The Young And The Restless Spoilers August 21 – 23.

Lies and alibis…

After Kevin and Phyllis decide they won’t mention being together the night Tim died, Kevin is forced to lie to Chloe. Meanwhile, Ronan learns that Tim appears to have had a heart attack, and the landlady tells him of a strange encyclopedia salesman being at Tim’s apartment the previous night. Ronan goes to grill Phyllis, who provides an alibi – sort of – she was home watching TV alone.

Adam and Sharon have a bit of a showdown at the ranch, and he warns her that whoever is pulling her strings can’t be trusted. Right then, across town at Gloworm, Tucker divulges to Genevieve his plans to buy up Newman shares and profit big time by using Sharon. Watch for Jack to also try and get in on the action, but in the meantime, he has a heart-to-heart with Kyle about Nikki and Eden, and with his son’s help, takes a step.

Nick and Avery work up a plot to undermine Sharon by bringing up her past, and Jack turns to Abby with a money-making scheme. Nikki comes up empty while searching for Victor in Kansas, but Genevieve may have found a lead.

Wait, there’s more…Someone reaches out to Victor, and Chelsea has some news for Adam.

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