Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 10-14.

Mixed signals.

Sami quizzes Rafe about his feelings for her. Before he can give her an answer, Elvis interrupts. Rafe walks off and bumps into Lucas, who tips him off about how EJ is exploiting the baby situation with Nicole for his own gain. That’s almost enough to make Rafe come clean with Sami about not being the father but he stops himself. Back at Sami’s, EJ attempts to get her off her feet and into a different position, but that hits a snag when Hope rears her head. She informs him he needs to resign as mayor. He doesn’t take much convincing. Later, Sami gets a visit from Kate, who tears into her about being a loose woman who sucks men dry. Sami realizes that she ruins men’s lives, but she agrees to go out on a date with EJ anyway. Rafe returns and tries to talk her out of this. She hopes he’s making a pass at her but he won’t admit it. They have the familiar bickering match. When that hits a wall, they wind up kissing. Once he pulls himself away to get some oxygen, he runs. EJ arrives to pick her up for their date but she puts the kibosh on that plan. He guesses this is about Rafe and does his best to hide his intense rage.

Will isn’t thrilled to hear that his mom is entertaining the possibility of a relationship with EJ. He’s a little happier to hear that Sonny is really smitten with him. That news is not sitting well with Adrienne though. She still thinks that Will is a flake and tells her son so. Sonny tells her he doesn’t think they’ll wind up together. Will shows up to change his mind and admits that the attraction is mutual.

Abe helps Kayla settle into her new job running the hospital. Jenn isn’t being so helpful. She’s still raw from losing Jack and has been rubbing people the wrong way. Nicole chokes a bit as Daniel runs around the hospital defending Jenn’s re-hiring. Nic tries getting the focus back on herself by asking him to be the godfather of her little boy. Meanwhile, Jenn goes home and accidentally overhears her daughter leaving a naughty voicemail for Cameron. Jenn panics about whether or not her genius daughter knows elementary biology. It turns out that Abby is actually a virgin. They have a big fight about all sorts of things. Jenn stomps out and runs into Daniel. He lets her use him as a hanky. Nicole putters along and finds them. She is not impressed. Once the doctor leaves, Nic tells her fellow blond to steer clear, reminding her that she already messed up Daniel’s life once. Nicole mopes off to Rafe. He encourages her to start being more honest with everyone about what she wants. She tells him to try the same thing.

Jenn and Brady are both supposed to be in grief counseling. They decide to play hookie and wind up counseling each other instead. Later, Rafe runs into him and is also in need of advice. He unloads about his Sami problems. Just then, Elvis pops up and wants to pound on him.

Melanie is shocked when Chad pops the question to her. She has to go away and think about it. This leads to her looking to Maggie for advice. However, when she arrives at Maggie’s mansion, she’s startled to discover that Nick is living there. She does her best to pretend she isn’t horrified. Nick and Maggie don’t buy it and are apologetic. Nick starts to think that he should find somewhere else to live. He needs to get a job too. Taking a walk, he winds up at the pub. He apologizes to Caroline for nearly letting her go to jail for Trent’s murder. She’s willing to let him prove he’s changed so she offers him a job. Meanwhile, Mel hurries back to Chad and agrees to marry him. She decides to ask Gabi and Abby to be in her wedding party. Chad yanks Gabi aside and tells her to find a way out of this. He runs off and asks EJ to be his best man. Mel and the others head to the pub. Nick works there so things don’t go well. He winds up having a conversation with Gabi and they share a connection. Later, Chad corners her again and repeats his warning. She’s sick of this crap so she points out that she can reveal that he’s known her dirty secret for awhile and done nothing about it.

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  1. From NeeNee

    Somebody posited that when Gabi predictably ends up pregnant, that Will & Sonny could end up raising said child.

    Hmmmm . . . do you suppose Gabi will wind up being offed by someone, with no connection to her dirty deed of paying Mel’s stalker for hire? Or perhaps she could just go back home and live with her mama-cita? Whichever, as the biological father, Will could end up with custody. Would this be ground-breaking for a soap? Or has another show already done two gays raising a child??

    Oh, and the concept of Sami as a grandmother is just too funny! She would be in denial even more than Dr. Evans. Samanther is just in her mid-30′s but can pass for 20-something, IMO. Gads, that girl is so pretty! When you look at old film of her back in the early 90s, she definitely had a weight issue. But losing the weight only allowed her gorgeous face to be in sync with the rest of her. Too bad she is so self-centered and fickle. In a way she reminds me of Rachel on the old Another World. R was the bad girl, too; it took years before Mac Corey finally reformed her into Truly Good Rachel. Ditto with Julie on Days. . . she started out with the show by being a shoplifter who lived with her grandparents because she was out of control with the Olsons.

  2. From Ejami4Life

    Can they pls put this horrible triangle to rest and just let EJ and Sami be together!!! It’s the only reason I started watching again.

  3. From Clear

    I surely hope they don’t “Off” anyone else! If Gabi is prego, she may try to blame it on Chad without him knowing which could make Mel head for the high country. I still say go back and ferret out the Hernandez background, writers. Questions about Emily, Ariana’s part in it, and who would Rafe be covering for if he is such a good two shoes? Was it Ariana all the time or Gabi? Who is his father? Why has his mother never been seen in Salem? Is Dad dead and that was why he was spending time with the nuns when small?

  4. From dc

    well, it’s about time ej found out nicole’s baby is his (my thinking). and we all knew nick was gonna get out of prison. and if chad proposes to melanie, i hope she will accept and her and chad go away (for awhile) and then return.. i know melanie is leaving but hopefully it will not be permanent. not heard anything about chad but i cannot see him with anyone but melanie. (definitely not with gabi)..
    i would love to know more about how bo is gonna be leaving. i read where he is leaving salem pd but nothing else.

  5. From NeeNee

    I hereby appoint Clear as DOOL Resolver of Hernandez Loose Threads!

    IMO, the door has been left wide open for Melanie to return. Chad will probably stay on to become tighter with Stefano and EJ. Man, he is one tall drink of water, no? Very few women on Days that he doesn’t tower over. Wish all those “bedhead” hairstyles for Will, Sonny and Chad would go out of style. I recall sleeping on 1960s curlers to specifically avoid that kind of “booiiiing” flyaway hair!

  6. From Jay

    Just a couple things. I’d love to see Sami & Rafe togetheragain…..& do things like Bo & Hope have over the years….with more levity.

    And PLEASE do something about combing & cutting a lot of the men’s/boys hair (Chad, Will, Daniel, Sonnie…). Most of them are a mess – it’s distracting looking at the awful ruffled hairstyles while trying to watch the program.

  7. From SandyGram

    Testing Captcha

  8. From Hellolisare

    I started watching DOOL becasue of Sami. (Girl is a hot mess), but in the 10+ years I’ve been watching. She hasn’t made much progress.

    For that matter neither has Nicole, Kate, Lucas, Roman, or even Jennifer. These folks do little or nothing or the same tired thing over and over.

    If things don’t improve soon. I’m done. I admitt to being an Ejami fan, but I would still watch the show if they did something compelling. I was watching old clips the other day, and they are pretty much the same storyline. Get with it writers!!!!!!
    oh, yeah please please please don’t put Jen and Brady togther. I don’t think I could watch even an episode of them being anything other than friends.

  9. From Hellolisare

    I started watching DOOL becasue of Sami. (Girl is a hot mess), but in the 10+ years I’ve been watching. She hasn’t made much progress.

    For that matter neither has Nicole, Kate, Lucas, Roman, or even Jennifer. These folks do little or nothing or the same tired thing over and over.

    If things don’t improve soon. I’m done. I admitt to being an Ejami fan, but I would still watch the show if they did something compelling. I was watching old clips the other day, and they are pretty much the same storylines. Get with it writers!!!!!!
    oh, yeah please please please don’t put Jen and Brady togther. I don’t think I could watch even an episode of them being anything other than friends.

  10. From ohsocassie

    I think Gabi is going to pretend she is pregnant by Nick, and it will be Will’s baby. You know Tomlin just live the baby switch stories. I am glad he’s back, maybe he will focus on more people than EJ and Scami

  11. From steffie

    Ej and Sami should DIE, the kids will be fine, they are HORRIBLE PARENTS. I am sick of people saying they are good parents. Good parents would never run and risk losing their kids. BS

  12. From Sam

    What exactly did Bo and Hope jay ? Apart Hope being kidnapped and Bo rescuing her or her being did and Bo having other ‘soulmates’ like Carly and Billy ?! Investigate ? First Sami should NEVER EVER be a cop, it doesn’t make any sense and would destroy totally her character and secondly Bo and Hope never had a real storyline just as some couple of what did you mean Jay about what Bo and Hope did with more levity ? I don’t get it..explain.

  13. From Realitycheck

    Steffie: Sami and Ej are not worse parents than any other characters on any soaps, they left for maybe one and two days so come on..and they did not something than all the other characters did not do, hey just last year Bo and Hope left more than once and much more time so stop the double standardas find somethingselse to bash them..a little credibility please..eyeroll.

  14. From bobby

    Sami didn’t last long staying away from men. 2 seconds? Poor Jack’s ashes haven’t even hit the ground and 2 men are already sniffing around. Would like to see Kayla and Abe together. The only sane couple on the show. I’ve never seen it take so long (Nick) for the show to bring back a character. And agree with everyone who thinks Sami and E.J. are bad parents. Those kids (and the new one on the way) are nothing but pawns to be used in controlling each other.
    And Lucas is right trying to keep his kids away from E.J. He’s corrupt right to the bone.

  15. From patty

    I also agree that EJ and Sami are not the best parents. Not only because they ran from the law together but because like Bobby said, they use them as pawns to suit their own needs. I thought them saying they always put their children first was the biggest joke ever.

  16. From NeeNee

    I think soap characters are almost universally bad parents. Mainly because many viewers live with parenting 24/7 and are looking for an escape. So we are treated to an endless buffet of infidelity, marital problems, and steamy sex. Because that’s what sells. And viewers live vicariously through such characters as Sami & EJ. Back in the Marlena/John glory days, I noticed my hubby would get strangely quiet watching the strawberries & whipped cream scenes of Jarlena!

    Sami is typical of a lot of women who became mothers in their mid-teens. She never was able to go through the normal dating scene, instead jumping into one disastrous marriage after another. And I do see that while Marlena
    has always tried to counsel Sami, she definitely had a preference for Carrie. That added fuel to Sami’s anger fire.

    I do agree that most Salem kids are given short shrift by the parents. Poor Caroline Brady’s tombstone should read: “I spent 80% of my life raising kids, grand-kids and great-grandkids. The other 20% I fantasized about Victor Kiriakis.”

    P.S. How are we supposed to type in captchas when only a sliver of the words appear??

    NeeNee can you send us a note about the captcha along with a screen shot? ADMIN

  17. From jolie

    #8 Hellolisare, the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting new results. That is definitely what we have with the fine folks of Salem. They are on a merry go round and can’t get off! And I agree about Jenn and Brady. She is a bit too mature for him.
    Welcome back Sandygram! I am so happy to see you back in print.
    Elvis and Sami do leave much to be desired as parents and have used their children against each other but they are really no worse than the other parents on the show. I know some of you think this is my mantra so here goes. It is more expensive to show children and much less predictable. So young actors are better just thought about and not seen as often. So it is easier to say they are off with Caroline or with Julie and Doug. You can’t really apply motivation to a character when the character has no control. So let’s agree that all could do better and none deserve parent of the year. And meanwhile Caroline is adding a wing to the back of the pub so she can take care of Gabster’s bambino with Will. Maybe she’ll get to take care of Nicole’s baby as well since they’ll think it is Rafe’s for a while yet.
    Elvis and Sami – this is getting a little old for me. I don’t really care if they are together, apart, alone, fighting or other things. Just move it along. First they can’t stop breathing into each other’s mouth, then Sami is taking a loner break, now they are back to dating except Sami can’t get past Rafe all of a sudden. Yes, sort of a bit of intrigue but not quite enough to keep this up for long. I know the Ejamis were so looking forward to them having some time together and thought it was true love. Now I am beginning to think Elvis is wanting Sami to keep her from Rafe or wants her even more because Rafe is back in the picture.
    Will and Sonny- again we have this on and off thing. I (and just my opinion here and no disrespect intended and I am trying to go with the story and not make any moral pronouncements) am not looking forward to much in the way of physical contact between them but again, that is just me and I love Will’s character and think the actor is top notch. Sonny will grow on me when he has more air time I am sure. And I don’t dislike anything about him now, just not my favorite character. Well, I like him better now that he has punched Tee in the face. Again, just my opinion and I think my own opinion is wishy washy and all over the place so you don’t even have to tell me that!
    I am sure Chad’s heart is in the right place about asking Mel to marry him but golly, they need to tap the brakes a time or 2. I think this will help scare Mel out of the picture. Again, I am with those who really love the actress and character and hope she comes back once gone. And I don’t blame Gabby for telling Chad where to get off. I would not let someone keep badgering me when he is in keeping a secret up to his neck. Poor Mel, who can she trust? Well, no one is Salem since Mags has moved Nick into the Big K manse.
    Nick working at the pub with Gabster. Gabster is much younger I think but probably much more devious. They might make a good couple if Nick will do her bidding and help her get what she wants.
    It sure is nice to have all the fussing and fighting on this site stopped. This is very enjoyable now. Have a good day.

  18. From Shani

    That last sentence in the spoiler above COULD be the deal breaker between Malanie & Chad & the reason she leaves, – that Chad has known all along what Gabi did.

  19. From NeeNee

    Hey, Jolie!

    Thanks for reposting your comment about the child actors being more expensive to show & less predictable. To that, I would add I think there is some kind of law that they are being allowed so much air time. And must be schooled on the set if they are of school age.

    “Caroline is adding a wing to the back of the pub so she can take care of Gabster’s bambino with Will.” Hilarious! But probably true.

    Coincidentally, as I type this I have TVLand on. Peggy McKay is on the Andy Griffith show as his old high school flame. This is about a 1961 or 1962 episode. She is quite pretty, but in an everyday/normal way.

  20. From Randi

    Guess ADMIN didn’t like my comment and deleted it.

    My apologies that Brady and Abs have a 20 year and maturity difference and that Gabs and Will having a baby is not so good.

    We did not delete a post from you. ADMIN

  21. From Cougar

    Clear I agree the Hernandez clan has been an untapped resource. They could exploit a lot of fresh sl with all those untied loose ends about Rafe’s presumed dead fiancee. Also the unseen mamasita and why did nuns practically raise Rafe or so we sere told when he first came on DOOL?

