The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 20-24.

On his knees.

Steffy told her mom all about how much fun she’d had with Liam. Taylor doubted Hope would see it that way. Meanwhile, Liam tried apologizing to Hope and admitted he’d been spending the last of his ‘free’ time with Steffy. This infuriated her. She decided that he wasn’t ready to get married. News of their feuding rapidly spread to the wedding guests. Hope ran by them and shirtless Liam ran after her screeching. Everyone watched as he dropped on his knees begging her to marry him. Bill was not amused. Hope repeated that she wouldn’t marry him. Rick showed Liam the door. Katie went out to lecture him and then Bill followed. He was disgusted by his son. They wrestled until Liam cried. They hugged. Bill suggested that his son may have subconsciously sabotaged the wedding so he could be with Steffy instead.

Rick, Thomas and Caroline discussed Liam’s wacky behavior. Rick thought Liam was a dolt and Thomas said he wasn’t right for Hope at all. While he made out with Caroline, Rick went off to see Liam and tell him that he was a ‘toxic’ twit. Brooke showed up next to question his judgment. He insisted that he hadn’t betrayed Hope. Meanwhile, Rick cornered Thomas and suggested that he should get back with Hope. Thomas reminded him that he was with Caroline, but he started remembering his past with the other woman.

Hope informed Steffy there was no wedding. Steffy tried to play down what she was up to with Liam but Hope demanded to know everything. Steffy assured her she didn’t cross any lines. Brooke showed up next and lectured her. Meanwhile, Hope and Liam finally met up again. He repeated that he didn’t cross any lines and insisted they could still have a future. Rick showed up after Liam left to mope to Steffy about everything. Rick urged Hope not to trust Liam and reminded her that he already lied about Italy. He went off to meet with Othello and asked him to tell Hope that he saw Steffy and Liam doing a lot more than they were willing to admit on the night before the wedding.

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