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Our favorite soaps had us reeling last week, as major happenings across the board forced many of the characters into new situations they never thought they would be in. Kevin helped Phyllis clean up a mystery death on “Y&R,” out-of-the-closet Will slept with town pariah Gabi on “DOOL,” Liam begged like a fool for Hope on “B&B,” while Olivia has mystical new powers on “GH.” But that was just the beginning.

Restless Rant:
Despite the lack of depth in some of the storylines – and some that were just missing completely – the ones we did have last week were full of comedy, some wackier than others. One move that Candace enjoyed was Kevin getting roped into Phyllis’ mess with now-dead Tim. She said, “Basically, we were asked to suspend disbelief for the sake of getting Kevin pulled into Phyllis’ mess, which has actually been pretty entertaining. Watching Kevin and Phyllis squirm, bicker in hushed tones, and get caught in odd situations such as hoisting her coffee table into the air is funny…and way better viewing than being bored silly by Kevin discussing the website with Chloe. I also love that Michael, as D.A., will completely lose his mind when he finds out Kevin’s involved.” Where’s Victor? Find out in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
One week after the Daysaster, and certain storylines brought more questions than closure with certain relationships, including Will’s awkward grief sex with Gabi. And they weren’t the only couple in trouble. Christine said, “Lucas gave up on Sami without a fight. Understandable but nevertheless it’s a letdown that he hasn’t put up a fight for her. I’m not sure how to get behind a fight anyway considering she’s been cheating on him with EJ and doesn’t even seem broken up about it. Safe got some closure at the safe house which wasn’t really closure at all and points toward the two having unfinished business with one another. Meanwhile, EJ is eager to get into her pants and who knows what else but is Samanther ready for him or anyone right now? Did that flub mean she’s still got a torch for Rafe?” Get the scoop on Sonny’s week too in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:
It was getting almost unbearable to watch Liam go back and forth between Hope and Steffy last week, so it was about time someone called him out on his behavior (Thanks Katie!). Plus, despite his horribly awkward begging for Hope back at the ruined wedding, he went right back out to commiserate with Steffy.  Candace said, “I found it tough to watch, not just because Liam’s behavior was cringe-worthy, but because it seemed out-of-character. Whatever you think of Liam, he quite likes himself most of the time, and can almost always justify his actions. He arrived full of attitude and seemed irritated by Hope needling him, but then turned on a dime and started begging. Wrong on a few levels.” See what else Candace said in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
Hollie compared last week’s “GH” like the eye of the storm, with the crisis for Joss and Alexis behind but Jerry’s impending disaster just on the horizon. And by week’s end, the pieces were all lined up to make for a very dramatic puzzle. Bummer there was just a tease of what is to come for John, Sam, Jason and Liz though. Hollie said, “We just got a few brief moments of these two this week, but it was enough to confirm that the kiss these two shared weeks ago is very much on both of their minds. John couldn’t tell Natalie that his kiss with Sam didn’t mean anything, because it did. Glad to see they are going to talk about this. Let’s hope they actually do. I can’t stand when couples dance around an issue. Jason and Sam didn’t talk about what they needed to and look where they are now.” Read more in General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Out of all the things to come out of the explosion, Sami was able to find closure with a couple of her suitors – kind of. Matt said, “Over at the safe house, Rafe startled Sami. She whined about how the handcuffs hurt her wrists and started blaming the Daysaster and the Mayan apocalypse on Carrie. He finally told her that she left town. Sami started blaming herself for everything before getting whimsical about the days when he nearly died for a penguin. Elvis finally interrupted and was dismayed to see that Sami had marks on her wrists. He licked his lips, hoping it was something kinky. However, Rafe did not pull out a scarf from an unexpected hiding place. Instead, he just began bickering with him as usual. EJ managed to explain what had happened with Ian and the Stefano doppelganger. Somewhere, RoboRafe was turning in his grave. Sami went home to think about EJ and Rafe as she fondled tea bags.” Get more at Matt’s Musings.

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