Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 1-5.

Back and forth.

Rafe breaks Sami’s heart by telling her they can’t be together. He can’t tell her that this is breaking his heart too, but EJ is blackmailing him and he has no choice. After Elvis gets confirmation from Rafe that he will stay away from Samanther, he swans in to comfort her. EJ’s plan doesn’t go too smoothly though. His brother soon finds him. Chad is in a fit about Melanie. He’s so wrought up he nearly exposes EJ’s latest blackmail scheme. Elvis tries calming his brother down. That doesn’t work. Chad plods away and plows at Gabi. He threatens to call the cops on her. Nick shows up and threatens to report the fact that Chad pounded on him. Nick even makes Chad sign legal papers promising to keep his mouth shut about Gabi’s misdeeds. Gabi is so impressed that she and Nicholas wind up swapping saliva.

Nicole goes over the top in the pity party she throws for Dr. Dan. He’s in the dumps about Mel running off. After she comforts him, she bumps into Rafe and tries to get him to open up about his problems. He’s not open to that. He continues worrying about the baby and then wanders off, finding Sami and EJ in the coffee house. He’s gagging to tell her that EJ is back to blackmailing people to get what he wants but stops himself. Sami’s confused by his general attitude. Things get more confusing for Sami when she takes EJ back to her place and Chad shows up. The siblings leave her behind. Chad explains that what they were holding over Gabi and Rafe is now a dead end and they have to drop it. EJ fumes. Sami conveniently eavesdrops on all of this. The next day, she confronts Chad. He explains just enough for her to put the pieces together. She immediately runs off to find Rafe. As they start making out, EJ rushes over just in time to watch. As Rafe runs off to gather food, Sami corners EJ and lashes out at him. Angry EJ stalks off. His father calls.

Daniel catches Jenn making calls to DNA labs in a bid to cover for the doctor. He’s not happy that she’s involved and orders her to stay out of his life. She’s pissed and goes looking for Nicole. A crowd has grown just in time for Jenn to tear into Nic. Nicole does her best to look innocent. Brady arrives to break things up before it can turn into a cat fight. After he walks Jenn home, he goes to see Daniel and points out that Jenn still seems to be in love with him. The doctor admits he’s smitten as well. Nicole conveniently overhears all of this. It hurts her feelings. Suddenly, she decides that moving to Utah would solve all of her problems and asks the doctor to go with her. Dr. Cowabunga is not sure that sounds like a smart move. While he and Jenn meet up and debate about whether or not they can be friends, Nicole goes to her ob-gyn appointment. She quickly learns that the baby is dead. Devastated, she goes looking for Daniel, only to find him with Jenn.

As the firings continue at the SPD, Caroline prods Roman to help Bo make up his mind. She tries doing this herself too, pointing out that Ciara is aging rapidly so he should spend some time with her. He bumps into Billie. She points out that being a cop was always a bad idea and she should find something better to do. Bo plods off to see his mom. Caroline advises him again to start taking some risks. He decides that everyone is right and hands in his resignation.

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  1. From dc

    well, i kind of figured nicole would never have that baby.. at least she won’t have to deal with ej.. but what i am wondering is will she try and fram jennifer for her lose since she still has this thing for daniel..
    and i suspected that nick and gabi would get together.. and poor chad he is just losing it since melanie left.. maybe he should leave and go after her (but that would be wrong, i guess). he will stay behind and become a “real” dimera, getting revenge..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    How could Nicole frame Jenn for the death of the baby. It was her responsibility to stay calm, she knew she was in a high risk pregnancy but everything she was doing didn’t reflect that. I’m sorry the writers chose to go this route, just maybe it’s not true. Would the doctors have to induce labor for Nicole to deliver the supposedly dead baby? Well could we see somewhere down the road that the baby didn’t die and that EJ actually kidnapped the baby, but we wouldn’t see it for months down the road? Crazier things have happened!

    Yep Chad is not just messing with another pretty face. Like EJ told him Nick is really smart and it looks like he has pulled the wool over his DiMera ways by getting him to sign a legal paper to protect Gabi. I’m not sure I like this either, what Lawyer would do this for Nick? I think I would rather see Gabi get cleared legally without blackmail of any kind or get some kind of punishment. It will only come out eventually.

    Now once again Sami has learned about EJ’s plan to blackmail Rafe….how long will it take her to forgive him for this. It’s not half as bad as other deeds she has forgiven him for.

  3. From thelittleimp

    I find it hard to believe that the “legal papers” between Chad and Nick could be enforcable since they are based on illegal activities.

  4. From Snickelfritz

    Wow…I am having a terrible reaction to this spoiler. It’s so awful that Nicole is losing her baby and breaks my heart for her! I cannot believe the writers would go this route. They should have had her lose the baby in the Daysaster BEFORE she found out the sex and the fans were invested in her little one. This was supposed to be her miracle child, a dream come true for Nicole for once. I feel like this is a thinly concocted story to give substance to Dan and Jenn getting back together…like the writers need to make Nicole a threat to Jenn so fans will want to see Dan protect her and their story bloom. I hate this idea! I think Jenn should have left the show when they killed off Jack. Why should Nicole’s innocent baby boy have to be the victim of a poorly contrived story for a character who’s glory time on the show has long since passed? I am angry about this, and even though SandyGram’s theory about the baby not really dying is a little comforting, I still don’t like it no matter the spin.

  5. From missy

    I am so disgusted that they made Nicole lose the baby!!!! Why even bother letting her character get pregnant in the first place. As someone who has lost a baby, the pain is unbearable and I think it is awful what they are doing to her character. I am about done with this show.

  6. From missy

    I completely agree with you snickel! I am disgusted with the writing on this show. I could not have said it better myself! As a woman who has lost a child myself, the heartbreak is unbearable! And this show throws it around like its nothing! And to have her lose it so close to giving birth is just not acceptable. I wish Dan and Jen would both leave….a total snoozefest. After twenty something years, i may just be done with this show.

  7. From Shani

    This is all so distressing about Nicole’s baby. I think she will try to blame the baby’s death on Jennifer, probably the confrontation she has with Jennifer.

    I think Sami was beautiful in that lovely dress today, & her hair was so soft & pretty. She babbled like a brook, didn’t she, to Rafe at the pub? Great kiss later on! An award winning performance in my book by Molly Bernett (Melanie), not to mention that Chad did a great acting job, too, with his emotions plainly all over his face.

  8. From Merrianne

    I totally agree with all of you who find the killing of Nicole’s baby just horrific on the part of the writers. She doesn’t deserve this kind of pain; she’s been used and thrown away by too many men over the years. Give her some happiness. I think she would make a great mom.

  9. From Mandi

    FInding it really sad that nicole has to lose the baby. I agree they should not have let it get this far. I mean just today she was feeling him kick, makes no sense. These writers are not the ones who made Nicole pregnant in the first place and I guess that is not a way they want to go but they should have taken care of it so much sooner :(

  10. From patty

    I still can’t believe Nicole will lose her baby and I think it would have been better that EJ had took it away from her than to have yet another child die. My first thought about this is that it must be a plot of some kind and that things are not really what it looks like. Anything to not have to see Nicole go through that pain again. Hopefully Eric coming back will be her salvation so to speak and we get to see Nicole have the little hapiness she deserves.

  11. From Lynne

    I have watched this show for approx. 20+ years. I have watched through horrible story line by horrible story line. I have to say I have only been disgusted by one other story line (Jack raping Kayla years ago) but to have Nicole lose this baby is disgusting to me! Forget the fact that we now have to be tortured with Nicole going nuts again and this time against Jennifer I’m sure but to have this character go through this. Its horrible. I really thought they were going to have this work out for her. I am totally disgusted with this show. Are they trying to lose fans because it sure seems like it to me.

  12. From sharon

    Agree with #7, shani…..I like Sami and Rafe together. She looked better today than she has in a long time. Cannot see Jenn and Dan together….she got over Jack really fast. And I hope Rafe quits being Nicole’s slave….he should think of his situation for a change.

  13. From betty

    Dissapointed about Nicole’s baby. We found out the sex and she even gave him a name and the writers are going to have her lose the baby. Piss poor writing if you ask me. Very upsetting.

  14. From Clear

    Can you believe it! I’m with Snickel and Missy about the babe! I hope Sandy is right and the baby isn’t dead. Maybe she has twins in there and one makes it out alive! Then she could hide the fact that she had a baby at all especially if the babe is a female after she told all it is a boy.

    Writers cannot think that creatively probably since yet again Sami eavesdrops to find out EJ is blackmailing.

    What kind of paper would Chad sign disclaiming his right to speak about Gabi? Do we have any lawyers in the families on here? It sounds contrived to make the poor alone, lovesick Chad pull in his horns. No wonder he is hovering on the precipice of the Darkside because now he has no one but the Dimeras with EJ being the least lethal of the bunch.

    Does Chad know that John Black is his Uncle? Chad needs therapy with the doc Marlena worse than anyone else.

  15. From Merrianne

    Chad definitely needs an alternative to EJ and Stefano. Getting to know John Black, his uncle, would be a good stabilizing influence on him. Lord knows he could definitely use some time talking with Marlena. Hate to see him go completely to the Darkside.

  16. From Chellynne

    Maybe they are recycling the Billie and Bo story again. Billie had a baby girl and was told it was dead, only years later to discover their baby girl was alive (Chelsea). Wouldn’t put it past Stefano, especially since it is a boy. But the writers better not drag the story out too long.
    Maybe this is a way for the writers to get Nicole and EJ back together, by them discovering their son is still very much alive.

  17. From NeeNee

    Intriguing theory, Chellyne.
    On one hand, the baby-isn’t-really-dead has been way overdone on Days. But you’re right . . . it would indeed make for an Ejole reunion—without dirtying EJ’s hands. If Stefano were responsible for snatching his grandson, I doubt he would tell Elvis immediately. Loose lips and all that. The fewer people who know, the better.

    And yes, SandyGram. Doctors should indeed have kept Nicole and had her deliver the baby. I really hate holes in a plot like this. No doctor I know would allow the pregnant woman to leave his office or hospital, to go home with a dead child inside her. To Missy: my condolences on losing your baby; this subject being dealt with so cavalierly (if that’s the right word) really miffs me.

    SandyG . . . your posts have always been fair and balanced. IMO, you post in an accurate, clear, matter-of-fact style.

  18. From patty

    Chellynne, the more I think about it, the more I start to believe that this whole thing is a set up and that the baby might still be alive. The fact that Stephano will be coming back at the same time may not be a coincidence, especially if he knows it’s a boy. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out but hopefully Nicole didn’t go through this pregnancy almost full term to have her baby die overnight after he’s been kicking up a storm lately.

  19. From Hellolisare

    Why are they rushing to pair everyone up. Nick and Gabi, Jennifer and Daniel, Sami and Rafe. Slow down just a little for Pete’s sake.
    Said before that I’m not a Nicole fan but even I didn’t want her to lose her baby especailly so late in the pregnancy. I get that they didn’t like where the previous writers took things. However we the viewers were invested. :-(

  20. From SandyGram

    I’ve been thinking….there was an Interview with Shawn Christen not to long ago that said “Daniel will go to extremes to make sure that Nicole and the baby are protected”. My hormones are now starting to readjust from the shock of the spoiler and now I’m thinking that Daniel will work with the OBGYN to deliver Nicole’s baby and the baby will be sent out of Salem. Whether Nicole knows what’s going on or Daniel is doing this on his on just maybe the baby is placed with Chloe and that’s what brings her back in January. This could be the Big Shocker that Jennifer discovers and shakes Salem.

    If not the above, then Stefano will have something to do with it and he will payoff the OBGYN and Kristen will arrive in Salem with a baby, as someone else has mentioned.

    Either way, or something similar too, I’m on the band wagon now for the baby not to die on October 5th. This will be the biggest cover up story of all…but what a rouse when eventually EJ will find out the little boy is his.

    I’ve never gotten on of these speculations right before, but I feel good about this one, at least the baby doesn’t die part!

  21. From Tee

    Hey all! I am not liking that the baby may die either and that is why when I posted those spoilers last week I did not post what was being said about it. I don’t like for anyone to lose a baby even a soap character.
    I will say that Nicole is planning revenge on Jen and according to spoilers she goes to look for Dan to tell him she lost the baby and finds him with Jen.
    Dan is not her baby doc anymore, so if baby is alive it does not seem he knows from spoilers. I hate to say it guys but the incident that Jen is involved in seems like her fight with Nicole wish causes her to lose baby, the signs are all there she is constantly saying how much the baby is kicking every scene she does, so we will probably see her noticing it is not anymore.Think what would happen to Jen and how people would look at her if she put her hands on a pregnant lady who then in turn lost her baby. It would shock everyone. I will say a good way to fix it though would be if the baby was later revealed to have died of natural causes. If her baby does not make it then I am gonna guess the writers have no intentions of pairing her with EJ in the long run because that would be twice now she lost his baby, and with Eric returning I am gonna say she will most likely get with him. I am glad because she deserves to be someones number 1, she never was with EJ because anytime Sami could have came and took him away she was his second choice.Heres to hoping it does not ahppen and she does notlose the baby for sakes of not having her lose the baby she may be a witch but she dont deserve that she deserves happiness.

    If she loses the child, I am sure EJ will be more angry that he was unable to participate in her pregnancy ie doc visits feeling baby kick stuff Rafe and Dan did.
    He may see it as similar to Grace even though Grace lived for a while before she died. It is in essence gonna feel similar to him probably because once again Rafe and Nicole played a part in keeping his child from him and any oppurtunity he had to bond or know or experience the child.
    Hell hath no fury like a Dimera scorned.

    I have to say they are sending Sami back to Rafe fast, which is odd.Its never done that easy. In a matter of 3 weeks they will reunite them, it just dont happenn that way on soaps. They usually have a inter lopper on soaps. EJ blackmailing Rafe is only gonna last a few days another odd thing.
    It is looking more and more like Rafe is the stone in front of EJAMI. Spoilers have him talking with her about it and teasing a kiss which he then only gives on forehead and walks away leaving her with her eyes closed awaiting his kiss then she opens them and blinks lol hes gone. I see it now Rafe is the inter lopper in this story as some sources have said all along. As a EJAMI fan I am glad the blackmail ends fast as Sami cant go running back to EJ because she lost Rafe. If she comes running back it better be because she wants to be with him. If not I dont want it. JMO.

    I cant wait to see what Stefanos cal will be about though and Kristen is coming yayy she was one of my fave bad girls.

    I see a Jen/Brady romance blooming in the future, though it may not be till later in year since Chloe is coming back temporary does anayone think Dan may leave with her if she comes back to announce Parker is his?

  22. From patty

    SandyGram , I’m really hoping you’re right, that the baby doesn’t die and this is all part of some elaborate plan . Either by Daniel or Nicole to protect the baby from EJ or by Stephano or EJ to take the baby from Nicole. EJ did tell Nicole she would pay if she kept this baby from him. Now, whatever it is , I feel better too as long as the baby doesn’t die.
    As for diabolical plans, EJ meets up with Howard the goon to have Rafe taken care of. Do you want him dead, Howard asks? Well EJ, why not since it’s the only way you’ll ever get a chance with Sami.

  23. From Leah

    Fans can say what they want, writers write what they want BUT EJAMI STILL SMOKE UP MY SCREEN. And in fact 70 – 75% of Days fans agree with me. James and Alison have unbeatable chemistry!
    STOP all the flipping back and forth. Give Sami a sound mind and put her with who she should have been with all along… EJ :)

  24. From patty

    Hi Tee!
    EJ blackmails Rafe and has goons on his tail and you think Rafe is the interloper in this triangle? That scene you described between Sami and EJ, I’ve seen it and it is really nothing more than him trying to convince Sami that Rafe’s not for her after she tells him she still has feelings for Rafe. He turns on the charms with his teasing moves but they don’t set her panting this time. It is Rafe’s kiss that has her daydreaming and making a plan to go accidentally bump into him. It sends EJ to meet up with Howard the thug.

  25. From Chris

    Finally these writers do something right and have Sami going back to Rafe. He’s perfect for her and I thought this opened the door for my favorite couple to get back together. Ej and Nicole. These two are so hot together but now with the news that the baby dies I’m not sure this is going to happen. I really hope Ej or Stefano have something to do with it or maybe Jennifer planned all this, gives the baby away to save Daniel’s job. The spoilers do say that Jen does something which rocks Salem.

  26. From Tee

    Patty~The scene which will play here in US tomorrow will have EJ being honest with her. Key words he accepts her for her and does not need any apologies from her. He dont want her to change, and does not harbor on her mistakes.

    Key things in play here like for example the little things, Nicole constantly feeling her baby kick, she will then not feel it kick
    EJ telling Sami he accepts her mistakes and all, Sami saying Rafe is same man she fell in love with.

    Some people see the big things, I see the whole picture the writing is on the wall.

    How is anyone going to convince Nicole she lost the baby if she did not, will she not rememebr going into labor?

    Stefano is not even in Salem, EJ clearly would not be running around ordering paternity tests when baby is born if he was gonna kidnap it from her belly, which again hard to do unless she is knocked unconscious and operated on.

    I hate to say it guys but Nicole is gonna lose this baby, the evil Dimeras are not secretly plotting to take it form her belly secretly.
    Jen is not gonna make Nicole think she lost the baby and steal it, and spoilers say after Nicole finds out she goes to look for Dan to seek comfort and tell him and finds him with Jen.

    So if by chance this baby does survive it will be Nicole hiding it no one else. It may be but I dont think it is the case.
    Spoilers also have her plotting on Jen after this because of her loss, and that will most likely be the shocking incident Jen is involved in. She fights with Nicole then she loses the baby. I wish it was not true, it is gonna be sad.The signs are there she is constantly talking to and feeling the baby kick. It is a set up for when she dont feel the baby kick anymore or a setup that it is overly kicking and issues are going on.

    Sami and EJ’s conversation is also giving clues. Rafe is hiding many secrets and Sami does not learn all of the blackmail details just enough she knows EJ is blackmailing Rafe. Rafe has not once admitted to Sami he has feelings, she has asked and will ask over and over again.

    Ej tells the associate things will be different now that he is running it that is a clue he dont plan to do things like his father, Meaning he will most likely not be killing Rafe or trying to it will probably be something else. Before he makes the call he looks at a photo of his kids and tells them he needs to show their mommy Rafe is not the guy she thinks he is. That don’t sound like a man who is plotting murder more like a man who wants to expose Rafe.

    Just my opinion but these are all the little things that tell a story and give clues.

    If you watch soaps you know when they are gonna unite someone there is a inter lopper and usually they keep a coupe apart for a while. Lets look ack in 2010. Sami was gonna marry EJ and Rafe busted in and told Sami what EJ had done. In that story it is safe to say EJ was the inter lopper. He kept them apart for a while not a few days.
    As fast as EJ starts blackmailing Rafe it is over. Sami goes running to Rafe for a kiss.I also did not see Sami stopping EJ when he was all over her and about to kiss her either she allowed it and seemed frazzled as she usually does and he played it well walking off. Time will show I said it last week aout Nicole and I stand by what I say now, Sami thinks Rafe is this honest man and he is not, how many times does she have to say it, when she finds out he is not she will be done. She also tells EJ tomorrow that they both already know there is something between them, she does not deny she thinks Rafe is steady and a honest man and it is clear she is trying to do this for everyone as she states. we also know how much her family despises EJ.These are my feelings and takes on it and Patty and anyone else has theirs. I just have a eye for the small detail that gives us clues.

    Gabi Gabi Gabi we all know her secret will get out and I wonder if EJ talking to a criminal lawyer will have to do with that, either way so many people will know her secret, and one day they will know that Rafe the spd cop is keeping it too. Sad thing is they are giving him a promotion meanwhile Hope and Bo are taking pay cuts, and 2 other officers will lose their job. Wonder how happy people will be to know that Rafes promotion is also a cause of this. His new promoted salary could have went to Hope or maybe even one of the officers who are gonna get fired.What will they think when the secret comes out?
    Chad signing a contract is a illegal contract perhaps EJ will be talking to criminal lawyer about that one who knows we will soon find out though.

  27. From Richard

    If Nicole loses this baby, that’s 0 for 2 for her and EJ Dimera.
    It’s 0 for 1 with Chad Dimera(Grace)
    EJ is 2 for 2 with Sami Brady(Johnny/Sydney).
    This makes me believe that somewhere along the way, Stefano made Dimera men compatible with Brady women.

