Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 17-21.

Fighting in Salem.

A brawl breaks out between EJ and Rafe. Lucas watches and laughs his arse off as the two men box over Sami. John shows up and stops the fight. Since EJ is clearly the loser, he decides that he better do something more underhanded if he wants to win their little war. He goes to meet with Justin and orders a DNA test on Nic’s baby the moment it pops out. He’s less interested in the baby than in using evidence of fraud to ruin the cop’s career. He doesn’t mind taking Daniel down either if he’s in cahoots with them. Jenn just happens to eavesdrop on this.

When Sami runs into Rafe, she wants to talk about their kiss. He refuses to admit it meant something to him. After he walks off, she bumps into EJ and informs him that Rafe doesn’t want her. However, she would rather focus on work than have a relationship with Elvis. He claims to be cool with that, but he turns around and continues his plan to destroy Rafe. Already in a mood for scheming, he doles out advice to his baby brother about his wedding and Nick. Chad keeps getting more paranoid about the released felon thanks to spending all of his time on internet message boards. This only gets worse when he notices that Gabi and Nick have become friends. He starts to assume that they must be plotting to ruin his happy day. When he gets violent with Gabi, Nick defends her and Caroline kicks Chad out of the pub. Chad has a fit and tells Mel they need to leave town forever. She refuses to run away. Maggie shows up, fresh from getting an earful from Victor and Brady about what a daft idea this wedding is. Maggie urges Mel to just follow her heart. After some reflection, Mel goes to see Nick. They have an honest discussion and she decides he’s changed for the better. She accidentally leaves her scarf behind. As Nick strokes it, Chad finds him and freaks out, pummeling him.

Nicole tries kissing Daniel but the doctor repeats to her that they can only be friends. She wants to argue about that but Jenn gets in the way. She confronts Nicole about the paternity ruse and the threat it poses to Daniel’s career. When Nic breaks the news that the doctor has been administering more than medical care to her, Jenn explodes. Abby walks in on the fight and her mom stalks off. Nicole warns the young lady that her mom is a loose cannon and asks her to keep an eye on Jenn. At that moment, Jenn tracks down Daniel in a panic that his life is about to be destroyed. He’s hurt when he learns how disappointed she is in him for getting involved with Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has been having nightmares about EJ taking her baby. She decides to make sure EJ really believes that she and Rafe lifted legs and enlists the help of an unwitting Sami.

Sami and Lucas have a run-in. She tells him that EJ and Rafe have both backed off. He makes it clear that he still doesn’t want her. She starts to worry that Rafe might actually feel the same way. After things get busy at work, she decides that she needs someone to complain to. She bumps into Rafe, who has just been getting a push from Gabi to get back with Sami. The blond unloads on him and asks him out to dinner. He’s reluctant but she prods him. On his way to the meal that evening, he has a run-in with EJ and they bicker about Nicole.

Roman has heartbreaking news for Bo and Hope. It looks like they need to take a pay cut to keep the Salem PD afloat. Hope agrees, but Bo decides he’d rather do something else with his life. Hope’s supportive, even if that means he’s leaving town.

Justin tries being positive about his son’s relationship with Will. Adrienne isn’t feeling the same way. Will walks in on them bickering about it. Adrienne bluntly tells William that he’s very nice but he also has a few screws loose. Will mopes home and cancels his date with Sonny, telling his mom that he’s not good enough for the boy he likes. He blames Sami and Kate for giving him the ‘screw-up’ genes. This leads to Kate and Sami double teaming Adrienne, but she battles them back and insists that Will would break her son’s heart. Still in a fighting mood, Adrienne later winds up having a fight with Maggie about Mel’s wedding. When her son hears about her trashing Will, he gives her a lecture and then runs out to find him. Sonny assures Will that he is good enough for him.

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  1. From Anabel

    More Rafe this week…ughhh!!! Can’t he leave instead of Bo?

  2. From claire

    This writing is all over the place and majority doesn’t want Sami with boring Rafe..ratings drop and they will drop farther : Nbc, Sony and most of all Corday you are a fool having re-hring hack Gary Tomlin again ! That’s all i have to say.

  3. From SandyGram

    Oh My! So it’s clear EJ is going after Rafe and Daniel too if need be. But EJ going to Justin to insist on another DNA test when the baby is born. Since when does a DiMera turn to a Kiriakis for legal help? ..Ummm how is it going to be shown as EJ is more interested in taking down Rafe than the baby. That’s a little awkward and a very curious statement in the Summary. Then Jennifer will overhear EJ’s plan, more evidence that the story lines are becoming more convoluted and the characters are overlapping more than ever…I like it!

    Wow…Nick and Gabi are becoming friends. Chad is becoming paranoid, violent with Gabi and pummels Nick very typical DiMera accept Chad is doing it himself not hiring someone. Jenn is jumping right into Daniels business which might not pan out in her favor. Then Sami feels reject by Rafe and tells EJ she’d rather concentrate on work. Could this be leading up to Sami loosing her job so she is then totally dependent on EJ once again? That might be the only way he can entice her back into the arms of the DiMera’s.

    Good for Mel going to see Nick, she has a tender heart and will forgive Nick and it looks like Chad will drive her out of town, another saw that one coming.

    Bo and Hope having to take a cut in put and now Bo will have to find work away from Salem. Could of had a little more originality here, but it works for me as long as it leaves the door open for Bo to return later.

    I’d like to see more of Adrienne and Justin on screen, but not this way. They have always both been so supportive of Sonny and his life choices. It must be something in the Salem water that all the Mom’s in town have to get right up in their kids business. Hope it doesn’t affect Adrienne’s and Justin’s relationship.

  4. From Hellolisare

    Can’t wait to see Sami and Kate team up. Whenever there together on something it’s must see tv.

  5. From Donna

    Sick of Rafe, Caroline, Bo & Hop and most of all the gay story is stuped!!!!!!!

  6. From Stacey

    Sami going back and forth is so gross – nobody in real life juggles the same 3 men forever. She and Lucas were a bad idea, and the only one she seems to have major chemistry with is EJ. I’m sort of interested to see Hope and Rafe together. I think they have more in common (cops).

  7. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    This show has ADHD. I hope it plays better than it reads. I nearly LOL’d at the scarf scenario.

  8. From Fifi

    Bo wouldn’t leave his family like that! Besides, it’s not like they are hurting for money. I hate this storyline. He should have died, heroically trying to save someone, in the explosion. They could always still bring him back at a later date, they have done it with others a bunch of times. Maybe they gave him this pansy storyline because they were mad he quit. Well anyway, I just hope this gives John and Marlena more air time.

  9. From patty

    Oh no! Not another scarf!
    You’re right Stacey, Sami going back and forth is gross. It looks like she’ll be all alone soon since she puts EJ on hold and Rafe and Lucas don’t want her according to spoilers. What’s poor Sami going to do now with no man panting at her feet?
    Wow, the Chadster is really losing it! I don’t blame Mel for running for the hills. I’m glad Gabi will be coming clean and I hope it exposes Chad for his part in covering up.
    It seems EJ will stop at nothing to destroy Rafe. Not to win Sami or for his unborn child, but because that is what EJ does and he will never change. I guess he’s done making his children proud. Oh well, it will be fun to see EJ’s face when Nicole tells him the baby’s name is going to be Daniel Rafael Hernendez.
    I am so hoping Nicole doesn’t lose her baby to EJ but I keep my hopes up that at least Nicole knows how to play EJ’s dirty games and will stop at nothing to protect her child. I am anxious to see how she’ll enlist Sami’s help to do that.
    I still wish Bo didn’t have to leave but going away to work does mean he can return . I hope he does but like Kayla and Steve that could spell the end of their relationship. That is so sad.

  10. From Kelly

    I am so over EJ/Sammi Rafe/Sammi, why couldn’t they just leave her with Lucas.

    I also would rather see Dan with Nicole. He and Jen just don’t fit in my opinion.

    I agree with Anabel, more Bo and Hope please.

  11. From NeeNee

    While they’re warming up the test tubes for the who’s-the-daddy DNA test, I think Sami/Rafe/EJ/Lucas all need to be checked for STD’s!

    Is Bo going back into the Soldier of Fortune business? I think this would be more realistic if Victor were to put him in charge of the Kiriakis subsidiary businesses. That wouldn’t be out of town, that would be off the continent!

    I also agree that Justin & Adrienne badly need a storyline. Isn’t Sonny a twin? Or at least doesn’t he have a brother? That might be someone new to bring on board.

  12. From Jayn

    I disagree with some of the posts. I would love to see Rafe & Sami back together. They make a great couple. EJ is too underhanded, much like a Jeckyl & Hyde. Really hate seeing Bo leave. And please don’t let us see Hope & Rafe together. (Bo’s niece’s ex?) Hope & Bo, Marlena & John, Sami & Rafe —all forever couples in Salem.

  13. From SandyGram

    #11 NeeNee
    Bo has never wanted to be part of Titan Industry’s but this does seem like the opportune time for him to go to work for his Dad. I think that’s how Billie will leave after Kate offered her a job today. Although it’s a little confusing Billie is an ISA Agent it would seem just as easy for her to leave on some special assignment.

    The whole scenario of Bo and Hope having to have a cut in pay is strange since Rafe was just hired on full time as a detective and if I remember correctly he got a big raise.

    Justin and Adrienne Sons:

    Adopted Twins – Victor Kiriakis II and Joseph Kiriakis
    Justin & Anjelica Deveraux – Alexander
    Justin & Adrienne – Jackson (Sonny) Kiriakis

  14. From mandi

    I really like sami with EJ and would love to see him woo her. I would kick rafe where it counts and tell him to leave me alone if I was Sami for going after Carrie. To me Sami and EJ would be the better option for sami for the fact that EJ had nothing to do with Carrie unlike Lucas or Rafe… I think Hope and Rafe would be gross just what Sami needs is her aunt trying to get with Rae too

  15. From Lynne

    I think Bo leaving Salem because of a pay cut is stupid! Then what will happen, will they suddenly have Hope announce that they are getting a divorce like they did to all the Patch/Kayla fans. I’ve also been so sick of the “Sami show” for so many years. Its ridiculous that 3 grown men fight over her over and over again. Put her with EJ and put us all out of our misery.

  16. From Leah

    Quite clearly IF… Sami and EJ don’t end up together after the months of the others writers getting them to the place where they can have a healthy relationship it will be for one and one reason ONLY. It will be the new writers SABOTAGING EJ and Ejami again. Sabotaging them for who they are in favour for which at the moment looks like Safe. This is not what the majority of Days fans want. They want Ejami and even their own polls confirm this over and over again. Here are the facts… 70% want EJ and Sami to rekindle their love because they are meant to be together, 75% think Rafe should not act on his feelings for Sami because she is no good for him and 72% believe that Ejami are soulmates.So bring it on – already and give Rafe an interesting story of his where he can be the centre of the storyline and not a third spoke in the Ejami wheel. Ejami triangles with Rafe and Lucas are getting old. They are past their used by date. We’ve all been there and done that. Stop the recycling and rehashing of storylines and think of some new mysteries and adventures.

  17. From Leah

    Just wanted to say I’m also enjoying watching EJ flourish at the moment. He’s got his own place and is standing on his own two feet and being his own man. What happened between him and Stefano is kinda like a breath of fresh air for EJ and while I would like to see him on the fringes of the Dimera businesses I would like to see him more in lawyer mode. Its a legit business and it would be fun watching him defend clients and battle it out with the Salem PD. With Sami on by his side EJ is attentive, connected, happy, being honest, relaxed, sweet, playful and romantic. EJ knows who and what he wants. He can’t get Sami off his mind which is super sexy… lucky Sami! LOL
    We EJ fans have always known EJ has this softer side to him and its nice to see it for once. Hope the writers are not going to stuff it all up.

  18. From Suzan

    Sami’s relationship with EJ and Rafe is somewhat similar to Marlena, John and Roman. Sami is intrigued with EJ but I believe her true love is Rafe. I would rather watch Sami try to have a relationship with EJ rather than Rafe but Lucas is right, in that he has told all three of them, Sami, EJ and Rafe that Sami wants all of them, and is playing all of them right now. As stated above in the preview as usual things are going to get messy. If Bo leaves, I would like to see Hope with Rafe but only if the Bo character is definitely not coming back to Salem. I’m tried already of the Nick/Chad/Melanie story. I don’t like it and don’t see where it is going (predictable that Nick will turn into a bad guy). Brady again has no one. Jennifer suddenly looks very old and I can’t picture her anymore with Daniel (even though I don’t want him with Nicole either). Kayla and Abe seem like they may become an item together but I wouldn’t mind seeing Kayla with Daniel. I want Stefano to come back sooner rather than later and anticipate that Kate and Stefano will get back together.

  19. From NeeNee

    I would like to say a word of thanks to the wonderful administrators who preside over this site. You rarely deviate from a schedule of threads that we have come to expect will be up on certain days. I know that Monday will have “important dates”, while Tuesday is always “next week’s spoilers”, with Wednesday “midweek” and finally Friday being the day we get to read Matty’s Musings and Christine’s Deconstruct of Days. We never know when “Rumors” pop up, though!

    SoapOperaFan is one of the easiest-to-navigate sites I’ve come across. Others that use columns with number of posts and commenter IDs are confusing.

    Recently I’ve checked out other sites and I must say . . .talk about stale: commenters are reduced to posting on threads that were begun August 22 and August 31. There hasn’t been anything new put up by moderators for weeks.

    It’s always fresh and lively here! And I think between the thinkers like SandyGram, Jolie, Richard, Patty, Clear, Shani, Dyeing to Be Blond and others that we put most of the characters under a microscope for accurate analysis. And everyone states their opinions and theories with respect.

  20. From thelittleimp

    I don’t understand how EJ will use the DNA test to prove Rafe committed fraud even if it shows EJ is the father. Rafe can still claim that he and Nicole had sex and that he truly believed that he was the father of her baby. EJ will still have the burden of proof to show that Rafe knew for a fact that the baby was not his. Dr. Dan is in worse shape. He will have to explain why his DNA test showed Rafe was the father when in fact he isn’t.

  21. From Dolly

    I am so glad we have Nick back. I am hoping he stays around for a long time. Please, just keep having Sami and Ej get closer.

  22. From Clear

    After seeing Nic with Brady today, I wouldn’t mind seeing her back with him. But I do like her with Dirty Dan too. Either way, let Nicole get the family of her dreams–at least till she gets bored with it.

    Since Sami does not really know who she wants, is it possible for the writers to let her date without jumping into bed and getting pregnant. She obviously is not going to remain without for too long we can be sure, but give us some romance, candlelight, and flowers.

  23. From Mandi

    totally agree clear lets get some romance on the show dates and everything would just be cute. Someone in the other blog thought it would be great to have like a masquarade ( spelling sorry lol ) but what a great way to “rebuild” horton square after the explosion but it really does look like it doesn’t need to be rebuilt. I would love to see nicole with brady as well it would be good for them both .

  24. From patty

    I can’t see the paternity test switch being what EJ blacmails Rafe with because he didn’t do it. As for the Gabi thing, Rafe doesn’t even know about it and the shooting in the head, that was all Sami. So Elvis will have to dig deep imo to find something Rafe did that would be bad enough to ruin his career . Which I’m sure Sami will not appreciate since she is having feelings for Rafe again. Again, charming and romantic EJ won’t last long because his devious side will soon rear it’s ugly head and again it will destroy his chances with Sami. The only hope for EJami is if Elvis changes his ways and it looks like he never will, soft side or not his evil side always takes over.
    I’m hoping Rafe and Lucas stay away from Sami, she has to learn that men are not just something to use and discard at will. She needs to stay alone and grow up.
    I get a kick at how everytime Sami dresses up in a hot dress, Rafe is the first to see her in it. This time it’s a skimpy little pink number. Sami looks gorgeous in it but she needs to learn how to walk with heels. Ha!

  25. From jolie

    #25 Patty,so right on Elvis. And would any of us really like him if he turned out to be a good guy all the time? Not really. The characters who try to live legally and morally on this show have a difficult time and do cross the line. Poor Elvis is out of his element right out of the chute when he tries to be all nice and sweet.
    And just want to say to all that it is very pleasant to be able to disagre without the infighting. Keep up the good words and ideas.

  26. From dc

    YEAH!! sandygram is back.. really missed you.. always love your comments. Can’t wait to read them.
    ej is gonna find out about nicole’s baby, just wonder how he will react when he finds out the baby is a boy..
    like chad and melanie are engaged but from what i read it won’t last long. after all she is leaving and going to stay with her mom (at least they are not killing her off). maybe someday she can return. just wonder what chad will do, i guess become a “bad” dimera.
    and nick and gabi talking. this should be a good storyline..

  27. From patty

    I must admit that I like this new softer side of Sami a lot better. She’s now getting along with her mother and her son Will and has kind of slowed down on blaming everyone else for her mistakes. She has stopped screeching and doesn’t make everything about herself anymore. Being unsure of her feelings has made her a little more vulnerable and I hope they make her mature a bit. I would like to see a stronger Sami emerge out of all this.

  28. From jolie

    #28 Patty, I am finding this Sami to be much more likable and believable as well. Maybe she will finally see those small people running around the house and discover those are the children she is always talking about!
    Bo leaving the show due to pay cuts…well, if I was worried about a pay cut on a job I loved…yep, I’d quit it. Doesn’t make sense unless he is going to do something that he has always wanted to do and can’t take the family with him. Yes, Ciara is young and in school but that hasn’t stopped Shawn and Belle from taking their little one and casting off nor did it stop Bope in the past but I guess it will fit the bill to allow him time off then he can come back. Wonder what Hope will be up to when he does get back??? Rafe, Dr Dick, John?
    #17 Leah, are we watching the same show? While Elvis does seem a bit light hearted since he is breathing a little fresher air than that of the Dimera living room where he used to hold up with Fatha and plot against the citizens of Salem, he is plotting to destroy Rafe, use Nicole’s baby to get Sami, use any method to get Sami, did I mention destroy Rafe. But I get what you mean. It is a bit different and carefree. Except for the plotting.
    #21 the littleimp, good point. There is really no evidence of how or who sullied the DNA test. And the lab would be at fault and not the participants or even the doctor. But Elvis won’t really need proof and he won’t take any legal action. He’ll just threaten it and do some dirty deeds to get back.
    Clear, you are so right. Give Sami some breathing room. She needs some time to focus on her kids. She can go right down to the pub and have a bowl of chowder with them before Caroline puts them to bed. But yes, let the games begin. Of course we had a dating game between Jack and Dr Dan with Jennifer. All, including us, got tired of it in a hurry. A dating game between Elvis and Rafe over Sami will turn out to be like the Hunger Games and really quick!

  29. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    That’s the whole problem with the new, improved EJ role. He’s insincere and sort of a pansy about it. It is totally out of character and doesn’t play well. So, the whole issue of EJ/Sami becomes if he changes for the good, to allow the relationship to expand, he’s not true to the nature the character is based on, and it’s suddenly very boring. If he remains true to his heritage, then there’s no chance for EJami. I’ve never cared for a softer side of EJ, because it seems contrived and manipulative to his flavor of the month. He needs to stay the villain, and hopefully that’s the direction these spoilers are trying to make. Nic/Nick cannot carry the show as the only villains. As I’ve stated before, I make no vested interest in couples. They don’t last.

    Dirty Dan – too funny!

    I, too, would like to see some closure to the Alice/Africa/Stefano/baby EJ/Susan/letters/Gina-Pawn/coin storyline. It was an awful lot of time invested to get absoulutely nowhere. The Ian McAllister ending did nothing to clear up this mess.

    Glad the staff is dressing the cast better (pink shirt is baaaaack!) The blue/purple period was so odd. The gals look great again.

  30. From Richard

    I noticed the picture in Sami’s apartment, only showed her, Johnny and Sydney.
    Seems like Allie or Lucas would say something about Allie and Will not being in the picture. Another one could be taken with all of them in it.

  31. From Tee

    Hey all!
    EJ doing a paternity test was something he always said he was gonna do. He always said he would show it was his baby so why are people saying hes wrong and acting devious for doing that?
    Rafe getting himself involved was on his own Nicole did not even ask him he just jumped right in and said it is mine. So therefore if he was to lose his job from it so be it, though I dont see how unless they can prove he played a role in the switch or he knew. Why should anyone blame EJ for something we knew he was going to do all along because spoilers say he will play dirty lmao. We always knew he would find out the truth as well as go after Rafe and Dan for covering it up. EJ might have waited till a few days after baby was born to do tests and he is now doing them right after baby is born no suprise here he has the right. He believes he is father. Ithnk some of Rafes past will get drug up and good thing if it does we know nothing about it. Why does anyone think Sami will be mad at EJ when it is all said and done. He has every right to do what he is doing with paternity test and also to go after their jobs if they are proven involved in the cover up? I know some people do not like EJ but be reasonable about it. Also remember a couple will need to get married but is it for right reasons I have said before I will say it again Rafe and Nicole. I am more convinced now then ever and that will not look so good for Rafe. Think aout it Sami tells EJ Rafe is not interested in her, which when the marriage happens they can say cause he planned to marry Nicole
    SAMI hopefully is sorting through her feelings because it is starting to look like Lucas is right.

    I do not blame Chad for keeping what Gabi did on the hush for a bit after all Mel has been through and now Nick coming back. But she may have understood more if he told her why he is reacting how he is about Nick and Gabi hanging out. 2 people who caused her pain being all buddy buddy now would look suspicious to him.

    Jen Jen ughh Dr. Dan made the choice he is a big man and he was enjoying his time with Nicole before so stop blaming Nicole.

    Spoilers below

    Gabi confesses after Mel is mad with what Chad did to Nick.
    Week of Sept 24th
    Melanie says goodbye before leaving town for a while to spend time with her mother but not before she ends it with Chad who vows revenge on Gabi

    Next week spoilers
    EJ goes to Justin to discuss getting a DNA test run on Nicole’s baby the moment he is born.

