Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For September 12.

There Is No There There.

Sami runs into her son in the square and announces she has a gift for him. She tells him that EJ has resigned. He worries that she’s thinking of getting back with Elvis. He admits that he likes EJ, “But how I feel about him doesn’t matter.” Will says EJami are always a disaster. She takes him to her place and hands him a giant gift. The topic stays on EJ. She freaks him out by speaking reasonably. He finally opens his present. It’s a jacket. “Wow,” he says, before saying that she’s been ‘all over the map’ with men lately. He tells her to be sure for once. She starts probing him about his love life. He says there isn’t one. Will heads to the pub and bumps into Tad, who makes some gay jokes and a vague remark about Sonny. William needs an explanation.

EJ is wandering to the pub and making calls to arrange his big date with Samanther. When he arrives in the pub, he overhears Jenn saying Nic has moved in with her. He interrogates her and suggests she ‘up her disaster insurance’. She doesn’t appreciate the threat and suggests that he move on. He goes outside and calls Justin to request legal advice.

Rafe pays Nicole a visit at the Horton house. She tells him the baby is a boy and she’s going to call it “Daniel R-r-r-rafael Hernandez”. He doesn’t seem impressed but tries to pretend. Rafe points out that naming the baby after the guy who did the paternity test isn’t too bright. He wonders what is up with her and the doctor. She talks about their ‘romance’ but worries that Jenn is back in Daniel’s orbit. They argue about feelings. She accuses him of having some of those for Sa-sa-sami. Nic just wants him to be happy. He insists that he and Sami are history. “There is no there there,” he claims. He would cross the street if he saw Sami walking down it. Immediately after, he heads to Sami’s and finds her in a bubblegum pink dress. He guesses she’s going to see EJ. “He’s not the right man for you!” he blurts out.

Mel’s at Chad’s when she gets a heavy breather on the line. She assumes it’s Nick and slams the phone down. It was actually her dad. He’s been having phone problems and calls her back. She babbles. Brady shows up. She babbles even faster and then hides her wedding ring. He apologizes for overreacting about Nick. Meanwhile, at Caffeinated, Adrienne starts talking to Daniel about Chad and Sonny’s partnership. He suddenly pays his condolences for Jack. She wishes Jenn had someone to lean on. He heads off to see his daughter. The high speed babbling continues until he notices her engagement ring. “It’s pretty. It’s pretty,” she says. “What in the hell are you thinking?” he asks. He thinks the timing is all wrong. It reminds him of her ill-fated union with Philly K. They bicker. She thinks he should just let her be happy. He tries congratulating her.

Brady goes to the square. He mopes over fliers for a loss support group. Jenn arrives for the same thing. Neither of them feel like going. He talks about his giant pretzel and asks her to take a bite. She digs out the middle and explains she always left the crusts for Jack. He thinks she should help him eat next week too. As they giggle, Nic walks by and makes a face.

Billie walks into Caffeinated and catches EJ on the phone with Justin. She interrupts to ask him if he’s still interested in Nicole. He gets off the line. Billie thinks EJ should confide in her. That’s not going to happen. She teases him. He runs away and tries calling Sami. Over at the bar, Adrienne is quizzing her son about Brian but he insists that nothing is happening between them. He admits he’s interested in Will. She cringes.

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