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Last week it was a cross between hysterically funny (Liam’s new look on “B&B,” Phyllis’ pseudo-seduction of little blue pill popping Tim) and the incredibly sad (Jack’s death on “DOOL,” Alexis’ and Joss’ health crisis on “GH”) it was a true emotional roller coaster on Daytime last week. Just the way I like it!

Restless Rant:

Phyllis’ ill-fated meeting with Tim in her apartment was simply outrageous, as was Nikki’s hunt for an MIA Victor – sans new hubby Jack. Meanwhile, Sharon gave us more reason than ever to believe there was something else going on in her life other than just marrying the grandfather of her children! Candace says, “The changes in Sharon and the twists in her story just keep coming, and this week, she went from wide-eyed and startled while burning the pre-nup, to playing wide-eyed and innocent when denying it, to positively wild-eyed in the boardroom! Yes, folks, by week’s end, Sharon, schooled by Tucker, who may have unknowingly unleashed a well-manicured monster on the unsuspecting corporate world, strode into the board meeting and not only made a bold power-play, but seemed to be channeling Victor himself! ” Read more in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:

It felt so good to be back in Salem after the two-week hiatus! Sad to lose Madison and Jack and Sami’s safe-house outfit was ridiculous, but it was Ian’s performance with Kate that was a true standout for the week. Seriously, if they had been utilizing his character more like this the past few months I would be more broken up about his exit. As for Kate, she was beyond fierce and Christine agrees. She says, “Best scenes of the week were between Kate and Ian. Kate found sex with Ian to be, ‘The worst five minutes of my life.’ He told her she should be on her knees grateful that he killed Stefano. Kate’s jaw dropped and he offered her scotch for the shock! Then he threatened her with a broken wine bottle! Shocking, horrible and absolutely hilarious! What a scene. I wished Ian wasn’t leaving after watching that.” Read more in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.


B&B Breakdown:

In case you missed it,  Liam is still torn between Steffy and Hope. Candace says, “While Liam and Steffy busied themselves flirting and checking items off his bucket list all over town (where are the paparazzi now?), Hope and Brooke spent time in their comfort zone – dealing with florists and caterers, and much to our amusement, Pam. I could not believe it when Brooke said Ridge was designing another gown! There are no words for the level of spoiled happening here. Anyway, back at Liam’s place, Steffy got real with him, said her piece, and walked out the door. Later, Stephanie’s coughing attack (a bid to buy Steffy time?) caused Hope to make an unnecessarily mysterious phone call to Liam and cancel their dinner plans. Why wouldn’t she just tell him what was going on? Yeesh. Liam, once again, did not go looking for Hope to find out what was wrong, but made a beeline for Steffy. He so wants to have his cake and eat it too… ” Read more in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:

Sam and Jason made the decision to end things at the beginning of the week, but it wasn’t nearly the saddest event to happen in Port Charles. One particularly touching moment was between Liz and Carly during a quiet moment with Joss as they remembered Jake’s death. Hollie says, “Starr was amazing as a grieving mother watching Joss struggle with her illness. The scene with Liz and Carly sitting over Joss’ bed also got me a little. They did not have to really say anything at all in the brief scene and I was able to relive Liz’s pain of losing Jake and Carly’s joy at saving Joss, with both of their fear about what is happening now. Great moment between two professionals.” Read more in General Hospital Weekly Blog.


Matt’s Musings:

There is nothing like a big disaster to shake up a Daytime show and all of its plots. Matt says, “In spite of EJ’s election promises, Salem continues to be sucked into the sewer as half the town sinks during the great Daysaster of 2012. Explosions leave everyone rattled. Doug and Julie suddenly remember why they never stick around for long while, across town, Billie realizes why she doesn’t bother getting involved in any of the plots. There’s so much electricity pulsing through the air that it might almost be enough to revive Roman’s love life. Victor does his best to control the situation with the power of cursing while Maggie loses her balance when her hair shoots up like the bride of Frankenstein’s. They hide out under a table with Doug and Julie. She sings them torch songs and Doug recalls his old adventures in the tunnel in rhyming couplets.” Read more at Matt’s Musings.

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