    Kids on soaps have always been sketchy at best. I remember watching General Hospital with my my Mom when I was in high school. All we ever saw of little Tommy Baldwin fake bundle that had as much movement of a statue and all we ever heard was a fakey cry from his bedroom. They were always at he baby sitter or in school. Soap kids actually get way more air time now than they ever did before. If they were seen it was ever so briefly. I do think that DOOL has incorporated several sl with these kids espesially those little scene stealers Johnie with cancer, Theo & Ciarra running away last year. Unprecedented almost until now, kids may have been a part of the story line but just heard about and not seen.

  22. From SandyGram

    #17 jolie
    Thanks for the welcome back. Your post is right on the money. Reminds me a lot of Grandma Judy, she could always pull things into perspective. I am looking forward to the future in Salem. I’m trying to catch up on all the shows and postings I’m behind on, do we know for sure Gabi is going to be pregnant or is that just speculation?

    #18 Shani
    I’m also with you on Chad’s new overwhelming DiMera ways and concealing Gabi’s secret are going to lead to Melanie’s leaving. I’m anxious to see how the writers handle Chad’s future when she does depart. Will Stefano and Kristen pull him in as a true DiMera which he has work so hard at staying away from or can he maintain his individuality? Not to mention, will EJ return to the family fold and forgive Stefano? It might be interesting to see the writers pit Stefano and Kristen against EJ and Chad. For sure if they all end up back in the DiMansion there will be fireworks.

    I also don’t understand this comment or spoiler I have read that EJ is going to be asked to resign as Mayor. Does anyone have any specifics on this? Or, is this also just speculation?

  23. From patty

    Shani, I was just thinking the same thing, especially after watching today’s show and Chad refusing to let Gabi accept a modeling job from Sami because he’s a Demira and he never forgets. Well if Gabi decides she has enough and lets it known about her part in the kidnapping and that Chad made her cover it up, that is not going to sit well with Melanie and would probably get her to leave him. Also Brady is not convinced that Nick isn’t still a danger to Mel. I hope he’s wrong.

  24. From jolie

    #16 NeeNee, that was so funny about poor Caroline’s tombstone except that it has to be true!
    And I agree. You added some good points to child actors as well. And don’t you love it when you see actors in some old roles?? It is sort of like seeing what a friend was up to before you knew them. There is a commercial on ID Network that was Court TV at one time. It has John and Hope advertising a new real life crime show. They are so hilarious. And John looks so good and of course Hope is just gorgeous but they are making fun of their roles on DOL. Hope says something about being kidnapped only once…so far. John acts so natural rather than the forced way he seems to be on DOL lately. I don’t mean to criticize the actor who is a fine one and has so much experience. I know the older ones are up against some great young talent and perhaps it could lead to anxiety in trying to act up to keep a job but if you see the commercial, tell me what you think. They are so good and funny!
    Back to this show, I would like to see Nicole eventually with Rafe if not Brady. I don’t think it will be Dr. Dan but I don’t give him much chance with Jenn either. That boat has sailed. They had it once but I am not sure that it will be there again. They will probably get back together and against as much turmoil as Nicole can throw their way since it isn’t what she wants (and you know I love my NicNic) and she will play dirty when things don’t go her way. There is a lot of talk about Elvis taking the baby from her but really, haven’t we had enough of that and from him. He has taken poor Sami’s kids how many times or at least had her convinced that he’d take them. And he will be up to his dirty tricks soon as well because we all know Sami won’t fall in line and do exactly as he wants her to. That is the one certain thing about her …unpredictability. I like the chemistry between Rafe and Nicole but then she has chemistry with most other actors on the show. Sometimes it is bad chemistry but still there is always that spark there.
    Jenn getting all fidgety about Abby’s naughty message to Cameron..really. Abby convinces an older married man that she slept with him and she is a virgin?? Seems like she has a lot of knowledge if no experience. I guess it could happen that way but most gals who haven’t had much experience would also not have the wherewithal to pull that caper off and Abby did. And Jenn brings Nicole into her innocent daughter’s midst?? Not the best influence if you think you have an impressionable youngster about in my thinking. But we’ll see how this all pans out. Poor Nicole will end up without a man but I think if Jenn and Dr. Dan rekindle their romance, it will be on a timetable to doom. Chloe is coming back and many of us think that Parker will end up as Dr. Dan’s babe. We still don’t have the complete poop on who is the babydaddy to Maggie’s egg that produced Dr. Dan so we could still be in for a ride there.
    Jenn and Brady. I don’t see this one but am willing to watch it. Was Marlena leading the grief counseling session? Oh and please, let’s hope Jenn and Brady (I guess we’d call them Jady if they got together) don’t have grief sex! Sorry I even brought that up!
    I was intrigued by the line that Elvis pops up to hear Rafe talking to Brady about Sami and wants to pound on him. Well, in my book, Rafe looks like he can take a pounding but give as good as gets in return so bring it. No, I don’t think that is Elvis’ way but I don’t think he wants to confront Rafe in a physical manner. Rafe has a bit of pent up frustration and could let it out if he ever gets started. Elvis will have a bit of pent up frustrations as Sami puts him thru the paces while she decides whether she wants to date him or not.
    I thought the line in the spoilers about that Adrienne thinks Will is a flake is a bit funny. Ok, I love Adrienne and think she is beautiful but she too is a bit of a flake. So takes one to know one. Adrienne will probably soon decide that Will might just need some understanding and TLC. Sort of like what she dishes out to Sonny. I think Adrienne will come around and be supportive as long as Will doesn’t do too much flakey stuff and weird Sonny out. Have a good afternoon!

  25. From jolie

    Clear and Cougar, wouldn’t that be great to explore Rafe’s past a bit? How did he get into the FBI? Why were they so quick to throw him out? Did he have prior acts against the rules? He is sort of a rule breaker and that makes a more interesting character…hence the popularity of Sami, Elvis and even young Will lately. And Bo of old as well. Maybe there is something tragic in the Hernandez past. Maybe Rafe’s father was very abusive and Rafe had to step in as a young one to take him on to save the family. This could be why he ended up with the nuns and his mom still around with the younger kids. Or perhaps the father went up against drug lords and was killed saving his family and Rafe was taken in to protect him from those people. This could keep you up late at night!

  26. From Hellolisare

    Anyone else wondering about Maggie’s need to please eveyone. I understood why she was torn about Nick getting out of prison, but then she invites him to come live with her? How is that a good idea in any way shape or form. Unless maybe she thinks she can keep a close eye on him, but she had to know Melanie would run into him there. Also I know she missed all of Daniel’s life, but really you’re going to ask your husband to live under the same roof as his ex-wife whom he hates?????

  27. From jolie

    Helloisare, I agree with you about poor Mags. They are making her seem a bit kooky in her maturity. Seems like she comes up with nutty ideas just to get Victor’s goat at times. But I really like them together and would like to see them happy. And how could Daniel even ask her to have Nicole move in with them?? He knew Maggie would try to do it to please him and he knew Victor would hit the roof. Maybe he was trying to throw Nicole and Brady back into the same stew again to get himself off the hook.
    As for Nick coming to stay with Maggie at the Big K Manse, I think this is just one more nail in the the box to nail down Mel’s reasons for leaving. Chad is wanting marriage. Nick is out. She just went thru a harrowing experience with a kidnapper at the hands of Gabs who purports to be a friend. Yep, the fit going to hit the shan and soon for this bunch. Melanie will have reason aplenty to leave Salem but hopefully will have plenty of reasons later to come back.

  28. From NeeNee

    National Enquirer Spoilers

    -Rafe begins to realize what EJ’s plan is all about.
    -Quite by accident, Abigail unintentionally spills the beans to Jennifer.
    -EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once again.
    -Nicole confides in Rafe about her feelings for Daniel.
    -Gabi and Chad face off.
    -Jennifer seeks out Daniel to apologize.

  29. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of September 10th; *updated 9/5*
    Monday (“The Moment”)
    EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe’s important conversation; Melanie talks to Abigail about Chad’s marriage proposal.

    Tuesday (“Going Forward”)
    Nick is pleasantly surprised when Caroline offers him a job at the pub; Nicole gives Jennifer a stern warning.

    Wednesday (“The Love Triangle”)
    Rafe tries to get Sami to cancel her date with EJ; Sonny opens up to Adrienne about his feelings for Will.

    Thursday (“The Kiss”)
    Sami is stunned when Rafe kisses her; Chad asks EJ to be his best man.

    Friday (“EJ Looks to Get Even”)
    EJ is angry after Sami cancels their date; Nicole tries to drive a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer.

  30. From jolie

    So NeeNee, Rafe is supposed to figure out that Elvis is not really convinced that Nicole’s baby is his but rather is Rafe’s. And all so he can romance Sami. So while Rafe is telling a big one about being the babydaddy, now Elvis is telling a whopper about not thinking he is the babydaddy and only to benefit his relationship with Samanther. Well, I read it in someone’s post as well…what will Sami think when it all comes to light. And if this is the reason that Sami decides to give their romance another try..oooh dear! A house built on rocky ground! It will all come out and blow up in Elvis’ face and Sami will leave him in a huff and take the kids so he can’t see them and run right into Rafe’s arms because she will remember how Nicole felt and why they concocted the whole sham to provide a babydaddy besides Elvis. OK, what a long and run on sentence! Sorry but I was on a roll.
    Nicole tells Rafe of her feelings for Dr Dan. Wonder who will hear it when she tells it. Why would she need to tell it unless it needed to be overheard? Or is that just my dirty little soap opera mind at work??
    Wonder what Abby spills to Jennifer except that she is a virgin which I am so puzzled about.
    Jenn apologizes to Dr Dan…OK, who cares? Too much too soon after the death of her soul mate.
    Chad and Gabster facing off. Now this is must see TV! I think our boytoy has pushed the Gabster too far. He was sort of acting like his fatha and bossing Gabs around a bit too much. She is just cranky enough to push back and mean it. This one I am eager for!

  31. From Debbie

    Jolie, I agree with you and others that Rafe’s backstory needs to be explored already. He definitely has secrets that need to be exposed which could open up so many storylines of his own. I like Rafe but the character could be meatier and we know that Galen has the talent to pull it off like he did with fake Rafe. The same can be said for Daniel and his backstory too. Here’s hoping the writers pull together something more for these two characters whose histories have been virtually ignored all these years.

  32. From robertn800

    Questions, LOL:
    Did Grabi have sex with anyone around the same time as Will that she could say was the Father ??
    Since it’s pretty well known that the actor playing Brian is only on 4 a short time, & means Wilson will happen, Do you think they are a little young to be Fathers, while just starting a relationshiop

  33. From Robert Nelson

    Questions, LOL:
    Did Grabi have sex with anyone around the same time as Will that she could say was the Father ??
    Since it’s pretty well known that the actor playing Brian is only on 4 a short time, & means Wilson will happen, Do you think they are a little young to be Fathers, while just starting a

  34. From patty

    It does get a little confusing jolie, doesn’t it? Both Rafe and EJ are lying this time but not for the same reasons. EJ is to hold on to Sami. Rafe is doing it to protect Nicole’s baby like he promised he would. He could very well tell Sami the truth to try to win her over but that’s not the way he rolls.
    I don’t believe Rafe and Sami are going to be together for the long haul this time. Like you and the others, I would like to see Rafe get an interesting storyline , be it from his past or some new developpement, something that would send Sami reeling .
    As long as she leaves the children alone, I’m hoping Kate gives Sami a run for her money too. Like that dagger she gave Carrie for a babyshower gift. Ha!
    I’m guessing Chad will be the one to drive Melanie away with his new Demira attitude.

  35. From NeeNee

    I’m really hoping that we will learn the identity of the Daddy Sperm to Maggie’s Egg that became Dr. Dan So many stories aren’t even “simmering” on the backburner (more like just sitting on top of a cold burner!) while we must have Sami/EJ on a near-daily basis.

    Yes, yes . . . I’m sure we all can recite the argument that Sami & EJ provide the only spike to Days’ ratings. And that they are the biggest supercouple in the show’s history. I will watch pretty much whatever TPTB give us; even though other characters are suffering, I don’t fast forward through the Sami/EJ scenes. I’ve said many times that both Sami & EJ are great eye candy and shine with whomever they’re paired.

    Some of this has to be $$-driven. Obviously Justin & Adrienne aren’t getting the salaries that Sami & EJ pull down. Ergo, their screen time is meager. I’m willing to bet that the highest paid actors get bigger storylines. Maybe some vets like Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn can command equal pay to Sweeney & Scott without having an equivalent screen time because of their history of making the show what it is today.

    See that Brady & Kate had interaction. Please—no more “Mrs. Robinson” storylines putting Kate with a young stud. As well-preserved as she is, it’s kinda icky, for me anyway.

  36. From patty

    Fall previews from SOD:

    Stefano recruits Kristen Blake to help reunite the fractured DiMera clan.

    John, and Marlena’s love is put to the test when Kristen returns.

    Brady fights for his family.

    Bo makes a major change in his life.

    Bo is there for Caroline, just as she needs him.

    Rafe and EJ battle for Sami’s love. EJ plays dirty.

    Nicole worries Jenn will be a threat to her happiness with Daniel.

    Jenn’s involved in a shocking incident that will rock Salem.

    Nicole’s worst nightmare comes true!

    Will and Sonny are kept apart by issues with communication and disapproving family members.

    Gabi and Will share a secret.

    Chad takes a dark turn.

    A couple – aside from Mel and Chad, get engaged.

  37. From Frances

    Carrie isn’t Marlena’s real daughter. Marlena’s treats her like one but Carrie came on as a child to Roman and Marlena treated her like one of her own. I love everyone on the show and I love Allison Sweeney. I have been watching since the very first day

  38. From NeeNee

    Hi, Frances! Welcome to the site, if you’re new.

    I remember when Carrie was just a little girl of three or four years old when she & her mother, Anna, were rescued by Roman from a white slave ship. She was Roman’s first wife whom he thought dead. He then brought her back to Salem where she married her true love, Tony DiMera.

    Christie Clark wasn’t the first Carrie—think it was Andrea Barbour. But Christie came in around 9 or 10, I believe.

    I think the rest of you guys are spot on with your analysis of Chad & Melanie. And I am sure Corday has left the door open for her to return in case prime time isn’t what she thought it would be. As I recall, Deidre Hall did the same thing with her TV series, “Our House.” Ultimately, she too came back into the Days fold.

  39. From thelittleimp

    There have been many paternity questions on this show lately; the one that intrigues me the most is Cameron Davis. I have to wonder why Celeste kept Cameron a secret from Lexie all those years. Could it have something to do with his paternity?

