Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 13 & 14.

Looking for a fight.

Rafe tells Sami that EJ is no good for her. She hopes that means he wants to fill the void. He can’t tell her he wants that job so he says no one should be with her. She’s offended. He advises her to do what she’s been threatening to do for years and look after her children instead. They keep arguing about EJ and how toxic he is. This makes them both excited and they start kissing like it’s the last thing they’ll ever do. Eventually, he pulls his tongue out and runs away. EJ shows up before she can wipe the saliva away. He wonders if she’s ready for their date. So does she. Sami decides not to go. He assumes this is about Rafe and he’s pissed. Elvis runs out to find Hernandez for some fisticuffs.

Adrienne tells her son that Will is a nice boy but he’s inherited a flaky streak from his parents. She’s relieved when Sonny tells her that Will keeps rejecting him. He heads back to work and Will soon arrives, fresh from Tad informing him that Sonny really does have the hots for him. Before William can say much, Chad shows up to blab about his big engagement. After he finally leaves, the men finally take the chance to come clean about their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Chad runs after Gabi, sure that Mel will ask her to the wedding. He’s too late to stop this from happening but orders Gabi to make sure she doesn’t show up. She’s tired of him holding things over her head and threatens to expose him for not exposing her. That shuts him up and leaves her with some time to think about her new friend, Nick. They’re working together at the pub and getting along great. Mel isn’t happy to run into him in the pub though. She runs off to worry to Maggie, who is more concerned that Mel is rushing into a marriage. Even Chad starts to think that Maggie might be on to something but Mel refuses to admit it.

Nicole continues her attempts to keep Daniel and Jenn apart. She tries getting Maggie to convince Jenn to take a vacation. Maggie isn’t helpful. But Daniel is still being helpful to Jennifer. He continues defending her to her colleagues at work, but Jenn doesn’t take kindly to it. Nic is happy to discover Jenn tearing into the doctor. She rushes in to offer him her support. When Jenn comes back to apologize, Nicole is kissing Daniel.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Episode September 12th:
    A day of lectures, coming together and comical moments.
    It’s been suggest based on the spoilers we have read so far that Chad’s concealing the truth about Gabi and Andrew will lead to Melanie going to Europe to be with Carly. I don’t know, Mel may have said it best, ‘her head will explode if one more person want’s to know how she is doing’. It looks like the loving concern for her well being and pressure from all sides, plus Gabi and Chad’s secret, will be what pushes her to leave her life in Salem. She had the same look when Daniel finally got around to saying congratulations as she did when she accepted Chad’s proposal, a blank dark stair into the abyss.

    Nicole must of changed baby bumps, she looked very pregnant today. Without a doubt Arrianna (Nicole) works well with all the men on the show as was demonstrated with her and Galen (Rafe) today. The verbal one two punch was right on the money, the more Rafe protested the more obvious it became he still has feelings for Sami. It looks like tomorrow Rafe and Sami will argue and end up in a over the top lip lock.

    Brady and Jenn sharing a pretzel was so comical, especially Jenn pulling the center out of the pretzel. Can she become the next Salem Cougar, wo something with that grandma mosses hair, a little clip here and there, with a little color she’ll be good to go! But can she be the next seductress for the younger Brady’s heart, could be interesting!

    Then there are no shortages of those who need to go to a class on phone manors. First EJ interrupting Jen and Bill when he over hears Nikki is living with her. Then Billie over hears EJ on the phone in the Coffee House talking to his lawyer to get the paper work started for DNA Testing on the baby. But I did love Billie’s expression when EJ huffed off from the Coffee House, she sure pushed his button.

    Adrienne and Sonny also good today. Loving mother but soon to be buttinsky. I know she is concerned Will has to much family baggage to be in a relationship with Sonny, but this will really cause a stir between families. Even ‘T’ unknowingly played cupid today by letting Will know Sonny has the hots for him.

    It was Sami and Will’s conversation I loved the most. Will said it all ‘who are you and where’s my mother’? The writers have turned around this relationship so fast and Sami’s with Marlena, but I don’t miss the fighting and hateful way they were being toward one another. Anxious to see Sami and John together now that it looks like there is a new family beginning, but longevity we can only hope so!

  2. From Brenda

    I wish Will would not be made to wear clothes that scream “GAY”. That t-shirt with the inner shirt coller was horrid. Will is the only gay guy on the show that is suffering in this type of clothing. Feathers and spandex would serve too if we didn’t already know he was gay.. Really let him wear straight guy clothesl PLEASE

  3. From K. Perry

    Marlena has been a good influence on Will and I think that puts him in the postion of the voice of reason in all the chaos. I think it is refreshing to see. I am behind it 100%. It would be great to see the gay couple work out better than the parents.

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