The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 6 – 10.

Nikki pushed Sharon, Tim made demands, and Christine stepped down…

Unable to find Victor, Sharon got drunk at the ranch. Tucker arrived and drove her to the Abbotts. Victor wasn’t there, and Nikki pushed Sharon into the pool! Later, everyone found Victor’s horse in full tack and wondered if Victor had been thrown off on the trails – or if he’d purposely disappeared. Sharon kissed Tucker but was mortified the next day by her actions. Nikki couldn’t believe Sharon hadn’t reported Victor missing and called the police herself. When Avery confronted Sharon about the pre-nup Victor had her sign, Sharon claimed to know nothing about it. She received a text from Victor but didn’t realize Nikki had sent it from the cell she found of Victor’s. Tucker helped Sharon break into Victor’s briefcase. They found the pre-nup, which proved Sharon received nothing. Sharon vowed revenge and burned the pre-nup, as Nikki entered the ranch. Meanwhile, Victor watched a ship named the Anne Elizabeth pull away from a shipping wharf in Los Angeles.

Christine wouldn’t plead guilty on Paul’s behalf and stepped down from his case. After Daniel convinced Eden to try hypnosis, while under, Eden lashed out for fear of ‘Ricky’s hands’. Kyle rushed to her aid and brought Eden back to the present.

Avery had a gag order put on Billy, who assured Vikki he wouldn’t talk about Victor or Nikki’s weddings on his show. While live, Abby started in on the topic. Billy chastised her then told the audience he had dirt on Phyllis. He didn’t but planned to get it. Phyllis refused to sleep with Tim. When Tim heard Billy would pay heavily for the tape, Phyllis ordered her financial adviser to transfer money from Summer’s trust to an offshore account then turned the account number over to Tim. Nick caught her with Tim after seeing the adviser leave their house. Phyllis admitted Tim was blackmailing her. Nick called to stop the money transfer but was too late. Avery found out what Phyllis did, quit then took on Paul’s case. Christine vowed to return for Phyllis’ trial then left Genoa City.

Chelsea eased Vikki’s feelings over Johnny and admitted she and Adam were starting their own family. They agreed to a truce. While Kevin and Adam were forced to launch their website early, due to a competitor, Neil and Harmony shared a first date, and Jack gave Cane a promotion at Jabot.

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