  28. From Snickelfritz

    Okay, it’s been a while since my earlier post, but I am still upset. Missy, I am so sorry for your loss. I know this is just a character in a soap, but this storyline evokes real emotions for real people. My sweet niece would have been 10 this year. My sister was almost six months pregnant when she lost her, and so this story brings back a lot of pain, as I know it must for you, too, Missy.

    Even if it’s a kidnap scenario, it still makes me mad. I like Nicole. The character has had a horrible life, and she’s a fighter. She’s definitely misguided, but that comes from being a scrapper and always having to find ways to pick herself up by the bootstraps. Nicole deserves to be happy for once. She was wonderful with Sidney and really loved that little girl. And yes, I know she kidnapped her and I’m not justifying that.

    Well, I’ve said my peace about it. Going to get some sleep and pray for my niece and for all families who have lost a child.

    I will also be praying for the writers to have a united epiphany…or simultaneous lobotomies.

  29. From KellyB

    How cruel to have Nicole lose this baby too. There are so many women who lose their babys in real life and believe it or not, they were cheering for Nicole. This is sad and predictable. Not a shinning moment for the writting staff at Days.

  30. From Clear

    I very much dislike that they will let Nic’s baby die. A better story would be if she had twins and one- a girl- survives that she keeps her hidden at least for a while from EJ. Plausible save for the rotten events planned maybe?

  31. From Lissa

    I am PO’ed about Nicole’s baby dying… again! I was pregnant both times her character was and upset enough the first time, this time I’m just sick of it! After so many years watching I’m on the fence about this show anymore. They are always putting kids in bad situations or killing them off it seems. Doing it to the same character twice is just so lame. I mean this isn’t a first trimester miscarriage, they let us get used to the idea that this new little character was coming. I am upset about this one. Can handle just about anything else they throw at us but this is enough. Let her get pregnant with Brady then for real and let her have a kid Sheesh!

  32. From patty

    In my opinion Tee, there is no writing on the wall and all of us can do is speculate as to what will happen.
    Now EJ can tell Sami Rafe is not who she thinks he is or that Rafe will never trust her, he can hire an army to find something in his past, he can blackmail him or throw him in a cage ,the fact is right now Sami wants Rafe and if by any chance EJ is successful as the inteloper and wins her in the end, the fact will remain that he will be her second choice. Rafe is not trying to win Sami over, she’s the one pursuing him and he’s being cautious. If Rafe doesn’t trust Sami it is with good reasons just like Sami doesn’t trust EJ or accept him for what he is when she finds out what he’s up to. Nothing is stopping her from being with him if she wants to be and this thing they have between them, it looks a lot like lust, not love. If EJ uncovers something about Rafe’s past ,whatever it is, I doubt it would be that shocking to Sami that she woudn’t forgive , she overlooks EJ’s atrocities like they’re a joke.
    As for Nicole’s baby, whether it’s a scheme or not , we all know that the Demiras are capable of pulling a stunt like that, they did many times before. This time, people are hoping that it is a stunt because most of us were hoping for this baby to live.

  33. From EjoleFan

    As you can tell by my name I am an EJ and Nicole fan. They always felt like a Bonnie and Clyde couple to me. Very loving to each other but ruthless to everyone else. I love it when they are together. I was so happy when they were together.
    I am so angry that their baby boy id going to die. Nicole has had her share of schemes (just like every other Salemite!!) but only she seems to really have the most tragic things happen to her, it’s so not fair. I’m still hoping for the day when they find out Johnny is Lucas’ son. I hated the whole twins with different dads story line and always will. I hope by some crazy miracle that EJ and Nicole will find each other again and have another miracle baby. Maybe even twins (a boy and a girl). That would make me happy and maybe I will start watching on a daily basis again.

  34. From jolie

    Wow, Could the spoilers be more surprising? I am so sad about Nicole losing the baby. Why did we all go thru this story only to have her lose the baby? I am more than a little bit affronted by this. Losing a baby on this show is treated too lightly. Like rape and kidnapping and loss of a husband I guess, just something that happens and then you move on next week. I guess now the DNA switch doesn’t have the power of a storyline anymore. Sort of lets the air out of a lot that was going on. I agree with Sandygram in how can Nicole blame Jenn for the baby’s death but we know Nicole. And Elvis will blame Nicole when he finds out. This is so sad for Nicole. Why did they go this route to have her pregnant again only to jerk it away from her? I guess we’ll have that old Nicole back…edgy, nasty, to stop at nothing dastardly to get her way. I like Nicole and wish they had not gone there. I do think they will have to induce labor to get the fetus expelled from her. And yes, Elvis could be in the middle of it all. I am so upset with this spoiler! And right now I don’t care a fig about Dr Dan and Jenn. My poor Nicole! Nicole has been scheming and has done some nasty acts lately so her support that she had when she first got pregnant has eroded. Now what will happen to her when she needs friends? I hate that Nicole is being done this way…again. So sad.
    What could a legal paper say that would compel someone to hide a crime? I am confused over what Nick has. But Chad is not on his A game with Mel gone and his life falling apart and Nick is clever so there. Nick and Gabs might end up as a nice little couple. I want Nick to be able to use his smarts and do something spectacular.
    Sandygram I agree with NeeNee. You have probably been the most fair and balanced of most all the posters. I appreciate your posts.
    If Stefano is getting ready to make his presence known and Jennifer is messing around in DNA labs, something may be up. Stefano likely taps in and reviews DNA results all the time to see if he has any more progeny floating around that he doesn’t know about. He may be way ahead of the curve on Nicole’s baby and have a plan. Or Dr Dan may truly go nuts as Sandygram has theorized and hides her baby with Chloe. So that would be bad if Nicole doesn’t know the baby is really alive but not as bad as if the child is really dead. This is all giving me a headache from the way it is making my head spin on my neck!
    I am loving that Sami and Marlena suddenly have a relationship so I felt I needed to praise the writers for something with us being so upset with them over Nicole’s baby. I am glad the mother and daughter are finally acting like they can breathe air in the same room.
    And I am loving the Sami and Rafe scenes lately. But poor Sami, she is being tossed around as much as Nicole. I want to see her with Rafe because I can’t get over some of the things Elvis has done to her. But then Elvis is a Dimera and his sins are not as bad as his father’s if that is any consolation. Stefano did terrible things to John, Roman, Marlena and a host of others but then Marlena didn’t go back and forth to him as Sami has done with Elvis, at least under her own power.
    Tough spoilers so everyone, have a good day and try to forgive the writers a little til this is all sorted out.

  35. From mary

    There are two people I feel horrible for. And that’s Nicole and Chad.
    Poor Nicole!
    I don’t think the baby’s dead. I think its a stunt. I pray it’s a stunt, please let it be a stunt. She deserves to be a mom.
    Am I the only one thinking they’re going to turn Chad suicidal or somewhere along those lines? He’s got nothing else to lose, and it would bring awareness to the topic. That would be a good way to bring all the younger crowd together trying to help Chad get through it. It would bring Marlena in, i think.
    Molly and Casey killed it yesterday. Loved their scenes.

  36. From SandyGram

    NeeNee and jolie….Thanks for the support, your postings are also great. Now if only ‘Grandma Judy’ would come home….she could always say things so much better than I. And ‘gerri’ too, another logical poster and I’ve been wondering how her daughter’s hand is. Actually since my sabbatical I’ve been enjoying all of the postings. But then the show is giving us plenty to discuss and speculate on. Thanks again.

  37. From Missy

    Thank you to all the ladies that have sent me wishes. I lost a daughter and it is something you don’t wish on your worst enemy. I know it’s just a soap but it does bring up awful memories. The character of Nicole deserved some happiness and I think if they had let her become a mother, it would have made for great storylines. I’m just so disgusted that they have made Nicole lose her first and second child, Grace died, Zach died, and i can go on and on and on. I know this tugs at the heartstrings of many moms, not just me. Enough with the killing of the babies already! Its disgusting.

  38. From Debbie

    Did anyone notice the way the spoiler reads up above regarding Hope’s comment to Bo that “Ciara’s aging rapidly”? Methinks the show is ready to SORAS Ciara and I’ll bet by year’s end we will see a new actress playing Ciara all grown up. What do y’all think?

    And I agree with those who say that SandyGram has always been fair in her postings. I always enjoy what spoilers she finds for us and especially her self-deprecating comments on her “speculations”. Your thoughts are no further out than ours, SandyGram, so keep ‘em coming!

  39. From NeeNee

    Yes, Debbie. I posited that same theory about Ciarra being SORAS’ed awhile back. Only I think that will mean that Theo must simultaneously be aged, also. And that we will have an interracial romance. In recent years, that didn’t make any difference as we’ve actually become a color-blind society IMO. But remember back when David Banning (Julie’s son) was in love with the black girl, Valerie Grant? Big hoo-ha back in the 1970s!

  40. From Tee

    Hey all Patty you see one way and I see another. That’s the beauty in it we all can have our view on it.
    I have just never seen them go this route and reunite so quickly if it was end game.
    There is usually road blocks that keep a couple apart for a while. They end the blackmail quick. Soaps love interloppers. Ej is not the inter lopper Sami is not with him. Imo

    As far as Sami forgiving Ej for his past so she should forgive Rafe of all I can tell you that for example my daugjter is always straight a honor roll if she was to bring home a C I would be very dissapointed. My son brings home. Usually Bs and a few As and Cs. I expect a variety in my sons grade card though I want him to get all As but I don’t from my daughter because she never does. If her grade card looked like my sons I might wonder why and question it.
    Sami knows what kind of person Ej is and that he has grown and she accepts he walks the grey line as he does her. Sheexpects Rafe to to be honest and the man she married. She ys it herself
    So she may not understand when he finds out. She is basing her decision partly on what kind of man she thinks he is and off feelings. That is why she mentions he is the man she fell in love with. Just my opinio.

  41. From patty

    Jolie, great post and you are right, SandyGram is and has always been the most fair and balanced blogger ever.
    What I would like to see happen is that if the writers are going to go with a secret elaborate scheme about Nicole’s baby that they at least let us viewers know or hint at what is going on. Maybe that cliffhanger we’re hearing about. Anything that would make more sense than her just being told overnight that her baby is dead.
    I think Gabi owning up to what she did took courage and it’s more than what we can say about most on the show keeping secrets , covering up and obssessing about someone. She messed up and is not making excuses and is willing to face the consequences. I’m hoping she and Nick can make it work, they are good together .
    SandyGram, gerri did drop in to say hi a few weeks back and said she still reads here so “Hi gerri, don’t be a stranger” ! I’m with you wishing that Grandma Judy would come home. :(

  42. From Mopy

    Nah. I don’t believe Nicole is going to really lose the baby. This is going to be something that makes fans upset, but it’s not real. They do this all the time. Not much of a gamechanger or shocker. Let’s see when the time comes. The REAL shocker would be if Nicole actually loses this baby for real and have the writers try and make this into a huge plot theme, centralizing on Nicole’s character breaking up and completely changing and having to battle for her emotional sanity. I’ve never had a child, nor really wanted one, but you just can’t lose two and not be completely destroyed. The actress would be up for such a thing, but the writers are not. Instead, they’ll go through the motions of having Nicole’s fetus die, then later do the switcheroo, because it’s easier to write, and they’ll be satisfied that it’s a big enough deal or shocker for the viewers who they must think are simpletons to fall for it.

    I guess they could also just write it that Nicole really loses the baby, have Nicole go through the motions, have a sad few episodes, then move on as if the pregnancy never happened. This would be a horrid insult to the character of Nicole, and I imagine for any viewers who have gone through more than one miscarriage.

  43. From Lorraine

    I cannot believe they are killing Nicole’s baby. This is such a disgusting turn of events. I have watched this show for over 20 years and after they killed Zack I was sure they would never do something like that again because that was disgusting to kill a child. I love days of Our Lives but guess what these new writers stink.

  44. From Lissa

    Another thing about Nicole losing her baby, it’s bad enough we get to see her go through it twice but then we hear Gabi will end up pregnant and have to watch her pregnancy. I’d rather they keep Nicole’s baby and get rid of Gabi altogether. It’s just so Will and Sonny can be parents together, which while I am not minding their storyline so much am just disappointed with how they will make Nicole lose her baby then give Gabi hers. Have to wonder why they want to let Nic get pregnant at all, reminds me of the Taylor story where they bring her in, regret it, rehire a replacement, still regret it, then scrap it. They second guess themselves too late every time.

  45. From jolie

    #41 Patty, you are so right about Gabi owning up to her part in the kidnapping/stalker mess. She has wanted to for a while and while it did take bunches of courage from her, she finally got pissed enough to do it. A good head of steam often trumps whatever is standing in your way. Go Gabs. I would like to see things go a little better for her now but still bet the next baby bump will be under her shirt. Do you reckon (truly a Southern expression in case you are wondering what the heck I am asking-do you think- we reckon down here) that she and Nick will take on the baby as a couple or that she’ll try to pass it off as Nick’s??? I can’t say I would be happy to see her off on another caper so soon. I’d like to see some honesty and uprightness from her for a while.
    I don’t like the idea that Jennifer and Nicole fight and Nicole loses her baby. This just gets worse. Jennifer will go over the edge if she caused it or thinks she did. This is too much after Jack has just died. Again not a happy camper over this but will try to sit still and see what happens.
    NeeNee and Debbie, it would make sense to SORA Ciarra and Theo (I agree that he will need to be in that package) with Bo leaving. Gives some areas to spread Hope out into storylines like Ciarra having some problems with Bo gone. Or maybe she runs away-ugh, hope not for Hope’s sake. Ciarra will be more dramatic as a teenager no doubt and especially with her daddy not in the picture. Would this mean that Sami’s children also get the SORA treatment? That would be very interesting indeed. Seems like all the high schoolers we did have are in college or working or should be doing those things. Maybe it is time for the next crop of youngsters. Seems those type stories involving teens are normally in the summer when they can go to the lake or park for outdoorsy scenes.
    Missy for you and all the other mothers and fathers who have suffered a loss, God bless you and keep you.

  46. From patty

    Ok, maybe I’m grasping at straws here but EJ’s meeting with Howard might have been a hint as to what’s to come. He tells Howard he doesn’t want blood on his hands so he doesn’t want Rafe dead but something must be done before this baby is born. Hernendez will never be a father to my child, he says . He wants Howard to think and then will call him with the details or something like that. What if EJ and Howard come up with this plan to pretend Nicole’s baby is dead? Just thinking out loud here. Like I said, anything is better than Nicole’s baby dying.

  47. From MAB

    I think the writers have gone mad! Sami was all about EJ five minutes ago, and now she’s all about Rafe again. Kate was right, I think Sami is incapable of true love, which is apparently what the writers are trying to hint at. She has no first choice, second choice, when it comes to men. She just wants what she can’t have, as Lucas so profoundly put it. And Rafe IS trying to win her over by showing up on her doorstep to rattle her about going out w/ EJ, among other things. Rafe is only being cautious because he doesn’t want his lies to be revealed, which should really piss Sami off when she finds out, and that he doesn’t trust her enough to be honest w/ her. Rafe certainly isn’t her true love, unless she considers true love being a weak woman who lets him boss her around, and completely not acting like her real self around him. Sami’s was her real self when she was spending w/ EJ. Now she’s back to doing & saying anything to please Rafe, which is uncharacteristic of Sami, telling him how she’s happy for him having a baby w/ Nicole…yea right. Their dinner discussion was so fake…her sitting there saying all that stuff to appease Rafe, even taking blame for the Carrie stuff, while he sits there and takes NO blame for anything he did wrong. It’s sickening! And when did her & Marlena become so close??? I guess since Carrie is gone, Marlena apparently wants to play mommy to Sami now. Too bad she doesn’t know her own mother rooted for Carrie & Rafe to be together. I’m glad EJ will blackmail Rafe, and I hope he takes all of them down…Rafe, Daniel, Nicole and anyone else who gets in his way! Of course, spoilers say Sami overhears him talking to Chad about it and turns on him yet again, and reconciles w/ Rafe, even tho what EJ is blackmailing Rafe with is all lies he’s been keeping from Sami. How messed up is that? It is SO sad for TPTB to ruin what could’ve been a potential great love story in the making (EJami), only to return to the most boring couple ever (Safe). Oh well, I say if they want to be taken off the air, keep dishing out boring couple such as Safe, and you’ll be sure to get the show cancelled by lack of viewership!

    Spoilers say Dan admits he still loves Jen. Although, I’m ok w/ this because I liked them together, I think the boat sailed on that relationship when they brought Jack back. Now it’s like he never returned, and Jen is like already over his death, and moving on. That doesn’t bode well for them being an interesting couple again because their relationship is now tainted. Also, her constant nosiness (must be a Horton thing) is gonna end up getting her into hot water. Daniel tells her to stay out of his life, and it seems the spoilers are indicating that Nicole is gonna blame Jen for “loosing her baby”. But apparently the baby is alive & well…so I think this is what they meant by Daniel taking extreme measures to protect Nicole’s baby. Of course, some automatically point the finger at the DiMeras, but I don’t think so. I think this is gonna be a big cover-up by Daniel, Nicole, and possibly Rafe. And I hope they all get blown right out of the water, and hopefully EJ will be the one to do it. They all deserve whatever they get for using the child this way only to keep him from his rightful father.

    I’m SO sick of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (aka Daniel & Rafe) babbling about protecting Nicole from EJ when EJ has not even been around Nicole lately. He has done nothing to the woman and they constantly make him the excuse for what they are doing & the lies they’re telling. They use EJ for their so-called heroism, yet all they have done is gotten themselves into a mess for willingly helping & lying for Nicole. And all EJ has done is “legally” file for a paternity test when the baby is born to prove who the father is.

    I’m kinda enjoying Mel/Chad/Nick/Gabi. It’s been interesting w/ all the lies coming out. Best acting performance to date for Mel.

    I’m dreading Bo’s exit. This is all kinds of wrong! I still say another character could’ve been sacrificed to keep Peter on the show. He wanted more airtime, and should’ve got it.

    I can’t wait until Stefano’s return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. From SuzanneQ

    I am really saddened to read the spoilers about Nicole’s baby dying. How is that possible as one blogger mentioned that the OB doctor did not admit her immediately? I believe that the new writers have lost imagination in trying to clean up what the old writers started. If they didn’t want to keep Nicole pregnant,and letting her have the baby, for goodness sakes, she should have lost the baby in the earlier months, not in the latter part of the pregnancy. I too lost a child, although it was in the first trimester. I later went on to have two children, but I still remember the pain of the miscarriage.

    And I remember crying and crying when Zach died and his funeral was way too much for me! When Grandpa Shawn sang at his funeral mass, I was watching at my office, and my face was a mess from crying. I was literally sobbing. I’m not one for hurting or killing chldren.

    I do love Nicole, although I know her checkered past and I believe she should have some happiness. Why go this route? Writers, you could have done better!

  49. From Betty

    The writers again have made a terrible mistake, unless “Nicole “is putting this LIE out herself to help Rafe with Sami, and get revenge on Jennifer. I hope this baby is not dead, this would be terrible and I am tired of EJ with the baby/stealing thing so I hope he isn’t involved.

  50. From Jodi

    If Nicole loses her baby again I am do e with this show.

  51. From Blaze.

    ACK!! I don’t like hearing that Bo “Bumps Into Billie”, and she mentions how being a cop is a bad idea and she wants something else to do!! Please, Please, PLEASE writers, don’t have Billie leave town with Bo!! Even if it’s supposed to be innocent, how would Hope ever rest at night?!
    Happy Day Everyone!! :)

  52. From SandyGram

    Episode September 26th:
    Yet another day of much needed conversations and a great job by all the characters. It didn’t take Carolyn long to catch on to Bo being in a dilemma and like a good mother supporting her son. But did you notice when Carolyn and Bo were talking she mis-spoke Bo’s name and Bo corrected her with ‘you mean Roman’. It looks like the writers are giving us little dribbles of what appears to be Carolyn having a memory problem. Bo and Hope have been together so long that must have been hard shooting those great scenes in the HTS. Like two peas in a pod they go together.

    I think Daniel brought some clarity to Chad. I was glad to see the writers have Chad man up and apologize to Nick and not have Nick rush into accepting the apology. Played out very well under the circumstances.

    Once again my heart went out to Melanie and applaud applaud for Molly Burnett. Although her last scenes on Days are very sad she is one terrific little actress. Good Luck Molly in whatever you do…you’ll be missed.

