The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 6-10.

Two women and a headcase.

Liam moped to his dad about Hope. Bill was miffed. Meanwhile, Brooke kept encouraging her daughter to go back to her husband. Hope wasn’t ready for that yet. She turned to Rick for advice and he told her that Liam was a headcase who could never make up his mind. Across town, Steffy moped to her father about Hope and told him he needed to take some distance from the blond. He admitted that she had a lot of growing up to do. Steffy went to see Liam and they hung out. After she left, he went around the house smelling Hope’s clothes while fantasizing about Steffy.

Rick continued offering Hope his ear. Although she complained about Liam, she still insisted she wanted to spend her life with him. Rick told her that was a bad idea. Meanwhile, Taylor worried to Ridge that Liam would never make up his mind. Ridge reminded her that people used to say the same thing about him. She didn’t want her daughter to feel like she was second best. That’s how Ridge always made her feel. At that moment, Steffy arrived at Liam’s with her bags and announced that she was moving in or moving on. They discussed all the good sex they had and their love for Bob Hope. She challenged him to dump Hope and come back to her. He went straight over to Hope and asked her to come back to him right away. She explained that she needed to have another wedding just to confirm that he’s really committed to her. Liam returned to Steffy, who had just filled her brother in on the situation before waxing nostalgic. He informed her that he was marrying Hope again. She kissed him and urged him to let Hope go.

Thomas and Caroline brought the video footage exonerating Marcus to the courthouse. It proved that a different car hit Anthony and Marcus only hit a pothole. All charges were dropped. They shared the news with Anthony, who apologized for lashing out. Everyone forgave everyone and Stephanie teased Thomas and Caroline about what great detectives they were.

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