The Young And The Restless Spoilers August 28 – 30.

Banned from the ranch and dragged to the station…

Sharon informs Jack that Tucker set her up with an interview to be featured in The Chronicle. Jack warns Sharon to watch her step and not to be so trusting of Tucker, but she insists to know exactly what she’s doing. Meanwhile, Abby is stunned to find out through a security guard that Sharon is trying to keep her off of her father’s ranch, which only fuels the rivalry between them. Abby is none too pleased to hear that Sharon also donated her horses to a charity and threatens that her father will send Sharon to the glue factory upon his return. Abby’s not the only one furious with Sharon… Look for Nick and Victoria to act against their new stepmother.

Genevieve is confused by Victor’s behavior and tries to make sense of it. However, she finds herself backed into a corner when Cane and Lily begin grilling her. While Cane takes some time out to accept a new assignment from Jack, and even gives his boss some advice about Newman stocks, a woman with a koala bear key-chain bumps into Lily.

Ronan convinces some cops, and Heather, that the rug found in the dumpster was stained with wine – not blood. He does one better and tells Phyllis that she did the right thing by throwing out the rug with the ‘wine stain’. Meanwhile, Chloe wonders if Michael plans to arrest Kevin. Why else would Michael insist that his brother accompany him to the station? Let’s just say that Michael doesn’t buy Kevin’s claim that he’s been selling encyclopedias on the side for extra cash. If Kevin doesn’t come clean, Michael warns he’ll find out what it’s like not to have him on his side. Heather delivers some bad news as well and tells Daniel there may be more charges against his mother. Later, Paul warns Heather that if Ricky’s friend, the one they’re meeting with, turns out to be another dead-end they might as well convict him now.

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