Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: The Lady Killer

Maya’s murder trial gets underway and Emily can’t withstand the media attention surrounding it, ‘A’ extends an olive branch to the girls, who are skeptical about the sincerity of the offer, and someone close to the girls betrays them.

Fire trucks pull away from  an unknown place. Hanna sobs as Spencer and Aria comfort her. A policeman asks Emily if the deceased was a friend of hers.


Hanna, Spencer, and Aria watch coverage of Garrett’s trial beginning on TV at Hanna’s place. Emily is on her way over, so they discuss how they’re going to tell her about Paige.  Emily arrives and Spencer tells her they called her over to warn her about Paige. They say they don’t think Garrett killed Maya, and show Emily the earring they found in Paige’s bag. Emily leaves.

At school, Aria tells Hanna about Ezra’s son and how she’s torn about whether to tell him the boy exists or not. By the lockers, Paige tells Spencer that Emily called her in tears. She wonders what’s wrong with them, and tells them to leave her alone. Spencer tells her, “I know who you are.”

Later, at Emily’s house, Emily tells Paige that her friends think they know her, but they don’t. She decides to confide in Paige about ‘A’; they think somebody is helping Mona. Paige realizes her friends think it’s her. Emily says she won’t let her friends come between them. Paige gets a text to go to the cemetery, and tells Emily there’s something she has to take care of, but she won’t leave her side after.

Outside the school, Hanna tells Spencer and Aria that Emily skipped class. Spencer suggests calling the parents – there is strength in numbers. Suddenly they all get texts saying, “Stand down, bitches, and Emily stays safe. ‘A’.”

Back at Hanna’s house, the girls worry about Emily being stuck with some psycho bitch. They get a message from ‘A’ inviting them to meet at Ali’s grave at 10 PM with Maya’s bag. He sends a photo of a body bag and adds. “Tell Emily and I’ll leave you holding the bag.”  They hear a noise and wonder if it’s Hanna’s mom. They prepare to hit someone over the head, but it’s Caleb.

Later outside the cafe, Hanna phones Emily who tells her she’s going out of town with Nate this weekend. The girls agree it’s good she’ll be away. Spencer suddenly sees Toby coming. They embrace and kiss.

At Emily’s house, her mom comes in and tells her about all the reporters on the lawn. Emily tells her Nate is a friend and she’s going with him for the weekend.  She promises to call when she gets there.

At Ezra’s apartment, Aria is watching him work when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Maggie. Ezra introduces them. Maggie pretends not to recognize Aria. When Ezra leaves the room, Maggie asks Aria why she hasn’t told him about his son. Aria asks if that’s why she came – to tell him. Maggie says she needs time, and wants Aria to keep quiet until she figures out what’s best for Malcolm.

Hanna enters her bedroom and Caleb covers a gun with his backpack. She’s upset. He tells her ‘A’ almost killed his mom, he can’t let her go to the cemetery without bringing it. She won’t allow it. He puts it in the drawer and says he’ll leave it there until Monday. Caleb says they’ll put an end to this tonight. When they are leaving, he puts the gun back in his pack.

In a creepy room, Mona, wearing a black hoodie, looks into a mirror and says she’s ready. Later, she decides there will be a change of plans and says so into a cell phone.

At Spencer’s house, she and Toby make love. After, she walks him downstairs and he tells her he’s exactly where he needs to be. “I love you.” She returns the sentiment, and they hug. He has a slightly regretful look. Spencer watches him leave and then phones Hanna to leave a message;  “Please tell me you have Maya’s bag. I’m so ready for this to be over.”

Emily sleeps at the inn. Nate covers her with a throw. When night falls, Emily gets a call. An angry distorted voice tells her to get out. Nate’s nowhere to be seen. She finds an envelope with her name as the return address in his bag, but he returns bearing wood. She picks up her phone and looks at the last photos of Maya – there’s a hiking boot with yellow paint in the shot. Just like the ones Nate is wearing now. She tries to get cell service and can’t. She announces she’s going for a walk. Nate startles her in the dark. She tells him he scared her. He says, “Not really. But I will.” He takes her back to the inn and shows a video of Maya before telling Emily how much he loved Maya. He says he’s going to take something from Emily like she did from him – and she’ll watch. He reveals Paige tied up with duct tape over her mouth!

At the cemetery, Caleb explains to the girls how he’ll use the recording device to hear every sound while he’s hiding. They give him Maya’s bag since it’s their only leverage. After waiting a while, they realize no one is coming and decide to go to the inn. On the way, she phones Caleb in his car. They says they love each other. He looks at the gun on the seat.

The girls pull up outside the inn and it looks closed, but there’s a light in the one cabin. Inside, Nate holds a knife to Paige’s throat and tells Emily no one will find them – everyone thinks she’s there with Nate, but he’s actually Lyndon James. He hears the girls approaching outside and leaves Emily and Paige, who take off into the forest. The other three girls enter and see an empty room. Hanna tries to call Caleb.

Emily makes it into a lighthouse and climbs up to try and get cell service. She reaches 911 but Nate finds her and she drops the phone to struggle with him. Emily manages to get the knife and ends up stabbing him in the gut as they wrestle. Caleb appears, sets down his gun, and comforts her. Suddenly, there is a loud ‘pop’ and the light goes out in the lighthouse.

Later, Caleb is wheeled into an ambulance with a wound in his side. Paige and Emily talk to the police as Nate’s dead body is taken away.

At the hospital, all the girls get a call from ‘A’. He says, “Emily, I owe you one.” Spencer”s mom appears with Garrett, who was freed as an innocent man.

Mona, dressed as a nurse, returns to the mental facility. She laughs with the other ‘A’ about Paige having her cell phone, so they will suspect her. The other ‘A’ turns around – it’s Toby!

Back in the creepy room, ‘A’ calls for two tickets to the Halloween Train event.

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