    If EJ learns Rafe has switched the previous DNA test, EJ will destroy his career.

    Sami and Bo have it out.

    Daniel insists to Nicole that they remain just friends, when she kisses him.

    Nicole attacks Jennifer.

    Bo and Hope’s salaries are being cut at SPD, Bonow reconsiders his life and decides on a change.


    enn is concerned after hearing EJ’s threats about Rafe lying that he’s Nicole’s baby daddy.

    Nicole reveals to Jenn that she and Daniel had sex.

    Abby worries about Jenn’s bursts of anger since Jack’s death.

    Daniel expresses opposition to Mel moving her wedding day up.

    Daniel doesn’t want to go to a party held in Jenn’s honor.
    Chad gets a little paranoid about Nick.

    Will’s crushed after hearing Adrienne doesn’t approve of him dating Sonny.
    Nick and Gabi acknowledge their friendship.

    Jenn confronts Daniel about the DNA switch. Jenn judges Daniel harshly.

    Will confronts Sami and Kate about passing down the family gene of screwing up one’s life.

    Bo is still torn about leaving SPD.


    Sami asks Rafe to dinner to discuss their relationship.

    Nicole has a bad dream about EJ taking away her son. She comes up with a plan to ensure he knows she had sex with Rafe.

    I am guessing Nicole will try to convince Sami somehow she really did have sex with EJ. I do not see her telling her the truth.

    It is almost time for Kristen I cannot wait.

    If anyone enjoys the fist fights between EJ and Rafe we will get one for next few Mondays it seems lol. Kate will break up next one though.

    I did get a kick out of Lucas just watching and laughing his butt off. I could picure him with a bucket of popcorn saing look at these crazy guys. Maybe he is trying to take his own advise when he says Sami wants what she canot have. He makes it clear she can never have him.

    I would say from spoilers saying Mel is leaving for now she may return in near future or down the line

  32. From Tee

    I am wondering if BO and Sami have it out because of Rafes job which is probably why him and Hope who have been there so long must take a pay cut.
    Adrienne will also be having it out with Sami and Kate.
    Looks like a Brady Horton mini feud is coming

    I have always thought EJS character is grey he has shown good and bad sides. So I dont see where he is out of character

    Jolie #29 What is the diference in Rafe plotting to keep EJS baby from him he is also plotting on EJ? I dont see any. EJ has every right to fight for his child and Sami she is the mother of his children and love of his life. He is using facts to fight this war. Fact Rafe lied to keep EJ from his child and help Nicole. That is a fact and had this been a campaign he would be playing clean at tis point.

  33. From Michelle

    I do not want to see Sami back with Rafe. I thought they were boring together. She needs to be with E.J. And, when are they going to bring Stefano back? Can’t wait to see what’s up with Kristen when she returns. They needs to send both Chad and Melanie out of town as well.

  34. From Tee

    HEY guys speaking of polls did you guys see this one on this very own site

    It was done a few weeks ago

    Winner was EJAMI 1938 votes
    SAFE 617 votes
    Lumi 351


  35. From jolie

    #33 Tee, I do not take bait to fuss here. Enough drama at work to thrill me so nice try. But since you brought it up…Sami has plotted numerous times to keep the parentage of a child from whoever going back to Belle. Rafe plotted with her to keep Grace’s parentage a secret. Nicole. Well, no holds barred when Nicole goes to plotting for whatever she wants. Elvis has plotted numerous times and used his children as leverage to get what he wants. Marlena and John sort of hid Belle’s parentage from Roman. Chloe hid Parker’s. Caroline got involved. Kayla was involved. Carly was involved. Creepy Ian changed Elvis’ fatha. Chad’s real fatha was only found out recently. Will was Austin’s for a while…again that Sami at work in more ways than one. There is a theme here in Salem that when you have a child, you do some crazy stuff to avoid who the babydaddy is. It is in the town charter. Alice Horton held the originals. That was what Stefano was laughing about when he opened the first letter from Alice because she left him a copy. The next time Hope and Bo knock over the plaque, they’ll find this charter and it will explain a lot of things. So I wasn’t picking on Elvis. He is only doing what comes naturally as are all the other citizens of Salem. I was just speaking of Elvis at the moment.
    And your news of the polls from a few weeks ago, nice try but no one here seems to care about polls or taking sides or getting involved in a spat. We are all pretty happy here with the show, the actors, the story lines and we all know it will change by the end of the week. Mostly this site has become very respectful of each other’s opinions and not taking pot shots at what the other thinks. Good to talk to you as well.

  36. From Tee

    Jolie#29 #17 Leah, are we watching the same show? While Elvis does seem a bit light hearted since he is breathing a little fresher air than that of the Dimera living room where he used to hold up with Fatha and plot against the citizens of Salem, he is plotting to destroy Rafe, use Nicole’s baby to get Sami, use any method to get Sami, did I mention destroy Rafe. But I get what you mean. It is a bit different and carefree. Except for the plotting

    I asked you what was the difference in EJ plotting on Rafe since IMO he was plotting on EJ. You asked Leah if you were watching the same show.

    If you fel that was a bait then I am sorry to tell you it was not, I was only asking you what the difference was.You clearly are doing the baiting here. I have never disrespected anyones opinion and am the first to say we may not agree but it is ok, we can all discuss the show as adults.

    The poll I stumbled upon while looking at this site more and I thought to post it here since a poster above mentioned polls. You may not like polls but some do, and that is fine but you dont have the right to tell me no one does and not to post them. Clearly since it was done here a few thousand people who participated like them.
    I am here to stay I will not be ran off this site because I am a EJAMI fan I have a right to post and have been respectful. So if you dont like my posts dont read them. I am a adult and read all posts and like to discuss with all even ones with a differing opinion. Pot shots I would say you took one at Leah when you told her it seemed she was not even watching the same soap as you , because her opinion was not the same as yours, then you come taking one at me.Get over it I have and will continue to post here on the show and discuss any character I see fit to discuss including EJAMI. Thank you.

    To everyone else I am sorry for this post, Everyone here knows I do not usually get involved in the drama nor do I wish to, but I have always liked to discuss spoilers post spoilers ratings etc and discuss days with everyone, as I said on other blog I have been sick and gone a all week and missed posting and I am gona move on from this Jolie you should too Thank you THIS IS THE end of that discussion. You know my intentions were not to bait you, it was to discuss as I do here all the time, the poll if you dont like it dont click the link and skim by it others do. I was just excited when I found it here and since there was poll discussion here on this blog I thought to post it

  37. From Kay

    They should not kill Bo off. Having him “work out of town” would be a good way to have him come back occassionally. Maybe this will work.

  38. From Blaze.

    Oh Jolie, your one liners crack me up!! :)

    I think if EJ really wants Sami, he needs to grab his romance mitt and get in the game!!
    Win Sami’s heart, don’t cheat to get it. Why does he need to blackmail Rafe to get Sami? Geez, EJ, take a look in the mirror!! Pull out all of the stops and show her what you’re made of!! :)

    And I’m confused how EJ can ruin Rafe’s career, just because Rafe claims to be the father of Nicole’s baby. Rafe can claim anything he wants. That either makes him a liar, or just mistaken. Nicole, the baby’s MOTHER, told EJ it wasn’t his, so it’s up to EJ to get a court order for a paternity test to prove the baby is his.

    And to ruin Dirty Dan’s career, EJ would have to prove Daniel switched the paternity tests, or it could be blamed on a mix-up at the lab. Mistakes happen… especially in Salem!!

    Of course, EJ was mayor, and he NEVER lied!! ;)

    Happy Day, All!! :)

  39. From NeeNee

    Folks make all kinds of decisions all day long. Most of us posting here chose to stay HERE, rather than going off to other sites that exist for the explicit purpose of supporting EJ DiMera and Sami Brady. Those sites look to be suffering from moderator attention and lack of posters. See my post #20 for an elaboration of this.

    Our posts the past ten days here at SoapOperaFan have shown that we love Days of Our Lives in its entirety—not just two characters. Lively discussion and respect became the hallmark of this site.

    Almost all of us adopt a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to storylines. This site also utilitizes polls, in the form of a question with 4 or 5 possible responses. Very seldom do the administrators put up a straight yes or no issue to vote on. Admin wants us to consider other possibilities, because doing so opens the door for things we hadn’t thought of.

  40. From SandyGram

    Good Morning Everyone…..

    #27 dc
    Thanks dc…we usually meet up on the other site where the NBC Promo Video’s are shown, but posting over there is like after that fact since the Video’s are now being posted after we’ve already seen the show. Yes from the day Nicole found out she was pregnant and decided she would keep the baby’s parentage a secret, we all knew EJ would eventually find out. I would say can’t blame her for wanting to keep this secret since EJ has a history of trying to take children from their mothers and turn the child against the mother. But I guess the writers decided there would be more drama to the show if she kept this secret and involved both Rafe and Daniel in her game of deceit; rather than Nikki telling EJ and them working out a custody agreement when the separation was still knew. Keeping with the Dimera philosophy it’s all about the blood and carrying on the Family Name, both EJ and Stefano are going to be elated that the baby is a boy. I’m thinking they will not be appreciative of the name Daniel Rafael Hernandez, of course when it comes to light the baby is EJ’s the last name will be changed to DiMera. What I’m having a conundrum with is the spoilers say EJ goes to Justin to start the paper work for a DNA Test to be done on the day the baby is born…since when does a DiMera turn to a Kiriakis for legal or any other kind of advice. After all Daniel is Victor’s godson and I suspect as the spoilers also indicate that EJ will suspect that Daniel help to hide Nicole’s secret.

    Sorry to see Melanie leave on such a sad point. It does sound like she will find out Gabi’s part in the Andrew story and that Chad kept it from her. Another secret in Salem, who would of ‘thunk it!” But the little bit we’ve read about Mel and Nick talking things out before she goes is interesting. As is, Chadster flexing his DiMera muscles….this has my attention how bad Chad will become and through who’s influence EJ, Stefano or sister sister Kristen! Hope Kate steps in for some motherly advice. Also, how is Sonny going to react to Chad enveloping himself in the DiMera world since they are partners in Common Ground! Maybe a new DiMera/Kiriakis battle is on the horizon. Just a few thoughts from California to Tennessee!

  41. From Tee

    I am glad Bo is not being killed off but I wonder what will happen with Hope and how long they will keep her waiting on Bo or how he will leave will they stil be together

  42. From NeeNee

    SandyGram, yes! With an aging Stefano & Victor, it’s time for the younger members of these families to keep the ole feud going. As the years go by, we’ll most probably see Stef & Vic on holidays/family events, as Frances Reid showed up at those events to show the Horton legacy.

    Sonny’s gonna have to “man up” because at this point, he’s waaay too nice to contend with the sullen, vengeful Chad. Melanie was keeping him respectable, on the straight & narrow; once she’s truly gone, I look for a dis-illusioned Chad to align himself with the scheming DiMeras. Getting what you want & who you want justifies any heinous way used to get it.

    And a Sonny/Will pairing would basically be a trip through the meadow, picking flowers! Both are fairly naive; other than Will trying to blackmail EJ. That being said, I like “nice” for this couple. Growing up with Sami and witnessing first-hand her schemes & the resulting debacles have left Will searching for “normal.” I’m sure his coupling with Gabbi will produce a child that becomes the object of a custody suit. Between two gay men, and a single mom. I would be amazed if all of them end up raising a baby together. Sitting around a campfire singing “Kumbaya” doesn’t make for good ratings!

  43. From Tee

    Nee Nee I agree mostly with your post 20 above this is a wonderful site and They are always great at updating it, but I disagree about some and thats fine. I actually post on a few sites and I enjoy that. I also do post on a few EJAMI sites and one in particular you could not see anything unless you are a member which in order to be amemebr you must be a EJAMI fan. My point is though it is irrelevant how many sites anyone posts on and if we only post here or where else we post. It has nothing to do with the show therefore why harp on it.

    I discuss more then just EJ and Sami I enjoy posting and discussing all things but feel when people discuss them they should not be singled out and made to feel uncomfortable here. So I would like to say any fan of any character is welcome here in my opinion and should feel welcome.

    Ej and Sami are having interactions on the show and should be discussed I have actually mostly been discussing Bo my last few posts but I am entitled to post and discuss any character if anyone does not wish to discuss that simply dont its easy. We are all adults here.

    Sandy I too wonder why he has decided to use Justin but I guess there is a shortage of lawyers in town now. Though we have a abundance of Doctors now.

    EJ may be distancing himself from the Dimera name and his fatha but even I know it wont last forever. I do hope he keeps some of his self though when it comes down to it.

    Sandygram also true about Daniel being Victors Godson who knows how it will all come to play in the end. Perhaps EJ will get enough evidence to prove foul play perhaps he will only have speculation in the end. Then again if I had to chose I would say they will admit it in a heated arguement ie Rafe implicating his self, Daniel maybe not because he has Jen who will be running around trying to figure out how to save him from EJ Dimera.

    Either way I say we may be headed for a Nicole/Rafe wedding that the spoilers hinted at but it could have also referred to Mel and Chads engagement. I cant remember if it said a wedding but is it for right reasons or a engagement. Someone who does help me out Thanks

  44. From jolie

    Leah, my dear, if I came across as crass in my remark about us watching the same show, I am truly and sincerely sorry. I was just pointing out how far apart we see it and meant no disrespect to you or your opinions. I treasure that we can agree, disagree, and still come back for more. I will watch my smart-alecky mouth! So please do accept my apology. I surely did not mean it mean spirited at all.
    #30 Dyeing to be Blonde, how long do you think Elvis can hold his breath? That is how long I think he can keep this new softer side up. And again do we want him to? It just isn’t him. And good thing that Stefano is not in town to see it! He’d disown him all over again. And he hasn’t gone too good that he can’t keep up his usual escapades to get things his way.
    Thanks Blaze. Elvis doesn’t believe that he can win without opening his bag of tricks. I agree about ruining careers. Rafe can lay claim to being Santa Claus but that doesn’t make it true. And Dr Dan is at the mercy of the lab. Father’s Day in Salem just got a little more confusing, that’s all.
    #40 NeeNee, you put it very eloquently. This site has raised the standard lately and is very enjoyable because the discussions revolve around multiple characters rather than a couple. And that wait and see attitude helps keep the mystery up. I feel for the posters who have said that they won’t watch if this or that couple doesn’t get together. They are bound to be disappointed because this is a soap. I find it disappointing that Bo is leaving but there is that lingering thought that sometime in the future, they’ll have to write him back in. No doubt Hope may have moved on but it will cause a situation because those characters will likely and eventually move back towards one another. It’s all in the ‘wait and see.’ And I like the polls that throw out several possible responses. Some are off the walk but still this is a soap so nothing is very far in left field. With all the vampire stories in the movies and on the TV, I am really surprised we haven’t seen some of that here. Can’t say I want it but surprised we haven’t see it.
    #41 Sandygram, if Nicole had not tried to keep the babydaddy secret, Elvis would have mowed her over by now. I am still a little puzzled at when he quit avowing his love for Nicole and moved on to Sami. I guess his fatha disowning him, Lexie dying, he being blamed for Fatha’s death then Fatha coming back to life was more than he could bear. Sami was the next warm body and looked so darned cute in those tight dresses. How could he stop himself? Can you imagine a baby named Daniel Rafael Hernanadez Dimera? Who knows how this will play out and what Sami will do about it in the end?? She might just side with Nicole because she has been in exactly that same spot. Hard to see Justin involved but I guess he is the only practicing attorney in Salem these days. I too hate that Mel is leaving on a sad note and feeling a bit betrayed. But talking with Nick is a hopeful thing for her and him. And Chad is so young that I just think of a little boy flexing his muscles when he acts all sinister. I think he might want to give Nick a wide berth. Nick is a con now. He might know things from the inside. He has no doubt done things for people on the inside..sort of like the guy in The Shawshank Redemption. He was smart and used his smarts to get around and came out OK in the end. I can see this for Nick in a manner of speaking. But Sonny and Chad will need to grow up a bit. They are so young and cute that it is hard to take them seriously as bad guys. Maybe in a few years. Will might be right in the middle of it as well. Wonder what his new gig will be now that he isn’t working for Elvis? Maybe G-ma Kate will bring him on board at Mad World! She owes him since she helped provide the nutsy genes that he is blessed with. All in the family.

  45. From patsy

    As much as I enjoy watching EJ,Sami RafeNicole ,They do have OTHER charaters and storys to tell I am enjoying the show but wished they would quit makeing Sami and Nicole SO wishwashy They are both beautiful women they SHOULD be strong too and NOT have to depend on a manto make them happy altho a little romance is nice sometimes

  46. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Jolie – I give him one day and he’ll blow a gasket over Sami and Rafe. I’ll be pleased when all heck breaks loose. The domestic EJ is a bore. These people are all P.O.ed at each other, and a buncha liars. Sounds like good drama? No. The show is a snoozefest. There isn’t a single compelling storyline to be found. I need EJ to stir the pot. Makes me nostalgic for Viv and Chloe. Ha!

    Thanks to the sitemaster for fixing the captchas!

  47. From NeeNee

    “How long do you think Elvis can hold his breath? That is how long I think he can keep this new softer side up.” Jolie, that perfectly encapsulates EJ’s character. Deception and manipulation are always his m.o. IMO, the only instance where he was honest from a romantic point of view was when Nicole was carrying their baby (you know the one . . .conceived in the elevator). For a few fleeting weeks, we saw a devoted couple hopelessly in love, and in love with the child they created.

    Otherwise, it’s all a parlor trick designed to fool others into thinking EJ’s something he’s not. No Salem character has ever walked the straight & narrow 100% of the time. But using the standards of logic, it’s very obvious that if you compare the number of times EJ vs. Rafe plotted & deceived for nefarious purposes, Elvis wins hands down. Yes, there are things not resolved with Rafe’s background. But on the whole, what you see in Rafael is pretty much what he is. EJ? Not so much. He is written that way to be the Resident Antagonist of Days. Somebody has to be the guy we love to hate. It also helps that he flutters his eyelashes in that endearing blinky-blink way!

    Both Rafe and EJ are handsome and are the eye candy that just keeps on giving. EJ has been on the show years longer than Rafe, and we viewers are privy to every scheme & fault he has. I’m hoping that Rafe is put with Hope for real, once Bo is off-screen. They have so much in common. Before doing that, however, I hope we see a reveal of Rafe’s past. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he & Hope team up to find the elusive Emily who, of course, is probably not most certainly/actually/really d-e-a-d, but living in nearby Brookville. Ha!!!!

  48. From Tee

    Sandy~ Interesting you say how far will Chad go as A Dimera and if he will have influence I remember in Kristen spoilers seeing she will spend a lot of time getting to know Chad. So maybe you are on to something there. Kristen was good at what she did. Not that most Dimeras are not.

    #43 Nee Nee I agree about Will and how he needs something normal he did not have that growing up with Sami that is very true. I also liked your Kumbaya reference. I think it would be a good story line to have him and Sonny one day go for custody or something even visitation, thats saying if they keep the pairing going. I hope they do.

    #45Jolie nice post I agree EJ may not stay on the straight and narrow for long either. I enjoy his character being the way it is.
    I have seen him stand up to his fatha many of times, be the good guy be the bad guy and be the over the top evil guy. But all in all he is never afraid to manipulate and do what he wants to get what he wants. Same with Sami, though I dont think I have ever considered her character as evil but I do think she walks on both sides of the fence and I like that. I like Maggie because she is sweet but firey, Bo and Hope because they have managed to get through it all and still be together even Marlena and John who have overcome Stefano and all Johns identity crisis issues. Though I admit I was in favor of the Kristen/John pairing when it was on before.It will be interesting to see how it plays out this round and how I will feel about it. I now like John and Marlena together.
    I think Rafe deserves someone who will make him happy and make him numero uno maybe that could be Hope one day. I like the different pairings and character interactons. I like Marlena with Will and her support of him but I dont like how she has treated Sami, The scenses lately between them seemed odd to me because not long ago Sami was saying how her own mother dont have her added to facebook then they are acting like nothing ever happened. It is refreshing but I hope it lasts this time. She needs more family support and maybe some female friends. I liked how Lexie, Kayla, Bo, and Marlena were all friends and had get togethers. That is something we dont see much in the age group of say Sami, and Nicole, well minus Jen who may be a little bit older.
    I vote for Sami and Nicole to gain a true friendship on this show with a female character. Nicole had Chloe. Can anyone recall Sami having any female friends in last few years or even 10 years ago I cannot. Maybe that will help her to get some.

    NeeNee I also agree EJ is more the manipulator then Rafe evr will be I have said many of times he, and Sami and even Nicole are the masters as well as Kate at times.

    I just think in this incidence EJ is right in his actions about the baby and his pursuit of the woman he loves as long as he dont go scheming with Fake stand ins and all that. I was not in support of his shenanigans then just like there has been times I did not support Samis or other characters on the show. I just love Days and enjoy the different things all the characters bring to the show. I may enjoy a few more then others and it is fine we all have our favorites and or ones we do not like.

    I know EJ is gonna hire someone and I think it will be to investigate Rafes past so we may learn more of Emily or who knows what will be found.

  49. From Leah

    #37 Tee… thank you for your post:) I certainly understand what you are saying. To be an EJ or Ejami fan does tend to get you bombarded. But like you I feel everyone has the right to express their opinions freely. I understand we can all see things differently especially if we have our favourite characters or couple pairing. But we should be able to come on here and express our views without fear of being shot down in flames or singled out. Unfortunately others have felt that way and left which is disappointing. As I said at the time of it all going down I’m just gunna come on here and express my opinion and stay out of posters interaction. That way you can not be accused of anything… baiting included.
    #45 Jolie… and yes I accept your apology. Thank you! I do understand we are all passionate about the Days and thats why I like to come here and discuss the show, current storylines and characters. I do understand we will all see things differently and thats ok. I suppose I’m just now choosing to make statements rather than commenting on other posters posts so it keeps me out of trouble. It did get nasty in the past so I’m glad the powers to be on here stepped in to try and calm us all down. I enjoy Days and lets all just enjoy it together.

