The Young And The Restless Spoilers August 17 – 20.

An announcement and a death…

Tucker and Sharon go over an old precedent, which Sharon thinks might be too extreme. Tucker reassures her and states that as long as Victor stays gone, she’s going to be in for the ride of her life. Sharon has a plan and an announcement to go with it – one that makes an impact on certain Newmans. During the Newman board meeting, which Billy’s Restless Style show covers at Vikki’s request, Sharon informs everyone that until Victor returns she will be handling his shares and running Newman. She even goes so far as to suggest they consider her Victor Newman!

Meanwhile, at a bar, Victor orders a shot and receives an offer to double his dollars over a roll of the dice. When a guy tries to cheat Victor out of money, Victor gets physical, delivers a stern warning then goes outside. He returns soon after, beaten up, but not without knocking out a few guys in the process.

Things still aren’t quiet on the Tim front, and Phyllis does her best to string the former doctor along. However, she may need a little help and looks at a bottle of pills that warns not to operate heavy machinery while under their influence. Whether Tim brings along any heavy machinery or not, when he arrives, she appears happy to see he made it. Tim makes it very clear that he wouldn’t miss being with Phyllis for the world. Phyllis hands him a pill-spiked glass of wine – but Tim refuses to drink it. Phyllis stalls by wanting to change into something more comfortable. While she’s gone, Tim washes down a few Viagras with the spiked wine and has a heart attack. Phyllis is shocked to find him dead on her floor.

Come Monday… While Abby says on camera, “The drama is on here in the heart of Genoa City,” Sharon warns the board not to mess with her. And Phyllis demands that Kevin help her save Tim.

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