The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 20-24.

Phyllis tried to calm Kevin down, Jack asked Abby to do something, and Adam and Chelsea got big news …

Ronan and Michael determined Tim’s cause of death was booze-and-Viagra fueled, so they brought Beth in to ask her some questions. She told a sketch artist what the encyclopedia salesman looked like and then they found out the body was moved after death. Meanwhile, Phyllis had the apartment thoroughly cleaned. Ronan and Michael got the footage from Phyllis’ place, but it was all black. They learned someone hacked into the system and turned off the camera. Ronan thought it was Phyllis and Michael agreed it wasn’t a likely a coincidence and wanted a search warrant.

Sharon was upset that there were rumors all over the internet that she was the reason Newman stock prices were falling, but Tucker gave her confidence that revenge was the best motivator. He suggested she fire Nick and she nearly did it, but confessed to him later. Avery told Nick that Victor never intended for Sharon to run Newman. They wondered who fed her the precedent. Nick told Sharon that Newman was getting pounded thanks to her. Sharon insisted she could turn it around by fast-tracking the new line. Meanwhile, Tucker started buying up shares of Newman.

Jack called Abby out of bed with Carmine to ask her to buy up Newman stock as prices continued to fall. He told her they had to act fast before Victor came back and prices rose again. Abby felt it was all to do with his obsession with Nikki, and refused to exploit her father’s absence. In Vegas, Victor was having money problems. He told a nun his name was Christian, but wouldn’t tell her where he was from or what he was running from. She arranged for him to work at the bar. Meanwhile, Genevieve was on her way to Vegas to find him.

At Restless Style, Billy told his producer he was going to Tim’s place to get the scoop before the show. The landlady recognized Billy from TV and he convinced her to talk. Abby joined Carmine at Gloworm to watch the episode of Restless Style TV and he told her she was great. Plus, Abby loved sticking it to Sharon. Elsewhere, Sharon watched Abby talk about her on Restless Style TV and vowed she would regret it. So she banned Abby from the ranch, company, and stables. Sharon also had her horses donated to charity.

Chelsea gave Adam a present – a positive pregnancy test!


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Phyllis Diller passed away last week. Read about her legacy in’s Celebrity Gossip. Plus, don’t forget to catch up on Pretty Little Liars recaps before this week’s finale, which will include screen shots.

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