  50. From Leah

    I do not understand how an intelligent so called good guy like Rafe could repeat his past mistake and keep another child secret from its father. Rafe is actively and willingly going along with Nicoles scheme. People may reason it out all they want but all I see with it is a man who didn’t learn a thing! Its shows me Rafe doesn’t realise what he did with Grace was wrong and what he is doing now is wrong. It shows me he has no regrets for the part he played in it and shows no regrets or remorse for it.
    In my books people that is not right and cannot be justified!

  51. From Leah

    PS: In Stefanos own words… ORIGINAL SIN. Rafe was already plotting and scheming against EJ way before EJ even knew Rafe existed! And because of Sami’s influence Rafe already hated EJ way before he met him. EJ never stood a chance with Rafe. And that is a fact.

  52. From Tee

    Leah Thank you
    I also agree with your comment #50. I dont care what EJ has done in past and may do in future I believe what Rafe is doing is wrong and he has done this before. This time with no one asking him to. EJ may be whatever he may be but even after he learned what Nicole did by Kidnapping Stdney he eventually softened and allowed her around Sydney and Johnny. He would not have completely taken her baby but he may now. Though I still believe in the end he will allow her to be a part of the childs life he always does.

    I never felt Sami and Rafe had a valid reason for keeping Grace paternity from EJ. sAMI DID IT imo because she was jealous and or mad about Nicole. When she went to safe hose she was on good terms with him he even snuck pics of her kids in for her so she would have them when they told her she could not.
    I guess it is just story and drama and soaps but you are right it will never justify it as right to me. I do believe in redemption look at Victor he is less evil now because of love.Lots of characters have done things wrong on here including EJ but is never justifiable based off rather he is a Dimera or rather he is seen as good etc. EJ may have as far as we know more sins to atone for then Rafe but 2 wrongs do not make a right.

  53. From NeeNee

    Leah: which came first—the chicken or the egg? I would argue that Sami had been victimized by EJ long before Rafe entered the picture. Forcing her into sex in return for him rescuing Lucas doesn’t get much lower. That thrust Sami into the DiMera orbit by birthing Johnny & Allie. Of course, we all know that to begin with Sami had it bad for racecar driver EJ Wells when she should have been concentrating on Lucas. Fidelity is not one of Sami’s strong suits.

    Rafe knew of EJ, Stefano and the DiMera Empire through his job at the FBI. During their time at the safehouse when Sami was pregnant with Sydney, she brought all the personal stuff into the equation, in addition to Dimera Enterprises’ shady history that Rafe already knew. Taking a knife to the gut from a DiMera henchman who took orders from EJ & Stefano rightfully added to Rafe’s wrath.

    Yes, Leah. . . I guess you could say that EJ never stood a chance with Rafe. Oh, and keeping Rafe in the DiMera basement for months while the Faux Robot Rafe had his way with Sami is another example of EJ’s values.

    I get that he’s dreeeaamy and all that, and that Sami will never get this bad boy out of her system. But the examples you gave of Rafe’s deception is very different: he is only trying to ensure an innocent child doesn’t grow up in a crime syndicate family. That being said, he should just mind his own business. By this time, it should be obvious that very little stops the DiMeras.

    as we used to say back in the ’60s
    Sami’s Stud Trio—Lucas, EJ and Rafe—all need a checkup from the neckup! (or maybe from the neck DOWN!!)

  54. From NeeNee

    Oh, and thanks, admins!

    Captchas are now much clearer and more readable.

  55. From Lucy

    What is wrong with these writers?..where’s the excitement? Bo would never leave Hope because of a job and Hope wouldn’t choose a job over Bo. Years ago they would have some mystery and character may disappear with everyone assuming they were dead or being held somewhere etc, etc. Then if they were able to bring the character back ie: Marlana and John, John finding her on the dock, thinking he was seeing things. These are the dumbest storylines I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching since Julie was a teenager. All Days is today is Sami and her men, Nic and her men blah, blah, blah. You keep firing writers but you can’t seem to find better ones!

  56. From Tee

    While I cannot speak for Leah, I dont think the things EJ has done in the past were right. What I do think is 2 wrongs dont make a right. When Sami was in safe house EJ was not considered the bad guy then. He was allowed to even contact her from the police station. Rafe may have known about the Dimeras, but he would not have been briefed negativity about EJ at that time. He had actually went aginst his fatha and gave the spd info. I know we may not agree but IMO Sami tried telling EJ about the baby 2 times butt then she found out Nicole was pregnant then se seen Nicole at mansion it was out of jealousy or whatever it may be called. I remember her being in Safe hose and seeing the wedding announcement and imagining it was her marrying EJ just as EJ imagined her in bed next to him when it was Nicole. He told her by phone he was gonna move on with Nicole since A. She was pregnant and B. He was tired of waiting on her and her games and was gonna attempt happiness with Nicole. Sami was heartbroken
    Then we see her and Rafe grow close then she comes back attempts to tell him till she sees Nicole at mansion and runs out mad. She then concotes this adoption story and was going to have Rafe adopt Grace. Regardless of what Happened in past we can only go by characters reactions and feelings and all things pointed to her wanting EJ until she came back with Rafe. So her hiding the paternity had nothing to do with fear of EJ imo. You may see it otherwize and that is fine.I see it how I see characters reactions. If the characters have moved past the past then we can not IMO harbor it on them either since we are going off their emotions sure we may think things are wrong but once again the characters feelings and reactions here. Itis fine if we disagree on this I respect your opinion on it.

    I would also agree Rafe has reason now to dislike EJ. That is very true, I only think he had no reason to hide or agree to hide the paternity from EJ. Stefano does not fit into that equation since EJ has stood up to him many of times before. She was hiding paternity from EJ. I think it was wrong on both their parts. Sami did as well as she gave a heartfelt apoligy to him.
    Bottom line you just cannot go around claiming all this guys kids because he slept with your wife which seems to be Rafes motive these days and again my opinion. Thanks

    Lucy I agree and I am still confused on how they will make it believable. I think they plan to make it how Kayla and Steve ended up but who knows. You are right though before Hope would have set sail right along with Bo. It will be interesting to see what is different this time.

    NeeNee your comment about checkups is very true though. There are now plenty of Doctors in Salem to do it

  57. From Clear

    Maybe we will find that Bo went to investigate Stef or African bank accounts undercover layer!

    Did anyone say give the Hopeter back to Doc Baker! Bring him back because he really cred for her! I loved his one liners too. He could go undercover in a big game after THE COIN!

    Looks like Chadster will go to the darkside when Mel dumps him. Maybe bring in a new love interest to console him, but please do not put him back with Abby.

    Yes, a big masked ball would be great and the idea of it for Charit to rebuild the square is a great idea.

    Great posts on here tonight from everyone too.

  58. From Tee

    Hey all! I just found this updated on couple to get engaged. I ahd mentioned earlier if they meant Chad and Mel or another couple and so here is spoiler below on it

    A couple – aside from Mel and Chad, gets engaged

    I am gonna say Rafe and Nicole because Nicole needs a plan and that may be her plan. Though it could be Gabi and Will but it dont fit yet with story line for it to be them.

  59. From SandyGram

    #57 clear
    Bring Dr. Baker back on for the Hopester was a thought I had. He must be due to get out of prison he only bought supplies for Hope to set Bo on fire. He didn’t know what she was going to do. And, the Judge never heard the entire story because the Doc wanted to protect Hope from being questioned about it so he confessed. I think his sentence was 2 years and that should be up or about up! I too love his one liners and he has story lines with more than Hope, there’s Nicole and Stefano too! Lot’s of opportunity here!

    I had a day dream….that Chad and Abby turn to one another in their pain over loosing Mel and Cameron. Abby is so hot to loose her virginity, she, like some many other women on Days, makes the fatal mistake and slam bam with the Chadster. She may get lucky and not get pregnant, but she really wants Cameron but how can she ever tell him what she did and him forgive her. Maybe I should say ‘I had a nightmare’.

    I too think the posts over the past couple of weeks have been terrific!

    #58 Tee
    Will and Gabi …. get married if she is pregnant…for me that would be a big mistake!!

  60. From Clear

    Yes, Sandy, a nightmare!

    I watched Jenn and Brady together, and looking at her thought, “Can you say washed out?.” Her hair plastered around her head, the nondescript earrings, and drab tan blouse–uptight and unattractive. She looks so good when they do her hair more softly and dress her well.

    When are they going to give Billie to someone for a special friend? I suggested Nick, but this time sober. She isn’t related to Brady either is she?

  61. From NeeNee

    Melissa Reeves is a very modest, Christian woman. Jennifer Horton Devereux is a character who has always been portrayed as modest and choosing to do the right thing. My guess is that since Missy has been Jennifer 90% of the time over the years, she based a lot of Jen on herself.

    I’ve always said she reminds me of a young Grace Kelly—especially when she skins her hair back. Think of how regal Princess Grace was; I see Melissa carrying herself in that same manner. Except for fixing the debate questions for Abe, I can’t think of any other deliberate wrong doing. I know she spoke out about the Chick Fil A flap a couple months ago, and abandoned Tweeting because of all the threatening blowback it generated. Maybe we’re seeing some of that stress reflected in her appearance.

    I’ve wondered if the predictions that she & Brady will be a couple will actually come to pass. She and Brady talking before going to the Grief Group was nice. She’s several years older than he, but hey . . .I could live with that.

  62. From jolie

    347 NeeNee, you do go right to the heart of it with Elvis. Elvis is just devious and sometimes would like to appear to mean well. Rafe means well and is sometimes confused into thinking he can help a situation. And they are both so handsome and so fit looking. Sweet!
    #48 Tee, and we don’t want Elvis on the straight and narrow for too long! We need a bad guy that we all enjoy watching and sometimes would enjoy seeing him get his comeuppance but not too often so as not to change him. I have really never thought of Sami as so much evil either…just misguided by her emotional rollercoaster that she oils up each and every morning and being so invested in what Sami wants. I guess you’d call it narcissistic but not to the point of actually wanting to cause so much harm to others as not seeing that in doing the Sami thing she is causing very much harm. Bless her heart.
    #50 Leah, by the time Rafe really got involved with the babydaddy secret of little Grace, he was under the influence…the Sami influence. It was wrong and especially for an FBI agent. What am I saying?? The agents on this show will employ any and every know outlet to get what they want and laws are bent past recognition but we only have an hour a day! When did hiding the babydaddy get to be a full time occupation on this soap? I guess it really always has been but now we are involving the FBI, the hospital lab, chowder cooking babysitting grandmas, and the darling doctors of the hour.
    #53 NeeNee, that was too good, a checkup from the neckup! Yes, this bunch all needs it and the way they jump and switch partners…neck down is not a bad idea.
    #57 Clear, yes, we have voiced that we would love to see Dr Dick back in town and at least working with the Hopester. They were so good together. I could see them working a caper together. DR. Dick had a gambling problem so no doubt has some experience in dealing with the underworld. Maybe they could go to Monte Carlo for him to gamble as a cover and she could go as his gal and investigate. That would get them out of town to a new locale, get a new storyline running, even get them to Alemania to get that divorce for Hope and John in case she also needs to divorce Bo down the pike. I am like you in that I don’t want to see Chad with Abby or Gabi. Both those boats have sailed.
    #58 Tee, if the couple is Nicole and Rafe, it would make sense and would send Sami over the edge! I can’t see poor Will adding to his identity problems by getting engaged but for sure you never know. Rafe just keeps piling on the baggage and though I love Nicole, she comes with lots of baggage.
    #60 Clear, do you think they are dressing Jenn so drably to make her look like she is down and out? She goes around with this tense and worried look all the time. The poor girl needs a makeover and quickly. Not sure I’d want to see her with Brady but I am open to it if it happens. I don’t think they are any blood related, yet. It always depends on the next babydaddy story.
    Brady needs a calming influence and Jennifer could prove to be that. They could at least be good friends like he is with Melanie. These poor characters need some friends! Sami is another who could use a friend. Just a friend to sit down with over a beer or cocktail on the porch with the kids playing in the yard with the dog. That is how we do it down South.

  63. From jolie

    #61 NeeNee, Melissa Reeves is a beautiful gal but they are making her look a bit severe. I’d like to see her in some color, especially nice autumn colors now that we are coming to mid-Sept. Hope and Jennifer have always been very well dressed and even sexy without showing too much or going over the top. Hope showed a different side while she was under the influence of the sleeping pills but she never really had to show much skin at all.

  64. From Ladylumps

    Tee, thank you for speaking your mind here. It does seem that a certain person has become obsessed with the fact that some ejami fans are now posting on other sites. Whether because they were forced off of this site, which remains unclear, or felt unwelcome at this site. Not sure why someone would even care but obviously since it has been mentioned twice here by the same person, who also actually lifted a quote from me on another blog and posted it here a week ago, she obviously does care. It seems that she just does not want to put this behind her and move on, and is continuing with the snarky tone which makes ejami fans feel unwelcome here. I hope admin is paying attention to this. Sure isn’t fooling me.
    I kind of liked Jens look this week. I don’t think she looked old. With her frilly square necked blouse and her pulled back hair she looked like a Renaissance princess.
    I am excited about the upcoming story involving gabi/Wilson and gabi/Nick. I do not like the thought of Brady with Jen, I prefer bricole and dannifer as couples but I guess we can’t have everything. I am not one to ff through scenes I don’t like or threaten to leave the show if I don’t get the couple I like. I am very happy that ejami finally seems to be getting a chance after so long though.
    We need more ejami fans posting here and we should not be jumped all over for our opinions. And judging from the poll Tee posted, there are plenty of us ejamis reading here… Not necessarily posting here.

    Sorry. I removed the offending post. You are welcomed here. ADMIN

  65. From NeeNee

    LadyLumps, as you can see this site HAS moved on. Witness the large number of posts last week and now this week (with 5 days still to go before it’s updated till next week’s spoiler comment thread). I acknowledge what the polls say. And you are correct in that the greater number of fans want EJ with Sami (1938). But a significant number (1395) also want to see Sami with Rafe, Sami with Lucas, or Nicole with EJ. It’s not like it’s 3,000 to 20. Writers look to be mollifying all of Sami’s camp stud followers: EJ, Rafe, Lucas and those undoubtedly to come!

    Yes, there are a goodly number of posters here who still want Ejami—apart from those who left and have now returned. Wishing that discussion could involve ALL characters instead of just EJ and Sami is not being snarky. We’ve had a great time dissecting other Days’ characters and storylines the past 10 days. Maybe we even gave the new writers some ideas, if they’re reading this!

    And yes, there are those who really-really want Sami with Rafe. As I have stated many times, I don’t care who she ends up with. If it’s EJ, fine; if it’s Rafe, fine; if it’s Lucas, fine. I have merely expressed my opinion about the basic character traits of EJ vs. Rafe. Yes, yes . . .I know it bugs the heck out of some people that Rafe is always taking on someone else’s kids. But unless he reunites with the probably-not-dead Emily, he will most likely continue to play the role of step-dad at his age in life. Especially if he and Hope become a couple. I think we would all agree that Hope is beyond child-bearing years now.

    Nicole has so much baggage and has been paired with so many, many men on the show. Heck, didn’t she once go home for an overnighter with Roman? (maybe I’m thinking of Billie) Anyway . . . I’m hoping that after a respectable mourning time, Jennifer will get back with Dr. Dan. He needs to try marriage with someone who has a track record of fidelity. I’m actually hoping that Nicole and Eric pick up where they left off, once he arrives in Salem.

  66. From Kas

    Hello everyone I have sure missed talking to everyone but have been really busy and don’t have much time to actually watch the show that often, but I turned it on today and I am tryin to get back into watching it. I had my little one in July and she will be 2 months the 26th of this month and even though I don’t get much sleep and it’s a LOT of work I’m enjoying every minute of it! Anyways I see that many of the regulars are still here and just wanted to say hi. Is Bo leaving the show? And who is Sami with? Lucas, Rafe, EJ??? I am so confused I have tuned in periodically over the past 7 or 8 months or so (like once a month or so) and that girls love life absolutely confuses the heck out of me!

  67. From SandyGram

    #68 Kas
    Congratulations on your baby daughter, what an exciting time for you.
    Yes Peter Reckell (BO) is leaving the show it sounds like a contract dispute and he would like to try on new family ventures. What is going to happen to Bo is not clear yet. A spoiler tells us both Bo and Hope will go through a pay reduction. Which doesn’t make since when Rafe was just hired back into the SPD and received a big raise. We do know that he will not be killed off, leaving an opening for him to return someday. So we’re in the hurry up and wait mode on Bo’s final story.

    Samantha Gene is not with anyone right this minute and I do mean minute. Lucas has dropped her like a hot potato after going on the run with EJ to prove he didn’t kill Stefano. Which we now know he didn’t. Lucas is really angery right now and has made comments about getting full custody of Allie. So right this minute….it’s a toss up between EJ and Rafe. She is attracted to both but wants to back off both for a while and spend more time being a mother, which she made excellent strides with just over the past couple of days with Will. She is still as confusing as heck!
    Nice to see your doing well!

  68. From Tee

    Kat and Lady~ Thanks for all you said and I hope you got message the rogues left on the site with link. You will find it marvelous. Right up alley of all days and even EJAMI etc pw protection as well.

    I guess with this weeks spoilers being more then half about the EJ/SAMI/RAFE storyline people will feel compelled to comment on that. Since I generally tend to comment on the spoilers posted then on what other posters are posting etc. EJAMI fans just feel unwelcome here as do I at times, hopefully people who do that can see it would be boring to discuss only one side. I am sure Kat and the 2 others who left and have not been back probably do still read on here and check in. When I left before I know I did. I left for years. I have been a part of this site since passions was on and was a very avid member then in Dstins days.We are not all going to agree but I feel any person should be able to discuss any pairings/character on this show as often or little as they like. Maybe you did not mean to do it NeeNee, But how was it to look you went on a EJAMI fan based site to see what prior posters were writing that probably made Lady feel uncomfortable. She went to aplace she was free to discuss EJAMI and it was used against her here. I do not know the whole quote or what it is I am just trying to make peace and understanding with how people feel. When posters state over and over how they dont want to just talk about one character and only want people to discuss all characters it is sometimes hard when a big part of spoilers and storylines are about those characters. Like for example this weeks spoilers. Forums have it more broken down and this site has one too It will have a general days discussion then character, spoiler discussion etc. But this is a blog spoilers post and we can discuss them. When I posted the poll you took offense in it, which should not happen because I posted it in a good way, it was done on this site and I was not bashing anyone or any pairing etc when I posted it. There are times I may not be interested in discussing things someone else is I just dont comment on that and find what I like to discuss. You will find I post spoilers on all characters and then discuss them all but when I mention EJAMI I should be allowed and made welcome to do so as should others. Guys we may not like each others opinions but at least we can be respectful and even discuss how we differ in opinions in a nice respectful way. I know lots of people are just lurking rigt now perhaps some are fans of EJAMI, Safe or even other pairings who knows but lets try to keep a open mind and allow anything and anyone days to be discussed here without getting mad if it is about a certain couple etc, especially when they are a big part of what the writer of this blog put for us to discuss here. Maybe as adults we can find a way for us all to come together and feel welcome here bt it will not be by stating over and over how much better things are now that this or that is not discussed or everyone is talking about this or that now if that makes sense. By doing that you are making it about what you want it to be about. I am sure there have been plenty of times where there has not been a lot to discuss about EJAMI but there is alot to discuss now because that is a factor on this show along with Safe which should give us all variety. Lets adopt the if I dont want to discuss that I will skip by it rule and not say anything maybe that will help.
    I would love to see some of the posters who left come back. I am sure though when comments are made how much better it is now or how they keep coming back. It is all childish we are adults, it may seem better but for the people who run this site I am sure they would love to have many posters as they can. The more posts actually push them up on search engines there has been times this blog is 4 or 5 on list then it goes up to 2. It makes it more popular and ultimately writers want that. Though only 3 people announced they were leaving maybe 4, As many of have noticed many more have left lets open the doors for all people and all discussion days here and stop judging people and what they want to discuss about the show. Also I can tell you many people who still post here today also post elsewhere in forums etc It is fine and it should not be a big deal who does or does not. I do and I intend to still do it. I have not said I was leaving ak anyone here I have been here this whle time since they left and only missed this last week due to my kids being sick. I plan to stay and wish to stop seeing the comment dropping that insinuate how much better it is or getting upset I posted a poll. Adopt the if I dont like I move on from it Thanks and I hope we can all act like adults here. If you feel someone is discussing a a character you dont wish to simply move on those who wish to will discuss those who dont wont. Also we had some pretty good blogs where we were reaching in the near thousand range of posts till everyone left. We got over 500 many of times and now we are getting in the couple hundred range so we could have lots more discussion if everyone felt welcomem to come back. They should feel welcome and I hope everyone here can agree with what I said if you dont like discussion someone posts just dont discuss back those who do will its easy and simple but that also means if you dont like it not to post things that will make that person feel you are indirectly going after them then turning and saying I dont wish to discuss what you are. WE ARE ADULTS we can do this guys.

    Billie is leaving the show I know there was a rumor of a recast but I heard it was not true so time will tell.

    Patty~ On the spoiler of couple engaging I was stating I dont think it will be Gabi and Will because we have no hints of any issues there yet like her knowing she is prego. It seems more likely to be Rafe and Nicole since Nicole has to come up with something quick. I jsut wanted to make clear that was my opinion on the spoiler which said A couple other then Mel and Chad will get engaged. It will be interesting to see who it is though

    Jolie I agree about EJ I like him grey I like that he has a soft side but also that bad bad side. I would not want him as a goody goody.