  40. From Leah

    Well at least I learnt one thing on the show this week… and that is Safe are definitely divorced and have been for 6 months.

  41. From jolie

    #33 NeeNee, I am with you on the Kate and Brady thing. I would like to see them become allies because that would prove interesting when Stefano comes back around. But lovers…not so much. I think you hit the nail smack across the head…$$ driven. Big salaries, big air time. I admit that I fast forward thru some scenes but because I am in a time crunch mostly and want to see my favorite storylines with the time I have to watch. And I am a long time viewer. I don’t care who is getting their jollies on screen today, whether my favorite character is getting sand kicked into their face, I will not quit watching because it will change and soon. This is drama and praise the Good Lord it is not my life!

    #Patty, thanks as always for the spoilers. Brady fights for his family. Now that is intriguing for me. I want to see more of that in Brady. He needs a good fight to get him back in shape after Madison. I want to see Brady stronger than his addiction and coming out on top for a while. Bo is there for Caroline?? Does he take her somewhere and is that how he goes off the show? And wonder what happens to Jenn that rocks Salem? Does she go off the deep end or is she attacked somehow. If she is attacked and goes to the hospital with injuries…well, Dr Dan has a box of Bandaids and open arms! Poor Nicole. I worry about what she might do next and y’all know I am a fan. I just know what she is capable of. Chad taking a dark turn. We have sort of seen this in how he has treated Gabby, and not that she didn’t deserve a big kick in the pants for what she did. With Mel leaving, Chad might show his Dimera side and do things that make Fatha very proud. That will bear watching. I am a little excited by these. Again, thanks Patty for providing my mind with some fodder for daydreaming!

    #37 thelittleimp, I think you are correct. There is more to Cameron Davis than meets the eye. Why would he be kept a secret and from Lexie? That doesn’t make sense at all. Could he have been Lexie’s son?? Not sure I want that to happen without Lexie here to defend herself. And where is Celeste with her warnings of doom? Could Cameron turn out to be a member of a major family once the fog clears? Maybe he is a Horton and that is why Celeste kept warning him off Abby. I don’t think she would have let it go on if he were closely related to Abby. Hard to say where this one will lead.

    Lucas this week. I thought Lucas and Elvis were fun in their scenes this week. Elvis was trying to stick it to Lucas and got stuck in the end. And I loved how Lucas just came in and made himself at home in Sami’s apartment just like Elvis. I hope he doesn’t go after Allie but he was hurt AGAIN so we know from history that it will make him to nutsy stuff. He sure deflated Elvis’ balloon and quickly. I loved it that Lucas got Elvis to thinking about Rafe and Sami. I liked them together and I like Rafe. Yes, he has broken some rules but he is a good guy. We don’t know his background and there might be things there that would explain why he can easily straddle the gap between right and wrong. He does try to follow his conscience and that makes him endearing and appealing. Just like poor Elvis doesn’t understand how his conscience is supposed to work and that makes him endearing and appealing! I wish Sami would keep them all on a string for a while and grow in strength without having them call the shots. I want to see more of this Lucas. He was less whiny and more absolute in what he was saying and in how he was feeling. Go Lucas. Finally our boy is growing up!

  42. From jolie

    And since Sandygram is back(yea!), where is Richard? Richard, come back. Those of us left here like your theories and won’t try to pick them apart but will respect them. You are a good historian as well. So if you are inclined, come back and talk to us.

  43. From Richard

    #40 jolie
    Thanks jolie.
    I’ve been following Days since Day 1, pardon the pun.
    Most of the time SL’s were resolved and brought to light, in a reasonable amount of time.
    I’m not so enthused with the way the SL’s are going now and I don’t care about them dropping the John Ryan Dimera SL, again and going back to EJami and Stefano.
    John, Brady and Belle are Dimeras too, but the only Dimeras we get are EJ and Stefano and eventually Chad.
    Jack is gone, Bo is leaving, I was beginning to like Madison and Brady and Melanie is leaving.
    To each, his own, but I don’t like the gay storyline.
    John Black has made the Dimeras the popular people they are today and has had some tremendous SL’s in the past, that really increased the popularity of Days.
    I still follow all the comments and all, but I am just not really into more EJami. Been there and done that.
    I don’t know why they are bringing back Kristen and Nick, since it evidently is not for old SL resolutions. I like them both, but feel opportunities are being wasted.
    Most of us can guess how the current SL is going to end.
    Days of our lives has a great history and it just isn’t being brought out the way that I think that it could be.
    If all that I have to look forward to is EJ sniffing around Sami, trying to sleep with her and claiming he’s there to see his kids, EJ trying to grabg another child from the mother and EJ looking down on the population of Salem, I just don’t have the enthusiasm that I have always had in the show.
    I still read the comments, but the show is getting boring.

  44. From NeeNee

    Thelittleimp: yes, that’s another intriguing question about the identity of Cameron’s father. Celeste always had the habit of being a major player in storylines and then *poof* she would disappear, sometimes for years.

    As to being a Horton, I can’t imagine which one of Tom & Alice’s sons (Mickey or Bill) would have hooked up with Celeste. Bill was in Africa, but that was about the time Jack & Jennifer tied their first knot in the rodeo wedding(and way before Abby was born). I remember Ed Mallory—the first & main Bill—made a special trip from Africa to be present at his daughter’s wedding.

    Mickey? Remember when Stefano snatched him & held him captive in his South American jungle compound? That’s when Maggie was consoled by Don Craig (on the rebound from Marlena) and they married. We used to laugh about Mickey wandering around the potted tropical plants, as what was supposed to be the jungle were pretty pathetic stage props! Anyhoo . . . I suppose it’s possible that Celeste was there in SA with Stefano. And maybe there was a jungle moonlit hookup with Mickey! Meh–I don’t know if the Celeste character was even on the Days canvas back then. If this scenario could hold water, then that would make Abby & Cameron second cousins. That kind of thing used to happen all the time. Back when I wrote a book on my father’s family tree history, I found out for the first time that my parents were 2nd cousins.

    Of course, this storyline could introduce a whole new character with unmined possibilities. Whatever, I’ve always liked the Celeste character. Original portrayer Tanya Boyd had that funky “Bali-Hai” accent that defied country of origin!

  45. From NeeNee

    Hey, Mister Richard!!

    Good to see ya once again. We’ve all missed your pithy comments and input.

    You’re right about Kristen and Nick characters. Those ships sailed and loose ends tied up years ago. Currently, we have lots of unanswered questions with hinted-at potential plotlines that were just thrown out there and then dropped.

    I realize removing veteran Bo and fairly new Melanie characters frees up some $$ in the Days budget. But why would you want to then turn around and bring back a character like Kristen whose storyline had been resolved and Nick who could have stayed languishing in prison offcamera. Well, re: Kristen I can only conclude that it will be to give Doc & John a story, and to interract with EJ & Chad. Nick seems to be a facilitator for Melanie to ooze out of Salem.

    As others have mentioned, I’d like to see Doc Baker brought back. Since he’s an OB/GYN, he would fit nicely into Nicole’s storyline.

  46. From patty

    Loved the Lucas and EJ scenes. Anybody else notice how Lucas brought up the forced sex when Johnny was conceived? It looks like the writers haven’t forgotten either.

  47. From jolie

    #43 Richard, just hang in there and visit with us from time to time. I know what you mean about some of the story lines now but you know how it can change. Hopefully Kristen coming back will provide John and Marlena more air time and story line. Let’s hope it is quality time when it happens. So good to hear from you and know you are around if we need your input! Thanks for letting us know you are there.
    #44 NeeNee, I had forgotten about the houseplant jungle. It was pathetic but fun to think back on. Maybe with things heating up for Cameron and Abby, Celeste will pop back in and use some of her skills to spice things up. That she warned Cameron against Abby was sort of dropped like other storylines so that might bear fruit yet. If Jack’s death and Abby’s near death was the thing Celeste was seeing to warm him about…feeble writing is the only word I can think of here.
    And I am with you too about the lack of reasoning to bring back Kristen other than to cause John and Marlena some grief and to stir up the Dimera clan. I think a golden opportunity was missed when Stefano was thought dead, Elvis was thought not to be his son, and John didn’t grab the reins of the empire! What is with that? Now that would have shaken everything up. And poor Nick, bring him back to put him to work in the pub?? He is a genius…sort of could be an evil genius I guess. Maybe he’ll find his way to work for Sami or Kate in the cosmetics business and use his skills to invent the wrinkle repair serum of the century. Then Sami and Kate can fight for it and while Sami will want to scrap around on the floor and pull hair, Kate will be baking brownies. I just think it is a waste to bring him back but maybe there is a bit of planning in it other than to find a way to ease Mel off to Europe to her mom.
    With Mel out of the way, Chad has an opportunity to really get his Dimera on and I bet we will all be having a fit when he does! I like young Chad but maybe not his lording his knowledge over Gabster like he has. He is too young to be throwing out threats so I can’t wait til it all comes out about him keeping a secret and see how he handles it. I know it sounds a bit mean but we need someone on screen beside Elvis and Sami. And I don’t mean to be hateful about them. I like them. I don’t particularly like them together but I do like them. I am also not one that thinks the whole show simmers around them. I want to see them all.
    Patty, I loved Lucas this week. I want more of that. I like him in the middle and stirring the pot. He sure got Elvis’ goat. And made Elvis rethink his plan on Nicole’s baby. I think Elvis will do whatever he can to get what he wants. And Lucas brought that right up to him with the forced sex which Elvis smirked over. Wonder how he would feel about it if it were Syd he was picturing in that situation, Heaven forbid. Sami playing a little hard to get…just really throws gas on his fire. Lucas shoving it back at him…just throws kindling on his fire.
    NeeNee I love Dr Dick Baker. Now, that is a blast from the past that I’d like to see come back. He was so funny. I loved he and Hope together. Maybe he can come back and they can start a half way house for unwed moms. Dr Dick was not really evil and not a genius so I think there was hope for him. Didn’t Alice run some type of home in her house at one time? I know she baked donuts for the girls all the time. I loved it when Nicole told Abby that she wasn’t there to steal the Horton recipe book. Snarky!
    I am already tired of Nicole and Dr Dan. If Nicole stopped to think for 10 seconds instead of plotting and self-medicating herself by talking to her stomach, she’d see that he is just this side of a loser. I would have loved to see Nicole and Rafe together. That would have given Sami something to fester about for sure. Sami has almost figured out that Rafe isn’t the babydaddy which wasn’t that difficult for her. Sami will have a choice to make in the end because she will figure it out most likely. Will she squeal it to Elvis or keep it from him to keep her own path less rocky? Anyway Dr Dan and Jenn…I am tired of them as a couple again before they even start. I know Dr. Dan has been thru a lot but he has used Nicole when she was vulnerable and when he really hurts her, it won’t be pretty for he or Jenn I am afraid.

  48. From SandyGram

    I too like the idea of Dr. Baker being release from prison and returning to Salem. I think his sentence was only 2 years which it shouldn’t have been for much longer since he confessed to buying the supplies used by Hope to kill Bo. Which he didn’t know she was going to do that never came out at trial since he confessed to keep Hope from having to go through what she had done to Bo. She’s out of jail and back at the SPD, so shouldn’t he be set free. I was thinking with Bo leaving I would rather see Hope in a relationship with Dr.Baker other than any of the other men in Salem who are more like members of her family (Brady, Rafe, Roman, etc). Or he just may be a good match for Kyla. With her taking over Lexie’s position as Chief of Staff, maybe she will also take over the Public Health Commissioners job given to her by Mr. Mayor. Although Dr. Baker probably wouldn’t get his medical license back to soon (if ever), he would be a perfect candidate to work with Kyla, he could oversee a few clinics or such. There’s a few loose ends Dr. Baker needs to tie up with Nicole also, or at least expose her for framing Arianna to tie up that story line. Lots of possibilities here.

  49. From Blaze. :)

    Patty #36, Fall previews from SOD:
    - Rafe and EJ battle for Sami’s love. EJ plays dirty.
    EJ, the changed man, plays dirty?
    Say it isn’t true!! What were the odds of that happening? :)
    I hope he doesn’t pull any ‘clone’ shenanigans this time! Maybe he digs up some of the past dirt on Rafe. Could we be getting the much awaited background scoop on Rafe?
    Even though I think Sami and EJ are attracted to each other and can really sizzle, Sami and Rafe had a pretty good thing going until Faux Rafe came on the scene.

    If EJ really cared for Sami, wouldn’t he want something better for her than a man that has to lie/cheat/& kidnap to keep her around?
    Sami has trouble making life decisions on her own, let alone not having all of the real facts to do so.

    And, as far as Kristen’s return… Could Susan be far behind? She was a hoot!!
    Happy Day, All!! :)

  50. From SandyGram

    Here’s an Excerpt from a recent Arianne Zurker (Nicole)Interview with

    Question: You have chemistry with every actor they’ve ever put you with — from John Aniston (Victor) to James Scott (EJ). What’s your secret?

    You have to fall in love with the [other actor’s] qualities. Not for real, but… I find a quality in each of them. With John, he’s so endearing, because of his dry sense of humor. You have to love that. You also play each relationship differently. Like Galen Gering (Rafe) and I tried to find the lightness in our relationship, the friendship. We tried to bring laughter to it. With Brady, it’s that he’s so freakin’ trustworthy and he puts up with Nicole’s [crap]. With Daniel, it’s a sense of truth.

    Interesting Arianne looks for Daniel’s ‘sense of truth’ quality, but yet in the story they are telling the biggest lie of all!

    The entire article can be found on Days of Our Lives where she talks about her on screen pregnancy.

  51. From NeeNee

    Yeah, Jolie . . poor Jen is lining herself up for a big hurt if she rekindles her Dr. Dan feelings.

    I REALLY hope that they don’t pair her with Brady. I don’t see any sparks there. Oh, and Mr. Corday . . . whatever you do with Jennifer, puh-leeze do NOT bring back her high school love, Frankie Brady! Talk about ships sailing: that one sailed with Christopher Columbus’ fleet, the Nina/the Pinta/and the Santa Maria.

    Off topic, I sometimes go to other Salem Soap sites and my home computer shuts down whenever certain ones are visited. No problem here at my work PC. Major difference is virus protection; work has Norton while home has just AVG.

