The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 30-August 3.

Circling around.

Hope was relieved when Liam told her they weren’t technically married. She mocked the vows he made and said their wedding was a hoax. He begged for forgiveness. And then begged some more… and some more. She didn’t think she could do that and walked out. Meanwhile, Steffy lashed out at Brooke for keeping the video floating around. They bickered about Liam’s feelings. Steffy made it clear that she’d keep her distance, but if Liam wanted her back, she’d take him. When Brooke left, Hope showed up and told Steffy she could have Liam. She even handed over her wedding band. Steffy told her to try to get over it. Hope whined that she thought they were sisters, but now she just hated her guts. After the blonde left, Steffy called Liam to tell him about the hate fest.

Bill was filled in about the latest in the endless skirmishes over his son. Brooke went off to fill Katie in and then Hope showed up to mope. Her mum urged her to talk to her new husband. Hope tried again. He was all hugs. He begged for forgiveness… and then begged some more. She said she needed time alone to try and get the image of him and Steffy out of her mind. After she walked away, Steffy showed up. He told her the latest and she advised him to let Hope go. Steffy insisted that Hope was just a girl in a woman’s body and he needed a real woman… like her. Meanwhile, Brooke and Taylor bickered about their daughters. The shrink told her old enemy to let Hope use her brain for once.

Dayzee went to see Marcus in the cells. He was apologetic. Justin and Bill got involved and started giving him advice on how to avoid a stiff sentence. Justin did his best to reassure the couple but Marcus was less optimistic. Justin took them to the bail hearing and made his plea to the judge. The DA argued that Marcus was addicted to texting and that made him a menace. The judge agreed and refused bail. Meanwhile, Caroline and Thomas made out a lot and then went to get Marcus’ car. It didn’t have much damage but the mechanic hadn’t fixed it anyway. They took a drive and got a flat from hitting a pothole. Tom noticed this caused the same damage that Marcus’ car had. He thought they should check the surveillance footage outside of Dayzee’s. They soon found what they were looking for and immediately ran to the court house.

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