  69. From TerriK

    Ok writers take Sami off the merry-go-round of men and let her and EJ have the relationship a lot of us want to see! It’s all so confusing I have a head ache.
    I’m also tired of them making Nicole miss desperate for a’s Daniel..nothing special. Please get it right and put her with Brady once and for all. Or maybe turn her character gay too? Haha
    Zero interest in the Chad/Melanie/Gag-i/Nick storyline. Losing interest in the Will/Sonny story as well.
    Maybe it’s just me being a negative Ned, but there’s nothing too exciting going on these days.
    Sami, however, was smoking in that hot pink dress. Whooooh Momma!

  70. From Debbie

    Hi and welcome back, Kas!!! Did you drop the second ‘s’ because you’re so busy with your new bundle? Congratulations on your new daughter! I’m always happy to hear when one of our members has good news.

    As for the show, I’m surprised that I’m actually liking how it’s being written for the most part. I’m enjoying seeing Chad walk on the darker side and the fact that Nick’s genius has been brought up here and on the show makes me think that he may be faking being rehabilitated. That could make for some very interesting storytelling involving everyone in Salem if he starts doing things on the sly that points to others being blamed for his crimes. I like it.

    I’ve never thought of this site (or the show for that matter) to be one where one must choose between EJ or Rafe for Sami’s affections. Of course Rafe is nothing like EJ, he’s not supposed to be, but the writers continue to pit them against each other because each has a strong fan base with Sami and pulls in the viewers and their comments. I see EJ as suave and sophisticated and who conducts his crime oriented business as being just on the shady side of legal, I see Rafe as more like a diamond in the rough, blue collar, working class guy who’s presented as the antithesis to EJ. And that’s fine because I like both characters because they’re so different and bring out different things in Sami. So does Lucas. IMO, Lucas brings friendship, Rafe brings stability and EJ brings passion but she needs one man who can give her all of these things in one package. Just MHO.

    Count me in with those who think Jennifer’s being shown as too doudy. The clothes aren’t bad (loved that white hob-nail type blouse) but the very tight ponytail combined with her tense facial espressions does make her look a little too old, IMO. Maybe they’re doing this to make her look more age appropriate as a mom to Abby. When Jennifer’s long hair is shown down and flowing, I always think first that they look more like sisters or cousins rather than mother and daughter.

  71. From Tee

    Kas~Congrats on the new baby! I know you must be excited and I am glad to see you took a minute to post. Patty pretty much summed up for you the gist of Samis love life and Bo.

    Terrick #71 I agree about Sami, I hope that they are doing this to somehow help her grow and accept her decision. She is definetely playing the I am gonna concentrate on my home life but concentrating on all these men thing. I think honestly it was all how old writers handled the Rafe seperation they never addressed that and now they are going to, which Galen said he asked to be done. How it will turn out who knows But I dont think it will be done soon. We are gonna see a triangle for a bit most likely. She knows how EJ feels Rafe she does not and maybe she is now trying to figure out after knowing where he stands what she wants. Her telling Lucas is funny but atleast she knows according to him they stand nowhere romantic wize leaving her to make a decision between EJ and Rafe now.

    Debbie nice post and You are right they are different from night and day. But that is the beauty of it.

    On Jen I am unhappy with her quickly wanting to pursue Dan other then that her clothes were fine she does look younger with hair down though.

  72. From NeeNee

    TEE SAID: “Hey guys speaking of polls did you guys see this one on this very own site

    “It was done a few weeks ago.”

    Winner was EJAMI 1938 votes
    SAFE 617 votes
    Lumi 351

    NEE NEE replied: “I acknowledge what the polls say. And you are correct in that the greater number of fans want EJ with Sami (1938). But a significant number (1395) also want to see Sami with Rafe, Sami with Lucas, or Nicole with EJ. It’s not like it’s 3,000 to 20. Writers look to be mollifying all of Sami’s camp stud followers: EJ, Rafe, Lucas and those undoubtedly to come!”
    TEE RESPONDED: “When I posted the poll you took offense in it, which should not happen because I posted it in a good way, it was done on this site and I was not bashing anyone or
    any pairing etc when I posted it.”
    Tee, how was I “taking offense”?
    I just pointed out that Ejami is in the majority, but a significant number are also rooting for other pairings. I did not say you offended me. And I went on to say that the writers seem to be writing trying to appease fans of the different possible pairings.
    In other words, keep everybody happy if only in a small, temporary way.

    You would think this is an issue actually affecting real people.
    IT.IS.FICTION. Obviously it’s a huge part of many viewers’ lives. I just finished reading the real-time news account of the slain Ambassador to Libya who was actually raped & tortured before being killed. Guys, this is so not good. We are heading for a major meltdown, I fear . . . .

  73. From SandyGram

    Episode September 13th:
    I am so excited about today’s show. I loved every minute of it, the character parings and their script.

    Adrienne and Sonny nice mother and son talk, although not wanting Sonny to hook up with Will because of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton, his parents, is certainly not fair to the guys. But I was glad to hear her remember there is baggage on Sonny’s side of the family also. But from the spoilers it doesn’t sound like her concern is over yet. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with Adrienne and Justin’s relationship.

    What a turnaround between ‘T’ and Will, more like the longtime friends they are. It was so great NOT to see ‘T’ angry and pull away from Will while making some homophobic comment when Will touched him (which he did several times). There was a moment when Will was talking about some pictures he had taken of ‘T’ in Middle School made me think, maybe there is something to the suspicions that ‘T’ is gay also, but I’m sure I’m over thinking that. Then Will like a kid on Christmas morning so giddy finding out Sonny was interested in him.

    And speaking of turnarounds….where is EJ and what have they done with Elvis the bad boy? What a pleasure to see EJ in this also giddy, playful, actually happy mode. Not to mention happy for others. Now if the writers could just continue a little more of this EJ while he goes through his bad boy moments and maybe let a little rub off on Stefano when he returns…what a winner that would be!

    Then there was Gabi’s first meeting with Nick, awkward but there is a little something, something there. Could Camilla look any more beautiful than she did today.

    Always love the banter between EJ and Bo. But like EJ said to have an entire Task Force set up at the SPD just waiting for a DiMera to step out of line….well I’m with EJ money better used somewhere else like not reducing Bo and Hope’s salary.

    The writers are trying so hard to correct Rafe’s indiscretion with Carry, while addressing how Rafe has not gotten over Sami and EJ’s grief sex or more so her keeping it from him. Keeping in mind it’s all about truth and trust with Rafe when it comes to a relationship with him and Sami. Her pushing every button to get him to explain ‘if she shouldn’t be with EJ, then who should she be with’ and being quite persistent about it. Then what I’m going to call the ‘grief kiss’; like with EJ and Sami’s tryst or like Will’s first kiss, over the top, forced, trying to get past a difficult moment, confused about what’s happening. This kiss was not the tender Rafe/Sami connection we’ve seen in the past. Maybe they won’t end up as a couple, but it was a great moment for them to begin to forgive one another and be able to move on in whichever direction the writers take them.

    Finally, who would of thought a man could tell so much about a woman based on her handbag?

  74. From Tee

    NeeNee you are correct my apoligies I believe it was Jolie who actually made the noone cares about your poll and nice try posting that poll comment. I was refeering to you in other things like the discussing of characters and going to other sites and quoting lady over here. Ijust scrolled up in realized in my rant to try to keep the peace I did not make it clear and lumped you in on the poll thing. You did post nicely about the poll So my apoligies on not clearly stating that part was not for you. My general thought was for us all to get along and your right it is abot fictional characters but everyone just wants to feel welcome regardless of what they discuss and who dont like what aspect or character of Days they discuss. We all have our opinions, favorites etc and all enjoy different aspects of the show.

    So my apoligies on the poll part that comment I was referring about didnot come from you you just chimed in on the rest So that part was not for you. My sincere apologies

    Sandy~ Great post and I like that t Is more accepting as well. I wonder if he will be gay as well since Sonny hinted at it. I applaud Days for the story line they are doing as it is something that needs to be more accepted in the world.

  75. From Tee

    NeeNee~ This was the part of Poll I was referring to you copied what I wrote when I posted it I did it in a nice way not mentioning any characters just said if interested check it out gave link and results

    Jolie post#35 among many things wrote
    And your news of the polls from a few weeks ago, nice try but no one here seems to care about polls or taking sides or getting involved in a spat. We are all pretty happy here with the show, the actors, the story lines and we all know it will change by the end of the week. Mostly this site has become very respectful of each other’s opinions and not taking pot shots at what the other thinks. Good to talk to you as well

    That is what I was referring to and I am sorry I did not make it clear which part was to you and her or anyone in general. I just hope we can move on form this and all get along Thanks
    Just wanted to clear up the confusion

  76. From patty

    Haha! I thought the handbag thing was funny especially when she was trying to shove everything in her tiny little purse when EJ showed up as if trying to prove a point. I think the point was that Sami is as unsure of herself about going forward with EJ as everybody else is warning her about. I know that for Rafe that kiss was out of frustration but it was scorching hot and Sami obviously thought so too. It certainly left her breathless and drove her to cancel her date with EJ, and she conveniently forgets to tell him about it. Of course EJ is furious at Rafe and goes on attack mode and tells him to stay away from Sami but Rafe tells him to go to hell!
    I am also looking forward to see what happens with Gabi and Nick and I agree she is absolutely beautiful. I’m thinking we’re going to see a lot of her in the near future.
    I agree that it’s a welcomed change to see Elvis act in a playful and happy mode but we know that it is short lived because karma has a way of catching up to him. I think that will happen when he goes spoiling for a fight with Rafe and he gets the crap beaten out of him.

  77. From Tee

    Patty#76 great post. I think Sami is also trying to please her family and anyone else who wants to give a opinion. She as I said before is always the black sheep of the family who rarely gets their approval. She acts like she does not care but I think deep down she does.I think after taht she needs to as she said have a sit down with Rafe to discuss their relationship. It would not be fair for her to go out with EJ at this time until she can figure all that out. I respect her for that

    I did not like Gabi much before but I am glad she may have someone to get involved with if she stays out of jail.

    I enjoy seeing EJ so happy and think he is trying to put his family first and concentrate on that and he is being genuine about it. Rafe is confusing since he claimed to want nothing to do wit Sami because she always goes nosing around EJ again but yet here he is knowing Sami is nosing around EJ and he is going for me. Guess he just cant get enough of her as neither can EJ and Lucas even.

  78. From Leah

    Well we all know I’m not Rafes biggest fan but the way they are wiritng him at the moment I’ve gone from dislike to completely off side. I am hating him! For months and months Rafe had little to no contact with Sami. It didn’t seem to faze or worry him in any way shape or form. Rafe didn’t care when he showed up that over and over again Sami was with EJ. Rafe didn’t care Sami jumped head on into a relationship (while try to deny her attraction to EJ) with Lucas. BUT NOW all of a sudden since Carrie has left and left a void in his life he’s back to sniffing around Sami. What arrogance! I really do think Rafe thinks he is Gods gift. I think Rafe thinks he just has to show Sami he’s interested, click his fingers and she’ll come running. YUK! It almost seems like he is stalking Sami as everywhere she is or turns there he seems to be. Its rather creepy and weird if you ask me. Its like a switch has been clicked and now he wants to and thinks he has to right to get up in her and Ejami’s business. I don’t think all of Rafes motives are above board here. Is it he is trying to have one upmanship on EJ? Is it payback?
    Sami steer clear of him. Only a few weeks ago he was chasing your sister and declaring his love and devotion to her. Yuk, yuk, yuk! Talk about a Jeckyll and Hyde.

  79. From patty

    Tee, I absolutely believe that right now if Rafe was to give any indication that he wants to go back there with Sami, she would drop EJ like a hot potatoe. She keeps asking Rafe who is right for her but that is not the point he’s trying to get across, he’s not trying to win her back, he’s trying to warn her like everybody else that she should stay away from EJ. Something that she should know herself given their history together. Sami takes everybody’s warnings personal like they’re trying to judge her but most of the people that warn her against EJ are the ones that truly care for her and know that Sami makes bad choices. I see a nicer side of Sami kind of emerging lately by being nicer to her mom and her son and actually listening and caring what others have to say and I think she wants their feedback. Brady pays her a visit after he has a talk with Rafe and she’s really interested in what he has to say, or should I say what Rafe had to say. Hopefully she will listen but this is Sami we are talking about and if she thinks Rafe is not interested , she might just jump in with EJ but I just don’t think that is where she’d rather be. My opinion only.

  80. From patty

    Also Sami saying Rafe’s name at the end of that kiss, that tells me that she’s not into EJ. She might shrug off the horrible things he did to her , Rafe and her children but Rafe is the guy that turns her crank. Those were good scenes with Galen doing a great job portraying Rafe’s conflicting emotions. I just wish he would have brought up the little fact that she shot the father of her children in the head and tried to pull the plug on him and that he and her son had to cover it up for her. But Rafe is not like that.

  81. From NeeNee

    So now we know what Molly Burnett’s doing! An online soap, “Scandal Crest.” Subtitled “Bold Days,” “Beautiful Lives,” “One Restless Turning World.”

    It is a Saturday Night Live type comedy troupe at the ACME Theatre in Hollywood. Billed as “an improvisational soap opera,” Molly’s fellow Days castmates Eric Martsolf and Freddie Smith are joining her in this new venture.

  82. From Hellolisare

    #78 Leah Rafe’s motives aren’t sinster. It’s very bad writing that should be blamed. Just like it was so messed up that several people told him how sorry they were that his married sister in law left town instead of staying with him. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m having a hard time with this story because it’s too little too late. If Rafe had acted like this months ago that would have been different. I have no idea why she even talks to him after the whole Carrie and Nicole thing. I thought she was done taking Carrie’s left over’s after Austin and Lucas.
    Rafe is being really stupid with this whole baby issue. The only reason he did it was to hurt her. EJ isn’t going to do anyting to the baby or Nicole. If she comes clean and says that she was angry and hurt, he’ll get over his sense of betryal. (He always does)Lord knows she and Sami both of done much worse and he has forgivne them both. This whole storyline is a tempest in a teapot and needs to stop we have seen it before and seen it done better. End of Rant.

  83. From jolie

    #70 Debbie, now that is an interesting take on Nick…he is faking being rehabilitated. Well, interesting for me because I have been so invested in him coming back and proving himself to be a good character. Maybe you are right. Now you have me having to rethink it!
    Tee and Terrick, that talk about a triangle for Sami’s affections. Ok that got me to thinking also. A triangle like that could absolutely open up the door for someone else to walk in! That is what happened with Rafe. Elvis and Lucas were sparring and Sami was left wide open. Rafe fit right in. I am thinking that if she has another health crisis or gets mugged again, she will be fodder for the loving arms of Dr. Dan. Just saying…
    #73 Sandygram, while Adrienne might not be fair to the boys with her trepidations to Sonny being involved with Will due to his family, I find it tremendously funny, in that weird way. Look at Adrienne’s past and family and Justin’s too for that matter. Kooky behavior abounds and has no limits. And ‘T’ being homophobic…several of us have thought over time that he might be protesting too much and it might come from fear for feelings that he is or has had. Maybe he had a boy crush and it scared and disgusted him a little. I guess this one will tell its own story as we go. I am glad he is starting to chill a little. And I guess I am just out of touch (and know it) about the whole thing but I guess I would not have thought (if I had ever thought about it) that gay young men would act just like young girls over young guys and who likes who and who doesn’t. I guess I just thought they had it more together. But the only gay guys I know are a bit older and do have it together so that painted my picture I guess. Learning something each and everyday. Gabi and Nick..first Gabi is lovely. I hope we can get her character rehabilitated so we don’t have to resurrect the stalker/kidnapping incident often. And you are so astute in your analysis of Sami and Rafe’s moment. I think you hit the nail squarely..the writers are trying to correct the Carrie incident and pick up the litter left by the last writers. They never should have gone there and it made no sense to Sami, to Rafe, to Carrie and most certainly not to any of us. Marlena tried to make sense of it and looked foolish in telling Carrie it was basically OK to feel for Rafe. Way to go Mom! And the handbag rather than a scarf! Well Rafe is a top notch detective and he was exposing some of his skills with Sami’s handbag.
    #78 Leah, I think Sandygram summed it up best. The writers are trying to patch holes in stories and make the best of the mess that has been left to them. And maybe Rafe has taken a page from the Elvis handbook. Elvis married Nicole, loved and had sex with her sister Taylor, only to again come around to Nicole. Again some of the same writers no doubt. They were not worried about repercussions or where lines were drawn. They just forged ahead with whatever struck them and made many Salemites act out of character. It is a mess for this bunch of writers to deal with but they are doing an admirable job.
    #79 and #80 Patty, our girl Sami is so confused. I think she does indeed love Rafe. It has been pushed down inside her with all that has happened but it is bubbling up. So the nature thing for her to do is to jump on the Elvis bandwagon! If she is having second thoughts and is leaning toward Rafe, she’ll marry Elvis before Halloween. That is drastic timing but you know what I mean. She will do the very thing she shouldn’t do. As much as she has intentions of being a mom and (I shudder to use these words) putting her kids first, she will flounder and fall into the Elvis web that he is spinning for her. Now for the record, I think Elvis sort of believes what he is saying as well. He thinks he is in love, forever and ever amen. He is still plotting to get Sami and keep her but he believes he has turned over a new leaf. If Elvis and Sami get together, there will be continual events in which Rafe interferes and Sami is going to like it and will find herself even more drawn to Rafe.
    #80 Patty, Sami saying Rafe’s name…said volumes!

  84. From Clear

    Tried to post last night and could not! I just want to say if i were Sami, it would be hard to choose between Rafe and EJ, since both are fine male specimens. Since EJ has done as many horrible things to her as she to him though different, and since Rafe wants her sister, Sami needs a completely new man in her life! One who has not “Done her wrong,” and she has yet to meet! Otherwise she is doomed to repeat bad history. Once the trust is broken, seldom is it mended.

  85. From NeeNee

    Just finished reading Matt’s Musings and Christine’s Deconstructions. Funny that Matt refers to Gabby as Gabbah. That was my middle daughter’s nickname! She took a long time to “hair out”, as my dad used to say. And her speech patterns weren’t as advanced as her older sister’s. So when she crawled & toddled around the house at 15 months, she resembled the lost baby in Jellystone Park on “Yogi Bear.” Like the cartoon baby, she babbled something that sounded like “Gwabba, gwabba.” So we dubbed her Gabba. She’s now 40 years old, and whenever we talk on the phone her sister & I still greet her with, “Hi, Gabba!”

    All this being said, I so dislike the storyline for Gabby Hernandez. If she’s permanently staying, how can we really root for her as a character? Abby was in the same position, and writers managed to flip her overnight from being Austin-obsessed to apologizing. But hiring a stalker & living with the lies in the aftermath is different. After all, her sister Arianna did prison time for drugs, no? IMO, I find myself wishing Molly Burnett would stay to become Mrs. Chad. It would be a new victim for Stefano, if nothing else.

  86. From Hellolisare

    Yikes, I sure would hate to see Melanie tortured by Stefano. I’d rather see Chad play the field and be a totally stinker for a few years. I mean in the non raping, murdering, kidnapping, cloning sort of way. ;-)

  87. From NeeNee

    Hellolisare, I typed too fast and accidently posted too soon. Meant that Stefano would initially welcome Melanie into the clan. But would be intrigued by her connection to the Hortons through Maggie. And wouldn’t be above using Mel in some way to get back at the Hortons. It’s always amused me that both Victor Kiriakis and Stefano themselves have a list of botched marriages & relationships; but for some reason, always think they know best who their children should date or marry!

    Maybe it’s because Chad is a relatively new character, but I have been unable to warm up to him. To me, he was the product of a writer’s device, brought in from out of the blue to give more mileage to the diMera storyline. And I know it’s silly, but his height is very distracting. It truly makes any love scene kinda hinky, unless they’re lying or sitting. I’m sure he will have to start living up to the DiMera values pretty soon . . . because the bad guys seem to drive the storyline & ratings. Human nature, I guess.

  88. From NeeNee

    Good article at Days of Our Lives, with a link to an interview Drake Hogestyn gave recently.

    He talks about the intense shooting schedule at the studio. Instead of 90 hour work weeks, the cast films from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Actors work 3 weeks on, 1 week off. They are shooting seven to eight hour-long episodes a week.

    “So it’s a lot of work in a very short period of time,” he says. “It’s not uncommon to see the schedule come up, and you’ve got three shows in one day. Sometimes, they’ll line them up – all your scenes together – and you might have 21 to 24 scenes. You come out of that day with your head spinning, let me tell ya.”

    He goes on to explain the return of Eileen Davidson as her “Days” alter ego, Kristen Blake, the foster daughter of archvillain Stephano DiMera who had been presumed dead.

    “It’s a very interesting storyline,” Hogestyn says. “She comes back, and John’s accepting her at face value. She says she’s changed, but there are some indicators that’s she’s back for something more. So right now, it’s been very interesting. We’re happy to have (Davidson) because Dee and I are now in a very strong storyline, and that’s good. The audience is really going to be onboard with it.”

  89. From Leah

    Oh dear Days… when are you ever going to learn? Ratings from the week September 3 – 7 are down dramatically yet again. There were 113 000 less viewers than the week before and 52 000 less viewers from the week before in the woman viewers aged between 18 – 49 years old. That means that just after the Daysaster ratings went from being at a 8 month high to in the couple of weeks after a total of 313 000 less viewers and 139 000 less viewers in woman aged between 18 – 49 years old. WOW! That shows me viewers have NOT liked the changes that have been since the Daysaster. While I know one couple or character does not make or break a show I do think the Days powers to be don’t have to look too far to see why. They only have to look at their own site and surveys to get a hint to why. As plain as Day the majority have spoken… 70% said they wanted Ejami to rekindle their romance as they are meant to be and 75% said they didn’t want Rafe to act on his confused feelings for Sami, as for Rafe, Sami is bad news. So wakey, wakey Days… hope you listen to your viewers and turn this around sooner rather than later. Alot of us are fed up with having Ejami being sabotaged for the sake of having Rafe/Safe shoved down our throats!