  52. From jolie

    Oh dear, Sandygram, you reminded me of one of the really bad deeds that my Nicole has done over the years. I like to forget all those bad things and forgive all the bad things she’ll do in the future but that it is in black and white. You woke me outta my dream!
    Just teasing. Those are some good ideas for Dr. Dick. And he did leave some loose ends. You never know who might pop up or pop back up in Salem for sure.
    And what is it with Sami getting mugged all over town lately? Either there is lots of crime lately with Elvis as mayor and the SPD trying to prove him a fatha killer on the run or Rafe needs to step it up a bit and clean up those streets before she hurts more than her wrist.

  53. From SandyGram

    Here’s a new Coming Character from
    Meredith Scott Lynn, remembered as feminist law student Enid in Legally Blonde, is set to begin a recurring stint as Anne, a worker at Salem University Hospital. She first airs on Friday, September 7, in a heated scene with Shawn Christian’s Daniel.

    So it looks like Dr. Dan is changing from female patients to workers at the Hospital.
    Let’s see we have Nicole popping in and out of every room in the Hospital when ever she wants; Jenn has her PR job back; and, now there is Anne, what’s left the return of Carly temporarily to take Melanie back to Europe with her.

  54. From Blaze.

    Patty #36, Fall previews from SOD:
    - Rafe and EJ battle for Sami’s love. EJ plays dirty.
    EJ, the changed man, plays dirty?
    Say it isn’t true!! What were the odds of that happening? :)
    I hope he doesn’t pull any ‘clone’ shenanigans this time! Maybe he digs up some of the past dirt on Rafe. Could we be getting the much awaited background scoop on the Hernandez clan?
    Even though I think Sami and EJ are attracted to each other and can really sizzle, Safe had a pretty good thing going until Faux Rafe came on the scene. If they didn’t, Elvis wouldn’t have brought in Faux Rafe to begin with.

    If EJ really cared for Sami, wouldn’t he want something better for her than a man that has to lie/cheat/& kidnap to keep her around?
    Sami has trouble making life decisions on her own, let alone not having all of the real facts to do so.

    As far as Kristen’s return… Could Susan be far behind? She was a hoot!!

    And, we need Dr. Baker, just for the laugh factor!! :)
    I’m guessing TPTB shouldn’t have much of an issue giving him his license back, considering Hope has a criminal record and history of drug use, and has been reinstated at the Salem PD.
    Go Dr. B!!
    Happy Day, All!! :)

  55. From Hellolisare

    #39 LittleImp. I too think it would be interesting to do something with Cameron’s character. I thought it would have been better to have made him Lexie’s son.(Reveal would have been better before she died.) If they had originally gone that way they could have had her start looking for him when she knew she was dying. She wouldn’t have needed to defend herself. Adoptation is a gift not something to be ashamed of.

    As for Daniel’s dad I thought we already know who he is even though we haven’t seen him on screen. Are both of the Jonahes dead?

  56. From NeeNee

    Thanks, SandyGram for the news about the coming new character, Anne.

    And Blaze, I so agree with your EJ analysis. While the sexy Brit doesn’t make too many missteps, his biggest one was allowing thug Faux Rafe to move in with Sami & the children. Anyone who claims he only wants what’s best for his children would NEVER put them in the same household as a killer criminal.

    Re: Abe finding a new love after his mourning time of Lexie is over, I find myself thinking about the very attractive African American police officer who accompanied Roman on interrogations during Stefano’s murder. Can’t remember her name, but she was stunning! I know that just because they’re both black is no reason to put Abe with her. But that’s how he met Lexie, way back when.

  57. From SandyGram

    #53 Blaze
    In EJ’s effort to keep Rafe away from Sami…it would be interesting to have EJ bring to light any skeletons in Rafe’s closet, he certainly has the where with all to check out Rafe’s past. Much like Rafe did investigating and then telling Sami EJ was Sydney’s kidnapper.

  58. From jolie

    #53 Sandygram, sparks are gonna fly in the hospital halls. Dr Dan won’t have time for lunch much less surgery! He is going to have his arms full!
    #54 Blaze, Elvis plays dirty? Everytime he changes for the good of his children, he comes up with some mean stuff so look out Rafe. Maybe you are right and it will be something that Rafe would rather stay hidden. That would be interesting. And Elvis probably does care for Sami in his way, which means controlling her life. I like their interaction somewhat lately since they quit breathing into each other’s mouth but you are right, he is laying a wicked plan to get control of Samanther and if Rafe comes back into the picture, whoa Nelly!
    Dr. Dick Baker Fan Club has spoken. We want to see him back.
    #55 Hellolisare, Cameron is sort of a blank slate right now. He is a doctor and is trying to gain ground with the increasingly confusing Abby but that is about all we know. Surely sooner or later, there will be all sorts of tid bits coming out about him to cause him some pains. Right now he is just sort of like a side line. Daniel’s parents the Jonas’ died I believe. They were somehow friends or associates of Victor but not much has been said. Some of us have waited for the other shoe to drop…that perhaps since Victor provided the eggs (stolen from Maggie) for a child for the Jonas’,then maybe he provided the male portion as well and is Daniel’s daddy. Another loose end that has never been fleshed out in the story.
    #56 NeeNee, I wish Lucas had thought along those lines when he brought up the forced sex with Sami to Elvis and threw in the Faux Rafe in her bed as well. Elvis was responsible for that as well and you are right, it put the kids at risk. Lucas should have jumped on it. And while you are finding Abe a new love, find one for Roman so they can double date!

  59. From patty

    The fall spoilers predict that Nicole’s worst nightmare comes true. I wonder if by this they mean she loses her baby or that EJ manages to take him away from her. Poor Nicole should stop stressing about snaring Dr. Feelgood and worry how she’s going to get out of this lie if she wants to hold on to this baby. I would hate to see her lose the child she so desperatly wanted.
    Good posts everyone. Welcome back Richard!

  60. From SandyGram

    #58 jolie
    Find a new love for Roman…bring back Anna after all they do share a child together. Hooking up with Roman might not be as adventurous as Tony DiMera, there are some Anna loose ends to tie up. But then I’m not sure what could be done about her involvement with Sydney’s kidnapping. Certainly Stefano could still have some hold on her that she would need to keep to herself.

    #56 NeeNee
    Officer Martin Kent, played by Ciera Payton, was Roman’s shadow during Stefano’s murder investigation. I’m with you a beautiful woman, working for the Govenor’s Office in a relationship with Abe. Yep I like it a lot!

    Help me here…what was that gorgeous FBI Investigators name that was helping Rafe…the one that came to the Loft and got Sami all jealous? That would be another gorgeous gal to bring back and add to the pot of beautiful women for Rafe.

  61. From patty

    SandyGram, someone suggested the other day that Rafe’s secret past could be that he deflowered a nun at the convent. I thought that was a cool idea, even better if there was a secret love child involved.
    I’m sure that whatever skeleton they dig out of Rafe’s closet can’t be as bad as what EJ has already done .

  62. From NeeNee

    Oooh, Patty—interesting concept about Rafe & a nun. Could it be that the elusive Emily was the nun (or former nun)in question? I also agree about Nicole probably losing her baby. With her medical history and spoilers like this, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

    And yes, SGram, I remember how torqued Sami was about that beautiful FBI agent who came to the loft, asking for Rafe.

    Hellolisare: I think Cameron is too old to have been Lexie’s son.
    Unless she was 16-18 when he was born; which could technically be true. And maybe I missed something, but I don’t recall the Sperm Donor’s identity ever revealed. Both Daniel’s adoptive parents I thought were dead.

  63. From Hellolisare

    #62. NeeNee No arguement from me on how old this folks are. I was going under the assumption that Hope and Lexie are contemparies. Shawn D and Belle apear to be Cam’s age.

    I love the nun idea wish they would do something with it.

    Nicole is not one of my favorites, but she doesn’t deserve to lose her baby. As far as doing nasty things she’s in the middle of the pack. Do like her sometimes. I just wish she would stop hurting herself by going after people who don’t want her. Same as Sami they are cut from the same cloth that’s why they can’t stand each other. I always thought the two of the them should have a love hate relationship frenemies if you will. Like Vicky and Dorian on One Life to Live.

  64. From Bobby

    Noticed yesterday that a map of N.Y. state was on the wall at the courthouse. I live near Salem N.Y. and there isn’t a sea port there. So, I don’t know where Mrs. Brady gets her clams for her infamous chowder. And I’ve never seen Bo and Hope strolling around the streets. I am going to miss Melanie. Can’t get a handle on Nick yet, but wonder if he’ll end up the Gabbie. She gets prettier every day. And, I finally agree with everybody. Put Sami and E.J. together and leave Rafe alone. Do not put Jen and Brady together. What’s that about? Put him back with Nichole. Not sure what to do with Rafe, but if Bo is leaving–he and Hope are both cops and in close quarters. Really liked the writing going into Will and Sonny’s relationship. T talking to Sonny today was well writen. You only see a couple trying to move forward, just like any other.I have this feeling once Mel leaves, we are in for a dark side of Chad.

  65. From NeeNee

    Did you guys see the Rumor Mill just up? Jan Spears is returning. ??? Has she not been in a vegetative coma since her run-in with the rock? With whom would she interact? Her contemporaries were Belle, Mimi, ShawnD, Philip and Chloe.

    Maybe this is a lead-in to Chloe’s return. I wouldn’t mind ShawnD, Belle & Claire returning either. But we have SOOOO many characters on the canvas already that don’t get enough airtime. Add in Kristen & Nick and it could get crowded, real fast.

    Just want to say that I am really enjoying this site. It’s a lot of good, interactive conversation with intriguing possibilities thrown out for discussion. Probably the majority don’t care for the EJ/Sami pairing, but we’re willing to live with what Mr. Corday sends down the pike. We all have our favorites, and I can’t say Rafe is one of mine. But I enjoyed him with Sami. Call me crazy, I liked him with Carrie, too and gave them kudos for never consummating their physical relationship. Will’s gay storyline is not one of my favorites, but I feel Chandler Massey is one of the best young actors we’ve seen in many moons.

    With the upcoming election looming, I will take my cue from Shani and may be absent from time to time from this site. I also direct our church choir and need to be doing planning for the second half of the season (January through Easter). I watch the Days episodes after shutting down for the night. It’s good to be semi-retired and on a more relaxed schedule.

  66. From NeeNee

    Bobby, in years past there was always an understanding that Salem was in the midwest. Implication that Chicago was a short jaunt away. And you’re right about clams not being found in lakes or rivers. That’s an ocean seafood, isn’t it? I have seen clam-like forms in our western Iowa resort lakes, but they’re small and definitely not edible. Don’t quote me on all this . . . I’m not at all knowledgeable about fish or seafood.

    Spoiler awhile back was that Hope and Rafe would, indeed, be a couple after Bo leaves.

    Oh, and #40 Leah—thanks for the info that Sami & Rafe’s divorce was final 6 months ago. Did not know that.

  67. From SandyGram

    Episode September 6th:
    Today was very good….conversations that were needed. Chad does seemed to be taking on the DiMera persona quite easily. I do remember back when he first came on and tried to dominate Mia also, so maybe the way he is treating Gabi is not so far out of character for him. I’m anxious for the day she puts him in his place he’s as guilty as she is for keeping her secret. Then maybe she can move on with her modeling career. I think she would do fine on her own she is a beautiful young woman. Maybe Sami could turn to Will (he does need a job now that he has resigned from the Mayor), Sonny or Brian or all three…there as handsome if not more so than Chad.

    Loved Sami and Will’s talk, it’s about time he apologized for how horrible he has been treating her and told her how much he needed her. I guess Kate is now the new Queen of the Business world in Salem with her new promotion, surprisingly with Victor’s approval. But will Brady (Sami’s step brother)let Kate go after Sami? I do love Kate and Sami both at each others throat and when they are on honest friendly terms and yes her ‘guns are bigger’ than Sami’s in every sense of the phrase.

    Loved Sonny and T’s talk. It may have only been a baby step but I do think Sonny made progress with T, especially when he told him Will is the same person he’s always been.

    Well Nick should be very grateful to Melanie when he went into jail it was her testimony that got him the reduced sentence and now it is her testimony that got him out on parole. Of course Daniel, Chad and Brady had to flex their muscles. Chad exercising his DiMera threat techniques; Daniel being Daddy dearest; and Mr. Skeptical Brady. I would like to see Nick as totally recovered, although the writers have added a little intrigue to whether that is true. At the end of the show with Brady’s skepticism, Maggie’s wrinkled brow of concern and the eerie shot of Nick sitting at the table frantically writing with that cold mysterious look on his face…we just may be in for another ride of Nick’s craziness.

  68. From gerri

    #43 Richard,
    I agree with all your comments!!
    good post!!!

  69. From NeeNee

    National Enquirer spoilers for September 17:

    -Justin supports the decision that Sonny has made about Will
    -Meanwhile, Will thinks he’s not good enough for Sonny
    -Daniel clearly expresses his strong opposition to Melanie’s wedding
    -Nicole slyly manipulates Abigail
    -Sami asks Rafe to have dinner with her
    -Nicole springs her clever plan on Sami

  70. From Tee

    Hey all Looks like a good week coming up.

    I dont see why Sami would be upset with EJ after all Rafe is the one claiming to be the father seems she should be more upset with that,
    Rumor is Rafe and Nicole will get get engaged to help Nicole keep her baby when EJ starts drawing up papers to take it. Warning this is a rumor no spoilers that it is going to be them. But it fits.

    Mel will leave because Of Nick, and I have a feeling Gabi and him will get together.

    Wonder what plan Nicole is going to spring

  71. From Leah

    Second favourite scene and lines of the week…. Roman to Sami “Sami why are you hanging around and getting involved with a guy like EJ?” Sami’s response (that all us Ejami fans have patiently waited for for 6 years)… “Because there is something there between EJ and I and there always has been. I’ve just always tried to deny it.” Oh bravo, bravo, bravo. That is music to my ears. At long last some honesty from our dear Samantha.

  72. From Guest

    I hope they do something with the characters they bring back. Billie came back because there were 21 words she didn’t say in her h last stint on Days. Nice to have no neg/slam posts on the site! Who do you think Hope will be paired with after Bo is gone?

  73. From SandyGram

    #62 NeeNee
    Finally I received conformation on who the beautiful FBI Agent was that made Sami jealous when she visited Rafe:

    Jacqueline Pinol who played Sofia. Her air dates were 7/15, 7/18 and 7/19/11.

    Now bring her back for a relationship with Rafe…she’s gorgeous and it would set Samantha Gene on fire!