    Likewise Gabi going to Rafe with her secret, Rafe wanting to fix it is not my favorite way for this to go. We already know through the spoilers EJ is going to use the info Chad gave him to kept Sami and Rafe apart. I do find it interesting that Justin has become a very popular attorney, EJ is using him for the DNA tests and Rafe is using him for Gabi’s antics. Did everyone notice Rafe’s loft door no longer has the louvers but a peep hole and it’s a different color. I think the inside looked a little different also but I couldn’t put my finger on anything in particular. I guess it looked more like a bachelor pad, not toys laying around.

    EJ was in his smarmy persona today advising Sami of Rafe’s intentions, then slithering up to her neck teasing her with one of those ‘I like you just as you are’ lines. We’re so used to seeing Sami turn to mush about then I almost missed her heavy breathing. Now EJ and Harold’s conversation was interesting where we found out EJ is managing DiMera Enterprises and his own personal finances. I suppose that will change when Stefano returns. Now the conversation EJ was having with someone on the phone about his financial accounts must have been to clarify he is a DiMera, it sounded like the person on the other end may have been questioning that. Then at the DiMansion EJ always did his work at the beautiful desk in the Parlor. Today what appeared to be an office looked like it was in a closet. It didn’t seem to have the same motif as his apartment. I’d like to see him in a big office behind a mahogany desk with big bay windows behind him.

  53. From NeeNee

    Yeah, Missy, Suzanne, Patty, Jolie and others . . . I’m guessing none of the writers could ever have experienced the crushing blow of a miscarriage or stillborn. You’re right—to them it’s a plot device.

    I envision a little screenwriter’s plot device cupboard stocked with:

    * evil twins
    * amnesia
    * schizophrenia
    * pregnancy
    * hysterical pregnancy
    * miscarriages & stillborns
    * rape
    * hostile takeovers of business
    * disasters
    * supposed death from disaster
    * back from the dead
    * demon possession
    * shootings (as in who shot Stefano?)
    * fatal diseases
    * autism
    * kidnappings
    * drug use
    * fake drug use
    * drug rings

    Of course, love/fidelity/infidelty are what drives most soaps, so that is a core given. Honestly, I think there isn’t much new under the sun. So that’s why I believe the writers are boxed into this little gift package that is Sami/EJ/Rafe. Sami is what Marlena was to the show 20 years ago, and what Julie was before that.

    Speaking of Julie, do you veteran viewers remember when she married Bob Anderson out of spite? Bob’s wife, Phyllis, then married the much younger Neil Curtis. I seem to recall Julie was pregnant with Bob’s child, but pining for true love Doug. They had her fall down a spiral staircase and suffer a miscarriage.

  54. From Chris

    I don’t care who is responsible for faking the death of Nicole’s baby as long as the baby survives. For me I would like to see Nicole & Ej not involved and then reuniting when they go off and search for their baby but I have a feeling that either Ej or Stefano will be responsible. Let’s not forget Stefano knows Nicole is carrying his grandson because she told him. Either way I hope the baby is alive and Ejole reunite.
    Sami & Rafe- Can’t wait for these two to finally get back together. I really enjoyed Sami and the family life she had with Rafe.
    Dan & Jen: I always liked them together but I think it may be a little too soon. Jack just died.

  55. From Tee

    Hey all, as always!

    So Gabi told a few people and they all asked did you hint to Andrew, or make him think you wanted Mel out of the picture? Her answer was No! Lies. She came out with the basics not all the truth and lied. She told Andrew she wanted Melanie out of the way, and Rafe asked her if she siad anything like that or implied it. She lied. No redemption still for me.

    I feel sorry for Chad, he is not the criminal here, Gabi is free and he lost the woman he loves, but chalk it up to him being a Dimera so he must not deserve love or forgiveness in peoples eyes.

    I cannot see what he did wrong He was worried for Mel and with Nick being released he was afraid of the affects on Mel. He is guilty of being a over protective fiancee, except for his attack on Nick, I see why he thought how he did but he should not have jumped to conclusions I guess.

    EJ the other guilty Dimera, who wants his child people are once again denying him, and the woman he loves. He has used all fair means to achieve his goals.

    EJ clearly state dupon walking up he would not be doing things like his father and said no to murder, so lets just see how it plays out. EJ kidnapping his hild from the belly well what would that serve? He wants to prove Rafe, Nicole and Dan are lying stealing it. I don’t think hes involved.
    Nicole has been seeing a diffrent doctor Dan suggested it a while back when he tried ending it with her.Hence why she got her ultrasound results back and went to tell Dan.
    Fight with her and Jen is on Monday. She goes to Doctor on Thursday and learns Friday the baby has passed. We dont know if she starts bleeding before she goes or not,I will also say you don’t have to stay in hospital during or after a misscarriage unless there are other issues or you need a DnC.I know thi for a fact because I have a rareblood type I am rh neg and I was sensitized during a pregnancy which I was able to give birth to my son, but from here on out if I get pregnant with a rh pos child I will most likely miscarry and I did, last year. It is still very hard for me, but I did it all at home and they only checked me to make sure there were no complications, and gave me the choice to go home or stay there. I was given a rhogam shot stayed there a few hours and went home in the comfort of my home. I then had to go see my regular doctor, who checked to make sure everything ws ok or If I needed a DnC. I was in 2nd trimester. I feel better sharing my story in hopes some will understand and to any others here who have expressed going through it I know it is gonna be hard to watch this on tv as well.
    As it will be for me.Watching anyone miscarry is always hard especially if you have been through it your self.

    Lets not also forget a day in days is longer then a real day. We have seen a day take almost a week to go by, so we really don’t know how far along Nicole is, if it was day for day she wold be about 6-7 months or so. But with this being a soap she may only be 4-5 months.I have been struggling with rather to even share this, but I kept seeing comments saying she would be in a hospital and well its not always true most woman miscarry at home. We will have to wait and see if she starts doing that and then see what happens.

    #54NeeNee good post.And I do seem to recall that though It was in my aunts old vcr tapes she had me watch when I expressed interest in show at young age. I also remember Doug being with A Addy(sp).She was the love of his life before Julie I think until she died.

    Sandy#53 It does seem EJ is really trying to make a different name for him self apart from how Stefano was. I am enjoying him doing that. I know it may not last long, I know he will forgive Stefano but maybe he will still stick to his plans with how he wants to run things.He has always been able to stand up to his fatha when he wanted to. Glad he is not plotting murder as some speculated, I knew he was not because even before when fake Rafe was in picture he refused to allow his fatha to murder the real Rafe.

    #47 Mab great post agree and well said.

    I recall as I said yesterday EJ looked at picture of kids and said time to show mommy Rafe is not the man she thinks he is anymore. How would kidnapping the baby from Nicoles belly prove that?

    My predictions are if she loses the baby, then I say she will blame Jen and someone asked how can she blame Jen well we dont kow if Jen hits her or not, Jen may hit her in rage. So then yes Jen could be charged with murder for that. That will be the angst for Jen/Dan love story, because as I said before no one gets a happy ending that easy, perhaps it wil later come out it had nothing to do with Jen but was from natural causes, but it may take time for that to come out. Dan in a rage will not want anything to do with Jen, Then Eric comes back just in time to help Nicole and be her white night he struggles with his priesthood and advises Nicole. They rekindle their romance and around same time truth comes out, Dan and Jen are reunited then Chloe comes back with the shocker Parker is really his. Then he decides to either raise baby with Jen or leave with Chloe. She is said to be returning because of something to do with Parker, and only temporary at this point.

    Rafe and Nicole will decide it best to just let everyone think Rafe was the daddy. Sami may attempt to comfort Rafe, and be mad wit EJ.She may ask say to Rafe now that the baby is gone was it really yours and he may say yes and then she will assume since babay is gone there is no reason for him to lie. Comforting Rafe and fighting with EJ for still claiming the child and being mad at once again having another child hidden from him he never got to be a part of ie doc visits, feeling it kick,, ultrasound etc. He may also blame their antics for putting his child in danger, if Nicole/Dan/Rafe did not have this secret then Jen would not be fighting with her sorta thing. EJ will grieve alone begging his Samantha to believe it was his child, Jen will prove the baby is EJS with her snooping by re doing the old blood tests, and Sami will be upset RAFE still lied.

    Gabi ends up pregnant, Will and Sonny made apact to never keep secrets, Sonny dumps will when he finds out that Will is hiding it form him. Hopefully they get back together.
    Scenaro 2 Gabi pretends it is Nicks, Will will go through a big ordeal knowing it is really his, have a break down and Sami will bring out her claws on Gabi, learn all she did including why EJ was blackmailing Rafe and that she is lying about her grandson.(Sami as a grandma wow still trying to picture it)

    Chris Nicole confessed to the body double Ian fond a man and he looked enough like him and that is who she confessed to not Stefano. He was being kidnapped by Ian then
    Ok this is long enough, and I feel better now so ending this post here with hoping Nicole don’t lose the baby

  56. From Shani

    I see the post directed to SandyGram has been removed but I would like to join others that I think she has never been a biased poster & has always been fair.

    I always said Rafe was too good for Sami, & more recently that I didn’t care if they got back together or not for his sake. But seeing them together the past few days, oh, I REALLY like them as a couple! But did Rafe have to be quite so short with Sami yesterday? I don’t think so. Glad Sami didn’t respond to EJ’s teasing this time. Her head is full of Rafe right now. More great acting by everyone & Dr. Dan’s conversation with Chad was spot on. I thought Chad’s apology to Nick was rather backhanded so I’m glad Nick didn’t fully accept it. Stay out of each other’s way is a good plan. Abby hedged & left out a lot when Rafe was questioning her about Andrew. I didn’t think that much of Caroline saying Bo when she meant Roman. I have called my kids by their siblings name by mistake. But Caroline forgetting the plate order was a biggie & there may be more of those to come, depending on where the writers are going with her.

    I hope the speculations are correct about Nicole’s baby not really dying. Could be Dr. Dan’s “extreme measures”.

  57. From jolie

    #43 Lorraine, let’s not forget baby Grace and how devastated Sami and Rafe and Elvis and later Chad were about that. It is hard to believe they’d do this again to Nicole. And when Nicole goes off the deep end, I hope we can all relate it back to postpartum because it happens with miscarriages as well. Again bless the mothers and fathers of miscarriage. It is heart breaking.
    #44 Lissa, is it a spoiler that Gabs is pregnant or only speculation on our part here? And we have speculated that Will and Sonny could raise the baby as well…as I write that it just sounds ludicrous. Babies raising babies. That helped Sami get to where she is today…well, that and her devious tricks. Writers we really don’t need to go there. But I agree that it would be terrible to have Nicole lose her baby while young and currently dumb Gabs has a baby. And your assessment of how this has gone down is so right on point!
    #46 Patty, you could be right. I thought the meeting with Howard was cryptic, hinting at things that we can’t know yet. Please don’t let Dr Dick come back in this capacity. I don’t want our dear and hopefully reformed Dr Dick involved in more baby schemes! Of course he is not on slate to come back, just here with us posters.
    #47 MAB, well, that is one way to see it all. I think the writers are having to clean up the mess left to them. I know the Ejamis wanted Elvis and Sami together and it looked like they would come together and now Rafe is back in the picture. Think about it. Would Elvis be Elvis if he were scheming to get into Sami’s life? What would Elvis have to do if he were happily married or melded into Sami’s life? What would Stefano have done years ago if Marlena had turned to him, fell in love with him, lived day to day with him? It would have changed Salem, changed Marlena, changed Stefano and we would have had no reason to watch DOOL for years. Same thing with Elvis. If he is happily married to Sami for long, they would both change, there would be no struggle for power over one another, life in Salem would be dullsville, no reason to watch DOOL for the drama. Sorry the current story line upsets you so much but we all knew it would not last. If Rafe and Sami get back together, it will not last for long as this is DOOL and Elvis will have his revenge no matter how nutty the plot! And Lucas is waiting in the wings for the next time his foot goes in the door. Change is just about all you can be sure of here. I really do think that having Sami and Elvis try for marital bliss would be difficult to write once the bloom and blush is over. But I will say that I did enjoy seeing Rafe and Sami date and kiss. I like Rafe and like him with Sami. I just have a slightly (or large) difference of opinion as to what we saw between Rafe and Sami but so be it!
    #54 NeeNee, you raided the idea closet! Too funny! Good history of Julie. I do remember all the drama with Julie all those years ago.
    #56 Tee, I feel a little sorry for Chad as well. He is so young and has had a difficult year. I think actress playing Melanie leaving is just a good vehicle to send Chad over the edge a bit and allow the actress to exit. Stefano needs to get his carcass back to town and give Chad some fatherly love. Dr Dan gave him some good advice but Chad needs some belonging and that is just what Mel’s leaving is ripping out from under him. Great acting from Melanie and Chad. And a heartfelt sorry to you on your past miscarriage, God love you. I sure don’t want Jennifer to be charged with murder of Nic’s baby. I just wish the story didn’t go there.
    Lots of stuff going on and I am enjoying it!

  58. From SandyGram

    #56 Tee
    When I read the different posts about how Nicole, Rafe and Daniel are keeping EJ from knowing the baby is his son, including my own posts, the real reason is rarely included. For instance you commented “He may also blame their antics for putting his child in danger”, I have a different take on whose ultimately to blame for the baby being in danger…’s Nicole’s fear that EJ will take the baby from her and she will never see him. The longer she keeps the pregnancy from EJ the more likely EJ will seek full custody and her fear will come true. And of course to much time has now passed, along with Rafe’s involvement, for there to be any kind of reconciliation between EJ and Nicole for shared parenting and custody of the child. So for me, the primary culprit in putting the child in danger is EJ. EJ and Nicole could still be together celebrating the birth of their child if the writers had not chosen to split them up because of Nicole’s lack of trust in him after hearing about his and Sami’s tryst. But then that’s just me.

  59. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of October 8th predict that Daniel tells Jennifer that he is going to quit his job and that Rafe is conflicted about telling Sami the truth about the paternity of Nicole’s baby. SC wasn’t lying whne he said Daniel would go to great lengths to protect Nicole’s baby. Only this is supposed to be after the fact that the child died so why would both Daniel and Rafe still be hiding the identity of the baby’s father. I don’t think Rafe should trust Sami with this imformation either, Sami doesn’t care about protecting someone’s secrets unless it involves her . She would most likely blab to someone, possibly EJ.
    Good posts all! jolie, you should be a writer, your posts are not only diplomatic but they are humorous and fun.

  60. From NeeNee

    Tee, I’m so sorry to hear of your miscarriage experience. Having gone through it, you would know. I always thought miscarriage wasn’t the norm, or at least wasn’t experienced as universally as on soaps. But you guys here are a good cross-section of America, and quite a few have not carried a pregnancy to term.

    Have to tell you a story about my Hispanic neighbors. One of the teen girls had a little girl a year ago when she was 16. Her boyfriend lives with them, and at the end of her junior year she was pregnant again. My friend’s daughter who is in her class was telling me this. On her little girl’s 1st birthday the mom & dad were not present, although there was scads of company during the day. Toward evening, the parents pulled in and it was obvious the boyfriend was furious about something. He stalked into the house with the mom trailing behind. Minutes later, he stalked back out. Mom flew out of the house and leaned in the window trying to talk to him & keep him there. He put car in drive and she hung onto the open window while he started to drive away. This little girl then DIVED into the window! Both my friend and I
    said this wasn’t good if you’re 3-4 months pregnant. Within an hour my friend found the teen mom’s
    Facebook page. Turns out she had a miscarriage that morning. She posted that days before she had her first doctor’s appointment and the doctor detected that the baby was dead. He let her go back home but 3 days later she had to return to deliver the baby. What I could hardly believe was that she posted a photo of herself holding the miscarriage, which was about the size of a small bunny. To me, that is so very private. But I think the Hispanic culture has different thought processes. Another had posted a photo of her stillborn baby.

    Oh, and Tee . . . you must be thinking of another storyline if you watched Julie’s miscarriage on VCR tapes. Although they were available as an expensive toy in the early 70′s, they weren’t commercially successful until 1979 or 1980 (at least that’s what Wikipedia said). The Bob Anderson-Julie marriage was in the early 1970′s because I remember only being able to watch Days on Fridays because I was working & that was my day off.

  61. From Shani

    Good post SandyGram 59.

    I just noticed in my post 57 I wrote Abby hedged a lot when Rafe was questioning her. Of course I meant Gabi. Abby, Gabi, oh, well. Haven’t seen Abby for a few days.

  62. From SuzanneQ

    #58Jolie – Good post regarding new writers having to clean up messes left to them by old crew. It is confusing to us with the way Sami has been acting. When you look at the way she was at the safe house, I thought she was going to drop dead at EJ’s feet and she agreed that there was something between them. Now she’s pushing him away because she believes she still has feelings for Rafe. It’s all very confusing for us viewers.

    As for me, I’m a Nicole lover and I wanted her to be happy with this baby whether it was with Dr. Dan, EJ (yes, of course), Brady or whomever. But to have the baby die, no, no and no. I do think in Days time that the baby was further along than 5 or 6 months though. She really looked it to me though, of course, looks are deceiving. Look how fast Nicole started to show or not.

    I do not know what the new writers are going to do with the baby dying storyline but whatever it is, it had better be good. If they have Nicole sad for a little while and blaming Jen, that will not be good or believable. Help us out here, writers. Give us a good storyline that we will all love and root for. It is not too much to ask.

  63. From jolie

    #57 Shani, I agree about Rafe and Sami. I sort of thought that he was too good for her but them together…aces! I think the writers are making Rafe act a bit mulish in dealing with Sami and it will get worse and Elvis’ blackmail comes about. And you are spot on about Chad’s apology…seemed to be a bit more about him than anyone else but at least he did take heed and try.
    I too am guilty of calling my grandkids by the other’s names. My daughter does it and when they pretend not to hear or act like they do not know what she means, she just calls all “Estes kids” meaning one and all. I actually thought at first that Caroline the actress had just used the wrong name and Bo the actor just plowed right ahead with the scene. Now, that would have been family like. But I hope whatever is done with Caroline, it is tasteful and befits her status. She might have been a working type mom as opposed to Alice Horton but she is a clan matriarch and much revered actress on this show.
    #59 Sandygram, my dear, you do have a way with seeing things clearly and spelling it out. You are right in my opinion. It is a shame that when someone has a child with Elvis the first thing that comes to mind is to hide its paternity rather than to seek child support. What does that tell you?? Tells me that the Elvis is a scary dude that a mother would hide a child from. It is one thing to put yourself in harm’s way but not a mama –thing to do to put your child there as well.
    #60 Patty, you flatter me but I can’t say I don’t appreciate it. I think we are all just frustrated writers here! So keep writing and we’ll all keep reading!

  64. From Stacey

    Well said – I think Nicole, albeit it tragic, is responsible for the loss of her own baby and EJ, when he figures this out, will be very angry with her, as usual.

    SandyGram – do you know HOW Bo is leaving? I mean…he’s leaving without Hope presumably – so are they recasting? Sorry if you’ve already talked about this – and thanks for responding :)

  65. From NeeNee

    Like many of you, I’m guessing part of the storyline for Kristin DiMera’s return will be to split up Marlena & John. I’m wondering if she won’t enlist/befriend Sami to get the job done.

    With Sami’s “merry go round of men” (as Leah so aptly puts it!) her flitting from one to the other is stranger than usual. I’ve mentioned how Sami’s behavior could be schizophrenic. We haven’t had a split personality story in quite awhile. So how about this: Sami regresses back to her childhood/teen years when she hated John. She manipulates Marlena to return to Roman so she can have her real daddy back, which didn’t happen at the time because Stefano was holding Roman prisoner. Then John would be free for Kristin once again. And Sami would have Mom & Dad, as well as her twin brother, Eric back as a family unit.

    Eh, I don’t know. Hard to say how writers will resolve all this.

    Oh, and another thing I noticed today . . . when Marlena came to visit Brady, he was on the phone and said, “Okay, Belle. Goodbye.” Little thing, but odd to have writers giving Belle a mention.

  66. From MAB

    Just because Bo wants to change careers, why does that automatically mean he’s leaving Salem? He doesn’t have to leave town to get a new career, but it’s like they’ve already written him off. Just because he’s gonna quit the force, doesn’t mean his ventures need to take him away from Salem and his family. Bad writing here IMO. And there is NO reason Billie should be part of his decision. Why can’t that girl mind her own business? She’s always sticking her nose into EJ’s business, now Bo? She is annoying and I’m glad she is leaving! SandyGram – yes I noticed Caroline misspoke and said Bo’s name instead of Roman’s. So I’m still hoping his reasons for leaving Salem is about his Mother…otherwise, why would he leave his wife & child???