  90. From Cougar

    Leah agreed, agreed, agreed. You hit the nail on the head!

  91. From Cougar

    NeeNee#85 I know that it seems that these days loose ends have been left untied. But wouldn’t be deliciouse if at some unforseem moment that Gabbi’s action come out at some unfortuitous moment and she winds up ith egg on her face. She gets nominated for some sort of good citizen or recognized for some good sameritan deed and then . . . Some unforseen telltale bit of evidence that Andrew left behind, phone records, taped conversations, cheks Gabbi wrote to him in payment, etc.

  92. From Tee

    Patty~ I know some people may think they have her best interests it just comes harder for me because these same people treat her like the black sheep. I agree they are playing this Rafe thing good right now. She truelly seems confused and her going and telling Lucas made it seem like she needed to know again where he stood. I think she is trying to resolve what may or may not be with Rafe since like others have said the old writers went about the issue wrong.

    Leah I agree about ratings and Will say according to someone Rafe is temporary and I want to say this is a rumor from a good source. I think it may have came from a tweet though I am not sure so I am going to call it speculation though where I heard it says it is reliable. I do wonder if it may have anything to do with the Rafe/Hope rumors going about. Time will tell. They needed to go back and fix mistakes that old writers made in how Rafe handled his separation from Sami. The actor asked for that so we can only guess if they dont go with Safe all this is for that.
    Me I think it could go either way until I see otherwize though I am keeping in mind things being said about what will happen.I have seen nothing that says it will be EJAMI in end it may be Lumi for all we know. I also take into consideration the interview with James saying Sami and EJ are going to be reunited but slowly upon their request because of their rocky past they thought it best that way. Lets hope in the meantime we are all getting a little something bread crumbs all around except with Lucas, but he is still there lurking.

    I do wonder if Gabi will go to jail I mean she basically had Andrew get mel out of the way for her and so it is possible.Sami was gonna go to jail for helping EJ and he did nothing. So Gabi should go to jail and those keeping her secret will fall also. I heard Rafe may be spoilers hint at it possibly being, if so she told him off screen I guess. Then agan EJS blackmail could be something he digs up from past as well.

    I am liking most of the new days, and understand the need to fix some messed up stories.

    I want Stefano back even if its just to see him gloating or listening to opera.

    #88NeeNee I posted a while back that some actors were unhappy with their amount of airtime and might leave it was also on Maybe it was Drake and Deidre. I had read that article yesterday and thought of that. If it was them they are getting more airtime soon so thats great.

  93. From Tee

    Stefano will be back on Oct 8 its in Soap Opera Digest

    Other news Marlena will give Sami Rafe advice(wonder if its same she gave to Carrie)

    Also Nicole produces a picture of Rafe in her bed (uhh ohh) she is in bed with him as well. Sami sees photo (BET this is her plan)

  94. From patty

    You know, I think there could be thousands of reasons for ratings to go up and down but I really don’t believe for one minute that it has anything to do with EJami . Everybody watches the show for different reasons and only a small majority of viewers even look at spoilers or read what’s ahead so right now if EJ and Sami was the deciding factor they would definetly want to stay tuned because they are getting more air time together than they did in years and they are finally not trying to kill each other. Or that just might be why people are leaving in disgust because they are shrugging off trying to kill each other and other horrible things they did to each other like it’s a joke. As for surveys , I just saw one that had Lucas in the lead in the race for Sami’s men so there you have it. Not everybody that watches the show takes part in surveys so the results don’t represent the whole audience. As for the numbers of posters on this site, I believe most people would rather see fewer numbers and valid discussions than 300 posts of bickering non stop.
    Tee, I think Gabi will be confessing for her part in the Melanie kidnapping, which was never her intention anyway. Just another obssession turned bad, everyody gets away with those in Salem. Some get away with worse, example EJ getting away with robbing the Salem people of their pension funds and framing John for it and and that was intentional. Where is the justice in that? And that is only one ugly crime he got away with so I’m willing to cut Gabi some slack and after she comes clean I hope it is the end of it. But of course she might end up in jail, especially if she’s pregnant.
    About Sami and her men, well I think we’ve seen where her heart lies. She may still end up with EJ but he will be second as he has always been, or third in this case. Now EJ will be back to his old trick to win her back and they will probably work for a while since Sami always falls for them but she will still want Rafe to come and save her. My opinion only.

  95. From patty

    If Sami is so upset about Rafe fathering Nicole’s baby what is she going to do when she finds out EJ is the father or will she even care? Or is she the only one who’s allowed to sleep around and have babies with different men. She and Rafe were seperated when Rafe supposedly slept with Nicole, she had sex with EJ while still married to Rafe. I don’t know how Nicole produces a picture of her and Rafe in bed since it never happened but leave it to Nicole. Just like how is EJ going to prove Rafe switched the DNA when he didn’t?

  96. From Bobby

    I am so sick of the Sami, E.J.,Rafe, Lucas go-round. Same old thing everyday. And the Nichole, Dan, E.J, Brady story. Ditto. What’s going to happen when Sami’s brother shows up? Another Nichole has-been. Where is the imagination these writers are being paid for? How many times do we have to watch some pregnant woman hiding the truth from E.J.? Time to shake things up.

  97. From SuzanneQ

    I’ve watched Days for years, and this is my first time posting. I have been reading your blogs for months and enjoying them and thought I would join in.

    I am a fan of Nicole and would love to see her with a man that makes her happy. I know all about her past and have started liking her with Dr. Dan but I love her with EJ. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that it’s going to be the favorite choice with the powers that be as others have stated, it’s all in the ratings game. Right now it looks like it’s all about Sami and which man can make her happy. And, they do that with Nicole too.

    I have often wondered why Nicole was living in that hotel room. Surely she had money of her own after working on EJ’s campaign. She was paid a salary, of course, and I imagine banked some of that money. Why would she have want to live with someone else like at Maggie and Victor’s house and now at Jen’s house? That’s a weak story line. She should have an apartment of her own.

    Also about Jen/Dr. Dan/Nicole triangle, it is really too early, IMO, for Jen to be going after Dr. Dan. Jack, the love of her life, just died. Give her the chance to mourn him and not rush her back into the dating game. Remember how long it took Maggie to date Victor after Mickey died.

    I also do think that Jen’s clothes and makeup make her appear older. I think she could do with a little lip color and a less severe hair style. If she is to be paired with Brady in the future, is it going to be as an older woman/younger man relationship? That might be interesting.

    With Bo leaving (and I hate that thought) I agree that the doctor who is in prison that helped Hope when she was on drugs would be good for her unless she is to be put with Rafe. Remember that playful scene with Hope in HTS when Hope found Sami’s scarf and she put it around her neck? I thought that was very really good.

    I want to see Days fun and get more people watching. If it means EJami for now, OK, let’s do it. But stop with the Nicole scheming to get a man and make her a more forceful woman for her own baby’s sake. And, please, please get Stefano back ASAP. I would love to see him reunited with Kate at some time in the future.

  98. From SuzanneQ

    I’ve watched Days for years and have read your blogs for many months. This is my first time posting.

    I am a Nicole fan and I would love to see her back with EJ. I do not see that happening as it seems that most people want EJ back with Sami. That’s OK with me as lately it looks like Nicole is good with Dr. Dan. I really liked them together but it looks like he’s still hung on Jennifer (?) Boy, how crazy has this gotten since Jen and Jack were going to get married and it looked like they were happily in love and Dr. Dan was out of the picture totally and all of a sudden, Days decides to fire Jack! I loved Matthew Ashford and for the life of me I don’t know why they didn’t have Jack just go off with his PTSD problem instead of killing him outright.

    Now instead of mourning Jack (the love of her life) Days is already having Jen interested in Dr. Dan again. This makes no sense.

    I agree that Jen needs a makeover. She does wear kind of funky clothes (but not as bad as Dr. Kayla). Jen could use some lip color and definitely a better hair style that is not so severe as she is definitely a beautiful woman.

    I would love to see Days make Nicole into a stronger woman and not having to rely on a man. I don’t like her back into the scheming Nicole. And why she would want to move in with Jen anyway is unbelievable to say the least.

    I hate to see Bo leave. I hope Days has a good story line for him leaving because if it’s just for a job out of town, that won’t make sense at all.

    Let’s see what happens when Kristen comes and Sami’s twin shows up. And, please bring Stefano back soon.

  99. From NeeNee

    Bobby, I agree that to long-time viewers, it’s obvious that writers have been on a recycling kick—long before the green movement! My theory on this tactic is that writers are under tremendous pressure to produce all this material in a ridiculously short amount of time. Kind of like when we were in high school & didn’t have time to read “Wuthering Heights,” so we did Cliff Notes instead! Only said writers don’t go back and try for continuity (or accuracy, for that matter) when it comes to character history. And I think laziness & lack of imagination account for always falling back on the Sami character for a plot. Part of it is dictated, I’m sure, because ratings show she can pull in an audience. Back in their glory days, so did Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell. Problem is they are aging and the newer young viewers are understandably attracted to the characters of their age group. Writers appear to be catering to this slice of the public.

    I’m also pretty sure that there must be a division of duties for the scribes: as in Tomlin writes Rafe/Sami/EJ while others are handed off to less prominent screen writers. I read Ken Corday’s book and got the impression that the buck stops with him, and he ultimately makes decisions on storylines.

    Also totally agree with you, Bobby, that I am sick to death of “who’s the daddy” plots, and women plotting to keep true parentage a secret. Sami/EJ/Rafe/Nicole aren’t the only ones doing it. From the days of Marlene deceiving Roman about Belle, to giving the impression that Ciara wasn’t Bo’s . . . it has always been one of the writers’ main staples! My mom used to watch As the World Turns back in the early ’60s and as a teen, I’d watch along, too. Most of the stories had to do with infidelity & divorce. Children weren’t as much a part of the equation; if they were around, they were their with their biological parents. I think all this sleeping around on soaps kicked into high gear back in the mid 70′s as a mirror of society. Living together instead of getting married, free love, open marriage, children with different fathers—all were gradually becoming the norm. And soaps began to reflect that.

    Other plot devices that are soooo overused are back from the dead, evil twins, amnesia and split personality. I will say Days broke new ground with the Marlena-possessed story! Lots of controversy then, and if I remember correctly from the soap mags at that time, lots of viewers walked away from Days when that was on.

    Back in the days when Marlena was first introduced, I thought the show was better written. The crib death of her & Don Craig’s infant son, DJ, was sensitively done. And M’s twin sister, Samantha, trading places with her & keeping Doc in the mental institute while she mockingly treated Marlena’s psychiatric patients was quite suspenseful.

    Some of this is probably sentiment talking.

  100. From patty

    National Enquirer Spoilers

    Sami reacts to a photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed together.
    Ej is thinking of getting rid of Rafe – permanently.
    Caroline overhears Bo’s final decision about his career.
    A preoccupied Rafe snaps at Sami.
    Brady vows to be there for his dad and stepmother.
    Ej decides to help Chad regarding Mel.

  101. From SandyGram

    #98 patty
    Wow some of the spoilers sound maybe not intriguing but interesting.

    - Sami reacting to a photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed, now that couldn’t be a photo that EJ photo shops or had photo shopped? No surprise there!

    - EJ permanently getting rid of Rafe? Not with his own lilly white hands, he’ll hire someone for that also! No surprise there!

    - Caroline overhearing Bo’s future plans…maybe she has a heart attack and he stands by her like another spoiler previously said. But then that might suggest he’s staying in Salem and we know he’s leaving. Intrigued I am to see her reaction.

    - Brady vowing to be there for John and Marlena…now this must have something to do with Kristen’s return…intriguing story line.

    - EJ going to help Chad regarding Mel…Well let’s see what’s bothering Chad (1) Nick or (2) Gabi! What ever that ‘help’ may be it sounds insidious so that would be right up EJ’s ally, of course keeping his own hands clean!

    So it looks like Elvis will be getting plenty of air time demonstrating his new found ‘I’m a better man’ skills. Or Not! Yep..Revenge is the first life lesson I would want my young children to learn!

  102. From Clear

    When Chloe comes back who will she be with and we need s man for Billie. Give us a couple new men. Eric Brady is going to do wht? Priest, no! When Quinn was on I hoped he would develop into a good keeper with his martial arts. I was hoping for a good knock down drag out martial arts fight–maybe with Sami! I always thought they should showcase Alison’s martial arts skills. She could have a breakdown and give each of her ex men a martial arts blanket party and then Roman could arrest her after all the carnage when they finally figure out the connection! LOL!

    Is Kristen a possibility for Roman? Where is poor Anna too?

  103. From NeeNee

    “Sami could have a breakdown and give each of her ex men a martial arts blanket party and then Roman could arrest her after all the carnage when they finally figure out the connection!”

    Clear, you are too much!!

  104. From Tee

    Sandy~scroll up I posted about the picture a little further up and it is Nicole who presents it. She uses it for Sami to convince EJ and to convince Sami she and Rafe had sex meaning the baby could be his. EJ did not have anything to do with that picture.

    Patty~ My thing is Nicole left EJ trhe day she found out he slept with Sami and found out same day she was pregnant, It was on next daqys show but it was same day in Days. I remember because EJ left to go after her looking and found out she was in hospital. So how did Rafe sleep with Nicole that day and she immediately found out she is pregnant. So It should be assumed the Rafe/Nicole sleeping togetehr happened atleast weeks before they knew of the infidelity. Sami ended it with Rafe weeks before he found out because she caught him with Carrie, so technically he could have slept with Nicole the. Rafe sleeping with Nicole before he even knew of what Sami did would just be one more thing tacked ont o the Carrie issue to nail his coffin.I also heard the photo is not photo shopped it is real but was it innocent or did they sleep together off screen that night in Hotel? Nicole was googly over RAFE back then. I remember EJ walking into hotel to a shirtless Rafe.

    We must remember Nicole is not gonna risk making Rafe mad with a photo shopped picture either because he could just spill her secret, and she dont want that either.Lets also remember Rafe loved Carrie enough to tell her the truth, Sami has asked him over and over if its true in last 2 weeks of show and even before in which he keeps insisting it is, so knowing Carrie knew the truth because Rafe told her will also hurt Sami. It is lie on top of lie and according to Alison in a recent interview she is looking for who she can trust now who will be honest with her now and it is not Rafe.
    I think it will be a picture taken in hotel and Since Nicole would have had to snap at close range like with her cell phone it will not show the room only them in bed.It could be innocent but it is also possible both hrt and mad did the deed. We will see. The lies are piling up if it is not true, in Samis mind Rafe is lying which he is, he also fell in love with her sister, and possibly slept with her worst enemy before he knew about her and EJ.

    Gabi imo is just as guilty she brought Nick in to help her then asked him to take care of Mel. She did not say kidnap her but when she fond out she could have told then but out of fear of Chad knowing she kept on lying and even tried to help him escape. I see that as being very very wrong. Lots of people EJ included have broken the law but you must understand this is Rafes sister and he is a cop and word is he knows what she did.There are spoilers of EJ blackmailing him with something. I think it will be something he has dug up from Rafes past, but most think it will be what Gabi did. Time will tell.
    Sami is gonna be honest with EJ and tell him she has to resolve this issue with Rafe and cannot commit till she does. We must remember they left Rafe and Sami unresolved so right now it is hard to tell what she really wants and she is trying to do this right this time. Word is this will be a big decision becasue she dont want to keep going back and forth we are gonna see down the line Sami settling like Marlena did with John and Hope with Bo I will try to find her interview again and post it as soon as I can. This decision is a big one though.

    Eric Brady will not stay a priest spoilers say he is not happy as one so most say it will be a Eric/Nicole story line. Eric was her first love. Also in interview Zucker did she stated EJ was all about sexual chemistry nothing more, She also mentioned Daniel, John, and even BRady. My question was did Nicole ever have anything with John? Why would she mention what her characters feelings/interactions etc were with him. I will try to find and post it. Someone else posted it last week here but left the EJ part out of what she said. I assumed because she said it is only sexual attraction but I dont know or maybe they cut it off before it got there and did not copy it all by accident.

    Patty on ratings someone posted you commented on, most has stayed the same on show except the fact that Sami is not just purueing EJ she is now pursueing Rafe and has been for last few weeks and as soon as that happened ratings dropped. Check out Nbc Site sometime you will see all the polls they did which are unspamable and how many took the poll it is over 100,000. The other changing faction is adding Jen into the Dan mix. So that could play a factor but who knows. We may all never agree on what it is. I dont like spammable polls because a person can sit and vote over and over and it will count most polls allow 1 vote and that is it. Those are ones I look at, and some dont get enough poll participants but Sony and even Nbc does. Madison did bad in her polls which polled over 100,000 + people and so she is gone. The new writers have been doing lots of polls and if you like taking them they post one weekly on site as well as sony posts several. Some people like them some people dont but they have their purpose I guess. I tend to like the NBC and Sony polls most because some sites are more certain couple friendly etc. But we will just have to see what the new writers have in store.

    I am liking some of this new writing though and enjoying most of the show.

    Looks like Abe and Kayla are getting closer as well. I am fine with that I dont think they are starting it too fast as they did with Jen and Dan that was too fast imo. Abe and Kayla seem to be forming a nice bond and developing slowly.

  105. From Tee

    NeeNee#81 Thanks for posting about what she is doing now I may have to check it out.

  106. From SandyGram

    Hey everyone…it would really be nice when posting a spoiler that the source of the spoiler is posted also. That would also save everyone time when someone asks “where did you get that spoiler?” Thanks A Lot!

  107. From Tinab

    OK I stopped reading, I want to know Rafe’s backstory. Period. He is a Bully and he just reminds me of Roma; egotistical and conceited.He shows up at Sami’s apt, offers up not one thing and then kisses her, and then she is supposed to be confused. She should have kicked his butt out the door so fast and told him where to go. Now folks, this is the same guy that was going to help Sami put Grace up for adoption just because it was EJ’s kid and he grew up in this same orphanage. Then his mother goes on to have 3 more children. What is this mans backstory because to me he is a pervert who chases after pregnant women or those with children so he can have a family. He is not a knight in shining armor. What was the story with his first wife Emily.

  108. From tinab

    Why is it that every time I write a post it never gets posted. Will make this short and sweet. I want to know Rafe’s backstory. He is a Bully and a conceited and egotistical jerk.

  109. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    There is now a front burner EJami storyline and the ratings are dropping? If they’re truly the fan favorite, why are people tuning out?

  110. From tinab

    Done with this site – my posts are never posted

  111. From patty

    SandyGram, interesting spoilers indeed. EJ getting rid of Rafe, that worked so well for him before in his bid to win Sami!!!
    Clear, you want to see a good knock down drag out fight, stay tuned on Monday to see EJ attack Rafe in a public place in front of witnesses. The ex-mayor gets his ass kicked all over town square while people line up to watch and enjoy. Rafe could very well have pressed charges against EJ for attacking a police officer but he wouldn’t because he says EJ will self destruct anyway. Which he most likely will but not before he tries to destroy others first.
    Tee, did you ever think maybe the ratings dropped because people are sick of Sami and her love life. We’ve seen plenty of people voice their opinion on how they are tired of her flip flopping between men. Maybe they should do a poll on that.
    That interview with Ari Zucker you mentioned, if it’s the same one I read, I’m pretty sure she was talking about John Anniston and when she worked with him, not John Black. Could be wrong.
    I am not saying Gabi is not guilty but she didn’t set out to have Melanie kidnapped or people blown up. She will be confessing for her part in it and that is a lot more than others have done . What I was saying is that if some can get away with deliberatly hurting others then she should get her second chance too since that was not her intention in the first place. Sami , Kate, Nicole, Stephano, Elvis…look at all the damage they’ve caused and they’re still around to scheme another day.

  112. From Tee

    Hey all! Lots of great conversation.
    Sandy~ On posting where spoilers came form I scrolled up and checked and I posted they came from soap opera digest. Some spoilers I post come from various subscriptions I get of soap magazines etc. I just wanted to check to make sure I was posting the source and will do so in future as well. Further up I posted some rumors/speculation and opinions and I always say they are when I do. I Did not say about the Eric Brady priest thing because it is a spoiler already discussed here a while back. I dont even rememeber the site it came form or which one of us posters posted it on here I think you were gone a bit then. If I find again I will post it.

    Patty on ratings as I said we all have our opinions on what it may be from or not and I cannot tell you whos wrong or right it is our opinion, but what I see is before Rafe became back in Samis orbit and EJ began to be sorta back burned meaning we are not getting those steamy scenes right now with them the ratings were high when Rafe was added in they dropped a bit. Maybe people dont want a triangle again that is logical as well. Ratings were at a high for a few months and have droped since Rafe is back in Samis picture and since Jen is sniffing around Dan again I will post a few key dates on ratings and a link and anyone can go and make their own conclusion on what they think the meanings are. I think the 2 things I mentioned are the 2 key changes on show that have changed other then Nicks release.

    Thanks for clearing up for me what John it was I was confused because it was about her love life.
    A lot of polls give the option of noone which woud cover what you said or even a other. I have not seen one asking if she should be in a triangle only on which man and of course with the option of someone new and noone available as well. I personally want her to settle down like Bope and Jarlena did mostly. Its about time to end these trianges for her but they give us all bread crumbs to try to lure and end up messing with ratings.
    You are also right about people getting away with things I was just saying she shows no remorse and I downgraded EJ, Sami, Kate al them when they did things that I felt were very wrong. I just am saying it is possible she ends up in jail and wanted to speculate on what that could bring to the story and also on how what she did may affect Rafe if he knows. It could cost his job, Sami, and people in town may see she knew and therefore did nothing. She may not have blew up town, but as you guys said before when it was being blamed on Dimeras because of Andre and EJ being Mayor. I recall that conversation a while back here on that board while EJ, DIMERAS ABE etc did not know Gabi knew he was down there and kept trying to help this guy escape instead of when she smeelled gas going for help she was trying to cover her butt. So she is indirectly and directly responsible for lets say Jack and Madison and the losses and injuries by knowing and telling noone. I bet Maggie, Dan and others will not like she knew were Melanie was and actually tried to deter her being found. Jen and Brady also may not be too happy because her lies led to their loved ones beinglost. People died and Gabi will come clean because Chad yanks her up when he sees her with Nick, and Melanie freaks outof fear she confesses fear f Chad and his threats not because she feels bad. If Rafe knows and lies to protect her imagine what it will do to him as well. EJ, Stefano are hated for things they have done directly and indirectly and hunted for it. Kateis also not well liked and Sami and Nicole not manys faves either on show. Rafe and Gabi can end up in that equation. Sami is Romans daughter and even he said he can not protect Sami if she continues to help EJ and a warrant was issued for her hence her arrest he never kept it secret. I personally think her and Nick could be a good couple and am glad she is getting maybe a better story line.