  74. From NeeNee

    Thanks, SandyGram. You should have been an investigative reporter because we can always count on you to ferret out information! Poor Sami will never change, I fear—whenever a former flame hooks up with someone new, she transforms into the Green-Eyed Monster of jealousy. How bent out of shape was she when Rafe & Carrie were an item (if only for a short time). If Lucas’ ex-fiancee, Autumn, were to materialize in Salem I’m sure she would suddenly have the hots for Lucas again. But of all her loves, it does seem to be EJ that she begrudges the most whenever he finds a new woman.

    Guest, the long-range spoilers say Hope will be paired with Rafe. But Ejamis are grousing that TPTB are intent on reuniting Sami & Rafe. Obviously, one of these possibilities is incorrect. Have no idea what will really come to pass.

  75. From Clear

    I have been enjoying the steamy scenes with Samanther and her admirers!

    I tried to post a couple times and got error messages. I keep thinking the writers still need to go back and ferret out Rafe’s background and other loose ends. Emily’s death and the connection it may have with Ariana’s misdeeds and now Gabi too. Who are Rafe’s parents?

    Tie the loose end with the coin already too, and the Alice African connections.

    I would really like a masked ball for Halloween hopefully with no fatalities!

  76. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Days of Our Lives Previews for Week September 10 Article from TV Source Magazine. Dated September 6, 2012

    ” EJ declares his feelings for Sami, and wraps her up in his romantic plans. His plans are thwarted when he’s forced to resign as Mayor. Never one to be caught off guard, EJ sees an opportunity and reinforces his intentions to do so, but only to spend more time with his family – including Sami.”

    EJ forced to resign as Mayor should be interesting. Could this lead to Abe regaining the Mayoral position?

  77. From Debbie

    Thursday’s episode was very enjoyable to watch. Loved seeing Chad really give it to Gabi with his “I’m a DiMera” affirmation. His dark side is really showing now and he and EJ will do their father proud. I also liked him in bed with Melanie when Brady called. I saw a hint of jealousy in Chad…has he always felt this way toward Melanie’s friendship with Brady? And Brady telling his fears about Nick’s release to Maggie was interesting too. He brought up addiction and how Arianna died and I’d forgotten all that so I liked how it was woven together.

    Tad and Sonny were good too. Although Tad always seems to be over-the-top hostile nowadays, I did like how Sonny explained that gay men aren’t automatically attracted to other gay men simply because they’re gay, that they can be discriminating in what attracts them to others just like straight people do. That was refreshing to hear and much needed, IMO.

    So is the rumor of a Hope and Rafe pairing true? If so, that would explain why Hope draped that scarf around Rafe’s neck in such a playful manner. It seemed so out of character for her at the time but it would be a good segueway into showing an initial attraction between them. I’m all for Rafe finding a new love but I’d prefer it to be that sexy Sophia gal from his past that made Sami so jealous. And speaking of Sami, since the writers seem to always want her to play musical chairs with her love life, then put her with EJ already since she’s already had a go-around with Rafe and several with Lucas. It’s his turn now. I do feel for all the Sami/EJ fans who’ve been shafted all these years with the constant teasing of a possible pairing but always falling short. These past couple weeks have been fun to watch between these two and they should have their due.

    Bring Rafe’s past into the open. I like the speculations that some of you said about what misdeeds he might have done when he was with Emily and in the nunnery (is there such a word?) There’s a lot of story to tell there too and all of us want to know what he’s really all about. I can hear the skeletons in his closet rattling loudly now.

  78. From Leah

    TOTALLY agree Debbie… yes I am an Ejami fan but I reckon I could warm to Rafe IF they dish the him and Sami idea because in my opinion they are a total mismatch AND IF they would open up his character and tell us more about him. Why they haven’t gone there and given us more I do not understand. I reckon knowing his past, his mistakes, his hurts, his pain etc etc could make him more human to some of us thus making him more appealing. Emily/Rafe is a story JUST waiting to be told so bring it on!

  79. From cathy

    Never has dool been so bad or more boring.You have one of the great soap opera star in Drake Hogestyn(john)but no story line.He has hardly been on since he got back but yet Marlena has to come on once or twice a week to play the worst doctor in the world.Come on stop clowning around get rid of the ones that are suppose to leave and bring on Kristen and Stefeno for John a great story line and get rid of marlena and have a story a fight between Hope and Kristen after Bo leaves.With the king of the bad guys Stefeno tell I see you do it I am gone.Cathy

  80. From jolie

    #76 Sandygram, if Elvis is forced to resign, could the governor appoint a mayor? Is that how it might work? Or would the City Council appoint one? I guess it would be more city than state responsibility. But either way, it gives Elvis more time to pursue Sami. And it would give Abe a good focus. At one time there was talk that Abe would start drinking and almost lose Theo to maybe Stefano with Elvis coming to the rescue and going to court with Abe. We’ll see. I think Elvis will be a bit mad with Stefano for a while but blood will win out and sooner or later, Elvis will be back in Stefano’s family nest.

    If Mel wasn’t on the way out, I’d say that Chad was doing everything in his power to push her away from him and they’d be on the rocks as a couple before Halloween. Mel is very capable of taking care of herself, having practically raised herself with Trent and being introduced to the seedier side of life. While Chad probably never felt loved while growing up, his mom most likely tried to make up for his “dad’s” shortcomings by doing all she could for Chad. So Mel is actually better equipped to take care of Mel than Chad can take care of either of them. But I guess we just need to see him going Dimera for future reference. It is going to backfire on him with Gabster and soon. Someone who is as kooky as Gabi and who could come up with a stalker who became a kidnapper, that would be a person who won’t take pushing around for long before coming out swinging. Gabi and Nick might make a good couple. Both have a little edge to them now. Gabi used to be about as interesting as a mashed potato sandwich until she went all kooky over Chad. She has some new dimension now. Nick can use a friend who is not attached to Maggie and family so this might just work out if they are paired up. Wonder if Gabi will go back to modeling once the secret is out? Wonder if it only comes out locally (Mel and her crowd) or all over town? But then many of the citizens of Salem have been forgiven for much less than a stalker story that turned bad.

    I like it that Kate and Brady are sort of teaming up for business. And that Victor is sort of forgiving Kate and vice versa and they are getting along somewhat. I don’t want to see Kate and Brady on the desk without clothes but as allies…this will be good. Especially with a new, smarter, more driven Brady. And funny that Kate is playing matchmaker for Will. At least her heart is open to Will while her head is just rolling around on her shoulders.

    Kate and Sami’s fight…is Lucas going to work for Kate at Titan? I wish Brady would find him something to do that did not involve working around Kate. That will lead to trouble for Lucas and whoever he decides to date. Which is weird because if Will had picked out the intern with dimples to die for and tried to date him, Kate would have immediately tried to stop it because the guy would not be good enough for Will!

    When Brady mentions Mel being manipulated by a psycho like this a clue to us that Nick will indeed have a bit of a psyche meltdown and is not as ‘well’ as he wants all to believe? If so, Mel will be gone and others will have to pick up the pieces.

    Rafe and Hope pairing. I think this could happen as Hope is beautiful and Rafe is gorgeous and both are smart and funny. The tough thing will be if Bo decides to come back in 6 months and there Rafe is…cut loose like he was with Sami. But then he never has been cut too loose from Sami’s orbit. I agree to bring out some of Rafe’s past story. It would provide a story line that can really go anywhere since he is relatively new to Salem. Was Emily a novice and Rafe and she fell in love and she left the convent because of him? Maybe they were running away when she died because it seems it was a wreck in which she perished.

    Sami and Elvis…I really don’t care if these 2 get together but some do so let’s do it. Quit messing around and go for it. Elvis is already laying the groundwork for them to split back up while he is laying the foundation for romance. He is already scheming to get Sami so he’ll have to scheme to keep her. And when you throw Nicole and her baby (hope that big shock and disappointment is not losing the baby) into that mix, Elvis will have to scheme to get that child and Sami might not see that as the thing for him to do. Someone else mentioned it too here that Sami has had it done to her (he went after the kids and kept them from her and all manner of other things) so Sami may look at it with different eyes this time with Nicole. Nicole is a little desperate and that makes her crazy. Well who can relate better to that than our Samanther? I would really like these 2 to steal CW from Dimera Enterprises and run it into a large business to be a contender in town with Vic and Stefano. Throw Kate in as well. They don’t have to like each other and when in the romance dept they can still feud like the Hatfields and McCoys but in business, they can go against the big boys. Just a thought!

  81. From NeeNee

    “Gabi used to be about as interesting as a mashed potato sandwich until she went all kooky over Chad.” Jolie, you are one witty woman! After Mel leaves, do you suppose Nick will be hung up on Gabbi?? And become obsessive once again? I’m guessing that super smart Nick will somehow figure out that Gabi hired the stalker of Mel’s. And use that piece of information to force Gabi into a relationship. If he had a mental relapse, Gabs wouldn’t blink at telling Nick’s family that he was wack-o once again and not to believe anything he said. Knowing Nick, he will have ironclad proof otherwise.

    If Nick was only brought in to usher Melanie out of Days, he could end up being short-term and disposable. If not, then the above scenario could leave him in Salem permanently, while Gabbi goes to an institution.

    Hope and Rafe . . .yeah, I like it, too. Get the impression that he’s younger than Hope, by maybe ten years. Or if he is like 5 years older than Sami, then he would only be 5 years younger than Hope. Age doesn’t matter a hill of beans anymore—unless you’re talking Cougar Kate with Brady!

    And I, too, am tired of all the fighting about a Sami/EJ pairing. Put them in a sack, tie it shut and let them go at it! They’ll either be mating twice a day or sick of each other. I can visualize Mr. and Mrs. EJ DiMera once again, until Elvis really truly gets proof that Nicole’s bambino is his. You’re right . . Sami would be reminded of all the devious tactics he used on HER to get Sydney in times past. Then again, if Nicole winds up miscarrying or having a stillborn, that would be off the table.

    Remember when Sami & Nicole bonded during the time Nic was wearing the rubber-baby- bumper?? With Chloe returning in January, will she and Nicole resume their friendship? I hope they don’t drag Nic’s Dr. Dan fatal attraction out until then. It’s interesting that neither Sami nor Nicole have any real friends of the feminine persuasion. IMO, it’s because they don’t want to share the spotlight.

  82. From SandyGram

    #80 jolie
    It looks like the fans will have to have the patients to stay steady course, waiting with great anxiety for the writers to provide answers for our never ending questions. I saw some great photos on Daytime Royalty of Gabi and Nick together. They’re not as hot as the modeling pictures with Gabi and Chad, but they do have that something that could pull the viewers in. I did think at the end of yesterday’s show when Nick was frantically writing at the table his look was one of mystery. Very well could be, to give Nick a good story line, he may not be as well as the family thinks he is. Pairing him with the unstable Gabster may be the way to go. I hope they don’t jump into a romantic relationship right off the bat. It sounds like Nick will continue to receive therapy of some kind and that he may provide Gabi with a friendship where she feels comfortable sharing her demons. Although if he becomes her protector he will be going up against Chad and the DiMera’s when they all come back together.

    I’m still not sure how EJ will be forced to resign as Mayor. He didn’t kill Stefano and it should be easy for him to explain he ran from the authorities because he felt he was being railroaded. I suppose that doesn’t make it right but he’s always been able to squirm out of tight legal spots before. It does look like the resignation is inevitable…I’d like to see him explain that to Johnny and Sydney and the fact that NoNo is alive. I can’t remember a time where another man or woman wasn’t standing in the way of an EJ/Sami relationship. When he first came to town there was Lucas; during the time he shot John and was running from the police there was Lucas; during the vendetta there was Lucas; when Sami came to tell him she was pregnant there was Nicole; after Sami came out of witness protection there was Rafe and Nicole; after Rafe left her there was Lucas; and now once again there is Rafe. From the moment Sami came out of witness protection EJ has been obsessed with destroying any relationship between Sami and Rafe whether he was involved with another woman or not! So we will stay in the ‘wait and see’ mode which in itself brings excitement to the EJami story and along the way we can enjoy a little Lumi and Safe along the way! As always it’s all in the hands of the writers and TPTB!

  83. From patty

    Well it looks like Sami’s revolving door of men is not quite shut yet. Just after she asks Rafe about his feelings for her, enters EJ who after inquiring to Rafe about the baby and Nicole,( his new plan to keep Sami and Rafe apart )procceeds to try to charm Sami and then shakes hand on a pack that if they’re going to pursue this,there is to be no shootings, no cloning and kidnapping … which they seem to think is funny. Quite the impressive rekindling of a loving relationship. Like Lucas said, they deserve each other or like Neenee says, put them in a sack and tie it shut. Just leave Nicole, Rafe and Lucas out of it.
    Love that Governor Whatsisname made a special trip to Salem to question Mr Mayor about his little escapade and adress the rumor of his underhanded politics. Goodbye Mayor Demira!!!
    Rafe and Hope? Well, I would have to get over Bo being gone first but yes it would be nice to have Rafe paired up with someone other than the flaky Brady sisters.

  84. From jolie

    #81NeeNee, there are a few others on the show I’d like to put in a bag and let them have at it. That was a good one. And I am with you, I don’t want Chloe coming back and us still having to listen to Nicole tell her belly/baby that she will win Dr Dan over. Can we all say move on?
    #82 Sandygram, my jury is still out on whether Nick and Gabi would be a good couple. I too think they should be friends and not rush it…Gabi may be preggers for all we know. But then Melanie and Brady are the only couple I can think of that has never been other than just friends and really good and true friends. When (if) Melanie comes back, maybe we’ll see that friendship bloom into something else. Who knows? Nick’s frantic writing…I think he will be involved in something illegal that comes out of the prison or someone he knew in prison. Hopefully Nick will seem totally involved then will turn the tables and save the day and finally redeem himself. There! I wrote it. All they need to do is flesh out the story for him. And I can totally see Nick as Gabi’s protector against Chad when he starts thinking he is Darth Vadar’s other son and gets all dark and dangerous.
    Elvis may be just asked to relinquish the reins of mayorship as to not sully the good name of the township of Salem. They have just gotten over that witch trial thing and now this! Elvis sort of wants to have his time spent with Sami and all things Sami so he should agree if he can pretend it is his idea. And you are right, Rafe has been a thorn in Elvis’ pelvis from day one. Elvis wants to destroy him. Yes, over and over we have heard him say it. He is a bit obsessed with him. Like Stefano has been with all things John Black and also Marlena. The Dimeras are consistent if a little nutsy about their obsessions. And Lucas may not be out of the running. When things finally fall in on Sami…and we know they will once she has run thru Elvis and Rafe again…someone (insert Lucas) will have to pick up the pieces. And he will because he is Lucas. I love that he told Elvis the score the other day. Sami is his problem and she’ll do the same thing to him as before. And Rafe is the only man she really loves. I can totally see it. And Rafe isn’t chasing her and that is sort of the difference. Yes, he is starting to see that she is missing from his life but he isn’t chasing her. Elvis is chasing thru his scheming. I know some will see it differently and that is good as well because one thing I know…I am not always right!

