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A lot of “DOOL” viewers aren’t exactly thrilled with how the show has been panning out since it switched writers again. Are you feeling the same way, or is there something on the show that is making you feel less glum?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    well, i hate that melanie and bo are leaving. it seems like the good actors are leaving or being let go (which i don’t think is right). bringing back some of the actors that were on before is good, if they have good storylines..
    i’m still on the fence about the new writers.. if there are no more of the characters let go.. although i still don’t know what they are gonna do with chad’s character with melanie leaving. i can see gabi getting close to nick but hopefully she will not be put with chad..

  2. From bettyg

    I always give new writers a fighting chance before I start to complain. If only the plot didn’t revolve around Sami, so much more could be done with the fine cast of people DOOL has. Give John, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Hope something to do, please! I am enjoying the Will-Sonny storyline so far.

  3. From Carolyn

    I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the gay story line. YUCK!!!!

  4. From Lori

    I am quite tired of the triangles and flip-flopping of Sami. She & Rafe just don’t fit and they keep trying to make her a heroine when she is clearly not. Let her embrace who she is and finally settle with EJ where she is accepted for who she is. Get Kate back with Stephano and bring back Carrie for Rafe. Then pit John/Marlena & Rafe/Carrie against EJ/Sami & Stephano/Kate. Oh the possibilities there!!

    I do see potential with the Gabi/Nick storyline and I am enjoying the Will/Sonny pairing as well. Get Dan back with Jen as they clearly belong together and can be the new Alice & Tom. This will leave Brady to pick up the pieces of Nicole as he is the only one who has ever really loved & accepted her anyway.

    Melanie will be missed! But please don’t put Chad back with Abigail…it didn’t work before and won’t now. Chad needs some time alone to cultivate his true Dimera persona maybe with Kristen as a mother figure.

    Lucas & Abigail really don’t add much to the show at all. Neither does Hope without Bo…they have tried it before and didn’t work.

  5. From Lori

    Get Roman a woman for pity sake!!

  6. From paki

    I can’t stand the gay storyline either. Really silly. Also less Sami. Enough of her bouncing from man to man and loving them all and them all loving her. Really? Not interesting at all. Just put her with someone and forget it. Backburner the whole thing.

  7. From jenn

    Well, I have to dvr my episodes of days. Instead of watching them daily, I now watch them on Friday and Saturday nights. In other words, I am not so excited about it anymore. dc, I am not happy at all about Bo’s departing either.

    I agree with everything that bettyg says. They need to incorporate more of the other actors. I am also loving the Sonny and Will story.

  8. From cc

    I am not in favor of the gay storyline, and especially not in favor of Bo’s departure.Give us a break way too much Sami!!!
    I have been a DOOL watcher for 25 years, but will not be a loyal fan very much for the future with the way things are going at this time.

  9. From Lissa

    First time I voted “It’s been worse” but now after hearing they are going to have Nicole miscarry again my vote is “NAH,IT’S NEARING THE END”

  10. From Carly

    Do not want Bo to leave or Chloe or Kristen to come back. Can’t stand the gay storyline. I fast forward thru it.

  11. From Judy

    Love the show , but think that the ” Gay ” stuff is ruining it .

  12. From Fifi LaRue

    I am so glad you asked this question. I am hopeful that the new writers will do a good job, but not completely sure it will happen. I will miss Bo and Melanie, but I am excited that Kristen and Chloe are coming back. I am happy that Kayla is not a waitress anymore because that was just silly, but I am upset that we are not seeing John much. He is a great character and wonderful actor. I think they went a little overboard with Nick coming back and how his storyline affects almost every other character, but I do hope they use some kind of intelligent storyline for him since he is a genius. I also hope they clear up everyone’s jobs, especially between Titan, Basic Black, and CW. The last writers really screwed that up and left John alone at Basic Black and had Sami and EJ running CW and everyone else at Titan. Weird. I hope they show more work-related storlyines too because it is weird to see all these peopel not working and rarely spending time with their kids. Where the heck is Johnny and Ciara?

  13. From Mrs. Dunn

    Believe it or not, I began watching this show in 1965 when I was a sophomore in high school. There have been many ups and downs but I have to say this gay story line has made me puke. I don’t care if they are straight or gay, just don’t show the kissing scenes and for God’s sake don’t show them in bed!

  14. From Ter

    put sami with rafe…nicole with brady…jen with daniel…kate with stephano…and please find someone for EJ…then leave well enough alone

  15. From bj

    I will really miss Melanie’s character. She has been fun to watch. I’m going to miss Bo less, but probably because he has been off the radar screen for so long that I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy storylines with Bo in them.
    I am a Will and Sonny fan, but am surprised about the pda in the coffee house and the Square. That seems a little at odds with Will’s reserved character.
    I am excited about Kristen coming back, but am not liking that their will be more Marlena time. The writers are making her nauseatingly holier than thou. I want the normal Marlena character back. BUT, the scene with Marlena and Sami getting along this week was very nice to see.

