The Young And The Restless Spoilers August 31 – September 3.

Decisions and discoveries…

Jack informs Nikki that all of her things have been packed and ready to be shipped out of his mansion. Nikki acts surprised, but Jack reminds her she walked away from him for Victor. He also makes it clear that it’s a shame she did since Victor will never love Nikki like he does. Jack stands up and stuns Nikki… Not only because he can walk but because he turns and walks away from her.

Over talk of everything Sharon has been up to, Victoria insists to Billy and Nick that Sharon isn’t smart enough to come up with this plan alone. She must have an adviser. They all agree Tucker has to be helping Sharon. When Billy calls Kevin for help in hacking into Tucker’s phone, Kevin thinks there must be a sign on his forehead, offering illegal services, but does as asked in exchange for free ad space. Billy’s curious as to why Genevieve texted Tucker from LA. He asks Katherine to borrow her jet and spots Victor upon his arrival in Los Angeles.

Tucker warns Sharon that he’s being summoned to Victoria’s house but has no idea why. While Tucker runs off to meet the troops, who secretly put a plan to have Sharon removed into motion, Sharon promises Victor’s portrait that she’ll run his company better than anyone before her. Later, having defeated those coming after her, Sharon kisses Tucker. And after a brief run-in with Summer, Sharon swipes the girl’s concert tickets.

Michael can’t shake the feeling that Phyllis is reacting like she always does when her back is against the wall. He asks to see her laptop then accuses Phyllis of lying when she refuses him. While Phyllis challenges Michael to get a court order, Ronan admits to Kevin that he hates lying to Michael – but hopes the lies he told are enough to help take the heat off of Phyllis. That may be too much to hope for since Michael calls Ronan and asks that he get him a court order for Phyllis’ laptop. In one last attempt to save Phyllis, Ronan claims he’s Phyllis’ alibi and states that they’ve been having an affair.

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