    #107 EJAMI is not front burner right now ratings went down 2 weeks ago I beieve. EJAMI front center was around DAYSASTER and before now its more about Rafe at this time. IMO

  113. From Tee

    Week of August 20-24, 2012

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,505,000 (+194,000/+92,000)
    2. B&B 3,284,000 (+213,000/+357,000)
    3. DAYS 2,771,000 (+72,000/+331,000) *
    4. GH 2,446,000 (-17,000/-22,000)

    * Highest since the week of January 31-February 4, 2011

    The week of Jan 31 was when Sami broke it of with Rafe for kissing Carrie

    UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – August 30, 2012 – “Days Of Our Lives” has delivered a nine-month high in women 18-49 and matched its best women 18-34 rating in nine months to tie for #1 among network daytime programs in the latter category.

    For the week of August 20-24, “Days Of Our Lives” averaged a 1.0 rating, 6 share among women 18-49 and a 0.6 rating among women 18-34, to tie for #2 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tie for #1 in the week’s women 18-34 race.

    For the August 20-24 week, “Days” scored its highest women 18-49 rating since the week of November 21-25, 2011 (1.1) and equaled its highest women 18-34 result since that same week (0.8).

    Week of Nov 21 was when the Grief sex hapened.

    Week of August 27-31, 2012

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,339,000 (-166,000/-86,000)
    2. B&B 3,111,000 (-173,000/+384,000)
    3. GH 2,661,000 (+215,000/+175,000)
    4. DAYS 2,571,000 (-200,000/+208,000)

    RAFE and Sami began to react together this week.

    Week of September 3-7, 2012

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,298,000 (-41,000/-333,000)
    2. B&B 3,198,000 (+87,000/+207,000)
    3. GH 2,561,000 (-100,000/+66,000)
    4. DAYS 2,458,000 (-113,000/-101,000)

    MORE Rafe and much less EJ Sami reactions.

    For the August 13-17 week, “Days” equaled the show’s highest women 18-49 and women 18-34 ratings since the week of November 21-25, 2011 (1.1 in women 18-49, 0.8 in women 18-34)

    2 weeks before olympics
    Soap Opera Ratings for the week of July 16-20, 2012

    via Soap Opera Network:

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,389,000 (-13,000/-420,000)
    2. B&B 3,140,000 (+75,000/+114,000)
    3. GH 2,445,000 (+127,000/-177,000)
    4. DAYS 2,378,000 (+148,000/+37,000)

    ALL ratings came from below website

    I am sure if you were interested or anyone was they could go through and check out what other causes they think may be reason for ratings going up or down. I hope they go up because I dont want it cancelled the contract ends next year so it is important to get them up. I would like to see this show on in 30 years from now. It is a sorta family affair from time I was a little girl.

    Patty and anyone I have my opinions on why the ratings are going up and down and it is based on these stats and when they were at highest but I acknowledge and respect all opinions and in no means am I trying to make my opinion yours. I just thought people might want to see them and see why I believe what I do and why others do as well Thanks Lets all hope we can get them back up there.

  114. From Clear

    Yes, I am looking forward to Monday’s show and the manifestation of the two “Titans of testosterone” frustration!

    I have wondered before though if the Rafesyer character is shooting blanks? After all most others Sami has been close to are now fathers. If that was found out, it could be how EJ finds out about Nicole’s baby.

    One backstory I thought of for Rafe’s could be Emily was already PG with the child of another, and one or both of his sister’s found out and caused her unaccidental demise. That would be a plausible explanation for the secrecy and silence.

  115. From Clear

    Yes, I am looking forward to Monday’s show and the manifestation of the two “Titans of testosterone” frustration!

    I have wondered before though if the Rafester character is shooting blanks? After all most others Sami has been close to are now fathers. If that was found out, it could be how EJ finds out about Nicole’s baby.

    One backstory I thought of for Rafe’s could be Emily was already PG with the child of another, and one or both of his sister’s found out and caused her unaccidental demise. That would be a plausible explanation for the secrecy and silence.

  116. From Clear

    Sorry for the double post! I did fix one typo though.

    One other thing, will Gabi model again now for Countess W?

  117. From Tammy

    Tee my oh my you write a lot! Reminds me of MAB. In fact you write just like her. Welcome back. I am reall hoping Rafe ends up with Sami simply because he is a goo person and the most handsome man on that show! EJ is just so rotten and underhanded. I wish he would leave the show.

  118. From patty

    Tee, thanks for the spoilers. It looks like Elvis will get lots of airtime coming up. Lets see if the ratings go up because that’s who people want to see or down because they are sick of his devious ways.
    #105 Tinab, I know a lot of people don’t like Rafe because Sami still has feelings for him and has been pushing EJ away, not because Rafe is pursuing Sami because he’s not . I get why that would be frustrating for EJami fans but I just don’t see where the word “pervert” comes in to describe Rafe. Unless referring to the Faux Rafe EJ put in Sami’s bed and his children life, real Rafe has shown no perverted tendencies and there is no indication of him being a sexual predator of any kind. The guy grew up in a convent, is a cop and former FBI agent who protects women and children and he wouldn’t be on the force if he had a previous history of any crime. He has been celibate since his marriage and is not portrayed as a womanizer and has not been around anyone’s children for months. Whatever he might have done in his past , to pin him as a pervert is unfair to his character and really reaching imo.
    Clear, I would really like to see how EJ would come to find out if Rafe is shooting blanks. lol! What is he going to do, a sperm test?? The spoiler says EJ attempts to blackmail Rafe which may mean it won’t work. I’m sure EJ will fabricate something and I’m sure Rafe would bite if it is to protect someone else, maybe even Sami for shooting EJ in the head. Whatever they can dig up on Rafe, can’t be all that sinister because he’s turned out not so bad. Elvis however, begs to wonder what happened to him to make him such a bitter person.
    Will we ever see the day someone blackmails Elvis in return, and I mean really blackmails him with one of his many crimes and not just attempt at it like Will did. Nicole has lots she could divulge on him and could really make him jump to her bidding and make him sweat under his pink collar.

  119. From patty

    Soapcentral Spoilers

    Sami shares another smooch with one of her exes

    E.J. and Rafe’s tempers once again ignite

    Marlena reaches out to Sami with some motherly advice

    Nick and Gabi get a little closer and start to open up

    Chad and Nick collide again, which opens the flood gates

    After truths surface, Melanie bids adieu to Salem

  120. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    If the Ejami triangle with Rafe isn’t the front burner storyline, then what, in your opinion, is the frontburner storyline? I see all others set to simmer – Mel/Nick, Mel/Chad, Chad/Gabi, Nic/Rafe, Nic/Dan/Jen,Abby/Cam? None of these is the potboiler. Maybe ratings are down because the storylines all drag, aren’t interesting, and school’s back in sssion and people are busier in September?

  121. From NeeNee

    Dyeing, I agree that while this is the time of year when networks roll out the new shows, early fall does seem to be blah on the soaps.

    My opinion is that this constant merry-go-round of couples has viewers in a state of what Jimmy Carter called “malaise” back in the ’70s. It’s hard to work up any enthusiasm for a storyline or couple pairing because we know Corday will yank the rug out from under us at some point. Although he should be running out of couples possibilities at this point!

    I’m betting that writers have been busy scripting the return of Kristin Blake DiMera and Stefano, of course. Meanwhile, other characters go on the automatic pilot of repetitive dialogue.

    Found myself wondering about some of the old characters we saw at Alice Horton’s memorial. Like Maggie’s daughters, Sarah and Melissa. I would like to see them return to get to know their newest biological brother, Daniel!

  122. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I’m hoping the return of Kristen/Susan is a shot in the arm. I’m running low on desire to even tune in. I did quit watching during the Swamp girl storyline when CBS/NBC put Guiding Light on the same time and Guiding Light was just better, back then. I could only tape one show. I think I came back during the JT who’s the daddy storyline.

  123. From NeeNee

    Oooh, Dyeing . . . I had forgotten all about SwampGirl. Whoever wrote that particular storyline SHOULD have been fired! Even worse was the “One Million Years BC” dinosaur park story with Rex and Princess Greta, was it?

  124. From SandyGram

    The show has been lacking in the intrigue department since Stefano’s murder was been resolved. Although for me, everything over the past couple of weeks is building up to Stefano and Kristen’s return. What storyline won’t Stefano be involved with when he reappears in Salem? Not many! He is going to be quite busy with:

    - Bringing Chad into the DiMera fold. Help Chad punish Nick and Gabi.

    - Reconnecting with Elvis. Backing EJ on finding out the true parentage of Nicole’s baby, then trying to take the baby from Nicole and bringing down Rafe and Dr. Dan. Trying to talk EJ into staying away from Samantha.

    - Setting Kristen up to run DiMera Enterprises. Help Kristen come between John and Marlena.

    - Torment Hope, especially when Bo leaves.

    - Refuse to have anything to do with Kate until he needs her for something. Just maybe like taking down Titan Industries. But then would Kate allow that, I’m thinking Yep!

    - Keeping up his good image that the CIA thinks so highly of.

    Just a few things to look forward to. The only story lines I don’t see him having much to do with is Sonny and Will; Cameron and Abby; and Jenn and Dan.

  125. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    NN, then I’m sorry I reminded you, since you had forgotten that horrific story!! My bad.

  126. From Tee

    Hey all!! Just got done watching football game and my team lost. So I am looking forward to some great conversation over here about Days. It always makes me feel better.

    Patty~ EJ will be on Monday and briefly Tuesday. The following week has him on about same. Airtime is being split up pretty well here. Not this week but following will have alot of Safe scenes as Sami asks Rafe to have dinner to discuss what happened between them. She has 1 scene 1 with EJ well it will probably be several scenes but it will be about the Dinner with Rafe.

    EJ blackmailing Rafe in all other spoilers but 1 says he will blackmail him but it could go either way. It actaully most likely has to do with 1 Him knowing Gabis secret or 2 The associate he brings in digs up his past. Assuming Rafe has no past is kinda wrong We know he has secrets like another poster said he lived in a orphanage but yet his mother went on to have more kids, no one knows why and theres the whole Emily thing not even Sami knows what is up with that and he knows all her past. Most he knew ebefore coming to Salem. My dislike for his character has nothing to do with Sami, I did not like him with Carrie either he is sorta bland IMO. Though I think he was better matched IMO to Carrie. He was not celibate because he had sex with Sami, and almost with Carrie and we dont know the details on Nicole yet though I think he probably did not. Celibate means you abstain from sex usually waiting till you are married or for purpose of religion. Maybe you meant faithful which imo he was not, Cheating is more then sex. If my husband kissed another woman it is cheating if he emotionally fell for someone else it is cheating and Rafe has done both. I know Sami cheated but the conversation was about Rafe not Sami. I do not think him a pervert though so I agree on that note.

    #119 Dying to be blonde Hey I said EJAMI was not front burner story line. There is a difference. When Rafe was not a part of the equation ratings were higher the week Rafe became interested again and since the ratings went down. Perhaps some dont want to see the triangle.

    I am glad Sami is gonna take Wills advice Will asked her for 1 thing to make sure this time of the man she wants. When she was gonna move on with EJ, then Rafe kissed her and she needs to settle what may or may not be there in order to make the right decision as Will asked her and she promised him. I can understand that. She will also attempt this week to see where Lucas is at to make sure she knows where they stand and he tells her he is not interested in her anymore and done with her. So that leaves her with EJ and Rafe and since she knows her feelings with EJ she mst determine them with Rafe now. So she asks him to go get dinner and sit and discuss what happened. It is reasonable and fair. NBC posted on facebook a fill in the blank asking what kind of decision did everyone think Sami was making the answer was a very important one. She is trying to make a final decision as to not flip around anymore.

    Nicole blackmailing EJ that is the pot calling the kettle lol. She is a schemer herself. Without some bad guys/girls on this show I dont think the show will be the same. Just as we need the Bradys, Hortons we need the Dimeras too IMO. It balances it out. I dont know about anyone else But I like seeing both sides of the story bad and good and I enjoy people from both. Just like light and dark are needed so is good and bad.

    Sandy#123 When Stefano found out EJ was not his he had Will break up Nicole and EJ by making sure Rafe knew so EJ could be with the woman he loves Sami. He said he wanted him to be happy and that is one way he knew he would. I cannot see him knowing EJ dont want anything to do with him right now trying to scheme on Sami maybe down the line but not for a long time.

    I was thinking on Kristen and the fact that Sami needs some female friends I think her and Kristen will become great friends especially since Kristen spoiled she and Sami have a lot of scenes and will spend a lot of time together. I am excited that Sami may get a female friend she needs one.

    Stefano made it very clear his reasons for disinheriting EJ were only because his father made it clear that it had to stay in Dimera hands and be passed to Stefanos heir. Kristen will not run Dimera enterprises imo that will be EJ though one has to wonder how involved Chad may get now since he seems to be embracing what people dub as the Dimera side. I think Chad is valid in his reactions and most people including the Bradys would react the same way in his shoes. As far as the assuming Nick and Gabi who both have hurt Mel in past could be scheming especially ater seeing him with the scarf and Mel being kidnapped. I bet daddy Dan would have reacted badly to that as well. I feel bad for him. Now hopefully he dont decide to use unhanded measures in this but he may and that will be his Dimera side coming out if so.

    Maggie has been upsetting me she makes no sense. She backed Nicole to Victor and was happy Nicole was there for Daniel and Daniel was happy. Now she acts like Nicole is a virus and began pushing Daniel on Jen before Jack has even been cremated. It is sad and in bad taste, and not what I expect from her. Perhaps being Victors woman has rubbed off some of him on to her.

    Nicole I was rooting for her and Daniel and still think Jen acted in bad taste thinking of Dan at Jacks memorial and on ward. She shwed no respect for ehr deceased husband.

    Kayla and Abe seem to be getting closer But I am enjoying how slow they are taking it and feel that gives respect to Steve and Lexie.

    I bet when Bo is gone we will see Hope being paired with Rafe as her new partner and that may be what leads to the rumored hookup of them if it is true. It will be hard after seeing Bo with Hope but I am open to see how it will work and who if not Rafe she will be paired with later. If Bo was still there it would not be fine but he leaves of his own decision.

    Found Bos conversation to be kinda ironic him telling Sami she was wrong for running off with EJ to help him, Bo how many times have you don it and you are gonna leave again?(Though I know its because actor wants to leave) It just seemed wrong coming from Bo.

    Oct 8th Stefano will be back and I am sure as Sandy said he will have his hand in some story lines and maybe we will get a explanation on Ian more then. I know his first focus will be EJ and his kids.

    On other spoilerish news Lauren Koslow who plays Kate tweeted a pic of her and Stefano and told State fans not to give up. So seems perhaps they may reunite and I thouht they would but I assume it will not come easy she may suffer first.

    I ackowledge the triangle but I think it is Sami who is front center this is about Sami, making a final decision and growing up and being a better mother. The triangle is a part of that. EJAMI is not front center we dont get many EJAMI scenes and certainly no kissing or anything like that. She is concentrating on Rafe and what is there right now she back burned EJ till she can figure it out.

    Wonder what Nicoles next move will be will she let Dan go as he said or keep trying to get him?

  127. From Leah

    Just sitting here and thought of one of my favourite EJ lines of all time. EJ to Sami: “But my dear you could never ask me to stop loving you. It’s like breathing!” Oh I’m SO missing Ejami and Ejami romance. Hate, hate, hate the turn of events and storylines since the Daysaster. Appears I’m not the only one.
    Also hated the Ejami scenes on Friday the 14th. While I did LIKE the Ejami interaction as far as EJ telling Sami “I know you. Whats wrong?” and getting her to open up and be honest with him about what was bothering her and what really happened. I and LIKED the Ejami interaction with him being honest about his feelings over the matter… “I just wanted to spend time with you.” And I liked how EJ put her on the spot and treated her like an adult and held her responsible for her part in the saga. What I HATED was seeing Sami let EJ go without a hug or maybe inviting him to have a cuppa. Seeing EJ going from being so excited to walking away dejected and disappointed was heartbreaking. This time around he deserved better from Sami than that!
    AND if I was Sami the alarm bells would be ringing loud and clear as far as Rafe is concerned. Statements made from Sami’s own mouth to EJ… “It was the usual Rafe. He had to make sure he made himself heard, I didn’t say anything to him cos it’s Rafe, you know he does all the talking, he was lecturing me.” EJs response “Why did you listen to that then?” Sami’s response “I didn’t have much choice.”
    More proof of Rafe acting like a father to Sami and treating her like a naughty child who is not doing as her told. I HATE it and hate Sami not seeing how he undermines her and her confidence.
    Please move Rafe on… he really is being a big bully. Rafe doesn’t love Sami, he just wants one upmanship on EJ. GROSS!

  128. From Leah

    Am I the only one who hates the “supposedly” heartbroken grieving widow moving on so quickly? I didn’t like it with Maggie and Victor and I’m CERTAINLY not liking it with Jennifer and Dr Dan. Both those couples were couples for DECADES. I think it is a slap in the face for their characters (Mickey/Jack) and their fanbases. Surely the powers to be can come up with some kind of a storyline for them all other than rushing into another relationship so soon after the death of their spouses. (I hope the same thing is not going to happen between Abe and Kayla). For one Jennifer could step up to the plate more with her daughter :)

  129. From SandyGram

    #126 Tee
    So we have something else in common, I’m a Football Fan also. Although I’m from California and the 49’r game is on as we speak, I really like the New York Giants and now the Denver Bronco’s. I guess you could say I’m a Manning Brother fan. So who’s your team? By the way where are you located if you don’t mind saying? Also you seem to be so familiar with Days are you connected to the show in any way or have a friend or relative that is? If you don’t mind saying.

    Sami and Kristen becoming BFF’s that could be interesting. It would seem that will be in direct conflict with John and Marlena and we are just enjoying the progress in Sami and her mother’s relationship. We can only hope that it’s not yet another DiMera that causes a riff between Sami and her family. I’m with you Sami needs a female BFF she hasn’t had one since she was a teenager, wasn’t her name Jamie? Oh my do you think, Stefano will replace Sami with Kristen as CEO of Countess Wilhelmina? I can’t see Kristen working for Sami. Now that would be interesting.

    I thought I did read a spoiler that Stefano was going to have Kristen take over DiMera Enterprises. She would need to be in a position like that to go after John and Basic Black if that is Stefano’s intention in doing more harm to John and Marlena. The writers have an opportunity with Stefano and Kristen’s return for some terrific story lines.

  130. From Tee

    Leah#127 and 128 Well said. I liked how EJ was respectful and spoke his mind with her but all in a respectful way.

    I also agree about Jen and ranted about it above. I think they were a super couple so long and Jack got no respect and neither did fans of that pairing. It does seem Abe and Kayla are moving a bit slower and I like that.

  131. From Tee

    Sandy~I am from Ohio and I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Giants are our big rivals, I will say I am a Peyton Manning fan, I think ELI is a good QB as well but as a Dallas fan I have to not like him lol. I am a Sports Writer so I sometimes have to take the unbiased route at times, which is why I did not cover the Cowboys Giants game last week.

    On if I am connected to the show me personally no, I Do however have some connections with people who Are able to get information/spoilers/comings goings etc.

    Stefano replacing Sami maybe unless EJ says no. I think Stefano will have to be very nice With EJ for a while in order for him to gain his forgiveness. Though maybe the scenes are the 2 working at Countess W that also is possible.

    I agree lots of interesting stories when Kristen comes and some vets will get some front center time as well.

    An interesting tidbit is Marlena, John, Nick and Gabi are shooting some scenes together wonder what they will be. They just recently started shooting again if I am correct they are about 3 months ahead give or take. So the scenes could be out in December sometime. I am thinking Gabi will be dating Nick here soon. But wonder what the scenes are and Deidre says we will love it. These scenes are from about Christmas I guess.

    We can also gather that by this time Gabi is not in jail.

    Galen Gering and Melissa Reeves contracts end this month I believe I hope they resign soon. Unless they signed one and it has not went public yet. I will do some looking and see. I am sure they will though at least Galen will, it looks good for melissa as well since she is involved in some story lines right now.

    Datilo Lucas is taping now also so looks like he will be around on Christmas or near it

    On another note I Recently started knitting a blanket (to which my kids tell me only old people can do that) and they pulled it all apart by accident. So I have to start over.
    Sorry for any misspelled words my keyboard is sticking.

  132. From SandyGram

    #131 Tee
    Just by your writing and it’s content I knew you weren’t just ‘another pretty face’. A Sports Writer, but one that knit’s blankets…and you mentioned kids, not grandkids so you must not be my age. Your posting are very enjoyable.

  133. From Tee

    Sandy#131 Thanks as are yours. My kids are teenage years, While my oldest is close to adulthood, Hes 16, I am hoping he holds off on giving me grand kids for a while lol. I look forward to being a Grandma someday though. I Admit when I Think back on DAYS When I started watching as a young girl I remember Tony was in love with Renee (his half sister) If I Remember right. There was a strangler story going on as well. That is when Samantha Marlenas sister was murdered and they thought it was Marlena that dies I liked Bo and Hope back then it was around the time Hope had to marry Larry to save Bo. Not sure if you watched then but do you recall a Eugene he was a patient of Marlenas I think. I keep thinking he had premonitions sorta like Celeste.