    I’m glad Nick told Chad that they should just stay out of each other’s way. I kinda feel sorry for Chad tho because he was only trying to protect Mel, but he went overboard and didn’t even give Nick a chance to explain. Gabi’s sad @$$ goes running to Rafe about what she did, and I have no sympathy for her. And of course, Rafe will again go against all the rules of being a cop to protect his sister for what she did. Nothing wrong w/ getting her a lawyer, but she was basically an accomplice to the kidnapping, which is a federal offense, so he needs to let her turn herself in and support her, not try to make excuses for what she did, nor break the law to keep her out of jail. But that’s just how good ol’ Rafe rolls…he makes his own rules up as he goes along and thinkgs his actions are excusable…NOT!

    I didn’t find EJ smarmy in the least. He came in and told Sami the TRUTH, especially the part about Rafe not being the same man she married…so true! EJ told her flat out, “I want you”, and that he likes her just the way she is…that’s because she is her real self around him, and not fake like she is w/ Rafe. It’s obvious just in general conversation w/ EJ that she is being herself, yet when she’s talking to Rafe, she’s tiptoeing around what she says & how she acts so as to not upset him. That is no way for Sami to live. And EJ getting close to her just continues to prove that she can’t resist him. It was obvious that if he would’ve kissed her, she would’ve returned it. She admitted their connection, and how it will always be there. And that connection will always come between her & Rafe, which is why they’ll never work, and as EJ profoundly pointed out, Rafe will never get over her what they did. I agree, and I guarantee Rafe will hold it over her head every chance he gets. Mark my words, or better yet mark EJ’s words, because everything he said to her yesterday was the truth. Hmm, something she rarely hears from Rafe, the man she claims is her “true love”. What a joke!

    jolie – all those questions you presented about EJ & Sami have no answer, because it is unknown as to what would really happen if EJ & Sami were together. We as fans can only speculate on what would happen to them as a couple, because it is up to the writers if they would work & be happy, or not. Also you can’t compare Marlena’s situation w/ Sami’s. Marlena never was involved w/ Stefano on a personal basis, unlike Sami who did fall in love w/ EJ and had 2 children w/ him. Big difference! Plus, Stefano & EJ are not the same just because they are father & son. Also, I never said the current s/l’s upset me, I said I think the writers (where EJami is concerned) have lost their minds. They should relish the challenge it would be to write for EJami (instead of taking the easy way out w/ Safe). It would make the show way more interesting, and so many s/l’s could be told. There would be many obstacles for them, being a DiMera & Brady, but in the end, their love could overcome. That’s the kinda drama I want to see, and those 2 would create more drama than any other couple ever has. That’s just good storytelling all around IMO.

  67. From jolie

    #67 MAB, my bad and no harm meant. You just seem unhappy in the things you write about the storylines. Not a problem. I do know you love the Ejami and no problem with that. But I do see similarities in the Marlena/Stefano and Elvis/Sami obsessions. And while the Dimeras have been obsessed with the Bradys all these years so have the Bradys been obsessed with the Dimeras. It makes the world turn around Salem Township, where ever it is. I just think that if the shoe (or Sami in this instance) were on the other foot and Sami were married happily with Elvis and Rafe were the one trying to break them up, his tactics would not measure up to the deviousness and fiendishness of Elvis or Elvis and Stefano. Rafe might bend the rules, and I still say Bo and even Roman have bent the rules time and again, but I don’t think Rafe would ever put a clone in Sami’s bed and around the kids and hold Elvis captive and beat him in the basement. It just doesn’t ring Rafe to me yet I wasn’t too surprised when Elvis did it. The Drama!

  68. From patty

    Wow, how creepy is this? EJ to Rafe” I’ll make sure my brother does not give testimony to a grand jury and keep your sister out of jail for the next 20 years if
    you give up Samantha to me”….WTH? No wonder women hide their children from him. How is it up to Rafe to give Samantha to him ? Rafe can’t give EJ Sami’s heart. Now if that is not the most desperate move ever, I don’t know what is. Ready to throw his brother under the bus while Rafe is ready to risk it all for his sister. He promises Chad he’s going to fix this and runs straight to Rafe’s apartment and by the time he gets to Melanie’s, she’s gone. Some help he is to his brother, no wonder he and Chad clash.
    NeeNee, I like that there is mention of past characters on the show lately. Bo also mentioned Pops in his conversation with his mother. I’m also hoping that if they are going to go with the memory lapses story for Caroline that they will soon stop bringing their kids over for her to babysit.
    Good scenes with Adrienne and Lucas coming up, good family scene with Justin ,Adrienne and Sonny and get the tissues out for Mel’s goodbyes. Now awaiting Sami’s reaction after asking Rafe to start over and he tells her he can’t do that. She looks crushed.

  69. From MAB

    jolie – no problem. I’m enjoying the show, as always! I don’t threaten to stop watching just because I don’t like something. I watch the show faithfully, all of it, everyday. But I can’t always like what’s happening, especially where EJami is concerned. They always get sabotaged one way or another when SO many fans like me want them together. In fact, I don’t see how anyone can truly say they always like what’s going on.

    I don’t think Rafe would do the devious things EJ has done either, but that is the difference. EJ is who he is, and admits to his faults, and did not take an oath to uphold the law. Rafe on the other hand swore to uphold the law, and breaks it every chance he gets to suit his own needs IMO. I don’t blame any of them for bending it from time to time, but again IMO, Rafe has done alot worse than Bo & Roman has ever done being a cop…protecting Sami in the attempted murder and scheming to keep children from their bio-father, just to name a few. And I know some’s excuse for Rafe scheming to keep EJ’s kids from him is always that he’s trying to protect them. Well, I don’t buy it, never have. I think he hates EJ so much that he does it out of spite, just like trying to get back w/ Sami.

    I agree that the Dimeras are obsessed with the Bradys and the Bradys are obsessed with the Dimeras…that’s what makes this soap go round & round. But I see NO similarities in the Marlena/Stefano & Elvis/Sami situation. While Stefano was obsessed w/ Marlena, she never returned any emotions to him other than hate. EJ actually loves Sami, as she did (or does) him.

  70. From Leah

    EJ and Sami have their faults. They are out there for the world to see. They are impulsive and reactive… which often leads them into trouble for which they feel remorse afterwards. But at LEAST all of Salems residents know this about them! But I’m sorry Rafe comes off as the good guy but he’s very cunning and deceitful. How Rafe can hold onto his badge after everything illegal he has done since arriving on Days is beyond me and him and Sami are a complete MISMATCH. IF the writers were being TRUE to his character there would be no way Rafes character would get involved with someone like Sami or even give her a second glance. For them to be together the writers either have to change and dumb Sami down (which I hate seeing) or compromise Rafes character, values and principals to be with her. I can just see it now Roman pushing through more promotions for Rafe to where Rafe ends up the Police Commissioner of Salem. Rafe is married to Sami… Rafe is off fighting crime and Sami is there defending those Rafe is trying to convict therefore undermining him and his position. She may even run away with one of them again – ha, ha! Or worse still Sami is her usual self in trouble and walking the fine line of the law and Rafe is having to investigate or charge his wife with her crimes. Imagine the high society dinner parties where Rafe introduces his wife who has kidnapped her sister, changed countless paternity tests, with held children from their fathers, tried to murder the father of one of her children and oh lets not forget she was on death row once as well. Yes I’m sure the high influencing powers to be would tolerate their Police Commissioner being married to a police known crim – NOT! Yep it doesn’t work. No wonder 75% said Rafe needs to forget about Sami and move on as she is nothing but trouble for him.
    And I don’t particularily think Sami grovelling to Rafe and practically having to beg him to have dinner with him is endearing either. Any man that continually put me down, bossed me around, told me off, acted as if I wasn’t good enough, acted as if they weren’t really interested (and I say Rafe has been doing that way before EJ blackmailed him about Gabi so don’t use that one as a excuse), any man that acted that way with me and also so QUICKLY moved on to being in love with my sister and wanting to commit and devote the rest of his life to HER… I would kick that man to the curb so quick it would make your head spin.
    There is no lovestory with Safe. There is nothing romantic or endearing about them at all.
    At least with Ejami are they two of a kind and you know what your going to get. Sometimes they are gunna be up to mischief, or on an adventure, or plan just having fun. Their chemistry is unmatched and they just light up the screen together. As Kate so well put it EJ is the sun in Sami’s orbit and it will always be that way. And we all know from the moment EJ walked into Salem Sami was the sun in EJs. They deserve each other and I for one love watching them on screen together.
    As for Rafe… the Rafe and Emily lovestory is SCREAMING TO BE TOLD. We wanna know about their love, their connection, their history and I’m picking Emily was pregnant with Rafes child (something Arianna hinted at once)… just tell the story already! I reckon it could do a couple of things A) At long last explain some of Rafes history and past and maybe, yes just maybe it will make Rafes character more viewer friendly. Softer. Alot of posters this week have been talking about moving Rafe on from Sami and introducing us to Emily. The overwhelming opinion is to have the actress who played Sheridan on Passions to come in and play the character of Emily. I think this would be great to see. So come on Days… forget the merry go arounds and create some new stuff. Think outside the box!

  71. From Leah

    # 70 MAB well said.

  72. From Linda

    I think Stefano has intervened in Nicole’s pregnancy and will somehow offer the baby up to EJ as a gift from old Dad. Nicole will be out when they have to deliver the so called dead baby and will not know Stefano has stolen the baby. I don’t want Jen and Dan together, they are sickening. Once Bo is written out, maybe he can look up Hope. That should be interesting. I will miss Bo though.

  73. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    #59 Sandy~ I was looking at it in ways that EJ may see it. I actally don’t think EJ is to blame, because I have watched him time and again when he found out try to be a part of the childs life and beg Nicole to not play this game with him.
    With Rafe jumping in to claim his child, and decide he all of a sudden wants Sami back, though he is being a butt to Sami when she has been looking desperate asking him to tell her how he feels with his it was just a kiss comments, and not admitting to his own mistakes with Carrie, which were before he even knew of Samis infidelity. He is making Sami the only guilty one. Now he is trying to take Sami away from EJ, and his baby and it is not the first time for EJ this has happened. He missed out on Grace because of Rafe and Sami, to which Sami felt very bad for.He himself volunteered to be the baby daddy here Nicole never asked him to and even told him not afterwards he should not have done that.
    Dan switched the paternity results which has angered Jen, because Dan could lose his job. Jen is gonna have a show down with Nicole that could have her somehow being involved in the baby’s death.
    So if EJ was to get word of why the fight happened one day then he could think it their fault since they were scheming to keep the baby from him which is a main reason Jen is so upset.
    I think we all know EJ did not keep the kids from Sami for long and in the end decided he was evil for what he did and they were better off with her and gave her full custody. he also allowed Nicole to be in Sydney’s life after all she did to him, and the kidnapping of Sydney and the switch of Grace. Sami did not fear EJ when she kept Grace a secret she went to tell himshe was pregnant and found out about Nicole. Then after returning she went again but seen Nicole at mansion so decided not to tell him.She may have feared Stefano then but not EJ. From EJs history and his begging Nicole not to lie and do this how can anyone think he is to blame and in the wrong here?I blame Nicole firstly because she is the mother and it’s her obligation to tell him the truth and Rafe second because he wanted to be the baby daddy, and take again another child of EJ’s (Though Grace was not his the intent was still there) He wants EJ to suffer.But Sami is not supposed to be angry with her very own sister, sounds odd to me. Double standard.Then Dan lastly because he switched the test even after he has been through this once before with Parker. Like Jen said he should know how it feels.
    What happened to Dan being so grateful to Chad when Mel was missing, now all of a sudden he don’t like Chad?He himself was always up Mels butt being over protective.
    EJ is a Dimera he cannot help what his name is and who his father is he is trying to remove himself from that and be a better man he cant always be blamed by these woman for his name.
    He will be mighty angry though when it all comes out and who can blame him, not me.He has a right to be a father and be in his childs life.

    Sami has shown and told him she has feelings for him, and she said it again yesterday she knows as well as he what is between them, but it is clear as she said she is trying to do the best thing for everybody but her self. She sees Rafe as sturdy Honest man she married. Her family loves Rafe, they hate EJ. That is why she is pursueing him and she doe shave feelings there as well, but she also has them for EJ. She just feels Rafe is the best choice because hes such a stand up guy.

    What with him protecting Nicole Samis enemy who stole her child,Is that not tragic, I get EJ has done wrong to them as well but so has Nicole and he is helping her.Sami feels it is her fault he slept with Nicole since she cheated with EJ.How will she feel knowing he is doing this without sleeping with her?Just because he wants to stick it to EJ, so he can go through what he did with Grace or something similar?Sami will not like that.Sami told EJ the trth right away afterGrace died she was so flled with Guilt something none of them are.Rafe has no guilt over this his only guilt is how Sami will take it, and no guilt from Nicole as well. Dan may be feeling some but not really.

    NeeNee Thanks for sharing and I would not have wanted any pictures either butlike you said different cultures.
    My aunt bought the vhs tapes years after the show aired it. I think it was a anniversary special or something, I cant remember. I believe they have made the same vhs in dvd now though not sure.

  74. From patty

    Leah, the groveling you say is not endearing of Sami when it comes to Rafe is just as pathetic for EJ in his efforts to win Sami over or as he tells Rafe to give her up to him. That beautiful love story you want so badly , it doesn’t happen because Sami doesn’t love EJ( calls him a psycho nutjob, control freak) and I don’t believe he loves her either, she is just an obssession and a posession to him. Sami will never accept EJ’s lifestyle and the same could be said about them as a couple, the daughter of the police commissioner, ex-wife to a cop married into a two bit crime family. Sami had years and plenty of chances to be with EJ but she still wants Rafe , she wants what they had because that is when she was the happiest.
    Now contrary to what you may think, there are plenty of viewers who think that Rafe and Sami have plenty of appeal and chemistry together. A lot think they make a great couple and that they belong together. A lot also think that Elvis is pathetic and wimpy when it comes to his groveling for women to love him, first Taylor, then Nicole and now Sami. Plenty of people also don’t even care about Sami’s love life.
    I love that Rafe is keeping Sami at arms length, he obviously still has feelings for her but doesn’t trust her and with good reasons. Sami is acting like an immature overgrown teenage girl right now and it would be good for all her men to guard their hearts against her, EJ included.

  75. From Mopy

    Poor Lucas. He wants to be cool with Will and Sonny, but he just isn’t. It could be understandable, though. He mainly doesn’t want Will to run into any grief, I think. But, again, not everyone is going to embrace homosexuality with open arms, anyway.

    I’m glad that Gabby’s owning up to everything the way she is. And, I do like her and Nick interacting.

    Excellent acting from Molly as Melanie this past week, but I’ve always thought she was good from when she first arrived. Good luck to the actress. It’s our loss.

  76. From Blaze.

    What type of oath does a Mayor have to take when they’re sworn in?! Aren’t they pretty much responsible for the well being of the whole town?! Shouldn’t they also be responsible for upholding the law?! I mean, it’s the MAYOR!!
    Great Day, All!! :)

  77. From SandyGram

    Episode September 27th (Page 1)
    An interesting day of confessions, apologies and the beginning of Melanie’s good-bye’s. Tomorrow will be the day to bring out the tissue boxes when Mel says good-bye to Daniel, Maggie and Brady. Gosh I wish she would go see Victor too, he was also a fan of Melanie’s. I’d love to see ole Vic get teary eyed.

    Molly was wonderful today. I could feel Melanie and Chad’s angst and pain when she tells him she is leaving Salem. Since Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick are a couple in real life I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for them to play these scenes of good-bye. Much like in an Interview a while back Arianne Zucker (Nicole) was asked how she would feel if the writers had Nicole miscarry the baby. These were scenes she would not want to act out now that she has her own little girl. For either case it hits to close to home.

    Melanie’s good-bye to Gabi said it all when Gabi asked if Mel was going to turn her in, “I just don’t care enough about you’ to go through a long drawn out process. Mel did share a moment with Nick that was touching, although it was interesting she seemed to have room in her heart to forgive Nick, but not Gabi when they were both responsible for very similar crimes against Melanie.

    For me, their possessive personality trait and the type of crime they share is what will bring Gabi and Nick together. How long can a relationship like that last? Although Gabi says she would never do this again, Nick has said he knows there is still something in him, the question is ‘what will trigger another outburst by Nick?’ SPOILER: Tomorrow we will find out from Justin Gabi could be looking at 3 serious charges, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and making false statements to the police where if convicted she could 10 years in prison an excerpt from Network 54 Days Ahead. These seem to only be related to Melanie’s kidnapping, not any for the damages, injuries or death from the explosion. Which I think I can understand because the gas explosion was inevitable, Andrews lighting of the match just made it happen sooner. I know Rafe is trying to protect his sister, but for no other reason, why would Gabi want this hanging over her head, no matter what kind of clad iron agreement has been made between EJ and Rafe, or better said demanded by EJ. The writers need to find a legal way to clear Gabi so this is not hanging over her head forever or better yet let her suffer some consequences besides her own quilt.

  78. From patty

    Exactly Blaze! I’m sure there is nothing in that oath that says you should steal all the towns people money either. Funny how Rafe shouldn’t bend any rules because he’s sworn to uphold the law but EJ gets free passes for his crimes but is an attorney who has studied law and has broken every law in the book.
    I feel for Lucas also Mopy. His reaction was understandable and you would think that Will would cut him some slack since it took him forever to accept that he was gay himself.

  79. From Tee

    I have to say that EJ is going about this the right way, he specifically told the associate he hired he would not be doing things like his father and did not want blood on his hands, that they would need to find a different way to show Sami he was not the same man. He is going about this the right way I think.I knew he would, he would not kill Rafe before he demanded his father did not when they did the whole fake Rafe thing. It is odd how people thought he would kill Rafe though he has shown in past he would not go that far.

    Mab Leah wonderful posts.

    Patty #69. Chad said the only thing he cared for was getting Melanie back. Yo are right baout one thing though, it is one of those things I like to call the little things. Rafe chose his sister over Sami, EJ chose Sami first, by making the deal first before doing Chad the favor.To EJ Sami is more important then his fatha, his brother she is his number 1 besides his kids. Rafe is Gabi then Sami then Samis kids.I see no wrong in either.Many people put their significant other/husband/wife and kids first before brothers/sisters etc. As many put their sister/brother first. When you marry and have kids they become usually your number 1 priority. So each has their priorities and its ok. I dont see it as creepy at all, Just 2 weeks ago Sami was all over EJ. He knows because she said it There is something there, and he knows her reasons for choosing Rafe are not just based of feelings. She made that clear yesterday or Monday whenever it was. He knows if Rafe wasn’t playing this kiss and run game he would be with Sami.
    EJ has decided he knows there is something there and its time to stop denying it and as he said this is not black and white Im bad hes good. That is how Sami is seeing it now, she has 2 men whom she loves and so she uses her families opinion and all to weigh it out. I believe she loves EJ more, she just thinks Rafe is the better choice. But as EJ said he does need her to change nor would he want her to.
    For a few weeks now we have had to see Sami taking full blame, Rafe has taken none, and before EJ started blackmailing him he was not giving Sami any answers and acted aloof. When EJ was upset about his father, Lexie all that he never bit her head off he confided in her, that is how it is supposed to be.As a Sami fan I dont want her to be treated that way. She deserves to be with a man who trusts and confides in her not keeps all these secrets from her. It is a part of being in a relationship. Rafe pushed her away from over and over. He had a date which he did not want to go on but reluctantly agreed to then told her it was just a date and the kiss was just a kiss. Why would anyone want her to be with him after that. He has not apologized for his part with Carrie, just 2 weeks ago he told her to keep Carries name out her mouth.
    This is not cut and dry Sami and EJ were about to reunite few weeks ago so he knows she has feelings and loves him as well, but she is choosing the safe one, the one she thinks everyone will be pleased with.

    So Gabi is facing at least 3 years seems like one day the truth will come out, and things won’t be so good for her then.

    Chad was all up in EJ’s face mark my words EJ haters Chad will be worse, EJ has been securing the Dimera enterprise, and Chad will end up the crazy Dimera son. EJ may end up forgiving his fatha but I Still think he will distance him self from his fathas ways though.
    That’s where Chad steps in, see Chad has had no molding from Stefano and he is already heading into a very dark path quick.
    Chad wants Gabi to pay, but then strikes a illegal deal with Nick. Nick is doing what EJ is, he is blackmailing Chad to stay away from Gabi or he will press charges, and makes him sign a paper to protect Gabi. I see no difference, Gabi is not a damsel in distress, she may be in distress but she is no damsel. She is guilty and has not been redeemed yet.
    It is weird how some can see what Nick is doing as ok, but what EJ did as awful. They are very similar.Nick’s is actually worse though on the law side.

