Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For September 10.

What’s It To You?

At her place, Rafe admits to Sami that he could never hate her. She wants to know how he feels. EJ shows up, looks at Sami’s chest and licks his lips before declaring he has a surprise. Rafe makes himself scarce. EJ asks Sami to lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge. He already arranged for a babysitter. He wants to pick up where they left off and prove how important she is to him. She tells him there can’t be any more lying, kidnapping or cloning. “Dull dull dull,” he groans. They start kissing. Hope shows up. She informs them that the charges against them have been dropped but the governor wants to meet EJ and demand his resignation. He’s already in town. Elvis goes down to the square to meet the governor and the press. EJ offers his resignation, claiming he wants to spend more time with his family.

Rafe goes to the pub. The empty mugs remind him of Sami. Lucas shows up and orders him a beer as a thank you for warning him about Sami. He suggests that going from Sami to Nicole is like going from bad to worse. They discuss ‘that guy’ they both hate. Lucas thinks Sami and EJ deserve each other. The detective starts to guess that EJ actually wants the baby to be his so he can get Sami back. He sees her walk in and plods over her to say that EJ is playing her. But this was just a fantasy. He actually stops himself from saying anything and walks out.

At the hospital, Daniel overhears one of his colleagues trashing Jenn. He defends Jenn and orders her to be nice. Nic walks in to hear this and starts probing. She suggests that Jenn will never get over losing Jack. Suddenly, she tells him she’s ‘carrying a little dude’. “Awesome,” he says. She worries about how EJ will react and then abruptly asks him to be the child’s godfather. He recalls what happened with Parker, but he’d be honored to do it anyway. He’s missed thinking about diaper rash. The baby kicks so she gets him to feel the little dude.

In the square, Jenn worries to Kayla that Daniel is angry with her. Kay says he just has issues. Jenn explains that Nic and Daniel are more than doctor and patient. “Ewww!” squeals Kayla. Jenn doesn’t want to see Daniel’s heart get broken. “What’s it to you?” Kay asks, worrying that Nicole might think Jenn’s after the doctor and go on the defensive. Jenn won’t let Daniel get hurt. She thinks Victor should have a talk with him. The veins in her forehead start to throb as she rants. Abe eventually arrives to calm things down. “I was afraid this was going to turn into a cage match,” he says. Kay tells him she’s taken the chief of staff’s job. She expects him to be furious with her about that. They go off together and Abe thanks her for taking the job, sure that she will honor his wife’s memory. He gives her the pen he bought for Lexi when she got the position.

At Casa da Chad, he drops on his knee and proposes to Mel. “Where is this coming from?” she wonders. “Whatta ya say, huh?” he prods. She guesses this about Nick. He’s dumbfounded. She already ‘did the married thing’ and failed. He proposes again. She gulps and says she needs to wait. He understands. She thanks him for that.

Cameron drops by Horton house. Abby wants to make up to him for last. He says they can take it slow. She jumps on him. When she reaches for his belt, he tells her she’s not ready and buttons up. He heads out. She cries. Later, Mel arrives. Abby doesn’t want to talk about her boy problems so they talk about Mel’s. Mel wants to talk to Maggie about the proposal so she putters off. Abby paces around and calls Cam to apologize. She wants to make it up to him tonight. When she turns around, her mom is standing there with her eyes popping out of her head. Abby groans. Jenn warns her to be really careful. When she brings up birth control, her daughter tells her to back off. “I’m not an ancient country bumpkin. I know what I’m talking about,” Jenn says. Her daughter blurts out that she’s still a virgin. Jenn’s lips hang open. Meanwhile, Hope brings Nick over to the mansion and asks Maggie to let him live there for six months. She’d take him in but Bo was the arresting office and Julie went on a cruise. Maggie agrees to let him stay. Later, Mel drops in. As she waits to see Maggie, Nick strolls by. They stare at each other in shock.

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  1. From dc

    WOW!!! alot going on today. nick moving in with maggie (bad idea). chad proposing to melanie (wish she would accept). nicole asking daniel to be godfather of her baby (wish he would have said NO). and wish writers would move on with the sami/ej thing.. i am wanting her to go back to rafe..
    i read where brady and jennifer are gonna get close (UMMM).. abby needs to quit leaving cameron frustrated and let him know she is a VIRGIN..

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