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After a whirlwind across the Daytime campus a few weeks ago, last week was much more subdued. With “DOOL” off the air last week, we were left to ponder the fate of everyone after the explosion. On “Y&R,” many characters simply continued to rub us the wrong way (Kevin, Sharon) while on “B&B” we were left hanging, wondering what Thomas might have found. And on “GH,” the more things unraveled, the more confusing they became for everyone involved.

Restless Rant:

It was an uneven week in Genoa City despite some serious milestones like Ashley’s departure, Chelsea’s pregnancy, and Jack’s wedding, complete with medical miracle. Candace says, “After endless unsuccessful clashes with Victor, near-death experiences and epiphanies, misguided love affairs, and hurtful business dealings with loved ones, Jack is behaving worse than ever.  Alas, he may be back on his feet in the literal sense, but he’s set himself up to lose everything. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion – his blinders where Nikki’s concerned, his greed with Jabot/Beauty of Nature, and his treatment of Ashley are going to bite him big time. With all of that said, it’s tough not to love Ol’ Smilin’ Jack, and when he stood up at the wedding it was one of the best moments of the week – I had tears!” Read more at Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:

With the show being preempted by the Olympics last week, there was nothing to deconstruct. We were simply left with a week of wondering exactly who was going to be left standing after the explosion. The show admitted that things will never be the same and people will die. Since quite a few people are scheduled to leave, we had an idea or two about who it might be. Who do you think won’t make it out alive? Vote for your picks in our Days Of Our Lives Poll.



B&B Breakdown:

It should be interesting to see what Thomas and Caroline found on the surveillance footage (seriously, video footage should be nominated for an Emmy next year with all the air time it is getting these days on every show). But we also saw another side of Hope, which made her a bit more real. And thankfully, Steffy got back with the program. Candace says, “Things had just got to the point where I could no longer buy Steffy’s self-sacrificing routine as believable when she showed up at Liam’s door. In response to hearing that Hope had moved back to mommy’s, she finally declared her own position. Thank you. Steffy is the kind of girl that knows what she wants (though why she still wants Liam is beyond me) and who goes for it. The girl scout bit was getting old. ” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Todd and Johnny have found themselves in an unstable alliance, which should prove interesting depending on how long it lasts. But one of the best things to happen last week was Shawn flaunting his body. Hollie says, “So it was a battle between Trey and Shawn for the best bare chest award this week, and hands down, no question Shawn takes top honors. It was so good, the producers reran it over and over. Meanwhile, Trey looked so uncomfortable wearing just his jeans and his medal that I couldn’t wait for him to put his shirt back on. Shawn’s confidence helped put him over the top, but so did his arms. Crazy! Alexis certainly noticed, and I am pulling for her to get a little bit of that action.” Read more at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Because there was no show to pick apart from last week, Matt came up with his own, fictional, account of what happened. Matt says, “In spite of EJ’s election promises, Salem continues to be sucked into the sewer as half the town sinks during the great Daysaster of 2012. Explosions leave everyone rattled. Doug and Julie suddenly remember why they never stick around for long while, across town, Billie realizes why she doesn’t bother getting involved in any of the plots. There’s so much electricity pulsing through the air that it might almost be enough to revive Roman’s love life. Victor does his best to control the situation with the power of cursing while Maggie loses her balance when her hair shoots up like the bride of Frankenstein’s.” Read more Matt’s Musings: When Daysasters Strike.

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