    Either way we know someday the truth will come out.

  80. From patty

    According to National Enquirer Spoilers for the week of October 8th, things are starting to sizzle between Sami and Rafe. Stephano reaches out to EJ and Caroline’s condition continues to worsen. Abbigail blasts Chad for his actions and Victor confronts Daniel about the descisions he’s been making.

  81. From Tee

    Blaze EJ is not mayor anymore, and since he did not hear the confession his testimony would be called hearsay, You cant charge someone on hearsay. Only the ones Gabi, or Andrew confessed to can report it.Ie Chad heard Andrew confes on his deathbed. Gabi confessed to Rafe,Mel,Nick, etc. Nick is actually obstructing justice as well since he will have Chad sign that paper which is illegal, oh lets cover up one crime by me blackmailing you with another. YEP trouble for him, as wel las Chad who signed it but they may see him as being blackmailed to sign it.

    As the lawyer Justin told Gabi, Mel may not turn her in bt if anyone she confessed to did or someone the police may actually listen to then Mel would be subpeanoed and would have to come, though Chad could testify as well.

    Patty #74 Sami telling Rafe EJ was a nut job lol well she sure did not think so a few weeks back did she? Alsions interview if you go read it said she was trying to get them to admit their feelings, she was scheming and had a agenda behind her on this date, she said it to benefit Rafe and get him to open up to her. If she thought that she would not have done all she has done for EJ and been swapping spit, glares and panting and ready to start over with him.It was just as Ali said it was in her article without saying it all.When EJ took Sydney I did not want Sami with him, and I am a EJAMI fan. I did not want him back with her till I seen he truelly fet and remorsed what he did.
    Rafe has no remorse and has not apoligized for his love with Carrie, he wanted he so badly and told her no woman made him feel that way, as Carrie told him the same.Sami cheated and she owns up to it, Rafe has not owned up to anything.If the tables were turned and it was EJ I would not want her to be with him either. He has owned up to nothing and is scheming and lying helping Samis worst enemy, a woman who stole her baby.Sami does accept EJ now for what he is as she accepts him, and she thinks Rafe is this honest man and that she ruined it all by cheating and that she is all to blame here. She has no idea Rafe is not the man she thinks he is.
    I cannot see Rafe helping Nicole as him helping the good people. Nicole has done a lot to Sami, and others. Rafe should care more for Sami and losing her then for helping Nicole. He should have told the truth and chose not to.He would rather Sami be mad then tell her the truth.
    She was referring to the things EJ did in the past when she said that not in the EJ of today. She was using reference to say Nicole is a nut job and she has dealt with it before when EJ had his crazy times.

    Sandy #77 Great post and well said on all. Mels goodbye and her last few days have been great acting on her part

    Gabi should want to get this over with and I thought nick would think she should do her time as he felt he did his. I don’t think Nick is changed completely either, and they are made for each other. I think they are perfect but I think there is more to come from this.Sandy it actally ends up being Chad who is involved in why she is not going to face the music right now, EJ makes a deal with Rafe, then Chad turns and gets blackmailed by Nick to agree to never press charges on Gabi or he will press charges on him. EJs blackmail will only last I think 3 or 4 shows. Nicks IDK how long for, Nick could end up holding it over Gabi’s down the line.

  82. From Leah

    Oh by the way just watched Days episode from the 26th September. How HOT were Ejami? HOT, HOT, HOT! One scene of Ejami being raw, honest and fighting scored a home run. No truer words have been spoken to Sami than what EJ said today. Just loved the line… “The difference between me and Rafe? ME, I LIKE THE HEAT and I don’t expect you to be anybody else you are not. I WANT YOU for who you are. Hhmmm…. honest, true, romantic and loving. We likey, like, like! This is what I love about Ejami… here they are fighting yet your not quite sure (because their chemistry is so hot), whether they are going to continue to fight or rip each others clothes off and hop to it. I know what the majority of us would prefer to see :)
    I love how EJ loves standing close to Sami and just lets her FEEL his presence. Sami sways, swoons and reacts to it every time and EJ knows it. Ejami are the MASTERS of seduction and their is nothing better than watching them strutt their stuff on each other. It’s electrifying… BRING IT ON!

  83. From patty

    Tee, that is what is creepy that EJ thinks that is how to get a woman to love you, by blackmailing someone to give her up to you. Did you ever see Rafe using those tactics to earn Sami’s love? Those are the actions of psychopaths and I’m sure it won’t endear EJ to Sami once she finds out about it. Just the opposite, it will turn her against him and send her right back in Rafe’s arms. I just hope Rafe will keep being cautious with Sami and even more so with EJ because we all know that he won’t give up with this obssession for revenge.

  84. From SandyGram

    I haven’t seen this questions asked:
    If Gabi is guilty, then why is Chad not guilty also fofr keep the truth from the police? He heard a death bed confession and didn’t tell anyone. In fact couldn’t Gabi turn the table on Chad and tell the police he was blackmailing her?

    Back to the old saying ‘what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive’.

  85. From patty

    SandyGram, you are so right. Chad is not free of sin in this whole story, nobody is. If everybody was to pay for their crimes on Days there wouldn’t be any characters left to the show, and no room left in prison.
    Leah, I think what you just described is lust but it still didn’t stop Sami from running right back to Rafe like a moth to a flame.

  86. From Tee

    #83 That would assume that Sami had no feelings for EJ which she has stated she does, and just on the 26th, so It seems she has feelings for both.Rafe uses tactics too like putting her down and then kissing her but refusing to say if it meant anything. Putting her down and saying it was just a kiss.He keeps drawing her in just to push her away oh the games rafe plays as well. They just don’t go about things the same. Which is fine because Sami is aware of how EJ goes abot things, andIt was Rafes choice to let EJ blackmail him he could have doen the right thing and let Gabi have Justin help her, now there is half of Salem who knows her secret almost, and many will go down in now. Rafe could lose his job for keeping this secret, Nick is gonna use blackmail to cover up 2 illegal things, Chad agrees to nicks terms. So now because Gabi wont face the music many could go down with her. That dont seem like the way a law abiding citizen would go. He was so eager to arrest Sami a few weeks back, but he wont get his sister help and do the right thing. It is laughable to me and shows he is not a goody goody. There is a difference in breaking a law to help someone do good what good is Gabi doing?She told Andrew to help her in a plot to make people think she had a kidnapper, then said she wanted Mel out of the way those words came from her mouth.Then when she found out where Mel was she did not tell the police she went every time to run and help Andrew get away, and warn him.She did not fear Andrew he did not once try to keep her when she was coming to his apartment he let her leave, she wanted Chad and was willing to get him anyway she could, and wanted noone to find out her lies. She only admitted now because she is in fear of Chad.Mel dont seem so upset Chad could be coming for Gabi she seemed to want to make Gabi aware it was not over because she had to deal with Chad now.
    I just dont see Rafe helping Gabi as some great deed, sorry. Gabi did something very awful.
    Tactics Rafe uses, Help his sisterstay out of jail when she clearly needs some help with her mental problems, and half the town now knows, and he is a cop. He knows better.
    Rafes tactics steal EJ’s baby and claim for yourself because clearly Nicole is such a do gooder who needs his help though she has kidnapped Sami’s baby, and is her worst enemy. Oh his do good tactics just keep getting better.
    EJ has been known to go foro what he wants and He has every reason to believe based of Samis conversations and reactions to him that she wants him as well. Sami has the choice on rather she acts on his feelings or stays alone or pursues rafe, he cant make her love him she already does, she has admitted to that much and said it is a hard choice but Rafe is a better choice and makes eevryone happy, and as EJ said does that include her?She did not say yes to that only kept going on about his honest qualities and all that.
    EJ makes it clear to Sami what he wants and his feelings.
    Rafe comes in belittling her and her decisions, kisses her tells her he cant forgive her, and that iit was just a kiss. I get he may be hurt but what about Sami he was in love with her sister just 3 weeks ago.He feel for her before he knew what Sami did. So how can Samis sleeping with EJ be to blame for that?We dont agree Patty and it is fine I just dont think it is fair to Sami Rafe takes no blame and treats her like he could care less.He dont even trust her with his secrets neevr has, What does Sami know of him besides the stuff she learned like his fave color etc. He was not honest about Emily or his past what she learned she learned from others not him. Once again when he has secrets he keeps them from her. A marriage or relationship don’t work that way.
    Like Leah said above he hit it right on when he told her Rafe does not accept her how she is, and Rafe dont trust her, and Rafe will keep hanging what she did over her head never taking responsibility in what he did.If that is love then they are doomed. EJ for what he is and has done owns up to it, as has Sami. Time for Rafe to own up and trust Sami and accept her for who she is.

  87. From FruitbytheFoot

    It’s gonna be funny when Nick and Gabi hook up and she finds out she’s pregnant with Will’s baby. Classic.

  88. From Tee

    Heres alittle message to fans from Ari Zucker

    Girl, thank you. Could I love you anymore? YES!!!RT @Maggie_Klaus: I know #Ejole fans are sad about the spoilers, but I guarantee @Ari_Zucker will KNOCK those scenes out of the park. #DAYS #AlwaysSupport

    Another interesting tweet from her as well had her tweeting about BRICOLE to Bricole fans.

    Heres a video interview with Actors who play Dan and Maggie, They talk about Chloe, how Parkers paternity could have been changed, Dan and his extremes for Nicole, and Even if Dan cold be a Dimera, very interesting stuff.

    There are some more interviews there as well

  89. From patty

    Tee, I know we will never agree on this but if Sami wanted an honest relationship she should have stayed with Lucas. Has Elvis told Sami that he’s just going along with Rafe being the daddy of Nicole’s baby and it’s really his and is making plans to take it away from Nicole? Does Sami know he hired a thug to “deal” with Rafe once and for all? Has he told her that he’s covering up a crime so he can use it to blackmail Rafe instead of helping his brother out. Does she know that he embezzled pension funds and framed her stepfather for it? Does she have a clue of all the dirty underhanded illegal things he did to become mayor. I wonder if he will fess up to all that in his honest relationship with Sami. I don’t think so. Sami will blast EJ for blackmailing Rafe so imagine what she would do if she found out everything else he does. She’ll never accept his ways and they would have to dig hard and deep to uncover something on Rafe as unforgivable as some of the things EJ oor herself have done. Rafe married Sami knowing about her past and loved her just the same. What he can’t accept is her having sex with EJ while he was out looking for their son. Rafe is the better man if he ever forgives her or trust her ever again.
    If Rafe was in love with Carrie three weeks ago so was EJ in love with Nicole and begging her to come back. Rafe is not the one groveling for Sami. Just the opposite, he’s trying to stay clear and asked her to stop pushing because he doesn’t know if he can get past her betrayal. Obviously, Sami is over Carrie, because she’s the one who wants Rafe back. So far, he doesn’t owe her any explanations since he hasn’t committed to her.

  90. From MAB

    I enjoyed all of the show yesterday. Good stuff! I even liked Rafe a little, other than his arrogance. I’m glad he told Sami he didn’t trust her, etc. And I’m glad Gabi for once was his priority, but he could’ve told Sami the truth, yet instead we had to listen to her mindless groveling to him, which I find so sad to see from her, so uncharacteristic, but that is what she’s like around him, unlike the real Sami I see every time she’s w/ EJ. Sami & Lucas, EJ & Chad, Chad & Mel, Mel & Gabi & Nick, Brady & Marlena, even Will & Sonny, all interesting dialogue & interactions! One thing tho, and this just MY opinion so there’s no need for any backlash from anyone about this. Why all the “public” display of kissing between Will & Sonny?? I think it’s being overdone!

    Leah – great posts! I completely agree that if Sami ends up w/ Rafe, she’ll be dumbed down, and become a weak woman yet again. And yes, why does Sami continue to grovel to him??? She is taking all the blame for what happened, but Rafe has yet to take blame (Carrie) for his part in what happened. He just sits there and lets Sami go on & on about all the mistakes she’s made, and says nothing, just continues to hold her mistakes over her head. Totally different w/ EJ…they both admit what they’ve done to each other and move on. Plus, EJ has been honest w/ her, telling her he wants her, and wants her for who she is. Rafe on the other hand beats around the bush, plays games, and IMO only wants her just because he hates EJ, and wants to spite him anyway he can. He came sniffing around Sami again as soon as he found out her & EJ were going on a date, and not to mention, his scheming w/ Nicole to keep EJ’s child from him. Maybe Rafe has a man-crush on EJ because he certainly can’t seem to stay out of his business.

    EJ’s efforts to win Sami back have been validated by Sami. No groveling there. And her calling EJ names is only to appease Rafe. Also, the reasons behind who Sami wants to be with is in the writers hands. There’s no reason Sami couldn’t be her happiest w/ EJ. It could happen if the writers allowed it to.

    Gabi admitted Rafe was covering for her, and Rafe was already taking matters in his own hands, hiding Gabi’s crimes BEFORE EJ & Rafe made that agreement.

    Tee – great posts! I so agree how Sami always lets her family influence who she’s gonna be with. It’s like if she chooses EJ, they’ll disown her…that would be like all of them disowning Will because he’s gay IMO. I wish the writers would let her make her own decisions for once. Also, I have no doubt Ari Zucker will knock those scenes out of the park, as she did before when she lost her first baby.

    I hope Rafe does loose his job for covering for Gabi, but I’d rather him loose it when it comes out he schemed, yet again, to keep EJ’s child from him. His criminal activity is starting to compare w/ EJ’s, yet is excused because of him being a cop. What a joke! Again, why is Bo leaving??? I’m sure Gabi won’t serve time either way, because that will interfere w/ her pairing up w/ Nick, but as I’ve said MANY times before, if everyone paid for their crimes, they’d all be in jail. But she deserves some kind of punishment.

    It’s public knowledge that EJ embezzled the pension funds, so it’s obvious Sami knows about it. Apparently that and everything else EJ has done IS acceptable to her since she was willing to start things up w/ him again. And EJ blackmailing Rafe shouldn’t be a big deal when she finds out, because all EJ is covering up is all of Rafe’s lies. Her being angry at EJ for blackmailing Rafe is nonsense if she also isn’t also angry at Rafe for all his lies. And Rafe marrying her & saying he loved her regardless of her past didn’t last, did it. He’ll always hold who she really is over her head, just like EJ said, which proves what EJ told her the other day about Mr. FBI was the truth.

  91. From SandyGram

    #89 patty
    I’m with you on this one, but I would like to add one small thing if I may.

    ” What he can’t accept is her having sex with EJ while he was out looking for their son” AND that she kept it a secret all that time. Much like Nicole breaking up with EJ, having sex with Sami was bad enough….for both Rafe and Nicole it was the deceit that followed the act, the lack of trust neither can not seem to get past. If I remember correctly Rafe even made a comment similar to that, if Sami had told him up front what happened between her and EJ, he may have been able to forgive her.

    It’s actually comical, on another site when I was jumping into these kinds of details, another member asked me if I was trying to psycho analyze the characters actions. I had to laugh, she was right, but I sure would like to get inside those writers heads and leave a few messages on their chalk boards.

  92. From Shani

    The way I see it is Rafe grew to love Carrie but that he did not have the deeply “in love” feelings for her that he had for Sami. Sami opened the door for Rafe to find someone else when she constantly pushed him away because she was guilt ridden over having sex with EJ. She never explained to Rafe what was going on with her & they grew apart because of it. I’m not saying it was right for Rafe to turn to Carrie, but it can be explained, & it does happen in life that you turn to someone else when you think the one you love doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. Rafe tried to talk with Sami & find out why she was acting like she was but she wasn’t talking. Then when Rafe found out about Sami & EJ, it all came into focus what had been going on with Sami & he couldn’t get past it. Not only the sex with EJ but that Sami had been lying by keeping it to herself all the while their marriage was going down the tubes. Now Carrie is gone & I think Rafe is faced with his feelings for Sami that never really died but he is being cautious because he doesn’t trust her & doesn’t want to be hurt again. Plus he has this thing to deal with about Gabi right now so he is putting his feelings for Sami on hold since he’s not sure of her anyway. Now, in steps EJ, & instead of getting Sami on his own merit he will tear down the other guy (Rafe) and mess with his life. I am glad to read that Sami overhears about the blackmailing. Sami has stated there will always be something between her & EJ. But right now, what is being portrayed is that she wants Rafe in her life romantically. But this is Sami so that could change, which is what Rafe has to look out for.

    A great performance again yesterday from Molly Burnett, & Chad, too. Such great emotion between them onscreen. Too bad EJ is not going to help Chad but use Chad’s situation for his own good instead. I thought the scenes with Gabi & Nick were touching. Now we’ll see if she tells Justin the whole truth beginning to end, unlike the skimming over everything that she did to Rafe. I loved how Melanie handled Gabi at the pub! Lucas is definitely not ok with Will being gay & having to witness it firsthand. Actually Sami was quite sensible in what she told Lucas.

  93. From Donna

    Here’s my take on Nicole’s baby’s death. The Doctor is being paid by Stefano. He directed her to tell Nicole the baby is dead but must carry it to full term so he can get his hands and EJ can get their hands on the baby.

    What’s Sonny gonna say when he finds out Gabi is pregnant with Will’s baby?

    I think they should bring Doug and Julie back to be the Patriarchs of the Horton clan.

  94. From NeeNee

    MAB: “Why all the “public” display of kissing between Will & Sonny?? I think it’s being overdone!” I also agree, MAB. The answer to this is two-fold: Days is trying to appeal to a perceived untapped segment of viewers, the LGBT community; also, they are trying to fall in line with political correctness. At this point, I’m just hoping we don’t see any “Brokeback Mountain” scenes!

    SandyG, Patty and Shani, you have accurately psychoanalized the Sami/Rafe/EJ triangle. In real life, many women are drawn to the Bad Boys and suffer repercussions for years. As Patty pointed out, “they would have to dig hard and deep to uncover something on Rafe as unforgivable as some of the things EJ has done.” In real life, we want the Good Guy to win. In spite of the emotionally-triggered “sins” Rafe has committed as a lawman, he is still wearing the White Hat, while EJ will always wear the Black Hat.

    However, I still say . . put EJ and Sami together, writers. I want her to experience EJ 24/7, not just steamy scenes in doorways or grief sex. Let her be privy to EJ’s diMera ways, especially when Stefano returns and she will see that EJ is incapable of turning over a new leaf. Blood is always thicker than water, as the old saying goes. Sami wants a solid, traditional upbringing for her younger children; she is very displeased with Will’s choice to work for EJ, so then why, oh why, would she want the rest of her kids raised in that household???

  95. From MAB

    Rafe & Carrie had eyes for one another from day one. Even tho they didn’t act on it right away, this was well before Sami started pushing Rafe away because of what she did. If Sami was the love of Rafe’s life, then he would’ve tried harder to figure out what was going on instead of playing detective w/ Carrie. And even tho Sami sleeping w/ EJ while married to Rafe was not right, Sami & EJ’s tryst can also be explained. Only those 2 knew how each other felt thinking their child was dead. And this Gabi thing just came about. Rafe is keeping Sami at bay because of his lies for Nicole.

    NeeNee – I’m w/ you, please no “Brokeback Mountain” scenes!

    I agree many women are drawn to bad boys, but those kinds of relationships can work. Look at Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, Pete & Melissa. They were all considered bad boys, and look how they changed w/ the love of a good woman. Granted these guys weren’t as bad as EJ can be, but being w/ the love of your life can make a difference in the men, and I’ve always thought Sami could do that for EJ, because I think she is the love of his life, and always will be. Not that he would be all good, because neither is she, but I think he would be a different man w/ her.

    Also, I don’t expect anything unforgivable will be dug up on Rafe. In fact, I don’t think anyone, including EJ, can’t be forgiven. Sami has proved that. Only think I’ve ever wanted to see is Rafe’s past revealed, especillay since he’s basically kept it a secret all this time. Seems odd. Either way tho, whether something is dug up from his past, or he continues on like he does now, he’s still not a white knight, and never will be. In fact, I don’t any character who can claim that title. And if EJ is incapable of turning over a new leaf, it’ll be because the writers want it that way. Albeit, EJ has turned on his father before for Sami, and I think would do it again if he knew it was for real. Otherwise, why should he bother? As far as the kids, their upbringing while living in the DiMera household for a long time was just as solid as their upbringing in Sami & Rafe’s house. And Will was better for working for EJ. He admitted to that himself, regardless of what his parents thought.