  134. From patty

    Tee, I think you are right about Eugene, he had some kind of sixth sense or something and he was also hilarious when he teamed up with Calliope. Like you, I started watching around the time Bo and Hope were falling in love and the time where Bo had to save Hope from Larry Welch was my favorite storyline ever. As a matter of fact, most of my favorite storylines were with Bo and Hope, the JT story DtbB mentioned had me glued to the tv with a box of Kleenex and then again when Zack died. I still have a hard time with that one. Bo and Hope sure brought a lot to this soap and that’s why I can’t believe they’ll be going their separate ways. I am not ready for Bo to be gone and Hope to be paired off with anybody, she belongs with Bo.

  135. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I believe Eugene was where Samantha Gene gets her middle name. He was a hoot with Caliope. Ah, the good old DAYs. Back when I loved the show.

    Husband is a Peyton fan, but I’ll go with Aaron Rodgers and my Packers. Was disappointed when Indy fired Peyton. Disgusting.

    Tee, I hope you meant re-sign and not resign, altho I couldn’t care less about the Jenn character anymore.

    There seems to be a nostalgic tone to posts about the old storylines. I think old storylines and characters upstage the current vibes this show puts out. Perhaps, the genre really is dying out. It’s less satisfying. Some days, I even miss Jan Spears. Now, that’s just crazy talk.

  136. From Tee

    Patty~ I am sad also about Bo leaving, I think at first they may try to keep them together off screen maybe a few weeks, months who knows. Then again it could end up how Jen is now and rushed into something.
    I have heard a few rumors on Bos leaving, Some say he wants to sail the world. I just dont see why they had to make him leave his wife and child behind, they could have sent him off on some long mission but then I guess we cant expect him to be off on a mision for years and maybe forever. I am glad they decided to keep his return open. I will miss him he has been such a big foundation of why I started watching.

    #135 Dying to be Blonde I did mean re-sign, ughh this laptop sucks It takes me much longer to type on it and that’s why I always say if any spelling errors sorry. My laptop is hopefully on its way back to me. I had to send it in for repairs. They sure take their time and it really sucks trying to work of this laptop sometimes. I have taken to doing my work off my husbands when I can. The keys stick you may see even words slip through in caps sometimes lol.
    But yes I hope they re-sign.

    I too was not happy with how they handled the Peyton situation after all he did for them. I hope for that they eat their heart out that he is still competitive and playing well.

    Aaron Rodgers is a outstanding QB right from the start. My step dad was a cheese head. I remember when they had Brett Favre he was another great they had. I remember the first time I seen Aaron Rodgers in person my first thought was he looks shorter in person. But hes a very funny, sincere man.

    Some spoilerish stuff below

    Chad swears revenge on Gabi, but she has Nick on her side. She will confide in Nick as well (but what about)(I am guessing her part in the whole Mel issue)

    Nicole has no plans on giving up on Daniel, she even gets Abby to see her mother may be losing it a little after losing Jack.

    Also in SOD is a great article by Sweeney and her take on her love life. I am trying to see if it is available online if not I will post some tidbits from it.

  137. From Tee

    Ok So I found the article posted someone actually snapped a picture of it (bless their heart). There was a lot to article I thought people would like to read about Rafe/EJ/Lucas and Sami her self.

    There is where you can read it, glad someone thouht to take a pic of it I was just giving up and gonna type it all up. I found others who posted part of the article but this is the whole article.


    My thoughts on it I like how she says she plays insecure but how she is supposed to be confident now according to how she is written now.

    I like her telling us she wants to know who has feelings for her and what exactly they are as I feel she is trying to make a decision and wants no old feelings or what not to get into that so she can abide by her sons wishes and be sure this time.

    She also said Lucas needs her to be all or nothing and we got that when he gave her the ultimatum weeks back.

    I wonder what her schemes are and her mentioned agenda? Seems interesting for sure.

    Word is EJ will blackmail Rafe with information he learns (I also heard possibility with it having something to do with Rafes promotion as well But time will tell with that)

    Chad shares a bit of info with Brady

    EJ blackmail rumor has already been posted part in parenthesis is what I heard but it is rumor as of now. I am not sure if he will use his promotion along with the blackmail or not and it is a rumor as of now. When I Read it it semed like EJ wanted Rafe to take promotion but that dont sound right who knows

    Chad sharing something with Brady I am gonna say that may be about Gabi but I am not sure exactly it could also be that Kristen is coming which could tie into Brady telling Marlena he is there anytime for her and always has her back.

    Oh Jan Spears that was a crazy story line but crazy is sometimes good.

  138. From NeeNee

    Ah, yes . . . the Good Old DAYS!
    I loved Eugene too; he and his wacky inventions added that delightful touch of comedy to Days. After he & Calliope left, Vivian Alamain provided comic relief. Until she crossed over to the ridiculous/dark side the last time she was here. TPTB suddenly revealing she had this son, Quinn, after all these years was contrived, IMO.

    And yes, SandyGram. The character of Jamie was Sami’s BF. In real life, she was married to Peter Reckell, no? Miriam Parrish was her name.

    Leah, you are so right about the moving on too quickly thing. Maggie waited considerably longer after Mickey died. Victor paid her many kitchen visits before she even agreed to be friends with him. And it shall forever rankle me that Mickey “died” off screen, upstairs in bed before the couple’s cruise. Did we even get a memorial service? I recall Melissa Trusel returning as Melissa and also Sarah who had gone to Nashville. Wish they could have talked John Clarke into returning for just a few scenes with Maggie. BTW, I really disliked the older actor they brought in to play Mickey when Adrienne (Judi Evans, can’t think of her latest real life last name) morphed into Bonnie.

  139. From SandyGram

    #131 Tee
    Oh yes I am an old time Days watcher, I’ve been watching since 1965 (I was a Junior in High School). When I couldn’t watch because of school or work I’ve always tried to keep up by way of magazines. Now with You Tube I can go back and watch the old shows or it comes in handy when I need a refresher, or I just ask Richard.

    I do recall Tony and Renee, the strangler story, Eugene and Hope marrying Larry when Bo rode in on his motorcycle to whisk her away from making that mistake.

    For me the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s was when love was in the air, you know the whole Love Boat Scenario. Pic-Nic’s in the backyard, families getting together at Christmas, for births, marriages and funerals. Then as we got into the 90′s with the on set of what I call the rush generation, everyone in a hurry, less family time, more divorce, less marriages, etc. I think society as a whole stepped away from just enjoying one anothers company, in part due to Technology a face to face became a screen to screen or text to text. And that’s what I see happening with television as a whole also. We’ve gone from Lucy and Rick to murders, mayhem, destruction, medical examiners showing full body autopsy’s. When I was growing up Saturday and Sunday was family time and at the end of the day you could turn on the TV and see a good family show together, have you looked at Saturday night TV, repeats and junk! Oh I guess there’s always a movie that is now available right in your living room. But what about going to the Movie Theater as a treat. That doesn’t mean I don’t like a good mystery or CSI show, just less gory stuff. So now we get to the Soaps like Days. It’s been on the air 47 years with the same (more of less) cast and family’s, writers coming and going and returning. I can understand where story lines are repeating through out the years, kids are Soras’d (which makes it odd when their parents are aging naturally). And the Soaps need good guys and villains (which Days has the most famous villain family of all), kids need to grow up, the elderly eventually need to die as do some characters, Cops need to occasionally go off the grid, secrets need to be kept and the character pairings need to switch up now and then (there is such a small population everyone is bound to cross paths). I don’t really know where I’m going with this other than to say I like where the show is going, I don’t fast forward because I like the ‘Show’ not just certain characters and I enjoy reading others ideas and sharing mine. How’s that for melancholy!

  140. From Randi

    I am sorry but the lines involving Bo’s dimiss are not worthy of BO!
    I couldn’t choose in the survey above, for none of them fit Bo alone.
    I understans the why—so why doesn’t he and Fancy Face leave together on the boat of HOPE!

    Jen Dan ick sorry writers. Nick coming back could be interesting but not with Gabs.

    Loved seeing Mama Brady back!

  141. From patty

    #137 Tee, thanks for sharing. The article is interesting but even more interesting is the comment section . Posters seem to be tired of Sami’s merry go round of men and don’t seem to be rooting for anyone in particular but just want her to get on with it or just be a mother to her kids. It would be nice to see her become a more independant and mature woman.
    Well off to watch today’s episode of Days of Sami’s life. lol!

  142. From NeeNee

    Oh, and Leah . .. you’re also right about the Jennifer/Daniel supersonic reunion. Gimme a break! It was mere DAYS after Jack’s memorial that Jen & Daniel were thrown together again. I could have seen him just spending a few minutes with her, expressing his sympathies and then just walking away. Let the viewers chew on it for awhile before we see them again. Which should have been months later.

  143. From SandyGram

    Brian Dattilo (Lucas) just Tweeted it’s all ready Christmas in Salem. So that tells us he will be around for the Holidays. I can’t think of any new ornaments for the tree this year, can you?

  144. From SandyGram

    #138 NeeNee
    Jamie Caldwell (1993 – 1996) was played by Miriam Parrish who was married to Robert Welker-Kelly our other Bo. She’s the one that let the cat out of the bag about Sami being bulimic and she had a crush on Lucas. And if memory services me she was being abused by her father. Seems she went to live with her mother somewhere all the line. I’d say it would be nice to have her return for a friend for Sami and maybe she could pick up her Lucas crush. But then look what happened to Madi, Sami’s school friend.

  145. From Tee

    Sandy Times have changed and I too miss the simpler things sometimes I grew up on.

    Glad we are all on same page about Jen moving on so quick.

    I feel sorry for Brian he actually said he has 16 scenes and 2 days of air time he shot. I hope thats not all we get from him. I think I postedi t a bit further up. I dont have a twitter but I have went and checked his twitter he says some funny things. Also he tweeted a pic of him and EJ, it is a funny pic You guys who know his twitter should check it out
    Tomorrow will bring Sami calling EJ for a emergency meeting. She wants to know if the fight was over her and seems upset when EJ makes out it was not. She assumes it is over Nicole and baby. After that she decides to tell him she has changed her mind and brings up something Kate told her about flip flopping, and says she is gonna concentrate on her kids and career as she does not want to flip flop around. She looks confused EJ took it well, but EJ does not.

    Will has a date

    Chad discusses Gabi with EJ but does not tell him who or what just the basics of it.

    I am glad EJ is gonna take it well on the outside. Sami just needed validation from him is drivingme nuts. Rafe I can see but EJ no she knows what he wants. If I had not read Alis article in SOD That I posted above then I would not know she wants validation and EJ did not give her that instead she thought he fist fought for Nicole.

  146. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I think, NeeNee that you are right. The show lacks a comic relief character. Can’t think of one. Jack used to be goofy, but not this go-around. Viv-Ivan, they were pretty screwy. I miss that silly stuff. They’re all hot-heads today. Nobody’s putting the FUN in DysFUNtional, anymore.

  147. From Janiebell

    Lucas is a much better match for Sami, than either E.J. or Rafe. Rafe would be second choice and E.J. not at all.
    Salem won’t be the same without Bo Must Bo leave Salem? If Bo simpley must go, Please donot put Hope with someone else. Every time Hope is paired with anyone other than Bo, trouble begins and Bo has to rush to the rescue..

  148. From Tee

    I miss a comical villian maybe Kristen will provide that or even anyone comical.

    Vivian was a hoot she brought alot to the show.

  149. From NeeNee

    Janiebell, long time/no see!
    Good to know you’re still around.

    Because Lucas was Sami’s “first,” that will always hold a special place in her heart, IMO. Rewinding an old VCR tape last night, I rewatched a Lumi love scene where Sami details “first we were friends, then we were lovers, then we were enemies, then we became friends again, etc.” It was a touching scene.

    Maybe it was because my hubby and I dated/broke up twice in high school. After the last breakup he introduced me to my ex-husband, to whom I was married for 5 years. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, we were separated. In fact, my ex was seeing hubby’s cousin on the sly, even meeting at hubby’s trailer! After my daughter was born, I got a phone call asking if I would help future hubby study for his pilot’s license. He came up to my apartment and then he helped me move to a different place. This took place over a couple of months. One night, after he’d eaten a meal at my place, things changed. I knew he could be trusted and would never hurt me. That played a big part in our reunion and marriage. In fact, all this happened 40 years ago last month!

    I’m thinking Peter Reckell just wanted out for awhile. Sounds like the door will be left open for a return. I agree that he & Hope are fated to go through life together. In the past, when they were paired with others I didn’t hate it, but knew it was temporary—temporary on Days being a few years at times! Especially the Patrick Lockhart/Hope coupling. Where is he, anyway? SandyGram?

  150. From Tee

    Tammy #117 Sorry I just seen your post. I do write a lot sometimes. There are good days when I get good info about show and or spoilers or magazines come out and so I like to come share it all with everyone.

    I miss Mab she left/or is on a break from here. I hope she and others who left come back after taking a break. I left for years and just lurked reading this site but then decided to start posting. I still cannot figure out what my old login was for the forum but No biggie I will register again one day if need be.

    I have been back a few months now, and I am liking it again I sure did miss it around here we dont always agree but I love talking Days and with people who may have same opinion or a different opinion.
    I like your name by the way, Mine is same but spelled Tammie. Though that is short for my real name which I dont like lol.

  151. From patty

    SandyGram,great post and I’m with you about liking the show and where it’s going.
    Tee, I’ve just seen that show you put spoilers about and I just want to warn viewers that Jen has on the ugliest blouse ever. It looks like she’s standing under a tree in the fall with rust colored leaves all over it. It’s distracting but our Jen gives it as good as she gets in a confrontation with Nicole. Now she’s off to have it out with Dan.
    Really looking forward to Sami concentrating on her kids and career and not be focusing on men anymore. That is if it lasts more than two days. EJ was short and abrupt with her and says ok, he wants to concentrate on his career and children also. He just forgot to mention blackmail and revenge too.
    Nick has Gabi smiling and laughing and I think they are cute together. Chad seems to lose it watching them together and I’m thinking Mel needs protecting from Chad more than from Nick and Gabi.

  152. From SandyGram

    #147 Janiebell
    I’m thinking Bo won’t be running to her rescue anytime soon. Peter Reckell’s beautiful ‘green’ home is up for sale. It looks like him and the family are really leaving town.

    #146 DTBB
    Dr. Baker always had good one liners. maybe once Kristen gets on board, Susan will come out to play also! And “T” was always good for some humor. Once he gets over his homophobic stuff he could stir the pot in other comical ways.

  153. From NeeNee

    So right you are about the Jamie character being married to Robert Kelker Kelly, SG! We are both the same age, judging by your other post. But either you have more active brain cells or just a good Days history research site!

    Over the years, we’ve seen some female characters with good friends—a la Belle & Mimi, Jen & Carly, Hope & Lexie, and others I can’t think of right now. One of the most bizarre friendships that came out of nowhere was Kate & Marlena. All of a sudden where there had never been much interaction, they were “old” friends from the early years. ???

    Most man-collectors like Sami rarely have girlfriends in real life. Because they might constitute a threat to the relationship with the man of the day. Obviously, with her childhood history Sami is very insecure. Having her parents ripped away by Stefano at different points accounts for this. But no matter what Roman & Marlena say or do, she will never let that go. Yeah, yeah . . . Marlena subconsciously likes Carrie better than Sami. I get that. Part of that (IMO) is because Sami called her mother out on the fact that St. Marlena also bounced between John & Roman, sleeping with John while still married to Roman. It’s always a bear when mother & daughter clash.

    If this shows up twice, I apologize. Should have been before my post to JanieBell. ??

    And yes, Sandy, I looked at the realtor’s website who is selling Peter Reckell’s home. 20-some photos. Very futuristic looking, and sparse. Got the impression they are both into New Age or Budhist meditation.

  154. From Tee

    147# Janie. First Nice to meet you if I have not met you before.
    I wish Bo did not have to go as well but the actor wanted out. He has no plans to return as a reason he left was contract negotiations. I appreciate though he don’t feel he will return the show has left that door open in case.

    He tweeted Yesterday I think it was or recently about then ending of The legacy of Bo. That is what he called it and he was talking of his last air date though nothing spoilerish really. Just that the legacy of Bo was coming to a end.

    NeeNee I too was ok with a fair pairings mainly Bos, but in end I loved them back together. I think maybe someday down the line perhaps in a few years we will see him come back I hope so.

    Lucas used to be my favorite for Sami. He knows her so well, but I think with time and years they have developed this best friend thing for the most part. I dont count him out though right now. I heard Rafe will be temporary but that dont mean Lucas will not be her final choice or even EJ or even that the source is wrong and it is Rafe. I just only hope Sami finds love that lasts like BOPE and Jarlena and others did. My choice for her now would be EJ but We all have our opinion and thats what makes great conversation we can all discuss our various opinions and even same opinions on things.
    Hope you stick around here and post more Janie

  155. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Tee, it is interesting to me that you are a female sportswriter. I made that my career choice project for my Mass. Comm. class this summer. I’m too old to switch careers. Had I known you, I could’ve included you in my slideshow presentation of Women in Sports Journalism!

    Is Eileen returning as Kristen? Why did I think she would be back as EJ’s momma, Susan? I guess no wrap up of the Alice story line or was that the Ian garbage?

  156. From SandyGram

    #149 NeeNee
    Where am I….right here! I know, I known you meant where is Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart), according to his Twitter posting he will be at the Vampire Ball in London September 28-30.

  157. From MAB

    Tee – I think Bo should be sent on a job and go missing, which would explain if he resurfaces somewhere down the road. There is NO other reason Bo should leave Hope! Sami needs to choose EJ. He’s her ONLY option, unless she wants to be controlled by Rafe…again. Oh, and I thought about coming back to this site, but my posts only get deleted, so why bother. In fact, this post probably won’t even be allowed.

  158. From SandyGram

    #157 Hey MAB
    I’m with you…Bo just needing to take another Fancy Face ride and leave the family home doesn’t settle well. But on a job and go missing that’s way more tolerable. But in either case with the door left open for him to return…unless Hope thought he was dead she wouldn’t move forward with another man.

  159. From Tee

    Patty~ I did not get to see show so was going off what I was told So glad you mentioned Jens shirt though I had forgot to mention their little showdown I guess jen thinks what they are doing is illegal as well though I guess Dans part wold be Rafes is less on the illegal side and more to the scheming/lying side. Why does her and Kayla think she must be blackmailing clearly Dan has not acted in that way, I cant wait to see he rface though when she learns what really went down with Nicole and Dr. Dan. Should be good tomorrow what with A fist fight Today and a heated argument on Tuesday and again on Wednesday with Dan.

    I said it before I will say it again it is more about Sami right now and I am looking forward to her maybe going through these changes and being there for Will and trying to make the right decision on her love life. Though her interview said she was schemeing and had a agenda when she asks Rafe to dinner for a talk about their issue/past/relationship and probably more questions on why were they fighting.

    Did Jen even wear black more then 24hours I seen her in white recently cant wait to see her shirt.

    Dying to be blonde Ian lied about EJ not being Stefanos son he placed the letter there it was not from Alice. Kristen is returning because Stefano seeks her help to bring the Dimera family back together. But we may see Susan itis possible but Eileen said she doubts we see them all as DAYS These days are more realistic. So Kristen for sure and maybe someday Susan.

    Thanks to all who cleared up Jamie stuff. I do wish she had one maybe she would be more grounded she only has men to talk to and get advice and her family but she needs someone neutral,

  160. From Tee

    Daying to be blonde I wanted to be the first female referee in the NFL, but that did not happen lol. I actually went to Law school for a year and half, had to leave when my mom became ill and then decided to go back to focus on a career in journalism. I stumbled on opportunity when I was posting one day as usual on sports blog and began wowing with my knowledge so much(Guys have a hard times sometimes believing woman know sports) when I was asked to do some freelance and they wanted to see how people took to my writing, then after a few articles he told me if I wanted to make a career and take it past freelance then I needed a background in journalism so I went back to school. I am thinking of furthering it maybe next year some more. And you are never too old, If you are interested in any aspect you could blog it. I would have been glad to be a example in your article. Its tough as a woman but staying tough and not letting them try to use their women in the kitchen lines, eh they give up and learn to respect you.

    SANDY Your 157 post says #157 Mab Did I miss her? I don’t see any posts from her, and I was just saying I hoped she would come back along with others.

    Mab If you stopped by hope all is well and (hug!!)

  161. From patty

    Tee, I am puzzled as to why Jenn didn’t kick Nicole out of her house after that heated argument. Now she will try to convince Abby that her mother is losing it. I don’t like that they are throwing Jen back in the race for Daniel so soon after Jack’s death but Nicole is really being dilusional and her obssession with Daniel is pathetic. He doesn’t want to be with her and told her so in plain words. I hate that she is preying on Jennifer and her daughter in their own house. Like Jen said, if Nicole and Daniel are an item, why didn’t she move in with him instead of with her. For someone as smart as Nicole, she is really setting herself up to lose it all and end up alone again and this time she’ll be bringing others down with her.

  162. From SandyGram

    Episode September 17th:
    “You’re a really crappy Uncle”….everyone is crapping when it’s not what Sami wants to hear, although he was a little condescending toward her. I think she would listen to Bo if he would just sit down and talk to her instead of making like he was criticizing her. She doesn’t like to be told what to do, just give her the information, let her know your there for her and let her ponder up it!

    “I don’t want to hurt you. I really don’t”, BUT…. Daniel you just said the one thing to Nicole she didn’t want to hear. You could see the wheels gearing up, Nicole Walker on full speed. Then the tables were turned, Jenn walks in on Daniel and Nicole. Like a deer in the head lights “can I see you for just a moment” sweet Jenn says to Dr. Dan. Just maybe “excuse me” as she turned and walked away would have been better.

