The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 13-17.

Last of the free men.

Liam and Steffy argued about his future with Hope. She rolled her eyes and then rolled him out the door. She thought he needed to remember what fun was. They went to a club. She did some DJing and danced with him. He yelped about how free he felt. They woke up the next day. She told him there would be no more fun once he married Hope. They got on her motorcycle and drove around. He admitted that there was no one like her and he was tempted not to go through with the wedding. They hung out at the beach.

Hope told Brooke and Ridge how eager she was for the wedding. Her mom had misgivings. Pam showed up and offered to help organize things and they decided to have the ceremony at Stephanie’s. They went over to ask for permission. Stephanie said the wedding was a bad idea because Liam obviously still had feelings for Steffy. Hope badgered her anyway and she gave in. As Hope babbled about the ceremony to her mom, Stephanie lectured her son for supporting it. Hope was still adamant about the wedding and Stephanie promised to stop Pam from causing problems. When she and Hope began joking around, Stephanie started having a coughing fit. Worried about her, Hope decided to stick by her side and cancelled her evening date with Liam. He didn’t like that one bit so he ran after Steffy at a club. He got drunk and started wearing a lampshade as he danced.

Thomas and Caroline hung out at her place and shared a few kisses. Meanwhile, Katie filled Bill in on the latest. He couldn’t believe that Hope wanted another wedding. When she brought up what happened with Deacon, he did his best to change the subject with some groping. They all went over to the Forrester mansion to wait for the wedding to commence. Stephanie admitted once again to Hope that she had serious doubts about her marrying Liam when he obviously had feelings for another woman. Undeterred, Hope called and woke Liam up to remind him it was their wedding day. Steffy revealed to the hung over groom that he’d dyed his hair red and been tattooed. He was horrified. She drove him off to see the bride and dropped him off at the guest house. He ran around with a helmet on, doing his best to to reveal his new appearance to Hope. She caught him out though and demanded to know what he’d been up to and who with.

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