  96. From patty

    Great post NeeNee! I agree with you for the reasons for these public displays with Will and Sonny. Of course this is a soap opera , but in real life most people are put off with overdone public displays of any kind, be it with gays or straights. What I don’t understand is why Will gets upset because his father is uncomfortable with this. Will tries to make Lucas out to be a homophobe and Adrienne uses the word “bigot”. Lucas has been nothing but supportive to his son but nothing prepares a father to have a gay son and if Will took all this time to accept that he’s gay, how can he expect his whole family to accept it overnight. No parents care to watch their kid’s make out sessions and I find it hypocritical of Adrienne to make Lucas feel bad . When they first talked about Sonny being gay, didn’t they say they joined some kind of support group to help them accept it? Why not advise Lucas on how to cope instead of saying that he’s not accepting of his gay son? I guess this will just be another excuse for Will to act like a jerk to his dad like he’s been doing since Lucas came back.

  97. From patty

    A few hints at maybe what happens to the baby?
    Daniel cooks up a plan that he shares with Nicole that we don’t get to hear.
    EJ talking to the door they slammed in his face and grumbling something about Daniel and Nicole not being so smug after what he’s got planned for them and they won’t get this baby or something like that.
    I’m still holding out hope for this baby.
    Seeing his true love all broken up over Rafe puts a gleeful smile on EJ’s face like it’s the most fun thing he’s ever experienced? At least Rafe is torn about having to hurt her, EJ loves it. He might as well do the nibbling on the ear, breathing in her mouth thing he does now because he won’t get the chance again after she finds out what he’s done. It should wipe that smug smile off his face when she runs straight back in Rafe’s arms.

  98. From NeeNee

    Oooh, Patty . . thanks for the spoiler about Daniel & Nicole. I was hoping for something like this that didn’t involve the baby actually dying.

    As someone else said, maybe the baby will be spirited away to Chloe in Chicago. And when she returns in January, there will be an extra child in tow. If they’re SORAS’ing Ciarra & Theo, then Parker should be at least 7 by now, no? Chloe could claim an anonymous relationship with a pregnancy that resulted in a baby (actually Nicole’s). Nic & Chloe were BFF so them hanging out together wouldn’t arouse any suspicions for most Salemites. With the exception of EJ & Stefano, of course. He will most likely send out a spy to retrieve DNA from a diaper or spit rag. I’m thinkin’ it would be hilarious if it didn’t match EJ. But instead we find out that Nic & Brady had some vodka-sex one night before she reunited with EJ. And the baby is actually Bricole’s!! AND, I want to see the flashback!

    I still think Sami’s flipping back & forth between her men could be rooted in some mental condition. If not, it would be great comeuppance if Autumn would return from HongKong to reunite with Lucas, Emily comes back from the dead for Rafe, and Nicole & EJ get back together once again. Sami would be 0-3 and have to find a new man. Unless Brandon returns, that is. . .

  99. From Clear

    NeeNee with you on no Brback Mtn scenes. I’m still fast forwarding through the will and sonny story– cannot stand it.

    At least EJ wants Sami warts and all since they had almost a War of the Roses relationship.

  100. From Shani

    I never felt Rafe had eyes for Carrie in the beginning. She lit up like a Christmas tree when she first met him but what I saw was him growing into the relationship with Carrie as Sami was pushing him away.

    OMG & I do mean OMG I just watched today’s show & Rafe dressed only in a towel around his waist – I had to replay it several times. No kidding! & he’s still glistening wet at that! I mean who answers the door like that?! but I’m soooo glad he did! Sami’s look of surprise was a hoot! I was sorry for her that she babbled all of what she did to Rafe & then he turned her down but I know she will find out soon enough about EJ’s blackmail so that’s a good thing.

    Melanie’s goodbyes were all so sad but especially to Maggie. Made me teary myself. Maybe EJ could have caught up with Melanie if he had been thinking of helping Chad & not taken the time to go pompously make his sleezy blackmail arrangement with Rafe!

    Too bad Will overheard Lucas & Adrianne’s conversation but that’s how information is passed along in Salem! I understand both Lucas’ & Will’s feelings. Lucas is having an adjustment period to his son being gay as most people would, & Will is not mad at Lucas, like he said, but sad that Lucas is having a hard time with it. The “I still love you” comment Lucas made, – not good!

    I so enjoyed Will giving Sami advice about her love life!

  101. From Evelyn

    I think this is disscusting.Nic was just starting to be a nice person and happy and loved to see the smile on her face. I think the writers should rethink what they are doing.She needs to be happy for a change.I have watched Days since day 1 and its starting to get me upset. I think the writers should think things out a little better.

  102. From Blaze.

    My comment about EJ being mayor and the oath taken had nothing to do with the Mel/Chad/Andrew/Gabi SL. It was just to point out that Rafe isn’t the only one who took an oath to uphold the law, only to turn around and bend/break the rules. I believe EJ would have blackmailed Rafe even if he was still the mayor. The mayor seat was just to put him in a position of power to do whatever to whoever, and get away with it.

    And, Rafe can answer the door in a towel all day long!! ;)
    In fact, put EJ in a towel too and let the towel fight begin!! Yeowzer!! Where’s my blood pressure machine?! Heheheh!!
    Fantastic Day, All!! :)

  103. From SandyGram

    Episode September 28th:
    I have got to get me some Stock in Kleenex if Days continues with scene’s like Melanie’s leaving today. I must of used up most of a box over the last two days. The one thing that caught my ear was in Mel’s goodbye to Brady she said “she couldn’t be with Chad if that’s the kind of man he is beating up Nick”. But yet, there she sat next to her BFF who almost beat the life out of EJ and she covered for him. So with that said, Arrivederci Molly, see you in the movies until you return home to Days.

    I’m so with most of the previous postings on today’s show. The talk between Adrienne and Lucas, it was Adrienne that ended up with the line of the day “with the way this country is changing, who knows we might be in laws, You and I”. I’m sure the writers will bring Lucas around to not feel uncomfortable seeing Will sharing a kiss with another man. After all this is new to Lucas also and like ‘patty’ said Adrienne and Justin went to group meetings when Sonny first came out, so the writers need to do the same for Lucas. I’d say all the characters have had their public display of affections to support the scene they are playing out. But I gotta say, Bo and Hope sitting on the sofa in the HTS, I loved it. I’m going to miss their kissing scene’s, they just fit!

    It would seem that we’re back to Will being the parent. I love that Will and Sami are talking like adults without the screaming and bashing, but here’s Will with hardly any relationship experience advising Sami. It still makes me giggle!

    I so enjoyed that one week EJ showed us those big natural captivating smiles and dare I say ‘fun side’. But so to, this has passed. Back to not earning what he desires on his own merit but needing to use blackmail to get what he wants. For me, this takes away from his professed love for Sami. It’s back to Sami only being a possession, a pawn in a game where he can take her away from Rafe as he did when he took her away from Lucas. Chad was so right, EJ didn’t go to help him by talking to Melanie. EJ went out and used the information about Gabi to serve is own interests first. I’ve actually lost track of all of the blackmail story’s that has kept so many of the characters out of jail. But it would appear it is EJ’s fall back for everything.

  104. From patty

    I realize I worded what EJ said to Daniel and Nicole through the door wrong. He mumbled something about when he is through with them and then he said “I take what is mine”.
    Daniel tells Nicole I think I’ve come up with a way to make things less stressful. When they come back on, she says that sounds like a really good idea and Dan says he’ll run it by Rafe.
    I’m hoping those are all little hints that the baby is not dead. I’m hoping it’s Daniel and Nicole’s plan but my money is on EJ. “I take what is mine” is quite telling.
    Shani, he sure did wear that towel well…he can borrow some from my linen closet anytime.

  105. From Madalyn

    Hate Nikki losing baby, but what if she adopts Gabi/Will’s baby? She’s still getting to be a mom, not deal with EJ, and great story line with her raising Sami’s first grandbaby. Wow, think of all the storylines!

  106. From NatashaG

    I Hate Ejami It was cute at the safe house but now I want Safe back there so cute together they love eachother and they can’t hide the fact that there INLOVE Rafe can’t stop thinking about her he kisses her so many times I WANT AN EPISODE WHEN THEY COME BACK TOGETHER

  107. From Helen

    Wakeup people.Stefno will take the boy.He will be raised elsewhere and it will be years before Nic finds out.She is too busy deceiving EJ she forgot her biggest threat is Stefno who is always doing crap to satisfy himself no matter who gets hurt

  108. From Shani

    Blaze 101 Rafe & EJ in a towel fight, too much! LOL! Then send in towel clad Brady to break up the fight!! Yikes my blood pressure machine doesn’t register that high!!

    Thanks for the info patty 103.

  109. From bj

    I am going to miss Melanie’s character. I always thought she was fun. I’m not going to miss Bo, but I think it is only because they have not made him an important storyline for quite a while. The writing that has involved Bo and Hope has been a tad boring. I am excited about Kristen coming back but not so much that it will add more story time for Marlena. The writers have
    changed her character and she is quite holier than thou. Although I did love the scene between Marlena and Sami recently. It was a good step in the right direction. Marlena cuts a lot of people slack but very rarely Sami.
    I am getting a little tired of the Sami, EJ, Rafe love triangle. I think that can be “part” of a story, but not “the” story with those 3. Get them involved in some big mystery or something. I like Will and Sonny but I am surprised about their character’s pda. It seems counter to Will’s somewhat reserved nature to be so publicly kissing Sonny. They seem like more the stolen moments type or behind closed doors. JMO.

  110. From Clear

    Towel scenes great! Ones where they might slip? All Rafe, EJ and Brady go to the sauna at the same time. A towel gets caught in the door! Which one will it be!?

    Annual physicals? How about a short sheet or a backless gown?

    Poolside skinny dipping anyone? Add Sami getting pushed in the pool! Clothed in a wet Tee shirt with either of them?

    Early morning? Oh, says Sami, I forgot that you sleep in the nude! Go with it writers!

    Sandy, no tissues for me. I know the acting was great, but I could not stand all the “Pinebacks” and turned off the sound and played with my computer during some of Mel’s angst waiting for them to get on with the story.

    Go with it writers!

  111. From BBow

    I just watched Friday’s episode on my DVR. I have two things they made me realize. First, I may no long be a Brady & Melanie fan. At least not as a couple. I use to want them together, but now I love the friendship the two of them have and I am not sure I ever want to see it ruined by putting them together and breaking them up.

    Second, Judi Evans is AMAZING. I started watching the show in 1997, so I didn’t see her original time as Adrienne. The first time I saw her she played Bonnie Lockhart, and even then she stole the screen with her over-the-top craziness. It was great. Now, as Adrienne, she still steals the screen, just in a more subtle way. I think she is one of the best, if not THE best actress on the show. They need to make much more use of her (and I guess, by association, Justin). What is her career? Does anyone know?

  112. From J Lo (not the star)

    Have watched DOOL since 1971 (41yrs) Hate repeat stories and prolonged stories.I think Stephino could have been a twin and E.J was relly the twin brother’s son. On thinking of Nichole please writers let her wake up and it is only a dream that she lost her baby.

  113. From ASnow

    I cannot believe they have killed off Nicole’s baby. Why can’t she have some happiness?

    Also, I am sick and tired of EJ going after Sami. She also deserves some happiness even tho it has taken her a long time to grow up, or has she?

    Writers I have watched this show from the start and you have the worst story lines at this time.

  114. From grandma to many

    EJ may find out things about Rafe that he really doesn’t want to know could Rafe be another Stephano son ? Rafe’s mother has never come to Salem even when her daughter died , no visits for Rafe’s wedding or to visit her teenage daughter this could be fear of Stephano seeing her and recognizing her from the past this would also explain why Rafe was raised by the nuns to hide him from the possibility of Stephano ever finding out about his existance unlikely but remember this is Salem where anything even possesion by the devil has occured

  115. From Jean

    Of course this is always Days solution. They could come up with a better story line. They need new writers quickly. They keep this up they won’t be on next year.

  116. From LittleMo

    I agree they writers didnt’ have to write a miscarrage but I have no sympathy for Nicole. This is a painful thing but Nicole has done her share of dirt in the past. She hasn’t just been used – she’s done her share of using. Look at the scheming she’s doing now.

    To Clear: I think it’s probably Nick won’t press charges for the assault if Chad backs off of Gabi. Gabi is the one who found Nick. I’m sure my version is simplified but that’s my guess, unless Nick managed to find out something else about Chad.

  117. From Tee

    Hey everyone!
    Grandma~ It sems You have a different name yo use as well or you are known by is it Judy? Or is that a different person, I did not want to just address you as Grandma if you are called by something else so If you prefer something else let me know if not I am fine with Grandma.
    I had brought that up here as well about Rafe possibly being a Dimera, he seems to ahve a hate for them, and his family and life is a huge secret. We dont know much about him. I remember Brian Datilo tweeted hinting on there being more Dimeras. Here is tweet below

    Bryan Dattilo ‏@Bryan_Dattilo
    Stephano will always be the king of bad guys. But Days can always use more Dimera’s.

    He spelled Stefano wrong and he corrected himself right after.
    Now it could mean anyone but it would make sense if Rafe was like you said. I have been wondering for a while.
    I also have been speculating on Dr.Dan being Stefanos son. Shawn who plays Dan and the actress who played Maggie did a interview by video, and both said it laid between him being Dimera or Kiriakis.Both said they have heard it before he was a Dimera but neither know who Dans dad is yet and if he is but it coud be either Stefano or Victor.I then think on how they are doing this story now with Dan and his involvement with Dimeras and think it is a possibility he could be. I think right before the Daysaster we had Maggie and Victor spoilers discussing the egg incident, so it seems it may have ben approached, though not sure by which writers.It could be something old ones wanted to approach or new, or even both. That is what I don;t know.
    Then I think of Jen looking into all these DNA labs, and well its possible she finds more Dimeras as well.Lots of possibilities Grandma good thoughts on it.

    I am loving the towel scene ideas, There are lots of good looking men on this show.

    Mab We usually agree on most, I dont agree on the Wilson love story. I think that they should be shown as any other couple is and doing what couples do, that would mean kissing, possibly sex etc. I understand some people might not like it, to me I feel they are putting something out there that is very common today and lacks acceptance by some people. I think to each their own, and have no problem with anyones love choice, though I don’t like to see tonsil hockey makeut public sessions by any couple, I feel they were being in the scopes of a normal couple.
    Last week we seen Bope in the pub on sofa I think she was on his lap kissing him. So that was a little more public display. I guess I say equal rights no matter what your choice is.I will also warn they plan to make this as realistic as it would be and so just be prepared for scenes that go way past kissing. It will get steamy down the line with those 2. I applaud days for doing this story line, and think they would be slapping the gay community in the face if they did not do it like a normal relationship because to them it is normal we all have our choices and that is theirs.I would also like to add I seen ratings and mens ratings are being kept track of and mens ratings are going up, It may be due to Wilson it may not be, but it did help ratings, then bump in mens viewers. They gained 15,000 in total viewers, though they still lost in their targeted 18-49. I think it was a 55,000 lost this week, and a 15,000 gain of men If anyone interested I could look it up again and post.I have never seen them include mens ratings much so when they did I knew their was a reason. Its ok Mab we agree on alot and we find the one thing we may not lol. I always agree with what you say and still do just not the Wilson stuff lol

    Patty#103 I originally wondered if his plan had anything to do with the engagement we heard was going to happen for the wrong reasons. I am now wondering who it may be though, I don’t see it being Will and Gabi. We have not even heard shes pregnant yet, and Christmas time has her with Nick, these spoilers are for fall.

    So who do we have as possible engagements?
    Nicole/Rafe though I dont think so, but you never know, The Dan/Nicole would make no sense as Dan wold call more attention to his switching tests. Nicole/Rafe sounds more logical. Though I know Safe gets close in next few weeks, it is still possible.
    So not many choices here

    Hello everyone!

    Grandma~ Iwas thinking the same thing and brought it up here, I think it is possible, I seem to recall Brian Datilo tweeted last month about the posibilty of more Dimeras, and with Rafe’s past being so secretive it could be. Great points Grandma. Here is the tweet.
    Bryan Dattilo ‏@Bryan_Dattilo
    Stephano will always be the king of bad guys. But Days can always use more Dimera’s.

    I am also wondering about Dan, he and the actress who plays Maggie did a interview video this month and hinted Dans father could either be Stefano or Victor, though they said they are unsure of who it is they agreed both are possible and hinted at being father. I also remember Maggie and Victor discussing the egg situation right before Daysaster, perhaps Dan will be a Dimera, he is going after them now, when just weeks ago he was praising Chad, and now he hates all Dimeras. So those are the 2 I think are possibilities.

    Patty~ I was at first thinking of the spoilers of the engagement we keep hearing of, the one that will be for thw wrong reasons, but we also know Rafe and Sami get close over next few weeks. So not sure how Nicole and Rafe cold get engaged but it is still a possibility.I was wondering if they would go the route of baby not realy dying will the suggestion be for Nicole/baby and Rafe to go to a safe house?
    Dan marrying Nicole would make no sense, it would draw attention more to his role in changing blood tests. It would alow his wife to not testify against him though, but she would not need to the evidence would speak for itself when the tests show it is EJ’s.

    Gabi/Willmarrying don’t seem likely either since this is supposed to happen sometime In October, we dont even know she is pregnant yet.
    Nick/Gabi could get engaged but why would it be for wrong reasons unless EJ finds a way to get Gabi charged and it would somehow benefit them to marry. The paper Chad signs is very illegal, and would not hold up in a court of law, and to be honest what Chad did is only a misdemeanor and Chad would serve no jail time If he did it would be a few days.Beating someone up is something that happens all the time people get in fights and they dont get much outof it since it is a misdemeanor.

    Rafe has some choices to make and fast, EJ will inform her Rafe is lying still and she asks Rafe to tell her the truth. Does he, or will he keep on lying?SAFe fans hold your breath this go round is built off too many lies, which Sami states she thinks Rafe is honest. We must realize she expects things from EJ and she expects things from Rafe. Her choice in Rafe lies with his honest qualities, and this will be their downfall if he is not honest when she asks him for the final time.
    So many saybut EJ does this and that, yep he schemes so does Sami, she expects his schemes and accepts them for who he is.She only asked that he dont kidnap, clone, etc.
    Rafe she thinks is a do gooder, who would never lie to her, or keep secrets. Well that is what he is doing now.It is all about her perception. You are right Rafe has not done as bad as things as EJ in past but she thinks Rafe is above doing what he is doing now. She expects hnesty and disclosure of secrets and he is not giving her that.
    On EJ and what he did to John, everyone knows of that, 2nd he was not pursuing or with Sami then. Sami don’t even like John that much anyway.It is all about honesty and owning up to what you do, EJ does Rafe does not.Safe fans enjoy what you get for it may not last, she may not een go back to EJ for all we know Lucas is still there as well. She could find someone else, she has been all over the place lately. Though my guess is still with EJ

  118. From Tee

    sorry for post above I thought it got deleted and rewrote it and it seems it is there twice lol. So it made my post extra long and repeat things I already said. I was typing and suddenly my dog jumped up on my lap hitting a key on laptop making my post delete I thought, since it dissapeared as I was typing it, so I wrote it again and now see it is there, my dog is big but thinks she is a lapdog at times.

  119. From Tee

    Sorry post above repeats what I said in it I was typing post and my dog jumped on lap hitting keys on laptop. I looked and my post I was typing dissapeared so I thought my dog deleted it and retyped it again lol. So sorry for the long post repeating it self.

  120. From Tee

    Little spoiler for you all

    Oct 9th Sami and Rafe forgive each other and move on with their relationship.
    But does Rafe tell Sami the truth of all, or is it just the whole EJ/Carrie thing and supposedly impregnating Nicole?

  121. From Sandra Kilgore

    I cannot believe their making Nicole loose yet Another child. Talk about cruel. WHAT’s wrong with y’all. Y. Can’t y’all just let her be happy for once. I think her and Brady will get back together. Cause remember he was there when she lost Sydney a.why not again. Their both grieving too.

  122. From Shani

    I notice this morning that the DaysCafe spoiler that tells about Jennifer & Nicole’s confrontation & originally said “Nicole’s unborn baby has been put at risk” NOW says “has apparently been put at risk”. That word apparently was added. Maybe another peek that the baby will not die?!

