about the letter. Spencer offers to go to their spot at the lake with her, but Emily doesn’t know what she’d be looking for. Spencer says she’s glad Toby is away and complains about her grades. She goes off and Paige passes by. Emily goes back to the letter.

At school, Aria seems sad at her locker. In a classroom, Zach has a picnic set up for Ella. They kiss. Aria walks in. Zach says he’s heard good things about her, calls Ella ‘babe’, and leaves. Aria tells her mother he’s hot, but different. They agree to talk more after school.

Emily joins Hanna in her room to discuss Maya. Emily wonders why Hanna is so into figuring things out. She explains about Caleb, saying she wants to help Emily, but is also doing this for herself. They look at a photo of Maya and realize she is in Noel Khan’s cabin in her pajamas during the day. She must have stayed overnight.

At school, Spencer confronts Noel about his relationship with Maya. He smirks that maybe they hooked up. He says it’s kinda hot that Spencer thinks he’s capable of murder.

Emily talks to Nate at the cafe. He asks her to go see a band. He watches Jenna with Noel. When Noel leaves, he asks if he can bring by a birthday gift for her. She’s hostile and tells him to move out of her way.

Outside school, Spencer gets a text from Emily saying Noel is busy so she can go to his locker. She does, and tries to break in, but is forced to hide when some guys appear. She eventually runs out when Noel spots her. Elsewhere, Aria and Ella discuss Zach. Ella thinks he’s probably a player, and talks about her other dates. Aria tells her to slow down a bit. Ella’s willing to kiss a few frogs to find her prince.

Outside the cafe, Emily gives Paige a pep talk about her swimming and they make a date for later. They kiss a couple times and Paige feels better. Aria goes into the cafe later and chats with Zach. He apologizes for their awkward meeting. He lets her know that Ella is the only woman he’s dating. Aria meets up with her mom later for yoga and fills her in about Zach.

Hanna and Emily arrive at the Khan cabin and slip through the gate and inside, unaware they’re on a surveillance camera. Inside, they search around and find a hidden door. Behind it is a room with a pillow and blanket on the floor. Hanna finds Maya’s bag. They find something Emily gave Ali for her 14th birthday inside along with Maya’s unused bus ticket. Suddenly the door slams shut and locks and the shutters on the outsides of the windows also close loudly! Emily yells, “Who’s out there?” The light goes out and they have no cellphone reception. Emily breaks a window and Hanna pulls a knife. The shutters are locked. Hanna stabs herself in the leg accidentally. Emily takes an axe to the shutters and they escape. Outside, they notice a message spray-painted on the wall; “I’m saving you for later. ‘A’”

At home, Spencer gets a message from Noel telling her to stay out of his locker.  Footage of the cabin comes up on her screen. She calls someone and says she thinks Noel Khan just sent her the footage from his security camera from the night Maya died. She takes a drink and watches the footage. A person rides up on a bicycle – it’s Maya.

Back at Hanna’s house, Emily tries to convince her to go to the hospital. Emily calls Wren. He comes over and stitches her up. He asks if she’s in trouble. Hanna says ‘no’ but won’t talk anymore. He makes her something to eat. They nearly kiss, but she tells him to go.

Emily meets Nate on her porch. He tells her losing Maya’s had more effect on him than he realized. She feels the same way. She tells him about the photo of Maya at the cabin and shows him her bag. He cries over spotting something she used to wear in the bag. Emily comforts him and they kiss. Just then, Paige shows up. She’s stunned and pushes over some garbage cans in anger. Nate tells Emily he wanted to kiss her for a while. Emily gets a text from Paige saying she’s ill and has to cancel.

At Ezra’s place, he and Aria watch a movie, but he tells her he’s tired and would rather do this another night. She apologizes for pushing him about his past and asks if he’s called Maggie. He says not yet.

Aria arrives at Spencer’s house and watches the cabin footage. Maya was at the cabin at 10:00 PM, meaning if she was in the patrol car with Garrett at 9:00 PM, he wasn’t the last person to see her alive! Hanna joins them and they continue to watch as Noel pulls up in the car and kisses Jenna. They go inside the cabin and Maya appears beside the car. Someone grabs her and yanks her out of the picture. They realize that it wasn’t Noel or Jenna who killed her.

Ella drops in on Zach at the cafe. She says she came because Aria mentioned their conversation and wanted to tell him she’s been dating other guys. He says he’s only been dating her. Ella finds it hard to believe given that he’s ten years younger. Zach tells her how great she is, and they agree to give it a shot.

In the locker room at school, Emily asks Paige if she’s feeling better from last night. Emily tells her that Nate came by and it got intense – they mostly talked. Paige asks, “Mostly?”

‘A’ hangs up black jackets and listens to Wheel of Fortune on TV.

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