  16. From LorinOK

    Days has be revolving around Sami and I like her but you have got to give the others something. Sami is way too “fake” with Rafe and Lucas, very much herself with EJ. Always thought they should be together. I hate that Nicole is losing the baby again and some of these stories are being played over AGAIN. I wished you could come up with something new. It is a new generation and the gay thing is acceptable now. I know it is hard for alot of people to see…but the flirting with them was cute. Not sure if I like the kissing either, but part of life. It is time to pick up the pace in the stories because sometimes DOOL is our only getaway from our real lives. Been watching for 35 years and keep up most with this website, dont know what I would do without it.

  17. From babs

    Why did you ever bring Nick back big mistake. I want to see Gabi get whats coming to her. Its supid that she is getting away with what she did. Iwill miss Melanie. I love EJ he is so evil.Rafe is so boring.Get rid of him. I can’t believe Daniel is willing to risk his medical license for Nicole that is really supid.

  18. From daysgal

    I think it has been a lot worse. Does anyone know when Stefano is coming back? How is the “gay stuff” ruining the show? I do not get it, it’s not like Wilson is on everday. I think lack of imagination by the writers is the real problem.

  19. From Marion

    The show has turned a corner that i believe Most people do not like for one minute. The storyline of gays is just reaching for a small group , and that may cost Day,s more fans in the long run .

  20. From Lisa1695

    I often go through periods where I don’t watch the show at all. Started watching again during Daysaster & I absolutely loved it when Ej saved Sami’s life and they ran away together. I also loved that their relationship was headed in an honest direction. Now Safe is being shoved down our throats and i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. From Carly

    Where is John???
    We never get to see him any more.

  22. From Mrs. Rafferty

    Wow, it saddens me to see the homophobia in some of the comments here. I can’t stand some of the couples on the show, but it’s because the characters/actors/writing suck, not because they’re different than I am. I’m straight (not that it matters) and I’d happily trade half the cast out for “gay” storylines, as long as they’re interesting.

  23. From Tee

    #22 Great comment. I too am straight and I enjoy the Wilson story line. I applaud Days for doing it.
    EJAMI bring them on they accept each other for who they are, Sami becomes somebody else with Rafe. She becomes Fake.

    Marlena can learn to be a mother to Sami, what mother tells her step daughter its ok to be with your sisters husband? Laughable, Sami needs to stop worrying about what her family thinks they sure dont seem to put her first.

    Marlena however was wonderful with Will.

    Kristen come back and get John, I always liked your devious ways, John may get exciting then with her back.

    John we wanna know more of your Dimera stuff, we have never really seen you embrace that perhaps you could mentor EJ.Oh Stefano would be so mad.

    Jen ughh you moved on from Jack like he was yesterdays breakfast, distasteful.

    Lori #5 Roman needs a woman I agree.

    Lets rediscover Caroline and Victors love story or at least have her acknowledge her being upset with Maggie on the show.

    Perhaps Rafes secret background should be revealed. No one knows much of the Hernandez family.

    Overall the show for me has gotten better in some aspects in worse in some mostly because story lines were crammed down our throats so fast our heads spinned. They went one way then jumped a whole new direction with no buildup on some things, and built up some things to back burner it. Nicole losing her baby sucked as well, but I guess it made for the drama they wished to create. It was just awful watching her lose a baby again but she then lost me with her using it to get a man again.

  24. From Nicole

    First off…. I watched this show for many years since 1990 and it is nearing the end! I think the whole Nicole loosing her baby is HORRIBLE, CRUEL and UNEXCEPTABLE. If they do not bring back her baby. I will be done for good!!
    Seond… I am sick of the SAMI SHOW…. It seems she is the only one in Salem that can produce a chld. Really!?!?! She belongs with Rafe! It is getting old the whole triangle ever year….. Find someone new for a love triangle.. Pleeease!!
    Nicole/EJ are meant for each other they bring great drama and chemistry!
    Third.. Bringing back Chloe great idea ONLY if Phillip is with her and Parker!
    Really tired of Days and I give them till November and no baby then Days will loose LOTS Of viewers!!

  25. From Teresa

    Get rid of the gay thing —- . I would like to see Will with Gabe

    No gay bashing is allowed here. Please choose your words carefully. ADMIN

  26. From Tina

    I have watched DOOL for over 30 years and —– 2 men in bed having sex. Worse, Gabi finds out she is pregnant with Will’s baby at the same exact time that Will is having is first——-. Nice.

    Soap Opera Fan has guidelines that do not permit gay bashing. We do not tolerate this. If you post again we ask that you refrain from any hate. ADMIN

  27. From WandaW

    I thought something was wrong. So that’s it, they changed the writers. All the characters are acting like they are unsure of the story. Some of us (the fans) could write the story better and have the viewers hanging on the edge of their seats.

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