  123. From MAB

    Rafe must get his ideas in the shower. He had to come all the way out to the living room wet just to write something down…funny! Then of course Sami shows up, like we didn’t see that coming. I very much enjoyed EJ’s visit tho…love how he gets under Rafe’s skin.

    Spoilers specifically say Nicole is told her baby is dead, but really is alive & well. Why are some still thinking the baby dies? I’m completely onboard w/ Nicole’s baby being Brady’s. I’ve never wanted this baby to be EJ’s anyway.

    I’m sure Sami will be stupid and run back to Rafe after she finds out about EJ blackmailing him, but that don’t mean that will last either. And if she’s gonna be mad at EJ, then she should be even more mad at Rafe. He’s the one who’s been lying to her about everything. But I’m sure the writers are playing right into the hands of TPTB as they seem obsessed to reunite Safe, regardless of the overwhelming EJami fan base.

    Will certainly has no place to be giving anyone advice on their love life. He barely has any experience himself, and just now started his second actual relationship. I still think he’s not as comfortable about being gay as Sonny is. I do like tho that Sami & Will are getting along now.

    Tee – nope, we definitely don’t agree on the Wilson story. I’m just sick of how people can’t express their feelings on the subject w/o being branded. It’s not that I don’t expect them to kiss, or whatever, whether I like it or not (which I don’t), but the need for Will & Sonny to always publicly kiss is nonsense. So far, every kiss they’ve had has been in public. Why??? It feels like it’s being shoved down my throat and I don’t like it. I also say to each their own, I could care less what anyone’s sexual preference is. I’m just tired of how others can’t have opinion on the subject, or express honestly how they feel, because as soon as they do, they are called names, like what happened w/ Lucas. He can’t even be honest w/o getting tagged a bigot & homophobe.

    Ever since the gay s/l started, anyone who doesn’t jump on the band wagon right away is branded. People can’t help how they feel, and some people need time to adjust. It’s only fair to everyone, but the show is not writing this fair at all. Instead, Lucas gets branded by Adrienne as a bigot. And it’s sad that Lucas has to watch how he words what he says to Will. He said I still love you, but of course, it was taken the wrong way, and Lucas meant nothing by it. It’s pathetic how everyone has to tip toe around their words & actions just because he’s gay.

    OMG, give Brady a s/l writers! This is getting pathetic. He has so much to offer, but gets sidelined w/ playing second fiddle to other people’s s/l. He is not used to his potential at all. EJ & Brady are the future of this show, yet, it seems Brady gets overshadowed, while Rafe gets more of the limelight. Who’s bonehead idea was that?

    Gabi usually gets on my nerves, but she acted genuinely scared when Justin told her what could happen to her. Good performance!

  124. From jolie

    #75 Patty, after Sami decided to quit careening from man to man, that is all she has done for the past week! Rafe and Elvis are just in the path of Hurricane Sami, Rafe with his heart on his sleeve and Elvis with tricks up his. Someone will end up hurt over this…haven’t they ever been told “you’ll put your eye out”?
    #76 Mopy, I agree, poor Lucas is so at odds with what is going on. I think he will come around but how many people would be just exactly like this if this were occurring in their orbit? It will not be easy even if neither of the young gents ever does a thing to hurt each other. Their situation is not readily accepted everywhere. Lucas needs time and a bit of understanding himself I think.
    #77Blaze, I thought the same thing. A Mayoral Oath should pledge to uphold the laws of the land. I realized that Rafe and the SPD tend to bend the laws and some they ignore…this is a soap. But the mayor as well would be required to uphold the laws.
    #78 Sandygram, I thought Mel’s comments to Gabi that she didn’t care enough about her to go thru the process was so hurtful. If anything should grab Gabs by her attention, that should be it. Change your ways. Grown up!
    #80 Tee, I find your comment that Elvis is going about things the right way to show Sami he is a different man as interesting. While he would not sanction murder, he did sanction kidnapping (and I am talking Rafe and not including the baby-napping), cloning, sending a thug into the home of Sami and the kids and into Sami’s bed. I know what you meant or I think I do but it is hard to think of this as a good thing when he is blackmailing Rafe to get full access to Sami. I don’t see Sami as first with Elvis, just that Elvis will not lose whatever the cost. It is winning with him rather than Sami. And you are right, Chad is like a loose cannon. Maybe Fatha won’t be away too much longer or that boy might get into some big trouble. The difference in Nick and Elvis, Nick did a crime, did the time, trying to make a comeback. Elvis, did the crime, did the crime, did the crime….
    #85 Sandygram, obstructing justice…that might be the crime that Chad would be involved in for withholding info about a kidnapping.
    #94 NeeNee, good post and good ideas. You are right that if Sami were with Elvis 24/7, there would be a new understanding of Elvis for her, especially when Stefano comes back into the picture.
    #97 Patty, my point exactly. Elvis wants to win and at whatever and not necessarily Sami. And intriguing spoiler!
    #108 From Grandma to many, good to hear from you. And you speak volumes! We don’t know much about Rafe and we (or Elvis) might find out plenty. Wonder how Stefano would explain the cloning and trying to ruin his life to ‘sonRafe’?
    #115 MAB I agree with you on this one, if Rafe and Sami get back together, it won’t last. What fun would that be? Like the other couples who have had to fight against the Dimeras (John/Marlena, Bo/Hope) if they don’t have scenes against the bad guys, they are fighting amongst themselves! And I agree that no one needs to be calling Lucas names. Give it time. He loves his son. He will find his way but let’s not have it written like Lucas is committing a crime for how he feels about something unforeseen (except for Kate) and totally new and different.

  125. From MAB

    I agree the mayor should also uphold the law, and EJ did during his short tenure. The only thing was the looming murder charge which he was innocent of, while the SPD tried to bury him at all cost for it just because he’s a DiMera. Too bad the village idiots aren’t smart enough to catch him for something he actually did. And yes, Bo, Roman and others have bent the rules, but Rafe has gone far beyond that. His disregard for the law has no limits. He don’t just bend the rules, he shatters them! And is still doing so by his involvement w/ Nicole, trying to keep yet another one of EJ’s kids from their rightful father. I’d say that behavior is also a form of kidnapping.

    Even tho EJ went along w/ Stefano on some things, he did not fully sanction Rafe’s kidnapping. That was all Stefano. In fact, it was EJ who kept Stefano from killing Rafe, and hurting Ally. EJ can’t be blamed just by association. Stefano is so much more ruthless than EJ could ever think about being, yet EJ gets more blame than Stefano does.

    Again, an EJami relationship would work if the writers wrote it that way. EJ & Sami have proved they can get past their past and move forward. We fans can’t say for sure that she would be w/ EJ only to decide a life w/ him wasn’t for her. If TPTB wanted EJami to happen, it would happen, and it would work if the writers had the guts to go there, regardless of Rafe, Stefano or anyone else. EJ could change for her, as he was willing to do before.

  126. From SandyGram

    Spoiler excerpts see them all on Days of Our Lives

    On Weds Oct 3rd it would appears that Nikki informs Jenn she will be moving in with Daniel. While Brady tells Daniel that Jenn still loves him and Daniel confesses he still loves Jenn…all while Nicole is listening. Then on Thursday Daniel tells Jenn his place is with helping Nicole and the baby.

    I’m wondering if Daniel’s actions in this Nicole mess isn’t more related to him loosing Parker. Daniel being involved with Nicole in this way is so out of character, especially since he lost so much time with Melanie. When in the end we all know there will come a time when it’s disclosed that the baby’s father is EJ. Where are the writers going with this. Although I posted the first spoiler that Nicole looses that baby, I’m now strongly feeling that she does not. A substitute doctor, a new nurse, Daniel having this big scheme, Rafe and Nicole going along with it, Daniel’s insistence on protecting Nicole and the baby when he’s in love with Jenn…Oh but what a way for this baby to come into this world. Ping Pong anyone!

  127. From Clear

    Eric Brady coming back seems interesting, but we already had a good priest. Maybe if he is undercover ISA and not really a priest. Can you imagine Nicole going to confession!

    I do hope Nic’s baby is alive–wish her other one would be alive too! She would have a boy and a girl to keep her out of trouble!

    I think her next man should find Pookie’s long lost offspring and gift her a new puppy for Christmas too!

  128. From Cindy

    If Gabi can be blamed for knowing that Andrew kidnapped Melanie and not doing anything, then EJ can be blamed for knowing Stefano kidnapped Rafe and not doing anything. And what EJ didn’t do is worse because Sami (the woman he is supposed to love) was raped by RoboRafe and his own kids were in danger.

  129. From Clear

    Cindy, neither Stefano or EJ paid for any of their crimes. Guess Dimera’s find a way to slide around the law or negotiate some deal above it.

  130. From SandyGram

    Episode October 1st:
    Not an over powering episode, just the little details that need to be covered before the moment builds up for the rest of the week.
    Now today it’s more observations than anything else. Jenn’s dress was not attractive; the beer bottle Rafe threw against the wall didn’t break; Nicole’s baby bump has an ‘outie’ navel; and, the picture Sami was looking at of Rafe, her and the kids, was missing Sydney.

    There is something else going on with Jenn with the outburst she’s having. I would venture to guess she may be feeling a wee bit guilty because her feelings for Daniel is stronger than they should be, even though she went back to Jack. This whole business about him saved her life, she owes him, therefore she’s going to protect him from Nicole. A little over the top for me.

    Then there was Caroline again who mis-spoke Roman’s name when she should have said Bo. After hearing her on the phone with the bank about some missing deposits and now calling him Roman, I think Roman just maybe the first to recognize she has a problem. Or at least his raised eye brow made me think that. Not to mention just a hint (SPOILER) for tomorrow Caroline over hears the heated conversation between Nicole and Jenn, in which Jenn mentions DNA results being changed. Now can you imagine with her memory issues what she may do with that piece of information unintentionally?

    Now Gabi wants to take responsibility for her actions, thinking she will get a lighter sentence if she comes forward. Then setting up a payment plan for paying Rafe back for hiring Justin….Uhg….something is missing in this dialog. This whole story line is as convoluted as some of the DiMera’s worst schemes. Just a train wreck ready to happen somewhere down the road.

    At the Cop Shop how in the world is Bo going to hit Stefano where it hurts the most in the bank account, when they can’t even retrieve the Basic Black money. Then Roman tells Hope making the necessary cuts in the SPD won’t be hard, it will be by seniority. Now let me think about that, Rafe was just hired back. Unless they bridge his total time in the SPD, I would say Rafe is low man on the Totem Pole.

    And last there’s Mr. Smarmy feeling pretty good about blackmailing Rafe into turning Sami over to him. How about just once EJ earns Sami’s affection on his own merit, like kind, loving, generous, responsible, humorous and caring man. Not through threats, conniving or blackmail which has been the low life ways he’s accomplished any of his past hook ups with Samantha Gene.

  131. From Shani

    Daniel handled EJ terrifically today. There was Sami pouring her little heart out to Rafe, trying to retrieve what she lost with him. Could see the pain in Rafe’s eyes that he feels he has to do this for his sister. EJ sitting there enjoying every minute of Sami’s pain. Isn’t that just true love at its best?! NOT! Good talk between Abby & Jennifer. I’m glad Abby told Jennifer what Nicole had said to her about Jen. Dr. Dan has a plan, – but we don’t get to hear it!

  132. From Shani

    Cindy 128 you betcha!

  133. From Leah

    Ratings for the 17 – 21 September just out… Days had + 15 000 viewers from the week before. While this may sound like good news it comes no where close to filling the gap left by the hundred of thousands of viewers who have stopped watching since the 27th of August. Even sadder news is that woman viewers watching in the 18 – 49 years old age group were 55 000 LESS than the week before making this result TIED with the Days all time lowest ratings in this age group. Not good, not good at all!
    Another side issue that rubs this viewer up the wrong way… The majority want Ejami (whether others like it or not), so why oh why stir up that fanbase or add fuel to the fire unnecessarily? If you Days writers wanna persist with Safe or Ejole AT LEAST DO SO with their own original storylines. Stop stealing classic Ejami scenes that we Ejami fans love and went into making them them and are part of THEIR history! We will all never forget Ejamis first meeting… Sami wet bikini clad knocking on EJs door and EJ answering wrapped in a towel and nothing more (which he conveniently let slip). So we don’t need to be seeing a Safe re enactment of the same scene. Sami knocking on Rafes door and him wrapped in a towel. Then of course we have the re enactment of the whole Ejami tango on the pier. Ejole tried it but again it fell flat. We’ve seen it and been there and done that. EJAMIS HISTORY, STORIES and SCENES ARE JUST THAT… EJAMI’S! Its nothing more than a weak and feeble attempt to undermine what previous good writing created with Ejami and it doesn’t work. More Ejami propping to try and pimp Safe/Ejole. To me it shows they don’t work and the writers don’t think they can stand on their own so have to steal from Ejamis history. Wake up!

  134. From SandyGram

    Episode Oct 1st:

    Forgot one little thing…when Caroline showed Bo the picture of Ciara, she mentioned the picture was 3 years old.

    As has been mentioned previously I think a SORAS is coming.

    Original Birth Date – December 29 2006
    In 2009 Changed To – July 16 2004

    So that would make her 8 years old and the picture looked like she was 8 years old, if she was SORAS’d 3 years she would then be 11 years old. Unless they go a head and make her a Teen.

    If Ciara is SORAS’d then so should Theo be SORAS’s. I would hate to see Lauren Boles or Terrell Ransom, Jr. leave the show they are great little actors.

  135. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Mab,I am in agreement about lucas and labeling him, I think he should be given time to adjust to this, as would many parents need. I also agree they should have Will and Sonnynot so in public. That side I can see, I was only disagreeing that the writers should not do any PDA with them or even sex scenes, me personally does not do anything for me, and I am straight, but I do understand what they want to do with the story, they are doing pretty well with most of it, but are going a little over board on the PDA, and Lucas being labeled part.I was only saying they should have romantic scenes just ike the straight characters.Hope that explains it better.

    Mab#125 well said. My thoughts exactly. EJ may be seen as this evil Dimera, but in truth he is not as evil as most Dimeras.In real life when someone makes a mistake and has grown form that or you choose to forgive them then you cannot keep bringing it up, and characterizing them with it. I feel EJ has done terrible things, but he has shown regret and remorse for those actions. I do not expect EJ to be a do gooder,.Which was the point I was making above and my next point.
    Jolie#124 I was saying in light of things EJ has done in his past, he is going about this in a good way. He is using rafes secrets, and lies to get what he wants. Rafe made the choice to hide EJ’s child from him and is still very much doing it, and plotting still to do it. He volunteered to do that, noone asked him to.So EJ has every right to be mad at Rafe and go after him for trying to steal his child. He is using legal means, he asked for a blood test to prove it. That is legal and in his rights,, also in his rights would be to sek charges against any who were involved in it like Dan for example.Next we see him blackmailing Rafe about Gabi, clearly Rafe had the choice to do the right thing, and EJ even told him do you choose love or blood basiclly. Rafe chose. Rafe really holds the cards there, honestly.He once again could have just helped her get a lawyer, and some mental help, and done the right thing.He chose to break the law.His choice.
    People say he is trying to blackmail to get Sami, but honestly if Sami dont want him he wont have her. Simple as that.He knows she wants him as well, and is trying to sort out her feelings for the both, her decisions as she says is based off Rafe being the honest man, and better for her in others eyes.
    Spoilerish tomorrow you will see Sami tells EJ she is suprised he would comfort her after the ay she treated him, he says he is not blameless.She later apologizes for how she treated him and he says all is fair in love in war.He alludes to her he has done things to get the upper hand, and I will not spoil what EJ dmits to Sami but EJAMI lovers it will be nice, and she tells him she is tryng to sort through her feelings, to which he knows.Just weeks ago Sami was all over EJ, why should he think she does not care and want him, he thinks she is torn between the 2, and he is right.So my point was knowing how EJs character has handled things in the past I think he is going about this in a more sensible manner. Sami knows exactly what and who he is, and she would do exactly what he is in this situation. Sami is not some innocent little girl, she most certainly goes for what she wants as well, and will scheme, and manipulate to get it.

    Chad is gonna be a ticking bomb, at least EJ thinks usually before he does something.You dont know what you will get with Chad.

    Mab I rememebr you saying something about Bo and why he has to quit force and stuff. It reminds me of something other posters have said about him being replaced by Rafe. Roman will need to fire 2 officers and said it will go by seniority, and asks Hope for who she thinks should take Bos spot, which would be her new partner. I bet Rafe will be her reccomendation. Rafe actually should fall at bottom of seniority, so should lose his job not get promotions, but I am gonna guess he will be Bo’s replacement, and according to some sources in more ways then one.
    So as Sandy said above Rafe should get the axe but he wont he will take Bos position, which sets up for the Hope romance.
    I have said many times before this is Safe closure and I stand by it for now, unless I see otherwise or it is confirmed it is not. I have read and heard it is closure and as I said before it is the little things that tell this story.
    Bo leaves SPD.Roman needs to promote someone to Bo’s job, which Hope will reccomend. Enter Rafe(who as Sandy said should be low on totem pole.
    Sami and Rafe unite, for a bit, she may find out all his lies to her (which is not her perception of Rafe) and or realize sheloves someone else more.Rafe and Hope spend loads of time togetehr on force as partners and he is there for her when Bo does not call, or something happens like he come sup missing or whatever. They fall for each other.
    We have these clues about Safe, Sami says the decision is not easy, she knows what is between her and EJ but feels Rafe is the man she married, a honest do gooder who dont lie to her and of course would never keep secrets.
    She teels EJ tomorrow she is trying to figure outher feelings and where they stand, and I am sure as where and what feelings she has for Rafe.
    She says she is doing this for everyone, and as EJ gathers everyone but her self, meaning her family and their opinions.
    Rafe is hiding secrets from Sami, helping the woman who stole her baby, and trying to steal a mans child.Something else Nicole did to her. I doubt she will handle it all well in end.It is about he perception and she perceives Rafe as a honest man.She perceives EJ as a man who goes for what he wants, schemes and manipulates. She only told him no kidnapping, cloning.
    Either way blackmail is over pretty quickly so it wont have much affect here.

    We will see tomorrow what Dan and Nicoles plan is and it has nothing to do with hiding her baby, and pretending it is dead. It has more to do with when EJ reruns the test Rafe hacking into sytsem and changing it again, to which he agrees and even says he has someone who can help him hack into it.

    On a substitue doctor, where did that come from? I recall Dan telling Nicole she had to see another doctor, because it would draw too much attention. I know people are speculating about a new doctor, but she seen a new doc when she got her ultrasound I cannot recall if we seen the doc during her ultrasound or not I am gonna go re watch that day and see.

  136. From Tee

    Just wanted to share for anyone that gets SOD, or has picked up new issue There is a story on what will happen when Nicole loses baby.
    The doc finds no heartbeat, the doc then does a ultrasound, which confirms that the baby is dead. I did not want to post whole article here as there is a lot but a key is there is a ultra sound. I amnot sure this is a doc appointment, I think she may go in to have it checked out, and as we are all aware our docs are not there 24hrs a day. It is still possible the baby lives, but a ultra sound does look bad in confirming it. We will have to wait and see how this plays out I guess. I also want to add, I believe from spoilers everyone finds out right away the baby dies

  137. From Shani

    I know we can call our kids by one another’s names by mistake sometimes, & I posted about that once before. But what was worrisome to me about Caroline is that she didn’t seem to realize she had done it. Her conversaton with the bank was just like the issue over the dish order.

  138. From SandyGram

    Tee…..just wondering if you have heard or read anything about Ciara and Theo being SORAS’d…or…Lauren Boles or Terrell Ranson, Jr leaving the show.

  139. From Amanda

    Greetings Days writers, I did not read this spoiler, nor did I read any of the comments. I am only here for one reason. EJ needs to GO DOWN. I am so tired of the SAME OLD CRAP OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Make EJ suffer in a painful torturous way. The current story line is so boring, it is just pretty much the same old stuff happening again…ooooo EJ is getting the best of Rafe to get Sami. AS IF. I DVR this show for a reason. I have been watching it since I was a CHILD. I am nearly 40 now. Stop. STOP REDOING THE SAME CRAP OVER AND OVER AGAIN. BOOOOOOOORING. The boring TALKING between Hope and Bo is UNREAL as well. PAAAAA-LEEEEEZE make something interesting and DIFFERENT happen. You got rid of Melanie, one of my favorite actresses AND characters on the show. Nicole is stunningly beautiful but her character is BOOOOOOOOORING. She never does anything except pick on the “innocent” — are you kidding me, you are having HER go after JENNIFER????? JENNIFER. JENNIFER. I said it 3 times in the hopes that it might make you come to your senses. You know what would make this show interesting? If some of the “innocents” actually got some revenge and come-uppance for a GRAND CHANGE. Can Romain or Bo or Hope PLEASE torture EJ or Stefano or brainwash one of them for a change? I realize this is a soap opera & not real life (uh hello, realized that back before Marlena was possessed by the devil) but COME ON ~ Sami would NEVER even look at EJ again after ALL of the TOTALLY INSANE CRIMINAL things he has done to her & her family. COME ON. I realize this is make believe but it is too much of a joke. Give us a real juice reason to keep watching already.