    “I have a feeling this relationship is not going to be boring” Sonny says to Justine regarding a relationship with Will. Boring is the one thing Sonny will not have to worry about, it’s going to be like riding an electronic bull, when you fall off, try again. Don’t be influenced by the crowd.

    Daniel and Rafe’s fight or should we call it wrestling match? Nicole and Sami delivers a whack better than these two. Then EJ runs off to initiate his revenge against Nicole, Daniel and Rafe. So my question here is “Is Justine’s Law Office inside the Hospital”? It would appear so, then allowing Jen to overhear what steps EJ’s going to take to destroy Nikki, Dr. Dan and Rafe. Is Jenn going to violate Attorney/Client privileges ? EJ could go after her for that also.

  163. From NeeNee

    I’m still thinking that with Steve Johnson (alias Patch) going back to the ISA, that maybe his old buddy Bo will be called up, too. Shane was in Salem last spring during the safe house explosion story, so maybe he talked to Bo about the possibility.

    Mission gone-wrong down the road could account for his absence. Or maybe Victor could assign him to one of the legitimate Kiriakis business interests overseas. After awhile, there could be some kind of accident where it looks as though Bo is dead. Same as when Hope was presumed dead in the Ernesto Toscano acid vat.

    That would certainly free up Hope to become an item with Rafe. After a discreet time for mourning, of course. It’s too bad that Ciara would have to think her daddy is gone.

  164. From SandyGram

    #163 Looks like I had a hard time typing Justin, spell check just doesn’t catch it if what you type is a valid name.

    #165 NeeNee
    That’s what’s bad about these parents gone missing story lines….the child pays. But maybe for even a short period of time we’ll be able to see Bo Skype in to talk to Ciara. That should take to much of the budget!

  165. From Debbie

    Why Janiebell, we haven’t seen you in what seems like months! Good to see you post again. Still waiting for others like Grandma Judy and Just Moi to rejoin us.

    So Nicole is on the warpath again, I see. I too wondered if Jennifer would kick her out of the house after their altercation but maybe that’ll be coming up later. I enjoyed the fight scene between EJ and Rafe. Soap opera fights always make me laugh because they’re never as good as those on the big screen. It’s not the choreography so much as the actor’s poor job of landing their punches. I don’t mean “poor” in the sense of bad acting, but they’re being so careful to not hurt each other that they always seem to “take” their hits before the other guy’s fist even makes close enough contact. Gives me a chuckle every time. It’s just better in the movies but maybe that’s because they have stunt people to do the really hard stuff.

  166. From NeeNee

    I was the one who brought Ingle up today.

    Article reporting his death said
    it is unclear how Ingle’s death will be dealt with on the daily daytime drama, since he was still appearing on previously recorded episodes. His character, Edward, was seen last week surviving an incident when a madman put a pathogen in the Port Charles water supply.

    Post numbers are very good this week, no? I’ve said it before, some other sites are so complicated while this one is very straightforward and easy to navigate. Took me over 15 minutes to finally get signed up on one, while I totally gave up on another. Speaking of that, our local internet provider did some kind of update to email and boy, was that a lulu to get accomplished. Ended up calling the phone company and they transferred me several times before I finally got a person who could iron out the problem. She said it was a mystery why some updates go right through for people, and some it seems to lock you out. Apparently she could see exactly what I was doing on my screen, and although I was following the prompts & directions, nothing would go through. ??!!! Finally she just did it from her end and emailed to me. IMO, this is a result of hackers getting better and of us having to beef up our security.

  167. From Tee

    Kat and Mab So glad to see you guys here (hug)
    Mab #157 I agree about Bo because they are gonna have him leave his wife and child, and that is why I say his comments to Sami are ironic. He should go somewhere and turn up missing even in like one of those missing flight deals maybe.

    PATTY~ 161 I too wonder why she did not kick her out, real life Nicole would be out but they will probably keep her there to buddy up to Abby. I was roting for Nicole to get Dan or even Rafe someone who could love her and make her 1st. But Since Dan dont want her now that JEN Is freshly widowed he dont. RAFE and her never had much to go on so nothing there. I think Eric will be that one who puts her first. or maybe Brady.

    It looked like Jen and Brady were getting close but guess not if they stick her in some triangle with Brady that would be a double whammy to Nicole.

    Kat I actually liked the John and EJ scene It would be nice for John to reach out to him he is his uncle. Maybe in the future. I took John sorta helping EJ in a way and perhaps surprised, Everyone knows Dimeras dont fist fight they have henchmen for that, but EJ did. I think that itself is surprising
    I dont get the feeling based off Reckells comments we are gonna be seeing him anytime soon we may se Hope having a one sided conversation with him and even Ciara on phone having that one sided conversation as well.

    If he goes sailing then his ship could come up missing leading Hope to think he died and then he could always resurface someday if he decided to.

    Guys if we think about it Hope dont have many options for a romantic pairing and since we know she will get one It is looking like there could be something valid to the Rafe story. All the other non related men are too young. With Eric returning I say he will be with Nicole he was her first love anyway.
    Brady may end up with Chloe (though I heard her return is only a visit) she could stay. Brady could end up with Jen because if Chloe comes back with Parker and it turns out to be Dans that may leave Dan running back to her who knows
    Rafe and Hope are both cops so lots in common and without Bo she will need a partner. I suppose Roman is availabe but would she go there
    Theres always a new man but dont seem likely.
    EJ and Hope nahh never
    Kristen could catch the eye of Rafe but that would make her adopted daddy pretty mad and she is said to be causing some ripples with Jarlena anyway.

    Kat I read that too and was saddened he may not have played Mickey to our par but it was still sad to see. I may cry when Mascolo dies someday he is up there in age to I think late 70′s, Actually I know I would cry.

  168. From patty

    I thought it was pretty sad when Bo and Hope were discussing his job on the force and her being so supportive in whatever descision he takes. It looked like those scenes were pretty heartfelt and I’m sure they will get tougher when it’s time to say goodbye. I will have the tissues ready because I know Bo and Hope will have me bawling when he leaves.
    I too was hoping for a little happiness for Nicole, at least with her baby, but the way she’s acting all crazy lately talking to her belly , obssessing over Daniel and using people and now with EJ plotting revenge, I’m afraid things are not really looking too good for her.
    Tee, funny you should mention EJ and Hope, I’ve seen comments from people who seem to think they would make a good match. But I agree with you, never!
    Neenee, I agree , numbers are good this week and so are the posts.

  169. From NeeNee

    Hey, Miss Patty!

    Yes, the Bo and Hope scenes were so realistic, especially since we viewers know what’s coming (sort of). Do you remember back in the mid 80′s when they first became a couple on the show, that they couldn’t stand each other off-screen? Over the past 25+ years, I think they have grown to really/really like each other.

    I recall when Bo was first introduced to the show. Marlena & Roman (Wayne Northrup) had gotten married and Bo shows up in his black leather motorcycle jacket in Marlena’s kitchen. He gave them a microwave as a wedding gift and it turned out to be “hot” in more ways than one!

  170. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Tee – Joe is 83.

  171. From NeeNee

    Isn’t the internet wonderful? Just finished watching the YouTube video of the first time Marlena met Bo (at the police station). This was in 1983. The gift wrapped microwave included a wedding cake topper couple. Bo quips “Roman, I think he looks just like you—stiff!” Marlena exclaims, “Bo, what I’ve always wanted. But this must have cost a lot.” Aw, shucks . . Bo says just $75. Roman replies, “I have an idea it was a real steal!”

    If you do a search for Bo meets Marlena, presents Roman & Marlena with stolen microwave, it isn’t hard to find. 30 years ago, and it’s amazing how good Bo, Marlena and Abe look. All much thinner, but even with the 80′s hairstyles I think they’re all foxes!

  172. From NeeNee

    Poster at The Crystal Ball, at Salem Spectator listed tidbits revealed by Days actors at the Mohegan, Connecticut meet & greet this past weekend. In attendance were Stefano, Kate, John, Hope, Maggie, Abe, Daniel, Nick, Gabi.

    1. Abe and Kayla are going to get very friendly! Coming from James Reynolds.
    2. Kate and Stefano are still not back together, from the scripts that they have already done. They
    both asked that we let the writers know that we all want that.
    3. Gabi and Will having a baby is a definite possibility. Camila Banus was asked that question and she got soooooo flustered and said that she really couldn’t say. Sounded like “YES”
    4. and Shawn Christian mentioned having his hands full with Jen, Nicole and CHLOE coming back to town!!

  173. From jolie

    #161 Patty, Poor Nicole just doesn’t get it. But then neither does Elvis or Sami or a few others. You can’t scheme your way into true love. Or not one that will last more than a few episodes! Why is Nicole so darn hot after Daniel? I might have thought too much on this because now I am not seeing it. She is like Sami, got to have a man to menace or life ain’t worth living. Ok, I am over that rant for a while.
    #162 Sandygram, good points all! Bo was condescending toward Sami. That has been Marlena’s problem for years. Don’t tell her what to do, give her some slack and she might figure it out. If you tell her to do a thing, you know what Sami will do…just the very opposite. When Jenn overheard Elvis and Justin, who’s to say she knew there was a lawyer/client relationship and is another party barred from discussion of hearsay(aka gossip) between a lawyer and a guy. Yes, I guess you could argue it if they were indeed in Justin’s office. Elvis will have his hands full going after everyone who is going to know the truth about the baby. I thought maybe Elvis had gone to the hospital after the fight to get some of Rafe’s blood tested??? Not that they hit hard enough to draw blood. I have had tougher fights with my sister. And we quit fighting when we were seven.
    #165 Debbie, you are right on the special effects for the sake of a fight. I saw a really old B cowboy movie the other day and during the fight it was just funny at how far the actors stayed away from the fist! I guess with a B movie they weren’t getting paid enough to take it on the jaw. In a soap they don’t do enough of this type thing (supposedly these are cops, lawyers, doctors, business tycoons) to perfect the technique. It was fun to watch for what it was supposed to be and we sure don’t want Elvis or Rafe to really put those faces in harm’s way.
    #167 Tee, Brady would be a good friend to Jennifer and if Nicole is true to form when she is done with Dr Dan finally, she’ll be running back to Brady. This could be the triangle from h-e-double toothpicks. I can’t wait! I do think this scheming that Nicole is doing is getting a little ridiculous and has been drawn out too long. DR Dan said no so Nicole…deal with it. And we know she will but in the worse way.
    #172 NeeNee, now that was teasers rather than spoilers! Loved it and thanks. So Kate and Stefano will not get back together too soon. Let’s hope the writers are reading. This would be a good long time coming. Let Kate stew for a while and build up MadWorld or Titan and then let Stefano ask her to give it all up. That will be the ultimate test of her love for him. And Jennifer, Nicole, Chloe all on Dr Dan’s plate?? Maybe he walks away from them all and falls for Hope?? Wonder if Chloe is coming back and little Parker ends up as Dr Dan’s baby after all. We thought this might have been the case as so many people were in that computer changing DNA. Caroline got the credit and how I admire her computer skills. But stranger things have happened. And Maggie would have another grandbaby. Victor would have a cow at having Chloe back in Dr Dan’s orbit. It is sort of one sided..Sami normally has 3 guys nosing around her (Lucas has sworn off but do we believe it?) Now Dr Dan will have 3 woman swarming his little apartment. I bet the walls will buzz for sure. Gabi having a baby..I guess this will be sort of a new story line due to the gay dad thing but not sure of the why in Gabi’s case. Unless it will have Rafe and Sami at odds at Will getting Rafe’s sister preggers? Elvis will surely make use of that riff and could make head way with Sami.

  174. From MAB

    Seeing Bo & Hope like that yesterday was heart-wrenching, knowing he’ll be gone soon. No couple is better together! It’s like one isn’t complete w/o the other. Which is why I say, again, there needs to be a better reason for Bo to leave his life in Salem, and not that he wants to go ‘sailing’. That kind of thinking would involve your wife & kid. He either needs to be sent on a job & disappear (to return later), or go off to work at the ISA w/ Steve. Also, there’s no reason Rafe should’ve got a promotion AND raise, only to have Bo & Hope take pay cuts. It’s not only a slap in the face to veteran cops such as Bo & Hope, but a slap in the face to the actor, Peter. I know it’s his choice to leave, but his choice to leave did relate to him not getting enough airtime, which he so rightfully deserves. But I guess keeping Rafe is more important than keeping Bo.

    I think Bo was harsh on Sami. Not for being honest, but for the condescending way he talked to her, like SandyGram mentioned. Besides, it’s really none of his business how she lives her life. Yes, he’s her uncle, but they barely have a relationship so what makes him the authority on what she does?

    Nice father & son convo between Justin & Sonny.

    The Daniel/Nicole/Jen triangle is not worth talking about. It’s all nonsense. I feel bad for Nicole always getting hurt tho.

    EJ & Rafe’s fight was fitting…it was inevitable to happen. Although I don’t see where anyone thinks Rafe kicked EJ’s @$$. They both left bloody & bruised, so I’d call it even. Although, EJ did take a couple of falls, and as an actor, that was good of him to take that on, falling into that table, etc. He could’ve hurt himself. But I’m sure that’s just the professionalism of James Scott.

    EJ had every right to tell Rafe to stay out of Sami’s life. Rafe didn’t want any part of her or the kids when Carrie was around, so why should he now? This is nothing more than Rafe being jealous of EJ. Not saying EJ isn’t jealous, but at least EJ wants Sami because he really wants her, always has. Rafe only wants her because he doesn’t want her w/ EJ, period!

    EJ has every right to initiate a case against Nicole/Daniel/Rafe since they are conspiring to keep his child from him, but this didn’t come about because of the fight. EJ had already contacted Justin prior that. And his reasons for what he’s doing haven’t changed. He told Nicole from the beginning he wouldn’t stop until he proved he was the father of the baby…sounds logical to me when someone is trying to keep your child from you. And that’s not revenge, it’s redemption! So whatever Nicole, along w/ tweedle dee (Daniel) & tweedle dum (Rafe), endure from EJ’s wrath will be justified. They jump started this mess, so it’s there fault if the all end up in the pokey after EJ is done w/ them. Oh, and Jen, she needs to keep her nose out of this. She doesn’t need to get involved where it doesn’t concern her, especially when she needs to clean up her own messy life.

    I agree w/ Tee that it would be nice to see John try to reach out to his other family, like EJ and even Chad.

    I’m counting the days until Stefano’s return!!! Also, looking forward to Kristen’s return, and Eric Brady too! Hopefully Nicole will find true love w/ Eric again, since I guess they see fit not to pair her back up w/ Brady. And for pete’s sake, give Brady a s/l already! He is so underused on this show it’s pathetic!

  175. From patty

    Edited by admin to provide the link to spoilers as they have a link-only policy.

  176. From patty

    Thanks admin. I wasn’t sure if providing links was against the regulations here or not.

  177. From NeeNee

    Thanks for the spoiler link, Patty! Pretty much going the way we thought, no?

    If Gabi is to be retained as a character, then the Melanie-as-captive story had to be resolved like this. Gabi breaking down and telling her that she was behind the Mel-napping also broke out the reveal that Chad knew. Indeed, how could Melanie possibly stay in Salem when her fiancee knew that Gabi was to blame and didn’t go to the authorities?? Totally makes sense to just leave Salem for awhile. In the real world, night time TV is dog-eat-dog and I’m sure Molly Burnett will return to Days at some point.

    At this point, I say make all the Ejamis happy and let Sami & EJ be a couple. Hope is going to need a man to lean on, and Rafe would fill that particular bill. I’m neither a Safe fan nor rooting for Ejami. However, I don’t think Ejami would be destined for all time—like Jarlena or Bope. The old saying that “opposites attract” is very true. Sami & EJ are very much alike, and not in a good way. Two headstrong people don’t make for calm waters.

  178. From jolie

    #174 MAB Let’s hope the Bo Leaving Story is a wait and see. Maybe we’ll see something profound as the scenario that takes him away. As for Rafe, he is that newer generation and that is likely part of the demographic they are going after. Perhaps this will make Hope think again about her career and where she needs to go from here. I always thought Bo and Hope would finally be off the force for whatever reason and would open a PI office. Well, we saw a PI office this past year and that didn’t turn out too well. Matter of fact there was never a reason for it and the whole thing was a debacle. And if the actor Bo is leaving due to shortage of air time and still getting a paycheck and is leaving to go off to spend time with family rather than pursue some other project, I’d think he had it made on DOOL.. He could have arranged time off by taking Bo off on a lark and have him come back into town as a hero and all welcome. No matter now I think. We can just get our hankies ready for the departure! And I can see you are still the utmost of Elvis fans. Not showing any love for poor Rafe. But I don’t think anyone will go to jail over the who the babydaddy caper. That has been done, overdone, redone, and none have yet to get their comeuppance over it. Maybe with Kristen coming back, John will come to have to deal with the rest of the family, the Dimera side. Right now he doesn’t seem to remember he is related. Chad could have used him lately as he seems to be a lost little boy. When Melanie leaves, we can add much more anger to that mixture and it will not be pretty. John could have perhaps given him a job at Basic Black and provided some guidance. And you know Marlena would have jumped at the chance to give away some free advice and analysis.

  179. From SandyGram

    The birds are chirping, the squirrels are jabbering and the fans are exchanging ideas and thoughts about a bunch of unconventional characters in a town called Salem. This is a good morning. How’s that for Soapy!

    The tissue box is ready for Melanie’s departure from the show next week. I actually think if she was to stay in town she could forgive Gabi eventually, but Chad would be a different story. Trust in a partner is a big issue for all the character pairings in Salem and he violated that trust by keeping Gabi’s secret from her. I am anxious to see Mel and Nick’s final moments I’m sure it will add to the emotion of her leaving.

    MAB…The DiMera’s are not always my favorite family on Days, but I gotta say I’m looking forward to Stefano and Kristen’s return also. Most intriguing is the double edge sword she will be up against convincing everyone she is a changed woman, while still being Stefano’s minion. Who will be so foolish as to offer her a job first: Sami, if so, most likely at Stefano’s request; Kate, if so, trying to get close to Stefano; or John, if so, because he’s giving her the benefit of the doubt she has changed causing the rub with Doc.

    Gotta run the Blue Jays are into my apple trees.

  180. From MAB

    jolie – I know what you’re saying about the newer generation, and I’m all for that when it comes to EJ & Brady, as they are the ones who will eventually take over for Stefano & Victor. But to me, Bo is still in his prime, so I’d rather see him go, and Rafe leave. Or if they are so persistent on keeping Rafe, then get rid of Roman, and keep Bo. Bo & Hope are the only real connection to the past, present & future of this show, IMO, not to mention the best daytime couple in history. I just hate to see him go. As for Rafe, as long as he plays second fiddle to Sami & EJ, his character is boring, annoying, and worthless IMO, so nope, no love there for him whatsoever. He needs his OWN s/l, and be paired w/ someone who he is compatible with because that sure isn’t Sami. Maybe then, and only then, would I possibly change my views on him. No, I don’t think anyone will go to jail for the baby/daddy caper either. But that don’t mean they won’t pay in other ways, if EJ has anything to do w/ it.

    SandyGram – no doubt Stefano & Kristen’s return will be intriguing. As I’ve always said, the DiMeras are what makes this show special. We can watch the Horton’s & Brady’s all day, and be somewhat entertained, but w/o the DiMeras, it just wouldn’t be complete.

    How dare Marlena give Sami any advice about Rafe? Sami should know how Marlena supported Carrie in her betrayal. I find it funny that since Carrie has left, Rafe & Marlena are turning their attention back to Sami. If I were Sami, I’d take great offense to that. Apparently she’s is only good enough for them if Carrie is not around. I want someone to tell Sami the truth for once, and support her is she wants to be w/ EJ, like Will did, and stop telling her she can’t be w/ EJ just because his last name is DiMera. Or better yet, Sami should tell them all where to get off, and make her own decisions. There’s no reason EJ can’t be the one she chooses. Her relationships w/ both Lucas & Rafe have failed because of EJ…and I don’t mean him scheming to get her, etc. Sami has never been able to move on from EJ, and has allowed her feelings for him to resurface again & again, causing her other relationships to falter. If she would stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, then maybe she could actually have a successful relationship w/ EJ after all. As I’ve always said, the writers should be begging to write the EJami love story. So many ways to go, so many stories to tell. But I guess they’re content in writing her in a boring relationship w/ Rafe.

  181. From jolie

    #177 NeeNee, I think Melanie would have forgiven Gabi as well if the story comes out that Chad knew it. Gives her someone to focus her anger on. If Mel finds out that Gabi was being sort of blackmailed by Chad, I’d say Gabi has a get-out-of-jail-free card and can pass go and collect on it. Melanie will be terribly disappointed at Chad so Gabi will be an afterthought. Melanie has remembered too that she has a past and has been forgiven for the things she did. And yes, Elvis and Sami, maybe it is time. Bless their hearts! We know it won’t be for long because there is just too many waiting in the sidelines to come between them. You never know what Sami will do when she finds out about Rafe NOT being the babydaddy and Elvis, well, we sort of do know the things he will do. But if they can be happy for a week, then let them. When Stefano comes back, he may be just the one to ruin their good times.
    I still can’t decide how to feel about Kristen coming back. She was a good character at one time. What if she came back and paired up with Roman? I guess he would not be exciting enough and that would not ruffle too many feathers so that is out. I think it was written that she was to help get the Dimera family back together. Kate may bake her some brownies if they don’t get along. Maybe that is why Stefano and Kate don’t get back together too soon. Maybe Kristen has another agenda to push so Kate has to compete with Sami longer. Another wait and see.

  182. From Nunny

    Here we go again!! The same ol same ol… Rafe and Sami again. Are they trying to make a new super couple? These two are not it! Ugh! Why do they continue to give EJAMI fans a bone only to have it crashing down on us?? It is so disappointing and unfair. Whose idea is it to continue to put these two together?
    I hope the writers read this…I have stopped recording Days and I am not watching anymore. CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! By the way…I have watched Days since the 70′s

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