    #83 Patty, you are right about Hope. She needs to get over whatever is going to happen to Bo before she even looks at a man. This thing with Jennifer and DR Dan…I am not digging it because it is too soon. It would be too soon if Jack had just jumped up and run off again. It would be too soon if he left Jennifer sitting at the slots in Vegas to run off to Reno with a dancer in a show. Anyway you get the idea – too soon. And maybe Rafe and Hope can just become friends and then let nature take its course.
    Got to go. Have a great weekend.

  85. From SandyGram

    #84 jolie
    Do you think anyone from the Show reads the Fan Sites (they should), there are so many good ideas that come from them. Can’t say any of my speculations or analysis has come true (well maybe a couple), but our imaginations seem to be as good as what the writers are putting out!

  86. From NeeNee

    SandyG, I think as a group we could put out the same or better than what the Days writing staff churns out. And I bet we would work cheaper!!

  87. From SandyGram

    Episode September 7th:
    Let’s start with the Chadster. The talk with Will and Chad was kind of surprising that he had never talked to Will about being Gay. But then I guess Chad hasn’t had much time since Stefano’s shooting to socialize with his male buddies like they use to. But then again Chad does do favors for the Coffee House when Sonny asks. The writers do need to get past this thing where if one of the gay characters touches one of the straight male characters the straight guys whence as if they are going to catch something. ‘T’ did it the other day also when Sonny touched is shoulder to get his attention. Then the big bad DiMera puts the bad eye on Nick. They are making him into a typical DiMera!

    Since when did Marlena and Sami become so buddy, buddy? It was nice to see them talking like mother and daughter, but did I miss the show where Sami apologized to Marlena for being a brazen biachy toward her. Another wonderful look on Sami today, she must be taking over Madison’s look of the tighter the dress the better. Then there’s the Rafster…knock, knock, knock “did you fire my sister to get back at me”. Wow as much as I like Rafe a little to much self importance there, but it was a way for the writers to get them together for their upcoming kiss. I like that Sami let Rafe know he’s still considered family, another path for opening that Safe door.

    Interesting how Jenn was dressed in white representing good and Nicole was dressed in black representing evil. A pair of Cow Girl Hats couldn’t have been more obvious. Jenn’s blouse was lovely, but here we go with her hair again. She’s not a matron add a little blonde highlights, give it a good cute, give her a fresh look and forget this pulled straight back look. And speaking of Nikki….or maybe I won’t she’s just being Nicole.

    Then the new Hospital worker Anne appeared today. Snarky, opinionated, socializer with fiery red hair…although Dan put her in her place when he heard her bad mouthing Jenn…for some reason I just can’t envision Daniel having a little afternoon delight with this person as the spoilers have said.
    A good show but no weekend cliff hanger!

  88. From Arlene

    I’d like to see Dr. Baker return, but he was killed off. Then again, like Stefano, the dead can rise on this show! Glad to see you back, Sandygram! Always enjoy your posts. Does anyone have any ideas as to how they are going to write off Bo? I also heard a rumor that Julie Pinson may come back to play Billy Reed. Wonder if that is true?

  89. From SandyGram

    #88 Arlene
    Haven’t heard a thing about how Bo or Melanie will be leaving, they’re keeping it real hush, hush!

    Julie Pinson that’s an interesting rumor, but if I was her I wouldn’t want to come to the show if they couldn’t give me a better story line than they gave Lisa Rinna.

    Dr. Baker appeared to be killed when on that Tropical Island, but he wasn’t dead. Remember we saw his little finger move. When he returned to Salem he ended up as ‘Nighttime Hope’s’ partner in crime when she was whacking the men of Salem in the head. When Hope was arrested for trying to set fire to Bo, so was Dr. Baker. He ended up in prison for buying the supplies Hope needed to set Bo on fire. But it should be about time for him to be released or at least be paroled.

    Things are changing so fast with the new writers it’s probably best not to read to far ahead on the spoilers, even some of them are not coming true. Or they lead you down the wrong path of what may happen. But I’m still a spoiler junkie, so it’s like I can’t help myself.
    Thanks for the welcome back!

  90. From Cougar

    Sandygram I think that they do look at the site. Every now and then it seems they errily pick up on what we say. For example the other day Brady refered to “creepy Ian”. That term was bandied about on this site. Im not sure who ubbed him that but it stuck like spaghetti on the back of the stove.

  91. From Cougar

    Sanygram Im scrolling down the comments and OMG your post took the word sright out of my mouth. I had the dame thoughts as you I was pleased to See Marlene interacting with Sami in a more motherly fashion. this by the way was something commented on the site for some time that she never appeared to have much of a motherly relationship with Sami. Did TPTB finaly pick up on that one, about time. I too noticed the good Jen in white bad Nikin black.

  92. From Cougar

    I could be wrong but I have a sense that if EJ is turning over a new leaf, supposedly again, Chad will be picking up the evil DiMira slack. What exacly was his responce to GAbbi when she asked how long are you going to hold this over my head? “I’m a DiMira, forever.” Not that she should squirm a little for her role in the stalker debacle but if Chad really wanted her on ice from Mel she would be more out of his way modeling rather than working at the pub. Also rather mean spirited of him to deny her the ability to earn a living.

    Sandygram also noticed that Sami is wearing rather tight fitting clothes. And why not she is one of the sexiest women on daytime TV.
    She really has that hour glass figure going. She has really slimmed down from her early days but I have to say she has a really well endowed breasts for such a slender person.

    Also have to say this site has really simmered down to a well rounded, polite, respectful site. How nice for everyone to have their say and get along.

  93. From Guest

    Sandygram, so nice to have you back. You write great blogs. Grandma Judy, hope all is well, come out come out wherever you are!

  94. From Richard

    Was that Stefano or was it memorex?
    1. This Stefano didn’t look like he had diabetes.
    2. Stefano would never give up the other half of the coin.
    3. Ian would have used a untraceable phone.
    4. Stefano had his own personal doctors.
    5. If this was really Stefano, why wouldn’t he want to see Kate or his Grandkids?
    6. Why did he try so hard to convince EJ not to run DNA tests?
    7. They say that the tests that proved that EJ was not Stefano’s son, was ran by an incompetent source. If so, why did they go to so much trouble to alter bogus information and blood samples.
    8. This Stefano made sure that no tests on him were made by the city of Salem, so you can bet that all records are sealed and known only to Stefano and his medical team.
    9. Stefano did not attempt to escape.
    10. Stefano made sure that he did not come into contact with anyone who could prove him a phoney.
    11. This is part of Stefano and Ian’s plan and they need to clear EJ of murder, because they need him to be a free man and in a position of power.
    These are only speculations on my part and are just questions that I have in my head, that have to be answered to my own satisfaction.
    If this is the real Stefano, then the marriage certificate must have been bogus between Hope and John.
    The Stefano that we saw in Alamania, must have been Ian’s imposter and Ian must have used Hope and John to find the coin.
    Just how much of the Alice story is actually false? To me, that is the question.
    The big discovery for me, will be when someone explains the status of Stefano’s will that cuts EJ our of the Dimera family.
    Ian didn’t work alone, yet there have been no reports of repercussion.

  95. From Richard

    Was that Stefano or was it memorex?
    1. This Stefano didn’t look like he had diabetes.
    2. Stefano would never give up the other half of the coin.
    3. Ian would have used a untraceable phone.
    4. Stefano had his own personal doctors.
    5. If this was really Stefano, why wouldn’t he want to see Kate or his Grandkids?
    6. Why did he try so hard to convince EJ not to run DNA tests?
    7. They say that the tests that proved that EJ was not Stefano’s son, was ran by an incompetent source. If so, why did they go to so much trouble to alter bogus information and blood samples.
    8. This Stefano made sure that no tests on him were made by the city of Salem, so you can bet that all records are sealed and known only to Stefano and his medical team.
    9. Stefano did not attempt to escape.
    10. Stefano made sure that he did not come into contact with anyone who could prove him a phoney.
    11. This is part of Stefano and Ian’s plan and they need to clear EJ of murder, because they need him to be a free man and in a position of power.
    These are only speculations on my part and are just questions that I have in my head, that have to be answered to my own satisfaction.
    If this is the real Stefano, then the marriage certificate must have been bogus between Hope and John.
    The Stefano that we saw in Alamania, must have been Ian’s imposter and Ian must have used Hope and John to find the coin.
    Just how much of the Alice story is actually false? To me, that is the question.
    The big discovery for me, will be when someone explains the status of Stefano’s will that cuts EJ our of the Dimera family.
    Ian didn’t work alone, yet there have been no reports of repercussion.

  96. From SandyGram

    #92 Cougar
    Your so right, our Samantha Gene does have a slamming body, great hair (when the bangs are trimmed a little bit) and those beautiful blue eyes. Actually all the gals, Marlena, Abby, Gabi, Nicole (even pregnant), Hope, Billie, Kate, Jenn, Melanie all take really good care of themselves and care wear anything. That would be a great idea for Basic Black to get back in the business with a Fashion Show they sure have the models men, women, kids at all ages to carry it off. The come in with a bang up Halloween Party, maybe we could find out who the mask man was at the last one. Thanks a lot for the welcome back. And yes Grandma Judy if your lurking out there…would be nice to here from you.

    #94 Richard
    Your not the only one, there are things that get stuck in my head that need answers also. Now that Lexie is gone and Stefano seems ‘not’ to want Kate around who is going to watch out for his diabetes, he didn’t do such a good job on his own. Then with EJ resigning as Mayor at the encouragement of the Governor (on Monday’s show) I wonder if Stefano will also berate EJ for this failure. Actually EJ seems quite OK with loosing his Mayorial job so he can chase after Sami and plan to take EJ Junior from Nicole when he’s born. So then I ask myself, but what about EJ going for the Mayor position for the kids to see the DiMera’s as a respectable family. What will Johnny and Sydney think of this ‘Debbie Downer’.

  97. From Arlene

    Sandygram, thanks for refreshing my memory about Dr. Baker being alive. I swear, as I get older, I do forget stuff and him being alive was one of my memory lapses!

  98. From bobby

    Has anyone heard how Bo will leave the show?

  99. From Leah

    When will Days ever learn? Last week Days were 200 000 less viewers than the week before. 87 000 of them were woman between the ages of 18 – 49 years old. As the site administrator said on their site when it become OBVIOUS we were heading for an EJ/Sami/Rafe and Nicole/Daniel/Jennifier triangle many tuned out, myself included!

  100. From NeeNee

    But why, Leah, would you tune out when you still get the chance to see James Scott play EJ?? And interact with Sami, even if it’s not necessarily in the bedroom. I could see forsaking Days if EJ out & out left the show, but he still has a generous amount of air time.

    Many soap viewers have an absolute favorite character. But even if the plotline isn’t going the way you’d like, there has to be at least one other character story you can invest in. Unless you’ve personally decided to try another soap or a cable network that has something you’d like to watch on a regular basis. Or (as some of my friends have suggested) maybe we should pick up a book or use that hour’s time to go for a walk!

    Like the stock market these days, DOOL characters go up & down with storylines. Over the long haul, many beloved Salemites have been paired with more than one actor before finally settling down with the loves of their lives—for example, Victor & Maggie, John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, Stefano & Kate. Problem for EJ is that Sami has gone through many lovers, and is now recycling all of them! She has a real problem with commitment & staying true, but obviously EJ does too.

    I think back to the Good Old DAYS when it took Bill and Laura longer than six years to finally get married. We had to sit through years of her unhappy marriage to Mickey and keeping the lid on Mike’s parentage with Tom Horton as her co-conspirator.

    I acknowledge the ratings drop; that ultimately lies with Mr. Corday and the writers to come up with cohesive, believable stories. We viewers have to accept that they may not be what we personally want to see. I’m sure the legions of Peter Reckell fans are torqued that Bo Brady will be off the canvas. How many viewers left every time Deidre Hall walked away?Will bringing back Eileen Davidson as Kristin & the Eric Brady character steer them back to the fold? Stay tuned!

  101. From Debbie

    Leah, good post! I don’t know who the show thinks it’s catering to because I don’t know of anyone who likes the triangles. I’m not positive how the ratings system works, but doesn’t it still have to do with the Nielsons? From what I remember from years ago, only a few thousand television sets comprise what’s known as the Nielson ratings and they’re supposed to be representative of the demographics of certain shows. With today’s technological advances and “big brother” type of culture we seem to have now, you’d think they’d have found a way to track the actual number of sets that are tuned in to a particular station to adequately reflect the numbers. In any case, I don’t think ratings mean as much to the writers so long as they still get to keep their jobs. They probably just use the old excuse that since there’s still a fanbase for any particular couple, then they’ll just use the triangles to appease the fans since they think we’re satisfied with the dangling carrot in front of our noses. Well, we’re not and unless we bombard them with letters and emails telling them so, tuning out makes no waves with them whatsoever.

    What may make a difference is in telling the sponsors how we feel. That’s where the money is and is where it will hurt the show in the end. I have no idea who the sponsors are since I pay no attention to the commercials, but may I suggest making a note of each product that is advertised then popping them an email saying you’re boycotting their product and tell them why. If you’ve never used it, then say why you’ll never try it and if you do use it, say why you’ll never buy it again. If you tell them you’ve tuned out from DOOL because you dislike certain storylines or characters (tell them which ones), then the sponsors will take notice. They’re the ones paying for the show’s airtime and if you’re not watching the show, then you’re not seeing their great products advertised either. And write to the show itself saying you’re boycotting their sponsors too. I’m sure reps from both the show and the sponsors have regular meetings and if they see a trend toward certain negative things being emailed in, then we may see changes to how the stories and characters are being written. Just my thoughts…sorry to be so longwinded.

  102. From patty

    I think you’re either a fan of Days or you’re not. To try and satisfy everyone would be impossible because everybody has their favorites and not so favorites. I don’t think boycotting sponsers or tuning out will accomplish anything besides eventually getting the show canceled and if that is what people want to see happen then they’re not real fans of DOOL. In my opinion, it’s not the triangles that are getting old , it’s the endless flip flopping fom partner to partner that prevents us from getting invested or rooting for our favorites. If the future of this show depends on which man Sami picks or doesn’t pick then it doesn’t hold much hope . Why should we care who she ends up with anyway? We all know she’ll end up messing it up sooner than later. Even though she is a beautiful woman she’s still portrayed as a screw up and why she’s all of a sudden this femme fatale with three men fighting over her is beyond comprehension. But I won’t give up on my favorite soap because the Sami character gets on my nerves or because things don’t go my way , there are many good characters on the show that make me want to stay.

