The Young And The Restless Spoilers August 10 – 13.

Caught in the act and burning the evidence…

Michael is in a tough spot but advises Paul not to plead guilty under any circumstance. If Paul does, he will do time. Christine prepares to leave Genoa City, and Heather still needs to find someone to help her father. She asks Avery what it would take for her to drop Phyllis as a client in order to represent Paul. Avery refuses.

Nick cannot ignore the fact that he saw Tim Reid leaving Tumblers and demands to know from Phyllis what was going on. Tim and Phyllis in the same store can’t be a coincidence! Nick also lets Phyllis know he saw their financial adviser leave their house. Phyllis admits Tim was blackmailing her. Though Nick tries to cancel the money transfer from Summer’s trust, he’s too late. When Avery finds out, she quits on Phyllis then tells Christine and Heather she’ll take Paul’s case.

Eden heads into her sub-conscious under hypnosis and remembers why she went to Ricky’s apartment. However, when she begins screaming in fear of ‘Ricky’s hands’ Kyle jumps in to bring her back to the present. Christine isn’t sure what Eden revealed will be enough to help Paul.

Sharon thinks the text she received was from Victor and tells Tucker that Victor’s alive – and probably trying to annul their marriage. Though she admits that Victor made her sign a pre-nup, and promised her a hefty settlement, she doesn’t quite remember how long they have to be married in order for her to receive it. Tucker helps Sharon break into Victor’s briefcase. They find the pre-nup, which proves Sharon isn’t entitled to anything. She vows revenge. Meanwhile, Nikki admits to Vikki that she plans to end Victor’s sham of a marriage with his own cell phone. Vikki thinks what her mother is doing is terrible – and loves it! However, she does suggest Nikki tell Sharon the truth, knowing it could compromise her marriage to Jack if she doesn’t. Just as Nikki enters the ranch, Sharon throws the pre-nup in the fire. Little do the women know, Victor is standing on a shipping wharf watching a ship named the Anne Elizabeth pull away.

Come Monday… Avery warns Paul to fight. Nikki asks what Sharon’s burning, and Nick hears from ranch security who reports a disturbance at the main house.

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