Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For September 11.

Are You Asking Me Out?

At the hospital, Nicole gets Daniel to feel the baby kicking her gut. He talks about miracles. Brady interrupts. The doctor gets called away. Brady accuses Nic of having ‘it bad for the good doctor’. He thinks she’s making the same mistake she always makes. She thinks he’s being mean. He asks her to be careful.

At the Horton house, Jenn lectures her daughter about birth control. Abby blurts out that she is still a virgin. “How can that be?” Jenn asks in shock. Abby thinks her mom has never taken an interest in her. Jenn goes to the square to cry. Daniel finds her and lets her use his hanky. Jenn feels like she’s in a minefield. He’s sure crying helps. She talks about her grief and how losing Jack has made her feel like she’s taking on everything alone. As they discuss Nicole, the woman in question arrives and eavesdrops. She interrupts to ask about Maggie. The doctor runs off to see her. Nic worries about Daniel worrying about Jenn when he’s supposed to be worrying about Melanie. Then she worries that Jenn is using Daniel to get past her grief. “If you care about him, please do not play mind games with him!” Nic demands.

Cameron pays Abby a visit at home. She doesn’t want to talk and leads him up to her room. He’s not sure this is a good idea. “You think I’m putting on a show for my mother?” she asks curtly. That wasn’t what he was thinking. He just doesn’t think she knows what she wants. The doctor thinks that being in a relationship probably isn’t the best thing for her right now. He bluntly dumps her and walks out.

Sami is in the square thinking about Rafe. She starts writing him a text but tells herself that it won’t work. “Nothing ever does for you,” Kate snipes. They argue about running CW into the ground and Sami walks off. Billie joins her mom. Kate’s ready for an adult conversation. They go to the pub. Kate wants them to work together but her daughter is reluctant.

Chad runs up to this brother outside Caffeinated. He wants his help finding Stefano. He needs a favor from their father and tells his brother he might be getting married. Chad needs his dad to help Mel stay safe. EJ says that’s a bad idea. He tells his brother that Nick is a dangerous genius. EJ goes home and runs into Sami in the hall. He explains that he resigned to spend time with his family and that’s made him feel happy and lighthearted. She invites him in and she suggests they get Mary to look after the kids while they have dinner. “Are you asking me out?” he asks. He teases her and jokes around. EJ feels like he’s on vacation and asks for a day to arrange their big date. Sami thinks he seems like a whole new man.

At the mansion, Mel drops her glass when Nick walks into the room. Maggie runs in and says that he lives there now. She sends Nick out and explains to Mel, who abruptly announces she needs to get her hair cut and runs away. Maggie cries. Nick returns and feels bad about the whole situation. He goes down to the square and starts making calls as he looks through the job listings. Caroline spots him and comes over. They have an awkward conversation. She’s still angry about what he did to her. He’s apologetic and says he’s trying to be better. She says no one owes him forgiveness… but she read all of the letters he sent her and offers him a job washing dishes. It’s the crummiest thing she can offer. Back at the mansion, Daniel walks in on Brady lecturing Maggie about letting Nick live there. The doctor doesn’t know whose side she’s on anymore. Meanwhile, Chad goes back to his pad and finds Mel there. They discuss his proposal. He feels like an idiot for putting pressure on her. Chad pulls out the ring anyway. He proposes again and she says, “Yeah.” He squeezes it on her finger and they hug.

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