  103. From NeeNee

    Totally agree, Patty. Many viewers watch the show in its entirety (without fast forwarding). I suspect there is also a sizeable number who only watch segments with their favorite Days stars.

    Sending snarky emails to sponsors because of the “triangles” is most likely a futile gesture. On the scale of serious issues, this is like a 1! Save the sponsor contacts for really big deals, like the David Letterman tasteless comment three years ago: Letterman said that Alex Rodriquez “knocked up” Sarah Palin’s daughter at a baseball game, 14 year-old Willow.

    Complaints about Sami & EJ not being put together should be sent to the Days of Our Lives NBC website, addressed to Ken Corday.

  104. From SandyGram

    NeeNee and patty…I’m with you. Actually with today’s show I find the chase, the cat and mouse games, the teasing between male and female characters like EJ and Sami or Rafe and Sami or Lucas and Sami far more interesting than the slam Bam thank you Mam activity. I’m sure it’s not easy to please everyone at the same time. As has been mentioned before the show is actually only 37 – 38 minutes long. For those that choose to fast forward through any portion of the scene’s it doesn’t leave much to watch. So for me, I’ll stick with watching every minute available and be patient that the writers can come up with story lines to make everyone happy.

  105. From NeeNee

    If somebody fast-forwards through, say, half the show . . . you’re right SandyGram. You would only be watching 18-20 minutes out of 38. We’ve been seeing lots of inter-connected storylines of late. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that ff will mean you’re missing some of the context of the show?

    I’m beginning to think that a slice of the viewership is just as fickle as Samantha Gene!!

  106. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I work for one of the sponsors. Please don’t boycott our products. I need a job. Beneath every corporate sponsor are millions of people struggling to make a living. It’s hard enough to keep these manufacturing plants open without needless boycotts based on content of shows whose storylines were laid out almost two years ago.

    Also, hurricanes, the start of school, fall activities (football), political conventions, end of year vacations, other new shows, and in my case, knee surgery, affect more ratings in late August and September than a story arc.

    As far as tracking Neilson rating in today’s society, Mass Comm 101 gives a thorough explanation as to how ratings are tracked, now. In a capsule, ratings companies still have to turn a buck and convince networks to use their services, and there are all kinds of monitoring devices that they can utilize. Still, no service can tell NBC that I fell asleep halfway thru the EJami garbage or whether I tuned in to see EJ or Rafe, or if I’m a Daniel fan or hate gay storylines or think Abi is boring. I provide this service to you, free of charge! :)

  107. From jolie

    #87 Sandygram, that is funny about the big bad Dimera putting the bad eye on Nick because it is so on target. Chad seems to have become a baddie overnight and his association with the family whose name he is throwing around has been minimal. Sort of strange that he has taken on some of Fatha’s characteristics without benefit of being around Fatha too much. Well, the story has to progress so I’ll go with it and believe it. I also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy (but I just can’t believe the TF looks like Neon Deon). And I missed the apology show as well for Marlena and Sami but finally they sat and acted like family! About time. This needs to happen more often. Besides, if Gabi has a bun in the oven, Sami will become Grami and will need some pointers on how to avoid it and who better than Marlena to point it out to her? And yep, Rafe looked a bit foolish with Sami but they actually talked thru it (a first with them) and seemed a bit closer in the end. And yes, that Safe door is still open even as the Ejami door is swinging wide.
    #88 Arlene, Dr Baker came back after being offed on the island and had the some of the best lines and story of that period with Hope. Just a little time out it the pokey for him. Hope he comes back as we need that comic relief he provided. And I really liked him!
    #89 Sandygram, you have made a spoiler junkie outta me as well but you are right in that we don’t need to hang a hat on everything we read. But it is fun to speculate.
    #90 Cougar, I thought it was straight outta the blogs when Brady referred to Creepy Ian. Not many on this site referred to him otherwise. Kate is probably thinking the same thing. If I were her, I’d go to a car wash and run myself thru the deluxe a few times.
    #95 Richard, welcome back! And you have my noggin spinning. That was a lot to think about. It is strange that Stefano didn’t immediately come back to take control of things because they were so out of hand. He didn’t even see his son Chad or his grandkids. He should be chomping away at a plan to snap Elvis out of his new Sami phase. What is going on??
    #96 Sandygram, the man in the mask. Yes, that would be good to go back to that. It appeared at the time to be Jack but never really came out that it was he. Maybe it was Dr Rolf testing the waters. I would love for it to be Tony and have him appear at Halloween. The town needs a good party after this last tragedy. Tony and Anna could come back. And while Anna held Sydney for Elvis, she took good care of her so if Elvis committed no foul, Anna should be clean as well.
    #102 Patty, you are so right. DOOL is DOOL and not one or 2 characters. It is a slew of stories and characters and history and entanglements. I agree also that we need some settling down as some of the characters get older. Sami is nearing that time. I’d like to see her with Rafe for the long haul but I know there are just as many others who want her with Elvis. I see Elvis as the quintessential bad guy who like Stefano doesn’t really have a close relationship but instead is a player in the relationships of others. Now of course Stefano has a relationship of love with Kate and it is on the rocks but we all think they’ll come back together, especially now that she is working for Titan (makes things more interesting, doesn’t it) If Stefano had been in a loving relationship all these years, think of all the drama we would have missed between he, John, Roman, and Marlena.

  108. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Sorry for the double post. My server crashed and I didn’t think it captured.

  109. From steffie

    Realitycheck, roll your eyes all day long. EJ AND SAMI OR NOT GOOD PARENTS. Especially EJ. The lowlife told Sami his daughter died. He held her bloody clothes in his hands. WHO DOES THAT! He knew it wasn’t true, but who would pretend. Don’t forget he told Sami to tell poor Johnny she didn’t want him. He hurt that kid’s feelings. People love sick EJ because he’s goodlooking. A goodlooking RAPIST SOCIOPATH. He is ugly on the inside and look ugly on the outside to me. A THUG in a suit.

  110. From cassie

    The ratings have been down for years. The Sami/Rafe/EJ triangle did not bring it down. The SAMI and EJ show brought it down over the years. Viewers want to see more than just EJ and Sami. There are a lot of talented actors waiting in the wing for a good SL. The week they showed Rafe the ratings were up. But, it was Rafe without Sami. That should tell TPTB something. Keep them apart, let Rafe move on.

  111. From patty

    cassie, I agree with what you said but I think the new writers adressing Sami’s and Rafe’s relationship at this point is a good thing because of the way it was swept under the rug by the last writers. As much as a lot of people won’t admit it, Sami and Rafe were in love and he was the only man that got her to become a halfway decent human being so he was imo by far the best thing to happen to her. Not sure I want Rafe to go back there because he deserves better and becoming EJ’s target again holds no appeal but I’m happy their feelings are being explored at least. How it will end up is anybody’s guess but whichever way it goes, I hope Rafe does get to move on and be happy without Elvis breathing down his neck.

  112. From patty

    Week of September 17
    **UPDATED 9/8**

    Monday (“The Fight”)
    John breaks up a fight between EJ and Rafe; Daniel tells Nicole that they don’t have a romantic future.

    Tuesday (“Daniel’s Career”)
    Jennifer and Nicole have a heated confrontation; EJ formulates a scheme to ruin Rafe’s career.

    Here we go again with EJ’s scheming!!!

  113. From SandyGram

    #112 patty
    EJ formulates a scheme to ruin Rafe’s career….now there’s an original thought (LOL)! From the moment Sami and Rafe came out of witness protect, EJ has not only want to ruin Rafe’s career, he’s wanted to destroy his relationship with Sami. Since EJ wouldn’t want to get his hands dirty, this must be where we are introduced to the new character Howard played by Michael Kagan on September 27th according to Soaps.

    I’m still a little dismayed about EJ resigning as Mayor. Could it be since the Governor in the past has been in Stefano’s pocket, could in fact Stefano have something to do with the Governor having EJ step down? This would make EJ once again totally depended upon being a DiMera, at least as Mayor he had something of his own.

    I’m thinking Nicole’s stay at the Horton House isn’t going to last that long. Once Daniel drops the bomb he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with Nikki, she will turn on Jenn…another who couldn’t see that coming moment!

  114. From mandi

    Am I the only one that really loves what the new writers are doing? They have great story lines and I love how everyone is involved with one another again it’s not just the people in the same story line conversing… it’s like Salem is a town again … also love how Lucas seems to be schemeing all over again … lvoe it

  115. From jolie

    #112 Patty, John is lucky he only had to get between Elvis and Rafe and not Daniel and Nicole when he tells NicNic he doesn’t want her romantically! This will get ugly but I think Sandygram is right. Jennifer is the one who will feel it. My poor Nicole! I just don’t want her to completely go back to the dark side.
    Elvis has indeed been after Rafe since Rafe arrived on the scene. Elvis will not like it that Rafe has been promoted while he himself is losing the mayor position. Not that he was investing much time and effort in it.
    So with Elvis not being mayor, is he actually doing anything to keep Dimera Enterprises afloat? Who is actually doing that? Maybe Stefano is pulling the strings from afar. Has anyone heard when he’ll be back in town?

  116. From patty

    Mandi, you’re not the only one that loves the new writing, I do too and for the exact same reasons you do. I love that people are interacting again and that most of them are returning to who they were and remaining true to their characters. It’s like the old Days are back and I for one is looking forward to see where these new storylines will take us.
    Love the new Lucas emerging too!

  117. From patty

    mandi, that should have said the old Lucas emerging, yesss!
    SandyGram and Jolie, I’m a little confused about that spoiler that says EJ formulates a plan to destroy Rafe’s career but the tittle of the spoiler says “Daniel’s career”. Think maybe that could have been a typo? If it is Daniel’s career he’s going after, that could get ugly too. Jen Jen wouldn’t be impressed with the paternity switch.

  118. From gerri

    #109 Steffie.
    all in your post,Is so-so true…..

  119. From Shani

    I thought Sami would melt today with all that heat between her & Rafe, followed up by all the heat between her & EJ. Guess her lunch with EJ at Green Mountain Lodge must be the one she cancels after Rafe kisses her. Melanie shows fear in her eyes so well that I even feel scared for her just watching! Don’t know if it’s the actor or the way he’s playing his character but Nick looks kinda creepy to me.

    About love triangles, I don’t mind them except with the same people all the time. Sami/Rafe/EJ is getting old for me.

    Yaaay, I could read the CAPTCHA!!

  120. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of September 24
    Sami shares her concerns with Marlena; Kate intervenes when Rafe and E.J. again nearly come to blows; Gabi gets closer to Nick

    Melanie reels when she hears that Chad attacked Nick; Gabi confesses; Rafe kisses Sami; Jennifer tries to protect Daniel.

    E.J. asks Sami about her date with Rafe; Chad tries to apologize to Nick; Melanie decides to go to Europe

    Rafe snaps during a conversation with Sami; Chad blames Gabi for his breakup; Melanie apologizes to Nick; Brady vows to always be there for Marlena.

    Will encourages Sami; E.J. blackmails Rafe; Chad shares news with Brady; Melanie says goodbye to Daniel, Maggie and Brady before leaving town for awhile

  121. From NeeNee

    Thanks for the spoilers, Patty!

    Hmmm . . . so “Melanie says goodbye before leaving town for AWHILE.” Door is open to a return, if that’s the way it’s framed.

    And Gabi confesses?? I assume that is why Melanie is getting the heck out of Dodge and away from Chad. If Chad & Gabi actually end up together, color me incredulous!

    Good to see ya, Shani! Are you still politicking on the side?

  122. From Blaze.

    Jolie #84 – “Elvis may be just asked to relinquish the reins of mayorship as to not sully the good name of the township of Salem. They have just gotten over that witch trial thing and now this!”
    You made me LOL with that comment!! Too funny!!

    I could see Hope and Rafe together, but I’d like to see them be good friends, even partners wayyyyy before evolving into a couple.
    They could work some cases together and develop their bond. Maybe throw some humor in there for good measure.
    Maybe even catch the mugger that’s following Sami around. :)

    Depending on how they work Bo’s departure, it should take Hope quite a while to move on to someone else anyway. At least I hope so. Of course, this is soaptime! :)

    I’m surprised that Nick’s parole conditions would include staying in the city he wreaked havoc in. Maybe for the family support.
    But obviously he’s going to come across his victim(s).

    Maybe they’ll support Gabi too, once the beans are spilled. After all, her plan backfiring killed and injured people, plus did thousands, maybe millions of dollars of damage.
    (Millions might be a stretch, because the damages were repaired practically overnight!)

    And, please, please, PLEASE writers, don’t have Nicole lose her baby!! (I’m just sayin’!!)

    Wonderful Day, All!! :)

  123. From Blaze.

    Jolie #84 – “Elvis may be just asked to relinquish the reins of mayorship as to not sully the good name of the township of Salem. They have just gotten over that witch trial thing and now this!”
    You made me LOL with that comment!! Too funny!!

    I could see Hope and Rafe together, but I’d like to see them be good friends, even partners wayyyyy before evolving into a couple.
    They could work some cases together and develop their bond. Maybe throw some humor in there for good measure.
    Maybe even catch the mugger that’s following Sami around. :)

    Depending on how they work Bo’s departure, it should take Hope quite a while to move on to someone else anyway. At least I hope so. Of course, this is soaptime! :)

    I’m surprised that Nick’s parole conditions would include staying in the city he wreaked havoc in. Maybe for the family support.
    But obviously he’s going to come across his victim(s).

    Maybe they’ll support Gabi too, once the beans are spilled. After all, her plan backfiring killed and injured people, plus did thousands, maybe millions of dollars of damage.
    (Millions might be a stretch, because the damages were repaired practically overnight!)

    And, please, please, PLEASE writers, don’t have Nicole lose her baby!! (I’m just sayin’!!)

    Wonderful Day, All!! :)

  124. From mandi

    yes i love the old lucas it’s about time they allowed him to not be a whiner and stir up the pot… I for one loved it when Sami asked Rafe to leave when EJ came over… I just can’t see her and rafe back together after everything with Carrie would love to see Sami and Ej together… it could mean Daniels carrier if it slips Nicoles baby is his… could be very interesting :) keep up the great work days :)

  125. From SandyGram

    Episode September 10th:
    Have never really thought about Abby being a virgin before, but I wasn’t as surprised as Jennifer. It’s obvious both mother and daughter are still reeling from Jack’s death. We can only hope neither are driven by the loss of Jack when making the next big decisions in their life. I would like to see them first grieve together as mother and daughter then gradually move on, but it looks like the writers are throwing them right into the frying pan. Thank goodness Cameron seems to have some sensibility about him and who knows what confused Dr. Dan is up to!

