The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 13 – 17.

Nikki left Jack, Daniel had sex with Heather, and someone died…

Nikki admitted to Sharon she’d sent the text from Victor then told Nick Sharon had burned Victor’s documents. Nick knew the pre-nup covered their family and business and worried Sharon would take advantage. Sharon told Vikki and Avery that Victor didn’t make her sign a pre-nup. Tucker continued to guide Sharon and suggested she use Victor’s proxy. During a Newman board meeting, Sharon announced she’d be running the company and handling Victor’s shares in his absence.

Nikki refused to go on a honeymoon with Jack until she found Victor. Jack warned if Nikki left he wouldn’t be waiting for her when she returned. Nikki left anyway. Meanwhile, Victor resurfaced in a bar and was told a ship would be coming in – and joined a team of workers. Later, Victor ends up in a scuffle and knocks two men out cold.

Lauren posted Paul’s bail. Heather and Daniel grew closer and kissed. Phyllis ordered Daniel to stay away from Heather for fear she’d use him to get dirt on her. Daniel refused, and he and Heather made love. Phyllis convinced Leslie Michaelson to take her case and was offered a job from Kevin to help with his website that was losing ground to their competition. Billy and his camera crew confronted Tim about Phyllis, but he quickly ran off. After Phyllis found out Tim had been subpoenaed in her case, she offered him money. Tim promised if she made him happy, he’d stay quiet. If not, he’d tell all. Phyllis invited Tim over when Nick was gone and tried serving him pill-spiked wine. Tim refused to drink it. When Phyllis stalled by ‘going to slip into something more comfortable’ Tim popped a few Viagras, washed them down with the spiked wine then died of a heart attack. Phyllis was stunned to find Tim dead on her floor.

Lily wondered to Cane if someone behind the scenes was trying to come between him and his mom. After Genevieve accepted Cane’s apology for his prior accusations, they overheard a man make a reservation for Claude Shirl. Cane and Genevieve forced the man to admit a woman hired him to do it. Later, Cane found a note from someone he was supposed to meet – signed by Samantha – and wondered if Genevieve was hiding something, since Caleb hadn’t been charged with Samantha’s death. Genevieve denied knowing anything.

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