  140. From Clear

    I am wondering how they will handle Caroline and her short term memory loss. Is there going to be an identified cause or are they just going to diagnose her with Altzheimers? There are medications, but I think they only help people maintain what they have left– unless there is a new one.

    I missed the great thing Bo is thinking of doing. It wasn’t about the Dim money was it? I can never tell if I posted–sometimes It takes and other times I gt the error message

  141. From Tee

    Sandy~ #138 Lauren Boles was filming scenes with Kristian on Sept 17th Ciara and Hope are wearing matching pajamas on that day. So it would seem she is still around after Bo leaves. I have not heard anything about them being aged, and from looks of the pics of them it will not take place anytime soon. I will say Theo should be a few years older then Ciara, so I think she was made older once already.

    I am suprised there have not ben any scenes of them together yet, wit bo leaving but I believe we are supposed to get some soon.
    Lauren also attended Peters goodbye party.

    On Theo, it would make more sense to age him since he should be what 3 or 4 years older then Ciara, but I have not heard anything yet on if he will be.

    This is days and it is possible we see Ciara go off to visit her father down the line and come back a teenager. I don’t think it will be happening this year though.

    Shani yes she is suffering from alzheimer’s disease, she is up there in age,
    She will be present during the Jen/Nicole showdown so I wonder what her scenes there will be.

  142. From Tee

    So here is a spoiler for next Thursday I believe

    Thursday (“Nicole’s Accident”)
    Jennifer causes Nicole to take a terrible fall; Stefano meets with Kristen in Europe

    Enjoy and it is just from the daily episode guide

  143. From Shani

    Clear 140 I wonder too how they will handle Caroline? There are all kinds of medications & usually they don’t diagnose Alzheimers right off the bat. A form of dementia is what they first said about my Mother-in-law. Her first med made her pretty much normal for 2 or 3 years, until she got worse again & meds didn’t help. She eventually lapsed into full blown Alzheimers & it was such a terrible & slow deterioration of the woman we loved so much. A long good-bye, as Nancy Reagan once said!

  144. From jolie

    #128 Cindy, Elvis and Chad seem to have forgotten that Rafe was kidnapped, held in the basement of the manse, and while Stefano may have come up with the idea, Elvis was up to his lovely eyes in it. But that’s our Elvis and how he thinks. He didn’t really mean it, didn’t really get caught, Samanther has apparently forgotten it. It didn’t happen!

    #129 Hey there Clear! It is called Teflon! Dimeras have it in their DNA.
    #130 Sandygram, you are the most observant person I know. You should be a detective..not on SPD because they are cutting headcount. How about Major Crimes? That is intriguing about Caroline overhearing the talk of DNA results. I wonder if Phillip is supposed to be having a part in Parker’s life in Chicago? But back to Caroline, I hope the way this is written is tasteful for this actress and her character. She is a long time staple on this show and deserves to be treated as such. Wonder if the actress is thinking of retirement as well? And you may well be right about Jennifer. She has moved past Jack’s demise very quickly and into Daniel’s business whole-heartedly. That she doesn’t throw Nicole out on her ear and right now is beyond me and I love Nicole. Rafe might be low man on the totem pole at SPD or on the bottom rung at least. But I get what you are saying about Bo going after Stefano’s cash when they couldn’t do anything for Basic Black other than stand around and grimace. I love the SPD officers but as a whole, the dept needs a shake up for real. And I thought the same when Elvis rushed over to comfort Sami and smiled over the top of her head. No way is this a good thing for her or the kids. This is a control issue with Elvis, not an issue of love or even lust. Nicole was too easy to control for him. He just had to keep the cash coming, the booze, the romantic nights…Nicole was rather happy. Too easy. Sami is too out of control trying to control herself and what she might do next. Several posters here say that he accepts her as she is. I respect that opinion but don’t see it. If he accepted her as she is, he would not result to blackmail to make Rafe back off. He would continue to try to woo her. Elvis stacks the deck because winning is his thing.

    #136 Tee, sounds like we are back to the baby being dead, doesn’t it. I guess we will know soon enough but not looking forward to that emotion. Very sad indeed. Not sure where this is going now.

  145. From Shani

    MAB wrote in 123 “spoilers specifically say Nicole is told her baby is dead, but really is alive & well”. I have not seen spoilers that say that. Has anyone else? That would settle the issue.

  146. From patty

    Sami wants Rafe to let her in on Nicole’s paternity secret and offers to help keep EJ from his child.
    Nicole gives birth to her stillborn son.

    Jenn’s arrested for the murder of Nicole’s baby and more.

  147. From MAB

    Ugh, Monday’s show was less than thrilling, other than seeing EJ’s handsome face! Sami still groveling at Rafe’s feet, how depressing! Sami is supposed to be a strong character, who is a fighter, but around Rafe, she’s pathetically weakling. So I guess this is what kind of performances we’re in store for once she gets back w/ Rafe. So sad! And what is w/ all the picture changes in Sami’s apt. all the time?? Last week, there was the one w/ her, EJ & the kids, and now there’s one w/ her, Rafe & the kids???

    I understand how Bo missed Ciara’s event, and he seemed genuinely upset about it, once again blaming his job. But this nonsense of how he’s being written out is ludicrous. He is Bo Brady for pete’s sake! He deserves a big exit s/l, and not just leaving Salem to go off on a mid-life crisis adventure w/o his wife & daughter.

    Jen needs therapy! Yesterday, she was acting like she was the daughter & Abby was the mother. All her ranting & raving just because of Daniel’s involvement w/ Nicole. And what nerve of her saying Nicole has no feelings…just because Nicole doesn’t come off as Ms. Prim & Proper, like the Horton’s pretend to be, doesn’t mean Nicole is completely heartless. And when will Jen get that Daniel & Rafe WILLINGLY helped Nicole? Rafe jumped in on his own w/ no probing from Nicole at all, and yes Daniel was coerced a little, but now is hell bent on keeping her secret, and is really far worse than Rafe at this point. I guess this is all gonna culminate when Jen jumps all over Nicole and causes her to fall. If she causes harm to Nicole’s baby because of her immature behavior as of late, then I hope Jen gets the backlash she deserves for causing a woman to loose her child. There will be NO excuse for her actions if Nicole looses this baby.

    Rafe throwing the bottle across the room, didn’t break it, but managed to soak everything including himself! LOL

    EJ talking to the door after Daniel slammed it in his face. Really?? Why couldn’t have he said his peace before the door was slammed? Better yet, why didn’t Daniel just tell EJ to get lost and shut the door when he first showed up? Daniel’s little tirade was a little over dramatic…he continued to run his mouth about Chad and tagging him a “true” DiMera just because he was trying to protect his daughter. Chad may have gone overboard, but funny how Daniel has conveniently forgotten that he was on the same page as Chad, up until just recently.

    #133 Leah – ditto! So well said about EJami.

    Tee – I get what you’re saying about Will & Sonny, no need to explain yourself to me. I respect your opinions whether we agree or not. Regarding EJ, I so agree, so what if he’s blackmailing Rafe to keep him from Sami? It’s all based on Rafe’s lies. EJ is doing what he has to do. He has to try harder to win Sami over because of her family’s influence (while they all sit in Rafe’s cheering section) to convince her to give him another chance. EJ wants to try to keep the ever controlling Rafe out of Sami’s life, so he can be w/ her and let her be the real Sami. Too bad TPTB refuse to allow this to happen. Also, you took the words right out of my mouth about Rafe, that he will probably be the one to “take” Bo’s place, and possibly in more ways than one. And I think that is sickening! Rafe is no Bo, and NEVER will be!! Like I said a long time ago, when Lucas left the show, enter Rafe. I think they replaced Lucas w/ Rafe then, and now it looks like he’s replacing Bo now. For some reason, TPTB must have a fetish about Rafe if they consider him more important than Bo.

    Funny how Sami’s tune is always changing according to what man is in the room. She runs off w/ EJ for good reason, goes crazy over him again, comes home, dumps Lucas & fools around w/ EJ. Then she says she’s gonna get her priorities straight, ward off all men & profess she’s going to concentrate on herself, career, & kids. Then she tells EJ she’s ready to give them another try, that there’s something between them & always will be, he’s a good father, yada, yada. Then Rafe shows up on the night of her date w/ EJ (which should’ve happened & maybe she would’ve told Rafe where to stick it). He fills her head w/ a bunch of malarkey, so she cancels on EJ, and turns her attention towards Rafe. Now she’s telling him she’s done w/ EJ and she wants to be w/ him. Rafe says no because of EJ, now she’s back in EJ’s arms for the moment, until she learns of the blackmail, then hops back over to Rafe. What kind of crack-head writing is this??? There is NO rhyme or reason in this type of writing. Too bad the old writers were fired, as I think for one they were taking Sami in the right direction. Now, it’s gone beyond reasonable.

    DaysCafe had the spoiler last week about Nicole’s baby, saying and I quote, “Nicole’s baby dies, but is really alive & well.” They have changed their spoilers for this week, and I no longer see that specific statement, but they are still referring to something fishy about the baby, now saying “Nicole’s baby dies, so say the hospital tests, but it is certainly worthy of mention that there has been a medical staff change”, suggesting that this may have something to do w/ Nicole’s baby really being alive. This is what I read in the spoilers, no issue to settle, take it anyway you want to.

    Newcomer Nathan Owens has been cast at DAYS. The actor was on set for the 12,000th episode celebration and has already started filming scenes in Salem. Does anyone know anything about who the character will be?

  148. From jolie

    #145 Shani, I do remember reading that about the baby but it was posted here as you say. Not sure where the info came from but MAB would have gotten from a reliable source if you can say that about spoilers because we have all been taken before! This is just all very confusing. Children are often used a chattel on this show, especially Elvis’ children.

  149. From Shani

    MAB thanks for clarifying where you saw the baby spoiler. Guess we are all still left to speculate over the issue of whether or not it will live. I hope so & like you & others I wouldn’t mind if it somehow turned out to be Brady’s.

    jolie 148 you are right about the spoilers not always being reliable. But I’m a spoiler junkie just the same.

  150. From NeeNee

    MAB: “What kind of crack-head writing is this???” Sometimes you “crack” me up, girl!

    Because this is fiction, apparently anything goes. Awhile back I said that Rafe is white hat/EJ black hat; then I read similar characterization on last Friday’s recap by the editors–only they said “black knight/white knight”. In the real world, if you had a girlfriend who had two accidental children with a man who had EJ’s traits & actions, I don’t think you would be encouraging her to stick with him. If somebody normal like Rafe with a real job in the real world came along, and was interested in your friend, I know I would encourage my girlfriend to get to know that guy better. Now I probably wouldn’t pay for a background check, but knowing what we know about both Rafe & EJ, obviously Rafe would be the dependable real-life choice. As I have said many times . . . I don’t care which man Sami picks in fictional Salem. She really needs to end up alone, with Lucas/EJ/Rafe all passing on another romance with her.

    Re: the potential Hope/Rafe pairing, it’s bound to happen with them being thrown together as partners in the SPD. Yes, totally unbelievable in the real-world seniority rules that Bo would be excessed. I do see how a “Rope” duo could be intriguing. First of all, if Ciarra is SORAS’ed into a teen, Rafe would have to deal with more pseudo-parenting issues. Secondly, can you imagine Sami’s reaction to her Aunt Hope snagging one of “her” men??

  151. From Shani

    Uh, oh, just read DaysCafe spoilers for next week & about half the paragraph down it says “Nicole covers up that her baby is no longer alive”.

    Then at the end of the paragraph it says “NICOLE WANTS TO KILL JEN! But she falls down the stairs by mistake. Nicole goes into labor & her baby is still born. She accuses Jen of murder! Jen gets arrested”.

    So now I wonder which is the sequence of events. Does Nicole already know her baby is dead before she falls down the stairs and goes into labor? Thereby accusing Jen falsly of killing her baby? Or is the spoiler just written with the one event before the other & it means nothing about what order the events happen? If a doctor finds out an unborn baby has died, don’t they deliver the baby as soon as possible? Either way it sounds pretty final about the baby not living.

  152. From patty

    It looks like Nicole is the one that sets up Jennifer to make it look like she’s responsible for her losing her baby. Nicole is told her baby is dead, destroys medical records and tries to get Daniel to move to Utah. She then goes after Jennifer with a knife, falls down the stairs and gives birth to her stillborn baby. All Nicole’s old tricks to get the man she wants and her revenge at the same time. Seems like her and EJ are cut from the same cloth. I just hope they at least have EJole grieving together for their dead child instead of using it to destroy people.

  153. From Blaze.

    So, Rafe is a liar. Not illegal. Disappointing, but not illegal. (Please Rafe, don’t sign your name to anything!!).
    EJ is a liar and a blackmailer (I didn’t want to bring rapist and kidnapper to this table). Liar, not illegal. Blackmailer, very illegal. Both disappointing.
    Great Day, All!! :)

  154. From MAB

    Shani & jolie – I agree, spoilers are not always reliable. But I did read that the baby isn’t dead, and I still think that holds some truth as it is indicated something about a new medical staff member being involved. But the other spoilers are saying the hospital tests confirm the baby is already dead, and after her fall from the argument w/ Jen, she goes into labor and delivers the stillborn baby. She then blames Jen, and she is arrested for murder. Oh well, I say Jen should’ve minded her own business!

    NeeNee – oh believe me, I know this is fiction & no doubt anything goes, but I just can’t get behind these writers way of thinking. Sami has always been fickle, but they have her jumping from one situation to another in a blink of an eye, which makes her decisions to be w/ EJ, Rafe, or whoever unrealistic. As far as comparing Sami’s situation to real life, I don’t go there. I never compare anything that happens on this show to real life, because there is no comparison. Most all the characters are demented in one way or another, and in real life, wouldn’t want to know or associate w/ any of them!

    More spoilers:

    “Sami blasts EJ for his deception” – well why doesn’t she blast Rafe for his deception too???

    “EJ reminds Sami Rafe’s keeping another secret with Nicole” – again I guess for Sami to appease Rafe, she will be willing to go along w/ keeping another child from EJ. And some say EJ is desperate to get Sami back?? Sami’s desperation to get Rafe back knows no limits if she is willing to go along w/ Rafe & Nicole’s schemes, yet she always claims EJ is a good father.

    “Caroline faces her fear of Alzheimer’s with family support” – apparently the rumors about Bo going off w/ Caroline may come true.

  155. From Realitycheck

    Ej and Sami are cut from the same cloth, they even said it THEMSELVES MORE THAN ONCE ! And why would Ej want to grieve with Nicole when all she did is keeping him from this famous ‘child’ and with him/her dead he never got the chance to experience the pregnancy, she did as much if not worse than Sami with the Grace fiasco..And Ej was not keen to grieve with the deceiving mother..

  156. From MAB

    Everyone on this show is a liar, Rafe included. And it IS illegal to conspire to keep a child from it’s real parent. I call that a form of kidnapping…not to mention ALL of the other crimes Rafe has committed while wearing a badge.

  157. From jolie

    #147 MAB, I believe you have hit upon the problem with Sami and her men! Someone is slipping into her living room and changing the photos around! No wonder the poor girl can’t remember who she is supposed to be pining over. MAB, I know you are not enjoying Sami with Rafe but I must say that you put your distaste down into words that were so eloquently and just a little bit darn funny. I had to smile so thank you for that! And Bo forgetting Ciara’s event was sort of like Caroline forgetting who she was talking to. And I am partial to Nicole and I surely don’t think she is heartless. She is a bit of “all about Nicole” and can be a danger and wily because of it. But yes, Jennifer might be in over her head. Daniel had eyes wide open when he started this thing with Nicole and actually decided later that he was using Nicole and felt bad over that part of it. I guess that is what you have left when you jump up on your desk and have sex right out of the blue!
    #151 Shani, well, the baby story is becoming slightly more clear than mud. So Nicole loses the baby, hides that info, then accuses Jennifer of murder. That sounds like the old Nicole. And the truth will eventually come out. I don’t like it because we have another baby used as chattel, just a means to an end on this show. Kidnap them, use their bloody clothes to make their mother suffer, hide parentage. Old stuff, let’s move on to some new stuff. And again Elvis will go bonkers because he loses a child he didn’t get to really enjoy knowing even as a pregnancy. Nicole loses what is likely her last chance to be pregnant. Rafe is up to his eyeholes in a coverup. Dr Daniel is up above his eyeholes in the same coverup. And what will Elvis do to Jennifer if he is lead to think that she caused the death of the baby?? Nicole, think about what you are unleashing here!

  158. From Blaze.

    Is EJ back to claiming the baby, or is he still trying to make Sami think it’s Rafe’s? Didn’t EJ think that would push Sami away from Rafe?

  159. From Leah

    Some food for thought….
    I was clicking through the internet and came to a fanbased James Scott (EJ) site. Fans were asking him questions and he was answering them. I thought this was very, very interesting… when asked “If you had a new love triangle who would you like to see it with?” James Scotts reply “Chloe.” Is that a wishful thinking on James part (ha, ha) or is that a possibility of things to come as we all know they tape so far in advance. EJs character has never really had that much to do with Chloe on Days. Do we or has anyone heard why Chloe is returning to Salem and what her storyline is going to be?

  160. From Leah

    Great lines from EJ last week…
    EJ to Sami: So your priorities are the children or work. So which is Rafe?
    Then again EJ to Sami: You always lie darling.
    Love how even when they are fighting the words sweetheart or darling still come out of EJs mouth and Sami always calls EJ an arrogant bastard. Love Ejami’s honesty and little spats. EJ and Sami perfect pigeon pair. They KNOW each other so well.

  161. From SandyGram

    Episode October 2nd:
    Wow what emotion Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Melissa Reaves (Jenn) out did themselves today. Their display of hurt, anger and most of all protection and love was overwhelming. We can only anticipate the make-up session when this story line comes to an end and these two come together. The fly on the wall will be a very happy camper.

    Then Casey Jon Deidrick (Chad), also, wonderful at totally losing it. This side of Chad is the best since Casey has been on the show. If he’s this angry and out of control now, I can only imagine on his continued journey to the dark side what he will be like when Stefano starts his training to be a DiMera.

    Jenn and Nicole in the HTS great stuff and totally believable. Nicole is no longer contrite when talking to Jenn, she is in full blown in a hateful and hurtful mode. And then there, off to the side, is Caroline obviously taken back with what she is witnessing. I haven’t scored to high in the speculation department, but I’m thinking Caroline will see the entire scene up to including when Nicole falls down the stairs (SPOILER). Although when she tells what she saw she will mix it all up. It is more obvious that Caroline’s memory issue is progressing fast, especially after Maggie left the Pub today and Caroline told Gabi “i should hate that woman for marrying my Shawn but she is too nice to hate”. As Gabi reminded her Maggie married Victor. Ummm …. A deep seeded jealousy toward Maggie.

    Then what is there to be said about Nikki and Rafe and Sami and EJ other than ’what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive’. Well there is ‘payback’s a beatch’, that fits also.

  162. From Gerri

    Loved the showed today,as I am A Sami/Rafe fan,In all probabilty,It Isn’t going to last,will be up to the writers.But Myself I like something more than “Lustful Chemistry”In A relationship.The writers need to find someone for EJ,that he can find love with,that he can win over without Blackmail,and threats(Good luck with that)He Is” A DeMira” after all,so they need to look for someone who can be his equal.

    I was really hoping Nicole could forgive him,for his part in her mother’s death,and his “Fling”with her sister,and they would become a power couple and parent together….Oh well.I sure hate the S/L with her baby,dying or is this a fake?..Writers why did you do this?

    Caroline’s S/L with dementia,will be interesting to watch,as so many older people are dealing with this,now…Hope BO Isn’t gone too long…Please let Jenn Grieve for a little while,before injecting a love interest for her…..

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