    With the interaction between Dr. Dan and Nicole today it is so obvious she is playing him and using the baby to try and draw him into her web. I love our Nicole, but open your eyes Daniel this will be the second woman to break your heart with an innocent baby right in the middle.

    The scene’s with Sami and Rafe and Sami and EJ were great today. EJ sure knows how to ruin the moment between Sami and Rafe by bringing up Nicole and the baby. Then it didn’t take long for Rafe to figure out EJ’s game in keeping him and Sami apart. EJ knows just how to push her buttons. That girl needs to wear more zippers, the writers are never going to have Sami learn from the scheme’s played on her.

    Mandy, I too like what the new writers have given us so far with more interaction between characters. that you pointed it out it is confusing whether the spoiler is talking about EJ trying to ruin Daniel or Rafe’s career. I suppose, From EJ’s point of view it could be either one. After today’s conversation it doesn’t look like the DiMera’s have any influence over the office of the Governor as they have in the past. Although once EJ finds that he is the father of Nicole’s baby and that Daniel and Rafe helped conceal that fact…. EJ could go after both of their jobs for the same reason. If this happens I would be more interested in see how Sami handles this since she did the same thing. Would it affect her relationship with EJ knowing he will go for soul custody of the baby; or that EJ could possibly be responsible for Rafe loosing his job. Sami, Sami tell us true….what will you do!

  126. From patty

    Well a little surprise that we didn’t see in the spoilers, Cameron breaks it off with Abbigail. Can’t say that I blame him, she is acting weird again.
    So EJ will be blackmailing Rafe. I wonder with what. Can’t the guy ever get anything done the proper way ?I get a kick out of him coming up with stuff to blackmail people with when there is tons of amunition that could be used against him.I just wish somebody would.
    Looks like Gabi will come clean so this will probably put Chad in a bit of a jam with Mel. I wonder if Gabi’s part in Mel’s kidnapping is not what EJ’s blackmailing Rafe with and that’s why she spills the beans.

  127. From SandyGrams

    #126 patty
    Ummm…Cameron breaks it off with Abby and Melanie is leaving town….Ummm is that an opening for Abby to loose her virginity to Chadster? That would really be grief sex if they should hook up horizontally.

    EJ blackmailing Rafe….ummmm….after Rafe was held in the DiMera basement, etc. etc. etc. But then I guess they gave up on that with the trade off of Sami shooting EJ. So it looks like Gabi’s antics would be a good alternative for EJ to blackmail Rafe. I’m with you patty can EJ never achieve what he wants without, threatening, conniving, blackmailing, etc. I thought today EJ and Sami shook on no more cloning, no more kidnapping, no more shooting, etc. as deal a for them to get back together. Oh yeah, I almost forgot we are talking about a DiMera, what was I thinking!

  128. From Clear

    I tried several times to post, but get error or unavailable messages.

    I wanted to again ask the writers for a masked ball for Halloween, but probably too late now!

    Also, to ask for loose ends to be tied up on old SL’s–Rafe’s parents, Emily, the coin, Alice and Africa, etc!

  129. From patty

    SandyGram, I was thinking maybe the shooting could be what EJ blackmails Rafe with, or should I say the cover up of it. But of course to do that, EJ would also have to expose Sami if Rafe didn’t go along with it and right now that would not be in his best interest. I know Rafe would try and protect her secret, that goes without saying. As for EJ, a hand shake, a promise or his word mean nothing. Lying is second nature to him.

  130. From jolie

    #117 Patty I too was puzzled by ‘Daniel’s career’ but thought it a typo. I think Elvis may yet go after Daniel for his part but that will come later. Elvis will be riding the Sami cloud for a while. Til he finds out the silver lining is just crumpled up aluminum foil. And you are right, Jenn might have played some dirty politics with Abe but paternity switch won’t be her forte. Ohh! Dark clouds ahead.

    #119 Shani, poor Sami sure needs her deodorant these weeks! And Melanie sure is going to be missed. She is a great actress. I wish her success but would like her back sometime! And yes, Nick has a way of turning his head down and his eyes up that makes him look sinister for sure. I hope Nick does come back as the old slightly goofy and sweet Nick. It was the pills and not an aberrant personality trait like we have seen in some other Hortons but I won’t go there! Maybe they do have a story line planned for Nick. Using his smarts, his jail time contacts, but please let him be the humble sweet Nick in the end. A good guy.
    #120 Patty I am encouraged by your spoilers! Sami and Marlena yet talking again! Wow, we have waited 25 years for this! I am so glad we are finally getting to a relationship between these two. There may be a time when they do need each other. Sami could have used Marlena over the years and maybe her life would have been a bit smoother…OK had a brain fart…what was I thinking! Rafe and Elvis fighting again. This is puzzling. I am thinking that Elvis has to be the instigator here because after he cloned Rafe and allowed the clone to sleep with Sami and Rafe didn’t plow his fields, well, Rafe doesn’t seem like the type to start it but would bat pretty well on the clean up. But then again, I guess Rafe has finally hit the boiling point with Elvis and Sami and all the above. Chad attacking Nick. Chadster might want to think that Nick has been in lock up and probably has tangled with some toughs and learned a few tricks. Being a Dimera only helps if you can intimidate. Nick might be past that point and might teach our Chad a lesson in manners. The other spoilers really are sort of out of the norm and really sort of exciting for next week! Rafe kisses Sami. Rafe snaps. Gabi confesses. Brady will be there for Marlena? Do they now know Kristen is coming back? Marlena may really need Brady and Sami in her corner coming up. Elvis blackmails Rafe? Wonder if this has something to do with Nicole. Poor Elvis, he has to reach into his bag of dirty tricks when it comes to love, war, business and politics.
    Tell you what really stood out for me. Sami telling Elvis ‘no more lying, kidnapping or cloning.’ Run Sami. Run run run. What woman with a brain in her head would think it is OK to say something like that? I don’t mean to be down on Elvis in this entry and I know it sounds like it but gee whiz! Elvis seems to be all over the place with all kinds of nonsense and evil deeds. It is just jumping out at me and I am not really trying to pick on our Elvis.
    #123 Blaze, where but Salem would you have a condition of parole to live in the same city as your victim?? Well, it fits the story line! And yes, let’s support Gabi once she comes clean. Same as with Abby when she came clean about Austin. Again, only in Salem but these are tiny potatoes when you look at some of the other things that have happened and nothing as a consequence. And I am with you on Nicole’s baby. Please, don’t let her lose it and please just don’t send her over the edge over Daniel…well, any worse than she already is.
    Elvis blackmailing Rafe…maybe it is something that we don’t know about yet. Maybe Elvis has dug up something new from Rafe’s past??? Wouldn’t that be novel? If it is over Gabi’s part with Andrew, I don’t see that as much of a problem. Really that wasn’t much of a crime and really no evidence left to prove it except that Chad heard it and that is hearsay with NO circumstantial evidence to back it up. And the head shot…that would drag Sami thru it. So it has to be something new. Or I am just wishing on a star!

  131. From Richard

    I would imagine that EJ learns from Chad, how Gabi was involved with Melanie’s kidnapping and probably is what he would blackmail Rafe for.

  132. From jolie

    Richard, I can see it happening that way. So with Sami suddenly caring about Gabi (and possibly being the g-ma to the bump when and if it comes) what will Sami do when she finds out that Elvis was blackmailing Rafe over Gabi? Oh, dear, Elvis is running with scissors in a mine field but what else is new??

  133. From SandyGram

    Episode September 11th:
    I’m a little confused why Jack’s death would trigger what appears to be Abby’s urgence to loose her virginity. Then I have to complement the writers on having Cameron look at the bigger picture and know Abby is not ready for a move like this. Abby accused Jenn of not knowing her, just maybe Abby has not been open with Jenn about who she is. There’s something cooking in the back ground on this!

    Now I love our Nicole, but having her show all across town with her advise on every subject is a little to much. Then their was Kate and Sami’s run in which was great entertainment, their sparring is the best!

    Not to mention that rock Chad put on Melanie’s finger. He sure seems to have the dough for a college student. If Chad is looking for Stefano for help in keeping Nick away from Melanie, then he is turning to the dark side. One of the smartest things EJ has ever said, ‘you don’t want to owe Stefano anything’. Listen to big brother Chadster.

    Caroline and Nick great interaction. He seemed genuinely sorry for what he did to Caroline, but the ole softy, she was willing to give him a second chance by offering him a dishwashers job at the Pub.

  134. From LadyLumps

    Well I am really enjoying all the Ejami scenes, the sexual tension between them is palpable whereas the scenes between Safe are as bland as dry toast.
    As for the comments about nick’s parole requirements, it’s pretty normal to have to complete your parole in the same place you were arrested. Look at Casey Anthony, you KNOW she would have liked nothing more than to go someplace far far away, but she was required to stay put for a year.
    I have always liked the Nick character so I sure hope they don’t keep him as a psycho. I just loved his early portrayal and I remember how he made the olive go into the glass using centrifugal force. He was a smart one, writers please don’t turn him into an evil genius.

  135. From Tee

    Hey all I have been gone a few days or so due to a house full of sick kids and then getting sick myself. I am feeling a bit better and mis spoiler hunting. Though Patty has become quite the spoiler hunter.

    Sandygram#50 On Arianas interview one thing I see you missed was what she said about EJ she said it was about sex. I thought that was interesting. Overall it was a god interview I had read it when it first came out.

    I believe they are going to settle the way Rafe just non chalantley left SAMI Without a care in the world for her sister. The actor thought it was addressed poorly and so that is what they are doing. I Still believe EJAMI will be end game even actor interviews has hinted they will be paired it will just be a slow uniting as they requested due to their characters past.

    I also hear that EJ will dig up some of Rafes past and that may very well be what he blackmails him with.

    Ej taking Nicoles baby lets face it in the real world it would happen also. She has no job, no income, and basicaly no where to live though currently she does but we know that wontlast long. What judge will think it is better for the baby to stay in a hotel with the mother wo has no income and on top of that everything she has done will not look good to any judge.Before anyone says he did it to Sami, well what would one expect after the things Sami did to him and on top of that what Nicole did also.But in the end he did the right thing. I am not saying EJ is innocent but when Sami lied to him about the baby they were getting along and he was supportive of her. EJ also tried to be supportive of Nicole.

    Sami IMO should not want anything to do with a man who loves her sister 1st, and is claiming to be the daddy of Nicoles baby. Nicole of all people. I dont care what promise hemade to Nicole his so called love for Sami should trump that. I do hear there will be a Hope/Rafe pairiing and little tale tale signs I mentioned a week or so ago like the scarf incidence and also Hopes reaction that EJ wanted to spend more time with his family and her reaction to it seem like it is possible.

    Bos leaving what I know is Rafe is gonna be given a job and now Bo has to take a pay cut hmmm seems messed up, But it seems the pay cut may be in order to accomadate Rafes new position. I know that is a reason that gets him to leave the pay cut issue he rethinks his life basically. Maybe Hope decides he is pulling a Steve what he did to Kayla, or perhaps she will take Rafes side who knows.

    Ratings I posted on this a few weeks back and said I would post the next few weeks when they were available. The truth is ratings had been climbing in last few months and stayed very steady, but they are now going back down. Could it be because Bo is leaving sure but Bo has not left yet and we have known he is leaving a while now even when ratings climbed so seems unlikely.
    I also posted about polls NBC and Sony did The polls were about EJAMI and Safe. I dont remember the numbers but it was high more then a few hundred thousand people polled It was on their website. EJAMI reuniting was favored by 75% Safe by 25%. Sad they did not poll Lumi. They also polled Danicole and before Madison left they polled about her and Brady. The poll for her and Brady did not turn out so great and Madison is gone now. The current poll is about Daniel and Jennifer and it is pretty even on results right now. You have to sort of look arond site once poll is done or check out Sony for complete results on how many polled etc it does not give a running tally while poll going. I know there have been a lot of polls and sometimes the issue is results since only a few hundred are thousand are polled this is the shows website. SO more accurate. They put new polls up weekly I vote in them all. You can only vote once on your ip but if anyone wants to vote it is on days home page at bottom right hand corner.

    I am not liking how everyone thinks Mel should be okay after what she went through to have Nick back they all act like its no big deal.

    I also am not liking how Jen and Daniel will be reunited in a few weeks Jack just died and I think I lost respect for her character she was thinking of Daniel right after and it is wrong. I am also tired of her and Kayla acting like Nicole is delusional that nothing happened between her and Dan when it clearly did he was the one pursuing a relationship with her and according to spoilers Jen gets upset when she finds out something did happen. Like she has the right to be, she will owe Nicole a apoligy in my opinion. Jen is overstepping because as far as Nicole knew Dan wanted to be with her before, and Jen thinks she is jst wanting him because he saved her baby. So now I hope Chloe comes back to tell Dan he is real father of Parker.

    Kayla and Abe are getting closer and at least they are moving at a slower pace.

    How could EJ blackmail Rafe about Gabi being involved? Rafe did not know and still does not know. I heard someone will start digging up dirt on Mr. Hernandez. Though I might add if Rafe wants to keep what Gabi did a secret he deserves to be blackmailed about it IMO. Keeping Gabis secret is wrong also Chad has his reasons which is because Melanie has suffered enough right now, what would Rafes excuse be that she is his sister. because indirectly Gabi is also responsible for Nicks reactions like Blowing up Salem in a explosion that killed many. I am also sure blows will come to head when the whole paternity thing comes to light with Gabis baby. IF Sami got back with Rafe it would make him uncle step grandpa haha that sounds weird lol. BTW Gabs being prego has been spoilered pretty much and I called it as did many but seems it will be true unless changed.

    What will happen is Will and Sonny will be in love, Gabs will end up prego and Will rocked by the secret will start being his unsure fight with mama self, and when Sami finds out she will probably be upset with Gabi who will try to pend it on another Salem man, maybe even Nick or Chad though since Chad never slept with her I dont see how unless that was a off screen incident. Sami will find out and be mad with Gabi making Rafe mad cause its his sissy. Thats what I see happening add more drama and manipulation to it and that is probably how it will go down.

  136. From Tee

    Wanted to be clear polls on NBC give running tally on results during poll not how many voted that info you have to look for when poll is done

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